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  1. I finally finished watching all 4 episodes and I have to say I'm loving it so far. I'm intrigued by the two of them having had a traumatic experience when they were 8 years old. I bet they are somehow tied together. My guess is that YYJ's father probably saved CWH in a fire and failed to be there to help his own family when they were in a fire themselves which led to YYJ losing her mom. But let's see how the story unfolds.
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    302 @triplem I expected my 1 yr old to get sick often after starting daycare but it's still so rough to see him have such a high fever. Today he cried so much and just wanted me to hold him and nurse him all the time. I'm exhausted. I feel bad too because I couldn't give my 3 yr old as much attention since I'm caring for the little one.
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    304 Thanks @angelangie It hurts me to see my babies not feeling well either.
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    316 @angelangie thank you! He is still sick but doing a bit better compared to the previous days..
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    Checking the status of my online order and working at the same time
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    @Sejabin I've never tried BB cream actually but I need a bit of coverage because I have some redness and some acne scars. Also, I live in a country that is cold most of the time so humidity isn't a concern for me here. LOL but I don't use a lot of foundation because I don't like having too much makeup on. I think makeup should help to enhance features and not completely alter them! LOL so I like to look natural and let my imperfections still show. I don't have a lot of hair either which is why I fill my brows with a little shadow. And I also have the typical asian lashes - short and not thick so I definitely need mascara! I love Yves St. Laurent's Babydoll mascara but it's so expensive so I've been using Loreal's Voluminous Lash Paradise instead and I'm pretty happy with it. What eyeshadow brands do you like to use? I'm into eyeshadow palettes lately but I'm not very skilled at makeup application. Hehehehe I've never had a body scrub but I have gotten facials and massages in a spa before. I love them! It's just so expensive so I don't go unless it's part of my employment benefits. What you got sounds so good though and would love to try it. @USAFarmgirl thanks hun! I actually had to take yesterday and today off because my 1 year old is sick 320
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