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  1. Jumped out of my rat hole caused I can bear the pain in my heart for YW I start watching this MTWM just for curiosity how the story be solved. Now, I am still looking forward to see the ending. But along the storyline, I feel for YW more and more. Don’t get me wrong. I pity HJ. She has been through hell in her marriage with the banker. In contrary, YW has been having happy marriage life with her husband, the cook, until he happened to die. After she realizes that her husband is still pretty much alive (even in someone else body), she hope that he will return to her. She wants him back (any wife would want the same, right). But it seems that her husband has changed not only physically but his heart, too. He tried to act rationally, to do the best for both families or so to say to HJ and to YW. He tried to come back to her but watching ep 14 it seems that his mind/his soul was not coming with him. He rushed off once he learned that HJ was sick. La Mi Ran was very good in her acting. Her/YW awkwardness when her husband came home to her. Her longing for his loving care. Her breaking heart when he lifted her hands off him and went to nurse HJ. My gosh .. I feel her. For YW, she must feel that she now really lost him .. not because he has gone far away .. but he has left her for someone else. His action gave different meanings and pain in her heart, definitely. Does the writer tries to create a person, Hae Chul, with the banker as the brain/head and the cook as its mind/heart? The person/HC will act according which will win in one circumstance (whether the mind/heart win or the head/brain wins). If it is, I can understand her philosophy. I am now wondering whether she is trying to proof here that finally the heart is following the head. It seems to me so. The cook in the banker body seems to have his heart for the poor HJ more than YW as I saw. Just let him go, YW! Consider him ‘dead’ already. Move on and find happiness for yourself. BTW, I am writing this out of my sentimental (unstable) only. Sorry chingu! (.. run back into my rat hole ..)
  2. I have a confession to make .. I have severe SLS syndrome!! This is the first time ever that I root for the female lead and the second male lead. I had watched few dramas about divorced couples or about to divorce couples. All had very nice second male leads as in usual K drama land. But I had never fall for the second male lead what so ever except for this time. I am rooting for NG with JJ. It is not because NG is so very nice looking OR elegance as to what JJ thinks to herself (in one of the episode that I could not remember which one). But because of the way he is. The way he looks at her. NG is observance and have a kind heart (e.g. the time he quietly drove JJ back home as she thought he is one of the taxi, he followed her to make sure she arrived home safely, etc.). I am an ajumma, myself, and have been married for longer that JJ and BD (feel very old now .. haaaa..). I know full well that married couple, at some point of time along the marriage life, may hate each other due to stress from economic difficulties and physical tiredness that they encountered during the long years. What can get them through is the foundation of their love before the marriage. As for BD, I found him falling in love with JJ more to the fact of her physical attraction/her look back then. They were having fun, flirty and bubbly time together (the way the young people do enjoy their time.. sorry I don’t know exact wording to describe what I want to say!). So one day, when he see/think that she is not as pretty, he lost his fondness of her. And after some struggling in life, he does not care about her as much (or does not care to look at her at all). He looks down on her and speak harshly (rude) to her. And once that verbal war started, it will not stop. The marriage will soon be going down the drain. However, as for NG, I found him slowly but steady falling (hard) in love with JJ because of who and how she is. NG seems to be a mature person. He seems to be a person who observe and also think/review about what he has seen. He quietly observe JJ (and probably BD, too). He support her and look after her, again, quietly. This is the way that the man/boy will learn who the girl (JJ) really like. He will learn to understand her. Understanding in one good foundation of relationship though. I also got a feeling that the type of person that NG is, he can communicate better with JJ. These are the reason that I really want JJ to end up with NG while having BD learns his lesson to grow up to be better BD for his future wife. But again, it is up to the writer whether she/he will show any other back stories of all of them that can make my view changed. By the way, the way NG looks and stares at JJ …. myyyyyy goshhhhhh … I die !!!!