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  1. It was comfortable and convenient...MIL gets a ready made pretty obedient, eager to please DIL( you know how important those are to K drama mothers) and Seol Ok gets a family and husband who is going places. Judging from the look he gave her when they met he was smitten and a young innocent girl could easily be convinced she must love him as well or would learn too at least.
  2. He needs a certain gal who does not swoon all over him and brings him down a notch or ten because he is,to be honest, very vain and full of braggadocio. A smart and mature woman like Ahjumma will not find that very attractive even if it is a pretty face and hot body
  3. I think she has...remember when her friend mentioned that he should have been an actor and she flashed back to him putting on the coat? And before she knew who he was and thought him a bad guy she mentioned the thief was handsome.
  4. She is a beagle? Perfect partner for a crazy Drug dog detective then!
  5. Oh no! All hell may break loose when they find the Witches stolen car and both hubby and said Witch discover them.
  6. About Protea flowers: What Does the Protea Flower Mean? What the protea flower means depends on the circumstances and the relationship between the giver and receiver, but there are some commonly agreed upon meanings for the protea flower. Diversity Daring Transformation Courage They don't mean love but other things that are important for Seol Ok to have
  7. I just think they got a free indentured servant (and then an ready maid bride that was groomed to marry their son) who had apparently no one else and no where to go. She was subtly made to feel everyday she must pay them back for helping her and when she wanted or needed something she was selfishly ungrateful. They aren't really cruel people but they are users who hit a goldmine.
  8. Right now The only attraction to WS we see from SO is physical... she definitely notices he is fine and that is completely understandable
  9. @larus the best outfut she has worn so far is the super cute ruffled green blouse over the cream long sleeved she wore tonight. I would do definitely wear that and she looks good in jeans as well Note to viewers: having your "groom" kidnapped by thugs get him to show up at his wedding is generally frowned upon seriously though this witch is dangerous and crazy enough to hurt SO.
  10. The information that his lost love is missing not changes the "will they or won't they" game. If she was simply dead they could work together to solve the case and heal him, releasing him to love again as we see in shows all the time but the not knowing he has and holding on to hope she will return to him and with the probable feeling if he falls for another it maybe be a huge betrayal of the missing person... He can't move on at all.
  11. She challenges him, gets in his face and is not swooning all over him like the police women in station are And she has already changed his way of investigating. In true K drama fashion They will heal others hearts and allow him to be able to love again
  12. She is more or less accepting and resigned and trying to make the best of her situation. That is far from being happy though. She is not miserable by any means but this life she has is not satisfying to her. A nigh on brilliant woman can't be happy making pickled eggs and soup for picky inlaws and a distant husband with no end in sight
  13. @bebebisous33 This drama is certainly a worthy successor to Chief Kim huh? I am trying Chicago Typewriter as well but I already adore this show and reading your insights is joy Long live smart funny driven take no BS Ahjummas and Psycho's who want more!
  14. We have all seen irrationally bull headed K drama second female leads who really think they can force, cajole, bribe, convince or lie the lead male into loving/marrying them. Because dont you know hurting, kidnapping or conspiring against the girl he really loves will make him yours Perhaps it won't be cheating that finally undoes this marriage will not be adultery but her betrayal and hurt at him being corrupt and anger how it affects WS after she learns of his past tragedy. I do wonder who he is getting cleaned up and bearing flowers for. He does not have a girl and he looks way to happy for it to be JW.