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  1. Here's a little anniversary gift to us all: https://givemeslippers.wordpress.com/2019/03/24/interview-with-iu-and-lee-seon-kyun/
  2. Is he confirmed for that JTBC drama after all? Can we do the happy dance yet? [Interview] "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage" Star Lee Sun-kyun Is Busy in Film Actor Lee Sun-kyun interviewed regarding his latest film, "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage". He's been busy with the release of his latest film and he's going to start filming "Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election" in April. "Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election" is about a politician who dreamed of being president and a man crafted genius strategies in the 1960s to the 70s. Lee Sun-kyun says, "The movie starts production in March and we start filming in April. This is my first period piece. It's going to be an important movie for me and I feel the weight of the pressure. I am working with such amazing cast and staff, but I have to do well for them. I feel anxious". "Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election" stars by Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Sun-kyun, and Yoo Jae-myung. As a result, they have to go through the process of competing with other movies starring the same actors. Sol Kyung-goo alone starred in "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage" and "Idol" which come out on the same day. 10 actors from the movies "Idol", "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage" and "Money" are starring in "Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election". Lee Sun-kyun says, "10 actors from three different movies star in "Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election", so I can't ask them to watch. All three movies are good movies and hopefully they create a synergy of success". Lee Sun-kyun is also awaiting the release of director Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite". In a family where everyone is unemployed, their only hope Gi-woo (Choi Wooshik) goes for a tutor interview at Mr. Park's (Lee Sun-kyun). About this film, Lee Sun-kyun says, "I am sure it will receive good results because we have a trustworthy ally on board". Expectation for the Cannes is likely as it is directed by Bong Joon-ho. "I saw the line-up of directors for the Cannes this year and it was amazing. There is a chat group and news comes up every day. Wooshik makes a list of directors from Canada and sends them. I would like to go but I would have to check my movie schedule first". Lee Sun-kyun is also appearing in the JTBC drama "Prosecutor Civil War", which comes out in November and he says, "I think I can fit in about 4 pieces this year". Meanwhile, "Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage" is a story about a bad cop standing up to an even worse society. Source : /news.nate.com/view/2... Copy & paste guideline for this article Always put a link back to the source and HanCinema permalink
  3. Happy one year anniversary! Some of us have been here for more than a year. I came with a lot of nervous expectations and received more than what I thought a drama could ever deliver. I am currently doing my second rewatch and very pleasantly surprised to find new details here and there that I missed the first two times.
  4. I am confused. Did they change the official title of the movie?
  5. Here's a review saying the film lacks in originality and through no fault of his own, LSK's role came out looking much like the one in A Hard Day. https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1VGMIJPNYE
  6. I agree with you that the reviews I have read so far have not been very glowing. They all seemed to say the story seems forced instead of developing naturally. The use of the Sewol disaster was a risk, and the PD knew that. This one even points out that LSK's own persona came out a little too strong and he did not disappear into the role. Still hoping it would do decently at the box office.
  7. Really, they said his acting was good? Please share the link if you can find it.
  8. He looks so boyish, too. Hoping the Korean audience will like Bad Police, but I am a bit worried.
  9. No wonder there was no news on Kingmaker; they were having issues with the distributing company. Now that Megabox is picking it up, let's hope things go smoothly from here and they can finish shooting quickly. I want him to confirm his next drama soon. http://news.jtbc.joins.com/article/article.aspx?news_id=NB11781195
  10. It's been 10 months since My Ajusshi ended. If anyone is missing IU, the wait is almost over as she has decided on her next drama: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/iu-yeo-jin-gu-confirm-lead-roles-in-hong-sisters-fantasy-drama/ Sounds like a great departure from her Lee Ji An, so it will be very interesting to see her transformation.
  11. Maybe the heat was so intense it burned. Thanks for pointing out it was for a shooting. Thank you hair-stylist, whoever you are. I really love this new style:
  12. No, no, no! He can't afford to take a vacation now. He needs to get busy finishing his new film Kingmaker so he has time to start shooting his new drama for a November premiere. Hahaha... But kidding aside, has filming even started for Kingmaker? If it hasn't, I don't see how his schedule would allow for a new drama this year, and he may have to turn down that JTBC offer due to scheduling conflict.
  13. M Must be quite recent. But I thought LSK is busy with film promotion and shooting for new movie.
  14. Thanks for sharing the post. I love that picture. Kinda surprised his buddy/best friend Kim Min Sik didn't post something similar on his instagram.
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