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  1. Silly Question of the day: is Chief Kim another exhiled Time Lord? Hmm. Smarter than everyone all the time, no apparent interest in Sex drive , extremely eccentric, plays the clown but You don't want to be on his bad side and he has to save the helpless, put down and preyed upon What say you?
  2. I don't trust that salty whiny tool manager Lee as far as I could throw him and I don't think Kim does either. They would do well not to include him in their plans at all.
  3. I really want to hear how Kim and Gwang Sook met. I guess she must have been in a bad spot and he saved her as she adores him so throughly. and the preview is up..
  4. You are such a hopeful person I think he is actually being very shortsighted right now... Kim is clearly much smarter than everyone one At TQ and it would have been much more profitable for Seo Yool to work with and ally himself with the chief for either good or bad purposes But he made an enemy instead.
  5. The subtle developing love line is an added treat to look forward to in every episode. And Gwang Sook is their cheerleader so what could be more sweet?
  6. Don!t worry. He has thrown enough hints out that he likes her as a bit more than a friend anyway such as when he tried to make sure HK Did not get the wrong idea about him and Gwang Sook and what he said about relationships not having to end because he was quitting. Besides they would not have her so obviously smitten if there was not going to be a reason... non tragic K dramas simply do not make their deserving heroines have completely unreciprocated feelings for the main lead and leave them heartbroken in the end. In short he is not in love yet but he will before all is said and done.
  7. Well it is safe to say no love triangle subplot will ever develop like most suspected it would. When he through away that baseball glove it was symbolic of him throwing any warmer feelings for her away. The Irony is everyone says Kim is trash with his criminal back ground and poor education and his eccentric ways but he really has a heart of gold for powerless people and is very sensitive is many ways. Seo yool is supposed to be society's golden boy with all the advantages and a job being supposedly upstanding but he is the trash inside.
  8. Well yes. The show has 8(?) more episodes and is Titled Chief Kim. He is in fact going nowhere
  9. What a cutie! I can't wAit for him and Gwang Sookie to meet! So adorable it will be
  10. He was never actively trying to get rich or even put a lot of effort into his stealing. He skimmed where he could when could. His plan was simply to raise the money to get to Denmark. If he was a real "snake" like he claims he could have easily gotten into the other more profitable business gangsters are into such as prostitution and drugs and and made the money in no time but the cruelty and violence would have killed him inside.
  11. I Think Ga Eun has set her Cap for our chief... and they really used that Goblin Song?? The PD's here are too much LOL Seo Yool is very dark right now and it looks like his crush on Ha Kyung might have switched to trying to play her, use her to get info on the chair woman. I don't think he knows she knows he is not someone to trust. Anyway she better be careful.
  12. If nothing else an historical not set Joseon or Goreyo times will be a very welcome change the Japanese occupation period has been largely ignored in Dramas and the 19th century even more so.
  13. Can you give a rough translation or summary please?
  14. Speaking of Mr Buckwheat I wonder whatever happened to him?