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  1. So I was thinking about why GTY wants ML to lose her temper or show negative emotions to him and, while we see the benefit of her showing her less than perfect side, I can see a good reason for him to want to see it. Both his Stepmonster and his evil ex showed him sweet faces for years. His Momo, who has always been there for him tells him like it is. ML also freely argued with him and gave him a talking to when he deserved it before they got married. As they have gotten closer, and ML is so supportive & sweet, I wonder whether part of him has been waiting for the shoe to drop. And what a relief when it does!
  2. It may be my soft heart, but when ML told her maids that she didn't want to rely too much on her husband, my mind filled in "because losing him would devastate me more than anyone else." I felt her first love was one she got talked into. Her second marriage prospect was one she was only luke-warm about. Her husband is someone who has handed her the world.