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  1. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Wait, we still have less than 2 hours (KST) before tomorrow kicks in. He / the agency might post something later today or possibly tomorrow. Or else, this is what we call a consistency where he / the agency posts something on SNS only for work or project related. Anyway, hope he enjoyed his day today!
  2. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    @renvic Thank you for the update of the pre-order. Less than one hour to MinKi's birthday, btw..the gifts from Indonesian fans have arrived Seoul last Friday. Hope he has received it by now.
  3. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Just wanted to add to the list...apparently he has met little YeoJinGoo ^^
  4. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Probably she filmed the golden slumber before or during BTIMFL...please CMIIW. I was looking for an article about this and couldnt find it. From memory, she will appear as a special appearance having an important role along with KDW. It's just a coincidence that both having special appearances in their respective movies and both movies will be released next month. Anyway, here is the BTS of MinKi's part in Detective K3. I believe everyone has seen it already last Friday. Looks that he did the stunt himself! Hello @zzangnami I dont know about this myself, when I started following them and other BTIMFL cast (it's around ep 9-10 when the drama was airing) they dont follow each other because I remember I also asked myself about that. Some of chingus here have discussed about this, too...but yeah..I have no idea if they have followed each other before. Based on my recollection, xgo_odx account used to like random BTIMFL posts back then. Sorry, that's all I know..
  5. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Sorry to double post, this is info on twitter in case you are interested.
  6. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    More info on director and actors' commentaries for the dvd. Just hope PBE can make it! Otherwise it's no fun without Ma Dapyeo-nim... I guess, he's busy filming Mystery Queen 2.
  7. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Caption translation (based on google trans): This is my first time! DVD!!! Extension of pre-payment (pre-order)! promotion!! Thank you very much for your interest and participation! My note: Looks the pre-order has been extended to 31st January 2018. They also confirmed the "couple" commentaries be included in the dvd, I guess to attract more buyers hence the extension. Will "this strategy" work? mmmhhh...wait and see..
  8. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Caption translation (based on google translation): What !!! It's too crowded (??) !! This is the first time I made a premium DVD production! Thank you very much !! The people in charge of the team were so good (have worked hard) My note: I am not sure if the poster is part of the production team or he/she is just a fan who finally made the DVD happen (organised the pre-order).
  9. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    I assume she's the photographer for the poster of Detective K3 movie, please CMIIW. Anyway, she mentions SeHee ssi on the caption..and if you read the comments, she and her friends also mention about 이번생은처음이라 / BTIMFL. She even jokes (I dont know it's a joke or a statement) about the BTIMFL's writer might be their friend.. (작가가 우리 친구가 아닐까...) I dont know what they're referring to...but what I wanted to say is that MinKi still has strong connection with his SeHee character in BTIMFL.
  10. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    I asked one of LMK's Japanese fans about BTIMFL broadcast in Japan and apparently it will be broadcast this March on the cable TV. Wishing BTIMFL all the best and hope they give lots of love...
  11. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Ohhh...so they are selling the script book...wow! Is it common for them to sell the script book for any Kdramas? Or they're selling it just because the drama is popular? Please enlighten me on this...
  12. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    lol...same here, I just asked @renvic what / whose picture did the journalist put on the article...? It's safe.. =D I have the same thought regarding the dvd pre-order, will see...
  13. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Actually I didn’t want to write / post anything yet due to mixed emotions I am having, but @lc85 your latest post prompted me to do one. I don’t know why…but I just had tears in my eyes reading your post. Thank you, it is a very nice post and so were the posts that have been written here on this thread. Like I said before, I told myself not to get involved in the shipping business anymore and here I am..., even though I shipped them with low-key mode on….and ouchh…it still hurts T_T Based on my shipping experiences (and I NEVER learn my lessons), those BTS videos are sometimes (not always the case) misleading. I kept telling myself not to trust / expect much from the BTS, but yeahhh…I just couldn’t help myself with the BTS of these two great actors. In the BTS videos, the actors were immersed and so emotionally attached with the characters they portrayed hence the affectionate and all that is just like what we have seen in the drama….am I right, here? Yes, for me BTIFML is one of the best dramas on my list and there are only a few on it. I made a dvd pre-order last week and I don’t plan to cancel it…well, I still have time until 7th Jan lol.. I have been thinking, if they proceed with the DVD production, it will then be released by end of April anyway so hopefully by then, I’d be fine (??) Btw, please post it here should you hear any updates about the pre-order. Thing I wish is that these good people here deserve something good for being awesome. I salute and respect your ATTITUDES guys right from the start of this thread and please note: I am talking about the people on this thread alone, not other people. You know what things to post and not to post (aka privacy posts). Honestly, I have no comforting words to write so please pardon me if my post here is all over the place. Until now, I still can’t believe my new year started with such news…but I try hard to keep this chant – Always believe something wonderful is going to happen – in my life and yours, too. It’s sad..! Good thing is I won’t be having hard time watching their upcoming romance dramas / movies. sighhh...
  14. [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    Based on the info below, it seems that the pre-order has been extended to 7th January 2018. Is this right?