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  1. gentlelily12

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    @happyfanlgx, kudos to you for keeping LGX news alive and updated for us here. I do agree with you on the above and I cant wait to hear news abt a drama from LGX too!!! (Its just been toooooooo long...lets hope.) credit to owner
  2. Hi all. I am most definitely looking forward to MingLan with FSF and LY being a real life couple...Yes!!
  3. Hi all and Omo...excited as Daniel Choi is another one of my favs!
  4. gentlelily12

    Lee Dong Gun 이동건

    Wow! I am excited as hard working and handsome LDG has been confirmed for his next drama scheduled to be aired after current drama "30 but 17": Lee Dong Gun will be appearing in upcoming drama “Yeowoo Gaksibyeol” (romanized title). See Also: Chae Soo Bin And Kim Ji Soo Confirmed For Airport-Themed Drama With Lee Je Hoon And Lee Dong Gun On July 30, a source from the broadcasting industry stated that the actor would be appearing in the drama, and his agency FNC Entertainment confirmed, “Lee Dong Gun will be appearing in SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Yeowoo Gaksibyeol.’ He has been confirmed for the role of Seo In Woo.” “Yeowoo Gaksibyeol” is about the hectic lives of the employees that work at Incheon Airport. Lee Dong Gun’s role Seo In Woo is the airport’s operations manager. The drama is written by Kang Eun Kyung who previously wrote “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo,” “Gu Family Book,” “What Happens to My Family?” and “Romantic Doctor Kim.” It will be directed by producing-director Shin Woo Chul, who previously directed “Secret Garden,” “Gentleman’s Dignity,” and “Gu Family Book.” Lee Je Hoon was previously confirmed to appear in the drama, while Chae Soo Bin is still in talks for her role. SF9’s Rowoon will also be appearing in the drama. “Yeowoo Gaksibyeol” is slated to air after “30 but 17.” Source: https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/29/lee-dong-gun-confirmed-appear-upcoming-drama-lee-je-hoon/ Via Youtube: credit to uploader @just4fundy hi, LDG was awesome in Sketch. But really, he's awesome in every drama he's starred in including movies. He's got this ability to immerse in all his roles and you just get so connected with the character he's in!! This man is brilliant!!!
  5. gentlelily12

    Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    hi all. am here cause i am totally besotted with LDG and JYH. They are so beautiful together..congratulations on baby Roa and wishing them lots of happiness always!!! credit as tagged
  6. gentlelily12

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    hi @booha, my heart was deeply moved to see LDG's Kim Do Jin given such a touching reunion with his wife before he closed his eyes (as well as his smile before his last breath gave us viewers a glimpse that he was happy in death) as he had realisation of his sins and i guess the "sacrificing of his own life" for Rain when he saved Rain was what accorded him a chance to be reunited with his dead wife in death. I was thinking if the writer had Sketch 2 in mind too ....
  7. gentlelily12

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    hi @Hannahmiriam and yes Sketch is LDG and Rain second collab.
  8. gentlelily12

    [Drama 2018] Sketch 스케치

    Hi All! I just wanted to say how well intriguing and captivating Sketch had been for me. Great casting but honestly for the first time I truly appreciate EVERYONE in the supporting cast especially Lee Dong Gun and Lee Seung Joo without whom Sketch would be different for me at least. LDG was brilliant as a villain as you get the feels for him thought he's the villain and i actually felt the great impact and feels from LSJ as well. These two men were brilliant to bring out the best in Sketch and i hope to see them more in future dramas. I actually became a LDG fan only after Sketch. And i am now marathoning Marry Him if you Dare as well as his other dramas.
  9. gentlelily12

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    @happyfanlgx thanks for these breathtaking and handsome pics of LGX. He looks amazing!!!
  10. Ooo...wow, i felt their sexual tension during their press conference but this intw (The IQIYI interview (May 30th, day of the presscon)), is showing how PSJ is affected by PMY's proximity and the way she leans onto him is just so sweet and intimate to watch and i cant help getting more than ideas abt them!!
  11. Her outfit was just too distracting for PSJ hahaha... After PMY's body contact you can see PSJ clearly blushing and "high"....hahhaa
  12. Sometimes a guy just wanna be able to be himself i guess (when he's around someone he's got a soft spot on hehehe), hence PSJ showed his vulnerable side and wanted PMY to just give him some TLC hahaha. I seem to think she's still in character or what?
  13. Huhu...Luo Jin is super hardworking this year and I am just so excited to see him non stop cause though i discovered him this late i am truly glad to have known him now (hey better late than never right?) as Luo Jin is one fantastic and talented man and actor!! Heres the Royal Nirvana booting ceremony pics and LJ as usual looks super fit and handsome: Source: https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2018/05/luo-jin-and-li-yi-tong-begin-filming-royal-nirvana.html credit as tagged
  14. Thanks @minseojoon for this thread and hi ladies! Just love this ParkPark couple so much too. Here's the video where they met in Nov. 2017- asia artists awards right? I believe that is PSJ from the back and PMY looked extremely lovely that night and the gown was excellent choice & very sexy on her ... hehe PSJ!! credit to uploader mera
  15. @AlexandraReid thanks at least now i know what made PMY laugh so heartily as i watched it without subs or understanding korean earlier, hahaha!