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  1. In the beginning I was also confused with Molan’s ending and why she is received with such an open arm. But from what I think - nobody figure out that Molan released Aunt Kang. The one who released aunt was LN’s old maid and she is probably go far away after being given money from Molan. So, everyone thinks that it was stepmom trick. And then the problem with her husband, I assume Molan’s family heard about it, so they pity her. I kinda hope Molan at least apologise to ML but giver her character she probably won’t do it. But I feel like in the end she shown great remorse because she starts helping grandma to walk. I think after the husband incident, she probably realise that her mom’s teaching are all wrong. Now trying to find another drama to watch ... any recommendation? I’m waiting for Queen Dugu to be sub, currently watching Haolan. i tried watching NIF because it is recommended so much by ppl in this sub. But I watched 2 episodes but don’t understand a single thing . I ended up watching Luzhen because of Zhao Li Ying (and Chen Xiao is there).
  2. Eh, didn’t xiaotao keep working for ML? Because GTY told ML to let xiaotao rest, otherwise Shitou keeps on nagging due to his overprotectiveness.
  3. QH's wife and Lady Zhang (General Shen's wife) are smart women. I love how in the beginning they sort of hate ML because of the rumours about her. But after spending some time with her, they realise who ML really is. And instead of being blinded by hate and jealousy, they know who is good and who is bad. But I really think QH's wife has a big heart. Trusting her husband that much for helping out a woman he once want to marry is not an easy thing to do. But she said that if QH is happy, then she is happy too. I think that's also why QH is able to open his heart to her.
  4. Looks like Molan is not getting divorced?? And she seems a bit embarrassed when she arrives, so maybe she already knows her mistakes and try to live a better life? And shitou is so caring of xiaotao ... I hope we at least see them get married The funny thing is whenever ML and GTY bicker, Xiaotao also gives the same treatment to Shitou, one time Shitou said to GTY that because of his fight with ML, Xiaotao has been giving him a cold shoulder.
  5. Is this the final episode (ep 73)? Also glad that QH can finally open his heart to his wife. Now that QH is likeable again, I just notice the way he dressed up is so regal, compare to other men. Like the way he wears his outwear unbelted makes him look like a real prince And he's also quite good looking. Also I've been wanting to ask this, why do the men seems to have 2 names - like Qi Heng is Yuan Ruo, GTY is Zhong Huai? And is there any difference between calling your mother "Niang" vs "Mu Qin"?
  6. But base on history, their relationship is very loving until the end, except when the emperor had sex with another woman, and that woman got killed by the empress. But after a while, they became loving again. I think the tragedy would be when the children are fighting and scheming for the thrones, so hopefully the ending for the leads won’t be that tragic.
  7. First 2 episodes are already out. Everything looks quite good so far. Really like the storyline, hope it doesn’t disappoint. The emperor is supposed to have only 1 empress (and no concubine), so hope even with palace drama and misery, at least the leads will have a happy ending.
  8. @minglan1 I thought ML was just frustrated because the empress refused the help her out. That's why she threw the headgear (just my speculation). But on that note, what is the significance of that headgear, is that her symbol of title as Marchioness? Because when she threw it out, everyone was calling her crazy?
  9. @shenmiao98 ah ok, didn't realise that she is the concubine because her fighting skill is really good. Also, is stepmom trying to kill GTW in the next episode?? and what is with MN coming back to kill the son again. I thought she is done for good after testifying at the court. I really hope the writer shows a happy ending for Shitou x Xiaotao as well. I don't want only 5 minutes of happiness, I need like a whole episode of just pure happiness
  10. So who was the assassin who want to kill GTY's son? Her fighting skill is on par with Shitou, was she send by the palace, since she was kneeling outside the gate when ML beating the drum? Also, Molan was laughing at ML only to find out her own marriage is falling apart.
  11. Happy Camp with the cast. I hope someone would sub this eventually but the episode is very funny and seems like everyone is having fun at the set. Btw, Molan and Manniang look very pretty
  12. If Molan gets divorce, would she return to the Sheng house? Or where would she live then?
  13. Can someone please explain the conversation between Molan and her husband? I only get the part where he asked her why she married him, and whe she said because she loves him he said richard simmons. Looks like her husband mentions something about ML and how evil Molan and her mother are. Did he find out about Molan involvement in the releasing Aunt Kang?
  14. Oh OK, I thought Fengxian is a relative of GTY aunt, that’s why she was sent as concubine for GTY. I think stepmom mentioned that Fengxian is not as attractive, that’s why she couldn’t get GTY favour. If she is a prostitute, shouldn’t she be quite attractive and skillful.
  15. It is rice using the soil from his farm. He mentioned that if they can grow the rice then they will solve the food issue of the country.