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  1. I happy Siwon has a drama too. I've liked him in every drama, loved him as Hyuk too. This role does sound like it was made for him. I loved Bad Guys so it's really good news to me that it's the same writer for this drama.
  2. evie7

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    This drama is my obsession. I just picked it up last weekend, was going to start 2 kdramas that started last weekend, but I have been able to move on from it. It has to be the subject matter of the drama because I had no intention of watching it until @catocat was raving about it on DramaBeans. You can check there for discussions or just discuss it at whatever site you are watching it at. Beware of Twitter since there are a lot of spoilers.
  3. Hello, I'm so happy you are watching this too. I'm a bit behind since I got obsessed w/a Jdrama last weekend, I'll be back after I catch up. @joonminfan Thank you for subbing this
  4. I'm so happy that you were able to be there for him A little jealous too but it had to mean the world to him for his fans to greet him. So nice to see him again
  5. I love the teaserThank you @Berou and @MrsYeoWoonfor posting it. @0ly40Thank you for the relationship chart. Sorry for the spam I'm on board this ship #delulushippersorrynotsorry even before this drama airs.
  6. Thank you for the good news I'm happy you can watch it. I'll be on the lookout for the english subs. I've been watching Can't wait to watch this show with subs.
  7. Me too, I've been watching Jmovies and SP's, saving Terius's last eps since I don't want to say goodbye. This the only drama that I want to watch too. I hope we get subs soon... I just found the Viki fanpage, there were 0 followers. Please follow it and request Viki get this one. https://www.viki.com/tv/36237c-top-star-yoo-baek
  8. You have to dismiss these types of comments I went back to reread them, everyone seems to want to be a critic. I love the ones that said"I'm YSH's fan but..." If they really were his fan they would have simply stated they prefer him in melodramas and called it a day. Don't let these people bring you down chingu. Maybe Yoo is tired of doing melodrama. I like that he is willing to try different things. I'm a little iffy on the writer but have to remember one of my all time favorite dramas Secret Love writer's were both newbies. I'm so happy they were given a chance.
  9. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I really want to watch this drama. @triplemThank you for the recap
  10. evie7

    Last Japanese movie you watched?

    Your Lie in April I really try to stay away from movies that have the potential to be sad but I couldn't help myself. It's really good. Kento was great, I loved Suzu Hirose in this too.
  11. Thank you for tagging me with the good news. I'm so happy we get him back on our screens
  12. @hugo10 @willenette@irilight@feelbora Thank you all for posting this good news. I have missed him, it's good to know he's already getting offers. I hope he picks a good drama. I'm so excited he will be discharged in less than 2 months
  13. I have not been able to find subs too It's a shame I really wanted to watch this one
  14. Sorry for the late reply Chingu. I watched this Thursday night, I love it. I love SJS, loved watching our black ops spy babysitting. The look on his face I can't wait to watch the spy action too