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  1. Oh really? O.O The MBC website still says that it’s airing ep 17/18 on the 21st though. I shall cross my finhers and hope it’ll air tomorrow!
  2. I’m not sure how the judicial system works in Korea, but this shouldn’t be a civil case. It’s not as though HM was slandering NM. Attempted murder is a very severe case. If NM desperately wants to prevent this going to court, he’ll have to lie about not knowing who stabbed him, which contradicts his job as police officer/detective. Moreover, refraining from telling the truth could land him in an undesireable situation. Regardless of whether or not he says anything, the police WILL try to find the culprit anyway. Depending on the circumstances if NM lies about not knowing the identity of his attacker he too can be deemed a criminal. So what it all boils down to is, where this case goes probably ISNT NM’s decision, and NM isn’t thoughtless enough to committ obstruction of justice.
  3. I don’t know what to think of ep 17 and 18’s titles... “Why won’t you believe me...!” and “Wanting to be happy again...” I feel the rollercoaster of emotions looming over my head already...
  4. We all know he won’t but it still hurts to watch him in constant pain These writers love torturing our leads.
  5. Official trailer is out on the MBC website!
  6. Although I do find @supergal99 explanations humorous, I have to disagree/add on to her explanation. Namoo/Dojin IS inexperienced, and that is something Sekyung points out. However, what she was conveying had very little to do with his inexperience in the romance department. What preceded this scene was Sekyung subtly pointing out how clear it is that Nakwon/Jaeyi’s feelings for Namoo/Dojin remain unchanged, and reassuringly tells Nakwon that she should continue to become even more happy (telling her it’s okay to like him and do something about it.) Fast foward a little bit and we have Sekyung pointing out how obvious it is that Namoo hasn’t been in any romantic relationship outside of whatever it was that Nakwon and he shared as adolescents. Sekyung then continues to tell him that relationships hurt for everyone. She IS saying this because Namoo is inexperienced. It’s not a slight towards his lack of experience, but a reminder that all relationships come with their own sets of trials and tribulations -and no one comes out unscathed. Namoo who is only familiar with one romantic relationship, needed a reminder/some reassurance that it’s okay for both of them to get hurt while having feelings for eachother. She’s not downplaying the severity of their situation, nor is she equating it to everyone else’s pain. She’s merely reminding both of them that all relationships are hard, but it’s okay to pursue something for the sake of their happiness.
  7. So...I’m going to touch on a topic that I’ve noticed no one has really decided to talk about. Yeonji, the police officer who appears to have more than just a mere interest in her sunbae. She’s been shown to worry about his physical condition, we’ve seen her offer him a health drink, we’ve seen her stare after him in what I believe is a longing gaze, and we’ve seen the camera pan to her when Namoo is uncomfortable, dealing with an undesirable situation. In episode 15 when Namoo carries Nakwon in his arms as he leaves the crime scene the camera pans over and zooms in on Yeonji’s facial expression. She doesn’t give off any negative vibes that are present in most love rivals. Yeonji had expressed concern for Nakwon’s wellbeing as she witnesses the Gil family’s portrait being moved from the scene, so I’m inclined to believe she is sympathetic and capable of viewing things outside of her own standpoint. However, there is always the possibility that she can and will play the “you’re hurting him,” or “you staying by his side is for selfish reasons,” card on Nakwon. It’s also likely that if she does draw that card, she’ll also genuinely believe it to be so. Afterall, Namoo does feel responsible for the crimes his father committed against Nakwon’s family. That guilt does hurt him. But we, the audience, also happen to know that Nakwon is practically equivalent to this perfect man’s salvation. I’m so curious to find out how her character was written and just what kind of role she’ll be playing.
  8. Let me just start this off by saying, this is such a good drama. Honestly it hurts to see Hyunmoo become what he is, because despite how as an adult he’s responsible for his actions, he is also still very much a child. I think sometimes we forget that Hyunmoo grew up under the same roof as Namoo, with an emotionally manipulative psychotic father. When I take a step back, especially after the most recent episode, Hyunmoo relied on the only person he could rely on growing up -his father, and unlike Namoo he didn’t get that safe distance from HJ. Moreover, unliked how Namoo appears to have recieved counciling Hyunmoo probably never had. In many ways Hyunmoo was always more immature than Namoo, more needy, more at a loss, and sometimes I believe a little more scared that Namoo was. Namoo who was soft sooken still stood up for what he believed in and didn’t participate in what he thought was wrong. Hyunmoo probably took the anger he had about his family problems out on others, something very common amongst bullied and troubled teens. I can’t help but look back at the time where Hyunmoo walked Sojin to her mother’s soup shop and somehow connect that to how Sojin’s “back hug” and pleas stopped him in today’s episode. If we were to be honest, had OH held him back the same way HM would’ve just roughly pushed her aside. Somewhere in that dark dark place that acts as his heart, Hyunmoo has a soft spot for Sojin. Maybe because he remembers her as a cute but snotty younger step sister, maybe because he felt some small semblence of hope to be loved and unconditionally accepted the same way Namoo has been. Does any of this make up for his crimes? Christ no. He’s going to have some sort of life or death sentence coming his way. But it does put things into perspective, it does reflect the lives of those who have been raised in abusive homes, and it presses the questions, “could they have been helped?” “Could all this have been prevented if someone rescued them earlier?”
  9. For all the episodes that will be delayed, they should make it up to us by making it a definite happy ending >>....
  10. I highly doubt it. DID usually shows drastic changes in personalities. Whereas Hyunmoo was already shown as irritable with a short fuse and a tendency to be violent. The only difference would be that he’s murderous, but time and things change people as they age. We all have to keep in mind that Hyunmoo, despite showing a few soft spots here and there, had already exhibited traits of a delinquent. He was sentenced to jail time during high school and the time he spent in prison surrounded by criminals, the resentment towards Moowon for reporting him, and just plain isolation from the outside world made him worse. He was young and lacked maturity to begin with. He probably just kept committing crime after crime. In Hyunmoo’s mind his life was destroyed the moment Nakwon’s family arrived. Nothing they did caused his family’s downfall, but they are entangled in the events. He fatally beat up a classmate and was reportef by Nakwon’s brother. But in his immature mind that thought it was okay to beat someone up, and the fact that he’d clearly done so before without getting caught, only fuels his hatred for Moowon, someone from Nakwon’s family. His father murdered their family and got caught, and though he’d taken lives before it was the only time he was caught. If they were never there Namoo would have never fallen for Nakwon and angered their dad. If Moowon wasn’t there he wouldn’t have gotten reported. That’s Hyunmoo’s mindset. Both honestly. I get “I miss you” vibes, but less dark despite the PTSD and murder. It more or less revolves around the aftermath and how somethings follow you whereas IMS tied certain strings towards the end. The relationship between the two leads is amazing, and the younger actors really set the bar high for their seniors.
  11. Imagine how I feel...I’m 152 with a boyfriend who is 183. I would gladly take some height from other people. ARENT WE ALL WISHING WE COULD TOUCH HIM?
  12. Oh! I am definitely looking forward to that then! Thanks so much for clearing that up for me! Definitely a scene worth looking forward to then!!! I wonder if this means that Dojin/Namoo will have to follow her around a lot from now on >>...I won’t complain....<< fufufu
  13. Looks like it’s her brother hugging her! Seems like he has bangs and Dojin going to her house and hugging seems a little too fast with how the drama is currently paced.
  14. Oh no she’s most definitely an antagonist, but a villian would typically be the main problem maker or intentionally making problems. It’d be odd for her to know something about the case that the people involved don’t already know. She more or less just appears to be a greedy reporter who is more interested in a sensational story than a real story. That in iteself makes her a “villian,” but I don’t think she’d go as far as to send a bloodied hammer. That’s a crime and once the truth surfaces she would loose her beloved job and reputation as a reporter. She looks too intelligent to make such a blunder. She is going to play a dislikable role, cause our couple lots of unnecessary pain, and throw them obstacle after obstacle at them, but I can’t see how she would end up being a criminal outside of her verbal harassment. Maybe we’ll get some more insight into her side? I do ‘t know about you all, but I really want some more flashbacks about that Christmas(?) day. Not the unpleasant heart wrenching content, but something positive. For instance in the scene where Dojin/Namoo’s father is looming over NW they show the items/letters in the room, one specifically shows a polaroid of Nakwon and Namoo and I would love to see a positive scene between them!
  15. I personally disagree with this. Because I think the drama is supposed to revolve around how quickly society judges others, and how one can so easily forget to act with compassion and empathy. Reporters following people they believe have a story that could be a scoop for them isn’t uncommon. They hound and chase these people for information under the guise of searching for the truth and justifying their actions with such reasoning, when in reality many of these kind of reporters do it in pursuit to advance in their career. They’ll stake outside private property, chase you right up to your door/gate/car/wherever, shove a recoder in your face, step on senstive topics, deliberately phrase questions in their favor, make assumptions but insist it’s the truth, and invade any type of privacy imaginable. There is an extensive history of such reporters being so ruthless that the people they hounded committed suicide or suffer from anxiety and other social traumas. I feel that if the producers take the route of making her some villian with a back story and some odd agenda, it takes away both the seriousness and the realistic aspects that this drama has delivered so well.