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  1. @Bissu and @stroppyse - you gusy rock, thank you so much for tanslating the clips! I have been lurking around here, not posting because I am so frustrated there are no eng subs... I really want to watch this but I do need subs. In any case, I won't post much here but I just wanted to say I appreciate the translations and people posting their thoughts and comments. I hope we get subs soon!
  2. Ah I am so happy this week. JK and SJ are finally out; totally loved the shaving part of today's episode. I was laughing out loud with the music from Ghost. Awesome. SA gets to see how good looking and cool DS is. He he... Loved how she changed to the formal speaking style after seeing him. She was totally shocked, as if she had someone else in front of her. Again I commend their use of music. Totally great. Makes the scene even funnier. Gosh I have come to adore this show so much. I am happy things are finally moving along between YA and DG. I have been so bored with YA's character lately, it's really too bad she was just baking and disappearing in the last few episodes. I am so greedy, I don't want this show to ever end
  3. Ah I had to go to page 2 to find this despite the fact that the new episode was on today... Still waiting for subs but had a quick look at the end of the episode because JK finally tells DG that he is dating his sister, and even better, that he loves her! So cool.
  4. Yeah, it's not available in the US... Like "Prison Wide Life", we don't get the episodes here (in the US). Thankfully, it should be up on other websites soon since it came out on Netflix. I am so looking forward to watching it!
  5. Well, I think it would have been weird if they had recognized what she did. There were other SJ before her and we saw that they were not rewarded for what they did either, no? I think paradise is probably their reward.
  6. I would agree with you. I mean I am not satisfied with the pace and I totally blame live-shooting (I mean for god's sake they were still shooting yesterday!). But I also find that this ending is actually quite symbolic. Like you mentioned, she gets her confession of love twice, at the same place. I would also add that the beginning and the ending actually nicely echo each other in reverse. At first, SM and OG lived in different worlds and he ran away from her, erasing his name from her memory while she was chasing him, trying to remember his name. In this epsiode, we have the opposite in a way: OG is actively going to find her and he begs her to remember his name. Somehow, this ending seems quite fitting in terms of symbolism and to actually show how much OG has come to love her. ETA: THIS!
  7. I am not a big fan of OYS and I have not been satisfied with her acting in this show (I have already said so here and I can explain why further, but that is not the point here [please don't attack me; we all have our own opinions on the matter]) but I find those comments to be really unfair to her. She is being professionnal, doing her job and rehearsing like she ought to do. Who cares if she is cold or not, as long as she prepares for such an important scene? I also think the fact that she is a woman does influence the type of comments that she receives. If a man would show the same actions, he would be hard-working and professionnal but if a woman does that, she is cold? I don't get it. In any case, I now wish we'd see her more on BTS to show that she is as much a part of the team as other actors. My understanding was that the BTS were mainly comical and played on the chemistry between OG and MW; that is all good. It's their decision to do so. But why should such an approach have a negative impact of the lead actress?! I don't get it.
  8. I actually see what you mean here and I would agree if you were to take the scene out of context and especially, if you were to disconnect it from the 18 episodes of the show and that we, the viewers, have seen before. SM has been going through harships because of this; because she loves him but she also feels her love is a burden because of the GGG, because she believes her feelings will still be present after the bracelet is taken off and not his. She wondered the same thing when he has asked her to marry her and the same argument could be made to that particular scene as well, no? She also tried to convince herself that if she loved him enough, it would be ok to do this, right? I think that, connected to her ever-present doubts and to her previous questionnings, the immorality you speak of is questionable. Perhaps she was being selfish? I think she was but isn't that a part of love too, this desire to be fully loved by the other, to be the only one? And that aspect is even more complicated here because OG also shows signs of love, he has asked her to marry him, he has tried to sleep with her before, etc. See what I mean?
  9. Ah so glad to see that it is getting recognition abroad, and here in the US. I think the fact that it's on Netflix in the US might have helped too. Also happy to see that people are discovering this show and watching it, even now!
  10. My question is: can she be possessed now that she has gained powers? It would be interesting if she gained the power to control souls like ASN... Ah I remember Black Bird! It's started so good and then got a bit too over the top for me... ha ha... But happy ending! They both survive and their child too. I am not sure who is MW's child but SJ seems like the most likely as of now, and because it will bring an interesting twist to the story. I have been convinced since the beginning that MW will actually be a big help for OG and SM so he might sacrifice himself for his daugther. That said, I agree with girlfriday at dramabeans - we need more action when it comes to the end of the world plot line. It's going to be four packed episodes!! ETA: Ah, @bebebisous33, we posted at the same time. I find the possibility of having two kids really interesting. Then I would bet on SM and Kang , one good, one bad. It would almost be like Winter and Summer in a way. Or perhaps their soul splitted itself to represent two sides? The whole entreprise was to start with, quite binary: kill children in order to save another.
  11. So, have not watched the recent episodes, but SM has gained powers from ASN, right? Like she could break the glass when angry. What other powers did she gain? Did we see any more? I was thinking, that perhaps her gained powers will actually help her. As SJ, she is not different from the previous one, human and with a gift to save lives. But SM has gained sthg that the previous SJ probably did not have - could it be that ASN's powers will help her in the end? If her body is to contain the evil souls, perhaps she can re-expel them or do sthg with them that only a priestess could do? Just a random thought...
  12. As for the male-female question in Korean. It's not that it's the same word; there are different pronouns for "he" and "she". The thing is, in Korean, you often ommitt the pronoun. Like if you are speaking and saying that you ate, you won't use "I" because you are the one uttering that statement so people use context to determine that you are the one who ate. The other thing is that you often use other names to refer to people, like Teacher, Writer, Younger Sibling, etc. Those are gender neutral and can refer to both women and men... Count me in!! he he...
  13. Really? Looks like SM to me. But I think this si what she is dreaming.
  14. Yup, agree. I also think the bed scene is part of SM's dream.