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  1. my vote: SJ trips and JD catches her, so she has to put her head on his manly chest and hear his heartbeat. No kiss, but I would like to be wrong on this!
  2. JH will probably go the noble idiot route and break up with SY. He won't want her associated with him since he's under suspicion by the government. Plus, he can't get a decent job and support her like a husband should.
  3. I'm betting that telegram is all about the missing Dad. If Dad is still wanted by the government for whatever reason, TPTB might not want his kid to become a judge and let him off the hook. I am sucked into this show even though it makes me crazy, 'cause I wanna know what the deal is with the Dad. Has he seriously been in hiding for ~15 years? Or is he dead? Or stuck North of the DMZ? Is he a bad guy? A good guy? Don't get me wrong. I am sad for Jeong Hoon--he's worked so hard to pass the Bar, and he's had a huge burden placed on him by his family. However, a part of me (the bad part) is fist pumping over this, because now Halmoni won't be able to look down on Soon Young, and now there's not a darn thing he can do to 'restore their status'. I do not like the idea of JH being paired up with that brat MJ and leaving SY out in the cold. Wish JH and SY could elope but that'll never happen.
  4. Yeah, I know--that poster! Grrrr! I am not liking it! I figure he'll be tempted because his mom/grandma will like that she's rich, and Min Ji's dad is gonna push the relationship too. Maybe he will dump her when he finds out her dad stole their family's money. I hate seeing SY out of the picture. And I really want Grandma to get a grip on reality, and not destroy her grandson's life over revenge and greed. So why can't the youngest brother go to school now? Am I missing something?
  5. Warning: Rant ahead! Oooh, I am fuming at Halmoni right now! She's gonna crush her 'favorite' grandson with her refusal to accept Soon Young. She needs to leave the past and face reality. Telling SY to scram is gonna break Jeong Hoon's heart. He's pretty stubborn--and I hope he resists falling for that brat who he tutors. She's super annoying, and possibly the worst match for him I can imagine. The favoritism that the mom and grandma shows is really disgusting. It's coming back to bite them The mom is totally dismissive of her daughter Bok Sil; I'd bet that mom and Halmoni would accept any old bloke that wanted to marry her just so she's out of their hair. They could care less that Jeong Tae is a seething hotbed of anger and rage after being denied the chance to go to high school/college. It's only a matter of time till he explodes. And Jeong Hoon is merely written off as a cripple when the only thing he really can't do is walk properly--his brain seems to be fine. How come he can't go to school now that his bro is done? Am I missing something here? Even Kyung Ho (dang, he is tall and corn-fed to boot!) doesn't seem to get that Bok Sil puts pursuing her dream of being a singer over a relationship with him. He wants to control her and put her in a box too. Dude, get a clue! Anyone else think that Sang Pil is juuust a little ticked off that his uncle doesn't even think of him having the ability to take over the business. He's another guy with anger issues.
  6. Sorry to cut your post. And sorry for the rant! Yes, SE and JW are on my last nerve as well. What I don't get is that JW is so clueless he doesn't even think about how it looks to everyone else (let alone SE) to have that TV producer Hee Bin (?) calling him Oppa and following him around or calling him up at all hours. I'm even more ticked off about how SE blatantly uses poor sweet Do Hoon to vent all her troubles--also at all hours of the day and night. DH is gonna be burned badly in this mess, as I continue to seethe with Second Lead Syndrome! SE and JW deserve each other. I want to reach through the screen and grab that bottle of tranquilizers for myself! I'll need them for sure in a few episodes when SE finds herself pregnant and will not tell JW due to Noble Idiocy Syndrome. I am sorry that JW's first wife was an alcoholic wreck, but after 13 years, he needs to move on. /rant over
  7. The state of discrimination laws is basically whatever an employer can get away with. If that was not the case, there would not be dramas like "Awl", "Misaeng", or "Working Mom, Parenting Dad"--the first 3 I could think of off the top of my head that deal in large part with discrimination and employment law issues in Korea. @nateko is correct that employers can check the medical records of their employees which is why treatment for mental health issues or other physical problems is not always sought. I think that our mountain man cleans up very well for those (fake) wedding pictures! Loved it when he tried to sit on the floor and not the couch! He's just the medicine Seung Joo needs to heal her mind. The wounds her friends and family inflicted on her are bad but in a different way from the PTSD.
  8. Sorry, but I can't get on board with the drunken part. Yeah, I know this is a (daily) drama, but starting off with both parties totally wasted is not how I wanted this to go. First, there are the obvious issues of consent. Then I gotta wonder how 40-year-old JW actually "did the deed" if he was that drunk. It's also so out of line with JW being a top doctor for him to drink like that, and heaven help him if one of his patients had an emergency that night. Sheesh! Even HJ told him to slow it down at the bar! Jin Hee is gonna have one heckuva video message if JW didn't shut off the record button! For sure, SE is pregnant in a "first at-bat home run". I kinda thought the musician guy Do Hoon was not a bad fit for SE. They certainly share a love of music. He seems to be much more in touch with his feelings and far more emotionally aware that JW, aka Mr. "I'll never love again". Too bad Do Hoon is a broke struggling musician or he mighta had a chance. I enjoyed watching him shut down that pushy producer lady just as much as HJ telling SR to get lost.
  9. Forgive me, I am a couple episodes behind. If I am confused now it will only get worse. So is the dad of the 4 kids dead, MIA in NK or something else? Did the family originally flee from NK to Busan, and then to Seoul? And the dad went back to get his sister, right? Is he a spy? I didn't think so. Now there's a time jump and a whole bunch of new characters to sort out when I don't even have the backstory straight!
  10. I am enjoying the social commentary of this drama. It's a little obvious, but I will take it. Loved YE's friends in (Episode 53, I believe) commenting on the divorce/adultery issues after Article 241 was abolished back in 2015, and how that's given women in SK a raw deal. There was another episode back in the 40's where HY was trying to hire a new secretary for JS and she upbraided him about not just hiring another pretty face but a competent older woman who was coming back into the workforce after having children. Can't wait to see the possible employee strike and labor issues being brought in to the mix too. On the more shallow side, I like this too:
  11. I'm dying to know the name of the drama the guys were watching on TV in Ep. 2, where they stood up and cheered after the woman got revenge on the man who married his secret daughter (or whatever)! It looks like it was an old drama, and the slightly blurred out "JTBC" logo was hilarious. Was it real, or just some made-up scenes?
  12. MS handed over the seal and bankbook for one reason: Greed. I feel certain that HY is gonna use those items to get the house deed put under her name, or possibly borrow against the house or sell it out from under the JS/MS/SR clan aka the Dupe-ables (since they are so easily duped) I will stand up and cheer for the Red Tag Crew to repo everything in that house and toss them on the sidewalk. If we are gonna do Brain Blame, then Dancing Dad needs to be included. I don't think he's got too much in the upstairs department either. Dancing Dad has a silver tongue--and he gets away with a ton of crap because he is such an accomplished liar and smooth talker. I don't have any difficulty figuring out why he bailed on abrasive and chronically unhappy MS for Hye Jung. I agree with you that Hye Jung gives him some space and that he really loves her. I wonder how much guilt he's feeling watching his son do what he did. Perhaps the "chickens have come home to roost".
  13. I must have missed something....help me out here! And yes, I have money issues! 1) So if SR's diploma is fake/forged, then what happened to all the tuition money? Did she even go to school or did she live overseas and just spend her days shopping or hanging out? How the heck did no one in the family notice this, especially YE who was sending her money? 2) Da Hoon is out there spending the prize money for the shampoo contest?! WTH! That money belongs to YE who formulated the shampoo! I know DH is not the most intelligent character, but I thought she at least had a functional moral compass after she gave HY the beat-down. I don't get this at all. 3) So how long can JS stall around about the alimony? If HY puts the business into bankruptcy, then there will be no money for alimony--which is why I am glad HJ got YE an attorney to strong-arm JS for the money. What happens to him if he can't pay it? Nothing? (like here in the US, lol) Jail time? Side note: The company JS works at (Jam Eun Medical) is a real-life company that makes those hexagon sleeping pads we see in the drama. Is it only me who wonders why (other than primo PPL) a real company would want to be represented in a drama as poorly run by a jerk like JS and his mistress?
  14. From your keyboard to the writer's keyboard on that one, lol. I would love to see Season 2 of "Prison Playbook" with JS as the newbie in the group! JS's comedic timing in this show is pretty good, yes it's slapstick but it's still funny. The faces he made when HJ grabbed his arm in yesterday's episode were awesome. Watched that scene 3 times, just to put a smile on my face. I will say that having Da Hoon enter the shampoo contest with YE's shampoo was a curveball. DH doesn't seem evil, just ditzy. Loved that HJ's sensitive nose was able to sniff out the Korean medicinal herbs in the shampoo that supposedly originated in France! Ha! And how much fun was it to see SE take down all those fake socialites?! I thought the Doc was gonna need CPR there for a second. It seems that it woke him up to his shallow and insipid colleagues, who I pray find themselves well and truly ditched by him in short order. Especially that snotty dressmaker lady. She should meet the editor of the "Most" magazine in She Was Pretty.
  15. Agreed. HY has it out for YE, and it is probably for a multitude of reasons. The orphan issue certainly is one factor. The callous way she throws around the idea of aborting the baby to force JS and his dad to get on her side is exceptionally telling. No regard for that child, only her own feelings. That's some bad Mom Material if you ask me. Also the fact that HY is basically an evil person, and sometimes all it takes for an evil person to get a vendetta like that is to see a kind and good person like YE operating under extreme stress and not breaking down into a crying mess. Love the fact that HJ overheard that convo between HY and Fake Daddy in the restaurant. Might be worth sitting through another 70+ episodes just to see him play that card! I also pray that writer-nim won't have YE forgive JS or his Nutcase Momma at the end of the show.