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  1. @violina, thanks for all the gifs and comments Indeed he looks very classy with the suits and watch. I have to say that in the interrogation room he looks scarier than the "criminal". He would make one hell of a psycho ^^ He is always badass in these kind of scene. Remember when Kay was brought in for interrogation ? That was a treat too ! ^^
  2. I think they needed to stay low profile about the matter because it became quite big and concerned a sensitive subject, which is JG private's life. Also because PMY also has an image to protect so anything she could have said during that time could have backfired at her, so I can understand. The ones I was really angry at was the tvn folks, they just threw him under the bus to protect their a**. Luckily no one is bashing him anymore.
  3. @LyraYoo, I feel like The King and the Clown is a korean classic and will never be forgotten no matter how many other 10+ millions films go out there. The theme is also not common and LJG is the most beautiful man on earth I think he was a huge part of the appeal of the movie. @glassnokamen, I'm glad she talked about it. I won't open the subject again but it feels good she kind of take his defense. I'm happy they are still in touch too. Now praying there will be a day those two costar in a drama
  4. Ratings are out for episode 6 : National 3.358 ; Seoul Area 3.872 What a jump from yesterday O_O I'm soooo happpy !!!! Probably good word of mouth from episode 5 ?
  5. Yeah I agree about NNH not being able to figure out the problem herself was off since she is the expert in that area. And another thing about reaching the house - why didn't they call for the local police ? They could have got there before them, no ?
  6. Ratings are up : AGB Nielsen National 2.995, Seoul Area 3.679. Slight increase and almost crossing 3% again, I'm relieved I have good hopes for next week.
  7. If I had known... Just finished watching ep 4 raw ah ah. Be prepared, ep 4 is a tough one !
  8. Wow... such an heavy and sad episode so early in the show. Tragedy after tragedy the characters don't catch a break Cheer up to the team and fans here and we shall wait anxiously for the next disaster to come. Next case looks like bio terrorism sort of ? Sound interesting.
  9. Watched ep 3 raw (impatient me can't wait for the subs so.. ^^) and I'm really loving what I see so far. The team flows great together, slowly we get to know them as we see them interact more, on and off-duty. I saw a tiny bit of the Morgan-Reid relationship starting in HJ-LH, big bro-little bro bits. And still loving the SW-HJ combo. They remind me of a married couple sometimes ah ah. They match well and their partnership feels natural. I laughed at KKH getting jealous of HJ and trying to win his son's attention back xD Altogether it was a nice mix of action, humor, mystery, suspens, emotion and creepy serial killer. Not commenting too much on the cases because I missed tons of important details without the subs and I'm not familiar with the original cases (don't remember them) which is also great because the mystery is thicker this way and I get surprised more. Still in love with the theme song. It's a pity even the youtube video is blocked. They shouldn't do that by the way, their loss on the views and to get the song known.
  10. @lovelyrainy, I agree with you. I'm a fan of the original show and the main reason I love the characters so much is because I spent a lot of hours watching them and by the episodes and seasons passing their own unique traits became more defined and the team grew closer and closer and more and more lovable . Hard to make a judgement on the characters on the korean version with just 2 episodes. That's why I'm neither disappointed nor worried about "our" show I'll just watch the episodes and see what each of them will have to offer about the characters' growth, slowly, one step at a time ~ And right about the overdramatisation in korean shows. I wish they would have given only one tragedy to Hyun Joon, either the death of the colleague or the dead girlfriend. 2 is a bit too much, poor guy can never catch a break ^^ And especially 2 tragedies being introduced in 2 eps - maybe they should have mentioned it later and only give very subtle hints about it for now (about the dead girlfriend). Well actually that's 3 tragedies for him, the kidnapping of the sister of the dead colleague - luckily this one ended well but still ^^ Anyway, once again, that's just a thought, I'm still fine with the drama the way it is and I'm enjoying it greatly. As long as the quality remains at the level of the first two eps (which despite some flaws, were still great in my opinions - got way more headaches with MLSHR ah ah people from the LJG or ML thread will remember xD) and the ratings at least keep their current number (for the sake of the cast please please) I'll be happy @pixelsticks, thanks for the "close-up" of the train fight to come. That's the thing I'm looking forward to see next week ah ah Got immediately hooked by it when I saw it on the highlight trailer.
  11. @Guess Akita, I'm hoping we'll have more details on the bombing incident as well. Because it indeed felt a little too rushed and short. @antoniaclamens, your favorite scene of episode 1 is also my favorite. I loved the whole atmosphere of it - music, directing, tone. I hope we'll get more of that in the next episodes. Following them closely in their investigation and the thought process.
  12. I don't think it's a rumor ? I saw an article about it. In this article, it was written that some "reporter" asked him about her, I don't know what it was exactly, maybe something like what she thinks of the project, and he simply answered that he didn't wish to talk about his private matters and wanted to focus on the project only (which is what the press conf is for anyway).Might be to protect her from more hate yes. But anyway he doesn't talk about his private life, has never done it, will never do. So it's no surprise. But I haven't watched the press conf so I can't tell it for sure if it's true or not, don't remember where I saw the article either. It's been a while since it has been on private - I guess some stupid people who don't have anything else to do wrote nasty things on it and she didn't want to see it - which is totally understandable. Well, don't worry about them, the day something will be off is the day he will stop following her on instagram
  13. They said no romance, and I made up my mind for it, but why do they have to hurt her and make him take care of her wound - that's a typical korean romance drama tool, especially sageuk ah ah. Just add an emotional music and that's it ^^ I guess they did that to bring them closer on a friendly level but still, didn't have to go that far ^^ The story is moving quickly that's great. Hyun Joon already part of the team (and get to wear gorgeous suits ) and the second case has kick in ! Now... what do I watch until next wednesday... ??? Oh right, rewatching the first 2 eps with subs Special shout out to the actors playing the criminals - the one responsible of the bombing and the "true" villain on this ep are creepy. Good cast and acting ! ^^
  14. I was just rushing back here once I saw the news to share it but you were faster I am SO HAPPY !!!! May the success continue. Congrats to the cats & crew @mulberry9, yeah you're right, but either way 4,18% is also an extremely good number too We'll find out if journalists/translation got lost. I saw @joyspartace numbers here :
  15. Making LJG cry on the first episode is cruel ^^ Poor baby, wanted to give him a hug already. Actually I would have preferred if it was KKH's mistake - to show that nothing is infallible and even the best of men can be wrong. Would have been good character development for him too. Finding the balance between the fear of doing mistakes and the insurance that his science - profiling - works. But anyway they chose a different path, and indeed like you pointed out it's probably for HJ to get to trust him/forgiving him. And it still shook KKH at that time so they can still find character development in it but it was just a thought.