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  1. Ah yes, very true!!! I totally love that! That makes it so refreshing! I think that is because she feels guilty too, for having survived, but also for not remembering/lying about not remembering. Hence the guilt... If she had protected her sister by staying with her or allowing her to follow, then her parents would still be together and she would not be scared that her mother might take her own life, etc. She does not express it as much as KD but I think that is why she is probably more anxious than he is, because she keeps it all inside. I think there might be some more guilt to be developped too, as she got out the rumbles before KD did.
  2. Ah I really like this show. I came for Junho (I am a big fan of his acting, I love "Memory") but I discovered Won Jin-A in this show. I LOVE her voice, like wow!! Really looking forward to seeing more of her. So you add him and her, and the chemistry is just off the roof! Anyway, there is so much more than the leads here. First, I kinda like how they are treating this whole trauma thing, especially how mess-up both their lives are because of the accident. And yet, it's not overtly melodramatic. LIke @Amulya Kolusu said, there is not much actual crying, but you feel this overwhelming sadness or uneasiness around them. It's subtle, and I like that. The chemistry is great like I said. They are curious and yet awkward around each other. I dunno... it's like totally realistic in a sense. And they are adults and don't try to avoid each other either. Again, it's all in the subtilities, how they react to one another. No? It's really hard to explain... Nothing is too over the top which makes it so agreable to watch. @aiwa9 - very true. I should become interesting once she lets go a bit...
  3. @triplem The sites I used to watch it must be using Netflix subs too because they both came out today as well. I looked online and I think Netflix Canada and UK aslo have it. Why not the US?! Oh I also liked what JH wrote on the CD: it takes courage to give up too. So true...
  4. I think it's because it takes a while for subs to come out... So, which countries have it on Netflix? We don't have it in the US... I watched episode 5 and 6 tonight; I just could not stop. Great episodes... @kasjady - @Jillia and I are big fans of Joon-Ho and JH's sister. It was so cute in episode 6 when she said he was his dream guy. How playful Joon-Ho became then... Ha ha. They are sooo cute together. (I also like how non predominent it is to the story, just a nice side note) I also agree that Krystal's acting is not great... Thank god we don't see her much I ike her character though so it's really too bad. I don't mind idols acting and some are really good (Junho, Seo In-Guk, Im Si-wan, etc.) but she is not one of them right now. A few things I liked: - Min-Chul. I really liked learning more about him. His story made me cry a few times... How his friend was executed and the whole thing around Kim Kwang Seok whom I adore. It also portrayed one of the realities of prison: those prisoners on death row. It was a touching moment, to hear the story of one man who was executed. - I love those story of redemption but also the ones where people won't change at all; that's indeed how life it is. I kept going back and forth concerning Jean Valjean, it made me sad to see he'll never change but I guess that is more the norm than the exception. Once a crook, always a crook... It was nicely protrayed in any case: no matter how nice people were to him, how touched he let himself be at times, he'll still go back to his old ways. - Another one that I had mixed feelings about was Captain Yoo. I guess he was indeed framed for sthg he did not do. I cannot wait to see more of him. That plus he is sooo hot! Ha ha! - Looney was so funny; it was so funny to see that they were right: he is normal when high! Ha ha... I also loved that we got to see his "girlfriend"! That was an awesome twist and kinda cute too. Gosh I really like Lee Kyu-Hyung. - I am also curious about that guy from the wood workshop who smiles all the time. - So the dream? Captain Yoo and JH both know they faked it right since they did not take the sleeping pills?! I guess JH really needed an excuse to start again... I really want that to be brought again or sthg. IT was so nice to see them working together to create that dream. Very funny, with the smoke and all.
  5. Actually, I think he is still around. Judge Sa managed to get the shoe from him by saying he'll get to see Judge Lee's brother (with whom he was close before he went to prison), and in yesterday's first episode, we see that HJ got the shoe from Judge Sa. After watching yesterday's two episodes, I am convinced HJ's mom is th eone who asked that bastard to kill Judge Lee's brother. He had prepared it before HJ came to see him and strike a deal. She has established this weird intense relationship with him around his mother...
  6. Yup, I also think she has sthg to do with it... Ok so we discovered that it was actually the dad who gave the shoes to GY, so he was the one who had an affair with her. But the whole alibi is the mother. I think that maybe he was with GY that night and the mother discovered that and got someone (Jang Soon Book's husband?) to rape and kill her? I feel sorry for DHJ, trying to protect his mother and Judge Lee too. @cutestrobery Yeah, she is not the best actress out there and her role is a bit annoying too. What's her intentions babbling it all out to everyone? I cannot figure her out. I mean she seems to like Judge Sa but her actiosn are all over the place and don't really make sense in relation to her liking him. She keeps giving out info to him that would get him more interested in Judge Lee's case (she was the one that pointed out the shoes)... I am so confused when it comes to her...
  7. @triplem!! So happy to see you here and congrats on the mod position They sure are long but I only realized they were that long on episode 3, ha ha... I do hope JH and JH's relationship stays the same. I really like their friendship and I cannot imagine bad things happening... I am curious about the past though: why did Joon Ho give up his baseball career so quickly after the accident? Joon Ho is so into Je Hyeok not giving up that I wonder what happened then. @Ruique I can also see Joon Ho taking some risks and compromising in his morality to help Je Hyeok. I hope it won't be too severe/too much... I am starting to really like Joon Ho and Je Hyeok's sister together he he
  8. Yeah, so do I. I am hoping we'll get to see him again, at least after prison.
  9. Oh My God, I just started this show two days ago and I LOVE it! It's soo good. The acting is great; it felt weird at first to have characters come and go (you kinda get attached to them) but now I like that aspect because we get to see different people with various stories. So looking forward to seeing episode 5 with subs, though they tend to take a while to come...
  10. I think it was implied that since Judge Lee's brother had confessed, it was hard to have any other rulling really. I think the Prof. thought he was innocent (wasn't that the notebook that Prosecutor Do was looking at? Didn't it belong to his mother?) but once the person confesses, what can you do?... I am not convinced that HJ is the culprit to be honest. First, it would be too easy. Yes, all the evidence point at him, but I think that is the problem... I think he is scared, scared to be thought to be guilty, but also because he probably thinks that he is coveing up for his father or his mother. And perhaps that is why he is such a force of nature, someone that cannot be controlled; because in fact, he is controlled, his whole life has been controlled and perhaps he tries to regain some of that power he lost by doing what he wants. Like @Lyna said, nature vs. nurture/environment: Judge Lee said that he could never do sthg like that, and for now, I want to believe her, but his environment makes things a bit complicated... (I also think that is probably why he is so attached to Judge Lee: maybe because he thinks she sees the real him and does not try to control him?) As for the car, I think that he knows that is where GY died, his car of all places, and refusing to have one might also be some kind of protection mecanism. Again, I am being influenced by my belief that he was not the one that killed Ga Young...
  11. Hello! I just started watching this and liking it. It's not perfect like some of you pointed out but I am liking the story and the pace. Some parts are clichés, some others are actually quite nice and relevant to the position of judge. Yup, like @UnniSarah said, the rapist actually believes that it is what he was doing because his mother did the same thing to him. She raped him and said that she was educating him. He only reproduced his mother's behavior. And I am not saying that to excuse what he did - he should be punished for it, but he should also receive treatment so that he does not repeat the same thing once he goes out again. I have my ideas about who did it: - The father. Like @yusefull said, the father is suspicious. First, he is violent (we saw Prof's back, he is abusive with her); he seems to care about appearances a lot. Which aslo makes me think that he might be the one responsible for the cover up and maybe not the crime... - The mother/Prof. No matter how hard she tries to be nice, there is a side of her that is a bit off like @haymochi pointed otu too. Not sure what yet... I think she belived that Judge Lee's brother was innocent but did nothing then. Perhaps she is feeling guilty about that? Is she also trying to protec her son? Maybe her husband? - What about Jang Soon Book's husband?... I mean we know that he lived around that cottage too so he als knew Ga Young.
  12. I am so looking forward to this. Awesome actors! When exactly is the start date?
  13. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    @triplem Well we saw in today's episode that it is linked to money, no? I guess JW's mother had huge debts and the people that lended the money was after her. She must have been in a really bad situation to accept such a deal. Perhaps it is linked to JW's not having a father, or at least him not being around? Ok so JW did look for YD when he was a kid. I was right about that one @bebebisous33 It was too weird that he asked for the address to the cop, and not the person. He visibly had been in contact with YD's mother who probably asked him to tell her daughter sthg, etc. I wondered why YD and JW did not meet in the end... Perhaps she was at the police station at that time (after the fight that day)? I am also answering the question as to sentencing child abuse. I did not research after reading about NaYoung's case (horrible, horrible story; I read all the details and it still haunts me). Anyway, 61% of child abuse cases have sentences ranging from 1 to 5 years. ETA: Here is agood article about all of this https://koreaexpose.com/rape-retribution-nayoung/
  14. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    Congrats!! he he I have not watched today's episode (waiting for subs) but did see on Instagram that she had been interned. So I had to drop by to say kuddos to you @bebebisous33! Awesome guess! Which makes me wonder if JW did indeed see her and asked for the cop to find her house because of that... Againn the choice of words (him asking for the hosue to be found and not the person) makes me wonder what he saw.