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  1. The "lantern idea" wr really awesome.. But sad tht RG's "dad" died without knowing the truth about his biological kid.. no wonder he had tht strong fatherly bonding with ZF! Cannot imagine hiw ZF will react when he discover this switch.
  2. English novel/movie "Gone wth the wind".. poor Rhett Butler. YX definitely will not end up wth her.. ZF is too evil and twisted all out for hus "misunderstood" revenge. When he finally learn d truth mayb breakdown, repented and deep down they truly loved each other.. most ideal if they end up together. Someone mentioned earlier in the novel she ended up wth YZH. He is Crown Prince material and passion in life in my opinion is not be as compatable.
  3. eeekkk here mentioned ep 30??? I can only get eng subs until ep 21 only
  4. Am now getting a lil suspicious of TW? 1. Getting inside EJ's house 2. Hiring MW and having him delivered the chip to HR? 3. He is too confident his wife ws not involved in the murder 4. His reactions when watching the video
  5. The teenagers scene wth a man lying dead, probably case of manslaughter but WM took the fall.. I think WM will protect her till the end. As to the video, I dont suppose any three if them will want it exposed. Pride will over-rule jealousy. Decision will niw be on TW as I suppose he took away the chip?? TW together wth WM will definitely come up with somethg else to clear her murder charges. I can see why those 3men loved her deeply.. even I (as a woman) have very high regards on Hyeran's struggles and principles (her conversation wth her boss)
  6. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2016] Princess Wei Young 锦绣未央

    Very sad ending indeed. Infact I felt compassion too for the villian (Venness Wu's performance ws superb), esp tht last part when he was holding on to the precious gift given by WeiYoung.. Always love watching Chinese historical dramas..
  7. Hmmm. Accident happened on a snowy "misty" day..
  8. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] The King’s Woman 泰时丽人明月心

    Had expected this ending except it wld hv been more meaningful had she uttered "I love you" before she died in his arms (kdrama wht happened in Bali). There is just no escape for junior and senior.. but her grandfather's legacy will be carried on by their son. Love historical dramas.. main casts are young actors, very fresh and talented indeed.
  9. Kevin is obsessed wth HR.. in love, a nobody and dumped by her .. he clearly (indirectly) blurted his feelings out in the foursome drinking session. He must hv been following her progress.. and noticed her always wearing the brooch. So he knew how important tht brooch is for her. Without reservations handed it to TW to create suspicioun. Maybe he took it again to further aggreviate TW (he is behaving like a possessive jealous lover).
  10. The blue house people, my #1 suspect/s. Her career, values, job dedication (loyalty), principles and popularity are valuable asset to this kind of establishment. Most importantly, favourable appraisal by her immediate boss. To preserve family dignity.. I presume also good words from her in-laws. They may already know of her "affair" b4 marriage, realised Kevin is stalking, even threatening her.. so why not, best they remove him fm her life?? The brooch... why in his car??
  11. Curiosity prolly.. as her twin ws so secretive wht their last day activity ws all about. I wld very much love DK not going back to Haesung but develop his own Company. Grandpa n mama are too arrogant, shld teach this old man some bitter lessons. Good tht DK's papa also left. With whts happening today wth the younger generations, new innovations and discoveries many have proven they too can be successful on their own.
  12. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Really touching drama.. My sis 1st doter discovered she was adopted when she ws 12yrs old. Yes.. she took it very hard and it ws a difficult time for all of us. At 15yrs, met her bio parents, but refused to acknowledge them. 2nd was abandoned at my sis cashier's counter, a newborn and now 5yrs old, his mum never came back to collect her son. Just disappeared into thin air..
  13. Drama has not ended yet isit? Its only sub @ ep44.. ??? Ooops.. sori wrong thread. This is NIF 1
  14. With whts going on today.. with new tech, DK's determination and JA's innovations their joint venture (wood based) may surpass grandpa's business empire?? DK will not then need to carry "Haesung" name but his own, freeing him to breakaway from Haesung grip?? This grandpa is true evil.. something big shld happen to bring him down to his knees..