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  1. I was thinking that YE's mum could find the shampoo when she starts working for SM, or maybe SR could take the bottle that was left behind to HJ and ask for a job. Whatever it is, I hope it's discovered soon. The scenes of DH acting all happy when she stole from a friend really bother me . I had her in my nice people list
  2. @Ldy Gmerm Thanks for the clarification. I'm actually only keeping up with this drama by way of the YouTube clips and this forum, so I was curios about that
  3. Did they explicitly show they are fake? *Silent reader here Hello everyone.
  4. anniekissbel

    [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    The 2nd clue is a bit too cryptic for me Is it only for moderators and hardcore followers? Hehe
  5. anniekissbel

    [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    Am I too late??? Do I need to register or something?