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  1. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    Ah, it's a little heartbreaking and yet endearing that the actors want a season 3 so bad. I really wish they make it. Not only for us, but also beacuse there is still so much to be told about those characters!
  2. Hey! @blademan glad to see you here I will also be busy... there was not much this summer and in September and now there is just too many shows to watch!! I also really liked the first epsiodes. Actually, not too into it at first, but it all came together at teh end of episode 2 and I really like it. It speaks to me (I am their age and also single .....) and it is pretty well done. I was a bit take aback by her being a super star but it is quite interesting because (1) she has problems like that, being single and above all, never having been with a man, and (2) it shows how weird the entertainment industry is. There were some really cute moments: I really liked the manager and how she actually loves him/has respect for him because of what he did at the beginning. She is loyal adn I like that. Anyway, I am really looking forward to next week actually.
  3. This is where I am also getting a bit concerned. Did JC actually saw the time and place since the beginning? Because he had that dream, and then he told HJ to say when and where she is if ever in danger. Thus it is a bit confusing in terms of cause and effect. Had he told her to do that before? I assumed that because of that dream, he thought of asking her to do that... Am I wrong in thinking that? He did ask her to specify that AFTER that first dream, at the café, right? But then, in the first dream, she already says "JC, if you are dreaming this..." and then we don't get to see the rest. So for me it is a bit puzzling how he dreamt it all at first, then suggest she says when and where she is, and then when it happens we see it all. See what I mean?...
  4. I was not too crazy about today's episode... It wasn't moving as smoothly as the previous episodes in my opinion. But oh well, we got some good scenes. Nothing more about the drams and why they have it. Which was frustrating... I know what you said @bebebisous33, and I agree, but I am also not too convinced about the whole sequence of things. Did HJ save JC before her dad(s death or not? It might have been the reason why she went to see her dad in the bus that day: she had savec JC so she believed she could do the same with her dad? Or did she save JC after her dad's death? And then how come WT and HJ had different dreams at the same time about JC that day? There are some loose ends here and there... wanted or not? I hope they are and that it will all become clear in the upcoming episodes... I am torn concerning YB. Like @bebebisous33 said, I think YB is the bad guy and is dangerous, and he will become more dangerous. But; unsurprisingly, I also totally agree with @Dhakra that there has to be something more complicated to YB. The way he took the case and was ecstatic about winning, and yet how he had to clean his hands like a mad man after shaking that worm's hand... That was powerful, and for me, it showed that he does have a comprehension of morality, what is bad and good. That scene was very powerful because it was as if the old YB appeared again and was fighting the new YB (hence the blood perhaps?). I am looking forward to seeing what will become of him! I liked the surveillance camera comments and how HJ saw all of that, the before and the after. Ha ha! That was funny but it was also cute, as she accepted JC for who he was, dirty-ness and all. Nicely done My poor WT! I wish we had seen more of him, and especially at the end! How cruel to end on him losing all his blood in that Chicken restaurant... Pfff... Thank God for the preview... My fan heart won't have to anxiously wait for next week.
  5. @bebebisous33 Salut!! So if I understood you correctly, because they are all together now, and because HJ now knows she can change the future, the three of them have similar "powers" so to speak and are connected in terms of sequence of dreaming? I am still a bit doubtfull about WT's explanation of why they are having those dreams... Ok, let's say they are because they are thankful for having been saved, then wouldn't there be more dreamers? I mean CH was saved from burning, if she saw HJ was the one, then does that mean she will have dreams too? Or not, if she does not put two and two together? I dunno... Then why introduce the deaths of the fathers? Or perhaps because that is where HJ and JC first met (at the funeral) and then she saved him?... So he knew who she was, was able to be thankful? Then why didn't he have dreams for so long? Are drams only occuring when they are together? But then WT had dreams after not having seen JC having being saved! I am a bit confused and also, I must say, a bit annoyed that they seem to have given out the answer so quickly. Ok, I dislike the chicken creepy guy a lot. But it introduces some interesting points as to the consequences of intervention. I am looking forward to having our trio grapple with this side of the dreaming and changing the future.
  6. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    Maybe they are doing that so that we get a season 3? I am glad I know that though, so perhaps it is to satisfy the fans? And they must have been feeling a bit unsettled themselves, so perhaps they need to say it to others (us, the fans) who will understand their feelings. In any case, I am happy to see that they like their characters that much! It is nice to see actors dedicated to their characters like that. No wonder they play so well and that their chemistry is so amazing!
  7. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    Ah I just read what you posted about the girls and I also agree with the writer: JW also has a happy ending with her death in 2025. But the timeline is definitely off for that. Just for that, I want a season 3 to see the fast and passionate (it seems )relationship that JW and SM will have There!!! Nah!
  8. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    Oh my god, I totally loved White Christmas. And I thought it was a perfect ending for this kind of show... How else could they have ended it? I mean the whole thing was messy and was about the banality of evil... It had to be a "messy" ending. Thanks for the translation! Man I so love how well they work together. It is so nice to see that even behind the scenes, they have a chemistry that makes it work on screen. Am I the only one that is kinda ok-ish with JW dying? I mean I HATE it really, but at the same time, it fits the character very well. I mean we saw this season how important the truth actually was for her, despite having lied before. So her seeking the truth after this case only makes sense and goes so well with her outgoing, courageous side. And my fan-side is satisfied with her getting with SM and having a kid. Though, writer-nim, you might have to rethink the whole timeline a bit. For them to have a kid that old in the epilogue, they would have needed to have that kid like NOW........
  9. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    I think it goes very well with her personnality. She'll go crazy at first thinking of what she feels but then confess and go all the way! He he...
  10. [Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2

    I think it is because they were dealing with a sensitive subject and that since the art teacher appeared, they had to make it clear that it was not based on a true story. So that if someone watches it and feels it is his story he cannot sue them, etc. @riribl I agreewith you. I think there needs to be a trigger for SM to confess to JW. If it is a third party, I hope it will be done well and not too over the top dramatic. But what if JW confesses first?... Maybe she'll realize how important SM is for her because hewas always there during those hard times and will confess... a girl can dream right? but somehow I can see JW being the one taking the first step toward love, no?
  11. @yusefull I don't think it is pointles to talk about it!! On the contrary... I seecwhat you mean but he stands up just before because JC has remained silent. He kept looking at him, waiting for him to interviene but he aited tillthe last moment to do so. He wanted to see JC do sthg, he set it up like that by inviting him, etc. If he had chosen to interviene himself before, things might have been different. In that particular case, he wanted JC to interviene...
  12. Well the thing is we cannot be sure about that because WT is the one that set the restaurant scene in such a way that JC could interviene. We don't know what would have happened if WT has decided to act himself, he might have been able to change things. He decided to invite JC because he wanted to see if JC would change things, he set it in such a way that only JC could interviene... I think WT was so curious about JC and what he had done (saved him on the road, saved his brother) that he wanted to see him change the future again. It's hard to tell if WT could have not changed the future then... Ha ha ha... I am really liking this whole discussion!! But to be honest, we just have to wait and see what will happen in the next episodes...
  13. Of course not! What I was implying is that they can do it, the three of them, only when they are together or connected. Think of it: when JC stopped the car, the three of them were there; at the building, they were also there, for the restaurant too. Somehow, I think the future could be altered once they met, once JC and WT developped the faculty to dream after meeting HJ. Before, HJ could not do anything, but once the three met, the three developped the faculty to alter the future. I think it would be unfair to JC if only him can change the future, take action. What will happen the day he will need to be saved? HJ and WT won't be able to do anything for him? Exactly! and by doing so, by introducing the varaible, he did change the future. I guess it is all a matter of active (JC) and passive (WT) changes? Again, what will happen the day JC will need help?...
  14. I totally agree with you. I also think he must have crossed paths with JC and HJ the day of the soldier accident and/or at the funeral home. I rewatched the scene at the convenience store and at the bus and nothing stood out. Someone or himself must have been there but it was not shown. I need to rewatch the scenes at the funeral home. I was thinking that if the soldier is WT's brother, maybe that soldier tried to avenge his father's death. He was clearly going somewhere with those weapons. WT might have chosen to be a cop to prevent similar types of injustice that might have happened to WT's father. Ok, I know I am stretching it a lot... @yusefull I know what you mean and meant. I am just saying that WT clearly was there when JC saved him that night, he heard the conversation he had with HJ, he saw JC running toward the building he dreamt of, etc. so clearly by inviting him to the restaurant, he wanted to prove that there was a connection with all the weird things happening and JC. I am also saying we should wait a bit before saying that only JC can change the future directly... @Wotad Ah, I love him too! He is so cute, with his dog and all.
  15. But I think WT did not do anything because he chose to have JC do it. For him, JC is indeed the one who can change things because he was saved by him, he saw him running to save his brother. He dreams about him. So I saw it as WT believing that JC was the one that could change the future. And so far it appears like he is. But is he really? Without WT and the choice he made, JC could have not done anything... In any case, I hope we'll be shown that, perhaps, it's not just JC which can change the future, but the three of them. I am just saying I am hoping that there is more than just JC being able to change the future because that scares me a bit: what if JC will need to be saved too at some point? Considering YB, I think that may happen. Man, this thread is heavy with photos. Could you please remember to put some in spoiler spaces? My internet connection is great but even for me, it takes ages for it to load completely...