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  1. @joonminfan I agree! I He thinks he can awe her into accepting him by extravagance and money simply because that’s the kind of people he has been around all his life. He already adores her but needs to realize she is type who is more moved by things from the heart. I think in the end they will build a nice, cozy but very modern home on Island with room for Grandma and he will go back for Dramas or Movies as needed.
  2. KS won’t be happy for long without a job or purpose and just shopping, playing, being arm candy as much as He might want to spoil her. Her getting a job or at least volunteering with the elderly and Getting more education is probable. Plus realistically it will help a lot with the Gossip and nasty talk if the public and his people see a pretty smart kind and hardworking girl not a countrified “soup place” Ahjumma who is living off him. She is great as she is but some modern polish and skills can’t hurt. If he got to get a little country, she can get a little city.
  3. Well there is grandma to think about. How can she leave her? And You know Halmoni would not do well in the city. Yes, they will have to figure it out with the prerequisite angst but I trust in a happy ending because this a happy show
  4. I feel bad her innocence is or maybe going to be shattered when she see’s how mean and ugly snobby classist Rich Seoul people can be... Her accent, demeanor and naivety are ripe for bullying
  5. Yeah. He is firmly oppa zoned! Poor Ma Dol. sorry not sorry.
  6. He is marking his territory... she don’t have dang clue though LOL.
  7. Ahh. I have seen enough dramas... he can only sleep really well if she is near
  8. RE: Progress: I suppose so because he has all this backstory. If she is going to be any part of his healing they Need to be together in the same place IE Soul and once she knows she will want to help both because of her kind nature and her feelings for him. But I don’t think we will see much of her trying to fit into the city like I thought previously. They have enough plot already. Now Watch me be totally wrong LOL
  9. They would have to go back to his place. Being around MD right then would be totally awkward and YB didn’t come all the way back for that to happen anyway. They can’t go back the island right away so She ends up crashing in his house, in his bed because of one? Room. But That’s a whole nother kind of awkward at least for him while she basically is clueless
  10. That’s why the love triangle is a waste of time... let’s see her and Island folks help him heal and be able to eat the Delicious KimBap she makes for him
  11. It would really bite and draggy if They spend the rest of the episodes in a love triangle and only have YB and KS get Together the last 15 min of episode 10 :/ I wish them to resolve this next episode or Two and then concentrate on YB’s issues