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  1. Hi guys, Not sure if anyone has posted this here, but here are instructions for ordering in English from the cafe http://m.cafe.daum.net/dobongsoondvd/fiI0/1?listURI=%2Fdobongsoondvd%2FfiI0%3FboardType%3D And here's the main bulletin board made for Foreigners http://m.cafe.daum.net/dobongsoondvd/fiI0?boardType=
  2. Did you try the global one? I use a mobile browser and for me it's all in English. This is the exact link to the bluray premium edition. https://global.yes24.com/Goods/38836614 click on coupon so it wilm save in your session the availablr coupons, then either add to cart or checkout (since this is a preorder just do checkout, even if you add other items i dont think yes24 ships separately they will wait for all in your cart to be available before it ships). Then its a typical checkout page. You can select alipay or paypal (in the US, when you buy for more than $200 paypal makes it eligibile for 6 months 0% interest downpayment...so you can stagger your payment to paypal in 6 months) PS: I just noticed @lingx2 ahd already posted the link too
  3. The English version of yes24 is helpful though, a lot easier to navigate and you can use paypal. In the korean version i used to be able to pay via an international card but I can no longer add an international card successfully. Let's see in the next 2 weeks, maybe they'll finally get back to their senses and listen to fans.
  4. I just used google translate to get the gist of what the supplier posted (for some reason i am having a hard time copying the actual text from the cafe so I can put it here for someone to properly translate). This is just my opinion...the distributor (and perhaps the promo team is at a mercy of the distributor too) got a bit greedy thinking thst the drama was so popular that a lot of fans would take the bait. That to me would explain why would they go for BluRay only and not consider DVD (aka more ROI for BluRay) and possibly they wanted to strike while the drama is still hot so they went for just premium edition and not wait for the PD and crew to get back from vacation ( i posted a suggestion on delaying the production until the PD and crew are back from bali. Someone just agreed with me but no comment from the admins). Also, the way that jtbc had all those making films and bts makes me think that they are READY for a Director's cut. Those are not just for upload to the official channels but its a conscious effort on the drama crew. Based on how things are right now here's I think what will happen (or what I am hoping will happen). The distributor and promo team will eventually give in and make adjustments (re: offer DVD, extend preorder period, talk with PD for a Director's cut). That's really the only way they can get something out of it. Otherwise, just cancelling the entire promo will just be one big waste of effort for them.
  5. Hi Avengers, It's your friendly cafe.daum messenger with ummm not so good news The actual pre-order count just 179 as of April 25. This is a lot smaller vs the survey which had both DVD and BluRay at 900-1000. I honestly think that this was bc the promo team decided to go by BluRay instead of DVD. Some cafe members are also questioning how that decision was made given that in the Naver survey there were more counts for DVD vs BluRay. The promo team is trying to actively promote bc its still the same situation, if BluRay production is cancelled they won't even look into dvd option. I asked as well if and when the DVD is offered can I (as a BluRay buyer switch to DVD) and the admin said I can (though there are no details yet on how). Anyways, it's just the 1st week, maybe others are waiting for payday to order. They did say they might talk to the production crew (i assume including director) but not until the 8th.
  6. Director's cut is generally an extended version of the drama. The director will re edit the drama and insert the deleted scenes for each episode. Premium version means for the episodes themselves, they will be the same as what was broadcasted. They will edit to make picture clearer, remove logos, make bgm softer etc. In a nutshell the difference is really on the 16 episodes. The extras (NGs, making, etc) are usually included in both a director's cut or premium version (they are on separate discs). Right now the extras are not yet finalized, they will probably announce the final contents/extras after the preorder period.
  7. Hi guys, Update from the cafe. Key dates: May 9 - end of pre order for BluRay Promo team will then check if there are enough orders. If there are enough orders... May 10 - promo team will announce when the release date of the BluRay is May 12 - DVD premium version may be open for ordering. If this becomes available, base price is ₩121,000 It looks like it will really be a premium version only and not director's cut. About the subtitles, one of the admins told me that it's not going to be easy (i hope they will still have subs, praying and hoping...)
  8. Hi guys, I still can't get over DBS, I'm gonna rewatch it again one episode per day (bc real life is calling and I can't afford a marathon LoL). I think he really does like someone who is strong willed and knows exactly waht she wants. In Romantic Idol way back in early 2013 (I think) he was really so smittened with 4minute Nam Ji Hyun. It was a sort of scripted show (aka the missions are set but what they do for each mission is up to them). JH is also older than him and well very strong willed. His reactions are too cute for the recent interviews. I think he genuinely likes PBY (unlike his previous dramas where it was really just about work) but at the same time he also knows it may not be the right timing. He's definitely on the rise and really glad on his decision to join UAA. Judging by the works done by YAI, he's bound to get good roles.
  9. I was able to order Doctors and W from the Yes24 korean site with my International Credit Card a few months ago so its strange that I can't now. Well, at least with PayPal its installment basis even if its a bit more expensive than the Korean site.
  10. I forgot to add, based on Yes24 preorder links looks like the target release for the premium edition BluRay is August 31, 2017. And if you use the Korean Link for yes24, for some reason the converted price seems to be cheaper by about $10. I can't quite make the Korean site work for me though, it's rejecting how I was previously able to purchase with an International Card. Oh well, paypal is better, for the BluRay's amount paypal automatically gave me a 6 month 0% interest payment options, so it won't feel as bad on my wallet. Just need to cook more and avoid eating out.
  11. Hi All, Sorry I overslept, the preorder links are now up. Good News there is a Yes24 global site (everything is in English You'll need to create a Yes24 global account and you can pay via PayPal. The Bluray cost is $180. There is a $7 discount coupon that you can get if you are a member of the cafe. Shipping will really vary, in my case I'm from the US East Coast and there were 2 options: EMS for $58 or DHL $28. I normally go for EMS but this time around I tried DHL (to save some bc I usually just go for DVD which is about $50-$60 cheaper for other dramas). You can use PayPal Global Yes 24 https://global.yes24.com/Goods/38836614 Link to coupon http://www.yes24.com/Event2/WebModules/DownloadCoupon.aspx?Command=MULTIDOWNLOADCOUPON&CouponNumber=206062
  12. Director in Korean gets translated to Bishop when you use google translate
  13. Hi guys, Here's the latest from the cafe (i'll try to come up with step by step on how to order from Yes24 when the link becomes available. Note their comment though, if BluRay does not proceed, DVD will not push through as well...its unclear though if they will have the DVD link for preorder too. Oh well I'm biting the bullet and will buy and hope there's a lot who will preorder too so the promo team may reconsider the subtitles) From Google Translate: PAYMENT TERM: From 4 pm on April 21 to midnight on May 9 Domestic - yes24 Full payment 198,000 won (coupon for coupon only 8,000 won) Installment payment 99,000 won * Special coupon (8,000 won) can be used only when paying in full. Coupon usage period is from April 21 to April 30. In addition, other coupons do not apply. The coupon must be downloaded from a separate link and will be posted in the main café along with a pre-paid link. Overseas - the same as the pre-financing period. You will receive a $ 7 off coupon within the product details page and the coupon period will be from April 21 to April 30. * In future, there will be a link to pay for English and Chinese in the main café . However, Japanese and English will be included in the product detail page. * If you submit a contact form (e-mail) on the application form, we will send you a letter (mail) on Friday afternoon. If the Blu-ray production is confirmed, we will keep your personal information for the time being. Confirmation of Blu-ray production depends on the quantity purchased. If the Blu-ray production is lost, the production of the DVD will also be canceled. Therefore, the team will concentrate on publicity. Thank you for your interest and publicity. I'll let you know if you have any further progress. Original: 다른 쿠폰은 적용되지 않습니다. 쿠폰은 별도의 링크에서 다운 받아야 하며 선입금 링크와 함께 카페 메인에 게시될 예정입니다. 해외 - 위 선입금 기간과 동일합니다. 상품 상세 페이지 내에서 7$ 할인 쿠폰을 받을 수 있으며 쿠폰 사용 기간은 4월 21일부터 4월 30일까지입니다. *추후 카페 메인에 영어와 중국어 선입금 링크가 게시될 예정이며 일본어는 별도로 없습니다. 다만 영어, 중국어 상품 상세 페이지에 일본어가 포함될 예정입니다. *가수요 신청 폼에 연락처(이메일)를 제출하신 분들께 금요일 오후 중에 안내 문자(메일)를 발송할 것이고 블루레이 제작이 확정된다면 DVD가 진행되기에 개인 정보는 당분간 지우지 않고 보관할 예정입니다. 블루레이 제작 확정은 구매 수량에 따라 결정됩니다. 블루레이 제작이 무산될 경우 DVD의 제작도 같이 취소됩니다. 이에 따라 추진팀은 홍보에 총력을 기울일 생각입니다. 구매자 여러분의 많은 관심과 홍보 부탁드립니다. 또 다른 진행사항이 있으면 알려드리겠습니다.
  14. @briseis that's the OST right? Where is it available?
  15. @lingx2 was it you who asked in the xafe about instructions in english on how to order, and also about translations in the product? I almost cried at their response that most likely no subtitles T_T (crying now) i posted a question yesterday too and their response to me was that the downpayment for having subs is big so it will depend on how many will actually pre order. Sigh...this is like Goblin DVD/BluRay part 2