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  1. @sadthe1st These hate to love rom coms always start out with one party using,deceiving or trying to get revenge on the other Or else using each other. Love will prevail
  2. Good. Most of the drama endings lately have been weak or unsatisfactory I need a closed, straight up happy(no bittersweet!) ending where every character is with the person they love.
  3. OR..They could have just had a scene where they have lunch with explanation that though they didn’t work out that way they will always have each other’s backs and be BFF’s...that way he can move on guilt free and she can not be dead in the Street That would revolutionary and fresh in A Genre where you never see male/female best friends with no lovelines, Ex GF drama, or Jealousy. That Stupid Truck of Doom was a Lazy way out IMO
  4. Well that settles that! Now he can move on to the next girl and start waxing poetical about dumplings and noodles again. Yay.. I guess?
  5. Alright... if she is a cameo then the new girl is going to steal him or try to?? I can’t imagine him cheating!
  6. I believe it’s going to be DY+ JW and SA+Klutz.IIRC SM was hooked up with anyone.
  7. Right? Too many good shows right now! Such a terrible dilemma isn't it
  8. Has anyone ever heard of Scarecrow and Mrs King? It was an 80’s American Series about the Adventures of A Sauve Secret agent and a divorced Houswife. Really cheesy and fun. This drama reminded me of that show right away.
  9. I guess Sang Ah is going to set her cap for him and tension will ensue when Ji Woon and Da Young start having feels. But she will eventually hook up with the Lawyer. Hopefully it’s writtdn well and not tired and cliche.
  10. That title sounds outlandish and I’ll fitting and the other one “People at Incheon Airport” sounds really so exciting and intriguing I just can’t wait to watch... an airport with people? You don’t say! Ya’ll can do better than this LOL.
  11. Hmm... What do Foxes or Brides or Stars have to do with Airport Personnel??? Sounds like a it would be Fun fantasy historical drama