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  1. Yeah it's too early to criticize and it won't look the same as it looks on pics on the drama itself. Also we still don't know what character he is playing anyway. And for a show like criminal minds, the hairstyles have to be kept simple. Although I was expecting his hair will be up for this one, but I don't mind the hairstyle we saw. And it will change anyway, slightly, as the show goes on, with his hair growing and all. Ah ah aww. Wang So was indeed very special and heavy, full of impact and emotions. Can't wait to discover his new character
  2. Thanks for the pics ! Love the styling. He could loose the white shirt underneath though But I like him like that, the simplest styling, including the hair, looks good on him And finally seeing him shooting a korean drama once again in the present time feels good ah ah.
  3. Thank you everybody for the latest infos. Maybe they'll travel in train ? Since the country is a lot smaller than USA ^^
  4. Nice puzzle solved ! It's too bad we can't solve it directly on the website, by making the little squares movable. But I guess they didn't put it there to make a game out of it ah ah. Can't wait to see more photos of the spread.
  5. Ah ah seeing the video I guess you're right, but since I didn't watch that much episodes of CM considering all the seasons, I didn't really focus on Reid's goofy side. But that JG can totally do of course I guess I'm a little biased because Morgan is my fave character (alongside Garcia) and he also fits the action guy, who is also one of the most responsible and somewhat grounded of the team. And no matter how pretty JG is, he has that certain... strong charisma ? self-assurance ? that doesn't strike me in Reid. But yeah while immersing in a role he could pull off a Reid certainly And right, I'm also waiting for their own take on the characters. This is going to be interesting to watch. Can't wait.
  6. Oh really ? If he is going to play Derek I'm very happy ! He doesn't really fit Reid for me (but well, with his acting capacity, you never know ) and I'd be more excited for an action guy in this specific work. Can try the intellectual genius another time ^^ And I love his dance crew. They are really cool people
  7. Aww so cute. I can only imagine all the stuffs you can find on korean shops. I admit I'd be too embarrassed to buy fan merchandises ah ah. CDs maybe I can buy. I also got the Hello Korean books, but for educational purpose of course (but I truly loved how those books are made, easy to learn)
  8. That's not him singing and it's not one of his song. I shazamed it and it says Roy Kim - Thank you (i quoted the video to be sure if it's the one you're talking about) Ah, there is actually one of his song, but at the end of the video
  9. Thanks for the pics and vids of today fanmeeting. I'm so happy of how it went today. He was as crazy and teasing as usual (minus the little breakdown aww a lot of stress and worries I guess...) and the fans were awesome as well. Now he can start the shooting of Criminal Minds with a lighter heart
  10. @LyraYoo, thanks for sharing ! I'm happy he wrote this message, this is very like him. I guess he had a hard time finding the words and maybe from @jade715 shared (thansk by the way !) the fans who went to meet him and treat him like they usually do reassured him a bit. It is also wise to wait a few days that the "hot news" die down and talk while everybody had time to calm down. Still feeling a bit sad he feels the need to apologize but hoping it serves at least to calm down the haters by showing he is considerate of everybody. I guess he has a heavy heart but like some of you mentioned, he is not new to this industry and has now the maturity to handle those things and not being too distraught about it.
  11. Lol. And I love how IU is following him a bit unwillingly ah ah. @glassnokamen, the article is a bit confusing... And I hope it doesn't concern the main cast. It would be a bit weird to make them coming to the script reading and then let them leave...
  12. Ah thanks ! ^^ Same age as JG then, so in 2013... Tae San is 31 ! (or 32 korean age ~).
  13. I don't really know. At the beginning of the drama (Joseon Gunman) he was still unmarried and a bit immature I have no idea what was the standard marriage age for a man during this era. I think there was a 4 years gap between the time he went to Japan and when he came back.
  14. I don't know if it's intentional or it just so happened he looked that young at the time xD He had probably gained a little of weight during his vacations before that so it went on the cheeks and made him look young ^^ Anyway way it is indeed quite funny ^^ Yeah Wang So is probably one of the youngest but the other ones weren't really given an age, except for Tae San maybe, who is in his early 30's I think. Yoon Kang might be about the same age as Wang So at the beginning of the drama.
  15. @pixelsticks, it regroups the script reading sessions of all of his dramas post-military Lol he looks the youngest on the Moon Lovers one strangely ^^ Those cute cheeks.