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  1. I'm a little confused. Why would Doc want to harass BW? What would he gain from harassing her? And it's not like he can say to BW, "Oh, YS is your mom" because BW already knows that and has written YS off. I understand GJ wants to protect BW from further harm and verbal abuse, but I must be missing something here. Also, I went back today and looked at the "seduction" scene in Episode 3, about 7 minutes in if you are interested. That was not exactly YS doing the seduction IMHO...Docs grabbed her first and pulled her in for a hug! She didn't refuse, but he made the first move. Too bad CR didn't see that her daddy put the move on her momma's hairdresser. I can't really count YS's first move of telling him to quit drinking as a "seductive" one. Now he blames YS for seducing him! Ha! GJ is right. Doc may be as psycho as CR. Like father, like daughter, especially with the jealousy and possessiveness issues. Amen to this! Remember how he did cool things before, like replacing the driver of his mom's car with himself so he could corner her and talk to her! Writer-nim, please return our hero's mojo ASAP! Along with his upswept hair. Might as well ask for everything!
  2. I agree with you. It looks like WH is sleepwalking through this show. I noted this in my latest blog post, even though it was several episodes back. Is it the way his character is written, or is it the actor who has given up and is just 'phoning it in'? I think the blame for this mess lies squarely with the writer. I'd wager this show was not completely written before it started, then it was too late to go back and fix problems, like the overwhelming rejection by OHW of BW and Byeol. P.S. Happy Birthday @sava2sava
  3. I was kinda sad that the whole proposal thing from SC turned out as bad as it did. What a mess that scene was. It felt awkward, rushed and totally out of place. What do you think might have happened if writer-nim made SC less greedy and more logical? Perhaps he could have approached BW from the angle of marrying her to offer her the following: 1) protection from OHW's continuing wrath, YS's hatred, and CR's delusionary behavior 2) giving WH the final heave-ho since all he can do is dither around uselessly (and drinking heavily) while waiting for his momma's approval which will never happen 3) A permanent and stable father figure for Byeol, who likes SC already 4) Keep it as a platonic arrangement until if/when BW is attracted to him 'as a man'. Even if that is never. Yeah, SC would have to be a saint, but I wonder how it might play out. I don't think BW would go for a 'business arrangement' marriage, but there could be advantages. Personally, I don't think they are a good idea in RL, but desperate situations (especially in a fictional setting) are different. It could give BW some breathing room from OHW, YS and CR, and would get them all off her back. The moment that BW put DJ's ring back on pretty much gave the 'single finger salute' to both SC and WH. Like I've said before--neither of them deserves her. How sad is it when BW would rather live in the past than love in the present?
  4. Those comments look tame compared to the ones over at The level of anger over there is truly astonishing. The writer's page on is also rife with negative comments about the direction LIDD has taken. It's quite a contrast from the comments made at the beginning of the drama which were very positive. Writer-nim will have to pull off a miracle at this point to adequately resolve the situations in the last 21 episodes (barring a cut or an extension)
  5. Agree with you 100%. The dramabeans article said the show that was supposed to be aired after LIDD has been suspended and won't be aired. Do you thimk TPTB are dragging things until someone figures out what will replace this show? The last few episodes are so much at odds with what we've seen previously. It's like it's not even the same writer.
  6. Warning: I am about to apply RL logic to a Kdrama! I went back and looked at the scene where drunken CR hits Jang Ho (Episode 3, 20:00 in) It was pouring rain. CR had heels on. She stepped in a huge puddle of water when she got out of the car, so her shoes were wet, and she stepped through that same water going back to the car after JH yanked off her necklace, and she was considering calling 119. So how did the gas and brake pedals of the car get covered in blood, like the picture the Sleazy Car Dealer has suddenly found after 6 years to blackmail YS? Even if JH was bleeding a lot (which we know is true b/c the doctor treating JH said he lost a lot of blood and coulda been saved if they had found him earlier) how could that much blood have gotten transferred to the pedals, given the amount of water that was available to dilute it? Why is this picture surfacing now? Oh, yeah, sloppy storytelling! **grrrr** C'mon writer-nim! You'd think if the Sleazy Car Dealer needed the money, he might've found that pic about 5 1/2 years ago! This also points to a possible mistake by YS as well. Obviously, she did not check the car properly before she sold it to the Sleazy Car Dealer. I think this might be the "drama is off the rails" moment for me. **sniffle**
  7. IIRC, the car belonged to CR. After the fatal DUI, YS put the car in her name so she could sell it to a shady guy who was planning to ship it to China where it would disappear forever. I hope that some kind of transaction trail gets discovered so they get caught.
  8. I'm surprised this hasn't already happened, but then again, maybe WH has not hit rock bottom yet. I thought the writer would take the story in a similar arc to having WH give up his chaebol lifestyle to go be with BW, but this time around there are more complications--like CR for example. DJ didn't have someone like that breathing down his neck when he wanted to be with BW. Nor did he have a frenemy like SC, or a propensity to drink when things got rough. Some thoughts from last week's episodes are up on my blog:
  9. I always love your comments! Giving SC the restaurant to manage didn't really cost WH anything--it all belongs to OHW. When you think about it, everything leads back to the fact that she has the money and the power--and isn't afraid to use either one to her shameless advantage. WH is not going to find his momma's approval for his marriage at the bottom of a bottle(s) of booze. I have zero sympathy for someone who tries to drown their problems with alcohol. If WH hadn't gotten wasted at the bar, CR could not have trapped him.
  10. You are both smart. I am the worst sinner. I wake up most nights with hot flashes....and it always is a little after 3 am here (7 pm in Seoul) Which is just about the right moment for me to get up for a drink of water, and look at the time. The phone is right there charging on my nightstand with the SBS live stream link bookmarked. It's bad enough to watch it once with subs, but now I am watching in the middle of the night livestream w/o the subs, hoping for the Big Plot Twist or Major Turnaround. And it's not happening fast enough for me! I had such high hopes for this show. So many episodes of cute and funny. Don't even get me started on my disappointment over WW/WK. How do you eff-up a plotline with a goofy musical theater loving dentist and a sweet ditz?! Not to mention I have been suffering on-and-off with 2nd lead syndrome since about Episode 12! I am hoping that SC does the right thing by showing up at CR's hotel room and warning WH. The Dragon Queen's Lair is not the sanctuary it once was, especially now that WW and WK are there. Plus, GJ keeps an eye on him and would nag him to quit the drinking and/or tattle on him to BW. I am surprised WH's/DJ's heart hasn't given out completely especially after the last bender he went on with the Chivas Regal, Ardbeg scotch and a Budweiser! What a combo! (The hard cider bottle was unopened and doesn't count.)
  11. I am so glad someone else thinks this way too. Sometimes I wish there was still an upvote button! OHW is the most evil of the three. Was I supposed to feel something other than disgust when she cried today? Heh, crocodile tears from the Dragon Queen if you ask me. She doesn't give a fig about WH, it's all about her and what she wants.
  12. I've never seen things work out well when a person is a close friend of their boss or coworker. It always leads to some kind of problem later on down the line. Making a statement would be unnecessary and hurtful, so SC would not do that. It's WH's fault for thinking their relationship was more than employer-employee. SC gave no indication that he wanted to be friends. Everything they did was instigated by WH. I had to learn this the hard way. I am polite and pleasant to my coworkers, but they are not and will never be my friends. I try not to socialize with them outside the office at all; Christmas parties and the like are off the table too, mostly because someone always gets drunk and out of control. Work is just work, personal life should be separate from work.
  13. Part of the problem for me is that WH hired SC to do a job. Then he decided he wanted to be friends with SC. I don't think SC wanted to be buddy-buddy with WH. He never talked about his personal life, he wouldn't divulge even the smallest detail about his past. He barely even spoke about his mom dying. I think it's WH's fault in a way for wanting a friendship out of what should have been an employer-employee relationship. This is an example of why being friends with your boss is a bad idea.
  14. Warning: Rant/Vent ahead. Read at your own risk. I can't even get the grammar correct! Go ahead and throw rocks at me--
  15. Oh goody! I remember that too! Welcome to the Grudge Club! Yeah, having Mom want to keep Byeol and give him to that *&%$^ JY plus Dad telling BW to leave Byeol with them today sure stoked my anger as I thought about episodes 10-13. IMHO, BW needs to take Byeol and move out of the Yoon house permanently. DJ's parents are so deeply jerky and self-centered, plus JY and DM are a bad influence on him for as much as they purport to love him. (She'd never do it, but I would understand if she did.) He certainly hasn't been fierce or quick tempered lately. I still believe he needs a cojones transplant. However, I am looking forward to a return of WH 1.0 aka The Prick. My hope is that he takes his fury out on the right people--like CR and OHW. I will add YS to that list the minute GJ spills the beans to WH that YS is the woman who abandoned BW. Oh, and WK needs a smackdown too. I am quite disappointed in WK and WW for being less than supportive of WH/BW. Yes, I fear for BW's life as well. CR has already threatened multiple times to kill BW. She's poisoned her once which destroyed her taste buds, then she put tons of flavor syrup in her coffee to see if she could still taste. I was surprised BW didn't barf that up. From your keyboard to writer nim's script, lol! Byeol won't try to go thru OHW because she scares him too much--but he has the cellphone watch with WH's number in it. That was not just a PPL moment. I'm looking forward to the cell phone watch playing a big role in the upcoming episodes.