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  1. I agree totally @bebebisous33 - I am particularly interested in the past - what happened for her father to have constructed memories for her? Was it for her sake? What she perhaps there when her mother was killed? Which make sme wonder also what did she and her sister fight about before the accident? Was it sthg related to the past as well? I am sure it was. I love that heavy psychological side to this show.
  2. This drama is so good, totally unexpected. I started watching while waiting for the subs of another show to come out and I just finished watching the first episode without thinking of my drama. What I like is the realism of it, the fact that they are not pretty or perfect young women and man. They are all struggling, either with their parents, or with their friends or lack of. It does not portray pretty feelings and lovely lives. I thought it was going to be silly but it turned out to be sooo interesting! Also, the cinematography is amazing! That was also totally unexpected - how to make a high school drama look like a movie. Ah, @loopo, I also want more people to watch and talk about it here!!!! @Dhakra - watch episode 4! I did not want it to end. I was screaming at my screen at the end not to end there...
  3. For some reason, I thought the little girl was her sister, the one who is in a comma. I also assumed that the step mother was the one who pushed her. I thought that what unites them all is the fact that as children they were mistreated and that includes CWK - I think her stepmother was brutal with her and somehow CWK has blocked some of this from her consciousness. Hence the stepmother saying she could not understand CWK at times: I think she is confused as to CWK's reactions to her past actions. She did bad things to them but CWK keeps saying that she was such a good mother... CWK definitely repressed all that and hence the stepmother is confused by some of CWK's reactions and what she says. Just a question: what heppened to CWK's dad? Did we get any info on that?
  4. I know, right? The actors were so good so you get attached to all the characters in one way or another. It was also very realist in terms in feelings, situations, and looks too. Plus, it got better as the episodes went by, which is rare in KDrama land. I just finished watching it all and I am so sad it's over. I could have done with one or two episodes. More thoughts later... I need to think a bit about it and rewatch some scenes I really liked. But one moment I particularly liked/which touched me: - What Halmeoni says when SM is scared that she might die: your favorite color crayons are always the ones to be used and done first. I dunno why it got to me... perhaps because it's a simple image that we can all relate to? It was just an easy and simple way to explain the death of a loved one. (It also made me think because when my fav crayons are almost finished, when they have become small, I stop using them so that I can keep them longer.....)
  5. It might be but it's an already existing song. "The Curse" by Agnes Obel
  6. I am also confused by her. I like how I am confused about her but when she said that she could not show the sonogram to strangers, I lost it! She said it in such a cold way, it drove me crazy! But... I think she is just putting that cold front because, I think, in the end she does not know what else to do. The whole weak/strong dichotomy thing was at the center this week. I gathered that YY appears strong but is actually weak; and the only way for her to counter her weakness is to shut JH out completely. What I envision: them being cordial to one another as YY accepts for JH to be there for the child, thus having a sort of open ending. Them not being back together but pointing to the fact that they might go back together (or not) in the future. I was scared about the spouses swap (as shown last week in the preview), but it was actually really nicely done. Not too dramatic or over the top. Others things I liked: - How HR had to show YY, in the supermarket mind you, how she had kissed JH. That was hilarious! - HR's sister moving in with SM's sister! Which shows that despite the divorce, HR and SM are connected through family, what they thought they did not form at first. - The guys singing at the karaoke and above all, the fact that they only sang break-up songs sung by women!!!! Interesting choice The men are really the romantic ones in this show. - SM still being so clumsy with his feelings and how to express himself. He felt awkward this week and I liked it. I also wonder about the sister's lesbian love line... I really hope they are going to keep it open!!
  7. I really want to see this but I have been unable to find it with english subs... anyone has been able to watch it? How is it?
  8. @nohamahamoud2002 Great.... Thanks for the spoil.... Could you please put your previous post under a spoiler space so that not to spoil others?
  9. So I just finished watching episode 11 in time for tomorrow! I won't say much here but I am a bit late to the party, but HR and JH kissing?! What?! They meet randomly at the supermarket and then they are making out like crazy?! I can totally understand SM and YY (and I actually thought it was nicely done and portrayed) but HR and JH?! Ha ha ha... I am really curious to see how that happened!... Looking forward to tomorrow
  10. I saw the preview and I was like OMG!!!! Ha ha... I'll wait tomorrow to watch today's episode, too much work tonight. Bummer. It's going to be interesting to see. Is it the same in the Japanese version? I don't want spoilers but just curious if that same thing happens...
  11. I actually am becoming more intringued by Seok Moo now. We have had quite a lot of backgroung information about all characters but, somehow, SM had been the one keeping a lot of his emotions in. We saw JH crying, YY battling with herself, HR realizing that she does not know SM much and she is guilty of what she accused him of, etc. But SM? I don't really understand why he is so set on having YY happy and smiling; I am just confused: does he really still have feelings for her? is he feeling guilty for the past and trying to amend himself? What about his singing/song writing career? What did he feel when he gave it up? etc. I wish they would focus on his feelings too, but I guess it is what is coming next? I hope it is! While the other characters are moving in some ways, he isn't. I am looking forward to the bromance with SM and JH moving in together. They are so different that it will certainly be interesting... and funny! He he Not sure what I think about the whole new potential love interest of HR. Somehow, I wish they would just focus on her career and not mix love in there.
  12. I was struck, again, at how naive men really are in this series. Men have this romantic naive vision of love and marriage, one which does not fit today's society. Even SM's father has this childish vision of family life, like a sitcom he wanted to reproduce. SM is not different than himself, as he cites that very show at the end. This made me laugh too, at how similar to his father he is despite hating him. So masculine in many ways... Anyway, JH's story is also quite pathetic and naive, how he was so hurt for something he should have seen coming (or that he refused to see which makes me think he might be similar to YY in that way); how such a silly story from high school really had an impact on him and even influenced his career. Like OMG WTF?... Even SM's co-worker has a naive vision of love whereas his new girlfriend is pragmatic. SM's sister's husband is also a stereotype of Korean man who thinks that because he has a good job, he is going to get away with murder... Men need to grow up and evolve. Women are much more nuanced and realist in this show (and in life in general). Like you said @MrsSoJiSub, women are strong, even SM's mother! It's hard, as of now, to see how the two men could win back their ex/non-wives. Funny how you said you are like JH @MrsSoJiSub - @1ouise mentioned here she was a bit like SM, and so I am. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen to the men. The whole jogging thing made me laugh out loud! It was funny, how shocked he was, and his explanation. And frankly, I could totally relate too! Hilarious! I love those little comments and how true they are, despite sounding so stupid. He he I liked the whole thing with SM's nephew and how he reacted to HR's book. I truly hope she will publish it. And I am quite curious about it too actually - as a lit professor I find it very interesting, that approach. Okay I need to watch today's episode now!
  13. @MrsSoJiSub I am sooo happy to see you here (it's been such a long time - wasn't the last show we both followed together "Tomorrow with you"?) and I am so glad you are enjoying this show so much as well. Like you, I am fascinated by YY and JH, especially JH (I think we all are here). He is such a mystery really. Even his nightmare of the train ride in the snow is a mystery to me - what does this train ride in the snow comes back to haunt him? I am not sure what to expect from them, how they will rebuild sthg together. Honesty perhaps? I mean she knew when she said yes to him at first that he was cheating on her friend so it's not like she was not aware of it; she also chose to turn a blind eye. He does not want to hurt her, I am convinced he does love her but unlike what he said, I don't think love is enough. To be honest, the more I see them, the more I started thinking that they would not be able to remain toegther. One couple does, the other doesn't. I kinda like that idea too... The ones that seemed the most in love break up and the others who fought all the time stay together. No? Like I mentioned, I totally love how the show tackles the question of consent and sexual abuse. More and more shows are dealing with this these days but I found it refreshing that a man, SM, is also actively protesting against it. The actors are indeed great! I am happy to see Lee El with a serious role, and a good one at that. The actor playing JH is amazing - I didn't know him before, what's his name? I need to look him up. Bae Doona is amazing as always - I also love the fact that she wears little make-up, sometimes not at all. And Cha Tae Hyun is also amazing (I am a big fan of 1 Night & 2 days) and a serious show suits him surprisingly well. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow!!
  14. I think she needs to be jealous in order to realize her feelings and what is going on... I mean she went to a date with a man despite it all so she needs some kind of shock to move towards her.
  15. Ha ha ha, I know what you mean. I am not uptight like him, but I hurt others without meaning to, like him. So I am also very curious to see how what will happen. What YY said struck a cord with me: how he is the one hurting the most in the end. He is harsh with others indeed, but harsher with himself... JY is so interesting indeed! When the show started, I disliked him but then, I became curious and started wanting to know more. Plus the bromance is awesome! @Blue Sky Totally! I think the reason why she was never into being touched by men is because she is a lesbian. And that is another thing I like about this show - it's modern, touching upon relevant subjects like homosexuality and consent as well.