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  1. Me personally want to see her sitting in a cell muttering to herself over and over again.
  2. Who are these people that are willing to go to prison and take the blame for stuff that didn't do? What is wrong with them? I am with whoever said let the mean shameful CA go crazy after they sentence her to life in prison.
  3. Oh my goodness I also feel the same way. The police just take the word of the evil villains so easily. It is disgusting. Maybe this has been addressed and I missed it. But does DY's dad not know the MH kid napped Go twice? But then again one shouldn't expect righteousness from a crook like him I guess.
  4. Perhaps they have a family discount at the Looney Bin because the whole lot of them are BatSnit crazy.
  5. Let me get this correct. MH's mom is out of prison on a "sick Leave" that I didn't know happens. But than again I don't know a whole lot about prison. But okay she is out at home without a surveillance device, no one that I can tell is checking up on her. ThT is crazy even for kdramas am I right.
  6. Personally I think it's great that HR has a relationship with her biological dad right now. That way when her mother self-destruct she will be familiar with being with him. Let's face HR's mother and grandmother are going to in up in prison or dead in the end. You know what I find funny is that the "bad" folks are always outraged when someone hands them the same snit that they themselves have been handing out to others. MH lies as easily has she does breathe. Her biggest fear is to lose everything that they have stolen from others. But she gets off on taking things from others. She has caused everything bad in her own life and points the finger at the people she's done damage to. I see a rubber wall room in her near future. Everyone has stated time and again that the fact that DY and HJ are working toward the same goal separately is a big problem and I agree he is using his brain and she is running on emotions. I would rather GO stay with Big Nam rather then whimsy grandma. She is a security risk. Once MH and her Evil mother get wind that he's with HJ he's as good as gone again. Well that's my two cents. Can't wait until Monday.
  7. I was wondering that also. Hopefully now that DY's mom realizes that he is awake she won't leave his side.
  8. Am I the only one concerned about state in which DY wakes up in? Will he remember everything? Or will we have to wade through the whole amnesia phase for a few episodes?
  9. I am sure if anyone has said this or not. But perhaps DY will need more blood and they test TY and discover that he isn't related after all. Opening the door for Sy and Ty's relationships.
  10. Didn't we hear a voice over when Big Nam placed the phone in the plastic bag saying he was dead? I am thinking that last call little Nam had with MH will come into evidences at some point.
  11. We know that MH signed the divorce papers and DY said that he won't make the divorce known until HR was 18 but does that mean he didn't file the paperwork?
  12. Why anyone would trust her is beyond anything I can understand. MH is not going to do any prison time all of her time will be spent in a Mental Hospital. She is going to go completely insane from all the lies and voices in her head. She and her mother are bat- snit cray-cray.
  13. I to wonder about the locks on the front doors. And why open the door for people you don't know? Here's another baffling thing, why answer the phone for people you know are causing you trouble. And one more in Kdrama folks always want to take you to the roof, outside or hem you up in the stairwell. What's that all about? And is throwing water in folks face a requirement for bada**es? I am sorry these things are just confusing to me. Have a great weekend friends.
  14. MH lies as easily as she does breathing. I need need need someone to call her on her snit. She only gets away with her BS because everyone around her falls right in line And I can't for the life of me figure out why? Does JW really believe that his daughter is going to inherit both companies? That is a Lina's of crap. They I see it none of them even work enough for the company to maintain to much longer any way. It won't be much to inherit in the end. DY' s dad is crooked, MH 's mom is a thief. Why can't the people around MH figure out that she is capable of doing dirt to everyone else who to say she won't do it to me. That are all senseless if you ask me.