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  1. As a Kdrama lover that surely anticipates kisses in Kdramas, I initially thought that nothing is worse than fainted-after-kiss until I saw YJ's fear of red lips. lol. Good that he finally could overcome his fear. Yeay!
  2. I am really waiting for the romance between Oh Reum and Ba Reun Oh Reum-i, please accept BR's heart juseyoooo~~~
  3. ANNYEONG CHINGUDEUL! Finally delurking the soompi thread after months. hahaha. I was one of those who felt sceptical about PSJ-PMY pairing but here I am enjoying the drama to the fullest.kekeke. Loving Park Seo Joon although sometimes I still feel Ko Dong Man vibe on Lee Young Joon, but he is still very cool portraying LYJ. Meanwhile, I never managed to finish PMY's drama; perhaps because of the genre. I guess WWWSK will be the first PMY drama I'll finish. Looking forward to the next episode!
  4. Dear @RPM thank you so much for posting many pics of BY-MH. I love the fan art as well. I guess I saw your posts on instagram too, under the similar username. I just started watching APAD last Friday and I marathoned those 14 episodes in 2 days! From episode 1, I have been a fan of BY-MH as their interactions are so genuine. I know 95% whom BY will end up with but I still love BY-MH. I proudly say that I am on BY-MH ship. If BY-MH will end up as close friend, that's totally fine and I am ready for it. Advance congratulations for those on BY-JW ship then. Enjoy your moment. For those who don't ship BY-MH, I hope you still can respect us. Of course we post pictures showing the good sides of BY-MH's relationship rather than the bad ones, because this is our only way to express our support and also for healing our hearts. Give us a little peace. You may support the other ship but still, be wise, be nice, be considerate. This is an open forum/the drama thread, not a shipper forum for a certain couple. Therefore, BY-MH shippers still have rights to come, post, and comment. Thank you and let's enjoy the two final episodes
  5. @daloula we appreciate you a lot for letting us know about a guest causing some chaos in our neighboring thread. It is very important so we can confirm to the other members of the neighboring thread (who might visit here as well) that the guest is not one of us. We are a happy, understanding, and pretty bold squad that know our boundary. That guest might be a ChaeYoo shipper as well but she hasn't known the real deal of healthy shipping yet. That's why, for @kassybing, do come to our thread and read how we ship Chaeyoo in a happier way. I believe we can have fun here and to know that you, @daloula, also watched IANAR and noticed how these two behaved to one another, just like what we think of, is like a bonus. So happy to know that there is another soompier that shares the same feeling as us.hehe Ahhh now I am wondering how conflicted they were when doing the VLive and seeing those negative comments toward CSB. However, they still managed to look happy and enjoyed the VLive. YSH must feel uneasy as well so he tried hard to protect uri CSB by reading that "YSH is ugly" comment. Dear YSH-ssi, please help us to protect our dearest CSB for now and in the near future....
  6. Omooo this thread is on fire! I love it! Keep the post coming, chingus! Especially we are looking forward to YSH's fanmeeting. I guess there must be things to analyze later on. hahahaha. Talking about the VLive, I love it that it is only them both on screen and they carried out the vlive so well just by themselves, no one is disturbing them! So private and close.hihi
  7. Omooo we are heading to page 150 pretty fast! So happy! Eonnies, you are all so daebak with analyses and translations. I am so thankful and appreciate all of them because it is you all that contribute a lot for this thread. I hope we can cherish this moment as long as we can. At least until we hear YSH or CSB receive a new project; which is, I guess, still long. I remember in the presscon interview, CSB said that after finishing SD, she thought she would take a break and have a holiday but she took IANAR's offer instead. So, in this time being, perhaps for a couple of month, she is still taking a rest. The same goes for YSH. Therefore, in this break period, I hope they both try to decipher all the things happened during and IANAR... and finally figure out that they are destined to be each other's game. As with doubts and uncertainty... It is okay to have them because yeeeaaahhh it is the art of shipping. No one knows for sure what they are actually feeling towards each other. Shipping is just for fun. Shipping is finding clues and matches between the couple and that's what makes it fun and enjoyable. One thing for sure is that we need to keep in mind that our doubts shouldn't ruin others' moods and enthusiasm.
  8. Wait, what is happening with our thread title? Why Yoo Seung Ho only? lol