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  1. I kind of felt they would do that because it was in the plot when the drama beguns and because korean likes to looks "good" in front of the nation hahahha
  2. I do not want a kiss, I want a bed scene or at least a wedding or kids or a proposal !!!
  3. I cannot access your site, but yesturday I was able to access hmm (Brazil).
  4. That was the song that I have been talking about! Now it finally here. And I am waiting for this lyrics because I think is MK point of view and there is this feeling of something good is happening and no matter what, it will not stop!
  5. There is something that really bother me (I do not know if is just me, but whatever): the ost. I mean, when you watch other dramas you usually see some "happy" musics or with a "happy" lyrics, but in this drama we just have the first one, the others are always with a lot of "han" and they have this feeling like we are not getting our happy ending. I know, it may sounds crazy, but that is the feeling that i feel when I am listening thoses songs. I wish we get more happy songs with happy lyrics (even if I like all the osts).
  6. Maybe... Maybe he give her one heart ball before she goes to Australia :). I do not watch JBL, just Jugglers and INAR, but I prefer INAR. And I think the main reason is the actors, I mean, the two lead main are very alike: both have a puppy love for the girl, they are alone until they meet the girl, they have a great IQ and they have some problems with family (MG lost his parents and MH lost her mother and does not have a good relationship with his father). So I think the two shared many things in common. And of course, I think PHS and YSH are both good actors for their ages (although I prefer PHS). And the couple, although they have differences, I think they have a good chemistry. Probably because they have a good relationship with the lead girl hmm.
  7. I agree with you, but I think he will not catch her in the airport, I think he will miss the chance, but after he will discover that she is in Australia and he will travel to there to find her and the final scene it will be their reencounter (perhaps we get a marriage proposal, but I do not think so) in the same place where MG wanted to bring his love to see. ___________ Just me or anyone else are kind of obsessed with this drama? I mean, I am count the days until another episode and I am not like that since Strong Woman SOS.
  8. I am very afraid about that, because no matter what I do not see time for all this! We just have more 16 episodes, but if we count the time per episode is like we have more 8 episodes! I think its too little for a great development in all those plot. I am with the opinion that MK will not have time for this kind of behaviour or will do something bad, but Ji-Ah will be in danger and he will forget all about this stuff. And of course there is the fact that they need to know each other as Ji Ah and MK, not Robot and Mk. I may confess that I am very pessimistic about the end of this drama, I feel we are not going to have all we deserve :/
  9. I think tomorrow's episode it will be decisive. If MK does not discover the truth (I do not think Jia will tell him :/), we probably will have a bad plot. Why I am saying that? Because we will does not have enought time for Jia and MK develop a great relationship for fight together against the bad guys. I think is too much for 16 episodes! I am also wondering if MK will discover that she is not a robot in the end of episode or at the middle (i hope he discovers in the middle, but it is a korean drama so he probably will discover at the end of episode)..
  10. Yeah, probably these are options. Other thing that I am kind of afraid is about the fact that she really wants the contest and what will be his reaction when he finds out that she is kind of manipulating him? I mean, I know this one became a second matter, but this is a betrayal in some way and this could be a real reason why he will not trust her anymore! Yeah! What Pi said can be a foreshadowing for what will happen in the future!
  11. It's been a while since I was here (actually since Hospital Ship, I guess hahahaha), but I am in love with this drama, but I am kind of afraid because next episodes KMK probably will know the truth. The greatest question is: he will discover the truth or JJA will tell him? I am praying for the second one. Why? Well, first when you see all JJA's personallity she is the kind of person who does not lie and no matter what, she always does the right thing, and also she has a sense of empathy, she can know by now what KMK hates the most is lies, therefore she is sure that if she wants something more with him, she will need to tell the truth no matter the consequencies (and there is many). Also she knows that he is not the kind of person who takes revenge of others, he just want sincerity. Second one, if my theory (and probably the most part of people here) is right the main issue behind KMK's ilness is: trust. What I mean? I think the reason why he has this problem is because he does not trust anyone, and he will overcome his problem when he starts to trust. Why are you saying that? Well, if you think about last episode he does not have the allergy when he was with AJ3, and is not because of friendship or because he already loves her (although he already has feelings for her hehehe), but because he kind of feel "at easy" when she is there (like a safy zone), he probably trust that if she is there nothing will hapen to him. That's why he does not have allergy. If you think of the first time he develloped this symptoms it was when he discovered that everybody around him was just there because of something. It is a lot of betrayal for a child! And that's the reason why I think it would be a disaster if he discovers by himself the truth, because probably his disease will be worse than ever.
  12. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Yeah, I agree about that. Ruby did deserve more screentime, that is why I think we needed more episodes :/ I did not know about that, and now I can understand why I loved so much hahaha. There is some ost for Kai Jia? She is, after all, the lead girl hmm I am going to translate all the ost to decide what is my favourite (although I really liked the opening theme and the end theme hmm, but still I liked Jun Ren's song hmm
  13. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    I may not commented as many as this drama deserved, but I think this drama was really good and I have been stuck at him like I was with "Marry me or Not". Yeah, it is true that the drama was not perfect (I think they needed more episodes). Some character (as Jun Ren) needed more development as individuals, I missed a final scene with the entire group (I think if the drama ends up with this scene it would be better, athough I liked the final scene). The actors were great (and I think Nick, Summer and Huang Wei Ting were fantastic). I am addict to all the ost (to the point where I translated the opening song). But I wanted more scenes with the main couple, because I think some things between them were a little bit rushed. Well, and I think the last phrase where they said "Our destinies are determined by a series of timeless moments", can definied the drama pretty well. I think this drama were the first (thanks good, because I wanted some good drama with this plot) drama that did a good job with time-travelling!
  14. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    It would make sense, because after all is based on the original movie hmm. But I was wondering (after i watched the last episode) if she knew who he was after her conversation with her granny. But she was mad because he failed her because when they were younger he did not come back and perhaps she was waiting for him.
  15. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Perhaps because she does not know who was him at the time... Perhaps at the time she did not know his name or whatever hmmm