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  1. PBY and PHS look so tired; I hope they manage to get lots of sleep now! Cannot wait for them to have that reward vacation too. Hopefully we'll get a few images of them at the airport.
  2. I love that actually!!! I mean it's not like she is not taking care of them, but the moment we saw she is not and that's ok because MH is there too! I like that fact that he repsects who she is and the power she has too. She can be a great mom and saves people too because he is there to help. This makes me really happy and satisfied!
  3. Ah caught a glimpse of the wedding photo! So cute! Even the gangsters are there! Why isn't his family there though?... I wish the father would have re-appeared at some point... ETA: We had the same question... he he OMG! BS and MH had a kid!!!!! They are waiting for her to give birth and she does!
  4. Ok I am giving up. I cannot see anything anymore. I refresh, see 2 seconds and then it freezes and I start all over. Fighting recappers. I will depend on you now!!
  5. BS is doing all those things to help others.
  6. Family lunch! BS's parents, BS's brother, GS, BS and son-in-law of course. BS's mother feeds a ssam to her husband. They definitely made up. BS and MH are taking a walk together. Talking.
  7. BS is in the bus and a grandfather is playing her game with his grandson. She sees a car accident and moves the car away with the "help" of others. Her high schoolers see a video of that in the PC Bang and they all sing the show's theme song! Hilarious! Ha ha ha ha
  8. Ok it is lagging too much now. I cannot see anything.
  9. Ok I missed a lot. Cut to parking lot and MH driving. Almost ran over BS's high schoolers. They bother MH, asking him if it is true that he is BS's boyfriend.
  10. Stream is back. BS is looking at photos of GD on her phone, of them together in High School. She is adding friend in his contact name.
  11. GD and BS are talking. But I don't know about what as my stream froze... gosh I am so annoyed today! Why???.... I guess we are thousands watching it live. He he
  12. BS's mother is helping her husband at the shop. He he GD's mother comes in... Lagging...
  13. BS is doing the presentation of her game. MH is looking from the side, anxious. The people seem to like it and are laughing while seeing Secretary's G inspired character. MH is remembering all the BS moments while watching her do her presentation. So cute. My heart is fluttering... he is really crazy about her.
  14. The police is looking for the "Indian" monk. He he... Glad we'll get to go somewhere with that story.