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  1. That just made me angrier at YJ, if she was that insecure in the relationship she should have just broke up w/him. Instead she cheats on him and now has THE NERVE to not take responsibility. SMH if she loved him as much as she claims, she never would have cheated. I hope JW remembers what he told BH It is not their fault that their partners cheated on them. That was such a beautiful post Thank you I needed that because my feelings were really hurt at the end. I know it's silly because this is 'just' a drama but I have become so emotionally invested in this little word and the characters that writer-nim has created. I feel sad for JW that look on his face at the end says it all, for BH because it had to take a lot to confess, her feelings are going to get smacked around. I even feel bad for EH, I don't get where he's coming from towards YJ but it still hurts him that she only calls when it's about JW. The one I don't feel bad for is YJ, I hope writer-nim will attempt to try to make me. @athena22 I loved your gfts from the rain scene because I loved it.
  2. @whoopeeyoo LMAO Chingus can we set up a stormtrooper cam? Lets show BH and EH how real stalking is done @jeonghyangYou nailed this moment w/your gif caps I love that way you capture great moments in an a drama w/your gifcaps. Oh no, JW is not jealous at all. @Ainee Etp @athena22 @sharreb @zagigirl Thanks for the recaps/screencaps
  3. I feel sad for him too but I don't know if I could just forgive or forget. JW must feel like no one he loves seems to stick around. His father died when he was young. Then his two friends who got him through that lost abandoned him. I'm happy that I'm back reading this thread, because I was so upset w/JW that he decided not to hug BH back I was telling him oh nooo But after thinking about it by responding to your post, I can see why he held back. Poor baby he believes that he's going to be hurt again so why start anything? No he cares for stays. I feel so sad for him.
  4. I'm happy your watching this. YoJung has me SMH too, it's like she thought he would be just waiting for her. She's acting like a sly fox. Trying to blame her cheating on JW. she didn't think she was getting enough love. Selfish and greedy if you ask me. Report it on the help me threads. I'm sure our tech mods would look into it. I'm happy you found us @Nymeria289 @chasingdaisy @bonuibonui I think that she passed out out the first night and he did the same the second night. That's why they don't remember
  5. Yayyy I missed you I'm on board w/this theory too, he must know it's safer to frame someone else for the murder. He choose the new defendant because he does resemble him. I have to go watch the episodes now.
  6. This is a lot drama before the drama but I'm watching 1 where they had 2 announced actress turn it down, the actress who got the part is wonderful. I couldn't imagine the other 2 in the role. One would hope they cast her soon since it looks like NGM is already filming.
  7. HelloGood to see you here! @larus I hope she takes the part. I haven't watched her in anything but I remember a lot of people liked her performance in YooNa's Street. I don't remember Kang Ha Na in Mirror of the Witch but at this point I will be happy that the casting is done too.
  8. I can see he regrets it too. It's just such betrayal of their friendship that's hard forget. I think Ji Wook has forgiven him to an extent or he wouldn't even be around him. That's really a messed up situation no matter how you look at it. I wonder what were they thinking but it's apparent they were not thinking at all. They were being selfish caring about themselves and not caring about JW in that moment. I think his worse than the killer, at least the killer has some kind of mental defect. The DA walks around like a gangster. He is an officer of the court, who thinks the laws of his country do apply to him.
  9. I loved the episode too, every scene w/Ji Bong is love. I really liked that scene when Mr. Byeon and Inspector Bang were going flip tables and throw them selves on the floor to get JW to hire EH. I'm happy that JW has some great people around him who care about his cranky self. The best place to watch w/subs is https://www.viki.com/tv/34557c-suspicious-partner They have the best subs
  10. Me too I really loved his character in Chief Kim I'm happy he's not the killer but poor baby he was framed by the killer But he will have Bong Hee and Ji Wook to defend him. I feel bad for Eun Hyuk, he really wants Ji Wook's forgiveness. It is just such a devastating thing to do to your best friend, even if Ji Wook forgives him their relationship will never be the same. That's on Eun Hyuk .
  11. Without BH around he looks lost and lonely I love the way he lights up and cracks that little smile when he knows she's coming back cr @jeonghyang I'm so happy your joining us!
  12. I like that at least we will find out what happened between JW and EH, I'm so happy that Choi Tae Joon took this part, it erases that psycho character he played before this drama. He was scary. I'm so happy chingu your getting some sleep, sometimes I think you don't sleep at all @ilwoo_aein @fordame @supergal99Thanks for the bts. I'm so jealous of every one who can livestream , I have to get ready for work and will have to wait for 11 hours before I watch our JiBong couple Omo now I have to just walk away from my laptop or I'll be in trouble. Thanks chingu for the stills
  13. That was my gut reaction too, this is a setup. Thanks for that observation! I had to read your post and watch @Kasmic's gif a second time to catch it I hadn't thought about it but your quite right he would be showing the world that he's a ruthless bad richard simmons spy. That would also mean that Do Ha's life as she knows it would be gone. She would have to have another identity. I can't wait to see how this plays out
  14. @bedifferentThank's for the article, I was wondering how the Korean Public was feeling about this. I have never minded the ppl in dramas because they didn't show commercials during the shows. In the US an hour long show is 40mins long, I had no idea that showing commercials during the middle of a show was against the law. I would trade watching people munch on subway, kfc etc, if it meant no commercials. It hurts to have to double vod for 1 hour! I wonder why don't they just dvr the episodes? It work's for me w/The Young and The Restless @ck1Oz I'm going old school no matter what they say there are 12 episodes left. It seems asianwiki reprts 4o and dramawiki 32.
  15. Wow chingu I hadn't thought about how JW and BH's fathers could be linked in the past. I'm sure that DA was the man in the fire. I was really trying to fight being obsessed by 2 dramas at once but I'm just going to have to rewatch all 4 hours again resign myself that it's going to be work and kdramas for a few months. @sharreb I loved your post too Loved your post too. When he refers to her as his person, this is not out of sympathy. He needs her in his life and I can't wait to see when he realizes that this feeling of being her guardian runs a lot deeper. It's going to be epic!