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  1. Am watching love to the end in ff mode. Storywise meh! But can't resist JH's brooding looks.
  2. Mrs Shin hates KS and she is too set in her ways to change anyway.
  3. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    @Lmangla EH did not hate the Moons. He just played his cards closed to his chest. He knew chaebols like the Moons used their wealth as power but I guess EH realised early on information is power too. There are information he shared with senior moon and there are those he kept to himself. Which came handy as the evidence on junior's slush fund was used as the bargaining chip for CR divorce and taking back ownership of makepacific. I pity SA becoz nothing justified kidnapping an innocent kid. SA ended up raised as an entitled snowflake by her fake mom who over compensated for her guilty feelings. SA was not raised to handle rejection or mistakes properly. In this drama, CR was like a beautiful flower that blooms in a pile of poop.
  4. I too am enjoying the post prison KS story. I think its the combination of beautiful soulful ost, good acting and writing. I watched all the KS 2.0 episodes dilligently. No ff at all. Fancy that.
  5. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    Senior Moon does not want CR to manage Makepacific. He wants CR becoz CR is his little moon current flavor, so lets get CR it is by hook or by crook. These chaebol people are arrogant sob. They dont care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. This is just my imagination running wild but what if Secretary K followed that rogue researcher. Seduced him and she got preggy. Left him to start the revenge.
  6. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    @maribella Little moon knew his dad thinks highly of EH and that he felt short compares to EH. He was always jealous becoz he knew his dad tolerates his mistakes and stupidity due to their blood relation. If dad could choose, he wants someone like EH as his son. He desperately wants dad to be proud of him. Senior moon even told EH he wished EH is his son. So he just cannot lose again to EH. He like a dog in the manger wants CR back just to spite EH. He admitted he could accept losing her to any man but not EH. While senior moon will humor his son as long as its benefits him.
  7. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    @grapefruit7 Maybe the evidence is stashed somewhere in the Moon's home. Well they say money talks so no surprise JS can get the info on secretary k pronto. Actually I am in 2 minds over CR becoming owner of makepacific. I know she is capable and she deserves it. But if she became the owner, that means secretary k will get what she wants. I hate that after all the bad things secretary k did to CR, EH, SA and SA's mom.
  8. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    I want to see CR (& EH) destroys the taeson father and son duo. CR should plot to wrest taeson group from them. I want to see their faces when they lose their company instead due to their greediness. Then EH can sent them to rot in prison for what they did to JS's 2 exes.
  9. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    If only the writer made CR smashed that chair on the gangster's head. That would be more fun & badazz Like dont you dare hurt my EH kinda thing. But alas the plot required them to getaway. Oh well.
  10. I think I will enjoy more watching story like ruyi backwards.
  11. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    Oh dear. I want to feel something for CR but I can't even sympathize with her predicaments. I found myself instead feeling sorry for the real heiress. She lost growing up with her real family due to that evil man.
  12. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    The secretary wanted ChaeRin to be adopted by her boss. She knew how to push ChaeRin's button. It was a skillful manipulation to make the confident young ChaeRin did her bidding. Wonder what is the secretary agenda?
  13. Maybe he went to that beach. There was a scene in ep1 Mr G on the beach.
  14. mizkorea

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    He is basically a good man but with a weak personality. Most prolly he ended up with his wife coz he thought he couldn't get HyeWon. After 5 years of marriage the wife obviously has lost all respect for him even tho she was the one who pursued him. I guess after he helped her with that pervert she saw him as a her knight. But now he is just a bumbling fool who kept messing up. I wonder if the writer is giving JH an opening to opt out from the second marriage without any guilt by her affair.
  15. I thought the hospital has no legal obligation to look for her. She was not there under a court order. Its a voluntary check in. As long as the bills are paid, the hospital will look after her. She is still looking for her family. But with her limited means there's only so much she can do at the moment. She cant even afford to put up the banner yet. It must be daunting to her since she has no clue whatsoever why she was abandoned, whether they are alive or not and where to begin her search except hoping they still live in the same area for the past 13 years. Her only ties with her past now are the house, deok gu and her mom's violin. If only deok gu could talk.