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  1. Other than the Games Maybe people aren’t tuning in because it’s all very sad and melo and cold hearted at this point with no cute or romantic moments to lighten things up for several episodes now. Goblin had humor sweetness and hope even up till the end. There needs to be a better balance imo.
  2. That was...underwhelming. But they are Sizzling together.
  3. He was apparently quite the Player in Heaven and She has her hands full of hot Demons after her in one way or other to deal with
  4. LMAO. The great Sage has to be on top. He is the ultimate Alpha male
  5. The more I think about it I see the beginning of the bed scene with ASN and somehow SM soul comes back right then cue very embarrassed shy SM and very Frustrated Monkey. It will be played for humor
  6. But It would be soo easy to give in though because she is wearing Sun Mi’s face now.... He won’t but it can’t be easy to deny the temptation.
  7. That’s not Sun Mi. ASN is probably seducing him or trying mightily too.
  8. Relax y’all. It is either going to be one of those plushy Monkey jrs of his impersonating him again or it’s going to be the real SM. I lean toward the former.
  9. But that’s not who SOG loves. He fell for Sun Min the serious and sweet and drab. He doesn’t want sexy and seductive he wants his girl back. Or rather I bet he wants his Sun Mi be herself but let herself be all Fifty shades at certain times and I am sincerely hoping the ending will give them that chance
  10. So SOG has to call MW father? That’s delicious;)
  11. [Drama 2017-2018] Jugglers 저글러스

    Radio Romance is very good so far. A worthy replacement to Jugglers IMO. I am thinking to start Waikiki as well. Don’t care for all these dark twisty legal melodramas that are still trending.
  12. Exactly. People are tuning in to see LSG. He is the biggest star and moneymaker so it’s his vehicle followed by CSW. Plus the Hong’s are choosing to Keep the monk character as written and characterized for 500 years. He is not a hero, spunky or outgoing and is there to be saved.
  13. They are predators. It’s in their nature that they only look out for themselves and their chosen mates. OSG was/is on a leash or he would have killed her till she became his chosen one.
  14. She was a little bit of a bad richard simmons when she told the Octopus lech he wouldn't need to worry a about SOG because she was perfectly capable of Making Takoyaki her self and then walked out like boss.
  15. Oh, Good grief Oh Gong. I know you are far from an idiot and goodness know you aren’t noble so don’t start that now !