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  1. I agree with #litopanda ! This drama is just so much better than MU ! Concerning MU, I couldn't watch it after the first episode (i tried twice to watch it again but couldn't bear it). I just didnt feel it But this one is really easy to like ! At first, i was just bored so i watched but the cast was too young for me so i was just slighly curious. Such surprise ! It was really nicely done
  2. Concerning the mysterious person, i am voting for the guy responsible for the accident ! The uncle seemed like a nice guy. Very proud of SR. But we didn't get a lot of scene with SR's family. And to proof some wrong : the name "Kim" is the english Mr Smith or the french M. Dupont. So it's not an issue. It's definitely just some trick to keep the suspense a little longer ! But i am curious about the uncle and why the aunt just left. And the uncle seems the guy who help Jennifer at the cimetery. I should re-watch the episode. And if the aunt left, who is her kid's father ? Maybe she will be the one to tell SR what's happened while she was lying incoma. Maybe something did happened to the uncle after SR's accident. We'll see.
  3. It ended.... Frankly, the ending is still having XF x JM being together AND having a sweet boy together (the bonus was JM's dad). I am satisfied. It could have been worse. Sometimes, it happens. But what i cant accept is SH's end. It was inacceptable. WTF ! Ending in the hands of creeps to be sexually abused ? Is how they see the good ending of a villain ?! SH wasn't so bad, frankly, from her perspective, killing an enemy's loved one is not so atrocious (it's logical, JM is a hated rival). I wasn't shocked. What shocked me is XF's moral judgement (i accepted it because i am biased toward XF, it's all). He could have been more accepting of her side. He is this kind of character but it didn't showed at all. The better ending should have been to just not to mention SH and letting everything to our imagination (her being imprisoned...).
  4. Well i am sure that he wished to save her life. He loves her, in his way. He loved his mother but abandonned her. A lot of abused children cant. The survivors does and if you have to choose between to survive or trample others... But to be honest, JM owes him nothing. She had to risk her life to save XF because he manipulated her in killing him. JM may not realise it but RY knows. In the same way, XF owes nothing to JM while she helps to his resurrection. Let's be honest, he would be alive, healthy, more powerful and with both parents alive if not for her backstabbing. Still even with half his life, RY will live thousands of thousands of years. So well, he just cut in half his years of misery. I just cant stand how the production is trying to make him look pitiful. Well, until his coup, you could be touched. Be envious of your legitimate younger brother but don't have him killed (it dont make any sense with all the story reinforcing their loving brotherly bond). And when his father fell (and died), he jumped toward JM because she fainted and nothing was showed toward his own father. You cant feel for him because he is cold. Even though he seems nice and delicate, he is actually too cold and manipulative. Worse, he dont feel guilty at all, even toward JM who he is supposed to be in love with. He obviously want to own her but his kind of love toward her is not what people usually seek in their partner's. You cant' trust him because even if he "loves" you, he can use you to get what he wants. Too selfish !
  5. This is the scene when he finally accepts her by telling her to start anew. I am so sad ! It's ending this week
  6. M. POPULAR ! I was dying when the Demon princess showed up after Sui He crying appearance. Pheonix is just so popular ! It was like a comedy scene (except for the music and when JM's face was revealed).
  7. Nothing new that the previews didn't show beside the part with the demon princess and her lover (wedding, etc...). Can't wait for tomorrow double episode !
  8. I am a lover of loyal minor characters as Liao Yuan and i miss him. He is one of the reason that i'am pissed. Our Phoenix lost his loyal second and friend just died tragically... But i am curious about the man whose gave a totem of his word. How could Liao Yuan just die and never ask for the favour that he earned. The scene seemed meanful. Before watching him die, i was sure that he would be instrumental in some way at bringing back XF.
  9. Just watched the 48th episode... not thank you for RY's monologue. You got your revenge and took it on your innocent brother. I am pissed that RY wont even meet regrets and heartache. Next episode, our Phoenix will be back and will be discovered. I have to said that the Bird's clan house is really tiny...People arrive and are in front of you...Not even some servants to announce or stop visitors...No way to protect your love, RH...
  10. I will never again complain about the writer not being in the script's crew. Because her involvemet in the script, the original story is not protected by the need of authenthicity. She represents it so now she can decide to alter or make up for some regret. We can complain and heard but the author when the director does things his way but when the author is not even on our side, it's more disappointing.
  11. I agree with you ! SH is really likeable and as a villain, she is really humane (her nostalgia fo her father on earth was very pitiful and her sacrifice in killing him for XY scarred her). She really deserved to be picked up and to become his love. This is a fiction so it's kind of acceptable to love and support the couple JM x XF, but frankly, if i was XF, i woud never forgive JM for killing me. Because i'd prefer kill my love that give another chance to someone who didn't. The trust was broken and SH deserved her chance. SHE will never turn on him. And the new Lord (Heavenly Emperor RY) should end alone and miserable. Well i'd prefer him to die but Heavean need its snake (i guess this is why he is a dragon).
  12. I have not yet started to read the book but i feel as much frustration as the fanbook ! I can understand how a drama have to create differents stories around the leads but it was boring and lacking, really. And because i like the demon's princess, i hoped a more meanful story for her. They changed her character too much while facing her love. And i can't stand watching RY on almost every scene. What the hell !!! The guy invaded the story. And why ? JM and XF's story IS INTERESTING ! It's not like they weren't good and the charasmatic second lead outshined them ! No ! They just filled the drama with his scene. At this point, they could have created others character or side-story or even developped the others characters. I don't remember the last time i watched a good scene with XF ! After being shunned by JM, his appearence faded... Personnaly, i love their story on earth. It build their feelings to each other (well JM's feelings finaly could be "revealed"). After watching the videos of the wedding, i can't wait for the episode !
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