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  1. Ah I was so looking forward to this, but I could not find any subbed version...
  2. @jcbel - Oh I love those discussions. I see your points and I agree in the sense of repetition of history and cycle of violence, as well as killing one in order to save hundreds, thousands, etc. While I agree the show introduces these questions and deals with the ambivalence quite nicely in that last episode, like you describe so well yourself around KWH's belief, I still think they are hinting at a different way of dealing with things - an ambivalent way too but one that is not about killing that one in order to save more. What Detective Do refuses is to kill that "one" like KWH was able to do repeadtly while considering the greater scheme of his project. Do was faced with that choice several times, and he refused to pull the trigger each time. At first, the HBomb comparaison bothered me but it is quite fitting actually because I think more people would condemn the bombings now than the opposite. I know it's still a debate, but a lot of information point to the fact that the Japanese were done for and the the bombings should be considered as war crimes. Hence, while ambivalent, there is something about responding to violence with violence in excess (what KWH did with the Hunters), and that while nothing is black or white, no one is good or bad, there are still excesses that should be avoided because, ultimately, they repeat the problem instead of solving it.
  3. Finally managed to watch the last episode and I liked it wuite a lot. I thought it finished nicely, though not too optimistic either, on a dark and ambivalent note. @jcbel - Perhaps I would not be so kind to Kang Woo Huyn. Though he does want to get rid of that family which had sold out to the Japanese for a while now, he stil wanted to shift the power to him. It's just reorganization, redistribution, and repetition. It was not a surprise he went against the organisation, and I quite liked how that was done: in another hunt and somehow they all got caught in their own game, their own trap. Even Kang Woo Huyn's fate at the end is a trap he is caught in (no surprise that virus is called trap too). Quite clever actually. I was happy to see Secretary Kim again and to see she had struggled to survive and remember till then. I guess perhaps that is what differentiate the 'evil' ones and the 'good' ones? Feelings and memories? It is those that make you move forward and survive. One thing I did not like: the twin appearing at the end... That was just so random and did not bring much to the story really. So perhaps, yeah, hinting at a possible season 2? ETA: Oh just saw the article above and no plans for season 2 - then I don't see why the helll they would introduce her at the end... I know to show that Detective Do attracts kind people he needs to protect but still...
  4. Ha ha... After a crazy week at work, now that it is the week-end, I have been avoiding this thread in order not to be spoiled but only to discover the finale is tonight..... Damn, the waiting is killing me! Did not mean to take so long to answer you but work was crazy this week. Actually, impusilvity is the one trait that unites all psychopaths. Thus, it is not surprising he was. I do think it was implusive, but that he had already thought of using the hunting grounds to his advantage. In a sense, perhaps this impulsive act was the trigger for starting a plan he had considered for a while, that is being recognized by the organization, etc.
  5. @thistle and @jongski - I also wonder how it will end. Will he be exposed to all as the monster that he is? I think that might be his best punishment. At the same time, Koreans have a tendency to have quite dark shows/movies so I am not sure we'll get a 'happy' ending in terms of the Hunters. All I hope is for Inspector Do and his dear profiler to be ok and live as family with that kitten too! Are those two things exclusive? Yes, he perhaps acted on the spur of the moment but his planning after the act was quite precise and rested on the case he was actually working on/pretending to research for work. I do agree the police officer who is now fine after almost being killed by him is a bit weird. I am hoping they will go somewhere with that in episode 7. Here are some thoughts on your points: 1. The reporter and the woman - Just because Kang Evil-Bastard killed his wife there does not mean that it was not previously a hunting ground of the group, no? Choosing to go there after he killed his wife points to his careful planning and setting it all up in relation to the Hunters. 2. He actually explains he has kept some material, etc. As for knowing where they are, I assumed it was based on the video; and as a cop, he was probably aware of that cyber café. I cannot imagine it being very difficult for him to put two and two together. 3. Was it a bomb? I thought they had but the break and it was the liquid after the crash that caused the explosion?
  6. I am so glad it is over next week. I don't think I could take any other episode... My nails are all gone. Ha ha..... I have to admit it is quite impressive what Kang Woo Hyun has managed to do. The way he manipulated everyone so that it would now be very hard to even be accused of the crimes he actually committed. But isn't it there more? Isn't he too intelligent to be manipulated by others and be part of the Hunters? Somehow I would not be surprised if he went against them too at this point. I was so glad to see the cat but who is going to take care of him now that Inspector Ko is stuck in that 'hospital' place?
  7. I know!!! I was happy nothing bad happened to it but I keep wondering what happened to the little guy nonetheless... Episode 5 is like.... OH MY GOD! I was expecting something fishy in relation to Kang Woo-Hyun; I actually thought that he was the one who had killed his wife back there once he realized she was with them. Playing with that 1mm margin a bit but I did not expect the show to go all the way there! Wow!
  8. Today is Trap-day! Yay! I'll try to watch it today but will make surenot to spoil anyone.
  9. That is what I gathered too but now the question is on which side was he? - He is unconfortable being told what to do by a foreigner so perhaps pro-Korea/independence? - Yet, if he mentions the fact that he was free to kill a lot of people, doesn't that imply he was more likely on the side of the Japanese and thus part of the colonial system? I have no idea really... what do you all think?
  10. It seems like she is and she might also be playing the hunting game now. Like she mentioned in one of the flaskbacks, she is similar to the CEO, hence I think it was implied that she actually became a part of the crew. She probably participated in putting the trap up, lurring her family to that café, etc. Hence the reason why her body was never found. The whole pheremone and so talk was also a bit complicated/confusing so I am expecting that we will know more about the whole process, perhaps through the profiler? What I gather is the insistance on instincts and "smell," smell of fear being one of the reasons those people hunt - it makes them feel powerful to see fear in others. The whole Japanese thing was interesting - is it because the real chief is a foreigner? Thus does it echo in some ways Korea's colonial history? That old man did seem to refer to that and I think he might be in the process of trying to gain control of the group and get rid of that "chief." I can't wait for next week!
  11. Adoption is actually quite a sensitive issue in Korea. It is usually something that you hide (adopted kids are often bullied in school), like they did in the drama. Also, Koreans believe that blood is the most important thing connecting people; hence adopting a child is complicated in terms of social stigma and finding one's place in the family. I had a friend who was past 40 and could not have kids anymore. I asked her whether she would consider adopting and her answer was: I cannot do that to my husband and his family. It was better not to have kid than adopt one. The younger generations are changing though. All this to say that the wife's detachment is actually very cleaverly linked to social issues as well as her narcissism/craziness.
  12. Annyong! I am totally hooked. I was also watching "Children of Nobody" so it's been nice to find a good substitute. Oh man, episode 4 was... intense! We discovered quite a lot actually... - The secretary is actually a reporter who has been working with Kang Woo Hyun to expose those people. They knew quite a lot too. - Kang Woo Hyun and Ko Dong Kook are connected through the death of their sons; seems like it is the same people who killed them, a fact that Kang Woo Hyun was quick to realize. - The wife is definitely involved and playing the hunting game now... I expected it but it is still horrifying. The description of how the boy was killed really made my blood run cold. How on earth?... I guess this show really wants to show us how evil people can be, the normality of it. (Think Arendt's banality of evil) I liked their image of the 1mm too. That was fascinating in many ways. - I find the emphasis on making weak people do horrible things quite interesting as well. I also was not surprised to discover that the chief has been telling them where Ko Dong Kook was all these years; I expected him to be more involved actually. - I am assuming the profiler knows so much about serial killers/psychopath because her father or someone in her family was one?
  13. I agree totally @bebebisous33 - I am particularly interested in the past - what happened for her father to have constructed memories for her? Was it for her sake? What she perhaps there when her mother was killed? Which make sme wonder also what did she and her sister fight about before the accident? Was it sthg related to the past as well? I am sure it was. I love that heavy psychological side to this show.
  14. This drama is so good, totally unexpected. I started watching while waiting for the subs of another show to come out and I just finished watching the first episode without thinking of my drama. What I like is the realism of it, the fact that they are not pretty or perfect young women and man. They are all struggling, either with their parents, or with their friends or lack of. It does not portray pretty feelings and lovely lives. I thought it was going to be silly but it turned out to be sooo interesting! Also, the cinematography is amazing! That was also totally unexpected - how to make a high school drama look like a movie. Ah, @loopo, I also want more people to watch and talk about it here!!!! @Dhakra - watch episode 4! I did not want it to end. I was screaming at my screen at the end not to end there...
  15. For some reason, I thought the little girl was her sister, the one who is in a comma. I also assumed that the step mother was the one who pushed her. I thought that what unites them all is the fact that as children they were mistreated and that includes CWK - I think her stepmother was brutal with her and somehow CWK has blocked some of this from her consciousness. Hence the stepmother saying she could not understand CWK at times: I think she is confused as to CWK's reactions to her past actions. She did bad things to them but CWK keeps saying that she was such a good mother... CWK definitely repressed all that and hence the stepmother is confused by some of CWK's reactions and what she says. Just a question: what heppened to CWK's dad? Did we get any info on that?
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