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  1. This is so true, religion needs their believers to be alive and powerful. I love this analysis about Habaek's powers @V Good luck w/the move! @supergal99 If I were swimming w/NJH cough , cough Habak I would forget that I knew how to swim too @Chellsee I didn't get a chance to thank you for the romantic candlelight dinner date pics, I thought about them today when I was at work. I hope we get to watch this tonight. I'm hoping DramaFever has the episode up, will be back after I watch.
  2. Omo bebebisense, wow this is a great analysis, it's true modern man does have a tendency to equate the pursuit of money as a new religion. Just look at the elder Shin, he has money but just wants more to the point he doesn't seem to enjoy it and I really had not looked at this but you are so right HY wants to help but the only way he can is by giving it away. Our spoiled Habaek is learning there is more to happiness than money, that there are more ways to help his 'servant' without it because he is being forced to. I believe that when he came to the earth that him losing his powers and having to depend on others is a part of his journey to find the stones. It was meant for him to lose everything when he came here. I have spent a day back reading and just loved reading everyone's analysis, I usually don't go as far back as 20 pages but everyone's analysis has really been great and I didn't want to miss it. @athena22 @V thanks for the live recaps/screencaps and @jeonghyang our gifmaster for the gifcaps.
  3. I found this on YT and just thought it's just the sweetest thing.
  4. @0ly40 Thank you for starting this thread I'm so excited to watch this one The CodeBlues have been my favorite medical dramas I can't wait to see how our doctors are doing 7 years later
  5. LOLOL That's so hilarious, I've seen a few on YT. I just love how our YT Shawols are just running w/it.
  6. I don't get why everyone is so upset over HJ and WS either and thank you for writing this. It really is up to WS to choose who she wants, I could see it differently too if JH and WS were an item but they are not. She has already told him she just wants to be his friend. And I think JH did tell HJ to stay away from her out of jealousy. If he was acting like a concerned friend he would have said something to HJ when he first told JH he liked her. The only reason he said something was he saw that WS is having feelings for HJ. Do I hate his character, no but he is being a jerk. Since I didn't watch that drama or got into that couple, I would like to know what do you actually mean by this? I believe this thread has been a very lively and good place to be able to have different opinions on it but I just can't help but feel this comment is an indirect put-down on the people who differ w/your opinion.
  7. I agree after watching last nights episode, I think YJ is JH's father. When BH's friend told GJ about her pregnancy, she said she thought the father was HJ. What if BH just let everyone assume that HJ is the father since he disappeared? Being an unwed mother in Korea is not an easy thing, maybe she thought it would be easier to not to name YJ as the father. I'm curious to see when and why YJ married Cathy. I'm also shipping BH and GJ, it looks to me that GJ has never let BH know how he feels about her. This last episode showed me that BH is interested in GJ, she was disappointed he didn't invite her to go fishing w/him, he has not fought to be her manager. He's accepted defeat, by letting her go to YJ's agency and it really seems like the only reason BH was going over to YJ's agency was to help GJ keep the building. I would love to watch a sweet romance develop between them.
  8. It looks like W came in first place but when I looked back at the poll the results were gone.
  9. Thanks for the info I've got to check to see if it's available in my area. I know we get KBS World but am not too sure about MBC.
  10. Hello Chingu I'm happy you will be joining us! I've been on a variety show kick lately, I'll have to check it out
  11. Hello! Please pm me the link too, I've been lurking on and off here but just gave up because of no subs
  12. Annyeong, I'm still around chingu, this drama is just intriguing. It looks so different and every teaser I watch makes me want to see more. @MiAmour @duldulok Thanks for keeping us updated
  13. I feel ya for the holiday kdrama marathon, it feels strange that the 4th is on a Tuesday. I feel that my weekend was interrupted by Monday I loved TEN, it's one of my favs. I hope you enjoy it. I hope they start filming so we can get some pics soon.
  14. Thank you for asking this I was wondering about this too. I was really behind w/my dramas/this thread and just got to watch the latest ep. Does this open the door to JH's father/birth secret? Why would GJ be sorry to HJ?
  15. Chingu I knew you would come through w/some awesome gfs I was going to wait until tonight to watch but just had to check it out this morning. I loved it, I have been checking DramaFever for ep 2 since noon... I hate waiting for subs (I just couldn't help myself NJH is just so handsome) @nevill I would just not read the comments on IG if people want to be immature. Married actors have been acting in romance-themed movies, plays and tv shows for a long time and no one generally has a problem w/it. These people leaving nasty comments just can't see the difference between fantasy and real life. SMH SMH I just don't get it. I feel bad for SSK too but I'm sure (I hope) her managers have not let her see those types of comments.