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  1. I just had a chance to watch the first episode, can't wait to read your insights I'm loving it. So happy Joon Gi took this role, so happy SYJ is in this one too. This little child actor just stole my heart, he made me cry when he first met his uncle and this scene was just too funny. I'll be back to read everyone's insights after I can steal some more time from my mom who's staying here for another month.
  2. I was upset that she did help that jerk instead of SW I know she was upset and jealous but she really put him in a bind.I like them together, I think he is holding back because of his secret. That SH girl can just get lost, she is just clinging to him after her boyfriend self destructed. That is disgusting on her part our YW deserves better than 2nd place w/ a loser. I have no idea about this, according to the comments at one of the sites that must no be mentioned, this was not a part of the American series. I dying to find out what it means. @nonskiI'm happy you are feeling better chingu I love it, it seems like CKS still try's to keep his distance but YW just rushes in, full speed ahead. I loved when CKS kept telling him the Prosecutor Oh stuff was his to handle and YW insisted he had to help him. The banter between these two is just fantastic.
  3. I think we all feel this way at this point. @pixelsticksThis waiting had become aggravating but now it has become a habit. Wake up check the drama's page, come home from work, check the drama page. Then check the sites that can't be mentioned to see if we have any fansubs... I'm dying to watch this one, it has been a long time since I've been excited about one of Joon Gi's dramas. I'm about ready to watch the raw episodes and follow @V's recaps https://www.bah-doo.com/lawless-lawyer-live-recap-episode-1/ I never thought that watching kdramas would be like waiting for my jdramas. It's time to just bust out the jdrama prayer Please let there be english subs.
  4. I haven watched this one but I'm game. I have a house full of people but will try to sneak away, if not I'll catch it this weekend.
  5. @liddi I'm still watching chingu! I did find the ratings SignalStarring: Sakaguchi KentaroTags: Suspense, Human Drama(01) 09.7% – (02) 08.4% – (03) 08.3% – (04) 07.9% http://www.tokyohive.com/article/2018/05/drama-prime-time-report-5-15-7-2018
  6. There is an old movie called Sunset Boulevard that starts that way. It's a classic film noir, it starts out w/William Holden's character face down in the pool. The movie shows how he got there. It is one of my all time favorites. I hope this means we are in store for a dark story w/some twists in it. I like all 4 leads, they all can act. I can't wait to watch this one. Is this drama going to have 2 episodes back to back or will we get 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday?
  7. @Ainee Etp @jeonghyang Thank you for our recaps/gif caps I haven't had a chance to finish watching this week's episodes yet but will be back when I finish them.
  8. ❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성

    I can't wait to watch this drama, I have missed him. Thanks for the update
  9. @liddi I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I couldn't sleep last night and saw it at one of the sights it had been already uploaded. I really like @HPriest 's subs too and thought it was such a great compliment to you since I love the work done and end up enjoying this person's choice of dramas since they are not always the ones I'm waiting for but they end up being good ones. I appreciate you taking the time and on the work, you are also doing so that we can enjoy this drama. I have a few errands to run this morning so I'll be back in a few hours to watch the episode. I'm tempted to rewatch the original too but at this point, I think I would really start to compare the 2 more than I have been trying not to. (I hope this makes sense ) I'm having the most trouble w/ our female police officer.
  10. Thank you I meant to post this compliment I found on twitter
  11. You raise a good point since most jdramas will start w/the first episode being 1hr and the rest 45mins, sometimes the last will be 1 hour too. I would think condensed but who knows? I'm at the point this Friday afternoon that I'm missing it and that doesn't happen a lot w/remakes/adaptations for me
  12. I have loved these 2 episodes, ok I admit I never watched the original show and really have to commend my chingus that have. I'm just very closed minded when it comes to watching remakes, adaptations, even movies that are based on a beloved book I've read. I just don't even entertain the thought that I would like it. The one exception has been the Star Trek series. But getting back to Suits, I think PHS and JDG are doing a good job as Go Yeon Woo and Choi Kang Seok. Thier conversations/interactions have me glued to my screen.
  13. Better late than never chingu I missed the whole live stream and am so happy that you @Ainee Etp @athena22and @nonski Did the recaps. Thank you all This drama is addicting, I won't be able to join you all for live (In today's case almost live streaming) since I will be back at work but I'm in awe how all of you manage to recap, post pics and make gifs and still pay attention to whats happening on the screen. Thanks again for making this happen. @ck1Oz The actress is Chae Jung An that I think you're talking about. I really like her. I almost didn't recognize at first either and agree she just looks the prettiest I have ever seen her too.
  14. Hello and thank you for posting this. I'm very excited that Park Shin Hye has finally picked a drama, I'm excited to be able to watch Hyun Bin for the first time in a drama. I love the imagination, great stories that this writer brings to us too. @LyraYoo I'm not sure what this plot revision means at all since this writer has a tendency to add a little sci-fi in most of her work but this change just makes more curious about the story. @dulcinea1 @maddymappo Thanks for those pics of Alhambra it is such a beautiful place. La Alhambra looks like something out of a fairytale
  15. I'm with you, I have never watched it either but I'm looking forward to reading your take on this drama since you are just coming into it w/out any knowledge of 'what's supposed to happen'. We will just have to call it like we see it. It will be fun sharing a thread w/you.