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  1. She has been stuck in harried mom mode so long she has forgotten and rusty with romantic feelings/attraction because I don’t get the feeling she and poor dead exasperated hubby had very much time or energy or interest for sex or romance.
  2. So what happens to the baby? If it’s a boy it’s liability letting him live because of all political machinations and factions of the court. They could adopt a girl out I guess? Not really as important.
  3. Welp.Looks like if you want to see this drama you have to watch it on Shady sites full of porn adds. Classy. Dramas are getting like crack.... sometimes you have to go real low to get your high.
  4. The Nasty Hag will probably try to set up Dae Ryook with Mi Ran because she sees a life time meal Ticket and With her Jealousy and hatred simply could not bear to see Do Ran have happy life with with a wealthy man and her adored “Real” daughter not come out on top above the child forced upon her she never loved.
  5. If this show stays true to Classic K drama formula she will reappear to cause conflict between the OTP, esp if she was forced to leave him because of orders, she really loves him, we can get back together now ETC. And Bon will have to choose.
  6. At the end of the day Ae Rin is a mother first. Her kids are her priority. If she has any doubts about about Bon at all she is right to act on them. If Fangirls who only see hawt Oppa will hate on her for that that’s there issue.
  7. This is actually great! It’s so much the better that the inevitable separation angst happens this early than say episode 13 with getting back together the last 20 min of episode 16.This way They will come together again and then have plenty of episodes to form a satisfying relationship and family unit, plus wrap the spy/espionage storyline up cleanly.
  8. I don’t think is a date as they both have baskets. They likely meet by chance.I hope they have a chance at falling in love without the kids around 24/7. That’s for the cute family moments and his character developement in that regard but this also supposed to be a rom com as well. Two unruly 6 year olds are not conducive to romance and why many parents have regular date nights/vacations alone.
  9. I was hoping he was a fox spirit/demon who was fatally injured and then put together again with like cybernetics or bionic parts .. like A Korean Rocket Racoon. That drama would be the Bomb.
  10. Soo... what’s the fox title and imagery have to do with this show?? Shouldn’t this drama be titled “Cyborg Cyrano” or “Bionic Bride Star” instead LOL?
  11. It’s one thing when small children are naughty and mishevious with you or at home but when they start habitually causing problems for other people in public then it’s not cute or acceptable and should not be counted as normal. That’s my final word on the subject
  12. @dramaninja Being kids dosen’t mean they have to be so wild and disobedient.
  13. I like my K drama lead men to be men not pretty flower boys physically, mentally and emotionally. Though the last is relative for most K drama heroes at the start though. As long as they change
  14. Well They do need a little more discipline and boundires to be honest. They are old enough to listen when she says stay put for a moment.