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  1. @lolly84 omo...count me to your pervy chingu fainted already the screen already burning
  2. Yeah..that picture chingu.. I don't know how to insert pic here
  3. Preview Ep15 omg!! My heart really can't take it.. Ep13 & 14 so heartbreaking bogum new pic with staff.. Please correct me..Saw Jinhyuk left hand got bandage? Or something wrong with my eyes Is that why got scene in hospital? Please2 pd-nim.. I'm still positive for jinsoo happy ending in ep16.. Please make this sad moment only 30 minutes in ep15 .after that happy moments for jinsoo
  4. @bebebisous33 where are you:bawling: really miss your post.. Ep13...14 and preview 15 so heartbreaking:bawling:

    1. bebebisous33


      I know... I am late but due to the evolution, I kept postponing to watch the last two episodes!:cold_sweat: I am doing it now...

  5. Omo.. I'm.crying buckets today episode waeyo JH Eomma...waeeeeee..... please let JH and SH together forever
  6. @jl08 Love your hashtag #CUBANBALCONYKISS Pali2 pd-nim
  7. Wahhh.. Thanks @utkim... The new still I love soohyun hair jinsoo hwaiting can't wait for tonite episode burning
  8. @bebebisous33 woahhhh daebakkk chingu I really impressed with your analysis.. Very details I'm speechless when I read you analysis...thank you for posting this beautiful writing really talented master writing you bring us to jinsoo world..jinsoo love story... Auwwwwww kamsahamnida
  9. @roshzanna in Cuba JH's ear is red because of summer lol.. But wild imagination never agree that @stardustvoid auwwwww the beach scene is that for night? my wild imagination..Twink..Twink
  10. @mellinadear thank you chingu as I 'm seldom posting here but I really enjoy reading all of your comment here. As SHK fan.. I always support her whatever she did.. I always trust her choices. Really-really love her EC really best drama for me that i keep replaying all the episode every weekend. Butttt... Ep10 is so howwwwttt that I keep replaying the scene all the time *cough**cough* So those haters who keep on bring her down..it's not worth..you all wasting time.. She always on the top..shipper sometimes can't differentiates between reel and real.. *sejenis yang tak reti bahasa* For PBG fans here.. I hope I'm not late to say that you're awesome...PBG blessed to have you all as his fan PBG really-really impressed me his acting really daebak.. I'm watching his drama before like I Remember You and Love In The Moonlight.. Reply 1988, I don't watch I can't imagine other actor as Kim Jin Hyuk..He's the only one * i'm waiting for ep11..auwwwwwww Can't wait to see rolling-rolling there Wednesday please come soonest So SongHyeKyo x ParkBoGum.. HWAITING!!!!! Done rambling pardon my English chingu
  11. @ahdrianaa omo chingu you are so daebakkkk... Waiting for their oh soooooo passionate balcony kisscan't wait to see them rolling-rolling there and there
  12. @leedonghaek Wahhh... Csh's father, KJH, JWS and Mr. Nam now I want to see the pic Csh's Mom, CSH, ex-Mil and Manager Kim
  13. Happy New Year to All Chingu more Jinsoo skinship is coming
  14. Omo.. can't wait for next ep9 & ep10... kisseu scene at Cuba...please PD-nim i keep replaying ep8