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  1. I have a confession to make .. I have severe SLS syndrome!! This is the first time ever that I root for the female lead and the second male lead. I had watched few dramas about divorced couples or about to divorce couples. All had very nice second male leads as in usual K drama land. But I had never fall for the second male lead what so ever except for this time. I am rooting for NG with JJ. It is not because NG is so very nice looking OR elegance as to what JJ thinks to herself (in one of the episode that I could not remember which one). But because of the way he is. The way he looks at her. NG is observance and have a kind heart (e.g. the time he quietly drove JJ back home as she thought he is one of the taxi, he followed her to make sure she arrived home safely, etc.). I am an ajumma, myself, and have been married for longer that JJ and BD (feel very old now .. haaaa..). I know full well that married couple, at some point of time along the marriage life, may hate each other due to stress from economic difficulties and physical tiredness that they encountered during the long years. What can get them through is the foundation of their love before the marriage. As for BD, I found him falling in love with JJ more to the fact of her physical attraction/her look back then. They were having fun, flirty and bubbly time together (the way the young people do enjoy their time.. sorry I don’t know exact wording to describe what I want to say!). So one day, when he see/think that she is not as pretty, he lost his fondness of her. And after some struggling in life, he does not care about her as much (or does not care to look at her at all). He looks down on her and speak harshly (rude) to her. And once that verbal war started, it will not stop. The marriage will soon be going down the drain. However, as for NG, I found him slowly but steady falling (hard) in love with JJ because of who and how she is. NG seems to be a mature person. He seems to be a person who observe and also think/review about what he has seen. He quietly observe JJ (and probably BD, too). He support her and look after her, again, quietly. This is the way that the man/boy will learn who the girl (JJ) really like. He will learn to understand her. Understanding in one good foundation of relationship though. I also got a feeling that the type of person that NG is, he can communicate better with JJ. These are the reason that I really want JJ to end up with NG while having BD learns his lesson to grow up to be better BD for his future wife. But again, it is up to the writer whether she/he will show any other back stories of all of them that can make my view changed. By the way, the way NG looks and stares at JJ …. myyyyyy goshhhhhh … I die !!!!
  2. Just got a funny idea. I don't know whether you have ever watch short drama call Baeky's Back or not. Coach nim was lead actor on that drama. He was black belt taekwondo. The lead actress was named Baek Hee (or BaekHui) same as Madam Kwang Baek Hee of Namil villa. Here I am going about my funny idea...what if.. DM was actually a son of coach nim and lady owner of Namil villa from one night stand? No one know because the lady have kept it secret. AR and DM father might also liked her when they were young and somehow believed that she got pregnant from one of them. .. like the story of Becky's Back. If it is coach nim.. the story can be fold in 3 episodes, dont you think? If it is either dad(s), complication will be too much to be resolved in only the remaining episodes. That is just my opinion. Let us see what hint/clue they will give us tomorrow. Whether they will just tell us so that the last two episodes can focus on DM fight and AR career and their happy ending love story. I am off to bed now. Goodnight!
  3. @lc85 .. really love your comment on JM and SH, “And SH - get a clue. The main problem is not YJ - it is you. Fixing you is the most difficult road to take and the most painful. But not as painful as losing pieces of yourself as you pretend to lay blame on YJ and deny JMs unacceptable behavior”. Since last night I was thinking back and forth (I am quite absorbed on the character, la) what if I were SH. What will I do? Just to break up with JM already? Naaah… that should not be. The writer/SH will not going the path that easily. As the name of the drama is Fight my way / Fight for my way. The story is about the 3 childhood friends (and one high school friend, probably) who fight their own ways for what they truly want, if I to interpret from the name of the drama. So, I believe that SH (her name pronounce sort of like ‘sorry’, by the way) will not give up her relationship with JM. She seems to be one of the fighter, too. However, I am waiting to see how she will resolve the obstacle/problems of her relationship with JM. How will she return to be her own self? How she will kick JM a-ss for him to realize her worth? How will she kick that SH 2.0 out of the picture? That will be interesting to see (apart from my cute DM and AR). There are only a bit over half way through the story. So there are plenty of space for the friends to fight for their ways. It will be rough ride for them & it will be hard for me to wait for Monday each week. My only hope is for the writer to keep up the good works. Please don’t fall short at the last episode as happened in some dramas!!! By the way, thank you a whole bunch for all recappers and translators for this drama .. Sarang hae!!!
  4. @stroppyse @deadorblack Thank you for your thoughts. I really enjoy reading your comments. However .. I have been trying to figure out the action of little DM and the bunny thing since last night. It does not make sense to me that he chose to give more candies to uglier one (young AR). If so, it means that he has been taking care of AR out of pity or just pure friendship (sorry.. cannot think of the right wording to describe now) which is contrast to what it has been showing from earlier episodes. DM's action, to me, seems to go toward his fondness/like of AR. He, too, may suppress his feeling for her due to fear of loosing their friendship and/or fear of being rejected. What if the little DM just decided to give his candies to the one he likes rather than to the uglier one? What if he think AR is prettier since then but still decided to give her more candies? Pali.. writer nim.. let me have the answer .. quick..quick. Why tomorrow is not Monday!? ... Wae???
  5. Coming to say goodbye to you, all. Finally, Ms. Perfect had come to an end. Even though it had ended, I don’t know why I do not feel the closure as I supposed to. I feel a bit uneasy at the ending or so to say I feel out since ep.19. I feel like I want to shout to all those drama writers. I want to tell them to please stick and stay true to the characters you created. Please plan in advance what you want to convey in each episode. Please don’t just go slow pace from the start then to rush and fall out of your horse at the end. (I was haunted once from KBS Shrk (don’t know if I am allow to mentioned name of other drama here. So I just left out some alphabet there). I don’t want any more of such kind of ending. Apart from un-clarified plot, what I upset the most is JB screaming hell out of her nightmare(s). I can understand that she might get some paranoid. But screaming night in and night out, it is out of her character. She has been calm and strong to face head-on on whatever coming into her life. (I don’t mind a person has nightmare. But JB, screaming hell … my goodness, I pity her children. Will they get any sound sleep?) This is so unlike JB who we have seen from the first episode. JH.. I do not pity him. He is a poor, greedy, immature man on earth. I don’t like the most when he called to tell JB that she is his first and last love… liar!! EH.. this character keeps me wondering how different is crazy/mad/and psycho. She seems to be very intelligent and know what she is doing. By the way, the actress who portrayed EH did excellence job being EH though. BG … my poor BG.. I personally really like this character. He is intelligence, warm, loving and caring even though trying to cover up with funky outlook. (I even want to have one for myself… ha). And even at the end, the love story between JB and him is still vague. What about detergent and toilet paper? What is the meaning of that? Is JB getting JH back??? Lastly, Che-ri is my hero. She is the best in this drama !!
  6. I have had a thought in my mind since long ago that this drama might have someone (EH) ended up dead to have the story closure. Now, after seeing the preview for ep. 19 EH comes out of hospital, I strongly believe that dead is the final solution/closure for EH's ploy. I suspect that JH will bring EH to dead with himself, somehow. If it is not this way, I really can see how the writer will finish off the story. There is one thing I beg you for, writer-nim. Please let BG being with JB. He is the most understanding, soft heard, and trustworthy person in K-dramaland I have ever seen.
  7. Did Nami actually die? What did BG talked with JB after he hold her hands in front of JH? Any kind soul please tell me!!
  8. @Gwinna .. Just to let you know that I still watch this drama. However, I haven' got a chance to watch ep.15 yet. I cannot tell that I will like the ep. or not. But I can say that I like JB charactor. It isvery difficult to find a woman like her or any heroine in any other dramas like her.
  9. Waiting for tonight! .. (why is it very quiet here?) Anyone, do you think Bong-goo was bought by EunHee from the beginning? .. ( I am getting paranoid from waiting la)
  10. I think the same @ktcjdrama .. I think JH will tell JB off his business with EH As for JH .. I still doubt whether he purely wants wealth and power for himself or he wants to protect his family and get revenge on EH at the end. But I don't care much now. My heart is with BG-ah ...my poor puppy .. I want him and JB to be together !! ..
  11. My poor Bong-goo! It's time for Seung Joon to shine in this drama. He was good in this episode, 14. My heart ache for him. So he does like JB and she seems to have feeling for him too. Did my eyes see it right?