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    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem made me think that writer must have seen the thread here and figured she'd just make Jang Nara single than end with anyone. @sushilicious congrats on becoming legend! 770
  3. mouse007

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    I am tempted to peek at the thread just to find out who Jang Nara ended up with. @triplem I also thought Cheese In the Trap was such a disaster. It started out so well and then it crashed and burned. 718
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    What do you want right now?

    But @Sejabin men also get ulcers! Do you mean you're having bad cramps? and yes, halo-halo is the best especially when it's hot outside! Right now I want to go home so I can watch the new episodes of my drama.
  6. @vtxy so jealous you've been able to watch the new episodes already! I'm at work so I have to wait until I get home I love how CY always manages to outsmart his opponents and to find and rescue BQ. Which is why I am also so curious as to what leads up to that scene where we see BQ in chains and where he is cold to her.
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  9. @ayleenlovesyou HAHAHA! I'm glad he said what we were all thinking! So happy to have CY look like CY again! @angelangie I watched this at work and had to stop myself from screaming! OMG SO HOTTTT!!! @themarchioness I was just about to ask you what CY was saying when you posted "Playing with Fire"... omg, I'm dying over here! I cannot CANNOT wait for this scene!!
  10. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    @avondale16 LOL thank you for checking the numbers! @themarchioness you have MDL? Oohhh! Share your list! I'm a little behind on the Touch Your Heart thread. It's been moving really fast. LOL 666
  11. @Dhakra Oh and I forgot to mention that typically when you are addressing someone who is older that you or someone you aren't close to or familiar with, you would insert "po" in your conversation. It's not a name nor an article and it isn't a pronoun either. I don't really know what it is called but from a young age, we are taught to speak with it to convey respect. So for example, if I were to say to an older person that "Can I please have some water?" I would say it as "Pwede po maka-hingi ng tubig" But if I were to ask someone who is familiar AND of the same age or younger, I would remove the "po" and just say "Pwede maka-hingi ng tubig" It is also common courtesy to use "po" when speaking to someone who you aren't sure is the same age or if you are speaking to a stranger. However, usually if there is a small age gap, it is acceptable to drop "po". Korean is a little more complex when showing respect to other people. Like for example, if it is a guy referring to an older girl, they would use "noona" but if it is a girl referring to an older girl, the use "unni". In Tagalog, it doesn't matter whether the person saying "ate" is male or female. They both refer to an older girl as "ate" and to an older boy as "kuya". All uncles are "tito" and aunts as "tita" regardless from which side of the family. And we can also refer to family members of our close friends this way. So if I am over at a friend's house and want to greet his/her parents, I would call them tito and tita. I really like this aspect of asian cultures. @bebebisous33 I agree, you are better perceived and received when you speak the local language. It actually brings down barriers and people are more open to what you say and they feel more comfortable opening up to you. There is truth in that a person will learn best when taught using the language of his heart.