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  1. @bedifferent because this show loves a trope lately and dead cold fish lips is a classic.
  2. those White (Jindo?) dogs are in shown in many dramas and always tied up to a dog house. They don’t usually seem like pets like in this drama. More like guard dogs.
  3. No. Seems like it’s the forgotten drama Unfortunately Old fashioned cute straight Rom Coms are not “in” right now. Apparently Everything must be deep, darkish and involve death, corruption and law to be on trend at the moment. 10 years ago this drama would have been huge .
  4. Can’t wait! I bet he is going to conflicted about training her rigorously vs being to rough and she is going to be like “WTH? Dude this is fun! Come at me again”
  5. The thing is A person like CMS with wealth, connections and reputation will always find a way to control and inspire fear even in prison. And they can live pretty well . That’s why drug lords Can still run their operations and kill people from jail . The only way to kill a snake is to cut off its head .
  6. Usually by episode 11 of 16 the hero has pretty much realized his feelings is not letting second girl kiss him much less kiss her back.
  7. That’s why he needs to start teaching her proper self defense. If his right hand man gets hurt trying to protect BSP will be devastated again and she will feel terribly guilty.
  8. There are too many fun exciting cute sexy romantic intriguing dramas with lovely characters on right now to keep hoping against hope one certain one doesn’t keep further making us disappointed and annoy every week
  9. I just think The witch and her low life brother Are so much more savvy, greedy and manipulative than Man boy and Whale dance its going to be painful to watch.
  10. I don’t understand this drama... I guess I am dropping it. I tried. Sorry folks. Catch you on another drama.
  11. @violina Yes. I would even say if he had not had a caring uncle and had less intelligents he could easily have turned into AOJ
  12. This guy is eating his troubles away. He obviously can’t keep a woman or presumably a job.
  13. I just suspect NSJ may have had a job like a bar hostess or other job where entertaining men was involved and it was a hit it and quit it. She dosen’t strike me as a younger woman who would have had problem with that. Edit: Bar hostess not bat. Bats would have better taste...
  14. Though she is immensely ignorant nasty trashy and mean she does love her daughter ,Probably the only one she loves really, subconsciously see’s in her daughter everything she is not and Wants better for Yeon Hee than she has had. Unfortunately Her annoying, threatening, violent and manipulative ways are the only means her crude mind and nature knows to process those feelings though.She is a brute.