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  1. True or False.

    True. Freedom! The next person got the missile warning alert or saw a news coverage on it before it was announced as a false alarm.
  2. do you miss highschool?

    I don't miss my high school days. I wasn't independent and I didn't have a car. I never travelled outside the country during my high school years. And I didn't have much change in my routine.
  3. The Video Thread

  4. True or False.

    True. It's not sleeping time over here. The next person lives in a region where it's less than -11 degrees Celsius / 13 degrees Fahrenheit now.
  5. The Video Thread

  6. True or False.

    False. I like both. The next person explored an abandoned asylum.
  7. The Video Thread

  8. Movies: FIRST and LAST

    Napoleon Dynamite
  9. True or False.

    False. It's late at night now. The next person already went snowboarding or skiing this winter.
  10. True or False.

    False. I rarely eat those, although they taste good. The next person is already past New Year's Day.
  11. True or False.

    True. Could you introduce me to any? The next person will travel far for this holiday.
  12. The Video Thread

  13. True or False.

    False. The next person's head feels warm thanks to the long hair.