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  1. I am not really sure whether FFMW fans still come to visit this thread or not, but for those who still visit this thread, I recommend you to stalk this IG https://www.instagram.com/seowontranslate/ to read the translations of the casts' post-drama interviews!!! She literally translates everything!!! And I am soooooo happy to read all of them. I guess even a non-shipper will also be happy to read them all. hehehe. Their answers are so satisfying, heartwarming, and swooning too! kekeke. Go stalk if you haven't, yeorobun!
  2. Aside from whether they are having a special relationship or just co-stars, I found this very sweet of them. On Jiwon's script, there is only Seojoon's message. Meanwhile, on Seojoon's script, there are also AJH's and SHY's message. AJH's message is about hoping to meet again and SHY's message is about being happy.
  3. Must-visit links: Newest BTS pics from Kingkong (KJW's agency) updated 150717 http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=8652281&memberNo=35839671 Newest BTS pics from Content Y (PSJ's agency) updated 160717 http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=8662018&memberNo=38100148 Yeaaay! So happy that they finally released the BTS.... *the goodbye BTS actually * What is this again? hahahaha lol lol
  4. @Mindy Omoooo I was also spazzing hard yesterday because of those posts, kekeke. Everything was sooo exciting and it got the climax when the photo of the best partner s (SJ separated the 's', what were you thinking, Seo Joon-ssi? ) was out and the 'I LOVE YOU' on the script was spotted. What a daaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!
  5. Yes, it was. Yes, they did It was their wedding day and everyone was trying to fool Ae Ra. I don't think they were late for the wedding. It was just.. you know in the wedding day, mostly people wake up earlier to prepare some stuff but uri Fantastic Four woke up late. Therefore, Ae Ra started to be panic and once thought that everything was just a dream. Then, DM gave her a peck to show her that it wasn't a dream. Hope this helps. *correct me if I am wrong, tho.hehe. This is just my interpretation about the scene*
  6. m.tv.naver.com/v/1862092 full video of BTS from Kingkong Ent. Waaaah I am so hyped today! hahaha there are a bunch of updates from the casts for the fans and shippers.kekeke @Mindy I mean @xsupa02x Can you share the link for the newest BTS pics by Kingkong? hehee *sorry for mistakenly tagging you, Mindy.hehe* @ChunSungIm Looking at those photos uploaded by Seo Joon and Woo Shik, it looks like AJH was bringing a polaroid camera from which you can directly print the pics after taking them. He must be fond of photography. They are back to Korea today while Ji Won left yesterday for today's event. I saw her in an event hold by a glassess brand. She is probably endorsing the product.
  7. The new Kingkong BTS video + PSJ's IG update + Jeju trip fancam/staffcam pics on Saturday morning = Just realized that the stars in ep. 16 epilogue are changed into hearts (in this video, not in the broadcast) 쌈, 마이웨이 - [15·16회 에필로그] 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지 / 네버엔딩 마이웨이: Ryu Ji Hyun OST's live [류지현] 셀카라이브- KBS 월화드라마 '쌈, 마이웨이' OST '또 밤이 지나버렸..: http://youtu.be/WhcWrQU5TZo The full OST including the backsounds VARIOUS ARTISTS – 쌈, 마이웨이 (FIGHT FOR MY WAY) OST …:
  8. @Mindy @xsupa02x aaah too bad that I missed the post of the casts sitting together. I guess they were asked to delete the photos for the sake of privacy. I do understand but I just want mooooreeeee, just like you. hahaha. By the way, did you take a screencapture of the deleted post? hehehe mind to send me through DM? edit: no worries, I have seen the pic in IG @wumeihua1013 Yeah, I also feel that KJW is actually very shy. In the interviews or pics off-screen, she is totally different with Ae Ra. I guess her real personality is just like that. The lettuce proposal is very sweet tho. I am wondering how PSJ would react if he happened to watch it. hahahaha I couldn't agree more that KBS is kinda stingy regarding BTS or wrap up or vacation pics. Is it because KBS is a local TV? (I remember watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It was on JTBC, a cable TV, and they were really generous to share pics and BTS videos, especially the ones related to the OTP). This lack of promotional materials could explain why CHOIGO isn't that popular among international fans. Now I am waiting for their post-drama interviews hehe. Hopefully some kind souls will be able to translate them.
  9. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTHfv-to6qeAW14ENhYUqd1UqpbsxDo2kJEz2vatyDKXP8aw/viewform I think this is a survey for FMW DVD/Bluray. They are checking the possible demands before producing them, I guess. Wahahaa what is this? lol They are playing bowling now.
  10. I checked it right away and it is pretty biased. I don't like the dictions he/she used especially in the beginning; so negative and frustating, as you said. However, in the end he/she said that FMW is overall a good drama he/she would recommend to friends. I mean, if a drama is at least worth recommending, he/she shouldn't have used those negative words in the beginning. Anyway, we don't need to worry too much, I guess. A drama is considered good not only because they have a grande finale but also because the journey before the finale is satisfying and entertaining. I believe the number of people loving this drama to the bits are more than the ones who don't.
  11. Woow never thought that FMW writer is actually a guy!!! but he is daebak! I really love the lines in the drama; so meaningful, touching, realistic and relatable. And the finale is so simple yet happy and playful; consistent with the theme of the drama. We don't have a big celebration or stuff but I can say that the finale is so well-done! Thanks, everyone, for the wrap-up and airport pics of them going to Jeju! So happy to see the casts get back together to celebrate and have a rest after the busy filming. And yeah, I think SHY and Lee Elijah aren't going; perhaps it is conflicted with their schedules. CWS is also going? haven't seen any pic of his. (Why is he going? He is always a third wheel of uri OTP both on and off-screen!! *just kidding everyone, don't mind me kekekee*) The "Where is Ji Won" saga is hilarious hahaha. I kept scrolling my IG last night, looking for any hints of her presence. It turned out that she was late so she wasn't there during PSJ and AJH's speech?? Aah I see. The last group pic makes me happy! The Fantastic Four were wearing the same outfits with the ones during the V-Live on the finale day. It means that they were still filming in the morning for the night's broadcast! Crazyyyyyy..... They must have been very tired. It may also explain why they had the wrap-up party on the next day. I really hope that the casts and crew will get the recognitions in the KBS year-end drama awards. They worked very hard and deserve the awards especially the BEST couple. By the way, PSJ was also a lead in Hwarang (another KBS drama 2017), so I really hope that he will be seated among FMW casts instead of Hwarang boys (The Hwarang table will be full of those boys, right? So, KBS, please listen to me, PSJ needs to sit among Fantastic Four, awwwwkaaaay????? *puppy eyes*) Edit: SHY is joining the trip!
  12. Finally managed to watch two final episodes last night.hahaha. I watched ep. 15, then raw ep. 16, and just after I finished watching, the english sub was released so I watched ep. 16 (english-subbed) once again! I ended up going to bed at 02.30 a.m. and need to wake up at 5 a.m. for work. Aigoo aigooo I am crazy.lol. My impression on ep. 15: 1. I knew what was going to happen but I still cried a river!!! This episode is heartbreaking in a beautiful way. 2. The break-up scene was executed very beautifully. Since it had been 23 years, AR and DM were very honest, straightforward and they didn't hide anything. They agreed to break up for the sake of mutual understanding; they stated their reasonings clearly. I take my words for calling this noble idiocy earlier. It was not. Furthermore, PSJ KJW were so amazing in this scene. Their actings are superb because it directly shoots to your heart to make you cry. wooooaaah 3. The epilogue is even more heartbreaking. huhuhu 4. The PD was highly surprising. Everyone could change. 5. The writer is so great to have this kinda turn. I salute him/her for being brave and not playing in the comfort zone; She/he made it to develop the characters and develop both OTP's acting skills. Great job! Then I watched ep. 16 with a happy smile.lol. 1. The doll scene and the Mom revelation, Namil-Mom conversation in the restaurant, DM's flashback scenes after winning the fight, and the proposal scene got me into tears. I don't need a tissue but a bucket! 2. I LOOOOOVEEEE THE ENDING! The ending ia super nice, satisfying, amazing and consistent with the premise of the drama. Fantastic Four's dreams were fulfilled and they got back together. 3. I really love that this episode showed the kids' scenes again. The fantastic four was destined afterall. Then, Ae Ra and appa scene when talking about Mom is so touching. 4. Everything is addressed properly. Nothing is left hanging. 5. I don't really think the ending is rushed. Perhaps, the crew intended to bring the momentum in the right time and ep. 16 is the perfect time. 6. Everyone was watching DM's final match and cheering for them! I was a bit confused why DM's Mom wasn't there but it turned out she watched it on TV because she was just like Ae Ra, afraid that DM would get injured. And DM's victory!!! Wohoooo I am so happy! Yeay! The flashback scenes while DM was crying after the match is so-well put! I cried along with DM. It was his dream he had been keeping for 10 years! 7. I can't believe I say this but.... Hye Ran is seriously pretty! I love her send-off by congratulating and leaving the apartment. Hopefully she lived well. 8. We don't get a wedding scene but I am so satisfied that they showed us the wedding invitation at least. hihi 9. SH-JM getting back together, SH became a successful businesswoman and JM got promoted! So happy for this couple. JM is going to buy a house and I believe they would get married too, right after AR-DM. 10. It crossed my mind that perhaps if there is a sequel, after the win and proposal, DM will leave RFC. It is because he has finished his mission and then chose Ae Ra. I think he would be a Taekwondo coach. And Ae Ra... this RFC announcer is like a key opener for her to excel her skills. She is already popular and with Ae Ra quality and no involvement of Hye Ran, she would be a very successful announcer wherever she is! 11. Sooo delighted for the ratings! They deserved it! Hopefully we get to see some sneak peeks of their vacation in Jeju and PSJ KJW, I mean DM-AR could spend some time in a deserted island. eeeehhhh 12. I don't want this to end :((((((((((((((((((( Thanks for everyone for contributing to this thread by your updates, translations, live-recaps and thoughts! So happy to read them hehe. My special shoutouts for @aunniek @ann @annie1234 @stroppyse @alleram95 @xxPeepsxx @msbeatrice81 @Mindy @Yongzura @sofia111 @V @hazeljrr_c922 whom I see posting in this thread regularly since I started camping here Hopefully we can hit 150 pages before having this thread in the silent mode. *dear @ann I am sorry for mistakenly tagging you. I am on phone and tried to delete the tag but I can't.
  13. Huaaa finally I can watch the final two episodes with ease.... hahaha. A good happy ending and the only romcom drama I watch without kisses in the final episode. waaah FFMW is just extraordinary! I am happy that finally we got a happy ending with everyone living their dreams, fantastic four getting back together, and Ae Ra knowing about her Mom! No weddings, no babies, no kisses? That's totally fine for me. This tight live-shooting probably made them have no time to shoot those kinda scenes. By the way, are they not having a wrap-up party? Like seriously???
  14. Until now I haven't watched ep. 15 since I am sooo afraid.Aigooo this is my first time being like this. I guess I am very attached to FMW and ita characters.huhuhu. I am at work and being so busy today however I can't stop thinking about the finale and I keep updating this thread and IG. Omooo I am so weird T.T
  15. I am on my way home, in the middle of crazy traffic jam (it supposed to be 2 hour-ride but it has been lasting for 5 hours! and it is still counting!!!!), and read live-stream of ep. 15. Geeesssssshhhhh what a perfect combo!!! I can't believe the writer chose this noble idiocy rute knowing that we are already in ep. 15! That's.... uuugggghhhh! I understand Ae Ra and Dong Man's frustation to the point that they finally chose to break up for their best. But.... but..... I don't know how the one-hour finale will wrap things up... Writernim, pleaseeee.... 1. Get Fantastic Four back together! 2. Let them live their dreams! 3. Let Ae Ra know about his Mom! I won't ask more!!! It is okay if you don't give us wedding nor babies but just let us see these three for the finale!!!