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  1. It would make sense, because after all is based on the original movie hmm. But I was wondering (after i watched the last episode) if she knew who he was after her conversation with her granny. But she was mad because he failed her because when they were younger he did not come back and perhaps she was waiting for him.
  2. Perhaps because she does not know who was him at the time... Perhaps at the time she did not know his name or whatever hmmm
  3. @haymochi I hope either, but I do not think the writer will lose this opportunity, they really love this kind of plot hahahah. @packmule3 I think I already read it hmm. I am thinking he encountered her in the same day that the Queen (her mother) was deposted. Something like a destiny hmm. Perhaps their encounter was in the tree where they usually running time.
  4. Some people talked about the paralels with the movie and I was thinking if they are going to do the end scene like in the movie? Where they will be reunited? Or they will do something to make us believe it was destiny? Or both?
  5. For what I can understand, it seems Jun Ren really cares about Ruby (and I think he may loves her, but it is just personal thinking), and Kai Jia is running away, but I do not blame her after everything she been throught because of Zhao Yu. I think he needs to confess his feelings ( and insecurites) to her or he will loose her for good (actually I am starting to realize that this drama may have a sad end). At the same time there is some lottery ticket that I think they will winning (maybe it will change more things for the future). But what I am really wondering is about the accident, who is the guy? And what it will change in their dinamique? Ps: I decided to try to translate the lyrics of the openning song, I am sorry If is not accurate, but my chinese is basic and english is not my mother language either. So I translated chinese to my mother language and after translated to english.
  6. I am sorry guys, I have been reading this thread but as invisible as I like to be, I did not say (or in that case write?) anything. But I want to make myself clrealy that I am into this drama untill the end and I do not understand why so many people dislike this drama. I watch FFMY, and I like, but I still think this one is better. But anyway, I absolute agree with the theory about GW's dreams (and his father secret), but I am also thinking about the mask man. I do not think he is WM because in the preview I had a feeling that he actually was the one who hurted GW and I do not think the mask man is in evil side (but perhaps he is a revenge person, I do not know). At the same time, I was wondering the reasons why the mask man are doing this (because is a fact that he does not like either the evil minister or the king) and I came up with the theory that the mask man is doing it because he wants to start a rebellion, because he wants revenge for what happened to the dethroned Queen and the death of the Prince CS (I think CS may be CP, but it is just a feeling that does not make sense). Perhaps the real reason why the dethroned Queen does not want to see her daughter (because is very obvious that she is the Court Lady Ahn) is because she does not want to see her envolved around all this bad stuff, because she knows the real truth and she knows that if the Princess is around, she could be the downfall of all the plan or the evil minister could use the princess for some dangerous thing hmm.
  7. I already saw this one, this song was the oppening song of Swimming Battle, and I really loved the song! But just now I realized that Nick is the singer! I am searching the lyrics of Can´t let go, but I think there is no translation :/ @Transition Yeah, I am thinking the same :/. I think I will ask my chinese teacher to help me translate this song hmm. _____ If the theory is true, I am more certain that the real reason for them to time travel is to fix the misunderstandings but not necessarily change things. And I think Zhao Yu is the most responsible one!
  8. Yeah, he answered that, but we never saw Ruby and Jun Ren talking about that, there is no conversation at all. And when we had this, they do not talk of others reasons besides love! Ps: I meant english translation (to OST and Nick Shou's dramas
  9. I think is more than that. And I think the key point is the fact that Ruby does not know that Zhao Yu needs to marry her just because of her fortune. Maybe, if she does knew it before, something could really changes. Because I think they can be together at the end of the day, but they had too many misunderstand in the past that ended up with them broken apart. Ps: Someone has the lyrics of the ost???? Ps2: Hey someone knows where can i watch "I love you so much" the other drama of Nick Chou?
  10. Almost right, actually I am Brazilian, but my family is Italian (just my father and mother were born in Brazil). I just think that we need something that gives us hope for the future, because nowadays everything is so hopless. And, yes, My Sassy Girl is based on a famous film that had many versions around the world hmm. I did not watch QFSD yet, I do not have the courage (although I did recommend the drama to my friend). And actually I do not like when the drama takes half historical facts and fiction. I mean, it's good when you do the novel in a second war (for example) but it's not so good when you use the famous name to do this. I think it is very dangerous, and they are usually unfaitfull with reality and gave us false hope (like Anastasia, a film that I loved as a child, but made me very sad when I discovered the history behind the name). Well, it's my first time seeing the actors rs. I think people misunderstand the women in history (well, can not blame them, because history fu*** women.) We have many examples of women who are Not like they show us in dramas (virgins, saints, calm ...). Of course, that was the main goal of society and many were like that. But as nowadays, there were many who did not follow the rules.
  11. I do not know why many people dislike this drama. For me it is my first time in a historical drama (if I do not count Queen in Hyun's Man) and usually I hate this kind of drama (what is very ironic because I love history and I study Internation Relations, a course where you need to KNOW very well history and politics) because they all end up in tragedic and for me it is very sad and because of what I study, I just cannot take more tragedies when I want to just "relax". But this one, I think is more comedy and I do not think we will have a tragidic end hmm. Other thing I am very sad about, is the fact that many people hates the Princess (complaining that it is very unfaithful to history). Well, first of all, this is a drama. They do not need to be 100% faithful to reality, if you want some drama that is based on "history" I can recommend Queen for Seven Days, because THIS ONE need to be very faithful. Second, the drama itself talks about a girl who is "sassy" it does not make sense if she was not rebel (at least). And third, some messages that the drama is giving us is AMAZING. I mean, the part where the princess says that she does not want to be the possession of a man and she wants more than just "marry". For me is the best! Because somehow, I think Koreans are trying to say: stop using women as rugs for a man to walk. And for me that is amazing, because it is a great change in koreans culture. And do not take me wrong, I really like koreans culture, but it is very sad when they are developped in many aspects, but they still so old-fashioned about women (and that is extremelly bad if you compared them to Japan and China, where you usually see many T-Dramas where the woman is the boss or have a great position).
  12. I think the chances of a happy ending are 50%. It would be like they change all the past, but at the end of the day they would stuck in the same position. What I mean is, they will change all theses events, but the consequences will be the same. My theory is based on other theory that it does not matter what you do, the future will be the same. And how would it works? Jun Ren would continue betraying Ruby, she would still want to commit suicide. But maybe, Zhao Yu and Kai Jia would be a couple, but I think for some reason they could not stay together and broke up. And the other theory is, they will come back to the present, but they will get back to the time where Ruby is trying suicide. But at this time, they stopped her.
  13. I am really in love with this drama, but I am also cautious because it seems like sad ending. I do not have a good experience with this kind of drama (I think I have never watched a good ending in a time travel plot), but at the same time I am already adicted to the drama :(. I think Kai Jia and Zhao Yu may have a happy ending, but I think Ruby problably will be dead in the future (that is the reason they are said about the music, because they remember her). And I have 2 theories. The first one, at the end they will not change anything of the future, but they will change the past (when they were friends) and that will make them realize the importance of create great memories. The other option is a classic happy ending, where they will come back and stay together.
  14. @catocat No! I just think that in the preview where he almost hits her and said that she should take care of her own business it was totally jerk off him.And now I realized that I was confused about the name of the characters hahaha. I mean Ting En
  15. As the preview it looks like she made some misunderstand in the cooking thing and Ting En blame her for it hmm. And worse, he thinks she is getting advantage of him! Is that right? @catocat You are right about that, but I stay with my opinion that Ting En did not deserve her u.u