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  1. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    I take this instagram post as he accepted the project already ? Offer is out for the female lead to Seo Ye Ji. I don't know her at all but people say she is good.
  2. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    From what I understood, the character is a former gangster who became a lawyer, but still use his fists - so it can be a thing like when law isn't enough, here come the old fashion way ^^ But it's too soon to know. A romantic line is possible, but probably not the main concern which is good. I don't think a second season is needed in Moon Lovers - that sad and unfair ending is what made the drama so memorable and epic in its own way.
  3. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    @missmaudy, if the drama is set to be broadcast in May, shooting will probably start early march And yeah, romcoms are also not doing well nowadays (and none of them make me want to check out) so except if the script is mindblowing and original it wouldn't be the right genre to go.
  4. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    It will follow the drama which will follow Hwayugi like @pixelsticks said. So broadcasting set in May Otherwise I agree, the plot will be a hit or miss. The PD is good - I think he managed to bring a lot out of JG back in the time when he was young, very eager to see what it can be now. I also loved the whole atmosphere of TBDAW. Now remains the question of the writer. This type of story has to be subtle in the characterization for me, don't push too far in the melo side too soon and it can work ! ^^ If he accepts, please let this drama be good ! I kind of lost my trust in Tvn which seem to decrease in quality recently but who knows.
  5. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Ah ah not far. I stopped at episode 5 I think, but I kept in touch to know what was going on, just not watching full episodes. I've been in a busy period, and still am, so I prefer watching lighter stuff when I have time.
  6. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    I'm not really keen to see him in a "regular" kdrama, medical or legal, they just seem so bland to me. None of the kdramas airing this year appealed to me (well except for criminal minds, although I still haven't finished it yet, shame on me), with the disastrous pairing choice or poor story. I hope he gets some luck with the scriptwriter, because in the end it is the most important. But sadly they seem really rare nowadays, no originality. I wonder if I've watched too many kdrama or the quality really dicreased lately. Maybe a workplace drama can do, if the script is smart enough Or ~ focusing more in the movie industry. The roles are more diverse there.
  7. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    About his speech, with the new translation provided by @pixelsticks (thanks ! ), I thought of another thing. Is the Hallyu ban in China still on ? That is the best example of "restrain" I can think of.
  8. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    When I read his speech what popped on my mind was no big hits in k-dramaland neither in Korea or across Asia. But I don't think it applies to music (either he wasn't mentioning it or he forgot) because the kpop group BTS is becoming quite big on the international stage. Or maybe he was talking about his works personally this year. Can't say. And right, what on earth is a most fabulous award, really ? Good he is a great speaker with a good presence and can accept everything gracefully because that's unusual ^^
  9. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    @parkr1n, I downloaded it some time ago but I can't find the link anymore sorry. If I come across it again I'll give it to you. @htk9207, yeah no.. Acting in a classic 50 eps weekend drama seems like a downgrade to me. Even if they have good ratings they aren't necessary innovating (apart from some exceptions) and are full of melo/makjangs storylines. Not really my cup of tea. What will be great is that he ventures into the movie industry again, more diverse roles in there. Anyway welcome !
  10. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    What is it saying?
  11. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    @doodoofan7, well I don't think he is hated that much in Korea. The hate of this year come from the horrible timing of Dispatch releasing the dating news just after (or was it during ?) that My Candy show, where the editing and LJG natural friendly-flirting nature made people criticizing him to be the way he is when he has a girlfriend. (so those people can't tell the difference between a tv show and real life it seems, and tvn just threw him under the bus and covered their a** by saying he didn't tell them he had a girlfriend. - when he obviously didn't have too). So from this time, some people see him as a player. And now with all the hate comments on JHB and the break up news, as a coward who can't protect his gf from his crazy fans. - but pointing fingers at him for that might be from international fans and not necessarily korean people (but not sure). So yes, it seems that after his second peak of popularity last year and the initial good response on My Candy, the dating news just didn't do him any justice. The timing couldn't have been worse. I'm hoping he is doing alright right now and enjoy the shooting of CM despite everything.
  12. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    Ah ah I feel for all the staff who follows him around and put up with all his crazy creative ideas. Well, at least they are never bored ^^
  13. Lee Joon Gi 이준기

    @pixelsticks, thanks for the pics of Wang So all around the world ah ah. Would be soo much fun seeing him traveling in the modern world. It has been done and redone but I think it would be really worth it with him. Never gonna happen but I can always dream.... ^^
  14. Yeah Manhole is really flopping hard. I feel bad for the cast and crew. And considering it's a rerun episode for CM, 1.3% on tvn is very good. (The ratings for the first episode was 4.1 though, nationwide)
  15. The ratings are pretty low nowadays, might be because it is summer time. All the prime time dramas on the 3 main networks are at 12-13% max on weekdays. The highest rated shows are all weekend dramas, including on cable. 3-ish% for Criminal Minds is good. It's not the biggest hit but it's very decent. Hoping too it will go up a little. But the most important is that it doesn't go down.