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  1. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    You maybe right , the article is a bit confusing.
  2. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    Another drama offert for YEH ? Yoon Eun-hye, who is not looking at the movie theater after the drama 'Choice of the Future' which was broadcasted in 2013, is reviewing her comeback. Yoon Eun-hye's agency, J. Ami Entertainment, said on the 17th, "I received the script of MBC drama ' The 'Romance of the Decision Making' is a medical romance performed by a surgeon and a hormone endocrinologist. Ji Hyun-woo has come up with a male protagonist, and is discussing the making of the MBC drama 'Great Tempter', which is currently on air. The last time Yoon Eun-hye appeared on the CRT is the KBS2 drama 'Choice of the Future,' which was broadcast in 2013. Since then, Yoon Eun - hye has been devoted to Chinese activities and has been criticizing Korean dramas for about five years. Yoon Eun Hye, who was greatly loved by drama 'Palace', 'Vineyard Man' and 'Coffee Prince', is attracting many viewers' attention. On the other hand, Yoon Eun Hye is ahead of the opening of the movie 'Love After Love', which starred Park Sihoo and starring. The film 'Love After Love' is discussing the release date with the aim of opening the Korea-China simultaneous release with the emotional melody of the fateful meeting and love of two men and women who can not forget the first love and the man who has lost their feelings. sorry I used Google translate cr:http://www.stardailynews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=192789&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    I've been waiting for the Fan cafe to open since then
  4. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    Waiting for the day !! Hope this time is true
  5. W24 > Boyband >(Official Thread)<

    new music video for the song Everything is Fine . 뮤직뱅크 Music Bank - 무수히 - W24 (EVERYTHING IS FINE - W24).20180330.............> link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuJsjwt-fG0
  6. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    Kan Mi Yeon says fellow member Yoon Eun Hye almost lost her eyesight because of an anti-fan By yckim124 4 hours ago 8,315 307 51 0 321 SHARES Facebook Twitter Google+ First generation idol star Kan Mi Yeon shared the frightening experiences she had with anti-fans. On the March 22 airing of KBS2 'Happy Together 3', Kan Mi Yeon talked about the anti-fans during her Baby V.O.X days. She revealed that anti-fans sent her knives and letters written in blood. Kan Mi Yeon said, "At the time, I was scared. I felt like they will come after me one day. It wasn't just me but my members were harmed too so I felt so sorry. Yoon Eun Hye almost lost her eyesight (because anti-fan shot a water gun at her eyes)." SEE ALSO: The visual power of NCT's Music Videos (Part 2) She continued, "Since then, I started avoiding people and became intimidated." Hearing this, Yoo Jae Suk commented, "I felt bad while seeing Kan Mi Yeon at the time. She couldn't even answer the MC's question." https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/03/kan-mi-yeon-says-fellow-member-yoon-eun-hye-almost-lost-her-eyesight-because-of-an-anti-fan
  7. W24 > Boyband >(Official Thread)<

    google trans: Hello. WTV.Ch24 Thursday News Channel This week's W24 Good News. . First news. In the documentary channel, W24hours 'Aaron's Day' was released. SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' Broadcast Site After the work, I added a cleansing cleansing letter and a heart-filled hand letter Aaron's day has received a lot of fans' love. . The second news. The W24 members went on a second live event yesterday. Members also greet fans who have access to live broadcasts I had a great time chatting. In addition, we celebrated the breakthrough of 10,000 Instagram followers and arranged 'Acquiring You' as an acoustic version. Korean, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Japanese, English, etc. Thank you for your kind words. . W24 Good News will continue to share the news I'll give you a quick overview of the hidden world. thank you.
  8. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    I think she wants to be focused in her agency ,more now with the group . I see good responce for the Korean netizens( they where at the Show (SBS),and there's a post , I think is in Naver , and has a lot of comments ) , hope it becomes success and YEH name will be in a Good way in netizens minds again.
  9. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    if I'm not wrong I hear rumors that the female lead is going to be Park Shin Hye
  10. W24 > Boyband >(Official Thread)<

    the group will post this type of video every Monday.
  11. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    I didn't know that the vocalist is from Chile , I was reading so many comments from Chile's Fans , and I was like , Why ? and then , I read that someone said that the vocalist is from Chile . I'm from Latin America and I feel happy to know this . by the way I made this for the band W24
  12. W24 > Boyband >(Official Thread)<

    Who is W24? [interview] Enter Article 2018.03.08 15:55Last Modified 2018.03.08 15:55 [World News 24 hours.] The band, which hopes that their music will be heard all over the world 24 hours a day, will release their first mini-album 'SINGING DANCING' on August 8. W24 is composed of 5 members, including Kim Jong Gil (leader, drums), Chung Ho Won (vocals), Park Aaron (keyboard), Kim Yoon Soo (guitar) and Park Ji Won (bass). All four of them except Chung Ho-won are from the University of Seoul. Park Aaron helped Kim Jong-gil finish the final test and started recruiting a team. Chung Ho-won, who had a unique tone, was selected last in the audition. Although they were less than a year old, they were proud of their exceptional teamwork. Despite the 'first' interview, Mike was able to complement each other's answers and empathize without a moment of hesitation. "We are together in a camp," they said. "We seem to be closer together because we live together." "We of mine to really talk much. Minor starting with guess eased because out of all the things in the family think this is what I want. Not it not going to process their jobs and now're going to throw all along been in the past. Relations also been deepened, I think we love each other a lot. "(Aaron Park) ◆ I looked into the warrior of W24 to become W24. Kim Jong-gil, who started to learn drums at church in junior high school, majored in music at university after high school, and became a leader by forming W24 with long-standing relationship with his current agency, Jarmy Entertainment. In particular, he showed a special attachment to the drums. He put the drums together and said, "The heart of music." He said, "Drums are the aid of all instruments." "The indigenous people of Africa have a lot of percussive instruments, so it's a very important instrument - it's like a real heartbeat," he says, "people are feeling a lot of primitive feelings on the drum. The drums have bass drums and cymbals, so they have all the bands. " Chung, who liked to sing since he was a child, joined W24 because he wanted to impress people. He said, "I do not have a voice in the lyrics, I think it is the charm that is responsible for it, and the sound of the instrument is of course important, but I do not think it will play a role in ringing people's minds." Kim Jong-gil also said, "I also think that the vocals are chan," and the drums are the heart, but we do not actually have lyrics, but we can not convey the message correctly, but vocals can only communicate what we want to say. "He added. Park Aaron, who had played the piano since he was a junior high school student, called the piano "a material that was so important". He said, "Even if it is the same bread, it does not change depending on what kind of genius it is." When you play a piano, you can see it in various ways, because it has to understand the melody, melody and rhythm. "If you go to Synthesizer, you can see not only the piano but also the sound of other instruments, even if you have the same song, it will come out differently depending on what direction you are in and what direction you have. I have increased the merits of. Kim Yoon - soo has been unexpectedly exercising all the time. He was playing soccer in elementary school. He was in middle school when he was thinking "I have lots of kids flying." "I did not want anyone to be in front of me since I was a kid, so I met a guitarist, and the guitar instrument was a performance instrument, so how burdened I was to be in charge of it. I did not feel intense, I felt awakened to my potential, I started with after-school activities and decided to major in entrance examination. " However, he was able to concentrate more on music because he was "lacking in the level of studying". Kim Yoon - su also said, "The guitar itself is a melody instrument and a chord instrument. Park jiwon lined up at the cathedral to recruit a person who wanted to hit the crowd, but there were a lot of people and he was pushed to the base. He went from school to the band, but he did not like the bass so much that he was 'bass' properly to get out. He said, "My mother still does not know my voice, but I liked it, and if there is no bass, it makes a sound, it does not look any better, but at first I tried to make the bass gorgeous at first. I need a base to support it, "he said. ◆ From 'housewife' Park Ji-won to 'atmosphere maker' Park Aaron asked W24 about role of 'private' (not?) Role in the team as an official band. Members of the youngest Park Ji Won 'housewife' has gathered his mouth. Cooks, as well as laundry, and cooks well. Park Ji-won said, "I get happiness while cooking, and the process itself is fun." Kim Jong-gil said Kim Yoon-su 'is an icon of sincerity like an alarm clock. The hourly promise keeps like a knife unconditionally and says, "What can not you do?" As a philosopher Kant reminds me of the tightness, Park Aaron praised, "I think so, but also humorous in nature. He was the most confident vocalist, and he praised the comedian "Jade" in the comedy. The order of Aaron followed. The answer of Kim Yoon-soo followed. To Park Aaron, he said, "It is so delicate that I hit the piano, I buy it even if I am sick. The members said, "Chung gives a lot of laughter to the team." Born in Chile and lived in South America for 19 years, he recalled his episodes of misunderstanding and misunderstanding the reins as bold words. Kim Jong - gil said, "Ho - won is really cute. Finally, the role of the leader was played by Park Aaron. "If you are a team leader, you do not have much authority or a strong charisma," he said, "but I think that many people are not good with teammates," he said. I feel very strongly that I am a coercive leader because I have been playing music for a long time and I have freed myself and I am really grateful that Jonggil is doing well as a leader who is carrying my brother. " Indeed, 'virtue' was exhausted. The members continued to say, "My brother comes to me first, he is open, he receives a lot of people, and he takes care of him." Kim Jong-gil could not hide his happiness after complimenting him endlessly. ◆ W24's Dream Finally, W24 reported their favorite singer and dreamer. Kim Jong-gil, who named Michael Jackson, said, "There are a lot of favorite artists. Michael Jackson is the peak of popular music. It is like a music artist, a performance, and a music artist. He also expressed his desire to stand on several stages as a W24. "I would like to be able to meet with the public steadily and live in various stages with big stage and small stage." "I would like to tour the world as our name is. The big goal is Rolla Falluza (Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal , Punk rock, hip-hop, dance music festival), and to listen to our music in the big music festivals abroad. " "As a vocalist, I like Byeong Yorin," said Chung Ho-won. "I felt that the vocals that came to my ears with an unusual voice were attractive, and I want to become a singer who will be able to communicate well to people someday." Park Aaron mentioned the jazz pianist Keith Jarrett. He said, "I heard it a lot when I went to the entrance, it was an artist who told me to re-express some music as 'My Music.' The message is straightforward and simple. did. "It's not one of them but five of us, not one of them, I hope it's not broken, I'll keep the idol team, the band, the family, the one group, and that stuff on our album. If time goes by and it grows older, does not it be a good artist? "(Aaron Park) Kim likes coldplay. "There is a love story, but there are many elements that remind us of many meanings, like nature, the universe, and some of the lyrics that blindly express these days, and some bad words. I want to sing songs. I want to do music that comes to mind. " Park Ji-Won said, "The band that is listening to and watching a lot of fortresses is a new boy." "I felt that it was fun to watch the team." Three of them are wonderful when they play music. I want to be seen as an idol artist, and I want to be recognized as an artist. " Yoon Hye-young reporter ent@stoo.com http://mstoo.asiae.co.kr/view.htm?no=2018030815550524297#imadnews translate: lonetwilight