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  1. This episode is to show the different between HJ and JS. Both were tempted with more money but unlike JS HJ rejected it without hesitation. He remains faithful to his mermaid. I guess YE just wanna some peace time with her baby without having to look behind her shoulder all time for surprise attack by the lunatic. Even if she moves to HJ's house anything can trigger the lunatic to hurt those close to YE. If it is not HJ she might hurt SM or YE's mom. Anything is possible with the lunatic. Then there is JS and his 2 moms,these selfish people they will not stop from asking her to be with him. They never consider her feelings at all.
  2. I remember YE told JW where SE was when she went awol. I hope JW will return the favor and let HJ know.
  3. Thanx for the spoiler. Why do I feel like I owe YE an apology after reading your post @rolisrntex ??
  4. So chairwoman Na will meet the mysterious chairman wang then? I admit I am curious about this guy. YE caught the bouquet at the wedding. JW told YE she have to marry within 6 months. Is that a clue from the writer HJ gonna find YE?
  5. How could JS ask YE to stay with him? Why is everything about him? He should apologise instead for his mom and him giving her craps all those years when they thought she was the one who is infertile. I am pisssed off with this episode. I need to cool down. Hearing YuRa voice over in the preview does not help at all. I hope there will be no time skip. From the preview, she is taking a one year leave.
  6. Maybe she will go to that beach HJ took her before. Since they can read each other mind he will find her there. They can stay at his family summer house.
  7. Once YE tells HY about her pregnancy there is no more reason to withheld the info from HJ. HJ knew something is wrong but I'm glad he did not pester her for answers. They were back to be lovey dovey during the wedding ceremony and reception. Looking forward to how YE will tell him. @sava2sava I am thinking Chairman Wang is like the husband in the Scarlet Pimpernal story in which the wife does not know her husband other pesona. I know its far fetched. Lets see how it turns out
  8. Love DaHoong for being cool with SW and telling her she is responsibled for SR being a selfish and self entitled person. And he even can speak german. So who is Chairman Wang & what role he will play later?
  9. So he is dying. Interesting development then. Its gonna throws a curveball towards HY plan leaving korea. Il Sam and dr ma took pains in telling JS that HY really l.o.v.e.s him.
  10. Cant she just tell HJ & ask him to keep quiet until they catch HY?? She could have move to his house due to JS stalking and Man Bok marriage. Oh well the writer really knows how to burst my bubble..everything revolve around HY.
  11. Oh yeah ...Lets celeberate !! HJ didnt even think of any baby as long as he has his baby YE with him. But he knew from the start how much YE wants to be a mother ..this guy is so attuned to his lady.. he would be happy just becoz she is happy. Plus the poor guy has his own insecurities too with the pest JS and his bragging he shared marital bed with YE. The jerk!!!
  12. Our otp looks good wearing couple outfit. And the celebration dance by HJ..lol.