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  1. I think that might be the key... His female assistant becomes Heo Im in the history that we know so to speak and continues to treat the people and he stays in the future with YK. Many many women in history have disguised themselves as men and we know nothing of the Real Heo Ims private life only he that was lauded and lived to a ripe old age. HI sees her as no more than a dear friend so she is no competition for our Heroine anyway. pe
  2. He looks exactly like a Joseon man who is not in the military or working in the field all day and would look... Pale, spare and No muscle.
  3. Heo Im is savvy pretty worldly guy who should know power players and business People either here or in Joseon don't just do anything out of the goodness of their hearts and will tend manipulate others if they can... They may be favoring him now but will he be willing to do what they may ask in return?
  4. Joseon Era Hyeminseo Clinic Kim Nam Gil as Heo Im (30) Moon Woo Jin (문우진) as child Heo Im Shin Rin Ah as Yun Yi (10) Moon Ga Young as Gong Mak Gae (20) Kim Byung Choon as Kwon Ji Oh Dae Hwan as Doo Chil (36) Jin Sun Kyu as Yun Yi's father Takeda Hiromitsu (다케다 히로미츠) as Sayaga / Kim Choong Sun (22) Choi Jae Sup (최재섭) as Ddak Sae (41) Do y'all see what I see ? No way that is a coincidence! Present Shinhye Hospital Kim Ah Joong as Choi Yun Kyung (32) Noh Jung Ui as Oh Ha Ra (15) Ahn Suk Hwan as Shin Myung Hoon (62) Lee Dae Yeon as professor Hwang (mid 40s) Lee Jae Won as Kang Man Soo (32) Sung Joo (성주) as Kim Min Jae (late 20s) Seo Jung Yeon as Jung Yi Yun (mid 30s
  5. I too think some mechanism will be in place where he/ they can go back and forth because this show is at heart a Rom Com (even though the Rom needs to hurry up and start in earnest already) and it covers all basis: She gets both her man and indoor plumbing and He can serve his people and have TV as well
  6. I don't think he is her dad after all. His reaction was not one of father who had not seen his daughter in a long long time. I think he met her as a small child and remembers her warmly.
  7. Let's see: If Heo Im stays in 2017: *All those desperate sick peasants and slaves and servants lose a doctor who will have learned to really care by then. And they don't have that many options anyway. *History will be changed in untold ways and the advances he helped make in acupuncture will never have happened. If YK stays with him in 1592 Joseon: * She loses her Grandad whom she loves and loves her presumably after they get full closure about her mother and the past. * She can't be a female Doctor, much less a surgeon. Never perform the Job she is devoted to and went to school for years for. * A strong smart woman is going to have to deal with the low status of females. *!Toilets!
  8. I really really hope they don't have that "separated forever but happy and fulfilled now thanks to him/her" ending
  9. Heo Jun is wise. He knew Heo Im was not ready for the palace and needed to learn some valuable lessons about what being a doctor is really about so through some yet to be explained hoodoo had him sent here. And somehow he knows YK and HI are together for a reason
  10. He wants to be a modern man but he is not. His place in history is too be a pioneer doctor not a corporate pet for For hospital bigwigs. The question is how he goes... Saving her yet again? Then she is going with him once more!
  11. @Lmangla Not to fear. There were some stills of him clean shaven in Joseon Clothes. He had to go back to save the little girl Heo Im was a very influential Acupuncturist who wrote a famous manual. Can't do that if he is here. He is already rewriting history being where he is not meant to be.
  12. * The Woman was in the process of being treated. The money aspect is neither here nor there because might have fir all we know . She had a hope and a fighting chance. I never said Choi was a saint and I don't find her particularly warm or loving but the woman had been been looked was not on verge of death and she certainty is not in charge of finding her patients innner secrets. * The servant was an elderly women who could not get to even the presumably one poor clinic in Hanyang and her son even though he is clearly not a good guy was doing what he could. Which one of us in that situation if they saw a doctor know for being almost magical passing by wouldn't beg to be for a loved on e to be at least looked at? * He wasn't really tired is the point. He was not going to rest. He used that as an excuse to go play with Kisaengs/find some rich nobles to treat. Yes. they might have blamed him but we can't know that for sure and even a cursory exam and a needle would have placated the man at least. That was all the son was asking for. * YK went to the club when she was off and came back when she got the call when she was needed. And that time there were plenty of other Doctors and She could have said she was tired and ignored the summons. That's the difference between her and him: She is dedicated and devotes her life to the patients. He has a job but once the bell rings he could care less about the government clinic patients. * She is confident and brilliant but all top surgeons are. Not sure how people are getting she is so arrogant. Not brlieving in needles and moxa is the norm I would think. She at least tries to relate but either due to her past or her nature it is difficult for her but she knows the importance of it and makes the effort... She worked on Ha Ra and got her trust when no one else could. And we don't know whether she lost patients or not do we? Did they say? Doctors expect this on occasion but the good ones still try with utmost. Yeah. You need money.It still talks. But a poor women in 1592 is dead without some compassion. A poor women in 2017 has at very least system in place for people like her in a modern country like Korea. You may not get the best but you won't die on the street either.
  13. I have to disagree with that. YKs elderly patient was being taken care of in a state of the art hospital and was going to be treated one way or the other. The servant Heo Im disregarded had literally no one but him. She could not even go to the clinic and Heo Im knew this but did not even spare a thought or feeling about it to go drink. His Ambition is to Get Heo Im a higher status and make as much money as much as possible for Heo Im and Right now he uses he gifts to do just that and patients are just a means to an end ...His ambition cost a woman her life, might have cost a little girl her life and is drawing him toward the greedy Power players in the hospital. And he only has fleeting pangs on any of it. YK may have her faults but she had been shown to despise that game and is always thinking of her patients and others ... Ha Ra never ever left her mind and when she heard about servant she was appalled at him. I don't hate Heo Im but he is not a hero or someone to be praised yet.