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  1. What Song Are You Listening To?

  2. True or False.

    False. I already slept. The next person will water his or her plants.
  3. Through time and experience, you'll start to notice who's being fake. I don't mean to ignore them. Be nice, but you don't have to be their friends. And don't go out with them. Don't refuse straightforwardly. Just give a good reason and say it in a way that won't offend them. Then they won't be a problem to you. Now a fake smile doesn't always mean that person is trying to use you. That person could just be trying to make you feel good even if that person isn't happy about something not related to you. If you are certain that person is trying to use you, then avoid that person without offending if possible. Those types of people are very manipulative. Just one of them can ruin an entire group relationship by making friends turn against each other. I know people who are like that. In the long term, they end up with no real friends. The people who uses others only care about themselves. They might make themselves look popular on the outside, but everyone who knows them very well will notice.
  4. What are your plans for summer ?

    I heard that the prices in the UK are cheaper than before the Brexit. I might visit there.
  5. True or False.

    False. I already went on a trip last week. The next person will drive someone to the bus station because that person will travel.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To?

  7. 253 Things To Do In Class When You Are Bored!

    I saw someone play online chess when the professor was lecturing.
  8. What Song Are You Listening To?

  9. What Song Are You Listening To?

  10. True or False.

    True, ever since I started to water and take care of the roses that I bought for my mother on Mother's Day (Parents' Day in Korea). The next person has driven for at least 3 hours without resting before.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

    They're the North and South Korean team saying their goodbyes. And the person at the top is the coach of that team.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

    According to this Korean article, http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2018022615302977568&MT_T the Olympics in Korea gained a huge surplus thanks to the increased ticket sales especially during the holiday and the weekends. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Committee was originally expecting a deficit. The next Winter Olympics will also have a holiday period in it and could be a surplus, too. In the past, the Winter Olympics were rarely held in an Asian country. If a surplus continues to be gained with the Asian hosts, I think we could continue to see this change in the hosting trend that we're seeing now. I don't mean that we'll see no Western host in the future. I think the trend of having Asia rarely host could end.
  13. True or False.

    False. My life is boring. I'd rather write about someone else. The next person can swim 50m without resting.
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

  15. True or False.

    True. I'm deciding to do that now that you mention it. The next person will type a very long essay.