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  1. I am hoping that the Korean version has a plot twist from the Japanese version. I hope that one of them was adopted. I just don't think the brother would stand by and let his "sister" engage in a sexual relationship with her biological brother. It could very well be that she was kidnapped by the father. I find it interesting that there are no memories past his father being killed. Just hoping for a twist because they have been through so much and I must say that the two of them make a very romantic couple. Actually, I think she's very good a building chemistry with her male co-stars. They give real hugs where the female hugs back--not stand there like a board as the guy hugs her.
  2. @irilight, I think it's because we've been waiting so long for this drama to air. It went from thinking it would air in a few months to here we are 3 years later. I hope we can finally see it.....I just hope it was worth the wait.
  3. @triplem, I came across your post and it gives me hope. I just started this drama and I'm struggling due to the lead female. I'm only on episode 4, but her actions and the stupid things she says are just irritating because they are so illogical. I'm hoping that the writer tones down her "silliness" because otherwise I really like the drama and the cast. I'm hoping that I'll be able to warm up to her character as well.
  4. @irilight, Thanks for sending the link. I'm going to submit it now. I've been waiting forever for this drama to air.
  5. Just finished eps 13 & 14. First, I must say that I'm broken hearted about DramaFever. They had a lot of dramas that Viki didn't have and vice versa; but they had quality subs and video quality. Sad to to see them go. I find this drama interesting, yet light in that she loved her husband, but shows no real grief at his death. I'm sure the kids loved their father, but he's not even a faded memory for them--they are happy go lucky kids without a care in the world. AR is constantly going here and there all times of day and night, I'm not sure who's taking care of her kids at times. I know the writer is trying to keep it light around the husband/father's death in order for the romance to progress among the leads. I wish that the husband had died a couple of years earlier before the leads met. I like the way the writer has given all of them keys to solving part of the mystery--they just need to start trusting and communicating with each other. Lastly, I know JY is "bad", but I really like him in this drama. His character is awful and yet, comic relief.
  6. I was waiting until this drama had completed so I could watch marathon; however, with DramaFever shutting down, I have to find a new site. Feel like I've lost a friend.... Well, I'll have to find a new site to watch this drama.
  7. I talk my medicine like this all the time--this way you don't taste the medicine and it goes down better. I just saw it as natural....
  8. Watched this drama is marathon. It was an easy watch without a lot of angst. I then only angst I felt was toward the lead female who seemed to go along with everything. I liked how it showed buyers remorse--just because you have plastic surgery to achieve your idea of beauty, doesn't mean it's going to make life easier. I did like how it showed the main lead liking her while they were in high school because of who she was and not because of her looks. Sadly, she's had so much plastic surgery done that her own children will never know how she looked or what features they acquired from her. I was really disappointed how they showed most of the guys in this drama as being so shallow that they only liked a woman for looks and anything less than that she wasn't worthy. I thought the cutest character in this drama was the girl they tried to depict as overweight. Her character was more appealing than the rest...she was true to herself. Not a rewatch for me, but was good as a first watch.
  9. I'm just now watching ep 12--work getting in the way. Now we understand why it was so difficult for YJ when he would try to kiss KSM. He would always be overwhelmed with imagines from is kidnapping. I always wondered why those images would appear when he wanted to take the lead in kissing her. He was okay if she was kissing him. It was the fact that there was still this secret between them. He was still wearing the cloak of "YJ" in front of KSM. When the truth came out about what really happened, not by the kidnapper, but within his family and him pretending to be YJ, he finally had freedom from his past. I have to say that the mother should be ashamed. Just because she didn't want her son to be admitted to a hospital to deal with his mental health, she continued to let the son who had been kidnapped abused by his brother. Then when YJ/SY "lost his memory" and "thought" he was YJ instead of SY the parents went alone with this craziness. That was a blinding read flag for any parent the when you have two sons who have switched identity that something major is going on from a mental health perspective, but the parents did nothing because it made it easier for them. So when they die, despite their legal paperwork of their birth names, going to be buried under their brother's name? There are 4 episodes left so wonder what else will happen. Really good episode, but I did think it was a little slow.
  10. Just finished ep 11. Love that episode so much because it provided details of what happened to them. Also, I have to say that YJ was such a little man as he protected MS from the horror of their experience when they were children. He suppressed his own fears in order to take care of her. I also feel sorry that he had to lose his name in an effort to help his brother cope with his guilt. He also later again kept her by his side--that really romantic when you think about it.
  11. No @kool_buddy, welcome back, @dramaninja is also watching. Although on another thread I tried to change his gender , but he kindly gave me a pass. Glad to have you here.
  12. My dear friend @Kasmic, thank you for directing me to review @princessfiana's post who shed so much like on the dynamics between LSY and LYJ. I pretty much figured out based on what LYJ said that his brother had mentally switched their roles. I have to admit that was very poor advice from the doctor because it gave no consideration to the younger child who had been kidnapped and the trauma he was dealing with; there was no plan it seems to help LSY deal with his actions and the guilt he was feeling. Again, I appreciate you wonderful ladies!!!
  13. @chubbz, Thanks for jogging my memory in regards to KMS' research regarding the concealed identity of the two boys. There was something else that was mentioned in the drama that made me think it was publicly said the eldest son was the one kidnapped--not just LSY's blog and his parents--I need to go back and rewatch. Because LSY was jealous of LYJ and the fact he was so smart, that's why I wonder if it was LSY that had a hand in helping the kidnapper to kidnap his brother. In regards to the kidnapper, you are absolutely right, the father probably didn't have a romantic relationship with this woman, however, we makes me think it's possible is something that I've wondered about since episode 1. It was when KMS and LJY had lunch with with parents. LJY asked his parents if they ever had marriage burnout. The father choked on this drink and looked startled at his wife. His wife laughed (fake laughed) it off with a wink to the father. The father then also gave a fake laugh as he looked at his wife as if they were passing some type of message between them. That scene told me that something happened in their past. To kidnap their son and then commit suicide (that's assuming she really died). It's also interesting that LSY lost his memory after fainting at the dinner table. Which is why it doesn't make sense for the parents to lie about what happened--it appears that LSY doesn't remember anything that happened, so they could have told the truth or just omitted that part. Why make him think he was the one kidnapped? KMS said that LSY seemed as if he was repeating what had been told to him. So many questions I have. Again, Thank you for clearing that information up.
  14. Well, I can't wait for some of the mystery to unfold because my analysis is a little all over the place. I don't know about the relationship of the father and mother in the past, but this woman could have had some connection to the father. Yes the husband is paying attention to his wife, but it could be that the trauma the family went through taught him a lesson. He probably goes along with her out of guilt. Regardless of that mystery for which I am curious, there is a secret that it seems the parents wanted to keep away from the boys--not necessarily for the sake of both kids, just one. I had wondered if the oldest son was the product of another relationship the father had. I question why this woman targeted the youngest son and not the oldest one or both; why did they lie to the newspaper about it being the oldest son? Were they protecting the oldest son or the youngest one or were they protecting some other secret that could probably harm the company? It's common for kidnappers to kidnap the heir to a company, not necessarily the second son. As I said, I have questions. When LYJ and KMS first met, he tried to give her hints as to who he was...little things he would say to her that we saw in flashbacks. It was in a flashback scene at a company dinner that he realized she didn't remember him. We could see his look of disappointment. I got the impression that he was questioning his own memories at times. The oldest brother was also there at the kidnapping site and that's why he's having vivid memories of the scene, but I think his purpose for being there was different. I agree about the spiders. As I mentioned in a post a few pages back, LYJ understanding her fear of spiders stems back to what he told her about the horrible shadows cast by the kidnapper hanging herself---a spider hangin on a web. I don't think LYJ not being completely honest with KMS was to protect her from not remembering the kidnapping, I think it's because so many years of being told to keep it a secret and not talk about it, assuming the identity of someone else is a hard habit to break. He's been waiting for her to remember him. At this point, I think KMS is trying to figure out why the whole family is lying about who was kidnapped. Her heart is breaking for LYJ because she knows he suffered, but at the same time has not been able to freely discuss it. That became clear after speaking to his mother. Any who, I'm looking forward to this week's episode. Not only do I see your point of view and can agree with it, however, I also have these other thoughts and questions that I'm trying to reconcile.
  15. Well blow me down, this drama truly surprised me in that it was very good. I put off watching it because it seemed slow. It was slow (in a good way) AND very romantic. Now I wish I had watched it along with the thread to discuss some of my thoughts. I highly recommend. My only complaint; the kissing scenes (and there are many), it seems like the lead was the only one trying to make them real. Maybe the female lead is in a relationship already. However, that aside, I have fallen in love with this actor. I want to see more of him.