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  1. Happy weekend chingus. Enjoy watching
  2. Hi Chingu, sharing the interview btw LDG & LK. The new LDG after he met the gitl
  3. Trying to convince them for DOTS 2 haha
  4. DOTS OST "You're my everything", this thread is my daily vitamin booster. "Always - whenever, wherever you are', checking this thread whenever & wherever we go.....Cheers up shippers
  5. Brilliant idea - KiKyo or SSC Foundation
  6. Well done and congratulations comrades for your wonderful thought to donate to charity in the name of SS. Hope to have opportunity to contribute in your next project. Positive thread with kind shippers.
  7. Let's move on and not dwell the past whether the haters or negative feedback. Be at the present moment and be happy with SS
  8. Awesome FM & absoutely awesome chingus for the wonderful update of pics & live broadcast...surprise with myself to join in the fun. Hugs to all the chingus
  9. Definitely most memorable FM for SJK..over the clouds with SHK
  10. Cannot resist anymore...this thread is live. Thanks chingus for live commentary