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  1. Sad I thought it would be atleast 18 episodes because there are some questions unanswered. I actually thought that woman claiming to be HS was a trap set up by SO and WS to agitate the guy who ordered to kill HS since Mr. Ha is about to be released and Detective Ko was murdered. I love the last episode but I'm unsatisfied because they left so many questions unanswered. What will keep Ha and Jung from going after WS and SO again after Mr. Ha is released? For sure they would go after the team for investigating things that should have been closed. It's not as if there would be a new season.
  2. After Chief Kim, I'm good with dramas even without romance and I think MQ is one of those dramas. From what I gather, what transpire between SO and her husband may not be romantic kind of love, but I sense that him and his family do care for SO even if they do take advantage of her and took her for granted. There are people like SO, who is happy to give, happy to serve and doesn't asks for something in return as long as she is seeing the people she care about is happy. Yes her husband is a big jerk, but I'm not ready to peg him as a totally evil villain. I think that he is very ambitious but I think he does love SO in his own way. He knows that whoever is keeping the case of SO's parents are powerful and ready to hurt people so it could be that asking her to stop pursuing her parent's case is because he knows how dangerous it will be for her. I'm also not sure why her MIL was against her playing detective, but after ep 14, I felt that her MIL does care for her, more than being a slave. I don't feel like SO was treated very badly in that house. For as long as I have been watching kdramas, daughters-in-law are always the ones doing all the household chores and taking care of the family's household needs and are treated badly, and SO is closer to her in-law than other kdrama heroines out there. That's why that ahjumma who framed her MIL was jealous of her MIL because she saw how SO cared about her MIL I still think that SO should break away from that family and try to pursue her own interest, She is a very good detective even without any degree or masterals. I've enjoyed every episodes so far. MQ has the making of an ongoing seasonal series and I wish there could be a second season because there could be more character development for SO and the gang.
  3. I think a prosecutor is a public attorney (government employed lawyers). The victims doesn't necessarily ask for a prosecutor like the case of the stalker, they both had private lawyers. As with BH's case, the reason why she didn't get a public attorney was because no one would take her case. Plz correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, I love all the Weds dramas. I feel like I'm binge watching every thurs/friday because I'm watching SP, Ruler and MQ all on the same day. But I can't get myself to drop any of them cuz they're all great dramas.
  4. Just search MY SECRET ROMANCE on fb. Several fb pages have the videos.
  5. Oksusu airs 2 episodes, 15 mins each. So that's a total of 30mins per day.. That's why it was ep 8 pt 1 and 2 thursday, ep8 pt 3 and ep 9 pt 1 friday, and ep 9 part 2 and 3 saturday, i think.
  6. IKR. Just when we have all established that DG is just a brother, he'll turn out to be YM and JW son. The way she's hiding him and hid the cake, so suspicious. Love ep 8, the best ep so far. Can't believe we only have 3 more eps to go. I really wish it's longer
  7. Gosh! Ep 7 is so satisfyingly gluttonous. Daebak! Thanks so much for sharing.
  8. I do not ship HT as much as I did for the last few weeks because JW's character development is just swoon-worthy, the way he cares and defends YM. I'm glad he's not the type that would let other women manipulate him and he's slowly and single-mindedly pursuing YM. But in HT's defense, we were shown only the first day when YM was bullied so I'm guessing that's the first day HT witnessed YM being bullied. We don't know what he did after that, maybe the PD will show us how he helped YM later. His friends did say YM's less bullied because of him that's why they thought HT liked her. I don't expect HT to have an influence around their whole school so he might not have been able to defend her all through her Jr. HS. There's more than one way of helping people who gets bullied, and imo, clashing head-on with the bullies doesn't always help, moral support and knowing that someone is there for you helps more in lifting up a person. I don't know why he didn't tell YM he liked her all these years. But I can tell that YM is a densed person when it comes to HT. See how she told JW that HT is not a man, he's just HT. And how she says that HT is joking when he told her that she's prettier than that girl trying to hit on him. Maybe he thought that YM is not ready for a relationship yet that's why he has not confessed straightforwardly. Personally, I think that you have to say u like a person if u want them to see you romantically because confessing makes them become more aware of you and makes them evaluate their feelings. About DG. It doesn't make sense that she keeps hiding DG from JW. It makes sense trhat she doesn't want people to misunderstand, but her mom did get remarried 3 years ago and JW would know that as truth seeing how they did meet at the resort where the wedding happened so he might have a reason to suspect that DG is his son, but that could be easil;y cleared up. She's almost slipped about DG to him a few times already, since she already mentioned her mom to him, she should also mention DG too because saying she's feeding her dog will just make more complications. I'm so glad that YM is finally taking the lead to be closer to him in this episode. When she offered to eat breakfast with him when she usually tries to run like hell away from him after delivering his food says that he has finally broke her barriers. From someone denying that she knows him, to someone who's just doing her job unwillingly, to now who's openly offering to eat beside him, it's a relief that there's not much plot devices to keep them from rekindling their romance 3 years ago. Can't wait for next episode. Among the dramas I'm watching these days, MSR is my crack.
  9. I don't normally sympathize with second leads. I hve the same sentiments as you. I just feel like his case is a little different. I get the feeling that he has told YM he likes her but the girl is just too densed. But you're right, there's nothing like a gorgeous competition to make you realized you've been sitting idle on your love. I'm all about YM-JW. This is just one of those times I felt sorry for the second lead. Chingu! Yea, I wish there's more artistic efforts in the dramas shown here. Or a more diversed plot, atleast. Or better camera works. If AlDUb could do something like My Secret Romance, I'd be really happy. I dnt like their primetime drama and I waited so long for it. I'm a bit disappointed. Oh but hey! It's friday. It will be Monday again soon. Hahaha.
  10. Use Chrome as your browser. It should ask u if I want to translate to English. Wow. A wedding. This production team do know how to spoil people too much. How many spoiler pics has it been this week already. Not complaining here. But it makes me want to make everyday Monday and Tuesday. Poor puppy is heartbroken.I just want to give him a big hug. I'm guessing he discovered YM's one night stand with JW here. I think when YM told him about a person who had a one night stand with her boss before, he didn't believe she's talking about herself.
  11. OMO! You're hilarious. Hahaha! I think that PD-nim did the intimate scene tastefully. I mean, you know what's happening and it was a really hot scene but it's not obscene. In my country, 80% of dramas are about husbands or wives having affairs and they often show love scenes that are near soft core porn and not suitable for tv. It doesn't matter that they don't show skin but the way they were done were enough to make u blush. That's why I think korean dramas are a big hit here. When a tv station wants to get tv ratings, they'll just replace their programming with a hit kdrama.
  12. This thread is a spoiler paradise. I Iove how everyone here is so open-minded. I do wonder though, the production team for MSR is so generous with the spoilers. BTW, does anyone know the ratings? Happy Bday @sava2sava
  13. I thought I was the only one getting fed up with CY's pity party. It is so hard to sympathize with him when he acts like he's being bullied or taken advantage of by everyone when it seemed that they do try to accomodate his needs. I understand his need to belong or own something by his own merits coz he might have felt that what he has fell on him because HG rejected them. But still, if I am in his place and producing M&Co, I would think of what is good for the band first instead of my own ego. You can't keep pushing a song down people's throat when it's clearly not doing well, and it's not because Mr. Choi is lacking efforts to promote them. CY doesn't seem like he is doing his best for M&Co, but is just trying to prove that he can compete with HG. Given that Mr. Choi was harsh with his words to CY, but it get so frustrating when your the boss and you always had to get your subordinate's permission to do something for the good of the band and ultimately, for the good of the company. As much as I hate Mr. Choi's tactlessness, it is still a business and he has to protect the label and all that works there and shouldn't have to justify his actions to satisfy CY's ego. I feel bad for CY since it seems that WAITING FOR YOU will be a hit. It is true that Mr. Choi is rushing things too much for M&Co, but I think that he is just too anxious of Ms. Yoo pushing him. SR on the other hand should see thru CY. She did promise to focus on music, but since she already taken steps to be with HG, I think part of a relationship is respect. And her catering to CY's whims all the time is not good for a budding relationship. I like that HG tries to understand her and trust her alot. But still, all these scandals, eventhough that hateful fake gf of KS did it, SR should learn from it by now and realize that she needs to be more careful of her actions. Esp CY is being so touchy feely when she shouldn't allow this in consideration of HG and M&Co's image. If she doesn't put CY in his place soon, then it will be frustrating. SR needs character development, writer-nim. About the bands using professional musicians and lipsynching the music. Personally, I don't care much for that if it makes the music more pleasant to listen to. As long as the vocals is not fake, it doesn't matter much to me. I applaud Crude Play for still trying and practicing alot in hopes that they get the chance to play themselves in the future. It's says alot about them not losing hope for themselves. Again, CY, he is butthurt that they used HG's bass for their REAL CP sessions, but I think a part of understanding something is talking about it. He should have discussed it with them why they did it. For sure, it's not because they don't value CY, but maybe because they are playing as themselves as they were in HS and HG is a part of that. Sorry for the long rant guys.
  14. @enigmatic_zephy She was supposed to say seafood pasta but got distracted by the veins popping from his arms so she accidentally said vein pasta. It's kinda sexy seeing veins from men's arms. Shows how much they pump irons. I think it's because the drawings on the novels are based from the drama. Remember this is pre-produced. About HyunTae. My heart felt for him when he offered YM a bed in his house. He seemed half serious. But it gave me a 9ends2outs vibe when he sait it. I've always loved bestfriends to lovers stories. The dilemma whether to cross that line where you could gain a lover but might lose a friend if things go awry. It's always not that easy to take a step forward. But he really got me on SLS during that scene where he was taking care of sleeping Donggu when YM got home. Sorry for cutting your post. Yea I wish it's a normal 16 ep. It was like something about 1%, it was so short too. They have the same director. He was alluding to his making love skills. ROFL. Because the ahjummas saw YM running away, so they were laughing at him saying his skills must be terrible for her to runaway, thus the "I'M REALLY GOOD AT IT!!" shout of frustration.
  15. I think new chapters are posted every sunday and tuesday. I pondered your question for awhile. I think running away from a one night stand is understandable based on YM's personality. I think because she's trying to be as conservative and reserved as she can be because of her mom and the bullying she got in hs. If I were in her shoes, I might get scared of being judged too for doing it in the car with a guy u hardly know (remember the ahjummas were there to judge). But I would have left a note or something and would leave it to fate what happens next. To everyone here sharing spoilers and translations, thank you so much chingus. The spoilers warms my heart and yet makes me anxious coz I want to watch it so much now.It's so hard watching real time. I wanna binge watch so much!