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  1. Feel more like a happy ending.. Cuba may be the place they start all over again from the maddening crowd. Time away and being truly happy together may finally change his mama's heart?? Otherwise her father's huge sacrifice will just be pointless.
  2. What else, must you ask? LOL MN is very sleazy.. glad it ws only a plot by GTY, then again who knows what may happen behind closed curtain.
  3. I really love the new look/expressions of Mrs Liang and her darling husband.. hahaha.. these actresses/actor can really act their part splendidly.
  4. Read earlier comments in this thread re QH marrying his grandchild with ML's grandchild. If she died at 38yrs old how could this be possible? Or the said marriage happens only after her death??
  5. To ease viewers heartache, they may come out with season 2 ?????? SJ starting a new company, surely he is not going to stay quiet and dumb.. isn't he curious to meet the missing JW and now, it shld be his turn to look for JW??
  6. Hi 2u2 @sava2sava. Am oso an ardent Cdrama follower esp their historical dramas. Problem is we are always 2eps behind getting Eng subs or at times 10eps behind! So usually unable to join in live chats/comments.
  7. The wedding do was very beautifully relayed, merry, joyfull, auspicious and with such pride and happiness shown by GTY, taking his bride back homeward to start their new life together. Grandma's letting her go.. brought tears to my eyes... can feel so much love she has for ML... having to part with someone you love can be so painful. ....On this point I can imagine ML/QH oso once going through similar feelings.. QH marrying the princess and ML marrying GTY. Her wedding outfit is beautiful. Most often we see brides in full red.. why this different colour?
  8. Ep 39 is really heartbreaking.. for both ML and QT. I may be a bit late to comment on GTY but sharing here anyway. Ep 38 where GTY brought gifts and his conversation with CB he mentioned among others; ....those competing to marry off their doters to him used to look down on him before.. ....CD's family didn't exert any effort to curry his favour .."THIS IS CALLED NOT CHANGING NO MATTER HOW NOBLE OR LOWLY THE ENVIRONMENT IS" .. and this quality is what ML and GTY share in common. They are "there" whenever in need. ..QH (due to whatever circumstances) kept himself away.. or get others to convey his messages and worse, make decisions for him. Ouch!
  9. This drama points out everything tht is wrong/not normal/flaws in each family - their children somehow became victims of circumstances. Now, how do I summarise and elaborate on the above?
  10. The drowning scene where ML grabbed hold of the doll, I feel she really do love QH... In real life I have witnessed same couple QH/ML situation. The man led a sad loveless unhappy married life with the woman chosen by his parents (and wife too is as unhappy). Really feel sad for QH
  11. My take is Mang Lin's nature.. he gifted her with those pen, so likewise she gave him a present. She did this gesture to GTY too, the fish porridge when his father died, as he once helped her when her late mum needed a doctor.
  12. 8yr old ML is very pretty, really miss her in this drama. Such a promising child actor. Am really enjoying this drama.
  13. Love all the characters in this drama. Even childish lil sister shows maturity in her interactions with others.. very good acting. Am scratching my head as pace of events are so unpredictable.
  14. Prof Cha reminds me of the drama Mr Sunshine.. very evil character, I may be biased but he looks very evil here too. One scene shown SeJu lying dead with a gun in his hand. He may probably be at a very high level. Maybe when JW reaches to this level only then will he be able to meet SeJu??