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  1. I have to wish Taemin Happy Birthday. He has really grown up right in front of our eyes. From that cute kid in SHINee to a very talented and handsome man.
  2. If he was just morally gray, why didn't she come to him when whatever happened to get her on the run happened? She must not be able to trust her husband. If he was such a nice guy why does she have gangsters after her? He has to know or given the order to find her by any means. It looks to that driver/secretary-nim hates her. I think she wouldn't have looked for her unless she was ordered to. The 2nd lead is bringing clingy to the 5th level. She is certainly shameless chingu I think since she lost her memory he feels like he's done helping her. His helping her must have put him in danger too. @celebrianna I like your theory that she might have been the guardian's informant. I felt that he was a friend who was helping her but who knows at this point? What ever sh's running from has to be big.
  3. This very strange, I just can't believe that they did not miss her. Maybe they never said anything because she didn't remember what happened. I know they were young too but I just can't see the oldest sister not having a clue. @kaoriharang Thanks for the tag. I was dying for that preview.
  4. Me too, it looks like they are trying to make PHJ and Jang PD out as the scapegoats of this fiasco. I don't believe it for one minute. I hope this does get resolved soon too.
  5. I just finished watching it, I liked it. At first, I wasn't so sure, it seemed a little slow, but at the end of this week's episodes, I'm definitely hooked. I know w/every melodrama there's a chance it could go off the rails but for now, it's very compelling. @ajummapunkinssiI'm happy you are watching this too. I already love the chemistry of the leads. I'm happy that our leading lady is not a damsel in distress, she wants to find out who she is and why she's on the run.
  6. evie7

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    I want to watch this one too. It sounds intriguing, looks a little dark, I may pick it up next weekend when one of my kdramas end. I have missed my Jdramas, I'm happy a few I wanted to watch this Spring now have subs.
  7. evie7

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    It's been a while since I watched any jdramas but I just finished episode 1 of Good Doctor, and really liked it. Kento is doing a great job. I love the original kdrama, so I thought I would have problems comparing it but didn't compare it all. I also checked out Sachiiro No One Room that has a very questionable premise but I like it too. It's one of those stories that sound so wrong but it just feels right. I can't wait to see what happens next. @snow_angel Did you like Gakeppuchi Hotel? I've been wanting to watch it but it was one of those Spring Dramas that didn't get subbed right away.
  8. @feelbora I have to admit that, I was disappointed that Ju Ji Hoon was not going to join Ha Ji Won in this drama It's Ha Ji Wan so of course, I'm in. Finding out that Ji Goo is going to be the lead has made very happy Thanks for the update.
  9. I think we will get a little more make out and then the morning after If they interrupt it and no morning after @jeonghyang @kaoriharang @Kasmic @ohoheli Thank you for such awesome recaps/screencaps and gifcaps @nonski Missed you this week
  10. I know, I like them too. Why do they have to give Jo Hyun Jae a dark side? My poor Hun Kang evil in another drama? @0ly40 Thanks for starting this thread, I love Nam Sang Mi
  11. GIFS CR @jeonghyang OMG this is better than the closet kiss Thanks for the tag and all of the goodies
  12. Wow, so he was just using his childhood friend, poor OR that really has to hurt. Ceo Jung is a total Richard Simmons Thanks for the mini recap, @Ayame Thanks for the preview I needed to see that to know it's safe to watch tonite. @yusefull It looks like a kiss to me
  13. I like Lee Ji Hoon too but I'm more excited about writer-nim . She wrote Dalja's Spring, Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Romantic Teacher. I grew up on airport movies, One of my favorite J dramas Good Luck is an airport drama, so I'm hoping this will be another exceptional drama. I have no clue about the title, maybe it should be named Flying Fox Bride?
  14. I'm SMH at the parents too, did they really think that by going along w/this lie was a good thing? Now SY who mentally couldn't process the guilt of leaving his brother alone. Making it easy for the kidnapper to grab him. He was allowed to take over YJ's life. Did they really think that YJ couldn't remember who he was? By ignoring what happened 24 years ago, they succeeded in making the situation worse. @princessfiana Thank you for giving the backstory of how SY was allowed to take over YJ's life. I agree with @martanur It has to be the push up pad falling out. You just knew it was going to happen but it still was hilarious.
  15. evie7

    ❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성

    It really does look good, I can't wait to watch this. I have missed Ji Sung