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  1. Lol I'm happy you found one. Here are a few of my runners-up Reply 1997 Time Before Dog and Wolf Bad Guys Queen In Hyun's Man The Unstoppable High Kick
  2. I'm so over the evil stepmother and that brat of a stepsister and we are only at the beginning I love Uee, so I'm going to give it a chance. Hopefully, the truck of doom will make its appearance when the stepmother is taking a walk. @0ly40Thank you for starting this thread
  3. I love that they used Thriller for the vinyl record in the mv! Countless has over 2million views.
  4. Hey, Chingu Succubus is just pure evil, she had to be born that way. Even if she had been born into a 'nice family' she would be recking chaos and mayhem on anyone that stood in her way. I hope this drama does not end w/everyone forgiving her since she had a rough childhood. That will make me angrier than I am at the end of episode 23 It's been really hard for me get into dramas lately, this one caught my eye and after seeing that you and @sava2sava, were liking it. I gave it a try and just got hooked.
  5. I found a raw at of the sites that can't be mentioned, but no subs. If I find them I will pm you. I really think this will be funny so fingers crossed someone will pick it up.
  6. I'm so happy, this such good news. We are getting an SP. @jongski @staygold @lee-chan @xiashenghan @stargazer187 @desertflower We may actually get a kiss scene.
  7. I love it! It really is very critical information in my book too. It's a romcom so I hope we get plenty of kisses. Chingu would I be too greedy if I put bedscene and shirtless Yoo on that list? @midjohn33 I loved her in Goodbye to Goodbye, it is such an underrated drama. It's a the top of my list w/Moneyflower as being this years best. Fingers crossed she accepts the role. @Cecentre I try to avoid dramas w/bulling as the main topic too. I'm hoping that since it's a romcom they won't delve to deep into the topic. I love revenge drama's so this is right up my alley. I love romcoms if they are done right.
  8. Thanks for the tag. Count me in, I can't wait to see YSH do goofy. @sakura2016Hello my friend, it's so nice to you again. I can't believe you mentioned Jo Bo Ah for Yoo's leading lady, she has been always been one of my favorites. I hope she takes it. It seemed like she was only getting evil second lead roles for a while. With a chance to act w/Yoo, she should be dancing and saying yes yes! (as long as she doesn't have to do evil)
  9. I didn't even think about a repackage CD after the 3rd Story of light CD was released I kind of forgot about it. Yayy we get another new song. I hope they promote it. BTW it comes out September 10th
  10. A lot of dramas #AsianGames2018 have been invented yesterday. Yesterday, 18 million tweets related to the closing ceremony occurred around the world, the moment of the top topic was poured out of 460,000 tweets per minute @SJofficial was 11 o'clock the night when Super Junior performance was! @Trendsmap I love it! I'm looking for a 'legal' vid to post of their performance but just google it. They really slayed it
  11. I'm so happy. Congratulations
  12. evie7

    Ju Jihun 주지훈

    I really does look good and he is slaying that role It's really been nice to see all the news about him. For a while things were pretty quiet. I wonder where he took this?