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  1. is this k self produce and composed song for sorim
  2. MBC '도둑놈 도둑님', 1st broadcast 5.13 10PM
  3. well that wrap up party .. they are in relationship? soo the cast knows this
  4. Lee Sung Kyung at Laneige Beauty Camp in Seoul she's blooming <3
  5. beauty camp cr. Instagram 170426 【laneige_kr IG story 】
  6. I'm sure Papa YG isn't shookt anymore They have his blessings long time ago
  7. 5 Reasons Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are made for each other
  8. 28 proofs that Skawngur is fanboying Heybiblee ever since the world begun Pay attention on the last photo #SwagCoupleIsReal
  9. this is my opinion ... i dont understand why people hating pairing joy to lee hyun woo? their chemistry in bts are sweet some immature joy stans bashing lee hyun woo remember he's a senior actor -.- im rv stan an lee hyun woo fan ever since and still they shipping on chanyoung -.- and i dont see any chemistry on them sheesh -.- sorry about what i say