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  1. Dont worry chingu, we are here to support and correct each other. I could be wrong though, that's why please CMIIW. Yes, JoonU fightiiiinggg!! WE CAN MAKE IT!!
  2. Yes, they were supposedly playing the game, but she wasnt asked to guess. He was asking her the question and she said yes. In the end, they didnt actually play the game (??) EDIT: Honestly, I wanted him to mention / tell that there's someone that has made his heart flutter or the candy shouldve asked him back about it...oh well.. Need more crumbs here..
  3. For the part that I highlighted above, please CMIIW. Did he actually mention that or was he asking the candy if there was someone that made her heart fluttered in the past 2 months? Based on the translation, he didnt refer to himself. Meanwhile, BBJX blessings / miracles please do come true \^o^/
  4. Chingu, I'm joining you in the prayer circle as of RN!! PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN...JEBAL...JUSEYO...!!
  5. @jgje yes, please share it with us. what was it that you discovered? 2nd OTP? what do you mean? so curious ^^
  6. @nurlayla If you havent seen the SBS version yet, I recommend you to watch it because there's bit more of SoSoo / SoHae couple's interactions (esp. in episode 17)
  7. I read somewhere on IG (cant recall), JG will appear either in the next 2 or 3 eps of MEC. Please CMIIW. Aigoooo, I miss these two (JG & JE together) terribly!! How can I survive...TT
  8. Thank you @darker91 chingu, but what I meant was the lyrics from the 2nd pic from the same post. I dont know if JE has ever posted the lyrics attached with the song cover, but this time she posted the lyrics, too.
  9. Stargazers, am just wondering if we could get any crumbs from the lyrics JE posted on her IG today. Based on google trans, the title of the song is something about - I believe in coincidence - She also highlighted that part. Anyone can decipher this? \^0^/
  10. @meeibe16 @Gabi Bros Thank you for info re the ear candy tv show ^^ So that's why he's in Florence for, as someone said he's there to film a reality tv show. IKR! sighhh.... It's quite surprising that he is in this show, tbh! CMIIW, looks that it's gonna be JG's first appearance on a cable TV. I heard that CM remake is in talks with tvN at the moment. I guess, we'll be seeing more of him on cable tv this year (if he accepts the CM remake offer and got a feeling that he'll take it)
  11. Too bad, I'm not able to watch it because of copyright issues of the content (??) YES, WE CAN MAKE IT!! sigh..missing them sooo much. I really want them to know that we really miss them and I hope they do know...
  12. I saw this FMV - Wang So in modern times Part 3 in the main thread (posted by pixelsticks), might as well share it with stargazers here. I believe the part 1 & 2 have been posted here earlier, cr: ShiningStar4Y channel. It's so gooood, enjoy! I miss JG & JE very much! gaaahhh...I dont know when we can see them together again, let alone be cast in a project together. Nope, have to think positive...things can happen, stay calm & hopeful...ohh my heart! JG actor-nim & JE-nie, I MISS YOU TWO!!