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  1. This is the translated preview for Ep. 92 from the KBS website (link): "In the absence of Jung Hoon (Jang Jae Ho), Chang Sik (Sun Woo Jae Deok) takes public funds through the settlement of Jung Hoon and gives them up as election funds, and Sang Pil (Kim Won Woo) takes over the music company due to the strength of Dong Chul (Lee Joo Hyun). Mijin (no- tsu) goes to a hospital with Minsu for medical treatment." I paused the video several times but I could not see who Dong Chul (aka Greasy Minion) was beating up. I could hazard a guess from the above translation & video that Sang Pil hired DC and his group of thugs to beat up the music studio owner and intimidate him into selling it to SP at a "special" price. Wouldn't surprise me--Greasy Minion was always asking Thieving Dad for jobs where he would have to take his thugs in and beat people up. Now that Thieving Dad has siphoned off some money from the Hoseo Dam/Highway projects and SP has also appropriated some funds for the production company, it should get interesting. If the formerly cash-rich Daekook construction company has financial issues and can't pay the workers or suppliers, or misses some huge deadline, the resulting chaos might be what leads Thieving Dad to bust out some of (or the last of?) the stolen gold to prop up the company. JH will see his family's gold and hopefully, his brain will get in gear. If JT can see that pocket watch, it's game over for Greasy Minion, because JT will beat the snot out of him. I secretly look forward to Min Ji becoming poor. I don't think she will do poverty well.
  2. I cringe every time I see little Min Soo in that hospital bed without rails.....he's plenty big enough to roll out of that bed and onto the floor. In what universe would he not be in a crib in the hospital?!? Geez, c'mon PD-nim! I know it doesn't film well, but remember your viewers are probably mothers, grandmothers, aunties or have had at least some experience with babies. Scenes like that make us grind our teeth! Also, the doctor who delivered Min Soo would have to be an idiot (IMHO) to miss an Atrial Septal Defect that is sizeable enough to need surgery while Min Soo is still under a year old. Whether today or in 1969, it should have been diagnosed within an hour of his birth. Full disclosure: My oldest son was born with ASD. The doctor told me right away, and the pediatric cardiologist was brought in for a consultation ASAP. (He's fine now) Certainly there were cardiologists in Seoul in 1969. One thing they got right--Min Soo was supposed to have A- blood; a "rare" type. That blood type is in 0.13% of South Koreans (link) That's pretty rare. Agreed. BS left KH because of his momma, plain and simple. She was tired of his momma insulting her mom and her. She has no feelings for SP other than she's willing to hang out with him because 1) he can make her a famous singer and 2) I think she feels kinds sorry that he has no family. KH has only himself to blame. He did zero to show his mom he meant business. I think he would have happily supported Bok Shil in her career. And good to know there is someone else who wants to get on with the family fortune issue...
  3. With just over 30 episodes to go, it's looking like a crash-and-burn ending for all the relationships. KH and BS's relationship is in the dumpster thanks to KH's overbearing mom and wimpy dad, and JT's pretty but sickly gal left for the US and is out of the picture for now. JH and Min Ji are in a zombie relationship since he's mentally checked out and/or suffering from the side effects of all those herbal "tonics" and she's insecure, jealous and self-centered. SY has better luck clam digging than with men, and CJ and the nerdy banker boy with the oversized glasses are "farting" along as CJ vainly tries to make JT jealous. SP is with BS, but he won't or can't read her facial expressions and body language; she's not nearly as interested in him as he is with her. Speaking of dragging things out, I'm starting to get mighty itchy about resolving the whole missing gold/Thieving Dad/Pocketwatch storyline. Is it possible that the writer is not gonna resolve any of these issues? Now the writer has heaped doom on poor Min Soo; SY will probably have to give him up so JH and Thieving Dad can pay his medical bills/get him lifesaving surgery. Then infertile and clueless Min Ji will have to raise him or hire a nanny. That series of events might induce SY to kill herself and JH lives with the guilt forever. He and KH can drink themselves into oblivion. Or maybe Min Soo will die--that would be super-tragic too, but anything is possible in Kdrama Land. I'm dying to know why Min Ji's mom (the actress) would post a script (with crying emoticons) for Ep. 93. which will be next Friday's episode. Another big LOL to JH cruising thru the dunes on the island, complete with 3 piece suit and his briefcase! Yeah, you don't look out of place or anything dude! Even a dimwit like the balding thug minion could find JH when he's dressed like that. JH is book smart, but lacking in common sense. @ezacessline90 Thanks for the Instagram pics. I love seeing the actors having fun when the camera isn't rolling.
  4. I gotta say that the conversation between Min Ji and her mom (Ep. 87) was one for the record books. With Thieving Dad in a front row seat, Mom blatantly asks her daughter if she was "getting any action" and if she was "getting busy at night" with JH!! LOL! Privacy?!? What Privacy?!? ROTFLMAO! I'd wager Mom has been lacking in the "action" department for years! And then to cap it off, Mom later says that it's not JH who could be infertile since he already has a son! That's priceless. You go, Mom! Way to make your daughter feel even more insecure and jealous. Like SY's auntie, Min Ji's Mom also has no filter between brain and mouth. Too bad--in another universe, Auntie and Mom could have teamed up and been the 'baddest' (girl) gang leaders in the low-class hood they likely grew up in. I wonder how many times JH has 'done the deed' with Min Ji? If they've been married ~14 months...hmmm. Maybe twice? Three times maximum?! What does everyone else think? JH hates that herbal tonic, and now because MJ isn't pregnant yet, he gets a ginseng drink?!? Too bad there isn't a tonic that mutes MJ's mouth! I also love how JH's expression changes every time he hears Min Ji's voice on the phone. It's like he just bit into a sour pickle. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere else during the dinner scene with Bok Shil, SP, and MJ. Great move by SP bringing the TV over and buttering up Greedy Granny. He is way ahead of dorky KH in the brains department, even if he is lacking in the morals department. KH had bad luck getting those parents of his.
  5. I thought that was the point. Her words and body language didn't agree. That's because her heart is still leaning toward KH, but she is turning toward SP because of Mal Soon and her toxic attitude. I liked that BS looked like an ironing board when he hugged her. And that line about congratulating himself because she 'accepted his feelings', lol. Talk about tone-deaf! SP can't figure out her body language is practically yelling back at him 'No Way'! The BG music at the restaurant and tea room is awesome. It's a great mix of 1960's Korean and US music. How about that song: "The end of the world" (from 1962) while SP and BS are having a meal together. Great choice! And as a resident of Surf City USA, how can I not love the surf guitar riff in the "Radio Drama" song.
  6. @ezacessline90 I tried to magnify the Instagram page so I could read the script, but it's too far away and too blurry. I would have loved to give translating that dialogue a shot. I am sure my tutor could help too. I'm also with you on the fart thing by CJ. So stupid!! What a waste of a character. I've only seen Ep. 84 w/o subs, but here goes-- SY can't stay on the run for long. We know she left JH's money envelope behind. We never saw her take Thieving Dad's envelope, so that is a mystery, but I'd bet it's still on the table where he left it. MS needs formula and diapers. She's got to have money for formula, access to clean water and to be able to wash diapers. How far is she gonna get? If JT knew where she was, he could funnel money to her, but I don't think he knows where she is either. I wonder what will happen when JH finds out SY and Min Soo are on the run. Will he pretend like he doesn't care...or will he start worrying and go looking for her (and subsequently be caught by Min Ji or Thieving Dad?) I know I will likely be disappointed, but I hope JH will have a "come to Jesus" moment and turn things around. It might not be until he figures out Thieving Dad stole the family gold. I had thought at the beginning of the drama it was going to be more about JT than JH, but maybe not. That scene where Greasy Minion was grabbing SY was awful. Ugh! I didn't want his grabby, greasy hands on her! I think that his 'trap' is that he wants JH to be on the outs with Thieving Dad so he can be the #2 guy again. Won't happen, but he can dream...he's not the brightest bulb after all.
  7. Yessss! This needs to happen. That scene where SY hid JT from the cops by hugging him was fireworks. Anyone who watched that scene could see it. The question is: Did the writer throw that in as a red herring, or was it a clue to the outcome of the drama? I had hoped the scene where CJ defended JT from the thugs (far more than wimpy JH did) was a turnaround for that character, but that didn't happen. @lin55 I don't think we will have to worry about JH having more offspring. Your Ipad screen should be safe. He's not worth an Ipad screen. (I'm guilty of wrecking a tablet over a kdrama too.) I'm betting that MJ is infertile, but then again, perhaps his 'beef burrito' will be rendered non-functional due to the combination of MJ's screeching and his newly acquired drinking habit. It would be pure justice if the only kid he ever has....is the one he can't be with, and/or he then has to watch his brother raise his son with the woman he loves and have other kids with her. That's some delicious, crunchy, and savory Karma right there! Then again, what if Min Ji was actually pregnant right now? JH would then forever be trapped with that family, with "the thread that cannot be broken". I would pity any child born into that dysfunctional family. I gotta laugh at the fact that Min Ji's boutique is likely to go belly-up without SY there as a seamstress. Similarly, Thieving Dad needs JH there to run his construction business so he can pursue the ultimate in con artistry aka politics. Min Ji can't comprehend that without a good seamstress she is out of business, but Thieving Dad knows he needs JH to run his company more than his daughter needs a husband. He might be better at it too. I wonder if Spineless Mom and Greedy Granny have even a minute of guilt over what they put JH through, both in the past and currently. That restaurant Spineless Mom owns was purchased with her oldest son's soul. Like any good Kdrama, this one has it's social commentary points. One of them must be of the dangers of stratospheric expectations on children, along with how ridiculous and outdated Greedy Granny's ideas are.
  8. JH is a product of his upbringing aka "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". His Greedy Granny is simply the worst. Absolutely the most selfish and materialistic grandmother I've seen yet. To ask SY to give up MS is beyond the pale. I love that JT didn't hold back and hollered at his Greedy Granny to back down. I really hope SY runs far away with Min Soo. What was the Bald Chubby Minion doing spying on her anyways and then reporting back to his boss Greasy Minion? I would've had more respect for JH if he had simply manned up back then and told SY to her face why he was dumping her and marrying Min Ji. And c'mon! JH shoulda used some protection if he was gonna do **that** with SY on their trip for crying out loud. If he'd kept his 'beef burrito' wrapped, we wouldn't have a drama be roundly cursing him right now. They had 'beef burrito wrappers' back in 1969! Sheesh. (My late mom used to regale my high-school age kids with tales of how guys bought protection from a pharmacist who put them in a brown paper bag back in the 1950's!) I have to admit that JH trapped in his sham marriage with screechy MJ is its own punishment. Divorce would be merciful for JH, but he's not gonna get that. @addicted2kdramasI agree with you. I have no idea how KH grew up to be a decent person given his idiot parents. He's the one apple that fell far, far, far from the tree! I already feel sorry for whoever he marries--dealing with his mom would make any decent girl run for the hills. SP is also irritating; he professes to love BS, but he will break her heart for sure given he's just as selfish as the rest of Thieving Dad's family.
  9. That was one stellar acting episode for the actress who plays Min Ji! How exhausting to have to scream so much...We all hate her, but that's because she's a good actress. Spineless Mom and Greedy Granny have some chutzpah wanting to raise Min Soo and take him from SY. They are hardly paragons of parenting skill. Please Writer-nim, don't give them another child to screw up! I am with you @lin55 totally shipping JT and SY. At least JT has a functional moral compass! I pray he gets them out of Seoul and away from Lunatic Min Ji, her toxic family, the Two-headed Snake Sang Pil and the Spineless Mom/Greedy Granny combo. A divorce would be the easy way out for JH. It could happen. Thieving Dad does not like to see his little girl unhappy. He doesn't want a scandal before the election, so JH might be trapped. There are ~40 episodes left. The writer-nim had better get moving on the downfall of Thieving Dad and his Greasy Minion. I'm here to see some Karma dished out! @ezacessline90 I'd give you a hundred likes for your previous post if I could!
  10. I'm filing this under the "When it rains, it pours." for JH. His wife and MiL will not only make his life a living hell over Min Soo, but he's gonna find out real quick that Thieving Dad will turn on him and dump him like yesterday's trash once he finds out about Potential Commie Missing Dad. He will be mad over Min Soo's existence for sure...but the Potential Commie Dad association is gonna send Thieving Dad over the edge. The subs today gave me a lot to think about. (Side note: I'm taking Korean lessons from a tutor.) Word choices are important to me. The conversation at the beginning of the episode between JH and JT was really interesting. JT initially says that their dad went missing during the war. Then he says that Dad went to his hometown to get his sister aka their aunt. JH says that their Dad's name was 'on a list of defectors to the north.' I thought--wait a second. How is he a defector? More like he got caught behind enemy lines trying to get his sis out of the North. A defector by definition implies a choice. What has the Dad done to merit the title of defector? I think I am going to ask my tutor about this scene for clarification. I think I might have heard the word for defector (탈주자, taljuja) but I'm not sure. It also means renegade--like on the run from the law--according to Naver. I could buy that definition. Didn't the family start out in Busan? Then they were trying to meet up with Dad in Seoul because Dad went up north, right? I swear nothing better happen to baby Min Soo. If he suffers for one second because of Min Ji or her mom I'm gonna lose it Thank you @ezacessline90 for mentioning that Spineless Mom finally (!) sees the error of her ways by only educating JH and ignoring the other kids. JT really got shafted in that deal. I think Spineless Mom had a personality transplant over the weekend. And that was quite a line by SP to BS about trusting the SP that loves her. Ehhh...he already betrayed BS by giving the radio drama song to that insufferable brat Hye Rin. Now he's stirring the hornet nest with Min Ji. He is not to be trusted IMHO.
  11. Sure it did. Along with the fact that he felt trapped as the oldest son, and responsible for the entire family thanks to his mom and grandma. What were his options after finding out his dad was branded a Commie and he was guilty by association? He had no good options. No one would hire him, unless they needed unskilled manual labor and didn't run a background check. Working at a construction site may have been honest hard work, but it was not gonna support his family including SY. Sure, I hate that he dumped SY and went for MJ. That was a serious D-bag move on his part, and I hope she never takes him back. But that is why this show is so enjoyable. One dimensional bad guys are uninteresting. JH needs to take some blame for the situation, and so does his Spineless Mom and Greedy Granny, who put so much pressure on JH, and were both so condemning of SY at first. I actually like how MS reminds them how hypocritical they are! MS is a witch and probably is less well educated than BS. Her husband, for all that he is a goofball, wants his son to be with someone he loves. At least I can respect that. This week, I did notice Dong Chul (Greasy Minion) messing with the pocket watch. It has Missing Father's initials engraved on it, and I am sure JT is gonna see it one day real soon.
  12. I'm gonna be the armchair psychologist today. I believe JH wants to get caught. I think he knows he did SY dirty, and he wants to get caught and "pay" for his sins. He erroneously believes his "punishment" will include a divorce from Min Ji, which is actually a reward considering what a brat she is. He's probably narcissistic enough to believe he can apologize and make things right again between him and SY, but that boat may have left the dock. I could be wrong on that one though....SY looked impressed that he took Min Su to the hospital, owned up that he was the father, and it was almost like she was hopeful for a second. Then it was back to reality. Hmmm. JH must know if he wasn't working for his FiL, he'd be hauling bricks around a construction site. So he's totally stuck. I don't doubt for a minute he's using every avoidance trick in the book not to sleep with Min Ji, especially now that he knows he's already got a son. OK, I agree that CJ and BS are not Mensa material. But where else was BS gonna go? The local inn? Ehhh....bad choice. Keep living in the storage closet at Lucky while not singing? Nope. Go home to Spineless Mom and admit defeat? Plus have to tell Greedy Granny that she isn't gonna sing the radio drama song after all? Not cool either. At least it gave her a day or two of rest.
  13. Yeah, after I watched with the subs, it looks like JH only cried and didn't say why. I think his mother and grandmother put too much pressure on him too early in life, and now it's backfiring. Plus they never told him the truth about his dad until it was too late. Some blame has to go to JH and some to his Spineless Mom and Greedy Granny. OK, Johnny Kim is totally useless too! Yes, I think the morning dramas are watched by the ahjumma/halmoni crowd. I don't think the ratings are that great, but they aren't the bottom of the barrel either. I personally like the daily dramas because the length is perfect to watch during my lunch break at work, and the dialogue is simple compared to the evening dramas. (I'm studying Korean, so I watch once without subs and once with subs.) I also like watching the younger and relatively unknown actors/actresses do a great job--it's like finding a diamond in the rough. I'm totally impressed with the actors that play JH, JT and SP, as well as the actress who plays SY. They are really giving their best with a low-level drama like this one. I've seen some of the older actors before, so no surprises there. I do think Thieving Dad is an excellent baddie. Now I wanna find out how Min Ji's mom found out about Min Su. Poor SY. She is really being persecuted by her aunt, JH and MJ.
  14. @lin55 from your keyboard to the writer's, lol! CJ is one of the most useless characters I've ever seen in a drama. I really want JT and SY to get together. Sang Pil got on my last nerve with him giving the song to Hye Rin. Total snake move there, his family has taught him well (sarcasm) Like his frenemy JH, he knows it's wrong and does it anyway. No honor as a man at all. That's an interesting observation about SP and HR. Perhaps Thieving Dad wanted them to get together to consolidate his power. Now it looks like JH spilled his secret to Spineless Mom. Is she just gonna wring her hands and look worried, or is a (Grand) Mama Bear gonna emerge and protect her grandson and SY? I'm all in favor of a personality transplant here. I'm not sure how the ID thing will work in favor of finding Missing Dad, especially if he is stuck in NK. If he's in SK, that would be different. I wonder if getting the ID's will provide a tracer back to the gold bars in some way. I like the preview where it looks like JT is raking his hyung over the coals in regards to SY and Min Su. He's got some morals for sure, unlike JH who can only think of himself. My heart squeezed when JT and YJ were walking thru the university and it was almost like you could see JT thinking, "I could've been here if not for my mom totally favoring my jerky older brother."
  15. It won't take long now for Min Ji to find out about the baby. JH will be visiting Min Su and he will get busted for sure. He already lied to Thieving Dad that there wasn't anything going on. I sure wish the writer would bring back the stolen gold/pocketwatch and Missing Dad storyline. I am also wondering what the Yoon Joo/JT storyline is all about. Is she terminally ill? That storyline about the lice was gross and disgusting. No need for it at all in the story, and not funny either. Ick!!