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  1. Usually I always avoid melodrama, too tense & dark drama because wasn't RL itself already tiresome? But couldn't be help with the drama plot, Jang Ki Yong (who I think will become a versatile actor because he has those manly vibe in his appearance) also no doubt Heo Jeon Ho will kill the antagonist character, I'm absolutely will give this drama a shot & wake up from the hibernated mood
  2. (-) Uri beloved Yoo Jung diagnosed with hypothyroidism (+) Early detected (+) The disease still can be cured by medicine (+) She's young so she can adapt healthier lifestyle earlier (+) She will getting mature (I know she already has more than her age) & wise in determine the most valuable things in life (+) She realized so many people care & love her abundantly despite she knew them or not (+) She will be back stronger as an artist & a person (+) This drama will be perfect because they have plenty time to review all even the smallest thing because there's no rush Well rainbow appear after the rain I don't know this should be positive or negative? (- or +) On other side many people will be more curious about this drama because the production team willing to wait for YJ but my waiting period for uri YJ still 8 months from now .....ice cream & chocolate come to mama
  3. Just read soompi article about uri Yoo Jung T T. My aunt also have the same disease and she have to took the medicine for replacing the hormone that can't be produced by her thyroid gland. As far as I know hypothyroidism doesn't need surgery except there's thyroid nodule. With the right amount of the prescription & adjusted lifestyle people can live normally. Honestly I will be sad if YJ have to step down from this drama because of her health but as a human & her fans I will support whatever her decision will be, above all her health have to come first I put some information about hypothyroidism here :
  4. Kang Dong Won dotes over hoobae actress Kim Yoo Jung By KayRosa 12 hours ago 10,644 1,195 12 6 1206 SHARES Facebook Twitter Google+ Actor Kang Dong Won showed affection for his hoobae actress Kim Yoo Jung, whom he has watched growing up from her child actress days, up to now. SEE ALSO: Kang Dong Won spills details on 'Tsunami LA' + if he wants to return to dramas While shooting the film 'Golden Slumber' together, Kang Dong Won said that he got to see Kim Yoo Jung again for the first time in a while. "I met Yoo Jung when she was just a little baby. Now, she's already a fine young lady," expressed the actor. "Yoo Jung probably doesn't even remember having met me when she was young." Kim Yoo Jung only makes a guest appearance in the movie 'Golden Slumber,' so he only got to see her for a short time period. "We only filmed together for one or two days, so we couldn't talk to each other very much. Yet, she was very cute," shared Kang Dong Won. How adorable are they both! Source : https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/02/kang-dong-won-dotes-over-hoobae-actress-kim-yoo-jung Shall we add Mr. Kang for another love interest for our "very cute" cleaning queen here??