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  1. @antoniaclamens no I didn't ^^ So it confirms it. Interesting !
  2. I love their friendship. He supported her for her drama and she is giving back for his. How cute is it ? About the drama, the way he is dressed in this pic and the other one with Choi Min Soo :
  3. I only watch highlights for now (try to delay as much as possible to watch the drama entirely or I'll die waiting for each episode each week ah ah) but yeah the romance bits in the preview seems really out of the blue and really fast. He was just flirting from time to time until now but nothing really serious. The part where she puts her hand on his face made me think that maybe they're faking it from whatever reason, but the beach part got me confused. So maybe it's a tease for the later episodes like someone said. We'll see. Really surprised though, but it might be for the better. This drama is unusual. The reveal of his "wall" to her happens early too. That's probably mean they have a lot more to the story
  4. I am soooo happy for the ratings, really. Such a strong start and well deserved, I hope it continues this way. I've only watched the first episode raw but spoiled myself with the clips of episode 2. I run out of time lately so I'd rather watch when the subs are out to focus well on the story. But, even with only that, wow. Like a lot of people said, everything just mix so perfectly, the humor, the drama, the action, the characters. I really really enjoyed the first episode and it feels like the story has a lot to offer, and many twist and turns. And the production is almost flawless. It's been a while since a Lee Joon Gi drama has EVERYTHING that works and right from the start. Hoping the live shooting will not ruin everything and that the writer has his story under control. But I'm so happy for him and all the team. Lawless lawyer seems like the drama he and we were waiting for You're right. That's Yongie but much smarter and keen. He is actually a bit scary ah ah (that scene in prison wow) and can't wait to see what he has prepared. It's seems it's not a "in your face" revenge, but much more calculated and thought through. But he is also deeply hurt and very caring - we can see that with Jae Yi. But this double faced character is very very interesting and the role fits him perfectly. He is already in character right from the start. There's a high possibility this can be another defining role like So was. We'll see
  5. I have no idea who Won Shin Yeon is but I hope it means there's a potential project coming out of it later I saw the pics of the food support on IU instagram but had no idea it was coming from him (didn't notice the obvious hints ^^). That's so nice but also a bit bold considering the "scandal" of dating rumors after MLSHR. People will talk again. But anyway I'm happy there are still keeping in touch.
  6. @hiluna if LL gets 9% in ratings it will be a smashing it Hope it gets there, if not at least 5% would be nice. From the little insights we have, the production looks like what I was hoping for criminal minds. It looks great, really great. I trust this director entirely for the action and "mafia" atmosphere. It is TBDAW all over again and I couldn't be happier about it. We can probably expect an exciting drama in every way : directing, acting, story and characters. And if we get cute and funny bts/making, thenit's the cherry on the cake Fighting !!
  7. I think we can expect something similar to TBDAW in term of story. I just hope they add a little bit more of light hearted moments because that was quite heavy especially near the end. But I have good feelings about this drama... the whole cast, the director, the writer, characters. Everything we've seen so far seems right and greatly exciting. Yeah I think we can expect some bromance - the uncle ! ^^ Great showdowns with the gangster and lawyers ennemies. And yeah, why not a little bit of romance. I hope the leading female character is interesting and play a big role in the story and is not just a love interest. We'll see. Anyway can't wait !
  8. And I who hasn't read the description under the pic thought it was a cast member, like a hoobae in the law office. Not at all ! ^^ But yeah, they are indeed dressed identically and have the same hairstyle xD
  9. Don't worry, you can like or dislike his projects ! I'm not a big fan of the korean adaptation either, even for him I couldn't continue to watch it, I'll try again later. And you're absolutely right ! I'm a big fan of daredevil and I didn't make a connection at all but it's somewhat similar. All the better, it's a great story with lots of twists and turns.
  10. I'm getting more and more hyped for this drama, hope it won't disappoint. The leading lady is an unknown for me but seems like she can be a nice surprise, and her character sounds cool. Now hopefully the writer has his story in control and then we're good. I'm trusting the PD, Time Between Dog and Wolf was kind of a master piece in its time, there's not much dramas which have the same atmosphere and style. Talking about style, I hope JG's stylist will be on point too. Wasn't too much of a fan of his Criminal Minds wardrobe, too sophisticated for this type of show. His clothes for the japanese magazine are one point and suits him well. As an attorney, he can be either the sober or extravagant type, we'll see
  11. Ah thanks. I totally missed this information, where was I ah ah
  12. @cedarwood, the japan diving thingy ? Did I miss something ? ^^
  13. I take this instagram post as he accepted the project already ? Offer is out for the female lead to Seo Ye Ji. I don't know her at all but people say she is good.
  14. From what I understood, the character is a former gangster who became a lawyer, but still use his fists - so it can be a thing like when law isn't enough, here come the old fashion way ^^ But it's too soon to know. A romantic line is possible, but probably not the main concern which is good. I don't think a second season is needed in Moon Lovers - that sad and unfair ending is what made the drama so memorable and epic in its own way.
  15. @missmaudy, if the drama is set to be broadcast in May, shooting will probably start early march And yeah, romcoms are also not doing well nowadays (and none of them make me want to check out) so except if the script is mindblowing and original it wouldn't be the right genre to go.