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  1. Hey, @willenette thanks for the update. For a while there it seemed like he had just disappeared again. I'm happy that we have a movie to look forward too.
  2. I was the same way, never had watched him in a drama until KMHM, then feel in love w/him. I feel he is one of the best actors around too. I really liked New Heart and the movie Confession. You can also try watching him in Entertainer too. @rhiesta Thanks for the news of his winning those awards. I'm so happy for him.
  3. Omo, I've been waiting for this one since I read about Junho had a new drama. @darr I watched him for the first time in Chief Kim too. He slayed it in that drama and it looks like from what little we have seen of him in the teasers, he's going to slay it again. @jongski Good to see ya here I hope this one gets subbed, I'm still fuming that we have none for Dean's drama But I'll tag ya later in that thread. @Go Seung Ji Thanks for starting this one
  4. Mainhae to cut that eloquent post of yours but this part is just so beautiful. Thank You
  5. It wasn't a dream I'm so happy Those last 10mins of today's episode were just beautiful. Best kiss scene ever
  6. Hey chingu! I've been watching this one every week. There was no way i would miss LMK's new drama. I've been popping in in out of this thread but it moves so fast that it's hard to keep up. I'm hoping we get a for real kiss this week, it's time for it to happen.
  7. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Thanks for sharing this, it's so cute. It reminds me of this Oh my I didn't even think about this possibility. That Doctor GR was just an innocent bystander but he couldn't have been since MG's mother is in on this somehow. Here we go again everytime questions are answered, more come up. @Lawyerh Welcome to the world of Black chingu!. It's been ages since we have shared a thread, can't wait to read your insights
  8. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    There has to be another, group out there, we have OMH who is just trying to get rid of anyone that can bring his company down. I don't think he wanted to have OMS killed. It seems when we have gotten glimpses of him when he was young that has wasn't the Richard Simmons that he is now. I think finding about his father's corruption changed him to the point he now feels entitled to the company. Did anyone catch the fact that he said OMS is a convict? I'm wondering now what part has he played or what has he witnessed that is connected to the sex ring? He seems like he's a good guy, but the minute that thought came into my mind I had a doubt about that. Black keeps telling HR not to trust humans, she really does trust OMS. I could just be being overly paranoid but I'm going to keep my eye on him.
  9. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I'm with you but just the sight of SSH's lips looking like they may be in kiss mode just gets me Good to see ya here too Ok so we now know that MG's stepfather is a reaper, Joon is not MG and it looks like MG's mother is a part of this conspiracy. Bravo to everyone here that had figured this out Now we have more questions like how does MG's stepdad know 444? We know OMH has a killer going after anyone that can speak up about Royal Insurances involvement w/this teenager sex ring but why is the second faction going after anyone involved w/it? I feel ya, it's hard to turn this one off. I thought too that Doctor GR could be 444's partner too but why would he inhabit the doctor's body? It seems like the doctor is involved w/Leo's treatment but I'm not sure what he can do to hurt him. If he was going to kill him he has already had his chance. @bebebisous33 At first I was a little leery of your theory that Leo was a victim of this sex ring but after watching Saturday's episode, seeing that Leo is truly addicted to the drugs. The fact that he keep's saying that he will quit and then he keeps taking them, to the point he is hospitalized, screams to me that he is addicted. Does also tell me that he is trying to forget something. He has to be a victim too. Great insight, as usual, my friend
  10. TBH I always told myself that I wouldn't get into the k-daily dramas because I've been watching 2 American Soaps for decades. Why get into more? But I watched Golden Pocket for an 'oppa' when it was finished, I couldn't help myself but to watch another daily kdrama. They are just addicting. I'm hoping that 'omma' won't be too evil in this one too. She was hilarious in Five Kids, I hope we get to see more of that side to her acting in this one. I was curious about what Ok Suk was saying about Sungyeol, they acted together in a daily drama before. I'm excited to watch Sungyeol in this drama too. I didn't like his performance in High School Love On but was impressed w/his acting in D-Day.
  11. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Chingu you never have to apologize for romance, in my book. I had forgotten that part of this drama's premise was romance between a grim reaper and a human. I'm happy to watch SSH doing some romance any day. @bebebisous33 I have dropped a few dramas and have not posted much in the 2 other 2 I've been watching either. I'm loving reading all of the theories. I love that fact that we keep on changing them since it means writer-nim is 1 step ahead of us. It just makes this drama more interesting since it's fun to figure out but if we completely figure it out then it get's a little boring. @UnniSarah I'm so happy that MS was vindicated. I was having a hard time w/believing he could do something like that
  12. [Current Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I'm usually against drama's getting extensions but in this drama's case, I can't imagine this drama becoming draggy because of it. I really am going w/your theory that the car wreck and what happens after involves 2 reapers. I believe that the man in the car was MG's stepfather since the man in the car has always resembled him and not HR's father. Her father was a reaper, who was trying to catch the first one. The only thing I can't figure out is where did he go after her father was killed? The stepfather seems so sketchy, there's something about him that feels so off. I think OMS is being set up by his brother to just get him out of the way. Omo I rewatched 1-5 last week, this week I've rewatched 7 but now I may have to just go back to 6. This is the first drama that I have rewatched in years, it has become my favorite one now too. I love your theory that it could have been 007's partner. It seems to me that he knows more than he is saying but I'm not sure where that would leave HR? I'm so convinced that she got her powers from being part reaper but can't see how if he had a child w/a human how he is still a reaper in good standing. This drama has got me to the point that it is becoming an obsession, I keep mulling the possibilities in my head and every time I think I have it figured out, I then think of more questions, showing me I don't. @nona88Ayiya, what are doing to me posting those clips! I have so much to do today and now all I want is for someone to please let me know what was being said in that vid where their lips brush against each other! I love a mystery but after watching that scene I really need to see a real kiss on Sunday thanks for the updates. I'm just going to force myself to turn off this machine. @bebebisous33 I'm so sick of OMH beating up on OMS, I'm not a violent person but I wish OMS would just really knock him out.
  13. Thank you for bringing this up because I felt he was acting very menacing towards her. I don't like the message that since he is not the rapist, his behavior was ok. I still don't even know why the fact that he discovered they are in a fake marriage would mean anything to him that he felt the need to hold it over their heads. Lol, I'm the same way, just hint at the prospect that we will get a kiss scene and after that this ahjumma is already giddy w/anticipation. If it's a dream or fantasy, let it be SH's. I don't care that it ruins the surprise. I'm on the lookout for the beach scene this week.
  14. Hey @0ly40 Thanks for starting this thread. I'm so happy that Song Ok Suk is in this one too. She is my favorite ahjumma actress. @USAFarmgirl It does look interesting to me too. Happy your going to give it a try @sava2sava I hope to see you here too. I've missed sharing a thread w/ya.