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  1. Jiwonn with NZ Ambassador Philip Turner for diner at his residence ...Jiwonnie is the NZ Cultural Ambassador since 2005 when she went to NZ - Auckland to study English...So beautiful my Queen cto.
  2. At last I can see her at some social event ...Jiwonn at New Zealand Embassy ...she looks so pretty ...I miss her on screen so much .. ...Jiwon with Song Ji Eun ??? Is she in talk with Haewadal ?? It will be great !! cto.
  3. Santa will come sooon ... Jiwonn IG update few days ago...she is waiting for Santa and I'm waiting for some news about her's comeback ... Please Jiwonn give us some good news ...!!!! ????
  4. So... D-1 day eating barbeque ...and D-0 day making kimchi ... the most beautiful and cute kimchi maker ever
  5. It seems that Jiwonnie goes out often these days ...she went to the IU concert last Sunday ...good for her and good for us ...we can see her cto.
  6. Hi @icyphoenix we post in the same time ...Jiwonn update...I wonder what is D1 day ???..
  7. with her friend Yulis.. with her friend Yulis it's a wedding ceremony for someone ???!!! cto.