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  1. I think they mean he has never actually fallen in love and when he does presumably with JRWs character he is will be a one woman man.She is the one to matter. Gangsters are not exactly chaste or sentimental and A lot of Sex dosen’t mean he had any feelings or attachment to the women.
  2. I am cautiously optimistic about the shipping.I don’t expect kissing or declarations of love because it’s not a Romance Drama and it would not fit the characters. But if in the last episode he just can’t leave her and after all is resolved he asks her out on a date I will be satisfied More cute Jealousy would be nice though
  3. Well it looks she is maybe going to be refreshing and a little dorky and not the usual spoiled disfunctional and snotty K drama rich girl. Actually, Has there ever been a drama with a fun, good natured chaibol heiress as the female lead and not just as a horrible second lead psycho ?
  4. Um, Mr Martyr uptight prosecutor? This is that swindlers house so... How are you going to tell him to leave?
  5. Huh. The Ratings leader for W-T is messy, disjointed and confusing in my opinion and Switch is superior but it had the advantage of having a fan base from the 1st season.
  6. I would argue As of this episode he is so focused on his vendetta he actually he isn’t actively trying to protect her. He may be low key worried but he is still talking about playing games and let’s see who catches him first. And so she is pissed off and giving him the silent treatment and doing her own thing. That’s not being protective. I agree about her career. He can just go back to his previous life,JS stuff aside. She is done as a prosecutor if she gets involved in in criminal activities but that’s a choice she is making and knows the consequences.
  7. But she is already Gung Ho to investigate for herself , will not be deterred and is going to be in danger anyway. Makes more sense for them to pool their resources and have each other’s backs. She is a not a damsel or helpless. She can handle it.
  8. If he handles(gets revenge)TW the way he wants SDC he will be going down a dark path...if he opens up HR can keep him if not exactly white but in shades of gray morality he is in now. The ends don’t justify the means if you become a killer yourself.