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  1. @catocat No! I just think that in the preview where he almost hits her and said that she should take care of her own business it was totally jerk off him.And now I realized that I was confused about the name of the characters hahaha. I mean Ting En
  2. As the preview it looks like she made some misunderstand in the cooking thing and Ting En blame her for it hmm. And worse, he thinks she is getting advantage of him! Is that right? @catocat You are right about that, but I stay with my opinion that Ting En did not deserve her u.u
  3. Well, I did not watch episode 9, unfortunatelly my chinese is not good yet. But I did not like the way Ting En treated her in the preview, he almost hit her! And after we saw the accident, I think something may happen to Fenqing (although I do not think it would be lost memory, but perhaps something that could stopped her from been a cook?)
  4. That would be awesome! But I think he needs to be more mature. I do not know why, but untill today I just see him in High School dramas... For me PHS made his role, he seems funny, cute and a little naive
  5. It would be funny if Ji Soo and PBY are actually the true couple, do not hink? Everybody are freaking out about PHS and PBY and at the end of the day, the real couple are PBY and Ji Soo HAHAHAHA
  6. Just to be clear I think it would be a SHAME if they do not explain more about AMH family. We just need one scene where AMH's father talks with him.
  7. I do not know you, but ALL I WANT is our couple with childrem! A boy and a girl (twins), is all I ever wanted!!! Please PD give me a fully happy ending!!!
  8. You can also download the whole episode. But I think it would be better if you take YouTube's videos There are also, good sites where you can download the episode. I remember that someday I was watching some T-drama that the site also had the option to download. But as english is not my mother language and I do not like to download things (although I did watch the dramas in english and not in my mother language because I would wait too much, but that does not change the fact that I prefer to watch on live or online).
  9. Just some thoughts.... 1) Someone had already mentioned that PHS resembles Ji Sung and now I realize the reason why I liked so much PHS since HS (although I did not like the drama itself). I think the only "crush" I had in my entire k-drama life was the characthers of Ji Sung (he is my "oppa master" in dramas), PHS, Seo-in guk (Reply 1997, although I really like his dramas), Seung-gi (his characther in "Brilliant Legacy" and TK2H) and Yoo Yeon Seok (I really cannot stand to the others "replys" because of the injustice with his characther in Reply 1994, it was the first time (and only) that I wanted the second lead with the girl and untill now I do not know why they choose the "trash". Anyway, I think he deserves more. I really hope to see him in some good dramas). 2) Someone also said that he/she does not see any CHEMISTRY between PBY and PHS, and also said that they just "acted" good. I am sorry, but I do not know why you think like that. I think I did not see such chemistry since Ji Sung and HJE (and I think in K-drama, I just saw 4 couples that I saw CHEMISTRY where 2 couples had some kind of love in real love, Seo-In guk/Eun-Ji (Seo-In Guk had said that he had a crush on her) and JHW/Yoo In-Na (they REALLY DATED) and the other 2 I do not know how or why they are very alike (although both actors or just one are married in real life): Ji Sung/HJE (of course) and Kim Soo Hyn/WJH). The rest just are good actors. I am sorry, but CHEMISTRY is with T-dramas, not K-dramas (although I prefer K-dramas). 3) WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SPOILERS?! I cannot wait for friday/saturday. I cannot live right now because of this drama! And I cannot stand if they will not show their kids (Yes with S, because I want to see TWINS). But I think, before that we need to see some things: AMH family (I really would be disaponted with they do not show some resolution with his family troubles), DBS's father and mother (they really need "the talk", I think both are wrong now. Someone said that she is wrong with all this beat, but I think if I see my boyfriend with some girl like DBS's daddy is KD's mother I woud at the very least be distrustful, and I am not a jealous type) and some explanation of the gangster and the trouble kids (because I would be very pissed of with all this time they took).
  10. I woke up early this morning just to finish my Chinese homework for me can be able to watch the live stream now !!
  11. *---*. Some of theses girls are my favourites heroine of k-dramas *--*. But I think, they should include Hang-ah (from The King 2 Hearts) and Eun-Seong (Brilliant Legacy). I think nowadays my top 6 is: Hang-ah (for me she was the most bravest one), Bong Soon, Eun-Seong, Shi Won, Bok Joo and Song Yi. I did not know some of theses heroines, but I am kind of curious about Doctors. Usually I do not like PSH, is she good in Doctors?
  12. Hey guys, someone can explain how I can change my profile photo? I would like to use some of these gifts you guys did (if you agree), but I do not know how .-.
  13. I need to get finished my french composition, but I cannot get to concentrate because of all theses feels!
  14. Exactly! It is sad because I really like dramas, but unfortunately, all my favourites dramas does not pay such attention to the woman. Sometimes, they start with some powerful/independent woman, but as the drama progresses they kind of put the girl as a lady in distress