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  1. His full name is Park Chanyeol, member of boyband EXO, so he's already have family name "Park", just like Shinhye. In real life, Shinhye and Chanyeol was already close, because they've been in the same circle of friends. Chanyeol closed to Shinhye boyfriend Choi Taejoon, Zico (his clothing line, Nerdy, is Shinhye favorite), and Lee Jonghyun (CN Blue). Some fans also saw Shinhye and this circle of friend, attending EXO concert to support their friend DO and Chanyeol. He's born in 1992, 2 year younger than Shinhye. He has one older sister, non celebrity though. I never watched his drama. But, i saw few shortclips of his drama from FMV in YouTube. I think he's quite good. Above all, he's very good looking guys with big eyes, just like Shinhye, and also very tall. I think it's about 186cm in height.
  2. Actually i have no clue. Just wild guess, based on my imagination of expected supporting actors. I guess so too. Can be younger actor/actress, maybe around '91 to '92 line. ahhh, why is November is felt like thousand years
  3. Hi, Shinhye fan here.. So, glad that she's finally make a comeback after a long hiatus from dramaland.. Really miss her like crazy. Now, with this pairing, can wait until November..
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