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  1. No he had an accident while playing soccer with his friends about 10 years ago. Now he has some sort of "erectile dysfunction" which is the (flimsy) excuse he's using to get out of the false sexual harassment charge. It's also why he hid from his wife's advances in their bedroom a few episodes before.
  2. All three of the women need a rich, intelligent, and hot namja to come into their lives a la "Happy Sisters"! The husband who lost his job looks more like his wife's father than her husband. I gotta wonder what happened to the fourth member of their high school band. Looks like that is a sore subject. And yes, that hunt through the tents was hilarious! How fitting that the dog gave them away. I have to laugh at the men all wearing undershirts/pajamas--guess we won't see too many shirtless scenes here in this drama. Maybe that's for the best, lol. P.S. Do people really camp in urban parks like that for fun in Korea? Do they have designated nights for that?
  3. OK, two episodes watched....so far, so good! Dang, the Vet's wife doesn't mess around! She literally sent him packing! I hope she doesn't take his cheating keister back at the end of the drama! The entitled college-age young man needs a strong dose of reality. Send him packing as well, and let him explore trees and waterfalls on his own dime. Time to grow up, son. Especially now that his dad has lost his job. And WTH--that husband that bailed out on his wife sleeping with him?? What's his problem? Is he nuts? Maybe he doesn't have any, lol.
  4. I want to mention that I thought the actors who portrayed JT, JH, and SY did an exceptional job. SP, MJ, and KH also improved a great deal as the story went along. I hope they get some much-needed rest and will come back with new projects, especially JH and JT. Drama ending downfalls: 1. The fact that Thieving Dad and Greasy Minion couldn't be prosecuted for the worst crimes that they committed. Stealing millions of Won of gold (now worth billions), leaving the grandmother to die (so savage and unnecessary) and trying to adopt out Min Soo should have all been punished. However, the crimes would have been more difficult to prove in a court of law. I hope Greasy Minion was properly punished for framing JT as well. Too bad I didn't get to see a scene of Thieving Dad being sentenced by the judge. 2. Missing Dad--the linchpin of the entire drama was that Missing Dad left NK, took the family to Busan for safety (not a dumb move at all, considering Kaesong was the site of one of the first battles of the Korean war) and then wanted them to come back to Seoul as the war was winding down and he would meet them there after rescuing his sister from Kaesong. Background info: Kaesong is not far from Seoul (58 Km, 36 miles) and is the site of the original Sungkyungkwan educational institute. Finding out in Episode 142 that he probably died before Ep. 4 even started, and that it was a clerical error (!) to have his name on the "Commie List" thus destroying JH's life by blocking his entrance into the Judicial Institute was....such a letdown. Really, writer-nim?? A clerical error?? How awesome would it have been for Missing Dad to make an appearance at the end....'defecting' from the north, perhaps with his sister and other relatives in tow, and clearing his own name and that of his sons? He would be at the wedding(s) of his children, and he could have helped Spineless Mom who seemed depressed/aimless for a while after Greedy Granny died. A showdown between Missing Dad and Thieving Dad could have been an epic scene between two veteran ahjussi actors. I think he would have taken JH "to the woodshed" for what he did to SY. 3. The abduction of Min Soo should have been JH's wake up call to divorce MJ immediately. I was flummoxed that he did not leave her right then and there. Even more perplexing--the abduction was never mentioned again by either party!! WTH! This gives rise to my theory that the writer was asked to extend the drama (probably with very little notice) due to issues with the next drama, and he did a darn good job weaving in this believable story and saving many backsides of other producers/directors/writers. However, the writer messed up when he didn't go back and tweak the script in the episodes after the abduction to have the characters remember it or curse MJ over it....and that was weird. It's as if the story was a thread....that was snipped and patched, and then reattached to the original thread. 4. JH blathering that he felt "responsible" for MJ up until the very end. Uhhh...how about the innocent SY that you took on a "trip", impregnated and then abandoned? Considering he knew the hardship of growing up without a father, for him to do that was amazingly hardhearted and cruel. For her part, MJ finally realized that a one-sided love wasn't gonna benefit her. She was the one who finally ended it and tossed the rings in the pond and told JH to go back to SY. JH should have ended their marriage many episodes before 143. 5. I am probably not qualified to comment on this next subject since I am not Korean, but the farting issues, lice issues and the entire deal with CJ's con artist grandfather were all gross, unnecessary and not funny to this westerner. 6. Way too many precious storytelling minutes were wasted on the singers in the cabaret....singing the same songs over and over. Sigh. @ezacessline90 since you came up with an excellent video for JH, I found one for SP since he won't be with BS--or anyone else for a while. Sorry, it will have to be behind the spoiler:
  5. Now that I've seen the final episode with subtitles, I'm even happier with the ending. Not 100% happy, but considering that my reaction to Kdrama endings typically ranges from "Meh" to displeased all the way to rage/meltdown, I'm at "Okay" status here. Here is what I liked: 1. JH sold Daeguk Construction to a subcontractor the company had worked with on the highway. Known to be an honest company, they kept the Daeguk employees. Good--why should some poor working schlub have to suffer because of Thieving Dad? JH took some of the money and with the employees' agreement (key point IMHO) bought back the boutique, and the house for MJ, her momma, and SP. I was a little miffed he didn't buy them a smaller home, or simply swap homes (would have loved to see SP, MJ and Momma move to Sohyun-dong!) but that's minor. MJ can make a little money from the boutique. JH won't worry about them being on the street--even if that's what they all deserve. Sleeping well at night has a price. SP has Lucky Entertainment back thanks to JH providing the financials--however, all his recording artists have left, so he will be starting from scratch. This looks stupid on the surface, but after I thought about it, it's really smart. Now SP has no reason to go revenge mode on JH. SP will likely use the income to support his aunt and MJ. Also, JH needs more enemies like CJ needs more gas! 2. Greasy Minion is gonna be in prison for a long time. Attempted Murder=10 year sentence, minimum. (my best guess, based on Klawguru.com, my go-to Korean law website.) The fact that he threatened JT again in the presence of the prison guard (what a dummy!) should merit some additional time behind bars! 3. Thieving Dad is really up the creek. His charges=Solicitation of murder, bribery of a public official and embezzlement. Again, I'm going on my best guess here, but he's probably looking at a total of 20 years in jail, minimum. If Thieving Dad is currently 50 (a reasonable guess) he might be imprisoned for the rest of his life. He won't be making any money anytime soon, nor will he be with his family. 4. The cabaret was sold, and JT is the new CEO. This gives JT a start in his new life (without a murder charge in his background) and knowing how smart and savvy he is, he's gonna turn that shabby joint into a high-end dinner theater/club. I can see him owning a string of clubs and restaurants later on. He will need that money because CJ likes children! 5. JH will go back to the Judicial Institute. Excellent idea! He's not cut out to be a businessman. He needs a peaceful and orderly life, which he will have with SY by his side. His difficult life experiences will provide him with compassion, and a better real-world perspective as a judge. He appears to be an involved father and I am sure he will have more children with SY in the future. It will be difficult for her to trust him again, but if he treats her right she will likely forgive him. I always thought these two loved each other, no matter what. 6. MJ 's chances at another marriage are probably slim and none. With her dad in prison, minimal family money, being a divorcee and potentially infertile, she's not gonna be a catch. My feelings: "Cry Me a River"/sarc What I didn't like will be in a separate post.
  6. Thanks for the link @lin55 I've spent 7 months watching this drama. Now what should I watch? I hope the next daily after this is a good one. It looks funny and light.
  7. OMG....what a letdown. No Missing Dad. No return of the family gold. No Karma for the baddies.... P.S. can you pm me the link for the raw? None of the usual spots have it yet. I gotta start my screaming now before it gets too late and I wake the neighbors.
  8. Geez, just watched Ep.142 with subs....this is not looking good for a final JH/ST pairing. Auntie and I are about to be very unhappy. At least she can drink! I will have to cry while she drinks for both of us. Too bad JH didn't toss those rings out at the prison or throw them into the Han river. His life is over if he goes back to MJ. SY is stuck being a single mother. Spineless Mom wont be able to see her grandson. What a waste.
  9. It would be a major disappointment for me if JH and MJ are together at the end. That's an overdose of forgiveness IMHO. I really hope he is not that stupid. If he forgives MJ and stays married to her....well if I was his momma, I'd throw them both out of my house! My hope is JH goes back to law, JT takes Daeguk construction and JW takes Lucky Entertainment. As for the Cabaret, have Young Chul run it and SP can work for him cleaning tables!
  10. 1. Yes, the appearance of the Red Tag Crew is not always cause for celebration, but this time it made me cheer! I especially liked seeing the red tags in the boutique. How much of a wake up call is that for MJ?? 2. Yunno, I can't find it in my heart to sentence JH to a life imprisionment with childless, screechy, inmature, and disrespectful MJ. It would not benefit MJ either to be married to a man who doesn't love her. JH doesn't deserve SY--he hurt her terribly. Again, his options are limited, and with SY in a mood to leave, he better "present a strong case" or his life will continue to be a wreck. Will there be a Daeguk Construction for him to take over, or will it be lost to the Red Tag Crew? Unless SP goes to jail too, he might have to fight SP for control of the company. JH could go back into law--I think that was what Professor Park was encouraging him to do today, but not sure without subs. I'm really interested to see the ending the writer gives to JH. He's a complex and interesting character. I know CJ and JT will be together, and KH and BS will be together. After that, it's a crapshoot until tomorrow night. I'm still somewhat depressed that I won't get to see Missing Dad.
  11. I'm sorry to say this, but I think you are the naive one here. I don't think it's strange at all that the "law" can be bought. The rich and powerful amorally manipulate the law and politics to benefit themselves. That's what they do. It happens in every society--and I include my own here in the US. These shenanigans went on back in the day and they still occur today as well. There is nothing new under the sun. I watch dramas like this one because only in fiction do the baddies get punished and the good rewarded. That's why I am always clamoring for a big heap of Karma to be dished out in the dramas I watch. I know it won't happen in RL. But I can enjoy watching it on TV. I actually thought JH was "dumb like a fox" after he realized how evil his FiL truly was. By informing Thieving Dad the way he did, it kept him complacent while he and JT/KH got help from Professor Park. Wait until you see Ep. 142, and where the ledger of bribes really ended up--I won't spoil it for you and since my Korean language skills are still lacking, I can't say for sure but either way you shake it out, Thieving Dad got owned.
  12. You and me both! Oh, I hope @seungshin was right when she said many episodes ago that JH and SY will be together at the end of the drama. I will feel very disappointed if JH picks MJ over SY. I wonder if JH will go back to the Judicial Academy or wherever he was gonna go before he found out about his dad? If Thieving Dad goes to prison, how will JH/JT take over Daeguk construction and/or get their family fortune back? I think Professor Park may have given the info about Missing Dad to JH/JT, but I will have to wait for the subs to find out. Also, if Missing Dad is now Deceased Dad, that opens up the possibility of Spineless Mom hooking up with CJ's Dad because the original drama poster had them together.
  13. Watched the preview clips for Wednesday unsubbed.....indeed, the end and preview for Thursday seems awfully good! Karma is about to be dispensed...! One question though because my Korean skills are still lacking: JH and JT are talking in the interrogation room, and JT said that their Missing Dad is deceased--and has been for a while. But I'm not sure. If he's dead, then how can the Police/Government have any case against JH/JT for espionage/"guilty by association"? Darnit. I was kinda hoping for Missing Dad to come back, kick some Thieving Dad butt and take names....
  14. My mother committed suicide four years ago precisely because she felt that taking care of her during cancer treatment would be a burden for my father, sister and myself. How I wish I had the chance to have that burden! My (now adult) children and I were devastated and I nearly lost my father to grief and depression. @newyeeis right. Suicide solves nothing. Never say that you would take your own life for *any* reason. @hyall it takes more courage to live than to die. I hope that this is the point the writer is trying to make.
  15. A couple more thoughts on this episode. Yes, I watched it twice without subs! 1. The actor who plays SP is killing it with his shifty eye movements and facial expressions in the last few episodes. He's a very good baddie! There is a lot of good acting going on as the drama ends, and I have to really commend the actors who are working in the intense heat of the summer, outdoors--yes I know a lot of scenes are shot at night when it's cooler, but some scenes are shot in the early morning (the shadows are the giveaway) and I can tell it's already hot. 2. @lin55 I had a momentary meltdown last week thinking that JH/MJ was gonna be the end game, but I am not worried about that now. He gave her a chance to pick him over her father. He even told her (I think it was in Friday's episode) that his offer for her to choose was now 'invalid' and off the table. She's going down with her Thieving Daddy. I dare to hope that JH/SY is endgame, even though I still believe JH doesn't deserve her--but doggone it if she takes him back, he better treat her like a Queen Goddess. 3. I think one of the reasons JH hasn't mentioned (or almost any other character) about MJ kidnapping Min Soo is because that part must have been written in at the last minute to extend the drama. Now the writer is back on track with the original script and it hasn't been tweaked to include the kidnapping. Honestly, that kidnapping should have been enough grounds for immediate divorce IMHO. The next drama (Mrs. Cha Dal Rae's Love) didn't even have the first script reading until August 3, which was the original end date of "Through the Waves". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how far behind the next production was for whatever reason. Honestly, I think the writer did the best he/she could to extend the drama logically while under extreme duress.