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  1. Lara Croft Jill Young
  3. That wasn't the impression that I got when talking with the Trump supporters. Staying out of wars was one of their main priorities. And one of their main reasons for being against Hillary Clinton was because they were concerned that she'd get them into more wars. I don't think Trump will overthrow Assad while Putin is protecting him. The war will just go on and on and on.
  4. The irony of this is that many of the people who voted for Trump did it because they thought he'd keep the US out of the war.
  6. I find Trump to be highly unpredictable because he really doesn't do what he said he'd do. Part of the reason for that is because he clearly didn't know both the domestic and international situations. So despite what he said during his candidacy, I get the feeling that he won't be able to or really had no intention to do most of what he said he'd do. There are so much to talk about Trump. I'll just choose a few for now and mention the others later When Trump was running for the presidency, he believed and claimed that South Korea wasn't paying for the US bases in South Korea. He said that he'd make South Korea pay or just withdraw the US military. This hasn't happened because South Korea already started to pay for a huge proportion on the US bases a long time ago. And contrary to Trump's claim, South Korea has a large army and airforce, all paid by the South Koreans themselves. Trump's stance on Korea changed. He values the regional importance of Korea now, clearly after being debriefed by the CIA. The Japanese pay a huge sum for the US base in Okinawa, too. Although Japan's current military is mainly defensive and Japan's army is smaller than South Korea's, Japan's military spending is very high, all paid by the Japanese. The spending is high because Japan's military is highly advanced and strong, especially the navy. Note that the current US militaries in South Korea and Japan are much smaller than the South Korean and the Japanese ones. The moment he claimed that he could make Mexico pay for the wall showed me how ignorant he was about the world. International diplomacy is very different from making business deals. The Mexican president refused to meet Trump after Trump said not to think of meeting him without agreeing to pay for the wall. Some of the Trump supporters told me that he could put tariffs on Mexican imports. What they didn't realize was that the Americans would be paying these tariffs, not the Mexicans. And if the tariffs make less Mexican imports enter the US, then that means less funds for the wall. The wall would be quite expensive. So far, Trump hasn't imposed any tariffs on Mexican imports as far as I can tell. Trump lowered the funds that benefit the Americans who are less fortunate. According to the media (depending on which media you look at), those funds might be used for the wall. By the way, illegal immigration from Mexico went down before Trump became the president. More are coming in from a few of the smaller countries south of Mexico. I'll talk about that some other time. Another of his contradictions was that many of his supporters believed that he'd lower military spending and that he'd make the US less militarily involved around the world. Many of his supporters thought of him this way because he criticized the invasion on Iraq and because he said that he'd make the other countries pay for the US military deployed in their countries or make the US military leave. However, he also said that he'd make the US be more militarily involved in the Middle East, which contradicts the claim that he'd be less involved outside the US militarily. And I heard that he wants to increase the number of nuclear weapons. This reminds me of what a WWII generation American told me many years ago. I myself really don't know what the answer to military aggression is. She said that what she learned from WWII was that the US should've been involved early on to prevent the war or to end it early before the war got bigger. This case is very different from Iraq, which was done over false claims about the WMDs that were supposedly over there. I think the older generation's experience with WWII is the main reason why the US has been involved militarily around the world. Of course, this isn't the only reason. Btw, have you been paying attention to the news? I've never seen a US president in so much trouble early in his term as much as Trump is right now. He clearly has a bad relationship with the intelligence agencies and the press. The world leaders (and possibly even Putin in secret) look down on him. And the judges don't agree with him.
  7. What's going on with your avatar?
  8. Yes, I've read the Wikipedia info before. I just don't know where in Breitbart News that the article is located.