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  1. Hello! I started a bit late watching this. I didn't think i would be drawn to this kind of story, but instead i loved it haha. I love the dynamic between the two couples, instead of being jealous or dramatic, they become sorta friends. The comedy aspect is really nice. But the last scene of episode 4 was so emotional, so true. I love Bae Doona, such an amazing actress. I put my favourite scenes in a mv Can't wait for new episode tmr!!
  2. Isn't the shirt from the rainscene this one? I wish they would include it because from the filming it looks so cute! But if we get a kiss, then maybe i can forgive them for cutting it haha Edit: I just noticed the watch is also the same i think!
  3. Just watched with eng subs and it was really an amazing finale. I will miss this series, i kind of wished it was bit longer haha..i think 20-25 episodes could've explored a little more and given the background characters more time. But all and all i am satisfied! The final ost is so beautiful and perfect at the end. So touching seeing the brothers, No-Eul and Mr Gu smiling happily. It was really interesting reading the article comparing the two series FOS and Life. I think it is incredible what this writer have accomplished. This is her second series and good ratings on top that. All the actors also did an excellent performance. Hopefully there will be a reunion in the future when the writer pens her third drama haha
  4. Mr Smexy seems to be the new president! I have no idea what's happend to Mr Gu! But i think the last episode is longer than usual, i still hope for some romance hehe
  5. When you're a novice matchmaker and it doesn't go the way it's suppose to! (i don't know what they are saying but i'm pretty sure i feel the same way haha)
  6. @icyphoenix That's quite a good edit...i keep seeing this image in my instagram feed haha I think everyone is hoping for a kiss
  7. I have so many things i want to say about these 2 episodes haha, but i will keep it brief I will tell you what i liked the most! I loved the confession. Mirae finally having the courage to be honest and tell KS how she really felt. KS is always reassuring her, saying it's fine. This time was no different He understood that she needed time and while he was hurt about seeing Mirae with Woo Young, he was still the same the day after, just slightly hungover haha. And when he heard that Mirae rejected Woo Young, he didn't hesitate one second, he called her immediately. And Mirae was the same, she came as fast as she could. And the handholding, so cute! Just loved all their scenes With Soo Ah, i'm happy Mirae established firm (!) boundries. Her behaviour is becoming more apparent to others, very noticeable with Mirae. She is so jealous of her that she can't keep her facade any longer. Happy to see Mirae calling her out on her actions. While i don't condone that Sunbae's behaviour towards Tae Hee, i was actually feeling a bit sorry for him. Imagine being manipulated by someone and start questioning yourself. Scary stuff! But I'm cheering for Tae Hee to find someone much more stable and honest. If it wasn't for Soo Ah, there would have been someone else i think. He keeps telling Tae Hee is cute, but she is so much more than that. She is a person that deserves to be treated with respect. He really behaved badly. I also would like 20 episodes rather than 16 so we could explore the other characters more Or a second season haha, because i do find them all to be very interesting. I didn't like the side stories that wasn't relevant to the plot but i think in the long run it did contribute to the story being more well-rounded. I love watching Mirae and KS on their own but it's quite fun to see them in the collage environment or with friends/family. I also really enjoyed bestie and Woo Youngs scenes. For me the scene where they are talking is one of my favourites. Bestie realised he liked Mirae, instead kept her feelings for herself. I think it highlighted how different they are when it comes to confessing. I loved that he said that he should learn from her but she retorted that she hasn't dated anyone yet haha...I wonder how it will go, i really cheer for them because they are such good friends to others, kind and deserves happiness too I think there was so many scenes that i loved in these two episodes. The bromance! The cool mom! Secret dating! And especially the backhug, it felt so honest and true to the couple. I'm not ready for it to be over but every story has its end. And i'm sure the last 2 episodes will be great Jtbc is really great with this kind of collage dramas. Age of Youth is also one of my favourites. They mix reality and drama with cuteness and seriousness. It's the perfect mix and while there are common tropes, they are done tastefully. And always casts the perfect actors or at least bring out the best in everyone i think. Looking forward to next week!
  8. Wow, big big thanks for the live videos and all the updates!! Even faster than Jtbc youtube page! My heart is fluttering so much! I'll tell you my thoughts after i watch with subtitles but i can say at least, it was so much better than i had imagined haha
  9. When it's finally Friday but you don't know if you're ready to handle all the emotions in episode 13 haha
  10. Wow! It's the drama kiss i didn't know i needed~ They shouldn't let the chemistry between the leads go to waste haha
  11. My favourite moment haha, secretary/matchmaker
  12. I was also thinking that! only KS shirt is different haha, maybe he will go home and change and then rescue Mirae from the rain I need the preview, only Monday but i feel so excited for Friday again haha
  13. Me too. I hope it doesn't take too long for Mirae to confess~ we don't have time haha. I'm also shipping Woo Young with bestie so i'm hoping they could have some more scenes together. I would really love for Woo Young to discover that the one he is looking for is right in front of his eyes. Bestie is one of my favourite characters, she is really kind. Woo Young would be lucky to have her. Somehow 16 doesn't feel enough, maybe 20 episodes would have been perfect but trusting that it will be enough though a bit sad to see the preview rain scene being cut, still hope it will turn up.
  14. Just watched with english subs and it was really a great episode. Tense but i feel like things are finally gearing up and the many of the characters has to come to terms with their feelings. I can really understand Mirae, but also KS. I think bullying can leave scars that are impossible to understand, especially when it comes to self-esteem. I'm happy KS's mom was the person to ask for advice. She is a great mentor to Mirae and always says the right words. I think the show portrays Mirae's character so realistically. She needs to understand that she is worthy just by being her. I think KS confession was perfect. He is totally right, but he hasn't been in Mirae's shoes so i think he did the right thing saying he will wait. She needs to be the one who takes a step forward now. Last scene was hard to watch, he must feel angry but thanks to the bts pics, I don't feel too worried Looking forward to them dating. Can't believe it's only 4 episodes left~ Anyway, i'll look forward to read about your thoughts. - Best thing in the episode haha, someone finally realises that Soo Ah is insane. But i'm curious about the guy that keeps following her, maybe she's met her match. He doesn't seem that stable either... I can't wait for next episode, gahh, this week wasn't enough....i need mooore
  15. Last scene was so good so good Been so busy this week, but can't help steal time and have a little peek in here haha, I'm enjoying all your posts and updates Tmr looks intense, but i'm sure Soo Ah's hug will make our couple leap into action I want to see them date now! Really enjoyed the different aspects in this episode, seeing KS dad sit alone on the bed, Mom getting closer to her kids. KS selflessly defending Mirae without a moment's doubt. Mirae feeling guilty, wanting to live a quiet life. Unfortunately there will always be people that doesn't wish you the best, all you can do is surround yourself with people that truly see you for who you are and love you unconditionally. I hope Mirae realises this. Okay, now I have to go and rewatch the last scene again before i go to bed haha, it's magic! See you tmr
  16. Haha, me too. I loved that he recognised her voice and immediately looked up The secretary is too funny as well haha, that's the face of a shipper! I'm surprised that netizens are so negative about it. I know in real life it's not that easy to approach a senior in that manner. But it's a drama after all. The main characters has to interact with each other. And I mean he's not that liked among the other doctors haha, it would be a bit boring if no one talked to him besides yelling For me, it adds another layer. Same with Jin-Woo's interactions with the reporter. No one thinks about their job all the time, they are humans too not machines. For example, I liked seeing Director Oh shopping groceries, just doing normal stuff haha. I hope the writer doesn't cater to the criticism and just write what she wants! I did however, read one comment that was pretty funny: 5. [+248, -14] How can they just go in and out of the boss's office like it's a living room, lurking around ㅋ Isn't this a sign of a great boss?
  17. I found it a bit hard to relax during this episode, too tense! I'm just waiting for everything to be revealed haha, but it is really an eye-opener to how easy it is to cover up things like this and maybe not doubt at all that something was off. I'm glad Jin-Woo is brave enough not to close his eyes. It will be interesting to see what happens tmr. Anyway, i enjoyed this nice moment~
  18. I hope not but yes, it could be like that. I think they weren't finished filming the episodes before they released the preview and underestimated the amount of story so had to readjust. Probably the rain scene would have been in episode 9 originally because they haven't released any other preview with scenes from both episodes. It would really be a shame if they cut it because there are some scenes that isn't that significant in comparison to this. This week's episodes were really great but that would have been the icing on the cake I know i said it's good that they are moving slowly but i take it back haha, i want skinskip and kiss
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