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  1. Personally I think it's great that HR has a relationship with her biological dad right now. That way when her mother self-destruct she will be familiar with being with him. Let's face HR's mother and grandmother are going to in up in prison or dead in the end. You know what I find funny is that the "bad" folks are always outraged when someone hands them the same snit that they themselves have been handing out to others. MH lies as easily has she does breathe. Her biggest fear is to lose everything that they have stolen from others. But she gets off on taking things from others. She has caused everything bad in her own life and points the finger at the people she's done damage to. I see a rubber wall room in her near future. Everyone has stated time and again that the fact that DY and HJ are working toward the same goal separately is a big problem and I agree he is using his brain and she is running on emotions. I would rather GO stay with Big Nam rather then whimsy grandma. She is a security risk. Once MH and her Evil mother get wind that he's with HJ he's as good as gone again. Well that's my two cents. Can't wait until Monday.
  2. I was wondering that also. Hopefully now that DY's mom realizes that he is awake she won't leave his side.
  3. Am I the only one concerned about state in which DY wakes up in? Will he remember everything? Or will we have to wade through the whole amnesia phase for a few episodes?
  4. I am sure if anyone has said this or not. But perhaps DY will need more blood and they test TY and discover that he isn't related after all. Opening the door for Sy and Ty's relationships.
  5. Didn't we hear a voice over when Big Nam placed the phone in the plastic bag saying he was dead? I am thinking that last call little Nam had with MH will come into evidences at some point.
  6. We know that MH signed the divorce papers and DY said that he won't make the divorce known until HR was 18 but does that mean he didn't file the paperwork?
  7. Why anyone would trust her is beyond anything I can understand. MH is not going to do any prison time all of her time will be spent in a Mental Hospital. She is going to go completely insane from all the lies and voices in her head. She and her mother are bat- snit cray-cray.
  8. I to wonder about the locks on the front doors. And why open the door for people you don't know? Here's another baffling thing, why answer the phone for people you know are causing you trouble. And one more in Kdrama folks always want to take you to the roof, outside or hem you up in the stairwell. What's that all about? And is throwing water in folks face a requirement for bada**es? I am sorry these things are just confusing to me. Have a great weekend friends.
  9. MH lies as easily as she does breathing. I need need need someone to call her on her snit. She only gets away with her BS because everyone around her falls right in line And I can't for the life of me figure out why? Does JW really believe that his daughter is going to inherit both companies? That is a Lina's of crap. They I see it none of them even work enough for the company to maintain to much longer any way. It won't be much to inherit in the end. DY' s dad is crooked, MH 's mom is a thief. Why can't the people around MH figure out that she is capable of doing dirt to everyone else who to say she won't do it to me. That are all senseless if you ask me.
  10. JG's mom is just plain stupid. After a while wouldn't you wonder why Ma Chung is always in your families business?Every time you turn around this women is saying something about your family. Wouldn't you start to think something was up? She is going to want to really commit suicide when it is all said and done. Where is Ma Vhung's mother? She needs to get back there and start talking. I am very upset with this episode. I hope the writers are going to make at least two people so some serious jail time in the end. Because what SA has done has affected the basic lives. Their ability to put food on the table and have a reasonable place to live. Shaking my head at the writers.
  11. I am so with you on that. Enough is enough. How much longer will that make the good suffer. I hate how these Kdramas always show all the mean, nasty and deplorable acts of the bad folks for most no almost all of the drama and a few moments of peace, joy and happiness of the of the "good or just" people. Isn't there enough if the meanness in the real world already. Come on writers lets start cleaning this up. You are losing your viewers now.
  12. You are correct regarding HR being protected by DY. I feel so sorry for HR her mom uses her against or for attention toward DY and doesn't show her any affection. MS has now turned on her as if it her fault her dad isn't DY. Why take that out on the child? All of the older folks shouldn't be parents at all let alone grand parents. I am at a lost when they say I am doing this or that for your own good. Let me make those decisions. DY and HJ should take both children and get the heck out of dodge. Taking SY with the.
  13. You know what really gets my goat is DY's mom act all tough toward HJ and her mom but crumbles at her ex husband and MH. She irks me almost as much as HJ's mom. I take that back they run neck and neck in the irking department. I just can't get pass any of the bull crap regarding DY's dad and mistress. I don't understand why she was living with DY and his mom. I don't know anywhere where that would happen in real life. That snit is unreal. I can't wait for the pendulum to swing back on the lot of evil folks. MH is the biggest bully of them all. She should be locked up in a mental institution. I really hate the way she uses her daughter.
  14. I am so sick of SE. Someone should have put her in her place a long time ago. I tell you this if she becomes the "winner " in the heir "game" whatever you call it. The rest of her family will get kicked to the curb by her. A snake is a snake. She doesn't deserve to have a sweet daughter she is not capable of giving love and she sure has hell isnt receptive to receiving it. From family any way. She will end up more bitter and lonely in the end.