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  1. It's too dark, I cant see his expression. Looks like he was monitoring / observing her acting.
  2. Oh no chingu, of course not. I just dont want to be so obvious hehehhe....I dont know whether it was a crumb or just a mere coincidence. I have no energy left to think much about it -.- Another BTS
  3. The title of the song no. 1 reminded me of someone's song, I know this is only a coincidence.
  4. @moonlovers Thank you! This is from the 2nd set of Japanese DVD release, isnt it? I hope we can get to see other BTS of HaeSoo / SoSoo couple. Stargazers, please do share if you find more ^^
  5. Chingu, yes I’m not joking. It does hurt! I am aware the risk of being a shipper like getting hurt and all that, including being called a crazy delulu shipper. I was being so careful (just like other cautious shippers here) before joining the ship especially that time JE was in a r/ship. In addition to other information I gathered from this thread, I also did my own observations for these two and I prefer facts i/o being delulu (of course being a shipper we also need to be delulu). So in my case for my personal reference, 98% based on facts and the remaining 2% is delulu factor. Hence I’m not happy for those people calling us crazy ones, fate of being shippers. Unfortunately my observations turned out to be wrong, I know it’s always 50/50 chance. My fault is for being ignorant of such fan service (face palm). AND I didn’t expect this major twist…BAM..and ouch, my heart is bleeding. I told my fellow shipper, somehow it’s silly that it is causing us so much pain, it isn't even directly related to our life, our work, not even part of our family and friends yet the feel is real. Somehow it's kinda good that the news broke out now. Can you imagine if we find out much later like the end of this year or suddenly there’s wedding announcement. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me then. Anw, Thank you dear stargazers to keep posting and giving insightful comments. I feel your company by reading your comments in this time of hardship. I also enjoy reading your conspiracy theories, well…since I can’t think anymore or I would say I better not think anymore, I don’t think there’s conspiracy here even though it seems off (and deep inside I’m hoping there is something going on). This is what the reality is. However please feel free to share any theories you guys have as long as it’s safe enough to be shared here (due to haters, antis, spies etc) Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it? But what is it? Let’s pray & hope for LJG & LJE to have more projects together again. Miracles do exist, I keep praying for miracles to come true. Be strong stargazers (this is like me telling myself), we are in this together. Meanwhile, I just sit and watch the rising clouds because the water has run dry. Having mental breakdown for crying and laughing alternately these days. I'm sorry chingu, but I dont think it's a good idea. @chi13lou Thank you for the daily chants! BBJX miracles and blessings please come true.
  6. It's true, actually there's a video version of the photos on nkifluffy IG. Exactly, I just cant understand the higlighted part! I'm fine if he wants to keep his r/ship from the public, that's totally fine. It's his life anyway, he can do whatever he likes, but PLEASE dont give us such fan service that is too much. Just like WangSo said "...dont give me hope, it's a torture" I feel you, it hurts very very bad TT
  7. Aigoooo, you reminded me of this fan service... I have been dumbfounded for these 4 days and telling myself that I have been blind. Just cant stop blaming myself for misreading what so called fan service (feel sorry to my friend that I keep telling this to her). It's like falling into a trap and I cant get myself out of it. It's so upsetting
  8. Thank you for info, but I still dont remember. I wouldnt have been this shocked, if he had said it.
  9. I'm sorry to cut your post, but did he actually say that? I cant recall
  10. @caramelovers75 Thank you for making this!! Another great FMV from you and it makes me missing them so very berry much!! Ahhh...the feellllssss...
  11. Dont worry chingu, we are here to support and correct each other. I could be wrong though, that's why please CMIIW. Yes, JoonU fightiiiinggg!! WE CAN MAKE IT!!
  12. Yes, they were supposedly playing the game, but she wasnt asked to guess. He was asking her the question and she said yes. In the end, they didnt actually play the game (??) EDIT: Honestly, I wanted him to mention / tell that there's someone that has made his heart flutter or the candy shouldve asked him back about it...oh well.. Need more crumbs here..