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  1. @bebebisous33 I agree with you that, as of now, it seems like YSE won't be helping KSM because he suspects her and also because her first goal is, like you said, to get revenge. Revenge is more important for her than justice. And yet, I think it would make so much sense for them to work together as it is also justice she wants! It would be interesting for them to work together as they would both get what they want and what they want are similar too! I am looking forward to seeing if they are ever going to be able to join forces. I think they might ahve to at some point to be honest as things are already starting to get more and more complicated. (So happy to see you here @bebebisous33 - how are you feeling? Better? I saw on the SP thread that you were sick... Take care!! Prends soin de toi)
  2. Thanks for the translation! Oh and soondae is sooo good! My mouth waters everytime I see Coach-nim's truck... ha ha! And poor PSJ, fliming till dawn... I really dislike live filming. And since they are filming at the beach still, it makes me anxious that the schedule is getting really tight. I felt that PSJ looked really tired in the last episode, like that moment he opened the door to find AR's dad, he had huge bags under his eyes!... Concerning PSJ and KJW - they are so cute together. Friendly and all. Yet, I don't really feel anything romantic, just playfulness. And isn't KJW dating Yoo Yeon-Seok anyway? They have been for years and everyone in the industry (and beyond) knows this. YYS also implied in a previous interview that they were not publicly confirming it for her sake, because she has become 'famous' only recently with DotS.
  3. Oh I am from France. I also thought not many people watched K-Dramas but there are more than you think. We are just isolated. I took a Korean class at the Korean Cultural Center in Paris and I met many other people completely addicted to them. Oh and you should watch "Signal" with your hubby!! @arfaizar Ah I was a bit like you and I found myself more picky with my dramas. But for me, anything tvN is usually excellent and I also feel they target older people in general. Ah the kids' pics are sooo cute! Thanks for posting @aunniek I am so glad to see "older" folks around here. I think FFMW is really good to make use feel somehow connected with the realistic portrayal of it all.
  4. Oh my god! I also keep re watching Coffee Prince. I also bought the soundtrack!! Ha ha ha... I guess Gong Yoo is doing well with 81ers ha ha
  5. @msbeatrice81 and @V - oh my god! I am a 81er too! Ching us! !! he he... funny thing is Coffee Prince was my first KDrama. Been watching them since 2011. I started watching this for PSJ. I loved him in A Witch's Romance. I have not been a huge fan of his other works, except Beauty Inside but he appears like 20 minutes or so in there.
  6. So I just finished watching episode 10 with subs and I loved it! @msbeatrice81 and @stroppyse Yes! One thing I liked also was that we saw some flashbacks showing DM a bit more. We've seen AR a lot and we know she has been liking him for a while now. It's nice to see that he was not indifferent to her either. He also said it after kissing her - that he won't let her go again and let's not taking detours. I do hope we get to see more of his side in the upcoming episodes! @deadorblack I agree with you that JM and SH's relation is unconfortable because it is so realistic. However, I don't think they brought the ratings down. Numerous articles in Korea have been written on them and how people praise the writer for showing that. A lot of people said they could totally relate with a relation coming to an end like this, etc. I agree with most of you on SH and JM. I feel like SH really needs to be alone and figure out who she is, what she wants to do and take care of herself for once. I feel frustrated when I see her, to be honest. Because she is great and has been surviving well - she worked and helped him, she is helping AR too now. She is so much better than she thinks she is and is not given enough credit. She needs to help herself and use that strength for herself, to achieve her dreams. Which makes me think - what are they? Does she even know? I have no problem with her wanting to be the caretaker, but she still needs to assert herself more when it comes to JM so that he either accepts that or leaves. Like @msbeatrice81, I also question whether they should end up together at the end altogether... I don't want things to be rushed so that we the viewers have a happy ending. There seems to be so much that needs to be fixed... Maybe this is going to be the story of the end of first love? Right now, I am liking this idea more than hating it. Which makes me wonder: how many episodes? 16 or 20?
  7. Ha ha ha... Love this. It feels that DM has been getting quite impatient with skinship these days. @stroppyse Thanks for the translations. You rock, as always I also liked how he patted her back after kissing her forehead. I think it shows how close they are, how well they know each other, but also the evolution.
  8. @AshleyChia and @alekaonu Ah, again this show is a tease. Yes, I also want a close-up of that kiss! I mean it's such an important kiss!!!!! I have mixed feelings about SH letting him go. I feel that if she does, she is just going to be the same old SH who could not speak up in the office, who was always in awe of him, who just fades in the background. I want more for her. Not self-sacrifice again because she loves him and wants him to be happy. I want her to fight! Either for him (by keeping the man she loves) or for herself (by letting him go for the right reasons, because she deserves better than a man attracted to someone else).
  9. Ok I am kinda shipping Coach-nim and the landlady. Ha ha ha...
  10. KISSSSSS!! He asks her to date. Awww Basically HR was about to kiss DM and DM asked her what she was doing. He saw AR walking away, having seen that, runs after her and kisses her. He then says he wants to date, they should date. She says yes and they kiss again. In the middle, we saw flashbacks to when HR and DM started to date. AR always turnt her head, couldn't look when they kissed. I think DM kinda knew that, or he already felt sthg for her, because once he prevented HR from kissing him because he knew AR was behind them. They were watching "Architecture 101" which is about first love... If I understood correctly, DM said that HR was his first love, but it was now over. Which is also kinda the theme of that movie.
  11. They are listening at the door because AR's father is in there! Ha ha ha... Coach-nim tried to save DM to no avail. Landlady and Coach-nim are having breakfast. She is not using the polite form with him and he asks why. She says she is his Noona so.. ha ha. Love her!
  12. My stream is so bad... Hard to follow. Everyone arrived there and is looking for either AR or DM. The Coach is showing AR's father where she is staying. The young PD is at the beach talking to the scarf PD. The landlady si hiding behind the motel ajumma's desk. Ha ha...
  13. @aunniek Oh I was trying to figure out who that guy was, why he was asking about AR, and why DM refused to answer him. It makes total sense! I am curious to know why would the landlady go there to see DM and AR. How does she know to go there? Why would she go there? It's not like AR and DM not answering their door mean that they are living together... Isn't she being a bit too overprotective?.... Ha ha I was happy to finally see glimpses of DM's sister! Seems like she can walk too! I guess she did get the operation, it worked but then she refused to talk to him... It was cute that she was checking him out online. I cannot wait to see them together!! @stroppyse I recommend the Taiwanese original of "In Time with you". It gets a bit long in the middle but it gets better.
  14. @aunniek Ah I love the photo you just posted. Yes, this drama is very different. No woman that needs to be saved! I loved that first scene and the hand holding moments! So unexpected and cool. Ha ha I also think they did not sleep together. I would be disappointed if they did, especially after drinking. They need to do it sober, because they really want it. Anyone ever watch "In time with you" (Twainese version)? Two friends who turn lovers; and at the beginning it si so awkward because that is how it should be. I loved those awkward moments, it made it so real. I also want this for this show... especially since it has been so realistic socially and all. @lc85 Ah I love Kim Sung Oh (the actor playing the Coach). He does have great eyes and he is known for them.
  15. Hello chingus! This show is a tease... did they actually sleep together, as in had sex? I don't think so but it is a bit ambiguous. We did not see anything!!! Why?!? I am more convinced that AR is her mother, or at least connected to AR in some way. We saw today that she indeed is concerned about AR in particular.