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  1. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    782 @triplem thank you for the recap list! and yes, I also really enjoyed their younger versions. I also thought they had great chemistry. @kokodus no, I wasn't put off by the first kissed because I understood where he was coming from. He needed time to get over his anger towards her but once he did, you could tell how happy he was to be with her. He's actually super sweet to her.
  2. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus poor Yichen is so panicky at the site of suitcases! LOL I really felt the pain in it though.. poor guy was traumatized after Mosheng left him the first time. Even though the kiss was forced, it was actually a sweet scene because you can tell they really love each other. Love the scene where Yichen goes to Hong Kong! On ep 21 now.. 774
  3. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

  4. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus thanks for the background info! I wish they explained it better in the drama because now it makes more sense after you told me about the significance of it. I really do feel for Yichen. You can see he really really loves her and despite the hurt and the anger, he can't seem to keep himself away from her and he is still scared of losing her. I also love the scene where Mosheng defended him being poor and in his mind he says "only 3 or 4 more years and I'll definitely give you a good life". And then when Yimei takes Mosheng to Yichen's place to get clothes and she tells Mosheng that one night Yichen got drunk and kept saying "I've been preparing the background but you're still not here.." ugh! I just really felt for him and his yearning.. I'm at the scene where they go to the school celebration and they bump into Ying Hui. Awkward! But the side eye Ying Hui gives Mosheng and Yichen as he is walked away and the way Yichen is looking at him too... man, daggers! LOL PS. I'm loving the soundtrack too 770
  5. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

  6. mouse007

    Picture cards

    Ugh, I couldn't guess #2 and #3! #4 looks so familiar to me but I can't quite remember her dramas so I can't Google! I'm still thinking about this!!
  7. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    774 @kokodus is it the scene where she's skipping and he's watching her? Because I love that scene. The soft look in his eyes when he sees that it's still the same Mosheng he loved. I also love the look on his face when he gets home from his business trip and he sees the changes she's made to his place. After years and years of waiting, she's finally here with him and you see it in his face.
  8. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    780 @kokodus I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I also am not a fan of too much politics. It gets boring after a while. There's actually some dramas that had great leads but I dropped them because I couldn't handle the politics. I'm on ep 13 now so it won't be long until I get to ep 15. I'll tell you when I get there! @phikyl W&C was slow but I thought the leads had great chemistry and I enjoyed it despite the slow progression. I know, a lot of people don't like it but I didn't mind it too much. Has anyone else seen I Am Not a Robot? What did you guys think of it?
  9. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    774 @triplem @kokodus I will be adding the General and I to my watch list as well. BTW, Ying Hui's suits in My Sunshine are way too tight. @phikyl thanks for sharing your list! Some of your favourites are mine as well and I'm actually surprised to find someone else who loves them! LOL DOTS is no surprise but I also loved Go Back Couple, King 2 Hearts, and Warm & Cozy. King 2 Hearts is older but I really enjoyed watching it and I thought they had great chemistry. This is my favourite Lee Seunggi role.
  10. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    754 @kokodus I am only on ep 9 but I watched some clips of later episodes on YouTube. Yichen sure loves to kiss! That kiss attack he did on Mosheng when he thought she went for a blind date! A little awkward but also so hot! I don't blame Mosheng for thinking that Yichen dumped her but I also understand why Yichen was upset. It's also interesting that Yimei is the one who keeps witnessing their cute moments together like when Yichen dragged Mosheng in the rain and kissed her so passionately in the hallway and also when they were at the hospital and he held her hand for the first time after so many years. I love the fact that even though it took time for Yichen to fall for Mosheng and despite him not knowing exactly what made him fall for her, he never wavered in his love for her. @USAFarmgirl LOL thanks! Everyone here has been so great and really helpful with recommendations. I am happy to be among friends who clearly enjoy the same stuff I do!
  11. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    752 @Lmangla Thanks so much for the recommendations! I've added them to my list of dramas to watch! Wow, Five Enough has 54 episodes! When I watch it, it will be the longest K Drama I would have ever watched. @kokodus That Wallace Chung sure is something else. Another extremely handsome creature. Yes, Mosheng can be so ditzy at times and one can't help but wonder why she is so special to Yichen. LOL but yah, I think she really did just win him over with her persistence and innocence. I so love the fact that Yichen, despite how angry and hurt he was, waited for her for 7 years! And, it was so cute that he kept her photo in his wallet all that time when he didn't even have any personal identification in it. All he had was money and her photo.
  12. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    734 @Lmangla I have similar tastes as @kokodus.. I'm basically all about the LOVE. I lean towards romcoms or light fluffy dramas and dramas that explore intricacies of relationships but I don't mind other genres as well. I prefer to watch dramas that have a happy or satisfying ending because if I'm going to invest hours and hours watching it, I better feel good at the end. LOL @Sejabin @lynne22 I looked at the photos and some videos for Ashes and it looks absolutely beautiful. When I read the synopsis for it, it sounded like they have a good beginning and then something happens in the middle that throws it all off. I get pretty invested in characters so I hope the ending is satisfying! @kokodus yes! It was really hard to get over all the angst in the beginning. Yichen was just so so angry and hurt. And yes! I also started to like it when she returned the wallet without his photo and he went to see her. I felt like that was the turning point for me, where Yichen started to chase after her again. @staygold I have mostly watched asian dramas so this will be new territory for me! It looks interesting though! I will add it to my list! Thanks so much for the feedback and recommendations guys! I hate going through drama drought so I try to keep a running list of dramas to watch so I can just keep watching one after the other. LOL
  13. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    704 @kokodus Of course! I trust your recommendations since we have the same taste in dramas. I'm enjoying it! I read the synopsis for Devilish Joy and it reminds me of the movie 50 First Dates where due to a car accident, she loses her short term memory every day. I love that movie - there's just something so sweet about it. Let me know how it turns out!