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  1. @Ldy Gmerm, I hope the same thing--I really don't want any of them to get a pass. I also hope that HJA slaps ONR into next week for the lies and straight out manipulation in an effort to get her to dislike her own daughter. @UnniSarah, the absolutely hateful way she turned own GY when she was younger and the way she treated her pretty much shows that she didn't like her. I always thought that she tolerated GY in order to please TP. When YS in the room thinking about what TP said concerning GY not wanting to meet her real mother, YS said to herself, "Stupid girl. I don't deserve to be her mother." That let's me now that she knows how awful she was to GY and what motivated her treatment of GY. Even the way she told GY that her real mother was the chairwoman was not said with any love--just hateful. It's supposed to be for GY's good? These people are trying to drive this girl to commit suicide. Just bully her to death with no real love or compassion. If her biological mother gave her away, why would you assume she wants her back--the writer just has some crazy logic.
  2. Well, needless to say, this episode had more bashing of GY. Of course, the writer is trying to say in the case of YS, she did this because she found out about GY's real mother. The write had YS, SR and TP all thinking about the harsh things they said to GY. The good news is it appears in tomorrow's episode that GY has finally left them all behind. To be honest, I'm hopeful that she left with the Chairwoman. @angelwingssf, @lee-chan, @UnniSarah, and @philosophie, okay, I think tomorrow's episode will be one to watch. @Ldy Gmerm, enjoyed reading your post. However, there is one thing I'm confused about--JS finding out about the accident. I have to wonder if there is anything for him to find out. If his logic is the same as everyone else who believes TP is the cause of the accident, I don't really see him changing that opinion. I think the writer is using this crazy logic of TP being the cause of the accident as factual in their minds.
  3. @dramaninja, Although it's clear that JS "loves" GY, however, I can only go by what we've seen since he learned (I hate even saying it) TP was the cause of his father's death. To be honest, I don't really know how JS sees GY. We can only go on the facts of what the writer has presented: He didn't want to introduce GY to his deceased father. He didn't want GY touching his father's picture; snatched it from her hands as if she's diseased. He treated her a cooly after finding out about TP. His nightmares started again after learning about TP--apparently, she no longer soothes him mentally which caused his nightmares to stop. He has these moments when he leaves in the middle of the night to cry and tell his father he's sorry. Worse--the lawyer in him can't even reason on the fact that TP is not responsible for his father's death. He wasn't driving the truck or in a car chase with this father. TP was walking down the street minding his own business when JS' mother began following him with blind-sighted determination; TP completely clueless to it all. JS knows GY has been suffering quite a bit and he's trying hard to suppress his own negative feelings towards her because of her father. The writer caused this mess by going down this irrational line of thought regarding TP. I wish they had been a little more creative and let TP truly be the driver of the truck. The way this family is acting, TP is being treated more guilty than the person driving the truck who we've heard zero about. Even if I use their line of reasoning, I still can get no further than blaming JS' mother--running off without telling the father why. The writer made it appear that JS has some negative underlying feelings towards GY. GY wouldn't feel as bad as she does if it wasn't for the way people are treating her. Of course when she finds out about (roll eyes) TP's involvement in the accident, it will explain why people are treating her so negatively, why JS has his nightmares again, why he didn't introduce her to his father, the hateful words from his mother, etc. It's their treatment of her that is going to make her want to leave; because THEY can't cope with her being TP's daughter. I don't mean to lump JS with the trash, but the writer is doing it--just not as bad. The doctor has been the most understanding out of all of them. Even ES is not as bad as JS. Yes, I know JS was in the accident and almost lost his life, but JS' resentment is not the accident on his behalf, but that his father lost his life. In that regard, he and ES experiences are the same loss.
  4. As I was watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, what I loved about their wedding which was totally different from Prince William's wedding was the diversity--it appeared to be more "global" and inclusive. The fact that Meghan was marrying the Prince, showed how the royal family accepted her on her credentials--not based on her family who wanted to snatch her joy away. What does this have to do with the drama you may wonder? Because this is what I'm hating about this drama. People are only accepting of others, not based on their own credentials, but based on their parents or family members. As much as I hate ES and GB as a couple and skipped through most of their scenes, I did like the fact that they didn't let the craziness of NR or TP bother them. JS' mother will only be truly accepting of GY when she finds out she's not TP's daughter. YS will only be accepting of GY when she finds out she's not TP's daughter. JS will only find true peace and acceptance in his heart when he finds out she's not TP's daughter. That's really sad to me. People can't determine who their parents are, but they can determine how they live their life and she be judged on their actions. Today's episode was a waste of time. I guess GY has finally found out that these dumb dumbs think that TP is the cause of JS father's death. I also guess that TP has finally learned that GW is his son. The only good thing is GY was only told to "Get out!" once and only had to hear negative things being said about her 3 or 4 times--depending on how you look at it. Tomorrow's episode also look like it will be another waste of time. I think I will check back in on this drama Wednesday or Thursday.
  5. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @akhenaten, I love your post because it hits on something I really like about this actor, the subtle facial expressions that helps tell the story, helps paint the emotions, expressions that let us know what the actor is thinking and feeling.
  6. @awsparkle, You are right on so many points. I think YS is going to feel extremely guilty when she finds out that GY is not even TP's daughter. She basically has punished GY as a means to punish TP. She took an innocent girl and treated her like crap so her daughter could receive an education and to punish her for JP's sins.
  7. @UnniSarah, sadly, I think GW will welcome his father with opened arms because they have kept him sheltered from his father's true nature. Of course, the writer has also shown him to be an observant child, which means he should know about TP's past and future sins against his family and especially against GY. However, I have a feeling that the writer is going to let TP off easy and make him willing to give his kidney to his son, now that he knows him (however, he wouldn't have given a second thought if he didn't know him). Sorry, I see the writer using the same bogus out that they are going to give JS's family: because GY is not TP's daughter, all is forgiven and they can accept GY. Because GW loves this stranger who has become a father figure and only sees the kindness that TP has shown him, he'll be welcomed into the family again. When I think back to GY's aunt's dream, I wonder if GY is going to leave to be with her wealthy mother or if she's going to die. She looked as if she had truly turned her back on them--I can only hope that she has.
  8. @wunwing1, I think that's what I find interesting and disappointing about the chairwoman. She may feel more comfortable around ONR because of her family connection. However, I learned a long time ago, when people are quick to say something bad about a person to you and you barely know them, those or the people to watch. In this drama ONR comes across as a gossiper when she's with the Chairwoman. Also, if the Chairwoman had listened to what GY said in the video when she was choking ONR, she heard her say "how dare you say that, over and over." That is a clear indication that ONR must have done something to antagonize GY. That's something I hate about the writing style of this drama, she doesn't have the characters realistically look at what's before them and use their brain to analyze the situation. The writer is trying to make the characters so over the top in ridiculous behavior and everyone falls in line with the same crazy reasonings as if that is normal. GY's mother is more harsh to her than she is to TP in my opinion; more cruel in the things she says to her. The aunt is the same way. The Chairwoman really disappointed me. She treated GY awful based ONR. She never once thought or reasoned as to why both GY and JS would treat his aunt this way. At least in the preview they have her rethinking her newly formed opinion of GY. I guess the reason I'm disappointed in the writer wasting time wallowing in the ''big secret" is they could have taken a different path for this drama to show development and growth on GY's part. What I mean is showed her leaving behind this "so called" family to be with her biological mother; leave JS too. Go away for a 2 to 3 years. Come back as a strong woman and in charge running the business; stop being everyone's punching bag; learn her own self-worth. The writer is creating a path that GY will be acceptable to all because she's not TP's daughter either. I hate that path because it means these people are all a bunch of ignorant, small minded people who are too dumb to realize that that JS father's death had zero to do with TP and wasn't his fault and they can't accept GY on her own worth. @UnniSarah, all I could think about when reading your post is the writer has made ONR so ridiculous that this type of person can't suddenly develop a conscience. What she did before JS' father at the temple was disgusting. She went there out of a fake heart, not with true repentance, but to help GY believe the lie that TP is her father and to break her up from JS. I don't know what the writer plans for ONR, but she's told so many lies, how can all of them be uncovered.
  9. @UnniSarah, I have to say that it is getting harder and harder to watch because it's so frustrating and the characters are just becoming more stupid and ignorant. There is not one person in this drama that speaks with any logical sense or possess the ability to reason logically. I agree this drama started out good, but they are running this whole "TP killed JS' father and it's your fault GY" to the ground. I had to give it a break. Today's episode is again filled with foolishness. Hard to believe that a shrewd business woman like the Chairwoman will mistreat a person, not based on her own experience, but because of listening to one woman; a woman that she should have discovered her past if her assistant did a thorough job of investigating TP---can't believe the writer made these people so incompetent. That's why I find it so refreshing when you have a writer who writes a good, logical, detailed drama (drama "Mother" had a tough subject matter to deal with, but the writer hit it out of the park).
  10. Why, why, why. Watching this episode with subs had me boiling with frustration: 1) Every time they say that GY's father caused JS' father to die makes me want to pull out my hair. That is the most stupid, illogical thing I've ever heard. I have no idea why the writer has everyone repeating this stupid line. 2) SG on his knees begging his mother, a grown looking like a small boy makes him so appealing. That scene looked so dysfunctional to me. He looked like a 7 year old boy. 3) GY's aunt made me want to slap her. She's going to cut GY off because she didn't tell her that her son quit teaching; even calling her a wicked wench. However, this hypocrite didn't tell GY that she was adopted. Why is she blaming GY when it was her son--is she going to cut him off. GY truly needs to cut ties with the whole Choi family except GW. What is so disappointing is she at least thinks GY is her blood relative. The writer is truly going overboard with all this hate. I have to wonder what the writer is going to have GY do so that we will feel she's completely justified in her actions. 4) I can't wait for the Chairwoman to see how much NR has lied and tried to purposely keep her from her child. I would love 5 episodes to bask in that misery.
  11. Against my better judgment, I watched todays episode. All I can say is it's just more dumping on GY--by the aunt this time. We knew by the preview that JS was probably going to have an accident. Again, more dumping to come on GY. It will be her fault, although we all know it was NR. I'm just ready for this girl to get a clue and move on. So frustrating with each episode.
  12. @Pam_Van Fossen, I agree with you that TP was seduced by ONR. We also saw in the beginning of the drama that TP was a womanizer. Everywhere he went, he was always flirting with women--on the practice golf course and in the hospital. It was part of that behavior that caught ONR's eye. The writer has also demonstrated this time and time again. As a matter of fact, ONR has been trying to manipulate everyone and also seduce her ex-huband, but it's not working. She's still married to TP because the divorce hasn't been finalized, but already trying to get back with the doctor. ONR has no conscience. I do think that TP was a man who was 'content' with his married life and as a father. I do think that he was an "ok" man as a husband and father, but I have a hard time using the words "good" when discussing him. I think the only reason he probably stayed with his family as long as he did was because of the money he received from the Chairwoman's mother and the fact she said she would be observing GY from a distance. TP has demonstrated too many selfish behaviors for me to see him as ever being a good man. He showed no concern for YS when he brought home "his" baby by another woman. Most women I think could accept an adopted child than a child where your husband had an affair. He kept all of that a secret from YS. As for me, YS has never accepted GY as her child and when the opportunity presented itself, her true feelings rose to the surface. Back to TP, no good husband or father would leave a pregnant wife with young children for another woman. Yes he "gave" her the house, but it was a cruel man to put that heavy responsibility on a pregnant woman and the social scorn she could face. It says something about TP at his core that he could do that to his wife and later tried to sue GY and take the house. Even now, he has shown zero interest in his sick, dying child. Yet, he's (unrealistically) bonding with this little boy who is the same age as his own child; buying him toys, etc. while nothing for his own son. Sorry, but the whole building a relationship between father and son is just forced to me. When knowing his own son was dying, he tried to use them to get money with no plans of really helping his son; but immediately showed interest in the sick little boy in the hospital. However, I can see what the writer is trying to do. TP and GW building a bond so that TP develops feelings for him and will be willing to give him one of his kidneys. Otherwise, if he hadn't built a relationship with his own son, he wouldn't be willing to have the surgery. Same with everyone finding out that GY's mother is the Chairwoman and not TP's child, will pave the road for them to accept her. Sorry, this all feels so wrong to me; it feels like cheating and built on shadow emotions that can easily change.
  13. When I watch this with subs, it becomes even more ridicules that they would blame TP. TP was walking, minding his own business. It wasn't like he was in a car and engaged them in a high speed chase. GY please leave these people. You can't reason with stupid logic. I have to say the writer's logic regarding YS treatment of GY--"because it's for her own good" is just stupid and it doesn't make sense. It's easy for her to give up on GY is because she's not her daughter. I think I may have to give this drama a break until Friday...it's becoming too frustrating to watch. When I hear TP judge the Chairwoman----it's just too much.
  14. Sadly, this drama is going nowhere fast. There was only one thing of real interest for me and minor interest: 1) Love the fact that the Chairwoman stood by GY. She may have scolded her, but she also seemed to have given her courage. At lest she has the fortitude to compare what she knows of the person against what NR is trying to feed her. 2) GY's aunt finally knows he's not a teacher. Could have cared less if she knew or not. NR is so bold to think her ex-husband wants her. She's downright repulsive. Tomorrow's episode, without subs, doesn't seem like much is going on. Maybe GY will discover JS' nightmares have returned.....I can only hope she leaves.
  15. @Pam_Van Fossen, I couldn't agree more with you and the rest of the group. I'm hoping that GY finds out about JS' nightmares first so she will decide to leave. I didn't like the way JS treated GY in this drama. Everyone is hating on her and it appears the next person will be her biological mother. I really couldn't watch this drama completely with subs today because it was pretty easy to understand without subs. I only 4 scenes: 1) GY and JS visiting his father. GY said the most beautiful things about what she wanted to tell his father. It wasn't SR that was rude to GY, it was JS. The way this scene are depicted, it came across as if JS couldn't stand the thought of GY speaking to his father. All I know, I was giving him the evil eyes the whole time. 2) I wanted to know what that hypocrite TP had to say to the chairwoman. All I could say was he was absolutely cruel. Not only did he tell her that her daughter didn't want to have anything to do with her, he also told her that her daughter died. That was extremely cruel. Telling a mother that her child resented her and are dead so there is no opportunity to ask for forgiveness. 3) The scene where YS cooked GY a meal had the false appearance of kindness. Instead it was her goodbye meal. This woman has gotten on my last nerve from the beginning of this drama. Worse, she remembers how GY supported this family, took care of them, and she can't forgive GY for marrying the man she loves. 4) I wanted to know what the doctor said to NR. However, I shouldn't have wasted my time. He's too understanding to be in love with YS--she's such a small minded, evil woman (in the way she treated GY and is still treating GY is pure evil) that he's just too good for her in my opinion. How she can hate GY because of TP and not hate that the other kids are beyond me, especially since she raised GY as a newborn. I hope the writer has GY leave them all behind in the end. I hope they all find out the truth and wallow in their guilt for mistreating her. This girl hasn't had a moment of peace .