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  1. How can you do so much mean and hateful stuff to one person and then get to be the victim?
  2. I fear EB getting pregnant any time soon. I don't trust her mother or sister. They are so evil I think they would go out of their way to try and convince everyone that James is the baby father or cause EB so much stress that she has a miscarriage . And how is it the the twins father is never around to catch evilleen and jr. evilleen when they are going off on EB? He leaves a lot to be desired as a father figure. I have a feeling that all the physical actions by HJ is going to take a toll on EB. Remember in the beginning of their relationship rumor was that he was "violate". Hopefully they can lean on each other and weather the storm.
  3. I am really trying to hold on until things completely turn around for the "good family". But in truth that Park family mother has a whole lot of nerve. Is she even aware of what her husband's family has done? She and Ja Myung are just awlful human being. Granted BG deserve everything coming her way I wonder if she will even understand the consequence of her actions. Can someone please tell me if EB's mom told EB's mom the truth in the one on one meeting? Am I the only one still watching?