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  1. She didn't go on vacation. You may be confused because her drama had to take a break from broadcast to catch up on with filming, so there will be no episode next week. She had a couple of days off because she was spotted at restaurants, If you want more details, she was spotted around the 24th - 26th.
  2. Hi, first time posting here. I'm not a shipper but I check this thread every now and then because I'm a fan of IU. because of that, I couldn't help but correct the misinformation: the pictures posted by YIN's manager are old. They may be from 2015 when IU and YIN went to Italy together, or they may be from some other place. Point is, the pictures are old, as we can see by IU's long hair. She has short hair now. YIN's manager was just reposting the pictures YIN used for the banner of her food tuck for IU. IU's still busy filming her drama. They had a couple of days off but IU didn't go anywhere as she was spotted eating out in South Korea. Since the beginning, filming was predicted to only finish early may. That's next week. Also, her entry in her diary is from before Palette and around that era. ....... as you can see she was working on lyrics for 'Full Stop' and 'Trough the Night' . Both songs are from her Palette album. Hope this clears up some misunderstanding.