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  1. Ju Jihun 주지훈

    I really want to see him in a drama too. HJW is just the icing on the cake, I like her a lot too and think they would make such a great otp. This weekend I watched some Mask fanmade mv's on youtube that made me miss JJH, I'm so ready to watch him in a drama. I'm happy that HJW is going to busy too. It will help her.
  2. @RPM Thanks for making this thread. I wouldn't have even heard about this movie, it sounds a little sad but you had me at Kim Jae Wook.
  3. I can't wait to read it! Have you finished packing? @Melodie19 I was crying too, the reality of it really got to me and I was just listening.
  4. This song brings me to tears It's just so beautiful and sad to hear the new song w/our Jjongs vocals. I was so happy that Onew was back It is very hard to write down all of the emotions I felt listening to them, it was such an emotional performance, Taemin, Onew, Key all brought it slaying the high notes and I've never in my life heard Minho singing as much as he did last night. I was reading everyone's tweets from all over the world. I never imagined that I would stay up to 4 am in the morning doing this but I'm so happy that I did and so happy that SHINee and we Shawols did it! We have all been through the unimaginable, we are still not over it but last night meant the world to me.
  5. I wanted to watch but it was at 3am Florida time and I had so much to do today, that was no way I could stay up or wake up for it. Tonite it's on at 1am so I'm going to pray that someone is able to steam and share it with us. Anyway our Shawols didn't let us down. Omo this morning I was tearing up watching the clips. I'm so happy that #SHINeeWORLDTHEBEST2018 was trending in the U.S. Makes me happy that we have so many Shawols over here. I was never able to go see them I wanted to but it didn't work out. Thanks for giving us your thoughts on last nights streams, it had to be such an emotional experience. @shineeukshawol I thought of you when I saw this
  6. I have always wanted to go there too. I wasn't able to watch/listen to the stream last night, It was at 3am in Florida but I found this on my twitter feed this morning @pixelsticks I saw your tweet from early this morning, I'm myleo2013 on Twitter and IG, so please when you wake up. Give us your thoughts on the stream.
  7. I will be on Twitter this weekend to see if any pics get out of Tokyo. I just want to see them together. I loved that Valentines Day song. Happy Day After Valentines Day chingu. @shineeukshawolI'm so jealous not only do you get to watch their concerts but you get to visit Japan. Say hello to Yamapi and Kento for me if you get a chance
  8. Lol Thanks for clarifying that. I thought you meant it looked like a big dummy. Ok, I'm going to have to concentrate on my reading comprehension for the rest of the night. When are you leaving for Japan? I'm so excited for you. It's truly fitting that our Diva was not amused. @pixelsticks Thanks posting all these goodies @melody19 Happy Lunar New Year @LemonTreeGirl It does take time to heal but you're so right we have happy things like the concerts in Japan to look forward too. I can't wait to see the pic of our guys together.
  9. I just finished watching the last 2 episodes, I did start to feel the same way as you about MS but I came to realize that she was dealing w/feelings, memories that she had pushed down for so many years that while it was inconvenient, it was something she couldn't help. When someone remembers a traumatic event from childhood that has been pushed out for so many years. From my experience, at first, you have to deal w/ all of those emotions you felt as a child. You can tell yourself it's not happening now but those feelings that were once suppressed are very overwhelming. I just think her feeling of guilt that she got out, she wasn't able to tell anyone Gang Do was still stuck there, thus he spent days hurt and alone w/her dead oppa became just too much for her. It's really hard to think or see anything else or to even separate from those feelings. I felt so bad for Gang Do that he had to go it alone for a while w/out her and was mad too that she wouldn't even answer the door but these events forced him to deal w/it with Jae Young. She needed to be there for him. I don't think she realized how bad things were for him until he freaked out during that MRI. Jae Young was so wrapped up w/her own feeling of abandonment that she never stopped to actually see what her brother went thru. Those were some hard eps to get through if this was any other drama I would have felt that the last minute miracle was a bit too much but it worked in this one.
  10. [Drama 2017-2018] Money Flower 돈 꽃

    Me too I got home from work and got excited for a moment that Saturday is Money Flower day but then I remembered it's over I really liked the 2 eps back to back format too.
  11. Ju Jihun 주지훈

    They probably won't release the subbed eps for the U.S. until the drama's over. That's what they did for Man to Man. I checked Netflix but all they had was a coming soon. They are letting Viki sub the Hong Sisters dramas in my region so I have hope I won't have to watch Kingdom at the sites you can't mention here.
  12. What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    I'm really loving Todome No Kisu, Unnatural and BG. This is the first time I'm watching 3 jdramas together. At this point, I can't drop any of them to wait for them to be completed. @lee-chan I did start to watch Repeat, I'm waiting for a few more eps to be subbed so I can watch it all at once.
  13. I like that he's trying something different, it avoids him being typecasted. He's doing good in this one, this role really gives him a different type of character to play. @necychessie I agree that the only reason I don't hate Every time they go back 7 days they are making changes to the timeline and one small change can cause a lot of things to be different. The changes Eight is making could be the catalyst for Takauji becoming so dark but he must have had it in him to start. Now it's being exposed because Eight is in the picture. He is disrupting Takauji's world by getting close to Mikoto. He has always wanted her for himself, he has always believed deep down that he should be the one to run the company.
  14. Ju Jihun 주지훈

    I want to watch this one too, I'm happy for him. I miss him. I watched Antique again a few weeks ago, he was great in it and I just love the movie. Has there been any news about Kindom lately? @jinjoint I looked to see if it was showing in my area but had no luck. I would love to see it in a theater.
  15. Hello I'll take anything I can get too. Mainhae for bringing this up when I haven't caught up w/the thread but I just can't see that The Great Sage is under the priestess's control. He has to be playing along biding his time to see what she's up to, I think his Hyung was not fooled either since they say she can only control humans. Omo I better stop posting until I've somewhat caught up. It's good to be able to read @bebebisous33 @briseis @stroppyse ( I thought I saw @40somethingahjumma around here) insights on the drama!