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  1. Ahhhh it's not "Zhang Market" They're filming at the Jangheung Correctional Institution in Jeollanam-do (Jeolla South Province). This correctional institute, or prison, was a functioning prison until 2015, and since then it has become a filming site for a lot of dramas and movies, like Prison Playbook (very good drama by the way), The Prison (movie with Kim Rae Won) etc. Judging from the pics and shooting location, also his wardrobe and hair - this is gangster YSY aka Han Kang-ho here with their mother... being released from prison. Not sure if it's related to the drama... the lady who posted the initial pic runs a hair salon near the prison.
  2. Hehehe it's not an event... they're shooting Dear Judge now Credit: Instagram Account Holders
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH @chunkyung_8690 and @justanotherfan !!! *muah muah MUAH*
  4. I just want to say - I'm loving all these spoilers because I'm one of those who'd read the ending of the book first before continuing... so THANK YOU! But I also love that fact that everyone is so considerate to put it under spoiler tags as someone voiced that they absolutely hate spoilers, which I completely understand! We have such a respectful and considerate crowd here... we're all LYJ! Hahahahahaha Having said that... please keep the spoilers coming hehehe
  5. You do have a point - though initially I thought it was purely because CS saw her dad's name on the wedding invite... but as the story goes, your point is quite valid! Then maybe the person who was bringing her dad down was SR as we still have that storyline to unfold (relationship between SR and the other gangster) - if that's the case then it gives all three of them reasons for revenge!
  6. You know what... I just thought of something. Here's my wild guess. Maybe old LMS is an afterthought. The writer worked with LMS and Park Ji Young (the lady who played SJ) in Jealousy Incarnate - and they had superb chemistry as the two ex wives of the same man. Anyhow, I'm thinking so these two have always been in the picture (pun intended! Ha!) when the writer was thinking up the story. And logically they would be in the same family. With JH on board for this drama, maybe the writer was impressed by the sparks between JH and LMS in Money Flower - and decided it'd be a waste not to have a storyline between JH and LMS as well? Not wanting to give up on either side... she decided to let LMS play dual roles, though unrelated...? Hahahaha just my wild guess... I don't know why I'm trying to make sense of the senselessness the writer has brought upon us hahahaha
  7. Actually CS wondered to his minions how much it would take to buy the Grand Hotel. I think it was after they were beaten up by the other gangsters and CS asked them to investigate the possible dirty transactions SR has with the gangsters. At this point, SW's father needs to come back out of the prison, and I'm judging as the story goes, he'll be proven innocent and was set up... possibly by the ex husband's parents? Anyways, that's besides the point. What I wanted to say was - if his father was proven guilty, he should get his riches back... so by then SW can help CS to buy the hotel and SP will become the head chef of the hotel restaurant?!
  8. Exactly what I said last week! I totally don't understand the logic behind it. I too love LMS to death and I think she's such a great actress... but if that's the case, then give her a bigger role if she deserves the screen time. Why make her into two unrelated characters?! I don't find the scenes with two LMS funny at all, unfortunately... I often have the what-the look when I watch those scenes
  9. Hi @jaefan - I do read Chinese... can you please be so kind to pm me? Thank you so much!!
  10. Not sure if someone has mentioned this already... But I'm quite sure that whatever trauma LYJ went through with the woman in red heels... was the same trauma that KMS also went through. She kept asking her sisters if she was once lost when she was 4, 5 years old, which I'm assuming is what caused her phobia of spiders. In LYJ's creepy dream/memory, there were a lot of cobwebs... I'm also intrigued about his older bro - why does he seem to hold such a grudge against LYJ... I wonder if it has anything to do with that horrifying incident also.
  11. joyue_1

    [Drama 2018] Life 라이프

    OMG!! Can someone be so super nice to translate this 2nd teaser, pretty please? Maybe our trusted @stroppyse can help out? THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
  12. Yah... premiere date is scheduled for July 18 - so really just a bit over 5 weeks away... yikes! They might insert a mini 4-episode drama special in between The Undateables and Dear Judge? Since Sung Dong-il is also filming Ms Hammurabi until July
  13. Thank you @icemaid - the cast is shaping up so very nicely!