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  1. I know right? If the PTB was trying to have a real love line between HK and KSR no matter how low key then they dropped the ball... all the emotional investment and payout is between him and the 3 main guys. He is cuddling up with an auhjussi for petes sakes! I feel like they were heading for a deeper connection between them but for whatever reason the direction for the show changed. And I will say it right now:for a program supposedly not about romance this is most Yaoi K drama I have ever seen. It is just not about male/female Romance.
  2. He is not evil like the CEO and his head minions obviously but he is not a very good person at all and he admits it. If he has the enough incentive and support he may be able to change somewhat-that is, With Kim and HK keeping him on the honest side by force and emotional influence respectively. But his addiction to power is like his addiction to food. He is a troubled person And has deeper emotional issues.
  3. He is not used to anyone being worried about him for many many years.He lived trying to survive by his wits with no close relationships apparently so All this concern from Choo and HK is indeed strange and takes some getting used to.
  4. Most likely a portion of the last episode or possibly the next to last one after the main TQ plot line had been resolved is going to be about resolving the OTP subplot. I do think the dinner was just in gratitude for saving SR on her part but if she gets tired of waiting for Chief to buy a damn clue she could easily start to fall for SY. Or she could decide both of them need to be overhauled completely to be decent relationship material and she has better things to do with her life
  5. Gwang Sook needs to work on him like she has Her unnie.
  6. Hell the way he eats she might lose a finger one day Gwang Sook:Hey Unni what happened ? HK: our finance director has food aggression issues... She was kind of put off by his gluttony you could tell. Men who eat like pigs are usually a turn off so score a point for SR
  7. Actually KSR and Director Choo have the most romantic scenes tally is: Woke you cuddled up to Choo twice Kissed Seo Yul once The Leading lady is getting the shaft in this show LOL
  8. To be frank If he finds out SY of all men likes her and it does not prompt st least some jealousy if not action out of him...He don't deserve her. HK is a lovely person inside as well as out and it would be his loss
  9. Psst.Chief Kim! I say you better stake your claim quick... your girl is getting away
  10. With sub titles:
  11. If SY is actually undercover this is episode that will tell one or other. If he rescues KSR it should be the breaking point for him to spill simply because matters have gone this far and at this point he must rationally know the latter not a corrupt thug only out for number 1 even if his hurt pride and personal antipathy toward the man does not want to admit at all. Just fish or cut bait show! And preview!! Look who had his thug suit on oh he is mad...
  12. The biggest thing is really that Gwang Sook said he has pretty much ignored all the women who tried to get his attention. Scooter rides, coffee together and calling a girl beautiful are little things for most guys but for him this is major relationship material. Plus he has been testing the waters with the asking her to call him chief with affection line and putting his arm around her shoulders but she shuts him down. If they are to progress any farther she has to give him opening which she did with her last line. All systems are go now!
  13. On a completely different note couldn't HK found a better out fit for her roomie to wear on her date.... that peach suit was like a 50 year old woman on the way to mass
  14. She had always had aspirations to be better than her past job and environment..She adored Chief for giving her the chance to be an "Office Woman" and so thinks HK is the ideal woman with her education and class and thus wants to be just like her. But I think she will soo discover Sang Tae adores her for her colorful loud self... curls and all.
  15. First viewers were expecting a fun bromance. Nada. Not in this life time. Next folks insisted they would be frenemies. Yeah right. Now all people want is for him not to be absolutely complete nutty as squirrel poo jerk