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  1. Sorry, my bad they are only 3 minute highlights http://vod.tvchosun.com/vod/1/C201700170/12941/vod.cstv and http://broadcast.tvchosun.com/broadcast/program/1/C201700170/12717/scene/169847.cstv
  2. Found the other 3 episodes (unsubbed) on the Chosun TV website, but I really hope it gets subbed.
  3. So does anyone know what is going on with this drama? I found one episode online (not Eng subbed) but if it started December 4, there should be several episodes out, right? It looks offbeat, and the first episode I skimmed thru without subs was interesting.
  4. Yeah, I am catching up on this show (watched thru Ep. 5) and yeah, it's a quirky show alright! Plot development is slow (so far) and there's a lot of yelling but it's an interesting watch.
  5. To @stroppyse post removed as requested. Sorry!
  6. For the first ~75 to 80 episodes, yeah! It's much better than the typical daily drama. Then the writer must have figured out that he/she wrote it into a corner with no way out. So the choice was to forget all the humor, heap even worse stuff on the good folks while letting the baddies get away with almost no setbacks, and spend time on plotlines that went nowhere. The comments you see here reflect a viewership that was thoroughly enjoying the drama and felt angry and deceived that a show this good could go right off a cliff and crash. However, the show has some upside to it. The PD-nim, writer, and music director have chosen amazing Western BG music and props to send messages to the alert viewer. I haven't seen a drama that used props like this since Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine. I expect high-quality prime time big-budget shows like SLA, HITTG and Chicago Typewriter to have interesting props, and accurate film, literary and music references. It was a shock to find this low-budget daily drama was capable of pulling it off. Medical accuracy--not here. Go watch "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" for that! I probably spent at least 100 hours researching the meaning behind the props and books, traditional food/medicine, some of the places mentioned, and watching referenced films just for this show. That does not include the time I spent rewatching each episode, writing and screen capping for my blog over the last 6 1/2 months. LIDD is also a great study into how Kdramas are filmed differently than US shows, with longer scenes and more emphasis on emotion. As the show got closer to the end, the editing became choppier, the scenes shorter and the transitions were rough or non-existent which was a big change from the first half of the show. I knew what I was potentially signing up for when I started the show--I even wondered if it would tank sooner (prior to the halfway mark) or later! What I didn't expect was the education I received as I researched everything, and the insight for any future FF I may wish to write. It's making it hard to put my feet up and enjoy a new show! At least now if you want to watch this show, you have been duly warned to both the good and the bad. Best of luck to you, whether you watch this show or not.
  7. I was supposed to post this yesterday evening, but I fell asleep. Sorry! New blog post: https://shamrockmom3.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/a-big-bunch-of-blabbermouths-thoughts-on-love-is-drop-by-drop-episode-115-116/
  8. Heh. None taken. I am a dental hygienist and I would have never made it as long as I have without a thick skin. I hope you find a better dentist so you can be a fan someday.
  9. This is so true and extends to RL as well. I keep trying to convince a former co-worker to get an attorney and fight her soon-to-be-ex-husband in court. Everything I told her he'd do, like not pay child support, drag the case out and become a "Disneyland Dad" has come true, but she still keeps hoping he will turn around. Sigh. I second this idea. It is exactly what needs to happen. Someday my dream is that one writer will break with tradition and try this idea. I will gladly volunteer to be one of the audience members or a member of the study group you mentioned. LIDD had a great storyline up until the late 70's/early '80's mark, then things began to fall apart. Usually, I drop these a lot sooner, but it was so fun to watch and that kept me going. I'm trying to decide if the donor for YS will be her bio daughter BW, or her stepdaughter CR. I think Doc is an outside chance, but you never know.... Sunday reading material: https://shamrockmom3.wordpress.com/2017/05/28/cinematography-for-the-win-love-is-drop-by-drop-episode-114/
  10. Heh, talk about breach of patient confidentiality! The psychiatrist should lose his license over that one. Now if he had been subpoenaed by the court and had to testify, that might be different. But WH can't testify with that kind of info--the court will likely throw it out. I froze the screen when WH looked at CR's meds on the seat of the car (beginning of 114) and translated all the lines I could read, but other than CR's name and the title at the top of the page "Pharmaceuticals" I could not get the name of the meds she was prescribed--too blurry. Trust me, I really wanted to know the name of the meds. It would have given a big clue as to her official diagnosis. I personally have never (in almost 30 years) had one of my dental patients who suffered a head injury with memory loss be on psychiatric medications afterward, unless of course, they were on them before. Yes, I've had a few patients in auto/motorcycle/bike accidents with a head injury--their teeth suffer too. Let's face it: Medical accuracy isn't this writer's strong suit. **snort** If the writer and PD-nim forgot the scar for WH's heart transplant during his shower scene, then I can't possibly expect WK to show a growing tummy! While I am on a medical thought mode, there's no way WH had "surgery for multiple organ failures" either. If he did, he would've been on a respirator in the ICU with all kinds of tubes and wires hooked up to him, not a bandage on his forehead, an IV and an oxygen cannula. Did WH have surgery to reduce pressure on his brain from the head injury he suffered when the car hit him? I'd buy that. Plus you don't go home mere days after "multiple organ failure" surgery either. Multiple organ failures (liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, etc.) usually is the cause of someone's death. YS's cirrhosis is also questionable, as it requires me to believe that she didn't get a checkup for years. Blood tests could have indicated problems much earlier. However, to the writer's credit, the coughing up of blood is absolutely correct. P.S. I highly recommend "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim" as a medically accurate drama and a good watch too. A doctor recapped the episodes from a medical perspective, read here if you are interested. I'm in total agreement with you on this one, and also in agreement that the actress who played JY was 100% non-believable as a Korean-American. SMH. OHW loves her power red, black and white business attire. I noted her affinity for those colors in previous episodes. I believe it's all about her looking strong and powerful as a female CEO in SK where there is a serious amount of misogyny in the workplace (I cite "Misaeng" and "Awl" as two example dramas). Check out this website for more info on different colors for business attire and what they mean. It does seem like the suits are predominantly black this week; perhaps it indicates her attitude is more subdued. Then again, maybe GJ hasn't picked up her dry cleaning lately! From the preview, it looks like WH spilled the beans and tipped BW off about the $500K check, as she is trying to give it back to YS. I am interested to see how the writer is going to handle this.
  11. @eakeeper: Don't forget to add financial fraud to YS's crime list. She either forged or manipulated the power of attorney paperwork to sell the multi-billion won building that belonged to Doc. Even if they owned it jointly, if she sold it without his permission, he has a case against her. Now my question that I raised in my blog was how does she get to redistribute the proceeds from the building to GJ and BW. That is a problem. CR's $300K isn't going anywhere since she's in jail per the preview. I agree, YS needs to be in jail for obstruction of justice, perjury, and fraud regardless of her health status.
  12. Some reading material for today since there is no episode to watch: https://shamrockmom3.wordpress.com/2017/05/23/the-shortage-of-comic-relief-thoughts-on-love-is-drop-by-drop-episodes-111-113/ I am behind but there's a good reason. My friend's boyfriend owns a hot-rod shop and a stray cat had a litter of 6 kittens in his back storeroom...one of those little rascals now lives at my house! So hard to type when there's a kitten on my shoulder.
  13. This is what I cannot understand. OHW now says she will allow WH to marry whoever he wants....but that has not changed one bit. Prior to finding out that her son has DJ's heart, OHW said that WH could marry BW, but Byeol was not part of the deal. She could not accept WH raising him as his own child, so she made BW choose to either leave Byeol with her in-laws or leave WH. Of course we all know BW chose to leave WH because she is a mother before she is a woman. I saw no indication that OHW now accepts Byeol. Yes, she did apologize to him, but I have yet to hear a statement that Byeol is welcome in her family. No wonder BW still says no thank you to WH. Nothing has changed other than some cheap apologies. You are correct that BW/Byeol would continue to be abused by OHW if she did not know about the heart issue. I am sorry, but I respectfully disagree with you. Why would she want to get back together with WH and have to leave Byeol behind? She didn't do that before. Why would she do it now? I also don't think BW should chase after WH. WH doesn't like to be pursued like CR did with him. He prefers to be the pursuer! Until there is some resolution to the situation of Byeol being accepted by OHW, they should stay apart. The scene today where OHW comes to BW's work and asks her to take WH back as a 'favor' to her was completely disgusting. OHW saying that she would accept BW, Byeol and WH living separately is not an acceptance of Byeol; merely tolerance. OHW still acts like she's the queen. I wish BW had it in her to slap OHW. That woman is getting away with way too much. About the reveal of the heart donor to WH--I'm gonna assume that WH overheard it while the families were talking about it while he was supposedly unconscious--and then the heart monitor went off. That's such a horrible way for WH to find out...IMHO he should nave never found out--or if he did, it should have been in a direct manner and not as an overheard conversation. @chasen8888You are correct--Doc is off the hook on this one. It's everyone else that can't shut their mouths.
  14. Who was the one who told WH that he got DJ's heart? Or did he overhear it while he was supposedly unconscious? It's a serious breach of ethics for a patient to know the name of the organ donor.
  15. I'm thinking big....how about WH moves to the US with BW and Byeol--and takes Mom and Pops along too. DM and JY might move back because she said she wanted to have her baby in the US. They'd already be there, and since Mom and Pops are retired, why not go? Then OHW could only see her son and grandchildren on Skype or Facetime unless she hopped on a plane. It would be a fitting parallel to the "Beautiful Youth" movie that PD-nim left as a clue in CR's books. Probably won't happen, but it's interesting to consider. I swear if the wedding photos had not been leaked on Instagram, I would have thought that there might have been a possibility of no OTP togetherness at the end after BW said she was 'more comfortable' without being in a relationship with WH. I also noted that BW never really accepted OHW's wimpy apology. She listened but didn't accept it. Same thing with the Yoon Parents and DM. Byeol did, but he gets a pass because he's too young and doesn't fully understand. What do you all think? Apology accepted or not? I can see the potential for YS attempting suicide. She won't want to live in poverty, and jail would be just as bad. in addition, there's a lawsuit pending for multi-millions of $/billions of Won from her Psycho husband Doc and he's gonna divorce her or psychologically torture her for the rest of her days, she realizes she's contributed to raising CR as a sociopath, she's royally screwed over her biological daughter, and her Oppa JH is dead--at the hands of CR no less. I do hope writer-nim doesn't go there because suicide does not need to get any level of positive media spin.