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  1. Woo Kyung asked Green Dress, Who Are You? I also want to know. I also think that she was abused by her biological mother and dad tried to erase her bad memories by replacing them with other memories, hence all her past young photos and mum's photos were destroyed. All the theories and guesses shared by fellow friends are interesting and possible. Most of all, please keep Ha Na safe.
  2. Hello to friends on this thread. Finally an engaging drama to look forward to each week! I started because of KSA and she never fails to deliver.
  3. Like @pompyavi said, `it was a wonderful experience'. What a lovely ending with the Ye brothers happily bonding by the sea and a relaxed, smiling Goo walking side by side with No-eul. There are so many things to love in this final episode. Director Oh met Prez Goo in his office where he handed over the care of the custodial housing to Oh and asked her to ensure the job was done. It was so poignant and so stoic and I could not help tearing. Team Manager Kang and Driver's concern and protectiveness for their boss was so heart-warming. They were spot on about what he had gained most from coming to the hospital. No-eul's confession to Goo outside the hospital entrance on Goo's last day was so touching - she had Jin Woo's blessings when he urged her to go, as he could see how emotional she was after Goo's farewell speech to the doctors in the conference room. I wonder whether Goo really accepted the Global Plant job. Hwajeong would not have made the public announcement if he had not accepted right? I guess Team Manager Kang will be his super competent and protective Manager again. Like @ilovenico mentioned, I too would like to know what happens to Glutton after he has his days of slacking. It seems such a shame if he is not with Worker Ant in some capacity or other. A big thank you to writer-nim, director, excellent cast and crew and lovely osts. A super thank you to friends on this thread for the insightful comments, analyses and interesting clips. Goodbye President Goo and looking forward to seeing Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok soon.
  4. l am so sad that we have reached the finale but I also can't wait to see how Chairman Cho will be dealt with. It was so good to see a strong and determined Dr Oh in action! I have a few fav `couples' . Prez Goo and Team Manager, Prez Goo and Seon Woo, and Reporter and Jin Woo. The sumptuous meal shared by the top 3 hospital management was so well written and shot. Love it! @Ha Tinh Nhi, I agree. It is such a pleasure to see Goo in contemplation. Haha.
  5. I am enjoying the last 2 episodes as much as reading all the contributions on this thread. It was lovely to listen to JSW singing 'What kind of fool am I'. How appropriate. Thank you! My heart ached for Prez Gu when after a long, tough day, he came home to his lonely room but at least there was faithful Nighty who accepted him as he was. I love the quiet ways the Ye brothers showed their love for each other. My next fav character after Prez Gu is Ms Kang and her conversation/justification with her boss after her supposedly drunk phone call the previous night was priceless. Haha. I can't wait to see how Prez Gu, Director Oh and Dr Joo collaborate to bring down the powerful Chairman Cho!
  6. I love the last 2 episodes so much. It is just so captivating. I am glad that Drs Joo and Ye managed to get the autopsy done and the truth of the cause of death revealed. However, now they have to face the consequences of going against the conglomerates. I hope Dr Oh is unharmed. It is so scary to be pursued right up to her door step by masked `ninjas'. I am so sorry for President Goo when he has to 'kowtow' to Chairman Cho. Thankfully he still has his loyal manager and buddy Glutton. We are in for more excitement as Dr Ye fights to kick out President Goo. I am waiting for Joo, Ye and Goo to unite and fight against the real enemy. But how are they going to do so against the strong and powerful Hwajeong? And if Chairman Cho orders Goo's death then we need Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok to investigate and arrest Cho! Please do not kill President Goo!
  7. Hello to friends on LOM's thread. I am enjoying this excellent drama so much and would like to thank you for the videos, stills, information and comments. Cheers!
  8. The finale was rushed but we did get closure on most issues. I would welcome season 3 as I really want to know what did SHS do 17 years ago to make her disappear and hide from Secretary Kim. I want Secretary Kim brought to justice. Now that Detective Ha could finally move on with his life, I would like to see YSO and Detective Ha acknowledge to each other that they are a couple. I think Ajumma held back as she could sense that Ha might not be fully ready. The new team looks super cool so yes season 3 please with the same cast.
  9. Hello chingus, so happy to be with you as we enjoyed this heart-warming, precious drama. It is such a meaningful message that each day, each moment that we live and share with our loved ones is a miracle that we should treasure. Excellent script, excellent acting, excellent osts. Writer-nim is so clever in injecting humour to the dialogues and how engaging it is to just watch our MUJIN moments.
  10. Super love episodes 33,34,35,36. So glad our OTP has cleared all their misunderstandings. They are simply adorable every moment they are together. He finally said the little 3 words to SJ. And later to his deserving loyal friend IW too! So happy he hugged ID.
  11. We already saw Mi Joo's death in the bush 2 episodes away, it is still so sad to see the discovery of her body and the reactions of SO and Mi Joo's friend (can't remember his name). Poor Mi Joo! She has finally, after so much hard work and determination passed her exams, to be killed in such a horrific manner! We learnt how a pervert could through practice of committing small crimes ended up with more serious ones and ultimately commit murder, getting better and better at the execution of the crime. The law student who is the culprit is so cold-hearted and blatant that he will get away with murder with Secretary Kim's help through Ha Ji Seung. So much fear and trauma has he created in all the young women he has attacked. In Inspector Woo's words, he has become a monster. I am sure Unit 2 will catch him! While I am fine with having season 3, I will want the Secretary Kim/ Seo Hyun Soo case to be concluded in this season. I am still puzzled over so many fake Seo Hyun Soos. Did Jung Hee Yeon (real SHS) arrange for these women to be fake SHS so as to draw Secretary Kim's attention to them and away from her? She then `dragged' in Inspector Woo so that he could save the fakes ones and in the investigation process catch Secretary Kim? If she really put these women in danger through her active participation of paying for them to assume the name, she has indeed turned into a monster too. What did she really do in the past that her life is still in danger? Or is she working for Secretary Kim now as a cover up of her real self from him? And that was why she had to shoot Inspector Woo to prove her loyalty to Secretary Kim? I will feel very cheated if I don't get all the answers to this case by this season. On the light side, Detective Ha did listen to SO's nagging and cooked a meal for Inspector Woo and cleaned his house. When SO volunteered to cook for Inspector Woo if Ha was not willing, Ha quickly told her that it was not necessary. Inspector Woo's reaction to the cooking and meal that Ha cooked and their conversation at the dining table was so funny.
  12. My feel is that the blossoming love between detective Ha and SO will continue to blossom. Ha never knew the real Seo Hyun Soo and she definitely had hidden her true self from him. When he finally finds out who Hyun Soo was/is and what really happened in the past to make her disappear for so many years and even her current activities and intentions now, he will be devastated.
  13. @dzareth The obnoxious Apollo Chairman threat to MH, which really is a non threat since no matter what, MH will testify for SJ, was to show how callous, cruel MH was and to shame him in front of his wife that he cared more for his reputation and his book than that of a child who had died from eating the jelly. If SJ's lawyer did not appear in court then MH is likely to stay on instead of leaving the next day (14 April) since his promise to testify for SJ will not be completed yet. @hushhh I agree with you that MH's best gift for SJ is to help her win the court case against Apollo and bring justice to Da On. Despite the sombre and dark moods, there are some very touching scenes that I enjoy in these latest few episodes: SJ recollecting all the wonderful things that MH did for her MH rushing to check whether she was injured when SJ threw the lamp and crashed the glass shelf MH making IW promise that even if MH is not around to continue to see through the case for SJ (gathering evidence from China) IW's loyalty and love for his friend such that he is going to accompany him to Switzerland. He told MH that he will respect MH's decision just as MH should respect his too Our OTP's conversation about cherry blossom, heart fluttering when they bloom and heart breaking when they fall Was the `roundabout' scene at the end of episode 32 something for us to look forward to? MH wiping SJ's tears at the zoo? I notice that MH has been unshaven when he went to the court and also in this scene @USAFarmgirl Like you and many here, I pray that the warmth and sunshine will come to MH and SJ soon...yes..and a miracle or 2 too. MH's voice over at the end of episode 30, `My life was a journey of taking so many roundabouts just to end up with you'. This couple, please spend more time together and create as many lovely moments and memories as possible.
  14. Thank you friends for the information on the extended 40 episodes. It seems quite rush if we are to have the final episodes 31 and 32 tonight as many things are not yet resolved. I want it so badly for MH and SJ to be truly open to each other, their intentions and motives when they started and how these changed and evolved. MH's atonement and then becoming love. SJ's need for a rich husband/host and then becoming love. I really hope that we will have awesome MUJIN moments again. I do agree that SJ should keep to her words on having ID live with them. Right now SJ is so consumed by her extreme emotions that she is not thinking straight about anything. I must say that although it ended badly, the spring outing with the cherry blossoms along the road was lovely.
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