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  1. If this has a second season and Then Chief Kim has a second season... I will just be the happiest person that ever was happy in history of happiness!!!! But a did wonder how SO is supporting herself as well. I suppose her MIL and Oppa help her and KM feeds her plus maybe a small salary.
  2. The truth is very very few of these dramas get any more than their allotted run. The Korean TV industry is not set up for that. If this show actually does I will be both shocked and absolutely over the moon thrilled but let's be realistic here. With that I have said my peace on the subject
  3. So what exactly happened with her family situation?
  4. I wish there would be one as well but i have been watching dramas for many years. Good luck with your hope!
  5. It's called an open ending. It's up to our imagination now. The show is really done The good thing is New Dramas are starting all the time so you discover new favorites:)
  6. No. this drama will not have 2nd season. In the Korean television industry Those are very very rare even for even blockbuster ratings hits and this was not that. The best I had hoped for was an episode extension.
  7. Have a feeling a time skip might happen. Very popular right now in dramas and SO can come back with a throwaway line about being Divorced and already a certified detective
  8. Sooo... approximatel Time of death will clear him. He was with her. He has an alibi... what am I missing here?
  9. If she does not love him after this she is never going to to.
  10. Ah,But he has for her and we know she cares for him as a person, thinks he is handsome and can be herself with him like she can with no one else other than her Besty and her marriage is DOA so she may be free in future so the potential at least is there.
  11. But he definitely has no feelings for her other than brotherly concern if that. I do think in future IF he gets closure about HS and IF SO is not receptive of him, they stay just good friends and IF She does not pressure and annoy him like she did they could get together.
  12. @Nonglak Koomkamhaeng Because he wants too Hear a hint she might kinda be reciprocating his feelings.. he is fishing for a hope and she did say that in not so many words. In vino veritas as they say.
  13. That dress with its sad little bow was just dowdy really...but we got to see WS checking out her amazing legs in it at least
  14. Don't mean to be a pervy Ahjumma( sorry not sorry) but if they were ever actually do get together the way they argue the making up part should be very very fun