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  1. Ending was a lil sad.. whn sixth uncle died, I already felt its niot going to end well for Yi family... still, never expected third brother will die. What happened to their baby .. just wondering..
  2. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    Previews/teasers can often be misleading.. just hoping YX dont finally erase RG's memories, takes wth him good memories and leave? Title is Flame's daughter.. mayb finally she will become late Master's daughter-in-law? LOL
  3. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    Well lets just suppose his curse ws uplifted by his master as he did many good deeds in his quest to regain RG? like killing evil AYL, finally ZF as rightful heir, healed ZH etc..
  4. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    Whenever YX tries to be close/intimate wth RG.. the spell triggered and she will need her powers to restore him. I suppose marriage for them is just impossible??
  5. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    @Alila Nguyen Was wondering about her earrings too.. same throughout. Where YX is concerned he once loved a "different" lady. Imagine someone in love with your mum.. and wanting you?? Of 'cos how he went all out to protect RG is exceptional her wanting to repay esp to safe him is understandable. ZH is pure to her.. love as a sibling is deep always there for one another, never doubting the sincerity in their relationship. Still I feel her true love is ZF, her perfect hero since little and must have shared lots of memories doing things together. So too for ZF but he's torn between love and revenge. We saw he did despicable acts to try push her away from him.. but his love for her is deep. So now she is officially married to YX? Why do I have this feeling YX will die (he defied his Master's promise). ZH may die too (power struggle for throne) but then again, as RG is not the rightful heir to Flame, if ZH is alive best she becomes his wife and move away from Flame. ZF. After wht he did to RG and his "biological" father, only way to redeem his sins is to reestablish Flame back to its former glory. Only if ZH dies, most probable RG may give ZF a second chance??
  6. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    Have not read the novel so I will depend on wht the drama here... YX is immortal, he is shown here getting "very weak" often kept changing to an old man, prolly the "curse" still binds him, where marriage wth RG I suppose will never materialise. As for ZH his illness/handicap is his main weakness, very helpless and there is a limit for his wanting to protect RG (esp scene where she ws stabbed and bombed). It is going to be very sad for RG shld ZH dies. Back to ZF.. Manipulated and all for revenge, he purposely hurt RG to try push her away. But wht we have seen so far, he is deeply in love with RG. ZF is the rightful heir. Upon discovering the truth I am sure he will right all the wrongs. So my guess will be after all the baddies are dealt with... will reunite with RG and they will live happily ever after.. Hmmm.. I hate sad endings, so am rooting for a happy ending.
  7. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Very2 touching indeed.. we get to peep into whts going in in the minds of adopted kids, esp those being abandoned. We have few being adopted in our family.. usually this subject is taboo and not discussed in the open, most often secret is never revealed to them at least until they reach adulthood. But for those who knew (like SJ here) including me, I often wondered how they must have felt not knowing their own roots..
  8. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    The "lantern idea" wr really awesome.. But sad tht RG's "dad" died without knowing the truth about his biological kid.. no wonder he had tht strong fatherly bonding with ZF! Cannot imagine hiw ZF will react when he discover this switch.
  9. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    English novel/movie "Gone wth the wind".. poor Rhett Butler. YX definitely will not end up wth her.. ZF is too evil and twisted all out for hus "misunderstood" revenge. When he finally learn d truth mayb breakdown, repented and deep down they truly loved each other.. most ideal if they end up together. Someone mentioned earlier in the novel she ended up wth YZH. He is Crown Prince material and passion in life in my opinion is not be as compatable.
  10. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌

    eeekkk here mentioned ep 30??? I can only get eng subs until ep 21 only
  11. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Am now getting a lil suspicious of TW? 1. Getting inside EJ's house 2. Hiring MW and having him delivered the chip to HR? 3. He is too confident his wife ws not involved in the murder 4. His reactions when watching the video
  12. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    The teenagers scene wth a man lying dead, probably case of manslaughter but WM took the fall.. I think WM will protect her till the end. As to the video, I dont suppose any three if them will want it exposed. Pride will over-rule jealousy. Decision will niw be on TW as I suppose he took away the chip?? TW together wth WM will definitely come up with somethg else to clear her murder charges. I can see why those 3men loved her deeply.. even I (as a woman) have very high regards on Hyeran's struggles and principles (her conversation wth her boss)
  13. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Princess Wei Young 锦绣未央

    Very sad ending indeed. Infact I felt compassion too for the villian (Venness Wu's performance ws superb), esp tht last part when he was holding on to the precious gift given by WeiYoung.. Always love watching Chinese historical dramas..
  14. Katrina Abdul Talib

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Hmmm. Accident happened on a snowy "misty" day..