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  1. Thanks for the preview post. my heart has mended. I feel better seeing DaeRyook hears about WHY DoRan asks for a divorce. hate to see him left hanging in the air. DoRan wouldn’t be so miserable about stuff if she communicate with her hubby. Can’t wait for the new episode this weekend
  2. Wow SAD..very shocked the calm approach and acceptance of granma side...that was too easy. Sucked writing I think. poor WDR...he is heartbroken in preview. DoRan Is his ONY ONE. happy see DoRan mom throw money in Dumb/Dumber face. Nevetheless. pls Don’t stop watching just hold on root them to get through this mess. .....the roller coaster has started
  3. I think It’s better than DoRan found the jail past truth directly than hear about it from someone else. previews can make our imaginations run...hold your seats, let not assume DoRan actually leaves DRW. what she said is very predictable. however not gonna happen since Granma is part of the package
  4. let’s not jump out the box. Doubt WDR and DR ain’t going to split because of the new guy. granma is too dependent on DR and Kang. So the Wang family is forever bonded to DoRan. Technically where DoRan goes granma goes. Period. it’s interesting how this storyline will play out as it affects everyone in drama. I think the new addition juices up the story. he is very handsome dude, So whatever role he plays will be interesting. though the ex prisoner is juicy storyline as well.
  5. This what I saw on my end as episode is already translated on my end Lawyer: I’ll get a lot of Alimony from him. EY: and live with you and YiRyook DaYa: YiRyook we have a problem Granma: Is the name of Mr Kang gf Hong Joo? Dental Assistant: They hug and kiss all the time Hong Shil: Go Rae and MiRan do that!? Granma: Wait Chum Sim is Hong Joo? Ex Prisoner: He should have come to me when he was released. DaYa: Don’t you have a conscience!? DoRan: I’ll break up with DRW mother not perfect copy sorry
  6. I wonder if Dae Ryook will stay with Mr Kang as well. He did mention so many times he cannot sleep without his Bunny by his side.....When is DoRan gonna stop calling him Director!???
  7. In the preview for next week DoRan is on her knees again taking blame probably for the pending divorce of chairman and EY. That just makes it’s so frustrating. DoRan needs to stop apologizing for stuff. wish she would stand up and say so screw you all. I found my Oppa so deal with it... oh well this is Korean drama so ofc not work that way sigh. honestly I am kinda happy DaYa is gonna get karma in her relationship. she deserves it.
  8. preview shows EY got served.. in the beginning DoRan was studying for the bar or law school. remmy Mi Ran was jealous there was no money to send her overseas or news anchor school? (does that actually exist?) but your right. Her law school education may be a key toward the end when this murder issues comes out.
  9. the guy is former prisoner. When Mr Kang got out of jail he did consider visiting him but when mr Kang saw from a distance he was a mob or gang leader., he changed his mind about contacting. sooo more drama to come
  10. First I really disliked DoRan mom. Now I think she is trippin. now I can’t stand DaYa.
  11. I had to replay again and again. soooo much drama tomorrow. I hope WDR does something about the kick out. screw them all and move. omo omo. What if she’s pregnant then everyone would feel terrible. maybe the guy is someone from Mr Kang past?.....or GoRae? something happened to his buddy. the Tomorow will be all over the place! SMH! wow this preview really got my imagination running! Loving the granma so much! Even the dementia is sad when it happens, there Can be moments to laugh. this actress is soooooo on point! This look she gets on her face, And you know the younger version is out before she speaks.
  12. Silent reader here Thanks so much for the preview translation. I was about to skip watching this episode couldn’t handle the sadness. preview gives something to look forward to next week.