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  1. @leah8 .... I don't know why so many articles so far have said this drama and the events successfully mirror reality... Suppose as many including me once went thru similar special bonds/experiences... the unforgetable growing up years shared with our sibling .. this drama touched our hearts deeply indeed. Cannot blame LS and JS for loving each other unconditionally in good times or bad times. Have not read the novel so am very anxious to know what will finally happen to LS..
  2. All characters in this drama in the three stressful families are so annoying except for the cute lil girl. I will not be surprised if the "new mom" turns out to come from a rich family background. Unwilling papa will then go crawling on his knees to claim he IS the husband and also father to the baby. LOL
  3. What a sad episode.. alone n going down memory lane trying to piece together his lost chldhood memory... and glad he managed somehow. Big bro is actually the "psycho" in police uniform. And his police girlfriend is also another psycho (not doing anythg much to remedy this situation even knowing the secret).
  4. I watched Jdrama version many years ago and it left quite a lingering impression to me.. not sure if this version involves twins or merely siblings.. That natural unique strong "bond and attraction" between both of them is so well brought out by the actors.. Really fantastic performances from both.
  5. @celebrianna ...It’s been brought up that maybe HS will take care of MY’s baby but I hope the writer doesn’t go there... We know and Yul knew how much HS loved her brother. MY revealed to Yul after loosing his whole family and in order to protect his sister, he became KCE's man. For HS sake, Yul decided to let MY leave with CPrincess. So again, for HS sake I doubt Yul will abandon the baby.
  6. We wr dicussing between own father, lover and own child who would one choose??? I have a feeling Crown Princess will betray her father. Plunging the sword into MY's heart infront of her was too traumatic for anyone to bear. The iron mine? Hope CP capture KCE, leave him in the cave and seal all entrance.. LOL. CPrincess may well be emotionally spent n died during childbirth? CP may somehow save the baby for HS (being her brother's son) as a consolation. I am still hopeful for a happy ending. Please.
  7. Cinderella syndrome miss goody2 sacrificing herself silly! She is independent, earns her living yet tolerating such nonsense with hubby and in-laws. Its 100 eps wonder how long they will discover her true identity.. miss the fotos, wonder her "old dress" will be another miss? Men in this drama all look so "hopeless and inferior" in life, even the main actor.
  8. @dramanoona MY grew up in Crown Princess household, they may be secret childhood sweethearts? As CP never touched her she may use "their bond" to get him to help her get pregnant secretly?. Her father's influence on MY looks solid so it could be a daughter and father conspiracy to secure the throne? Later to assassinate the Crown Prince, and even then kill-off MY?
  9. @outsanity...Ruyi is, for the lack of a better word, dumb.... Ruyi's love and patience died when she decided to cut her hair, a taboo, to clearly express her intentions to breakaway n severe ties with her husband... even dared to cut off and burn her picture. She realised there no longer exist trust between them which is what love is all about. I feel she did the right thing.
  10. @nrllee Love at first sight/true love, one may do anythg to protect these feelings. He was genuinely in love and care for HS. I am sure he'd do anythg to protect her, he knew HS and CP are both in love.. for her happiness I am sure he will sacrifice. I suspect CP's memory is slowly coming back to him.. he had flashes many times. He askd his father why they did not make an effort to look for him? He was told his Eunoch and all died.. this must have triggered his curiosity?? I think he is now faking total memory loss as he wants to find out the whole truth about his "death".
  11. Crown Princess pregnant wth another man once discovered is punishable with death. Probably executed after delivery. I am hopeful HS will finally become his legal wife.
  12. I hv not watched the Jap version, better not know as its much more exciting to follow this drama with more suspense ... both cld well be twins seperated during the fire? The 3 very naturally are drawn to each other.. KMJ may have some recollections or witnessed n knew what actually happened? This eps hinted YJG is hiding some "guilt" of YJK's past, probably cause of fire.. and may be the reason why KMY is stalking both YJG and YJK? The questions KMJ posed to YJG on "killings" makes me ponder.
  13. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    I had anticipated this.. went thru same ending tht left me shocked and disappointed... a chinese drama "seige in fog".. died just few minutes before drama ended!! Real lousy feeling then. Therefore tonite was more prepared for this sort of ending... Aeshin an Qin Sang have almost similar personality and both finally were left alone as the men around her ALL DIED!
  14. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    This episode is too sad.. really touched me deeply.. our country ws once plundered by the richard simmons too, some elders until this day still are not able to forget or forgive. As someone commented here, the tittle "Sunshine" shld at least give us some hope of a happy ending.. ....esp Ae Shin and EC.. hope they escape and leave for US.. both can still continue their fights from there?
  15. Quite interesting but tht mother is much too noisy and very annoying.. as tho she is trying to be the main cast of this drama.