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  1. In KJH's parents' opinion, KJH has not been a troublemaker but his parents might not see KJH's determination side which can be a pro and a con at the same time. As his childhood friend mentioned to his colleague, whenever KJH focuses on a thing or a person, if he believes what he has done is not wrong, he will keep on doing till he acheives what/whom he wants...sometimes he might not think about the negative impacts he has to bear then. KJH is not the thorough calculating type, this could be his flaw in some circumstances when he faces imprenitents who have much more power and are ready to do anything to get what they want, he might be in danger.
  2. Thank you so much for the song name, the melody sounds beautiful and classic indeed.
  3. Thank you so much for the song name, the melody sounds beautiful and classic indeed.
  4. Thank you so much for your kindness. The melody sounds very familiar so I have kept repeating again and again but I can not remember the song indeed. My last hope is people in this forum.
  5. Could anyone please answer my question what is the score/melody without lyrics in the ep.4 after KJH called CSH's name in front of everybody on the office lobby to implicitly correct rumor that the ramyeon man at the rest stop has been forced to go with CSH by authority. I have curiosity for a while but I can't find the answer. Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Exactly like my thought, I can't describe as well as yours. I felt something from these scenes which looked fishy in a certain level of interest, memories to treasure with this man. - Dance salsa together - CSH ran to the breakfast cafe just after signing revised contract but too late. - CSH stunned when seeing KJH during welcoming speech for newly hired employees. - CSH was very curious whom KJH was talking at 12.42 with bright smile. - CSH asked Mr.Nam to drive her to KJH's playgound he has grown up around. - CSH unpacked sandal to place among brandname shoes. - CSH wear the watch, she used to wear when she met KJH, to meet KJH for CEO-new employee meeting. - CSH asked KJH to join her ramyeon at rest spot where she wanna enjoy time there. - CSH asked whether KJH has girlfriend by mentioning liks his girlfriend would feel not okay when KJH gave CSH his mobile number. - CSH paid attention to KJH at bus stop till she was in car crash. - CSH requested song which she has memory with KJH to implicitly express her feeling to miss. A woman who spends her life with high standard behavior in the limelight, she might be unconsciously show her feeling to what/whom she really has special interest in.
  7. Google Translate "Boyfriend", Top TV Buzzworthy for 2 consecutive weeks, 1st place Park Bo Gum, 2nd Song Hye Kyo [Herald reporter Chun Yoon-hye] TVN drama 'Boyfriend' in TV drama buzzworthy category, announced on December 10, 2018, is the first place for two consecutive weeks. At the same time, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye-kyo kept first and second place for the most buzzworthy actor/actress for two consecutive weeks. From second to fourth place, JTBC 'SKY Castle', tvN 'Memories of Alhambra Palace', and SBS 'Empress of the Empress' were ranked. However, as the topic rankings are the same, the gap between the top two 'boyfriend' and the second, third, and fourth films is narrowing to 2 ~ 5%. MBC 's new drama' Bad Detective 'was ranked 5th with Shin Ha - gyun' s acting , followed by SBS 's praise, JTBC' Let 's get hot clean', tvN ' Red Moon Blue Year ', and OCN' God's Quiz: Riboot 'were ranked from 6th to 10th respectively. In the cast member category, Hyun Bin (memories of Alhambra Palace) is ranked 3rd, Shin Ha Kyun (bad man) 4th, Lee Jong Suk (chorus of the company) 5th, Jang Na (6th rank of empress), Shin Hye Sun (Elegance of the empress) 8th, Park Shin-hye (memories of the Alhambra palace) 9th place, Kim Yoo-jung (once hotly cleaned) This survey is based on the analysis of online articles, blogs, community, SNS, and video responses of 30 TV dramas that are being broadcasted or scheduled to be broadcasted from December 3, 2018 to December 9, 2018 by GOOD DATA CORPORATION. The results were announced on December 10.
  8. I can't write as good as this comment so please let me quote. K-Drama is like a taste of food, some can attract many audiences but there are still complaints by a few group of people. Definitely such a few group of people with complaints might attempt much harder to give negatve comments while many audiences with positive comments will spend time re-watching and reading more news/reviews joyfully. Especially with the hallyu stars as Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo, the nitizens might wanna express their negative comments much more in order to be on spot because such nitizens' comments would be read much more with wider fans. I like the part of this comment too, it explained so right.
  9. I totally agreed with these notices. In addition, even ex-husband helped CSH in some situations which his mom made such troubled situations, it might be just prompt considerate actions without much attempt, not pure love. Many Match making couples can be successful in marriage life if they or either of them try to be good to each other in time BUT I don’t think this ex-husband used to show his love to pursue her heart during their 2-year marriage. This ex-husband has really had another woman who asked him about progress in dating status during the dinner. Plus, the fact that “Interest, Like, and Love” are mutual feeling between two persons, it does not mean CSH has to feel good in couple/lover way with her ex-husband’s recent actions eg. help on the artist’s troubled situation by his mom, buy a cloth with pushing the seller to the corner with money. Would a woman need to like or love the man with this headstrong and crazy rich expressions? Would a woman appreciate a man who look down others and shows habits like money can buy anyone and anything? (eg. Buying ton of clothes for the seller in order to get the unavailable item.) By the way: I, my friends, and my relatives who sometimes watch K-dramas esp. starting when K-Drama ends because we don’t wanna watch sad ending ones as K-Drama has occasionally been. For the Encounter/ Boyfriend, after formal announcement of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo, we did not intend to watch because we did not feel any chemistry due to perception of age gap and Song Hye Kyo’s marriage status with Park Bo Gum’s close Hyung. However, we all have changed our mind and have started watching closely because their acting skills to portray the hard-to-believe roles so well, their aura of hallyu stars and their contrast chemistry. Park Bo Gum’s acting and rhythm has been changed and fine tuned suit KJH perfectly. Park Bo Gum’s KJH is not just bright and has free spirit but his KJH can also show very thoughtful dimension and thoroughly analyze situations sharply and wittily as audiences can feel his reaction in the role to people around CSH eg. the secretary and Mr.Nam. Song Hye Kyo can make audiences feel the position of hotel CEO and a daughter of a politician in the strong lime light with divorced status in the chaebol family
  10. I can't really like this ex-husband from all the reasons above. He looks too complicated to love a woman sincerely and what he is doing to CSH might be possessive to his ex-wife. What he explained to the artist might be just a memory when he could earn some points to his ex-wife, that's nothing special in his super rich life in powerful family. Last but not least, obviously as a valuable son, he can fight against his mom anytime.
  11. I have just finished watching Encounter/Boyfriend Episode 4 with English Subtitle, I really appreciate the writer to let this drama's novel-like story to deliver scripts on screen with reasonable development. Even some audiences might feel unfamiliar about younger male lead and much older female lead with divorced status and different social status; however, the script could make unbelievable "ENCOUNTER" to create potential "BOYFRIEND" (the male lead)'s moment to the female lead. I like the last part that Kim Jin Hyuk telepathy: "Don't ask me about what this feeling is. I don't know yet either. Right now...I just don't want to leave you alone and be lonely. That's all." This might answer to some audiences' questions why Kim Jin Hyuk professed his feeling so fast after just some "ENCOUNTER" and also why Cha Soo Hyun feel swayed. PS. I really like Park Bo Gum's acting to find the new rhytym of his Kim Jin Hyuk's role, sometimes wait&see and sometimes harshly express.
  12. If we are not watching K-Drama, in reality, it would be unlikely for any general mothers/fathers to cheer a young man to love with a divorced older woman, esp. with different wealth and social status.
  13. Thank you very much for your recap with English Translations. I am more than happy to watch this episode... The Word "Encounter" and "Boyfriend" reflect the relationship between the leading actor and leading actress in this series perfectly.
  14. I have just finished watching ep.3 with English Subtitle, free-spirit young man as KJH might do like that when he just feels for CSH. From life background and all responsibility CSH has to her family, colleagues, and people around.... I truly understand what CSH should do in reality...even we are watching K-Series but it should be reasonable too. Two persons come from different family background and lessons learnt in life from age gap. Ps. In ep3: Poem in the book reflected KJH’s feeling of yearning. Let see whether CSH feel “yearning” too.
  15. You define Cha Soo Hyun so well. No matter the series' storyline bring Cha Soo Hyun to like Kim Shin Hyuk as same as he likes her or not, she has spent her life to impact her family and her surrounding people the least she can. From the situation in Boyfriend / Encounter, actually from my point of view as I think realistically, I understand Cha Soo Hyun. Let watch coming episodes how the storyline will bring audiences to, whether Cha Soo Hyun will be adventureous to be out of her comfort zone to let family and surrounding people impact from her decision.