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  1. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Red beans are supposed to be like poison or very painful to creatures of the underworld such as ghosts and demons and Grim Reapers similar Garlic to Vampires. Think of eating acid LOL. As they are seen as purifying you’ll often see Shamans in Dramas fling them at these creatures to dispel them .
  2. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Ha Ram should have the inner strength and forgiveness her mother never had. Her adulation for her oppa Joon was that of a traumatized bullied child for her protector and she is desperately trying to relive that. But Black is himself(well, more or less) and it’s Black that is falling in love with her and protecting her both As a human and a woman. Having Joons soul was a push to get going but it’s not him looking like a jealous stone removing dude protective who really wants to kiss Ha Ram.
  3. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Poor dog. Man Soo is such a good dog daddy that scene is absolutely horrific .
  4. I can see it: A Kitty based Korean Drama. "Toms over Catnip" A pampered beautiful spoiled daddies Kitty with an attitude somehow gets separated from her family and must rely on a cold loner street cat to survive in the mean streets and get home. They hiss and spit at each other at first but fall in he... er, love. His kittenhood crush who left him wants to claw our Kitties eyes out of course and a super rich Catbol heir tries to win her. SH doesn't think Tom is worthy enough for his baby and tries to find a nice worthy purebred to match make her with. (And tries buy Tom off with gourmet cat food))Wailing and angst and feline noble idiocy ensue. But love and putting prevail
  5. I imagine he sleeps like I do... like the dead, literally. I sleep so deeply I don't change position apparently. It will be hilarious if she is a sleep cuddler and glomps him... poor guy will be totally stymied
  6. So who thinks the last or next to last episode will get a "Because this out 'first time' episode" ?
  7. The whole concept of Children must petrify SH. Babies and Children are messy, very expensive, Unpredictable, dependent, Loud , you can't reason with them and most importantly would scare Kitty so Just about everything He strives to avoid. But If he loves JH and she gets baby fever in the future I believe he can be brought around to at least one
  8. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Alright this has nothing to do with nothing but had been bugging me... Hip hop Reaper says mentioned his mom telling him not believe Joseon Reaper. So does this mean there are Reaper families??? Like say the pure born reapers are the nobility? I think the two buddies must be born reapers or Black would not Deign to associate with them I would think.
  9. I was pretty much certain this show would not fall into the Love Triangle Cliche. This program has stayed honest and realistic and in character about the choices, motivations and decisions of the OTP. To suddenly have JH getting Makjang about her feelings toward BN would be disappointing.
  10. Wasn't his dad supposed to help him out with money after he married? I though mom said somthing to that effect.
  11. @Lmangla Put me down for option #2 please.
  12. I think that might be the key... His female assistant becomes Heo Im in the history that we know so to speak and continues to treat the people and he stays in the future with YK. Many many women in history have disguised themselves as men and we know nothing of the Real Heo Ims private life only he that was lauded and lived to a ripe old age. HI sees her as no more than a dear friend so she is no competition for our Heroine anyway. pe
  13. He looks exactly like a Joseon man who is not in the military or working in the field all day and would look... Pale, spare and No muscle.
  14. Heo Im is savvy pretty worldly guy who should know power players and business People either here or in Joseon don't just do anything out of the goodness of their hearts and will tend manipulate others if they can... They may be favoring him now but will he be willing to do what they may ask in return?