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  1. Dont understand why 3 main men in this drama is attracted to SooJoo? She is dull, so rude and loud. I don't see her relevance at all.. her role as an investigator is also lousy... is it her acting or her role is meant to be so irritating? Sorry have to get this out of my chest..
  2. [Drama 2017] Distorted / Falsify 조작

    cant wait for the next episode... these 'elders' I do hope in the end their identities r exposed which normally will not be the case.
  3. Have not watched ending with subs.. goodness.. everyone turned goody goody !! After all the heartache and pains he caused everyone.. CEO became a waiter? Okay morally this ending should be ideal.. so don't understand why the title "you are too much"? Should have been "happily ever after". However the last scene ws quite emotional.. KS watching HD and family walking away. Always felt from start its going to be a sad ending for KS.. Anyway, the casts wr all so wonderful.. fine performances from all
  4. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB will age at different pace then eh? He was once a teenager but when SA tyrns 65 he may still appear to be in his 20s? Afterall he is now more than 1200yrs old (scratch my head!!).. LOL its fantasy, still will make our minds wonder
  5. Owh dear.. YJN shld become a nun instead of young KS!! HJ's brother leaving, halmoni dead can imagine CEO faking or becomes mentally deranged (due to full of guilt esp mum dying). The once bz house is going to be empty! Lets hope the saintly HD won't insist of bringging home the mentally retarded CEO so tht she can help take care of him?
  6. Among all I think CEO is the most wicked. For how he mistreated his late wife, FIL, YJN and his own mother and children. This man is beyond forgiveness. Terrible man!
  7. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Water god must be very powerful.. human bodies are 80-90% water, right? Cannot predict what may happen.. get married why not? HB can travel back and forth anytime he chooses to be with SA and his kids on earth??? Even today many married couples hv distance relationships, for long periods stay away from their families.
  8. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Still uncertain how this all will end. Preview we heard SA repeatedly says "he saved me".. was she speaking of the "cave" incident? She may be HB's 'reborn' first love who, HB did nothing when she was killed/sacrificed??? And the drowning scene.. no surprises please.. just hoping its not another repeat of what happened to her ancestor (too often the word jealousy is being uttered).
  9. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Shld HB marries SA or consumated their relationship and she bears him a child.. this child's fate will be similar to HY.. so probably tht was the assignment he was "tasked" to understand and prepare himself with?? HY is such a pitiful character, hope they do not kill him off in the end.
  10. OMGoodness the preview.. Did "someone" send men to throw her down the cliff.. what a pitiful sad ending for HJ's mum, such cruelty! KS saw the video earlier yet went about and did nothing about that???? Or was he waiting to confirm who the murderer is? Am beginning to suspect NK here. Cannot imagine a man will kill the mother of his own kids.
  11. Am with you re HD.. going around with frowns, tears, deep in thoughts, worried looks all the time trying to save YJN?? She cld have done wonders by knocking some common sense into KS into handing HJ d letter and evidence.. yet like a silly idiot, merely "I understand this and that" speech all the time with KS HJ is spending and enjoying his time more with her family instead of with HD.. CEO is so evil... wish he will go to the cliff, jump and kill himself.. Better.. end up with YJN in the same assylum.
  12. Wondering why halmoni did not stab the driver but committed suicide instead? The main actress, even her late father I still cannot see their relevance, where they fit into this whole drama... yet she cried the loudest (loud whenever she appears) when halmoni died??
  13. So fast already THE END? We hv 6 more eps and lot more twist and turns ahead. As YJN n KS looks like the main 2 leads... I am sure they will still be around. His head ws bleeding, may affect his memory or eyes.. Penniless momma in desperation and total submissio may bow down to CEO/Halmoni to plead for their help to save her son?? NK discovers she is pregnant with a son.. CEO crowned the yet to be born child as his successor?? .. and finally a miscarriage?? Anythg may happen in 6 episodes...
  14. Previews may be misleading.. cld be NK's 'wild imagination' or HJ mum's nightmare.. ?? Very irritated with KS.. so desperate about YJN after what he has done to late HJ's mum?.. also HD, going down on her knees for KS/YJN's sake? Just let this mother and son learn some lessons after wht they have done to destroy another woman's sons!
  15. Very early eps I commented NK behaved suspiciously .. she prepares the family food.. so one can imagine the wonders she can do eg slow food poisoning sort of mischief!