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  1. Bingo I'm not looking forward to watching epsd 86 but I will run home from work on Monday to watch it. Even though I know my blood pressure will rise after GH and her mother lay the blame in TJ. I don't understand why this little girl thinks it's ok to wander around unsupervised. They ket her go play outside w/no one watching over her, she walks out of school when she's upset... SMH SMH This is so dangerous. This was the highlight of the week I think my highlight of the show would be TJ putting his grandmother on blast too. It probably will never happen but she deserves it. @Yongzura If we have to watch HG sitting by DH's bedside for most of the week, no table will be safe in my house.
  2. Lol I really was hoping for a Hell in the Cell between these 3 but I'm regressing Thank you for bringing this up. She knows about what happened the first time w/SH was confronted about his relationship w/BR the first time. Why would she want him to suffer again by these criminals hands? He will end up either dead or beaten up in the hospital. I don't like the way GH is being written at this point, she's a police officer and should not be oblivious to the fact that DH's family are just a bunch of gangsters. She's now being wishy washy about her relationship w/TJ, hanging out w/DH. I can understand her being upset w/the way his family has treated her but she knows TJ loves her and his family are not thugs. They are bigots, snobby and some insufferable but at least they don't send goons to terrorize innocent people. They just use their mouths to do it .
  3. That's how I felt last night marathoning of bunch of episodes to catch up I must say that it was really hard to get into 67 but I have invested a lot of time in this one so I'm at 78. I don't get why GH is spending anytime w/DH. The man is staking her child, giving her presents, if it was my child he would already have had a restraining order placed on him but this just a drama. After watching him send those goons to terrorize my most unfavorite character HJ and her husband, I have nothing good to say about DH. He is just a thug. You know he is going to try to get TJ fired or discredited. Thanks for the colorful recaps they at times are more entertaining than the episodes. I just can't wait until karma gets to Drunken Chaebol. I will be jumping for joy if they lock him like all criminals should be.
  4. Thank you, professor, @supergal99 for making this gif available for educational purposes CR:@supergall99 This was such a good kiss..the way he stroked her lips I love this drama, I'm watching a ton of good dramas but this is the one I keep thinking about. The first hour and a half reminded me of the movie Before Sunrise. The last half hour w/psycho mom made me feel so bad for JS. His father is no prize either. She needs to be put away in a mental ward. She's stalking her own son.. smh. Poor Huyn Soo, I'm not looking forward to Psycho mom's visit. I hope we get the second leads pursuit of the otp our of the way and they have their own loveline. I like Jo Boah and Kim Jae Wook too much to have to watch them going after the otp for the duration of this drama. I have a lot to do today but I'm going to have to sit down tonight to watch these first episodes again. @angel2013 Thank you for the fmv They really make my heart flutter Ok I have to turn off my laptop so I can get some stuff done.
  5. Hello! Happy you are joining us @sava2sava Hey chingu! Put this drama on your list. No thread is complete unless you join in
  6. @sebastian27 Thanks for starting this thread chinguOMG I was just watching a vid on the hyungsikness YT channel and wondered when we would get to watch him in a drama again. Yayy we don't have to wonder about it now. I'm just so happy I wish the drama would start sooner than 2018 but I'll take what I can get as long as he has a drama in the works. @athena22 @ferily @Ainee EtpCome join the party
  7. Thank for writing this, I don't care either if things are not realistic. People tend to forget dramas are just works of fiction. It's all a fantasy. I certainly don't want to watch real life as my entertainment. That's why they these shows dramas. Omo this kiss was hawt.... Swoon, swoon
  8. Wow chingu it is so good to see you here it's has been ages. I know we will have some fun. I'm excited too. It really is a lot darker, it's like it just got real w/the melodrama. I think by changing what she see's in the future, then reality has to change to something that was not supposed to be. It upsets the natural order of things. I hope this makes sense It's 12:41 am in my part of the world but this premise is very intriguing. BtW hello good to see ya again. @zagigirl I hope you will join us
  9. Thank you for keeping this thread up to date. I just took a look back to the first page and it's really good I keep playing these new teasers over and over, this looks like it's going to be a fun drama
  10. Hey chingu I'm so happy to meet you, @alekaonuand so many others here I have missed sharing a thread w/youNext week the real party starts I can't wait. I'm hoping for at least a bed scene The kids can come later
  11. I will be here chingu! I can't wait for Sukies new drama It seems like we have been waiting so long and now in a few weeks we get him back on our screens. I'm so happy you are going to watch this drama too. Omo @nonski You fan art is wonderful. I have more goodys for my nonski fan art folder.
  12. Thank you for the link I just love Shawols, they are so giving. No subs for Minho's drama, no subs for Taemins, no problem we will sub it. Thanks for the link. I will pm you the links to Minho's drama. We are all safe, I think the stress about the storm was worse than the reality of it. At least for my city. Thank you for your well wishes
  13. Those jerks only in Japan? I just got home hurricane irma knocked out my power for 7 days. But after I finish cleaning the freezer (it need a good dose of bleach anyway) I'm going to have to contact amazon and let them know I need my Taemin! They should know he/SHINee have a lot of international fans, who want to watch anything related to them
  14. I'm not worried about the age gap either. This is fiction not real life even if I saw them walking down the road together I wouldn't stop and think she's too old for him.
  15. I'm with you. Why not a loveline ? I'm all for it as long as it doesn't take over the drama. If it becomes the focus then it does become the Love Boat. Just a little slow burn romance never hurt anything