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  1. Saw clips of ep 15 and have been late in watching the drama until got caught up recently. @Belinda Kennedy Thanks for your thoughts about JA and JH. Though i have not seen the whole episode yet. I am glad you pointed out that all the venom seemed to be at JA. But you pointed out that JH also was not innocent and they BOTH were making issues that did not enable them to continue being together. I agreed that love is great and romance but true communication is important and talking out issues (not after you MADE BIG LIFE decisions) is not a prudent way of going. JA with her move and JH wanting to go to USA and expecting JA to drop everything to go with him. JA lost KS. JA --wasn't too fond of the Me Too ending of her case (but then again I saw the clips not the whole episode). The Time Jump was definitely expected. Not happy to see JA with the perfect guy her mom wants on paper but JA is miserable (why live your life unhappily again and waste that independence and HAPPINESS you had with JH?) Even if you don't go with JH to America (I could not blame her to go with JH. Though she loves him she would give up her hard earned career (what could she do in USA? No friends? Does she even speak English well? ) I had language partners for Korean who were house wives who found it difficult to adjust to live in USA as they were here for their spouses. Since they are not married, this is a big move for an UNMARRIED couple to do. JH love you and sad you had to break up it seems in this episode. I loved his gift to JA and simple drawing. I loved their hand holding in the elevator reminding us of their FIRST time holding hands she declared her liking him while being interrogated by his coworker. Those moments were so sweet. Plus the memory doing their picnic at the park and cherry blossoms. Gosh these two are so beautiful and loved the (Making videos) at the park and airport from the scene from the last episode. Not sure how I feel about everything overall other than those handful of sweet moments of the OTP. uGGGH dreading watching the whole episode in its entirety. Thanks for letting just spazz for a little everyone. Back to work and lunch.
  2. All, just wanted to drop by and say hello. I love this drama. I needed something lighthearted with good looking food. The test to become kitchen staff----cutting and talking about sizzling plates etc. I did that cutting food prep for my dad for his dishes. I can tell you it was alot of work. I did not put on plates as the drama and I cannot handle a cleaver like the characters. But I am not bad with one as I had to start to wield one at the age of 8. Seeing how Chinese food is cooked and with the high heat of the wok is ACCURATE. I am loving the comedy and antics of the gang members. The scene at the tattoo parlor was classic! I am sad that A Poem a Day and My Mister have ended. Plus Something in the Rain ends tomorrow, so I am glad I have this drama to look forward to next week. Thanks for letting me write a little here. Thanks for the BTS and seeing Jang Hyuk, Junho and gang.
  3. @bebebisous33 You know, it crossed my mind. Your theory has a strong credibility. The Chairman had to BEG JW to be on the show and he did but only for 3 months. When the show wanted to get another doctor JW wanted BY. Then the Chairman nixed BY via MC. Then MC scared of JW let's kind hearted BY (who offered to let him know the news but even lied about not wanting to do it) to JW. I was ticked as well as YJ (loyal unni and roomie) for his wussy move. Then when JW found out and the he chewed out the Chairman to NEVER pressure him again. Plus then he confirms to the Chairman he is in a serious relationship to stop trying to set him up. Yeah, JW is pretty straight arrow and doesn't hide too much if you are sharp. The Chairman is not dumb and figured it out. (I mean really who could JW meet outside of the hospital with his crazy work hours? Remember everyone kept saying he is capable but a work horse too. So only possibility is someone at work. When MC said there was NO hope for a FT position to open and conveniently a position opened up for BY, yes that wreaks of suspicion. So BY was right to think JW recommended her. Though he did not directly recommend her, the Chairman figured it out by deduction. I mean if he SAW them (or visited the treatment room or them) he would have TOTALLY caught on. So the fact he caught on without seeing it for himself, shows he is SHARP.) I mean I recall the Chairman noting how MC was bad mouthing JW not realizing that JW refused to take his job and have MC kicked out. So ironic the person trying to speak ill of the person who saved his job --does look ungrateful and horrible (as MC did to the Chairman---passive aggressive is NOT the way to go). So YESH I agree.
  4. @triplem Thanks for your awesome letter. I totally loved how you express how I like JW's character too. As I said before, I would totally want him as a LIFE PARTNER! Does this man even exist?! So adorkable when he was trying to get BY to be comfortable is right! I finally finished the drama. I liked that everyone's problems were not cleanly solved. Real life people still struggle and persevere. But I liked that JY appreciated DB (though I was ticked at him being mean to DB). DB bless his heart he is wishy washy but has a heart of gold. Glad he came clean to DB that he wanted to study more was due to him mom. How was DB supposed to know JY turned over a new leaf? Cute he did not want DB to be close to his next hoobae as JY is his baby. LOL. Initially he was cold and jerky and so self important. He fibbed about studying hard when he constantly wanted to go out, play games and read webtoons. But glad he saw that DB was a good person to that haroboji when they all went to volunteer trip. DB for his wishy washyness and screwing up his chances with YJ, he is a sweet guy. Like when he came to her rescue and told the patient's daughter that a therapist is NOT a masseuse. He looked so cool then! Or when he went over to HSJ's cameo and was there to get him off of her again YJ. If only he did not deluge here with 50+ food choices for their dinner, no wonder she cancelled on him. Even that gal he dated prior got driven batty along with every one of his hoobaes and colleagues. Despite that, he is a sweetie even taking the peach juice (he is allergic to) from the old man patient just to make him happy. YJ though she is still single, I am happy she is there for BY and a good unni as well. The pride she had saying my lil sis has a job. i want to pay tonight. (Loved it! ) Plus when she apologized for inadvertently being caught by JW about her failed job interview and the real reason she rejected the TV appearance chance with JW. Glad she TOLD BY and did not keep it a secret as JW requested. I wish her good luck in the future. i was surprised the usual sharp YJ noticing not seeing our OTP lovebirds. Her OVERBOARD makeup during the DEMO was scary. LOL what was up with her hair? She is much better and prettier with her normal look. LOL. SW I liked we saw his mom and how sad he saw her watching the twin's video recording. Her leaving the passport bank account of all the money he had given her back to him. Yes that is a mom's love and sacrifice. Same thing for JY mom, she rather look like an uncaring mom not willing to make side dishes to her son than burden him with her surgery/hospitalization. (At least he had the decency to get upset at himself for being selfish while not knowing his mom was going through this health situation). He did acknowledge that BY he was happy she got the job. Even MC poked you are happy the person who does all your work is still there at the hospital but he did not take offense as he REALLY did push off alot of his workload on her in the beginning of the drama. Glad that MC got to help him out and understand SW better. He is so sharp eyed about everything, he must have been so stressed about his finances and his wife losing his job he failed to NOTE the obvious puppy eyes of BY and JW. NW I liked he got the goal to be back at that hospital. He is a hard worker and had a tough life not able to date Mirae due to their financial circumstances. But he did stop talking about 10 yrs ago we were rich etc etc. He did it every sentence initially but toned it down as time went along. He did act as the voice of reality to MH. Told him that he should also be prepared if BY rejected him. He was bad to not tell BY immediately he let MH take the fall for his sharing her rejection by him to the others as well as spilling the beans about MH and BY to the staff at the hospital under pressure from YJ (This was not nice of her to be honest). MC was bumbling and not perfect. i was not happy with him when he took the cowardly route to avoid confrontation when he told BY to tell JW after refusing the tv appearance to make it sound she didn't want to do it. Thankfully YJ said it was MEAN and unfair of him to do that to BY. Go YJ and even to go as far to have SW instead of her if they needed a FT employee. MC did care for them when he thought he was leaving and said he would put a good word in for BY. (This also showed this timing not to count your eggs before they are hatched and that bit MC in the butt when he lost the job out to insider's relative). He did tell JW when he first came on board that BY was a good worker, diligent, kind and got accolades and the most appreciated worker. He saw that in BY just did not always do what was right. It was good he felt happy for her to get the job and same with everyone else. Interns---did not learn much. They did complain about bosses MC and SW. Even BY, but after being pressured by MC and SW to go out for company outing/dinner, they thought BY is not that bad. But they too at the end were happy for her as they thought that is their example mentor to get a FT job . But remember they ignored her and did not listen to her when told what to do even though she was their superior as a contract worker. She was not respected. One of them knew about JW's past and shared that this adultery and affair rumors were UNTRUE. Teasing MH thinking he and BY were an item seeing the Kakaotalk profile pic of him and BY at the beach and thinking they were an item. MH at that time used it to make it seems it was true in front of JW but immediately corrected the interns after he walked away. MH---I like the actor alot. He made an otherwise very annoying immature character likeable. He had his moments of being sweet and nice. But he is suffering from his lack of support and love from his family being topped by his brother. He lashes out being fancy free and clubbing and not studying hard being a son of a privileged background. He gets NW and friends to do what he wants -clubbing going out etc usually as he is treating. He was nice to BY initially and she started to like him due to his nice gestures. But his rejection was a bit harsh. She showed her love that was a bit overwhelming and could be construed as being a stalker with unwanted attention. He did not try to correct her assumption thinking he blabbed about rejecting her nor the same to the hospital staff. But to him he doesn't care about what she thinks of him in such a bad light. Only when he started to like her he cared. In this last episode when their teacher came to check in at the end of their training---I did not think it NOT right in front of BY to share his LOW GPA , horrible track record etc. I mean it is true he never acted false about wanting to study hard in undergrad. But he really did like BY if he was embarrassed and unhappy that it was revealed to BY. Glad that NW told him, you want to show your best side of yourself to your love/love interest. This was compounded by the patient did not want her hubby to empty her urine bag but asked BY to do it. But I am glad he was willing in the end to get over BY and want to have a nice memory with her. Also he was happy that BY said she was glad to see him again and make those nightmarish memories with him to nice memories of friendship with him during this training period. BY--gosh. I liked she was not an overly weak heroine in this drama. She was diligent, hard working and had her faults. She jumped to conclusions and listened to others not really getting all the facts straight. (Then again others did the same too JW with MC with the stuff his mom sent to the office). She did that with MH thinking he blabbed about their past and his rejection of her. Her thinking JW (doubting him) about treating the young athlete. She sincerely cared about her patients The interns said is she for real to care for ALL patients. They thought it a bit annoying and unrealistic. But I liked that about her. Though she was misguided about JW about the young athlete at LEAST she confronted him directly and not gossip about him or talk bad about him without talking to him first. Later she realized her errors and found out the truth, she went to JW and apologized. (This I liked as she and JW are quick to correct their errors/mistakes when they are made). When BY realized she got it wrong about MH when NW finally got the balls to tell the truth she did go and apologize to MH about misunderstanding him. Or helping the halmoni with her cart even after she got thrown under the bus by her. Or gathering the chickens to help the patient rest during their volunteer trip. When she got upset thinking her skills were looked down upon peeling the apple she gave it to the trainees to do. They all were upset. But later they got chastened to learn that he wanted this as a gift to his wife but he couldn't do it himself and then he passed away. She realized he wasn't doing that at all about her skills just he couldn't do it himself. So she learned from that experience as well. I liked BY grew and blossomed as a flower to see and find her worth under JW. She always was bright but he made her brighter. Oh JW, @triplem your letter is perfection about how AWESOME he is a character. DEF the TOP male character flaws and all. We did not know or see his home, home life, family other than the flashback to when he was a kid and that injury stopping him from playing baseball forever. I concur my fave line was -he was lucky to have her come into his life. BY is the sun. To see his shy and sweet happy expressions whenever he saw her. Now dating even more sweeter and so patient. Yes somebody mentioned before they dated he already showed some interest, reading her compliment card, pointedly saying let's work well together (to her specifically we heard it from JW---not even to SW, YJ, MC etc.), to getting disappointed she did not ask him to borrow money (when YJ asked him when she couldn't lend it to her) to taking her to the Poetry Museum to cheer her up, to wanting to return the USB directly to her at home and go for a walk (before that got derailed he had to attend a funeral of his father figure doctor we learned treated him when he was young). The ice around his heart was melting whenever he was around BY. Though he rejected her, he hurt and even drank with MC and SW breaking his not going out to drinks with colleagues. Also seeing her expression of love and happiness during the demo during his seminar, he even paused deep in thought losing his place as he was realizing his buried feelings to love again were being sprung anew thanks to BY. Because of wanting to see BY , he went to MTs and other after work activities. His awkward tambourine playing at noraebang, doing toasts---though it was towards BY for saving that woman outside the competition! (Those emergency contests really are good !) Who can forget the last episode where he tries to be close with others and lower his language but instead he FREAKS everyone out uncomfortably instead! LOL. I liked he mentioned it was not his story/place to tell her that MH liked her. His emphasis on what she wants and feels is TOPS for him. Even when he took back his rejection, he knew he hurt her deeply thinking she was possibly might date MH, he still said could I have a chance despite all the pain I put you through?! His tenderness to BY for their hugs and how he lovingly touches her face before kissing her ---SWOON. So thoughtful and mindful of her and making sure she was comfortable. Or the lovely card to her and gift even after he found out she did not share about her botched interview and bailing on the TV appearance, he did not share he knew or pressure or get upset at her. This drama's ending SO MUCH better than Drinking Solo. I will love the sweet moments of our OTP OMG LJW is amazingly talented artist. Thanks to all for sharing your comments, clips, ideas and see you around again @jellybing2009 , finds amazing goodies for us @triplem ,the rockstar translator @stroppyse plus your poems were on point (Thanks for your support and encouragement to me too!), @bella1025, the articulate& thoughtful @bebebisous33 (glad to see you here) and anyone else I forgot to mention. I wanted to show love for this drama as this started to be a slow forum. This DEFINITELY charmed me every week. Going through bad withdrawal now.
  5. JW-Why are you surprised? (in very formal language he always uses) Actually I have been thinking i want to be more comfortable and closer to everyone. It seems everyone is uncomfortable, so we can be like friends and more comfortable. Let's lower our language. (then says doesn't matter ?) SW-Aww yes. Is that right? (in a disbelieving tone) Are you able to do it (informal) then laughed adding the (Yo) at the end. JW-How cannot I not. SW ah. SW--immediately looked scared. JW-We are the both the same age. Reaches out to shake his hand. So in the future I will call you SW ah more comfortably. SW shocked hides behind MC. JW-puts down his hand. Looks at YJ. YJ ah. You say it to me. YJ shakes her head with a fierce expression on her face. MC-Why are you like this JW? This is awkward. JW-Let me give you some advice? Don't be awkward please be comfortable. Then looks cute and says MC hyung. MC looks scared. Why are you like this really?! BY-Looks down in thought. MC-All this talk being comfortable . It is uncomfortable, how about you guys? SW and YJ-Yes SW-Let's keep status quo (what we have been doing all along) It seems most comfortable JW. JW looks at them and then at BY who smiles sheepishly. JW-Ok it cannot be helped. Let's keep on doing it. YJ-What is up with him? MC-What is going on with JW? BY and NW and MH enter patient's room The jist of this scene she is there to treat and talk with her. She looks uncomfortable and cannot say anything. So she looks at BY and she gets her silent request. She asks MH and NW to leave the patient's room. I don't understand what is going on entirely. Later she leaves and the husband (I believe goes in) and NW and MH overhear what they say. *not sure to be honest (seems I am not abiding the no consecutive posts rule so I am going to stop translating. ). Sorry about it!
  6. JW -thinks to himself---what can I do to make BY feel more comfortable with me? NW knocks on the door and enters JW's office. NW-JW your 3pm patient has (another appt?) will be late by 10 minutes. JW-I got it. JW-NW could you give this to ? please. NW-yes. JW, when you talk to me could you be more comfortable with me? JW-Oh? NW-Just lower your speech please. JW--At the work setting it is a bit NW-Other people (therapists) also lower their speech plus I really respect you. I want to be closer to you. (not as distant) I feel uncomfortable . Please lower your speech and talk to me comfortably. Bows and leaves the office closing the door behind him. JW looks at BY and thinks it over what NW just said. He smiles and walks out of his office closing the door looking at BY seated at her cubicle. JW -Bo Young ah. BY-Head looks up shocked/surprised. JW walks closer to her. BY-JW what did you just say? JW-I just said Bo Young ah. When I think about it we are in a dating relationship.It will be more comfortable if we have nick names for each other. How it would it be to lower our language to each other. BY-Yes ok but how about other people overhearing us? JW-Of course when others are around keep the same way of calling each other but when it is only the two of us , I want us to be friends. What do you think? YJ---Bo young ah?! What is going on here? JW did you just use banmal with BY?
  7. BY and NW and MH enter the therapy treatment room with a woman in a trenchcoat. JW walks past them. Now seated outside. Trench coat lady: Just now that was JW right? BY-Yes you are right. You know of him? Lady-Of course, how could I not know him. In our country he is the TOP (? ) in his field/skills not sure. In our school for sports medicine he has dealt with many of the patients (?) BY-Awww yes. **I guess she is also in their field? Lady-says something then about being colleagues. (BY looks at MH who is looking out somewhere) BY-Says something to the line of yes I am studying/learning alot from him. (MH then looks over at BY when she made that comment) Lady-Says someone (high level?) also had said /made some compliments . BY smiles in response. Lady-then leans over and looks over at NW and MH---things/training are going well for you? MH-Yes of course NW-Yes I am working hard/diligently. Lady-NW awww you got some ambition /greed (in a good way) and NW smiles. she adds she is worried about MH. MH-Oh that is not that, of course I am working hard too. (NW puts his hand on MH lap ) Lady-goes on about school /things (not sure) about not making mistakes. Not fully sure. But she says some stuff about MH past studies and he looks at BY (so not sure but not GLOWING at all--then again we knew he admitted being forced to study this field not by choice) ***sorry I did not understand this part. NW and MH walking behind of BY who is on the phone with someone (not sure by the title but someone higher level) we are going on our way to the teacher. (Awww she was a teacher? No wonder she knew of their pasts well in terms of studies etc) BY -Eh yes. She starts jogging ok I am coming now quickly. NM-The end of their time (training) . Our teacher was praising JW, seems like they might be close? Aww what is up with you? He asks a question. MH- Because of our teacher. Why she have to talk about (not good past on studies possibly?) it was embarrassing to have it brought up NW-Embarrassing? Awww in front of BY... Ahh it was weird you said in front of BY that you studied then? MH-Well NW-well that time was different due to your love for BY. Now it is a relief. MH-What do you mean? NW-Usually in front of the person you like/love you don't want to show anything embarrassing to them. Not that long ago when I saw Mirae that time (said something not sure) The sincere road to love MH-What are you saying/mean? I am comfortable not hiding (?) as I am thinking about love. NW-why all of a sudden he is like that? ***This was not easy for me some parts not sure sorry. =================== Sorry about the consecutive posts. I had posted in response to the comment in separate post due to content being different (not thinking of it timing it as consecutive or not) Plus being in USA less activity after a certain time too. I guess I am going to stop translating as I am sorry for the consecutive posts not deliberate on my part just timing when posting. @enigmatic_zephy Oh ok. I was just going on the point you were saying that BY was not acting right by taking JW's offer to help her. So that is where I understood your point. I was just pointing out that you were blaming (it seemed to me) that BY was happily accepting JW's help when I was not agreeing with it. ------------------------------------------------------------ (EDIT) @enigmatic_zephy Ok I did not see the clip where YJ asked BY to ak JW to ask the chairman on her behalf for help. But BY was adamant to NOT ask JW. But at the end of the clip YJ was like---it is wise to use connections if you have them. So I did not understand where you were commenting from as I had not seen all the clips from the episode yet but only the clip of them in the car driving JW and BY. This was where my confusion stemmed from not watching all the clips yet but also I took you literally on that point of BY happily accepting JW's help when she DID not. ========================================== I am not saying JW was right to offer. As someone who relies on himself, yes his principled self usually would give advice and NOT offer to help. But even principled people can change not always for the better. In his case he is trying to change to be more helpful and less remote. Is it right of him to offer his connections to BY, not always. But people naturally do offer to those they are close to and love overall. He is a human being and love and liking someone can change people to do things they would not NORMALLY do. So you are right to say he would not normally do that. But that is not to say he won't change to NOT do that ever. From the clips he trying to talk more comfortably and lower his speech to banmal to others after NW told him please stop the formal language with me. I want to be closer to you but you keep like a wall so please lower your language. He took that to heart and immediately went to BY and called her BY ah instead of call her the respectable title. That is totally out of character to his attempts fumbling at lunch to be closer. He even went against his no introducing people for sogeting and offered to YJ (she had asked for that initially he said no and shut it down for any introductions.) Then to SW he was like how come you did not ask me to get a credit card but everyone else---SW was like my wife lost her job. Then out of character said , raising girl twins must be hard. SW was like they are boys. etc etc. MC had to say, let me give you advice get your facts straight if you want to show concern and be closer. So here in this episode earlier he even admitted to being taken aback when MH admitted he liked BY. IT was a feeling he never felt before about someone he liked knowing another liked the same person. So his changing is loosening up on his beliefs and trying to be less stiff but only makes others feel more uncomfortable as he was robotic and very remote and adamant about keeping his personal and work separate. so his attempts to be warmer and closer seems weird and I cannot blame everyone. He is working hard to be that person he wants to be warmer and able to have BY want to come to him. He realizes he is hard to express his emotions episodes back so that is why he praised BY on her being in close touch with her emotions. I for one like these changes for him to be warmer outwardly to others not the one he loves. He went through hell in the last hospital. He is thawing and I am loving it.
  8. MH is sitting forlornly at a bench. A text comes in. BY-VO I am sorry MH. The person I like is JW. (I think she says something about you not being able to understand it?) MH-texts back. BY-looks at his text response. Why are you not able to understand accept (?) Like what was said earlier, said something everything (happening?) unable to share to JW as he was an uncomfortable person to you. I am NOT able to see you with him. (Here literally send you off to him) then he says don't do (?) BY looks at the card and sighs in frustration and backs to her books and hurts herself. BY says ---it hurts . What I said two guys are ? OW. Next day BY leaves her place and looks at her watch. NW comes out and says Good Morning. BY says NW. Then she sees MH coming behind NW. She nervously says something YJ taking the car so I am going to go first. BY rushes off. NW--What is this ? Why is she explaining to us. Didn't you apologize to her last night? Hul So you are not friends (he says something not sure about being trash) MH-Stop the talk about trash. Before I throw it away. NW-why is he like this ? with me. Trash, is he really trash? Hey Trash...
  9. YJ-Apologizing to BY in her room. (feel like missing stuff her sorry) BY-It is fine no prob. It was not deliberate on your part. YJ-I appreciate your understanding. Thanks! But there is one more thing I am sorry for to you as well. When I was talking to a friend on the phone, JW overheard it. (Jist is about the reason why BY was not on the show not being a full time worker and JW knew about her failed job interview due to the prior conversation) BY-Looks horrified What? YJ- So I thought it best I let you know. I am so sorry. Even JW told me to promise to keep it a secret from you that he knows about this. Isn't this all for you right? (She says something here not sure) BY looks worried. YJ says something. Hey let's have a drink. Unni 's treat. I will buy it. She leaves BY-opens the bag and then takes out the card. She opens it. JW jist says it might seem burdensome, but I want to and hope to be the person you can come to and be comfortable to talk with me. She closes the card and looks a bit concerned. Text arrives from MH. MH-VO I know it is sudden (his confession) but it was sincere and I meant it. Montage of all the times MH was nice to her He dumps food and drink on her desk saying you did not eat breakfast On the Beach sitting there ---MH admitted he came to the beach for her so he could cheer her up. Later when he caught JW and BY and she asked him to not share . He was upset and said you should not have been caught by me then! BY then talks to herself, oh it was that all along (realizing the true reason he was better to her from before was due to liking her and then his being upset with her due to her dating JW). **(Note out of curiosity) BTW does he even give the book of poetry at all to BY?
  10. Ok all. I cannot believe this is the last episode. I am at work per usual. But not busy so i can try to translate the jist. As you all might know already, I am not the level of legendary rockstar translator @stroppyse but I will fumble my way along trying to translate these last episode clips. So sad. BTW, I love JW's character and I agree if he was in real life I am all for him. Gosh I am his NUNA but I would love to have him as a partner! I am single but seeing him in this drama makes me want to date! Also thankful to all for your comments, bts, clips, art, photos goodies to everyone. I am glad we were able to talk out our points maturely and not in a destructive manner @enigmatic_zephy @RPM . Thanks also to @triplem @stroppyse @bebebisous33 @jellybing2009 @bella1025 @yusefull @sophielleann and others I forgot to mention here. MH- BY I sincerely like you. I really like you alot. JW smiles at BY BY: Turns to MH and says, sorry lets talk later. JW and BY walk away. JW- You must have been shocked/very surprised right? BY-Yes, I did not know about MH's feelings (for me). But JW you already knew about it? JW- During the MT, I heard it from MH.He says something, so MH could not tell BY. BY-Ah, you must have been concerned. JW- Yes. Then he nods his head gives a bright smile at BY. It was the first time. But when I think about it the most important thing is how BY (your feel) who is in your heart is most important. ***(Can I SWOON here! I have been saying this and others no matter what JW or MH think say in the end it is how BY feels and wants. She is the person to allow herself to like WHO she wants. He is SOOOOO GOALS.) BY-Takes a step closer to JW. You know already. JW looks down and smiles and looks back at BY smiling brightly at him. BY-Why are you by my place? JW-Aw. I missed you /wanted to see you. I wasn't able to reach you (as he is walking ahead of BY) but now that I am able to see you like this is good. (He turns to look at BY). BY-smiling back at JW -yes. You must be tired, go back and get some rest. JW-Oh wait a minute. Goes to his car trunk grabs a back and hands it to her. Here. BY makes to open it. But JW stops her. JW-Look at it when you are at home.
  11. @msbubbly Thanks for the clip, omg so cute at the restaurant. BY realizes that all day he is trying to be the person she can be "comfortable" to go to based on his card to her. He tried so hard at lunch. He even apologized looking not so great. But BY just appreciates his efforts to be a person she can go to. Even if he is making mistakes left and right. Plus BY teased him saying he was a bit overboard and awkward trying to call MC hyung. LOL. Confusing the interns names and got one wrong. Got the gender of the twins wrong and did not realize SW's wife was no longer working at the credit card company. Also with YJ she is YOUNGER than him not his age and he was trying to offer sogeting to her. LOL. Bumbling to try to be more comfortable for BY but so awkward. Love his warm heart.
  12. @enigmatic_zephy I saw the clip you are referring to. So BY got a text while in JW's car. When he looked over and asked what was wrong. She said nothing. Then she looked at him again and said. Wait I should stop having secrets from you. Actually that was a text reminding me about moving out of the dorms. JW mentioned that he knows people in other places/hospitals he can put in a good word for her. BY said, thanks for the offer but I have to decline. I prefer to find my job based on my own strengths and merits. So @enigmatic_zephy you got BY wrong here in this case. She DID not accept JW offer to help her.
  13. @ck1Oz I have yet to see the episode yet. But thanks for your thoughts. Yeah MC what he did was so "lacking of guts" and being a true leader/boss. UGGGGH. Why BY, you are too nice?! Yeah BY is slowing getting to share eventually but she will after this incident. Like you, I would not share everything initially and you are RIGHT trust takes time. I know I am slow to trust others when I need help. Funny, I am quick to help others . But I am slow to ask for help for myself. Not too excited to watch this episode either but I will later on today. The clip about SW seeing his mom sad looking over the TWINS and JY with visiting his mom and asking her why she didn't tell him. Awww. I really liked the poem about Moms. Very in time for Mother's Day (well in USA). Grateful for my mom. Though they are humans and not perfect like us, grateful to have mine. Wondering if I should marathon both episodes tomorrow after work. I am not in a rush.
  14. @stroppyse Thanks for the clarification about MC. I knew it was something that MC was worried about backlash dealing with JW but rightfully so. BY was too kind and wanted to ease his burden. But I do concur that was not fair of him. MC also gave JW pressure saying you are Man of the HOUR you CANNOT not go to this company dinner. You are forbidden and have to show up per MC. This saved BY getting a ride from JW (who would have happily driven her "home" but not realizing she was bailing due to a job interview). Oh that is cool YJ helped her get the interview. I like their relationship. (Other than that episode she was upset with BY --but to YJ defense she did not know that BY was touchy around JW then misconstruing seeing her and MH outside thinking now they were an item. So her being upset at BY and petty. But later BY DID apologize and saw YJ with her ex hubby). No roomie is perfect, but they do care for each other. AWWW. MC as a boss is not perfect. He tries to see others sides but he doesn't take care of everyone. The interns know he dotes on BY supposedly. But HE NEVER Tried to balance her workload to be more fair until JW had the balls to do it. He even said to JW ---BY (behind closed doors) she is a hard worker, patients like her etc. But despite that, he hasn't done much to help her. I mean when he thought he was leaving, he did say in bravado thinking the new position was a done deal---oh I will put in a good word for you BY to be a FT. (He shouldn't have done it. As that position was not set in stone. To have egg thrown in your face to find out it was a relative/connection get it over you. Yeah that is bad). I mean he tries , when he thought he was leaving he told JW to keep the staff and not change the personnel. He did ask for JW to be more understanding about SW and his load as a dad with twins. MC to me not the worst not the best boss. He tries but he is bumbling too. We don't know much about his life other than his son had early English lessons and he spoke good English. But embarrassingly later gets into almost brawl with foreigner at the Pojangmacha that SW, YJ and MC are at ---oops. Plus he avoids going home on time and always is staying out late. Guess his relationship with his wife is not the best?!
  15. @jellybing2009 Aww thanks! @stroppyse My fave rockster translator! Thanks! Yes @jellybing2009 you are right in the clip that JW was talking to the Chairman, he did show he was not happy about his decision to change BY out. He didn't say in many words but he mentioned not being happy with his meddling with CHANGING decisions that were made with his intervention. Plus when he overheard from YJ talking on the phone, he learned that BY's contract is ending. She is not a permanent worker. Then she by accident shared to him with a slip of the tongue that was why she was not chosen not being a permanent worker. It is like in the beginning of the drama she had to give up getting the most compliments employee prize due to her contract worker status. So I am NOT surprised this happened. Bless YJ unni's heart feeling bad to BY about taking her place. It was not her wanting BY's spot but the chairman meddling. Even MC felt bad and not happy about having to break the news to JW. BY was too kind and said she would break the news to JW. But true to form, BY did not give the real reason but just said she didn't want to do it. JW was like but this is a great memory for us together. Aww puppy. So sweet. Later in the episode as JW is going to find BY, he recounts in his minds BY's responses and words, he realizes he did not see that was something was amiss. He took everything at face value. He must have been not happy with himself not recognizing it earlier. But he has an uncanny habit of finding out what is going on with BY through others or happenstance to overhear stuff/know what BY hid from him.