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  1. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Someone commented that soo bin has got a ring on her ring finger of the right hand. Really??
  2. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    @prueksa eonnie, here is step-by-step guideline for making daum acc and register to purchase the DVDCut please swipe for more detailed guideline.
  3. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    The pose tho... Are they thinking about one another? @swagpuppysong omoooo I love your fanfic, eonni! please update soon! @Larkspur23 That's why I hope the online survey can manage to make the crew produce the DVD-Cut. From some previous experiences, if the demand is sufficient, they will make one. DVD-Cut mostly includes unreleased BTS as well. However, the DVD-Cut is quite costly
  4. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Couldn't agree more! I actually really love the lines/dialogue used in the drama, not only the OTP's but the other characters' as well. And also, IANAR is so perfect in applying symmetry and using recalls/throwbacks scenes, which is quite rare in Kdramas. Just backread the thread and omooo you are jjang, eonnies! Even if we reach 1000 pages only talking about that kiss scene, I really don't mind.hahaha. That scene is just one-of-a-kind! Should we make a dissertation analyzing about that single scene?
  5. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Waah it looks like some shipper threads are on fire, especially ours. Keep it up with more analyses and discussions, pretty squad! By the way, any eonnies can make or share a gif of their secret suspicious glances in kitchen kiss BTS around 00.02 to 00.05? hehehe I'll be so grateful if there is any @happy2018 omoo I believe they are still in the 1st going to the 2nd eonni. If I am not mistaken, there is a term in Korean 'ssam' (knowing this while I was following Fight For My Way drama) meaning a relationship where the couple isn't dating yet but seeing one another to proceed to a more serious relationship. I bet uri ChaeYoo is in this 'ssam' stage.kekeke
  6. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    I do agree with you. Thanks for the reminder, eonnie. Let's keep calm and ship ChaeYoo, pretty squad! It is really understandable if we want to compare this and that as the other ship may do so. However, let's do something different. Let's keep the good and positive vibes within this thread by analyses, delulu thoughts, or rants as long as we don't bring out the others rather than uri Chae Yoo. Omooo @boyobear I am laughing a lot reading your scripts! You make this thread more lively and crazy as well
  7. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    @OMihO omoona eonni you are indeed so bold. hahaha. I love your posts but try to calm down a bit.kekeke. This is one BTS scene that made me fall in love with uri ChaeYoo. Do they really have to hug this long? even in the drama they didn't hug so long. hahaha They look so playful here, just like a real couple. I don't think this is scripted tho. And to know that they shared a hotpack (that was put in SH's stomach, eeh wasn't it?) before this shot, omooo does it mean they really hugged sooooo close?????
  8. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Waaaah this thread is moving so fast! Less than two weeks but we have reached almost 50 pages! Hopefully we can keep this up up up!!! What I really love about this shipper thread is that everyone here is so bold and keeps positive vibes in every post, yeay! So savage and cool! Things I look forward to regarding this couple; 1. Baeksang Awards 2018 in May. Both YSH and CSB have a strong chance to get nominated. YSH deserves to be nominated (or even win) for Excellent Actor while CSB really deserves to be nominated (or even win) for Rookie/New Actress. They will take a break from filming any dramas or movies in the mean time, so I hope they will attend the award ceremony. Baeksang is more previliged than the other award shows, so chance for their attendance is higher. 2. CF or photoshoot together I will die in happiness if this happens. lol. The chance is slim but nothing is wrong with hoping, right? kekeke 3. CSB's post-drama interview It has been more than a week but no interviews from CSB. Is it because of the drama rating? I hope CSB is like YSH (I believe she is) who doesn't care about ratings so she will also get some post-drama interviews. 4. YSH-CSB aware of their same interests on animals I find it fascinating that both clearly show how they cherish animals so much! They should be out together for walking their cats or taking care of animals in the farm as you guys have pointed out in the previous posts. I just picture this in my mind and this will be so cute!! Can they just be cast for Mari and I? (I dunno if that show is still airing or not.) 5. YSH aware that CSB loves book ----- one thing he once mentioned about his ideal woman. You know what, that "loving animals, holding books, wearing pants, wearing black and putting on a bag" always haunts me whenever I think about uri ChaeYoo.hahaha. That's just sooooo CSB! The latest photo of her in the bookstrore... aaah I love it so much and really hope that YSH saw it! I mean, she really looks like an ordinary girl in that pic. She dressed so casually but looks elegant while reading the book. She looks so humble, not glamour with excessive make-up or outfits. She just looks so natural and cool in my eyes. Who won't fall in love with this girl? I saw some of her IG posts and indeed she loves books so much. Animals, books, plays and acting are her favorite things and gaaaaah I really love her for those kinda interests. 6. YSH-CSB realized how they need one another I guess IANAR is the first project of them that got the lowest rating. This reminds me of how they cheered up one another in their acceptance speeches during MBC Awards. They must be so sincere and really meant it (not just for fanservice or promotion) as they struggled together for this project. However, in the end YSH just admitted that he is happy during the set, even after the filming ended. I guess the same case goes for Soo Bin. And I strongly believe that they will find IANAR as the most memorable project for them. Enough for ranting.kekeke. Keep the discussions alive, uri Bold Squat! Can we make it 100 pages by the end of February? hahaha *by the way, can we ask the moderator to change the name of this thread into "ChaeYoo Couple (Chae Soo Bin and Yoo Seung Ho)" ---- or something like that ----- and also change the thread avatar into one of ChaeYoo pics? kekeke
  9. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Why Seung Ho-ssi? Why?? hahaha. Uri SH doesn't know why but he feels something that makes him love the drama. Should I tell you what is that 'something', SH-ssi? I really love this interview and I am looking forward to CSB's! The "This is the happiest drama even in the future" and "I sent message to CSB" already made my day! and don't worry about that "I am feeling a good thing with CSB but it is already disappeared.", chingu. I read this the first time in a shipper thread but not in IG (yoopiesbsd has lots of translations as well) or the newest soompi article. Even if it's the case, I believe that in the mean time, while both YSH and CSB are taking a break (just spend your time together.kekeke), they must have enough time to think about their feelings.
  10. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    @alexiajeong kekeke salute to uri pretty eonnis here! Daebaaak! And you can also be a great fanfic writer, eonni. I love your script! Go make the other ones! I am your devoted fan!
  11. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Omooo high five, fellow pretty eonnies from Indonesia! and eonni @happy2018 I often saw you in IANAR thread and quite surprised that you are from INA as well.hahaha Uri thread is indeed moving so fast like the wind! Keep the analyses coming, pretty Bold eonnies. I really enjoy reading them And omooo poor my innocent eyes. I just accidentally saw again the last kiss in ep. 32 which was posted on @ourflashlight IG and gaaah just now my innocent (lol) eyes witnessed that piece of flesh of uri Soo Bin Uri Chaeyoo is indeed so bold! In the kitchen kiss, it was SH's and SB replied it in the last kiss. hahaha. Gaaaah I can't unsee tho..
  12. drama tropes we love and hate!

    #62 Heroes or heroins with superpower ability Mind reading, teleport, super hearing, super strength, etc. This is one that I love as it brings the fantasy element we never see in the real life
  13. After giving a deep thinking (lol) and reading recaps and some comments, I finally realized this: There are two seemed-important things that aren't addressed explicitly in the finale: 1. Who is Madam X? As one already pointed earlier, there was a scene when Butler Sung talked to a woman whom, in the later episode, turned out to be the one meeting KMK. In the meeting, she said "Madam X told me to ......". The only one who was shown telling somethinh to her was Butler Sung. So Butler Sung is indeed Madam X. 2. Where is the proposal scene? No grande proposal scene was shown but JA did wear the necklace when she met the foreign investors. These two are quite important points in the drama but why are they not explicitly shown? They even showed the resolutions for every character (including the supporting ones) but not these two points???? Madam X is related to MG's sake while the proposal scene is related to both MG and JA's. These two points are only related to our OTP. But maaaaan, this show isn't only about our OTP. All characters here are very important as well! That is perhaps why the writer preferred showing the resolutions of all characters (from MK-JA even to the two not-really dumbs) to showing explicitly about Madam X and proposal. They appreciated all the characters!! Even without these two, we have got a beautiful resolution for JA and MK. This makes me love and adore this drama more, yeorobun!! Don't you?