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  1. Lots of behind the scene photos from PMY's fan meeting on this article. There's also a video, which they've shown during the event. Friendly Reminder: Do not quote images. It's against soompi's policy.
  2. ^ oh it's the phone booth scene. Thank you for sharing, @Oksana Sutra.
  3. I thought this looked like a script, so indeed it was . I'm intrigued by that Healer scene she did with the MC. I hope there's a video somewhere. ETA: It's good to finally see a photo of PMY on the set of Busted.
  4. Why isn't there an applause emoji? Anyway, I'm giving you a cyber applause, @thranduils, very well said! Looks like PSJ will indeed attend AAA.
  5. Seriously. The two, even mentioned 'damage control.' They can't move on just because PMY didn't attend ONE award show, in which her agency didn't even confirm she'd attend. But of course, PMY gets all the blame and not... It's always the girl who gets the blame . They're like spoiled kids who didn't get their favorite toy (fan service in this case) and are continually lashing out. Anyway, on a happier note, I can't get over this vid :
  6. PMY Shiseido updates. I'm gonna get that lilac one! It looks great on her, ha!
  7. Round 1 of voting for Asia Artist Awards is now open. You'll need to update your Starple. If you haven't downloaded it, go to: Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kr.starple.kstar Apple users: https://itunes.apple.com/kh/app/starple/id1431634008?mt=8
  8. Also, a couple of Instagram accounts even tagged PMY. #SMH Anyway, some stills from ABS-CBN:
  9. I think someone here was looking for a ticket to PMY's fan meeting? I forgot who. Someone is offering a ticket:
  10. I saw this on the WWWSK thread, and double-checked on Viki, and Viki indeed removed the bed scene on episode 13? WTH? They've put in this re-run version
  11. LOL! PMY accidentally followed a PPC account 30 minutes ago. Girl still hasn't noticed it yet. ETA: ^ Haha double post.