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  1. As for the male-female question in Korean. It's not that it's the same word; there are different pronouns for "he" and "she". The thing is, in Korean, you often ommitt the pronoun. Like if you are speaking and saying that you ate, you won't use "I" because you are the one uttering that statement so people use context to determine that you are the one who ate. The other thing is that you often use other names to refer to people, like Teacher, Writer, Younger Sibling, etc. Those are gender neutral and can refer to both women and men... Count me in!! he he...
  2. Really? Looks like SM to me. But I think this si what she is dreaming.
  3. Yup, agree. I also think the bed scene is part of SM's dream.
  4. I still have to read your long previous post (where you tagged me) as I have not seen episode 13 yet, but I to discuss PK and BJ - I had assumed that PK acutally liked BF romantically but could not tell her or even accept his feelings just yet. So he called him brother, when; in fact, he loved her romantically. That is why The Octopus is jealous - because he/she, unlike PK perhaps, has realized that he loves BJ. More later tonight after I watch the episode!
  5. I actually have a feeling MW might give up sthg in order to help OG and SM in the end; his love life seems to be very complicated as is, I doubt we'll get a traditionnal happy ending for him based on what she did in order to save her kid (It's awful but it's also sthg that any parent could somehow understand: I was talking with my hairdresser last week and she said that she loved her husband to death but that she has never truly loved before having a kid; that she would do anything for her kids). Anyway, that's another discussion... To come back to MW, I totally think he'll side with OG and SM at the end. Perhaps he'll give up his life for them, or his status of god. Yes, he is not quite there yet; but he'll soon be. Okay, I said I had doubts about OG's feelings still but with this week's episodes, not anymore! OG surely went all out with his love!! One thing I hate about Hong sisters: the annoying cliffhangers... every . single . week...
  6. Agree with you. But I also think it actually has the power to make OG and MW bond stronger because they seem to have a pretty strong connection: loving someone so much as to risk many things for that person. I could see MW feel some sort of benevolent feeling toward OG because of his love for SJ: he could understand him. MW will see how committed OG is to SJ and I think that will play a pretty big role at the end. Also, @bebebisous33 and @40somethingahjumma - loved reading all your thoughts on the names and the duality SJ/JSM. IT's so interesting to see the interactions between different cultures and how, in the end, all myths have common elements. Just a side note: What I found particularly interesting is that OG uses JSM more often than SJ, unlike all the other (demon) characters. Ah loooovvveee he he
  7. Yes, my take on the tree was that it showed the kind of excessiveness of Prof. Kang, the way he perceives himself as all powerful. Such an imposing tree, which symbolizes so much and that many people refuse to cut down, do not scare him at all. Because he views himself as a powerful human, one who can get his way with anything. Lovely analysis of the magic sylbolims behind the tree. It also makes me think of SJ's tree, the one she was always around as a kid. It was pointed out too that ASN and SJ had common points, one being a human. I am quite interested to see how that will be played out, the links (both similarities and above all differences) between the two. So happy and relieved with the preview! Cannot wait for Saturday!!
  8. I agree with your points; I would even add his choosing to give what SJ wanted (spend some time with her grandmother) over alcohol, him trying to protect her and her feelings. But I still think he is a bit conflicted as to what he'll do. He wants to protect her and he loves her; but he is also scared as to what he will do as well. I think he was also implying that when he was actually relieved when she could not take off the GGG. I don't think he was afraid his love would disappear (since he has accepted it, right? ) but more as to which side of him would win: his love for her or his survival instinct... Oh I think it is very much relevant and I think this aspect of longong for love/seduction will be the end of her actually. Cannot wait to read your thoughts on the tree. Hadn't thought about it and I actually know very little about tree symbolism. I liked how they mentioned a few times that the tree's roots were all around the sarcophage. Powerful image. I think the reason for OYS's lack of presence in the BTS is linked to the tone. They are always going with the funny/goofy moments in the BTS and lately, SJ has been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff.
  9. I meant annoying in terms of cliffhanger. I hate when it stops like that, it's painful to have to wait a week. I know it's necessary to build supense and to have viewers tune in the following week but I hate them I did not think it was annoying in terms of storyline and, like you, I actually expect that her power doesn't work on him. @bebebisous33 Has SOG really accepted his love for SJ?... And here it's a real question; I have moments when I think he totally has, and then other moments were I am confused. Like, for instance, I think that if SJ had taken the GGG off of him in episode 12, I think he will certainly have eaten her! I still think the conflict is present, all the more now since he knows about the death bell. Ha ha ha... Ronsard. Every French person knows this poem by heart. Bonne référence ma chère I think ASN not only views the rose as intemporality like you said, but also as a symbol of seduction, of the power she has on others. But, like you said, it's all fake. She has this obsession about being loved. She commented that it was too bad to leave Buja's body because she was so loved... that is what she is longing for: love. But her means of getting it are all fake. She'll realize that I think with OG and SJ; and I think that might be when we actually learn of OG's true feelings. Makes sense? I know I am going to say sthg very unpopular here (don't hit me please...); but not a huge fan of OYS... She is doing ok but she lacks facial expressions. I know it's due to her role, but for me it's a plainly physical thing, like she seems to have a hard time moving her muscles in her face... Makes sense? She seems a bit static. She acts well but it falls a bit short for me because she does not use her face enough...
  10. Season 1. I watched quite a few episodes and he is very likeable there. Totally understand how he became so popular back then. All the episodes are on Youtube; on KBS's channel too so easy access.
  11. I hve been thinking a lot about The Odyssey too (and mentioned it here once) so happy to have read your post a few days back @bebebisous33. It took me a while to answer as I have yet to see episode 12... I was going to wait till I see both episodes but I have been taking my time so that I don't get too stressed with that annoying ending One aspect I would add to your already excellent post is that Ulysses (Or Odysseus) refused Calypso's gift so to speak, that is immortality. By staying with her, he would have become immortal. And yet he chose to remain human, thus mortal, and returned to Penelope. So the whole mortal/immortal dilemma is certainly there. Also, the whole seduction by possessed Buja made me think of the episode in The Odyssey with the sirens. So perhaps, like Ulysses, OG protected himself? Perhaps the GGG is his protection? Anyway, I won't add more because I first need to wtahc episode 12...
  12. YAYYYYYYY! Happy ending! Ha ha, I knew it I have been MIA because I had a campus visit yesterday and today. I am a Uni professor looking for a job and interested Universities fly you over and you are interviewed for two days. Of course, it had to be the two days of the finale episodes. So I avoided the forum yesterday and today. Today, just after finishing my job talk (presentation on my research), I had a break for a few minutes and first thing I did was to check this thread quickly! So relieved. Now done with interview and happy about our happy ending. Lots to catch up here so I will be back soon to comment... ETA 1: Ah really like and looking forward to seeing that. Yes, he needed to survive, live for himself. That is a very good point! ETA 2 : Under spoiler space because this is about Innoncent Man ETA 3 : @stroppyse Thanks so much for the translations and for recounting the ending. Your comment about the hotel and bed scene made me laugh out loud. I also wondered about the logictics. My take on it is that they put some clothes on afterin order to cuddle and not be cold?... ha ha ha!
  13. I actually thought about this too especially since...
  14. You should watch "Memory" - he is a good guy who helps his boss and he gets the girl. Good ending for him in the movie "Twenty" too. @PaulaL Stunning photo; I love cats so much. I thus find men who love cats to be very sexy It has. We saw in epsiode 12 (I think) that when GD was taken out of the rumbles, he told the people at the scene that there was a person with him. They went in to rescue him, found his dead body and were confused because they had thought GD has said he was alive... So it was recovered. @stroppyse Ha ha ha... I hear you! I am there with you. I am also frustrated about it all, it feels like healing is just a process one has to constantly go through. It's true but it does seem unfair for them to struggle so much... So I feel conflicted: I see what they would try to do by having GD die, but it's unpleasant and it hurts. I will say this: I think the ending will be happy (have you ever seen a show showing the last scene in their preview?). If it is not, I believe they'll make it convincing enough, done in such a way that I will feel at peace with it.
  15. 아이고... I don't know what to say or think. This show is getting so intense and bittersweet. I do hope GD will not die but if he does, he would have been somehow happy before. But I am an optimist and I truly hope he'll survive all of this... Frankly, I am so attached to these characters that I just HAVE to watch it all. I need closure.