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  1. Sometimes I wonder if we're watching the same thing. Here is the Dramabeans recap of episode 10. My Ajusshi: Episode 10 by LollyPip Just when you think that things can’t get more intense for Dong-hoon and Ji-an, they do exactly that. The schemers are closing in on all sides, but they also have their own personal issues. Getting to know a person means also learning the bad things about them, and it’s not easy to accept that someone has lied to you. Dramabeans recap of episode 10.
  2. Agreed. Maybe because he feels things a little differently. He felt his wife's betrayal "coldly", in a detached way perhaps. Sure he fully felt the hurt, but it sort of like stayed in his mind and never really traveled to his heart. Think of how he negotiated everything with Joon Young, etc. He was very exact. When it came to Jian, he constantly loses his cool; all his reactions and emotions come from the heart. He slapped the back of his co-worker's head to get him to get his act together. We all know he did the same to Jian for nowhere close to that reason. His heart is pushing him to do things his mind does not approve. Anyway, I am not good at expressing what I really mean, but hopefully you all know what I am trying to say.
  3. Yes, thank you for bringing this up. I wanted to fist pump when he said that. So what we all have been saying is true, he's been sleepwalking the last few years. The sleeping dragon is finally stirring, and I can't wait to see when he is fully awake and ready to spew out fire. I hope it will be satisfying.
  4. Yes, it's definitely his pretty face and the fact that he shared kisses with IU in two music videos. I am willing to bet money that a lot of these comments came from the same immature fans who were adamantly against IU playing opposite LSK. Yes, there were fans who were against the casting, not just her antis. But they were the immature type. Because of this, at first I thought the director made a bad decision casting JKY for this role. But I think now that he was brilliant in his choice because of what you said above, "I hope that the production chose a handsome actor to play this character to show that violence against women can have a pretty face and youth; and that what really makes a woman's heart flutter is kindness, respect and understanding."
  5. I vote for no vanilla ending. I would rather a soul-crashing ending with plenty of ugly crying like you said, as long as the story stays logical and the tragic end is somehow cathartic at the same time. Six episodes are enough for a good number of surprises yet, especially now that I feel like everything is coming to a climax, even in the last two episodes. And I guess LSK's actor friend was correct and incorrect at the same time about there being no love line up to the 10th episode . I say bring on the big surprises PD-nim. On a more somber note, seeing the 15th script posted earlier made me all melancholy at the near-ending of this drama.
  6. To @aisling, here's a few more for your gazing pleasure :
  7. Did anyone read the comments on episode 9 recap on Dramabeans? I could not believe how tame and level-headed everyone is there. It's a little sterile, really. Such a contrast to the discussions here for episode 9 and 10, both from shippers and non. I have not had so much fun as I did in reading pages 66 and 67 of this thread. What everyone wrote really fed my shipper's heart, even as I try to prepare myself for a disappointing ending. This drama is just so brilliant in showing the all-too-human emotions of someone falling in love (DH's annoyance) and someone feeling hurt because her love is hopeless (JA). I know the writer/PD have had a lot of fun dragging us through this mess, but I fear at the end of the day they will not have the guts to follow through. I offer another option to your all or nothing (one sided love). Heartfelt confessions from both sides but part ways: They both knowledge feelings and longings, but also realistically evaluate their situations, obligations, needs, etc., then part ways if they want.
  8. Hahahaha.... I laughed to hard. This is gold!!! It's not that there will be no romance, it is more like they do everything they can to make it impossible for the potential romance to bloom. At this point I really don't know who is more delusional, the shippers or viewers who keep thinking that their relation will remain platonic/brotherly/fatherly. I lean one way, but I have been tamping down hard my own delusion to the point that I can easily see the other side.
  9. Oh my, @V over at her Drama Milk blog has written a very lovely post on OST#5. Glad to see that she is also as crazy about this drama as the rest of us are. That Moment When My Ajusshi Had Me APRIL 19, 2018 NO COMMENTS tvN Yes, I am still in my feels for My Ajusshi. OST #5 for My Mister, My Ajusshi dropped today. We don’t normally do a single post for one OST, but this one is so good that we had to. We have literally been listening to OST #5 nonstop, so hopefully writing this review up will be a type of exorcism to get it out of my system. (But what if I don’t want it to leave just yet? Argh, the confusion!) Read the entire article here. And here's another one: Behind the Drama: My Mister / My Ajusshi APRIL 19, 2018 NO COMMENTS Jung Young-Joo’s Instagram (@muah_youngju) My Ajusshi gave me such a lovely slow burn of feelings this morning which left me scrounging around the internet in search of anything about the show (sorry other work that I was supposed to be doing). tvN’s Facebook page has a lot of nice behind the scenes shots, which basically just pulled me into a rabbit hole of Instagram profiles. Read the entire article here.
  10. From Wikipedia, rating increased to new height! Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share AGB Nielsen Ratings[17] TNmS Ratings[18] Nationwide Seoul 1 March 21, 2018 3.923% 4.467% 4.6% 2 March 22, 2018 4.133% 4.786% 4.1% 3 March 28, 2018 3.373% 4.102% 3.9% 4 March 29, 2018 3.611% 3.851% 4.3% 5 April 4, 2018 3.936% 4.838% 3.7% 6 April 5, 2018 4.038% 4.468% 4.6% 7 April 11, 2018 4.487% 5.234% 4.7% 8 April 12, 2018 5.313% 5.671% 4.6% 9 April 18, 2018 4.803% 5.413% 3.8% 10 April 19, 2018 5.824% 6.472% 5.6% 11 April 25, 2018 12 April 26, 2018 13 May 2, 2018 14 May 3, 2018 15 May 9, 2018 16 May 10, 2018 Average % % %
  11. My Ajusshi: Episode 9 by LollyPip Ji-an may not realize it yet, but she’s already been profoundly changed from her association with Dong-hoon. She’s spent her entire life taking care of herself, burdened by the mistakes of others and unable to get out from under the crushing weight of adult responsibility that no child should ever bear. But Dong-hoon is showing her that those things don’t define her, and that she can still make the choice to be a good person. EPISODE 9 RECAP http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/04/my-ajusshi-episode-9/
  12. And when JY offered her to date DH for real, she did not seem to think it a big deal of she had to be naked with him. I wonder if the level of abuse she's suffered would ever be revealed.
  13. DH is very calculative. At that time he wanted to protect YH, he did not want the affair exposed. If he had gotten into a fight with JY, their whole world would know why. He was obviously upset and hurt, but somehow able to keep his head in the game. I think he himself did know plan to get into a physical fight with Kwang Il and expose himself like that. He thought KI would take his offer to pay off Jian's debt and that's it. So when he threw all caution to the wind and fought for her, he was not thinking of the consequences for himself. He thought only of her pain. Do many people here think that he was still thinking of her as being a kid he had to protect? His comment about protecting family made me think that he continued to see her only as a family member and not as a love interest.
  14. Everyone has written so well about what kind of person Yoon Hee really is, but this above is the one that really shows what little regard she has for her husband. She is beyond redemption. Wanting redemption for her and their marriage to work out is akin to wanting Kwang Il to work out his issues with Jian and become friends in the end. No, what YH has done to DH is as much abuse as what KI has done to JA. Jian has let the beatings go on for too long because of her guilt, and now DH has finally put a stop to it. I hope she would do the same to him, show him that he needs to let go of his guilt and break free from his cheating wife. Kwang Il and Yoon Hee are also similar in that they both want their cake and eat it too. He wants to continue taking JA's money and physically torment her. YH wants to stay married to DH for status while having her fun with someone else.
  15. I'll play. First guess is subway runs underground, perhaps showing how the OTP's love can only stay beneath the surface and never to see the light of day. Second guess: Alfred Hitchcock's train entering tunnel? Probably for the simple reason that she needs time to process all the new information in her head. To show that he usually never gives much notice to other women? So JA is indeed special? She was being petty, because she was still hurt at his rejection for a meal? One day YH will learn from JA that DH fought to the end for her.