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  1. Take care, @Nini Song Missing all O2 shippers!!
  2. I know, right . Thanks for the response. Good night!
  3. I know it will happen, it may not be this year. But it will come @Nini Song
  4. @Nini Song, I share your sentiments. Hoping it will come real sooooonn
  5. Hi, @OnLife!! It's been a while. Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you. @OnLife and @Nini Song, count me in.... waiting for their possible reunion
  6. Congrats, dear SHK!! You deserve the top spot To my fellow Kyonatics & shippers, thank you for the concerted effort to support her Cheers!! Till the next and final round!!
  7. I need to come out of hiding when I saw this......still waiting for a BinKyo on-screen reunion (hclover)!! Yes, to this It has been a century of waiting for us. It's about time!!! Please, Lord, make it happen To all the contributors on this thread, allow me to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for your hard work. I love reading all your posts. Looking forward to SHK's next project Hopefully it will be with WB. God bless, everyone!!