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  1. even tho' the ending was bad, but I did enjoy the drama at the begining until the middle, I did love out OTP and other characters, specialy General Frost and Fairy Ha. the OTP chemistry was amazing, the bromance was sweet, secretary Ma, and OJ loyalty was solid. the cast did amazing job, their acting was flawless, I laugh and cried with them. thank you guys for all the translation, analysis, prediction and insights on every episode. I really enjoy reading all of them. so, goodbye for now, and see you all in another drama, hopefully with a much better ending than this.
  2. yesss!! the ending was just too Richard Simmons lazy.. or at least like @miramara suggested, JSM could have whisper OG name, and I am sure there are many other more satifying ways.
  3. at the very.. very least they could have shown OG finding JSM in the after world, grab her hand, while the guards of then under world in front of them, the OG smile mischiviously, ready to fight... End. thats somewhat an open ending not like this.. p.s I threw my phone after watching the ending, poor phone... thank God it didn't broke. sigh..
  4. IKR... i was dumdfounded by the ending.. why? can it be more satisfying!? instead of wasting time on amnesia thing? arrrrg *pull hair i take back my words on reincarnation, anything would be better than this!?
  5. What the hell was that????? that's not an open ending, thats lazy writings!
  6. I have a question, who saved PK is it Alice or the Dragon Prince? if its the DP, does he love him? aww...
  7. after rewatching the episode, I am still very upset on how the whole ordeal come trough. I mean the gods couldn't be more stupid and useless. how can they contain the most powerful "weapon" that heaven probably have against the dragon that would destroy the world, just because it is not according to their plan. hello!? there's a thing called alternative? plan b? they should just release OG to help Samjang. even if one of them must die in the end, it would not feel this vain. I don't understand the whole purpose of containing OG even if it was Samjang last wish. *take a deep breath... now, Writer nim please.. please let this drama have a happy ending, and not the reincarnation kind nor a bitter sweet one, but they kind of happy ending where OG and Sunmi live together with their litlle monkeys in Seurom-dong, and OG will have to take his own medicine when he learn that his children are just like him, naughty and full of wit.
  8. couldn't agree more.. I think the most satisfyinh ending is to make Sunmi a deity, so they could be together forever. but, those crazy gods still want to make them suffer for another episode? whats with this memory lost thing? sigh.. I trust you, Hong sisters!
  9. I think Mawang did give OG the power to escape the god's trap? but, he should also help fight the dragon.
  10. did they just make Sunmi lost her memory of OG!? its that why OG is crying and asking her to remember his name? the writing preview said the other way around! I'm confuse.. don't worry guys it will be a happ ending.. its gotta be and please make ASN, and KDS suffer greatly, and have proper closure for Buja and PK.
  11. noooooo..... those useless stupid gods, why did they held out OG!? he could have save so much energy for fighting the dragon.. please don't tell me they are going to the reincarnation route, at least make Sunmi a deity for her sacrifice.. make yourself useful for once hwayugi's gods.. sigh..
  12. looks like it will be a fierce battle, but I'm sure uri OG and SJ could prevail against the black dragon. I wonder if Mawang or Gen. Frost would help?
  13. Lee Seunggi! thats it you are officially the god of kissing in dramaland for me! RIP replay button..
  14. THANK YOU, DRAMA GOD! baby OG is coming ya'all...
  15. don't worry, guys.. Sunmi is smart, she knows OG said those words to keep her away from his plan, I think she will find out the truth, and also takes matter in her own hands which is equally scary. they worry too much on the situations after GGG removed, its been going back and forth several episodes. but, at this point GGG only serve as a magic transporter that bring OG to Sunmi ASAP, (and that is the only reason I don't want it to be removed just yet), whilst for the feelings, it is too real to not be sincere, like the elder said its beyond their expectation. will we see the scene where Sunmi get drunk and pour her heart to OG tonight? will we finally get the end of ASN and closure for BJ?