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  1. Oh no, PMY dropped from 5th to 8th at Asia Artist Awards: https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=factor#none But then again, as long as she's in the top 50, she should be okay:
  2. WHAT, already?! I will miss this webtoon . We didn't see their other kid, but it's okay. It's implied. Thank you so much for all of your translations!
  3. Yeesh. I didn't know there were two types of voting at the http://tvnjoyfest.tving.com/2018/Vote/Day I've only been doing the Special Vote, and not the Voting by day votes.
  4. Even in real life, Hwang Bora's laugh/reactions are over-the-top (no hate, just an observation). Anyway, PMY yesterday with a couple of friends: And a fan's nice recap of her encounter with PMY during the compagna event:
  5. Make sure your votes are counted. I didn't do this before but make sure to vote in all categories and to do the following: 1. Click on this tab arrow: 2. Click on Information about collection.... below: 3. Click on the Check mark:
  6. Make sure to use Google Chrome so it automatically translates the page into english, or plug the site address into Google Translate. 1. Click on PMY's name (or PSJ's) where there's a circled check mark. 2. A pop-up will ask you to go to the sign-in page, click Login. 3. Under CJ One ID tab, select either the facebook or twitter buttons (whichever account you have). 4. A new page will open up asking you to Authorize app (at least for twitter), click on it. 5. It will then take you to a page where you will plug in your email (ignore the drop-down menu after the email text box); plug in a 7 digit phone number (it can be random). 6. Click Complete. 7. You can now vote in all categories.
  7. Done! I thought I wasn't going to be able to vote because of the phone#, but it turns out I entered my email incorrectly (thanks google translate, ha!). Looks like PPC are in the top 3 for now.
  8. Park Min Young's first fan meeting will be held on 10/21/2018. Tickets will be available on 9/27. More info here.
  9. For those with Instagram accounts, could you please report this user: pmy_plastic_surgery Thanks!
  10. ^^ PSJ pronounced the word, "kapamilya" perfectly, but with "Mahal ko kayo," he said "Mahal ko yaaaaa" Still love you, PSJ! PMY pronounced "Mahal ko kayo" perfectly!