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  1. I didn't think it would be JG anyway, and now with the actor choice I know I'll skip it. I would have watched for Ji Sung. I think the role could have suited him. @hiluna, aww ah ah. Wang So was glorious indeed. And yeah I need more Joon Gi-goryeo style too ~ Well he won't be far away from sageuk too long I'm sure. But for now I can't wait for criminal minds. Isn't it time for a first trailer already ??
  2. I think the reason he mentioned those particularly is because they are the to biggest hits Korea have seen lately. But yeah the description of KES new hero does match JG ! ^^ But also a few k-actors I can think of ~ I don't know if I want him to star in the next KES drama though. I liked a few of her works (like Secret Garden, my first ever korean drama and one of my favorite) but couldn't bring myself to watch DOTS and Goblin. @krysyuy, yeah same. Their style don't match anyway, it's not the type of role he does. Well for now, we'll see what the future brings.
  3. @willenette, I think at some point it will be available in Japan since it came out on the theatre there. But probably in China before that ? But I have no idea how the chinese dvd market works. @hiluna, ah ah that's exactly the reason why I didn't want to watch it again on the plane xD
  4. Well I didn't watch it because I saw it already and didn't want to watch a sad movie on my way to vacation ah ah. But I was happy to see it there !
  5. Thanks for sharing the pics of the latest pictorials. I love them ~ By the way, I recently took a long haul flight and guess what movie I saw there was on the little TVs on the plane ? Never Said Goodbye !
  6. @pixelsticks, it's probably fanmade but really well done ! And yes indeed he fits the goryeo style so well
  7. Yeaah I was so happy when I saw those pics. Finally the styling makeover with the suit and bullet proof vest ! And the hair a little up, perfect !
  8. Nice fan art And the pic the JG part is coming from, I don't know if I've seen it in this thread yet (the left one, if it was there already I apologize for the repost ! ^^)
  9. @kekeke09, thanks for sharing ! I love LJG looking badass like that Go go go ! ^^ Hoping he'll get a change in outfit and wear some bullet proof vest and suit in the NCI team as well
  10. Another pic shared by the taewon producer/director of JG on set And this one as well. Wasn't sure if it was him at first but it's his character's name on the description so it's very likely ! ^^
  11. I think it's a little too far-fetched ^^ The guy from instagram who post bts pics (the president of Itaewon ent ? Who is he again ?) wrote the name "Hotch" under SHJ pics, I think it is pretty settled that he is his counterpart, at least the leader of the team. The american staff had a problem with the actor and his anger management issues, not the character. And it's difficult to erase his presence anyway, he is part of the original team and stayed a longtime on the show. He might not be on tv in the US right now but there are re-runs in some countries (and maybe in america as well ?), like mine, so I still see him ah ah (and I also think we're like 1 or 2 seasons behind).
  12. Ah ah we'll see about that, he is actually taller than we might think he is. But it also depends on the angle of the pics and the shoes both are wearing ~ Heals or not for Chae Won and the magic insoles in male actors shoes
  13. @willenette, it seems like I was wrong, it's not a script but more a file, he is shooting with it ^^
  14. @pixelsticks, I'd say his script but not sure at all ^^