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  1. Oh my god! Now I get it: I loved Misaeng (best drama ever) and now I get it why I liked the visuals of SF too! he he I just finished watching episode 16 so I need to digest it and I need to read all your comments. I was avoiding this thread not to be spoiled! But I already read some really interesting ones!! I am satisfied with the end. I liked how realistic it was, and anti-climatic for some, sad for others, and frustrating for some (yes I am looking at you Hot Prosecutor Seo...). Anyway more later.
  2. I would add "Signal" and "Tunnel" as well, two very very good ones! ETA: And of course, it would have been good for me to actually read the first post in its totality as these two were mentioned first... Sorry about that!
  3. Oh and did anyone post Peter Han's song but the Korean version? Here it is:
  4. @triplem Hey! Glad to see you here too! In terms of ES: Even though there was a romantic vibe with SM, I also felt some sexual tension with Prosecutor Seo. He also cared for her, not at first but after he did. I dunno why I liked them both together. Anyway, I am very glad romance is not the focus of this show and I would be happy not to have any at all to be honest. @titania1000 Oh that is such a cute gif with all the actors. I can see subtitles on some: does it mean it was all subtitled? Do you knwo where I could find it?
  5. I know! I also love the music! I keep listening to all the songs; it's one of the first dramas for which I like all the songs! I so want an album to come out.
  6. I also think there are two things happening at the same time. LCJ trying to bring his father-in-law down and his father-in-law trying to protect his daughter and her husband (LCJ - it's quite ironic). Woo is definitely the doer. Now that you mention it, maybe that KJB is the informant... That certainly would be interesting. He does seem to have a grudge toward SM and the incident at school. He always seems so conflicted in the way he recounts/remebers it: his facial expressions do not quite match his words... He gives mes the creeps sometimes, while at others he seems so innocent and dumb. I also totally think LCJ is the man who gave the intel to the high school girl. The sketch she made of him did look like him, or at least it looked like the actor outisde the set! ha ha! @titania1000 I also liked the airport scene. The actor who plays Yoon did an amazing job, especially with his eyes. I also liked how the running around looked so realistic, with the passengers, etc.
  7. Well, SM was supposed to be framed first. I though LCJ did that in order to get him interested in the case, so that he would keep digging. I am not sure LCJ ordred the murder. I mean he is involved, but I think his father-in-law might have planned it all (he seemed he was the one to contact Yoon before he left for the airport). I think LYB might have wanted to get rid of the whole mess, thinking that his son-in-law was involved and had an affair with GY. In order to clean it all, he hired Yoon for him to do the dirty work. LCJ might have found out and sent SM there that day, to stop it and/or be a witness. No? I am having a hard time seeing LCJ allowing those people to die. He used to be like SM at the beginning... That said, it is a known fact here on soompi that I am quite soft-hearted and idealistic Man, I cried a lot while watching episode 14!... It was so moving, to see SM grive like he did. All the flashbacks and all... I am also liking Prosecutor Seo more and more...
  8. Yes there is that as well. You are not supposed to mark the body parents have given you - but hasn't this changed with cosmetic surgery?... Another thing is that the only people who can officially tattoo you are doctors. And usually doctors don't have or wor at tattoo parlors... ha ha. So most tattoo artists in Korea are not legally able to tattoo people. A friend got a tattoo in Korea and he had it done in an apartment. I mean it was a tattoo parlor, very clean and professional, but no sign outside and it was not on the ground floor. The tattoo artist also recommended to do his tattoo in a place that he could hide with clothing, especially important at work (he taught English in Busan).
  9. I don't know if anyone responded but tattoos are not well perceived in South Korea. Basically, if you have a tattoo, you are part of a gang, therefore you are a criminal. It is only recently that people, and mainly young people, are more open to tattoos.
  10. I think SM might still use him to investigate things since he is still planning on solving the whole thing in 10 days... I also think he might come in handy with SM's symptoms reappearing since he kinda knows that sthg was wrong with him as a kid.
  11. I have not come here in a while because I was behind and did not want to be spoiled. But I managed to watch episode 13 and wow... Like a lot of you, I did think something might happen to Eun Soo, because she had one aim and was not afraid to risk her life to achieve it. I am sad though as it was a character I really liked, because she was so driven. It was nice to see such a strong female character. @kiklaminHo I agree with you. I would also add that SM's coldness toward ES was also to protect her. I do think he took into consideration what her father asked him to do, that is make sure ES won't get hurt looking for a revenge the father did not particularly want. All her father wanted was to make sure his family was safe... now that ES is dead, I think that might change things and he might want to go all out. I guess ES's death was a plot device to make things happen, like so many of you pointed out here. Yoon... somehow, I don't think he did it... One is that he made sure that GY was going to be discovered. He had to change his orginal plan and wait for the kids to be back, etc. to make sure she was going to be discovered by the teenagers. He is violent but I don't think he is capable of killing someone like that. At the end of episode 12, I thought Yoon and ES might have sthg in common: a desire for revenge. I don't know if it was discussed here but I thought that Yoon might be connected to the original case, the hit and run. Remeber that he took some thime off, about two/three years because his kid died in a hit-and-run accident? Then Park MooSung came into the picture because of a hit-and-run. Could it be the same one? I also thought that the 07 on his back might be the date of his kid's death (the hit-and-run) as Korean dates go from the year to the day (Today's date would be written 2017-07-23). So I need to see way more to believe Yoon could kill someone! I also think, still, that Lee ChangJun might be behind it all, that is trying to get rid of his father-in-law and try to become clean again... The things he told ES's father about SM, how he will be great if he does not change. Somehow he has bee thinking about SM's honesty for a while. He might have wanted to "frame" SM to get him involved in all of this.
  12. I have been MIA because I was at a conference all week-end... I was looking forward to see this episode but now I am dreading it. I guess I will wait for tomorrow's episode to watch them both together. I do agree with @stroppyse about AR. Even though I do understand where she is coming from, she is asking a huge sacrifice from him. We have seen the importance of dreams in this show; AR herself stated how alive she felt when she was doing what she loved the most. Asking DM to give up his knowing very well what it entails, it's a bit selfish. I do understand she wants to protect him and I cannot imagine how hard it must be to see the person you love fighting like that... But I also feel it is important to let the person decide too. If that is what he wants to do, then it is his choice. You need to accept the person as a whole. Like you said @stroppyse, she needs to decide whether she would rather be without DM or be with him despite the risks implicate din hsi dream. @SpiritGambler Yes! Remember we saw the wife of the fighter who used to train with DM and then fought him? She was in tears and dreading it, but she was there watching. As soon as we saw her, I thought that AR should talk to her!
  13. Aren't the years the opposite? Min-Ah was born in 1993 and GY in 1998 hence yes, she is a minor. Aren't the years the opposite? Min-Ah was born in 1993 and GY in 1998 hence yes, she is a minor.
  14. I think he does too; hence he might be trying to bring him down and save himself from him... Perhaps that is what the files on his computer were all about; his schemes to bring them all down?
  15. Or maybe he was the one framing the others?...