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  1. Don't call people out to gloat. It's rude and immature. I said I did not think their would be a second season. I was wrong.But slow your roll anyway:If the lead actors don't commit for any reason you will get a very different show.
  2. AMAZING!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Please let the BOTH leads return !
  3. I don't think he is particularly attractive either. The sister character is somewhat plain IMO. What I do like is that TW and and Chinese dramas don't have cookie cutter pretty (AKA the same plastic surgeon actors) that K dramas have.
  4. In Masked Lover the lead Couple should have been the Gangster and nurse. Their story is the true highlight of the show. TW Dramas have a long way to go before they reach the price toon level of a good K drama. I liked Perfect Match to begin with but the illogical writing and oftimes infantile heroine put me off.
  5. It's KBS/ Show runners not the ratings that won't let them show more of the bed scene because Suspicious Partner on SBS is the same rating and we got something much more in your face at least for a mainstream broadcast drama.
  6. I don't think Bong Hee would just automatically get back together with him for the the sake of the child. Too independent for that. She would more likely say something to the affect of you can see the kid whenever you want and financially helps us but I don't want a forced relationship because you feel responsible.
  7. No.That is rare and a show has to have absolutely abysmal numbers. While SP may not have the numbers we know it deserves or expected but for a a Rom Com it is doing very respectably. I would be more worried about a sucky or odd ending like The recent Mystery Queen had.
  8. And no woman wants a man that is going to clam up and avoid whenever an issue comes up. It's just too tiring to live like that. He has already half lost her this time and we know he will get her back one way or other because well the drama is not over LoL but he needs to heed this and learn from it.
  9. @mikmik It all depends on the time line. If we say 3 weeks passed then yes she should be having some signs by now. IF she is they will find out when she goes to the hospital and they have to take a test. We gonna see soon enough.
  10. Hmm. I think right now there are too many crime/thriller/corrupt prosecutor dramas on with a distinct lack of Romance and Comedy. People need a little whip cream to go with their soju
  11. I think this is a good thing in the long run. If they can get through this they can get through anything and they will know what they have is strong and lasting. If they can't then it's not meant to be in the first place.A trial by fire to test them. Right now it was all spooning and good sex and puppy eyes but as we see this episode something ohas been missing, an essential trust or willingness to communicate or I dont know what mostly on his end. And it was already starting to unravel on them. And Now is a perfect to get these issues ironed out. If this had occurred in 3 years after they married and probably had a baby bunny of their own it would have been very very problematic to say the least.
  12. EBHs friends seem to pop up only when they serve a plot purpose like the pregnant lady and the one she saved. You'd think a bubbly fun girl would have lots of friends to rely on.
  13. JH is a Frenimy and they have a long untold history. But she has friends such as the pregnant lady so I am interested why her of all people.