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  1. do you know the name of the mini drama ? So i can add the info , thanks .
  2. YEH's body in bathing suit is praised by many K netz Here some articles about it Using Google translate The performer, Yun Grace, revealed the Neulssinhan body. " I took a picture of myself "taken by the beach on Instagram in 3 days. She wore a full-length swimsuit. Even in a very tight fit, the body is seemed. Very impressive. Yun Grace has a chic vibe. I ran the beach and drove directly to the car. Passionate look He said, "It was a little scary, but it was so much . On the other hand, Yun Grace is hot-rolled in the recent MBN ' Sulrem advisory '. Cr:https://www.dispatch.co.kr/1587467#_enliple "Beware of this body"... Yun Grace, wearing sexy beauty with a surfing suit Actress Yun Grace boasts a sexy body. The last two days of his Instagram, "It's just a little scary, but it was so much fun," he posted several photos with the word ". In the photo, you can take a look at a surfing suit and pose. He stares somewhere and draws a V. His perfect body line, which was revealed as a surfing suit, attracts attention. On the other hand, Yun Grace is currently appearing in the MBN drama "Seorak Watch". Cr:https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1S8BZK5ILK#_enliple