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  1. I also don't understand how the fans are still supporting them after their crimes have been revealed (especially those who already admitted to it). I feel like asking them - "If it was you who got drugged, raped AND recorded, how would YOU feel?" Honestly, it makes me upset that not only did these men do such deplorable things for so long.. but that there are actually people out there who find ways to excuse the behaviour. Just goes to show the kind of world we live in. 714
  2. @sushilicious or team add can stop adding and let team sub move down! 664
  3. 664 @cenching we can't seem to move from it!
  4. 666 and where back to this number again
  5. @sushilious I also want to move on from the number but how? We need someone else to either add or sub! LOL Lawyer Choi's expressions as lady is telling him that she wants to separate from her husband because he used to tell her he loves her 12x a day and now it's on 2x. 666
  6. @themarchioness I got used to the shorter episodes of IWNLYG that a single episode of TYH feels so long! Not that I am not enjoying the episode, but I do feel the length of time. LOL 666
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