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  1. Exactly! It is sad because I really like dramas, but unfortunately, all my favourites dramas does not pay such attention to the woman. Sometimes, they start with some powerful/independent woman, but as the drama progresses they kind of put the girl as a lady in distress
  2. I saw many people criticizing the drama, the plot and AMH. And I kind of want to express my opinion based on a person who, usually, does not like the same drama as others loves. First, I want to say that I am surprised that many people thinks the drama is not good. Well, although I watched dramas like Goblin or W, I think I am not addicted to a drama since Beautiful Mind or I remember you. (Ps: That does not mean I do not like others drama, it is just the drama did not make me addicted). And this drama is the first time that I put a "comedy romance" in the top of my rank. And the reason is kind of simply: the good chemistry of the main couple plus the fact that we do not have the "same" like others dramas (for example: parents who does not accept the relationship or some evil ex girlfriend/boyfriend) and that is interesting. Second, the plot. Well, I agree with everybody who thinks the plot it is not good enough. I think they could develop more (like AMH's family, BS's mother and father). I could say too the plot of the serial killer, but I think it would be too much information for the drama. But at the same time I do not care so much, because after all it is not a drama that focus on complicated stuff. It is just a drama we can watch on sunday night. Third, I think other people said what I wanted to say about AMH, actually I think he is good as the way he is. Some are complaining that he does not really care about BS, but the way I see is, he kind of do everything for her. About all the "feminism" stuff and the ambiguos way the drama are putting all this stuff about woman, I kind of agree. But I think is very common in all the dramas and I think is the first time that at least, the writters are trying to tell something about "equity values". So, it is not the ideal, but when we think about the whole culture and compares with others drama, they are quite good. At the end of the day, I think this drama is good, it needs some changes, but not at the point for people complaining. And one note: How many dramas have you watched that put woman as the most important one? How many dramas put woman as strong characthers as the sametime put them as "not only a "carpet" for a man walk"?
  3. Well, I saw some of the episode and all I have to say is: I do not know if I want to lose the bet (because if I lose it, this would means that they will kiss in the next episode) or if I want to win the bet. But I think if we get a kiss in episode 11 it will be at the end of episode. But at the same time, I think the preview is playing with our minds and perhaps some scenes we will not see in episode 11, but episode 12.
  4. I totally agree with you! I think DBS is not ready, that is why we need more episodes. And I think she needs to clean up her feelings for GD before she starts anything with AMH.
  5. I really need the lyrics of this OST! I am in love with this song *--*
  6. @bebebisous33 I always thinking about our beautiful couple (MH and BS) and I realized how similiar they are from Weightling Fairy couple (the way they develope the story, the styles of the protagonist,..) and I realize they will problaby will put a kiss scene at episode 12 as the other drama hm. Why i think they will copy this too? Because as the other drama, we too need more development from our "strong girl" and I do not think BS is prepared this week. So I will change my vote . Now I will go for episode 12!
  7. My bet is that it will be in this week or in the end of the drama
  8. Guys, I was thinking about that since the beggining of the show. And now I am really curious about something: the reason why AMH stopped seeing woman for the point people thought that he is gay. Anyone has a theory? Because I am kind of curious to what the explanation could be hmm
  9. I think the same, but I do not think is fair if BS ending up losing her powers, she can lose for a moment, but not end up the drama without them. I do not think it would makes sense, because until now she just uses her powers for good reasons. And perhaps Omma could regain her powers, but I think before that the woman needs to grow up. The way she is with her daughter and husband is not quite good. I think, after she realizes this she may regain her powers hmm
  10. Yeah, I think that too, but at the same time I think we will have some angst before we see BS realizes her feelings! I watched that too, and I was kind of impatience of the long waiting for a kiss! But as you said: it was worth it!!
  11. My first time in this thread and I have to say: I am addicted to this drama! This one is by far the best one of the year! So contagious!!! About the next episode, I have a theory that MH will try to save BS (maybe the gangster is going to shot on her and MH will jump on her direction and will hurt himself in the process), that is why he will end up in the hospital. And for sure we will get a kiss scene in the next week episodes, if we do not get we will probably will not have any kiss in this drama (or just one in the end of the drama). Ps: Just me or anyone else thinks that if at the end of the drama if they do not get married and show them with a kids, it would be very frustating? I mean, every scene we have there is this kind of dialogue about children and wedding and they would no do such kind of thing (IN EVERY EPISODE) if they do not plan on marry them at the end of the day. What do you guys think?
  12. Guys I do not know why, but I have the feeling that HK and SY are going to be together at the end. I do not want this. But at the same time, why they have the most romantic scenes ????
  13. I wanted that too! But at the same time I think we got more romantic scenes between SY and HK, than Chief Kim and HK. Sometimes, I think Chief Kim does not like HK at all, I really hope he can open his eyes
  14. Yeah, I kind of see many people freaking out about ET/KS and I do not understand because for me is the first time (In drama world) I do not like the main couple o0. I really like the story, I really like the characters as individuals, I like the actors and I LIKED THE STORY behind the main couple. But as the drama progress, I did not see any romantic chemistry and sometimes I think KS is more like an old brother than anything (I see that too with KS/GR. And I really like the bromance!). Perhaps it is because ET started as a "student", but I do not know. I am not so conservative about age issue and even loved Prime Minister and I (and back then, there was many criticizes because of the age of the main couple).