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  1. I love every minute of it too. I could also see her excitement about finally having a job too. That is saying a lot about her because my attention was immediately drawn to the purse. I think she has never had a chance for someone to actually believe in her as a person. She's been the child who must hide her power and Bong Gi's sister. I'm being totally entertained by this drama. That's how I judge my dramas. It's been pretty good so far. I'm happy too that it looks like she will finally have some work to do.
  2. @pixelsticks Wow you are so lucky to get to see them! I'm envious but happy you had a great time.
  3. I have to admit I was so locked into the kiss that didn't happen to catch that. But now that he has confessed....I'm ready for that little party too. I'm so happy that you share them with us This ahjumma has no idea how to even get on DC, let alone post them here. @Earth2KatyD Welcome back chingu. Love that quote from When Harry Met Sally, I'm going to have to rewatch it. It's been so long and I loved that movie.
  4. Thank you for these gifs, they are great and capture that moment of his realization I love this one CR@Era Ferawati Love, love, that little smile.
  5. I didn't like the think part either, but sometimes that's how it rolls. He really is in love but a part of him is unsure about how DBS feels about GD. I think he should have just gone for it too! He should just grab her and steal a kiss I love how he realized his feelings and just could not wait to tell her. I really hope DBS grabs him and goes in for that kiss she's been dreaming of. At this point I don't care who initiates it I just want them to kiss.
  6. I feel we need to borrow @sebastian27's chair and work in making that portal appear! It seems to me we have had now 3 end of episodes that just tease/troll us. I did love how MH made her feel his heart. (swoons) Pulled her one step closer (swoons again) tells her to get over her crush on GD because he thinks he likes her (swoon again) The next step would be a kiss? (swoon, faint, grab the oxygen...)But we have been teased so much about this...I don't think they will kiss after the confession. I hope I'm wrong....
  7. I felt the same way and was surprised about that scene too, I went back a "few" pages looking for @jeonghyang's gifts, where he captured that moment when AMH realized that has started to fall in love w/DBS CR @jeonghyang I have to admit I noticed both PHS and JS's nuanced acting more than PBY, (I can't help but being all about the oppas but feel that PBY is on a different level than most acting wise) JS did a great job in that scene, I haven't liked the put downs of his acting in this drama because he's a good actor. I think that people tend to mix up the character w/how an actor portrays/interpret's it. I'm happy he has gotten more to work with lately. Thank you for your insights chingu, I love reading them and always having something to think about.
  8. Omo Avengers how are we going to make it to Friday? These two are going to be the death of me.
  9. I hope you can get it fixed soon and join us I just have to give so props to Kim Won Hae, he is in 2 dramas that I'm watching and I almost didn't recognize him tonight. He and Jun Suk Ho were hilarious
  10. TBH I only found out about Z:eA because it is Park Hyung Sik's group. I haven't listened to much of their music.
  11. I'm waiting to watch it when we are Park Hyung Sikless We have been very lucky that he has done back to back dramas. Omo I won't think about it for another 4 weeks... @Era Ferawati I just love his look when his hair is pulled off his forehead CR:@Era Ferawati I know a lot of people gush about how "pretty" he is but to me he is such a handsome manly man... I'm just going to our PHS corner to swoon.
  12. LOLOL I'm w/you I let these pd-nims just troll me at their whim. They just drum up the romance/skinship to a point leaving us wanting more. I can't help but get delulu at the thought of a kiss, Then pd-nim cruelly makes us wait... @briseis @Kasmic@athena22 @Ainee Etp @zagigirl @carolinedl @uglypearl @lingx2 @ferily @dlyfie87_at_gmail.com_stv @kimfairy @bohoxstitch @libra22 Thank you all for the recaps! @jeonghyang Thank you for the gif caps. @stroppyse Thanks for the live blogging translations @snowglobe147 @ferily @xxPeepsxx Thank you for the translations
  13. Thank you for the explanation I had no idea what she was talking about. @Era Ferawati keep bombing those gfs chingu! I have a bad case of the ParkHyungSikness too!
  14. I hope so..It's about time Omo chingu you have a point I died laughing at her. @kasjady we had a discussion earlier about that whole issue of BS's father getting that blackeye. It still bothered me to see him like that. I don't know what kind of statement pd-nim was making or if he was making one. @bebebisous33 took it as she has not learned her lesson from loosing her powers. I'm just going to go w/this for now since this is the one thing that has blemished a fun drama.
  15. I like this scenario, I want to see DBS all heart eyes about AMH too but could pd-nim just speed it up a little bit?This waiting is not helping my Byeontae Ahjumma Virus at all @mywebfoot Thank you for the fan fic I loved it. @penelop3I'm happy I'm not the only one who did a double take on when HJ told BK what if they met some else during the time they were waiting to date too. i thought ok then if that happens just maybe they just were not that into each other. Maybe they just were not meant to be together but it did bring up that bad timing thing. You have give the woman some props because she knows what she wants. @docster6 Hello! I'm happy you have joined us.