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  1. Although South Korea is trying to bring attention to single mothers, they still have a ways to go in breaking down some of the discrimination faced by these women. I will say that I didn't so much of that being the focus in this drama towards HN's mother. Instead the focus was on her being a single mother and losing her since of freedom and burden with the responsibility of a child. She also blames HN for her boyfriend leaving her, instead of the fact that he was man who didn't want to take responsibility for a family. I have an extremely hard time feeling even a tiny bit of sympathy for anyone who abuses a child. I like the way the writer is contrasting SJ's single biological single mother vs HN's single mother. @Pam_Van Fossen, I hope that she avoids the boyfriend as well. This is the first drama where I feel this nervous panic--so worried about what will happen next to HN/YB--I too hope he has a happy ending.
  2. This episode really had my heart breaking for HN. Her mother was/is nothing but an overgrown selfish child. She loved to blame HN for her unhappiness. When she left the country with her boyfriend and HN at home by herself for days--that spoke volumes to me that she doesn't love her child. It also let her boyfriend know that HN wasn't important to her--no mother would leave their small child at home to fend for themselves......so, very sad. HN has lived in fear of being left alone her whole life. I loved the way SJ's biological mother was able to sympathized with HN's mother in an effort to calm her down. I have to say that I'm very fearful of what HN mother's boyfriend has planned for her. HN is truly seeing what it's like to have a "mother" and male figure (doctor) that is positive. In regards to SJ's adoptive mother, all I can say that she was so busy "acting as a mother" that now when she needs to be a mother she's casting SJ away. I also thought what kind of grown woman would say that to a young child. You would think with her about to die she wouldn't want to be selfish with her love and she would want to share it. Poor HN is burden with so much. @chickfactor, I agree that this show is hard to watch, but it's really good.
  3. @Tango27, Love your posts. I don't feel tis drama is draggy at all; there is such a strong message for "mothers" and for women. BY/HN and SJ have an unconditional love for each other that isn't borne from blood, but borne out of love--both are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. I also loved the behind the scenes clips....they have such great chemistry.....all the women do.
  4. I don't think she loves HY at all. She didn't grieve thinking her child had died. She's been occupied trying to hide the fact that her boyfriend abused HY. She was even willing to confess her own abuse of HY in order to protect that no good man. I think she'll want HY to come back so that it will make he boyfriend "happy". I agree that she is very selfish.
  5. @UnniSarah, well at least we know that Granny Finger is the biological mother. However, I can't believe they sent her to prison knowing this man cut off her finger and beat her soundly. Do they not have selfdefense laws in Korea? I'm still puzzled as to how adopted mother knew that Granny Finger was SJ's mother. I also don't understand why she doesn't want to know the truth about SJ's mother and doesn't want SJ to have anything to do with her. Then again, her biological daughter is selfish like her too.
  6. @UnniSarah, I have the exact same suspicion as you. The adopted mother immediately jumped to the conclusion that Granny Finger was SJ's mother without anyone saying anything. That's a pretty big leap to make out of the blue--just because you see your daughter talking to a woman. Also, SJ's mother seems too possessive of her. She talks as if her "granddaughter" by SJ is the only granddaughter she has....something is definitely off. I almost wonder if SJ is doing the same thing for NH that Granny Finger did for her as a child. I find it interesting that we keep seeing parallels of young SJ compared to NH. Sees like ep 8 is going to have a big cliffhanger.
  7. @sadiesmith, I remember you too; I truly appreciate your patience in my sharing my opinions. I have to admit on MWHAATW, I had some strong opinions based on my interpretation of what I was seeing. I'm an avid reader and I always feel that the writer is trying to deliver a message....I hate when writers contradict themselves or they keeping making changes on the fly and forget what they said before (in that drama we had 3 writers). I felt there was quite a bit of that in the other drama, but it was also a drama that was overflowing with all my favorite actors and had some really good side stories. I am a fan of LSK and I'm looking forward to this drama. I haven't seen any dramas by this writer, but I have seen dramas directed by the director. From the tiny clip that I've seen, I'm very optimistic that it's going to be good.
  8. Can't wait to watch with subs, but the adopted mother's actions are a little over the top. She should be thankful to this mother for allowing her to raise her daughter. Instead she acts like this woman took her child away from her and abandoned her.
  9. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of IU or her acting. What I find missing in a lot of idols transitioning to acting is the subtleties of facial expression or emotions that shine through in their eyes, radiates from their body that comes through in a scene. However, I'm looking forward to this drama. She's paired with a great senior actor. I'm hoping that this drama will show she has what it takes to make a role memorable and she can hold her own against a senior cast of actors.
  10. @ihyuni, Thank you for the welcome. I was lurking, with a comment here and there. I don't know why, but for a while I always thought that SJ's adopted mother was her biological mother and that she probably gave her up as a baby. I can't help but feel that YS is hiding a secret. The scene at the end of ep 6 is very telling and yet, it holds some mystery. YS had just found out that SJ has a child. She's panicking as she waits for SJ to show up at Granny Finger....why? She's worried about something. Then they pull up and HN gets out of the car. She greets Granny Finger as "Halmeoni" which is common in Korea for a child or younger adult to call an older 'grandmother' figure. When YS saw HN and Halmeoni hug, YS started saying "Oh, my word, Oh....... goodness." Later when SJ goes into the shop, she and Granny Finger say nothing about their relationship, don't really acknowledged each other. We then have YS barging into he shop and slaps Granny Finger saying, "Are you the woman who abandoned my daughter?" Why would she say that? She knew that Granny Finger went to prison for killing her husband. I can't help but think, YS is the one who threw away her child; that's why she's so desperate to hold on to SJ. I think we're going to find out one or two things: 1) YS is SJ's biological mother or 2) Granny Finger is the biological mother 3) YS's husband had an affair with Granny Finger and SJ is his child I'm pretty convinced that YS has known for a long time who SJ's biological mother is. It didn't make sense to me that a newly divorced young woman would want to adopt a child. There is a secret between these two women. @jfritz09, I too believe that HN and SJ are going to be in real danger with the boyfriend. I also think the writer may use this as a way out for SJ--she was protecting HN from an abusive mother and serial killer boyfriend.
  11. I absolutely agree that people are afraid to face child abuse, even in fiction. The scene that I have in mind is where he puts lipstick on Hye Na and sprayed perfume on her--talking about her smell. That scene would have gone over the heads of some. However, in the movie "Silence", it was pretty graphic. I cried buckets of tears as I watched that movie, but was so proud of the outraged Korean people when they made the justice system change their laws regarding the statue of limitation and created new laws so they could re-sentence those adults who had abused those children; the public would let them do nothing less, they rejected the first decision by the courts. It was a horrific crime that went on for years. There are mothers who don't believe their children and there are others who do. Most of the mothers in this drama is complacent. I don't like the way Soo Jin leaves Hye Na alone in a hotel, apartment, park, etc. I also didn't like the drama showing Soo Jin leaving Hye Na with the "nice" doctor; she doesn't know this man. Look at the Olympic's doctor who was molesting all those young girls. I'm waiting for the writer to show how the parents need to be cautions and build trust before just leaving their child with anyone--even just leaving her with Granny Finger. We live in a world where people have to gain trust. @Katrina Abdul Talib Thanks for sharing.....tramatic for sure.
  12. Actually, I thought they kept it pretty tame. However, I spent a summer working with the Department of Family Children Services and I have to say that people need to be made aware that child abuse unfortunately is alive and well. Child abuse is ugly and it needs to make us feel uncomfortable--motivate us to action. I'm disappointed in the number of mothers around Seol Ak has only enabled his abuse of children, they don't even want to protect their own children from him. That's what I love about Granny Finger. If the story of what Soo Jin said about her going to prison for killing her husband, then we know that this is one mother, one woman who stood up to protect her child. It meant that she was going to lose her child while she went to prison, but at the same time she saved her life. Side Note: Am I the only one who thought the sofa was a bit rundown to be in the home of a famous, wealthy actress?
  13. @jongski, I'm just now going back and doing some back reading so I don't know if you are watching this drama. I have to say that this drama is really good so far. I don't know what I was expecting, but it's really well written. It has me wondering what is going to happen next. Glad I didn't pass this one up.
  14. Just catching up with the latest episodes. I just knew the barber was Soo Jin's mother. When they said she went to prison for killing her husband and we have a flashback of Soo Jin being abused by a man when she was a small child, it made me think the two were connected--especially there personality. I have to say for me, the scene in ep 5 (49:50) when Soo Jin confronts "Granny Finger" about the key and bike lock was powerful to me. Granny Finger always look in control and strong, but when confronted by Soo Jin, she visibly begins to shrink before our eyes. My heart goes out to both of them. Soo Jin hasn't put together her fragmented scenes that she attributes to Hye Na are actually her own. Her mother went to prison because she was protecting her daughter from her husband. Actress Mom got on my nerves by slapping real mother. I get the impression that she always knew that Granny Finger was Soo Jin's biological mother but never told her. I have to wonder what really motivated her seek Soo Jin out in the orphanage. You just don't show up in an orphanage and sleep int he same bed with a child you don't know. Really good drama. The fact that Hye Na mother's boyfriend wants to kill her, I think will provide an out for Soo Jin--she took Hye Na to keep her safe from the boyfriend who had killed 2 children that we know of at this point.
  15. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @shebagirl, I can understand completely why SH didn't want to have children. The worse pain that a parent has to go through is the death of a child. He could have agreed to have children and at a certain point in his and their lives, disappeared to avoid them seeing him not age while still watching them from a distance. However, they would eventually grow old and die. To me, Baek Hee nor Sharon's mortality was a punishment. Those two women lived life and really didn't care about falling in love. However, for SH it was a true punishment--he had to watch the women he loved grow old. One of the things SH wanted was to grow old together with HR. I have no idea why the writer decided to punish SH this way and decided to be cruel to BY/HR in both of her lives.