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  1. @stroppyse If you don't mind, I have another question. I know that Korean people usually refers to the mothers as someone's mother, and usually the name of the oldest child. In my understanding, people would refer to GS's mother as "GD Omma" for instance, and they do. So I was expecting BS and BG's mother to be referred to as "BS's Omma" by her friends but I noticed that they referred to her as "BS's Omma" once!! Why is that? I thought that normally you are referred to as the mother of your eldest kid but here, she is referred to as the mother of her son.
  2. I also found it strange but perhaps because he is her actually brother so he uses "noona" to show that realtion between them. In that sense, noona literally refers to the fact that he is the youngest sibling. If they were not related, I don't think BG would use Noona. People born the same year are chingus and can thus use banmal. They are close because of that. So I think that if MH is actually the same age as BS, it would not make a huge difference to him since he is already using informal speech with BS, but it would mean that BS can also use it with him. No? But because MH is always "playing" with BS, I think MH is scare dthat BS could actually use that against him he he he... It would be fun indeed! @bebebisous33 I thought of you with the library scene, when MH and BS talk through the stacks! I think it was quite an interesting scene, lots of things to be read in there So I cannot wait to read your analysis of it!
  3. @USAFarmgirl and @dhakra That is true, I am not saying it is not. But I actually think the show is telling us to think about these things. To question those things! How women are told that they need to be rescued by men when here we have an example of a woman needing no rescue. And how men are told to protect women at all cost, that they are superior in strength and must thus protect the "weak". And I am sorry to also say that, depiste being taught to protect women, violence against women is still very high in many many countries. In Korea, last year a woman was stabbed to death in the toilets of a restaurant because of her gender. For me the show is using all of this to show the sort of complicated realtions there exists between gender and society. I also like how in the preview for episode 11, BS says that she is going to rescue the prince! Again, the traditional image of the prince rescuing the pricess is reversed.
  4. Oh happy ending!!! Yay!!!! Thanks for the recaps chingus! I still need to catch up so more comments later but there were so many cool scenes! I am so sad for Mushroom Hair... But it also makes sense in a way. But still... Ottoke...
  5. I agree with you on that; I myself said that I had mixed feelings about it; because at times, it was trying to show the sexism of society and offering an alternative in BS, in the sense that she can be powerful too. And at times, there are some things that are very traditional. The same thing with the gay thing: accepting and critical too. But saying that he saved her because she is a woman and men are taught to take care of special things like women and children is going too far in the opposite direction!!! Yes, the drama is far from perfect, but I don't think that this is the type of answer we should consider either because that it is really missing the whole point of BS's character. And as for GD, I think the show is showing how GD was wrong all along... I think his character shows how men who thinks that they should protect women at all times is also not ideal. The fact that nobody was questioning it is a representation of society, of Korean society here too. It is very ironic to us too because we know BS's true nature... She does not need protection adn yet GD thinks she does because he was thought to protect weaker women. But he was wrong. See what I mean? Yes, teh show is not perfect but it does have redeeming qualities in terms of what one should expect according to one's gender.
  6. Ah ok he said to end her first love; I thought he was mentioning his! Ha ha... Gish so frustrating that my Korean is not good enough yet to always get it all. But gosh, MH is back! Forward and honest. It was so cool of him. Again, he is giving her time to end her first love! Awwwwww
  7. Preview: BS is struck by how cool MH is. GD tries to confess but before he can say he likes her, she cuts him.. Lots of cute moments between them to come next week!
  8. Cut to MH in bed. He is turning around, he can not sleep. He gets up. Cut to BS in her bedroom. She is speaking about MH with her friend... Omma comes up and tells BS to come down quickly as MH is there. MH says that he.... is hurting a bit! She says that she knows, blah blah.. He says that's not it; he takes her hand and puts it in his heart. He says it is his first love. He brings her closer to him. Omo!!!! They are staring at each other! End of episode!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Almoni gives a bunch of old manuscripted books - it is the history of their strength!
  10. Cut to MH's house. They arrive there MH and BS BS is about to leave when MH grabs her, sits her down and puts his head on her legs. He tells her to stay like that for a bit. Much later we see BS going to his dressing room and looking at the drawing, she finally realizes it is her!!!!! She is at the bus stop now. Gets a message from GD. She does not answer... and looks lost in her thoughts. Cut to GD and head Dectetime drinking. Well it seems the Head Detective is doing all the drinking.
  11. BS brought richard simmons liquor to the head of the guys. He drinks it deliciously but once he hears what it is... he feels shocked and sick. Ha ha
  12. I think Secretary likes that twin... intense scene between the two. I cannot understand their Korean as they scream and cry... Almoni is back!
  13. BS caught MH and Secretary having a conversation about her. I think Secretary was asking why he keeps her next to him. Library scene. MH is waiting and then gets up and looks at her through a self, through books.
  14. Was it a test to see if she could take it without using her strength?...