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  1. I can't wait to watch this drama with subs. All I can say from the little bit I've seen is the mother needs to watch, "Finding Nemo". The mother said she knew she ripped out the CEO's heart....what about the fact that she's also ripped out her own son's heart. It doesn't matter who you're with, all relationships are going to have problems; you can't protect your kids from hurt when it comes to love. Can't help it, I still think the mother is extremely childlike.
  2. No problem. NWS is the initials for Na Wang Shik, the family's bodyguard, that is falling in love with Sunny. Yes, I agree with you about the song "Then".... it's a good fit for LH and Sunny.
  3. @confusedheart7997, be careful what you ask for when it comes to angsty dramas...some dramas have so much angst that it makes you want to stop watching the drama altogether. I have to say, for me, this one isn't bad in the angst department.....more suspenseful than anything. However, I watch long daily dramas too and those are angst overload to the point of being ridiculous at times. I'll PM you with some of my favorite dramas...ones that I have watched over and over again over the years. I will say TLE to me has gotten better as the drama has gone on, which is also reflected in the ratings.
  4. LH is hilarious with his comedic side in full bloom now; however, I can't make the stretch of him being like JS' character in Secret. JS character, if I had to choose one in this drama, would be more like NWS. LH is just too darn evil, psychopathic, and childishly selfish. Yes he's falling in love with Sunny for now, but it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to kill her in the next episode if he felt like she's betrayed him... he's done too many evil things. If he hadn't been so bad, I could find myself rooting for the new LH, but that ship has sailed.
  5. @Lmangla, to be honest, I think the writer may have forgotten this is supposed to be a Fantasy, Suspense, Romance drama. In the beginning it felt all suspense and melodrama. Now it feels almost romantic comedy--but only from the angle of Lee Hyuk and his sister (Shin Sung Rok needs to consider doing more rom-coms instead 'villain', he's hilarious). The comic portion is also coming from Ari...I don't know what to think of the too grown little princess. She went from someone needs to discipline this child to my favorite little character. She just needed someone to show her they cared. To be honest, I'm still not sure where the "fantasy" comes into this drama unless it has to do with the fact we have a dysfunctional royal family in the 21st century when they no longer exist in Korea. However, other modern day royal dramas weren't classified as fantasy, so I'm not sure. I don't see Lee Hyuk and Sunny being a couple, but I do see the possibility of Sunny and NWS coming out as a couple. I have to say that initially I couldn't get into this drama. I'm not really a fan of Jang Na Ra because it felt like she was the same character in every drama--didn't care for the acting style. However, I have to say that I'm really impressed with her acting as the character Sunny. She's had to present a range of emotions and character growth, that made me feel what the character Sunny must have been experiencing. All the actors have done a great job, including the youngest character of all...she owns the scenes she's in.
  6. You know when you have a true friend...when they feel your paint to the point of crying with you. When CSH and her secretary was at the outside stand/bar/tent, that scene really touched my heart. True friends.
  7. Sadly, the mother looks so weak when compared to CSH. She's passive, possessive, and naive all rolled into one. She doesn't want her son talked about--welcome to the real world. EVERYBODY is talked about at some point in their life. The comparison about how a mother's love won't fade vs CHS love will. Does she want JH to remain single for the rest of his life. The mother is really disappointing to me because she seems childlike in her thought process. I'm not saying she doesn't have a right to worry about her son and the type of woman he marries, however, she's going a bit too far for the wrong reasons in my opinion. On a different note, I love the depiction of the moon embracing the sun at 2:15 into the video. Reminds me of the drama TMTETS. The dads have been the best.
  8. @Josh Marquez, I have to agree. I can understand the mothers concerns, but I was also annoyed at her. The mother comes across as sweet and very timid. The mother to me is one of those types of people who live her life to please others and never steps out of her comfort zone. Sadly, she's wanting them to break up because of what people are saying and not due to anything that CSH has done. Maybe it's just me and the world I operate in, but neighbors and friends (even strangers) when they find out you're working for a good company, are aways pressing to have there resume passed along with a good referral. I felt really sorry for CSH because she's truly a lonely woman.
  9. The scene of CSH sitting in her apartment alone after her dinner with the family broke my heart. She looked so lonely, especially with the painting in the background of the girl standing alone too.
  10. @winter spring summer, it wasn't my intentions to lecture nor am I condemning drinking--I would be a hypocrite if I did; so please don't take it that way. However, I have a problem with there always being a depiction of drunkenness in K-dramas. I will say that the writer was responsible in the case of CSH in that KJH remained sober to ensure CSH got home safely. In older U.S. comedy movies, the butt of the joke was getting "stoned". Now we have a crisis in this U.S.....life imitating art. I also understand that you were approaching this from the "cute antics" point of view, however, for me, I stopped finding drunken blabbering scenes funny a long time ago. @NongpeeP, I understand what you mean in your post, however, I want to make sure everyone understand that I'm not saying drinking is wrong. I personally also don't think a drinking scene is ever essential to a plot unless it's the theme of the drama. I also don't like co-workers pressuring a team member to drink if they don't want to. I have to wonder how many people feel pressured to drink in the Korean culture because "it's expected" of them. . Again, I truly appreciate your responses and sharing your thoughts. I do hope one day that I'll see a drama and there is no drinking to the point of being drunk. Again, didn't mean to lecture. Also, thanks @thistle!
  11. @winter spring summer, as a personal pet peeve of mine, I would prefer to cut drunk scenes out of k-dramas...I think they send the wrong message to young impressionable minds. Instead of dealing with their problems, it teaches 'drown your sorrows in alcohol'. I really started paying attention to this years ago after watching an episode of "Dad, Where are We Going?" (reminds me of Return of Superman). One fo the kids on the show talked a lot about how he wished his dad didn't drink so much. I especially hate that K-drama shows so many young women getting falling down drunk and left in a vulnerable state. In a lot of countries, including Korea, woman in such a state can be and are a lot of times sexually molested...but drams don't show that real side of getting drunk in public. I'm still waiting to find 1, just one, adult K drama where someone doesn't get drunk. Our couple is cute just as they are. I want to see more wonderful pics of CSH and KJH with a clear head facing their problems with a clear head. Don't get me wrong, I do think people need to be able to unwind in they own way, but I don't want to see two people getting drunk and ending up in bed together. I would rather that decision happen with a clear head.
  12. @Jemrie and @jl08, I love both of your posts. What I love about this scene below is the intimacy between KJH and CSH. Actually this scene is to create exactly that sensual intimacy. 1. Red and Black are sexual, sensual colors. 2. The way KJH and CSH are glazing into each other eyes (made me wonder what he was telling her with his eyes--and her response). 3. The thing I find the most intimate is that gentle hand on her knees as he pushes her on the swing, the gentle rocking motion. Just food for thought, in early songs, songwriters couldn't be sexually explicit in their lyrics, so they would use the word "rock" to imply intimacy...(Rock Me All Night Long, I want to Rock With You, My Man Rocks Me, etc.) I say all of this, because I think this scene screams intimacy between two people in love. I love it!!!
  13. @bebebisous33 I liked reading your take on JWS's actions regarding making himself a Co-CEO. JWS never cheated on CSH, even after their divorce, because he's in love with her. In his own way he has tried to help her. The reason I think he wanted to be Co-CEO was for a few reasons: 1. He could see how JH was making a name for himself within the company, but more than that, JH made himself someone that CSH could depend on. CSH has already told JWS that she couldn't depend on him while married, he wasn't a "man" she could depend on. He could see his mother mistreating her, but instead of stepping in to protect her, he would buy CSH gifts to try and compensate for his mother's actions. In his mind, CSH and JH's relationship can only become stronger because they are working closely together. By making himself co-CEO, he now can come into constant contact with CSH. In a way, I think that JWS is trying to mimic JH, hoping that CSH will see him as a protector as he help her address issues with the hotel. Summary: JWS wants to be close to CSH in order to show her that he can help her. 2. The second reason I think he made himself Co-CEO is so that he could gain those stocks and eventually give them to CSH to secure her spot as sole CEO. He may be thinking to use it as leverage for her to come back to him. My secret desire, because my heart does go out to this man in love with his ex-wife, is that he will give these shares to her in the end. Earning the ire of his mother, but also giving him wings to independence. Summary: JWS final act of support to CSH will be to give her the shares to the hotel. Last thought, I think we've been seeing the real JWS this entire drama. I can understand his rudeness towards JH because he's jealous of him--JH is stealing his "woman". In JWS' mind it's always been him and CSH, they are alike, they belong together. JWS still hasn't realized that he lost his opportunity. He lost being a "man" to CSH. There is a "kindness" to JWS because in a lot of ways he and CSH were "alike".....in a suffering sense. I don't recall seeing him being abusive to others. JWS is trying to find his independence from his mother, whereas CSH has found hers. When this drama first started, CSH went to her ex-mother in law's birthday (i think) party because her mother told her to, despite the fact she didn't want to. NOW, her mother pleaded with her to go to the memorial--CSH stood her ground. At this point, the writer hasn't made JWS the evil, revengeful ex-husband at this point. Yes, he's irritating and trying to get between CSH and JH, but at the same time he's been really low key as drama evil exs goes. He hasn't tried to harm JH's family (at this point) by trying to destroy JH's family business in order to show him I'm more powerful; however, I can see that coming if he becomes evil.
  14. I have to admit that this drama keeps surprising me in a lot of ways. I love how in this drama CSH and JH are a couple determined to support each other despite opposition. I loved, loved, loved the end of episode 12....CSH made it clear to her ex husband, his mother, the media, and especially JH that she chose JH. The tears in JH's eyes at seeing CSH standing in front of his house said it all; in that moment the writer let us know that he had doubts that had been weighing on him, but she laid them to rest....you could feel his relief. There are only 4 episodes left and there are going to be some more challenges; we know the ex mother in law is going to come down hard on CSH after her snub by not attending the family memorial. Maybe her ex-husband will finally become a man in front of his mother and stand up to her. He lost the woman he loved because he couldn't protect her. I also am loving my second ship---CSH' assistant and JH's restaurant friend....he's just too cute. Loved that little rose scene.
  15. Watching this episode 11 warmed my heart for the couple, but also left me with a heavy feeling of what's going to happen next. I can truly appreciate the ex-husband wanting to fight for the woman he fell in love with at first sight--that speaks to my romantic heart. But at this point, I'm beginning to feel like Marlin and Dory (Finding Nemo) after realizing the happy feeling light was a lure attached to a monster fish, "Happy feeling gone!" I'm ready for him to be gone. Sadly, he never learned how to demonstrate his love in front of her. Trying to coerce her back to him by threatening her position as CEO is no way to endear someone to you. He's also selling himself short--it would only means that she loved the company more than him...willing to sacrifice herself to keep her company by going back to him. He is also underestimating her relationship with Jin Hyuk-- these two are in love with each other and are already trying to protect each other. To be honest, I'm not sure how she keeps the hotel, unless the ex-family is cut out of the picture. If not, they will always be in the background causing problems. I hope the ex-husband comes to his senses and turns over all his shares to her as a final act of "love", truly letting her go this time. I also wish that Jin Hyuk was independent of this company for his livelihood.