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  1. [Current Taiwanese Drama 2017] Attention,Love! 稍息立正我愛你

    My only regret is I watched it too early. The struggle of one episode per week is real. After FIS, I have nothing else beside this drama and I'm loving it alot. The plot is simple which suits me, but the main factor I'm loving this is the chemistry. I love it that when there are complications or misunderstanding, the drama doesn't drag it out and instead used it to solidify the relationship of SX and LC. And I love Joanne Cheng here. She's spunky but not annoying. I hope this drama won't drag it out or go crazy on us later because it's perfect right now.and a happy ending without too many twist and turns plz. Edit: this drama doesn't shy way from skinship. Too many piggy back rides, holding hands,etc. I hope we get lots more.
  2. It feels like everyone's saying goodbye already. Can LJ and SM do a drama special before he enlist plz. I can't get enough of them. It looks like we'll get another one starstruck at JH again. Hehe. I'm surprised it isn't CS hanging on to him. J/k. But seriously, I'll miss this thread like I'd miss the show. It has been a very entertaining experience reading opinions, predictions, and just plain sharing spoilers here with you. I hope to meet u guys again in another thread someday soon.
  3. I really enjoyed watching episode 49 and 50. I replayed MY-JH scenes over and over. They're so adorable and so totally obvious. I'm really happy with the big reveal. We all thought they'd be caught kissing, it never crossed my mind that it would be so cute how they were exposed, with them telling everyone accidentally that they are dating. JH is totally whipped! It's also nice that PL and ML are not against the two, yes it is awkward for them. PL now knows why JH doesn't wwnt to be his son. He wants to be his Son in law instead. I'm not worried about any separation with just 2 more episodes left. I'm sure JH's mom will not be a problem for these 2 enough for them to separate. I mean they've already experienced being apart and it was hell for both of them so they won't do that again. Only 2 episodes left. I will miss this show so much. The whole family dynamics is really heartwarming. MY and JH especially makes my heart beat for them week after week. My wish right now is for them to have anotger drama together once LJ finishes his military service. LJ is going on a high note. The ratings might not be as high as their predecessors but the international audiences who hates long family dramas have come to appreciate and love FIS. This is only my 3rd family drama and I've been watching kdramas for more than 15 yrs. The first family drama I've enjoyed was Smile, you, then OB, and now FIS. Makes me wish we could have 2 more episode extension but I'm not gonna be greedy coz I don't want to ruun the plot just to extend the show.
  4. Hello. My first time posting on this thread. The first 2 episodes were very sloppy. I have a big heart for my JJ but all the characters seemed pathetic and I just couldn't root for them. If this is any other lead, I would have dropped the drama already, but this is JJ's drama after such a long time. Episode 3 was so much better though. I loved it immensely. You can see how Bong Pil showed how his actions changed everything and he somehow seemed mature this episode. BP seemed less pathetic. I think the drama will get better and better from here, so I'm hoping the ratings will get better too. This does remind me of Proposal Daisakusen but that series seemed repetitive in terms of plot, like the hero never learned, and I'm hoping Manhole won't go down that route. It seemed to me like BP's time slip is allowing him to mature as a person. I hope we see more of how he change his life for the better by making better choices.
  5. @TheMsChelsea91 May I also add to your predictions. I think HY will have some sort of plan, of maybe clearing up PB name prior to MB &PB going to the police stn. JH asked PB not to turn himself in and I believe he would honor that request for JH, except that HY discovered his secret and wants to settle things down.
  6. @finebyme @eyjooniesh @autumnleaves19_stv Lee Joon deserves an award. He's seriously intense.
  7. @inna75 I think the writer reads comments. Maybe not here, but from what I've gathered, knetz resonates our views. They also can't wait for the passionate scenes between these 2. Throughout JH-MY scenes, I felt that most dialogues were directed to the viewers. Still, this is a daebak episode. I think my favorite episode so far is ep 43 and the ep with JH's bday. Both has the most heartwarming scenes in a drama ever. I cried loads this episode when JH flashbacks the times he spent with his family. I really feel sorry for him for feeling so lonely and at the same time I know everyone in that family loves him sincerely, even halmoni who used to throw barbs at him likes him a lot. I'm glad the writer did not go through the idiot route for JH. Although he left the house, I wouldn't call that a sacrifice. He is just trying to move on and trying to learn how to forgive PB and MB for what they've done. Him telling PB to tell the kids that he is bestfriend's son could.be partly due to MY and him, which gives me hope that he wants them to be together afterall when he has settled his feelings for PB and everything has been cleared up. I've always believed that love is something of a choice, when u feel the attraction, it's up to you if you wanna be in love completely or not. But what JH and MY has is the kind of love that creeps up on you silently until you realize you can't control it anymore. That's why I'm sure that eventhough MY said she'll get over her feelings for him, it won't be that easy. I'm glad JH confessed. So happy, in fact. I saw an ig video of girls watching the confession part and they were shouting in glee, I felt the same, I was all smile and I wanted to shout YAS! atlast after 43 episodes. Hahaha. The longest I have to wait for a confession. The most adorable character in today's episode goes to CS though. The puppy is so starstruck, it's so funny. I hope the writer gives them more airtime tooand less MIL-FIL coz we only have 9 more eps left. I'm okay that they glossed over the PD issue. We don't need to see that jerk anymore. Didn't the assistant director replaced him? Directors change I a drama all the time, but changing the main actor halfway is a big risk. Btw, don't u think the slip ups with the ep and preview early uploads are deliberate to tease us. I'm waiting for the ep ratings. I hope it goes to 35% at the least.
  8. Wahhh... A kiss... No... I will manage my expectation... I will not think about it. ... .. . Okay. I can't stop yearning for a kiss between these two.
  9. @blademan @ohmydramagods Is the confession the end? OMG! Can't wait for raws.
  10. Lee Joon x Jung So Min Couple (Actor x Assistant)

    Hi guys. My first time shipping someone in real life. I hope this thread becomes active.
  11. Can I just say, all those BTS is giving me serious OTP ship for LJ and SM. I'm not usually one who wishes actors would date just because I ship their characters too much, but LJ and SM are just the cutest thing together off cam. The chemistry is just oozing on cam and off cam.
  12. The alternative title for that movie is "An Actor is an Actor". I've watched a few Kim Ki Duk's movie and some I really like, especially Secret Reunion, so I'm guilty of watching this movie. It was a really daring movie but Lee Joon's acting here esp for the dramatic scenes are really noteworthy. Anyway, I dnt think of LJ's character there when I watched FIS, I dnt wanna cloud my mind. I feel like MY-JH's story is really pure in a sense, even with the fauxcest issue before. Here we have 2 people who unwittingly became each other's support system before they realized their feelings. Wow... This must be the luckiest soompi thread right now for the number of translators here. (I've been to other threads and recaps there aren't as accurate as FIS). I keep replaying the preview to see what @mocmoc272 was talking about regarding the sequence. I just wish it's saturday already. I feel like I'm on a kdrama dry spell right now, except for FIS and BOTWG, I can't seem to start any other dramas.
  13. I doubt that. He has had good kissing scenes in the works I've seen of him so far. SoMin as well, except for PK, that is. JH, the noble idiot. I hope he realizes he's not only punishing PB but also hurting MY and himself in the process. I this case, my only hope is that MY will not give up on him and be persiatent for a chance with him just like she did when they were starting out when JH was still a Divo star. And I love reading all of your assessmwnta on the JH-MY situations.
  14. I think he had chemistry w/ her lead in I heard it through the grapevine, but not like with JSM, they aren't even a couple yet but the chemistry is off the charts. I think Lee Joon's acting here really is a big factor for the pair hitting it off in the chemistry dept. I kept trying to form thoughts regarding ep 41, but there are no words except it's awesome. The writer is awesome. He/she is wrapping up the story nicely. MY's confession is the easiest way to push the romance forward. Sadly, I don't see a way how JH's career won't be affected by the scandal. But I hope the writer won't turn MY into a noble idiot by staying away from JH again so she won't affect his career.