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  1. Ah, you're right -- episode 12. They were probably filming this scene:
  2. It's actually not a BTS. It's part of a scene in episode 2: Wow, a group selfie with PMY/PSJ finally standing next to each other, lol! Thanks for sharing @Vincent Polo
  3. Thank you! Are we going to see a drunk Miso? That should be fun. I loved PMY as drunk CYS in Healer.
  4. Regarding 2:30, I think his arm will partially block PMY's face from the camera if he had it up that way.
  5. I feel like that particular selfie take were PMY and PSJ (not KMS/LYJ). PMY was waving, PSJ was smiling widely and you can see the crew behind them on the phone screen. Yep, saw that spit-trail.
  6. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! But dammit, they're really reserving the good stuff for DVD.
  7. ^^ It could be for the bottom photo, but the top one looks like the one he's wearing when he was face-timing Miso (without the cuff links).
  8. It turns out one of the ladies they're fighting with, worked with PMY 10 years ago. The drama was called Princess Ja-Myung.
  9. 00:41 -- Do you guys think PMY wrapped her leg (at least one leg, her skirt is kinda tight ) around PSJ? lol! This is why I wanted to see the wide shot of that scene, haha!
  10. Is it just me or did soompi crash for a few minutes there? Even soompi couldn't handle the Park/Park hotness.