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  1. Once JY learns what his mom did he wont stand still. IF CW decides to distance herself he will realize it was once again his mom who hurt CW and drove her away. For JY staying in that family due to what his mom did will not fly. No matter what his mom tries JY will decide to fix the issue and that will mean going off the registry and giving up everything he gained for the years that CW was missing. Its going to hurt even more for him because he will feel like he took CW's place. CW was the first person to make him feel like he belonged when he came there and she made him happy and his mom is the reason she went missing and then drove her away again if CW decides to back away. JS's children are not blood of that family and have no ties to Halmoni. JY is not CW's fathers son and YY is only a half sister. CW owes JS nothing. JS thought nothing of separating CW from her father and grandmother. How afraid a child would be to be so suddenly pulled away from the only family she knew while her son lived well and then her daughter. CW's dad will not be able to deal with what she did. The woman is living on thin ice and she does not really understand. There is no doubt that her adopted family will stand by her. They all seem to love her a lot and are so supportive. I can see them being very angry if they realize why CW may have backed away from the family and that JS is the reason that CW was abandoned in the first place. I can see adopted mom telling Halmoni , dad or even JY in her rage and concern for CW. JS is doing nothing more then making her crime so much worse. The min that CW came back she should have been divorcing her husband. Instead she continued to try and hide what she did.
  2. This would bring great turmoil to CW. I can see her deciding to step back from her bio family if nothing else then to preserve her father's , Halmoni, JY and YY's life as they know it. This could be the argument that JS uses in order for CW leave and go study. She will sacrifice again every ones feelings and CW's feelings the most in order to preserve her life. If nothing Else CW would do it so that no one else is hurt by JS's past actions. IN her mind she has a great family already and husband. Its only later when she finds out what her husband did and has been up to that she will feel a bit of alone. The family will wonder what is happening if CW decides to not go on the registry or steps back from them. They will not understand why CW is acting that way. JS may have been hurt by what Halmoni said but no one told her to a. marry a man who was living with his ex mother in law. JY is not the man's blood so Halmoni was under no obligation to like her son or welcome him into the family. (Granted Halmoni should not have been mean to an innocent child but you can understand where she is coming from given that she lost her own daughter.) I agree that was no reason to do what she did to CW. Now her actions will end up with her loosing everything anyway and her children effected when the truth comes out. Its a huge betrayal after she was accepted only to learn that it was her that caused so much pain and anguish. If they ever fully knew what CW went through its going to cause even more pain and hatred for JS.
  3. YY and JY are innocent in all of this, but due to JS's greed she has affected the love and care that they received in that house. Halmoni can be a nasty witch and will quickly forget how she cared for JY and YY in light of learning what JS did. JS never thought of what her actions would do to her children in the future because she hoped to never see CY again. It's one of the reasons she is having a fit trying to cover her tracks. Not only will her husband divorce her but her children will more than likely end up kicked out as well since they have no blood ties to Halmoni. JS's actions will have her children hated and they had nothing to do with what JS did. The main one will be JY because JS's main excuse is to do it for her son. This will set off Halmoni and no one will be able to stop it except for CW. The only way JY and CW will have a chance is to a. come off the registry or b. CW's dad divorces and he leaves. I am not sure if anyone will allow JY and YY to loose their mother by her leaving. It may be that her dad decides to leave as well since it was his wife that did that to his daughter. His shame in facing his former mother in law is to walk away as well. I do not know if CW and JY will even have a love line with the sticky situation of what JS did to her. CW may not fault JY in this but it will have an effect on her relationship with him for sure going forward. It could be that we end up with them deciding to just be step siblings in order to keep the family together. (It's not what I want since I think JY and CW are perfect for one another.) We are stuck at what writer-nim will do lol..
  4. When I saw the last scene I hoped that CW's dad had made his way to that area as well. It would be really interesting if the camera pans around and sees him behind the both of them with out them knowing having heard what CW said to JS. Imagine learning that JS was the one that CW remembers as having abandoned her. There would be no reason why JS should be in that area if she had nothing to do with it. I am sure that CW's adopted mom would have told him that she also spoke to his wife about that note and the milk lady. Whether he believes what he heard and investigates for himself is up in the air. I want to hope if he does not go to that area he at least starts thinking about everything that he has seen and heard and how things do not add up. JS has made some pretty good excuses but when you go back and look at what has happened it really makes you think that something is wrong. JS ruining the childhood clothing, the DNA going missing and switched, Her telling the police to destroy the sample her trying to push CW out the country to study when they just found her.. so many clues to point to JS as the culprit. Of course its prolly going to be a situation that until someone else fully over hears the truth they will not think that JS did something so evil. So if dad does not go there then maybe he would go home and look for CW or look for the note in her bag. I am sure that adopted mom will tell him it was in the little purse she had on her. Either way he will want to investigate it and I wonder if he will recognize JS's hand writing? I wonder just how smart this man will be and what will he do if he finds out before JY and YY and his former mother in law? Will he hide it? I don't think he will be able to do it and will feel ashamed to face CW. It will prolly be CW who convinces him not to say anything because Halmoni could fall ill and JY and YY would be effected as well from learning what their mother did. Halmoni will feel like she had a viper in her home for all those years smiling in her face but hurt her grandchild. I hope CW's adopted mom also told him about the fact that CW's clothing had been changed. That when she came to her she was not in her old clothing. I have to agree that CW prolly found her clothing thrown away and picked up the bag. Its a shame that JS wanted to make sure no one would find CW thus she changed her clothing and put a note in her bag so that people would think she was abandoned. I guess we should be glad that she put her where someone would find her and not out in the wilderness somewhere to die or killed her outright. JS is going to reap what she sows because she may have fooled herself into thinking it was for her son but in reality it was for her own greed. There was no reason to do any of that as her husband and Halmoni after so many years would have provided for everyone equally. Its a shame that by the time she realizes it she will have ruined everything nice she did in that family and the family will hate her for it. The worst is the disappointment and disgust from her children and husband. They think she is so perfect and caring and she is a snake. I want to think that JY is crying because he had to let his daughter go with that woman for visitation. Its going to be very hard on him which will only affect him later when he learns what his mother did to CW.
  5. Both of the woman's sons have messed up her grand dreams of being close to that family and its rightfully deserved in my opinion. She seems so greedy and grasping. I can see why her husband left her to go farm in the country. He other than CW are the only two I feel sorry for. One son is a self centered jerk who thinks too highly of himself because he is a lawyer and the other one is an immature , lazy bum who allowed his wife to take care of him for 8 years. The woman's reasons for doing what she did will not fly. Her husband, daughter and son will feel so ashamed when they learn the truth. The man is living with his ex mother in law working in the company and he brings in a wife who does this to the only blood relative left. How would he face the woman or his dead wife to learn that his new wife intentionally abandoned his child? One of the biggest things is she changed CW's life with her actions and for what? So she could give her son a father!! Doing that did not mean she could get rid of his own flesh and blood. Her son has mentioned a few times how he felt moving into that family when he was 6. Imagine the shame he will have towards CW over his mothers actions. CY helped him adjust to the family only for his mother to abandoned her so he could live well. This woman is well aware of what will happen when the truth comes out and how hated and possibly kicked out she will be when it comes out. That is why she is so up in arms with trying to ship CW out of the country under the pretense of studying. Or why she is so set to try to find the note and the milk lady. Unfortunately for her her actions have all pointed CW to realize it was her who did it. She will try to beg and plead for CW not to expose what she did but its not going to work out the way she wants. I have no doubt that CW will more than likely hide the truth if nothing else for her father and Halmoni to not be upset , but for her half sister and step brothers sake as well since they love the woman so much and think she is so good. But fate is coming for her as well as karma. Dad has now heard about this note. CW's mom has told her about the milk lady having a super market in the area she was found and the police are investigating who changed out the DNA samples. All roads will lead to her and once her children, husband and Halmoni find out things will be done for her. What will she be able to say as her excuses, lies and half truths will not fly. How awful is it to hear I did it for my son? At the expense of another child's life!!! I am hoping for a romance with JY and CW. I can see he is in love with her and I think after her divorce she will like him more too. Once the truth comes out I can see him thinking of coming off the registry. Its payback to CW for what his mom did but also if he loves and wants to be with her he can not be on the same registry. Even with it not being illegal I think for everyone's comfort this may end up as a solution. CW is the blood of the family so the only choice is for JY to take the hit if he wants his love and to pay for what his mom did. This is one sub plot that I hope comes out the way I want it too. Both CW and JY have the same dream in building a house. I hope that they are able to be together in the end to do it. No one is loosing anything as JY would still be part of the family even if he comes off the registry. JS can already see that JY likes CW and that is why she tried to push him to help CW with her hubby. But that plan will bust up too when the man is caught cheating and having had himself fixed. CW would never stand in the way of YY's romance with her adopted brother either as I loved her telling JS that she would come off that registry and on to her bio families to keep the path clear. @angelwingssf Even if he knows he is inferior he should have never made that type of decision without consulting his wife. He snuck off and did it without giving her a choice. His desire to not have children should have been talked about before she married him and he did not do it. His mother is going to have a fit because she will never be tied to this family because of a child. As I said before if he knows the type of person he is why did he not change himself to be a better husband for CW. He was ok being a lazy bum to CW for 8 years but now he realizes only after CW has found her family that he is not happy. I have to wonder as well if his father is aware of what he has done. IF so it would explain also of why he loves CW so much as he is aware of how lacking his family is.
  6. That woman has no clue about how she is hurting her daughter by insisting on this. Her main goal is in thinking if she can get close to this child she can pull the father back to her. Going the route of his family has failed so she only has this. The sad part is something has to happen to affect this child and she is unable to fix it before she lets go. If she loved this child or her father she never would have left her or him so long ago or stayed gone for so long. In my opinion , in no way does she look like she still loves JY this is all about her a. needing help with her father's company and b. being angry that she was unable to just come back and have that man snowed to let her back in his life. I agree that Karma is powerful and JY is going to suffer as will his daughter in this situation due to the actions of his mother. His mother has to see her suffering with being forced to allow his daughter to see that woman in order to get what she did to her husband and Halmoni. For me its ok to want to find a father for her son but she pushed out his own child so that only her children could benefit. That is what I hate about her. She never thought of how that man or Halmoni would suffer with that girl missing and I am sure she had hoped they would have got over it only fate and karma made sure that child showed back up. There is no way she can talk herself out of this with CW. I can't see CW saying anything because it would hurt so many people to find out, but I can see CW possibly rejecting the registry change or going back to her in laws in order not to see that woman. I feel like she will be angry but she wont say a word and that woman will be on pins and needles scared. I think in some way her son and or her daughter will see or over hear something that will clue them into the truth. They will feel so ashamed. She will not get away with saying she only wanted to give him a dad or she did it for him either. My thought is I hope that CW changes the registry and messes up all her plans. She comes back under her dad and she rejects going abroad. Now that the note has been mentioned yet again to her father I wonder how she will deter him from investigating it? Its better to torment that woman silently as she pretended for years to be so concerned when she is the culprit. I knew that he had himself fixed. Its his reaction every time the clinic is mentioned. He really made me want to pull his hair out in the last 4 episodes. I can't get over how selfish he is. He did something like that right after getting married but he never considered if his wife wanted children and he let his mother abuse her for not having any for 8 years. I don't think it will so much be him running around with that woman that will hurt CW although I know it will since he blew her off a few times now to be with someone else when she needed his support. Its going to be learning that he had himself snipped and did not talk to her and that he let her deal with her mother blaming her for so long and still said nothing. He only showed in the last episode how immature he was. If he did not want kids that were like him (which shows he knows how much of a lazy immature bum he is.) then he should have either changed his ways or let his wife go. He let her take care of him for 8 years running herself ragged taking care of him and his ungrateful family (minus dad in law). Now this woman is around and she has the victim complex and although I feel for her and what she is going through she should have stayed away from him knowing he was married. The way he is going I expect him to either get busted by CW and or her family or he blows up at his family , CW or her family and she finds out what he has been up to. He keeps saying he wants people out of his business but his business is going to hurt CW. Pretty soon he will not have to deal with her family at all because he will be divorced and he can be with that woman who you can tell he likes on some level. Now he feels empowered and needed and he is going to loose his marriage because of it. CW was too strong for him and he was too young and immature for her.
  7. I am so ready for CW to be free of that idiot. I have been waiting for the divorce to come around. He was already warned once about not doing anything to hurt CW. Halmoni has already caught his mother treating CW badly and she has mentioned she knows its not a one time thing. All we need now is for her family to catch him either out with that woman or his saying he does not want to be tested and have kids. Either way he is done for. His brother is already looked down on by CW's family for what he did in trying to marry the half sister of CW. For him to either get caught once again by JY or by her family is fitting. Frankly its past time for CW to truly have a reason to get rid of that looser and have her catch him in a lie or with that woman. Whatever happens it has to be good enough that his mother can not pretend she has been wronged but instead embarrassed once again and shown how awful they are. I feel bad for the father in law as they are his wife and son's but I can't expect her father to be mad at his former Sargent over that as he has heard how foolish the man's wife and sons are. His wife has to have her attitude adjusted and stop her from continuing to try and climb up using the wrong means.
  8. I too find this not only selfish but immature. I say this because if he truly did not want children he should have told his wife this before he had her decide to marry him. Or he should be telling his mom this so she can stop harassing CW about why they have not had children. Its ok not to want them because children are a huge responsibility and frankly he is unable to care for himself how would he help someone care for a little person and help them to grow up to be mature and hardworking adults? All I can say is immature hubby is going to end up busted and loosing his wife. If he thinks she is pulling away after seeing her with the pretty dress and hair style wait until she realizes what he has been up to and that he never wanted kids. This is why I think he had himself fixed and he never told his wife or his mother he did it. Its going to be cause for divorce. Not so much that he did not want the kids but he went and possibly did something like that without talking to his wife about it and let her endure his mother blaming her for why they are childless. Her family will never allow them to get away with something like that and given that he has seen him with that other woman and her family knows that she is being mistreated by his shrew of a mother they will quickly have CW freed from the clutches of that family. His mom wants to find reasons to cling to that family but both of her sons will have messed it up for her. One had a child with another woman and the other possibly had himself fixed so he can not have children. His mom is going to loose her mind when she finds out. I hope its a case of him doing that and she finding out and his mom is trying to have him reverse it and CW finds out what he has been doing with that woman but also that he made that type of decision without telling her and then his mom tried to hide it and fix it. Its not like CW is not aware of how greedy and grasping they are. The only good one in the family is the father in law and the man can only do so much with his sons and wife. Its way past time for CW to decided to break away from people who are nothing but freeloading slime and live her own life.
  9. You bring up an interesting point. I never thought that he could know he is the one with the trouble but I did feel that he was scared in case he was the reason why they could not have children. Its been eight years and still no babies. I hope that it is not CW with the issue and it does turn out to be her immature hubby. In my opinion his mom needs another slap in the face for pushing the blame on CW for so long. I can't understand why she has not suggested or pulled CW to do exactly what her grandmother suggested and that is to go get tested. In my view her mind set is her child could not possibly be the problem but I want her son to exactly be the problem of why she will have no grandchildren from him. Unless he had himself fixed and never told his wife or mother. On the other hand I hope he can make babies and I hope he makes one with the woman he is running around with. Imagine how much trouble he will be in if he does exactly what his brother did and produces a baby not from the woman he claims to like and love. I do not see this woman going away. She is of his age group and she likes him. Also she is aware of how he chased his wife who is a bit older and feels that CW is a bit too old for him. This man is a child who never should have married CW. He wants someone to take care of him like a mother not a wife. He wants attention and he wants to be free of obligations in my view. It would serve his mother right to loose the good DIL she mistreated for 8 years and end up with the one who she sees as nothing.
  10. From the scene of her at her father's bed side. I get that it is mostly about her wanting to get back with him to use his family to help her get her fathers company back up and running. I also think a lot of it is she can not get him to just take her back for old times sake or because she is the little one's mom. Her attitude from the start was a bit much in my opinion, like she should be able to waltz back into his life at any time and he should let her because she is the bio mom of his kid. Not only did it not work but he can see from a mile away she has ulterior motives. If she truly wanted to be a mom she never would have left until the child was 6 or seven to come back and then come back with threats. That child is a tool for her to use to get what she needs and she does not truly care about her. I think his father told her correctly that they were on her side before but after she stayed gone until now no one wants to see her or give her help to rail road that man back into her clutches. I think she would have been better off just being honest that she wanted help to get the company back up instead of resorting to the tactics she is now using. She has given no thought to her daughters emotional well being and trying to pull her from the people she is secure with will only hurt that child. This shows she does not love that man she just wants to use him and getting back to him and trying to get her hands on that child is a means to an end for her. I think what she hates the most is that JY is not moved by her and is not falling for her tricks. Given how she is and the help she now has from evil lawyer brother in law I can see them finding out or figuring out what SJ did and using it against her to gain her help to get what they want. They both will not get that they did wrong until they suffer huge loses or create a huge mess and be blamed. I just hope that their actions do not cause harm to anyone.
  11. SJ has thought that she took care of the note issue but in fact the note will end up coming to light once again. Halmoni is already questioning why CW's adopted mom never went to the police if she had a lost child. The dinner brought to light that CW was with someone who obviously knew her at the time and that she was not at an amusement park like everyone thinks. SJ has only postponed that note coming out but not stopped it. Once the note comes to light it will answer the question above and CW's adopted mom will say it too that she never reported it because she felt that CW was abandoned based on that note in her pocket. If anyone can recognize her hand writing I bet it will be her husband and her children when they see it. As I was watching this weeks episodes all I can think of is the clues that are in front of everyone but because they would never think SJ would do something like that they are continuing to be blinded. From CW's look at the end over the clothes she was wearing at the time she went missing you can see she is not fully believing what SJ was trying to sell. I expect she did not let her suspicions get the better of her at the time all though she has some doubt. Its only when she over hears SJ with the HK in the kitchen that she is shocked that SJ could have possibly intentionally hid her clothing and then destroyed them. The snip it at the end in the preview shows that SJ is not able to fully pull the wool over CW's eyes anymore. I am not sure if she will fully think that it was SJ that abandoned her and is the woman in her fractured memories but I see her putting her guard up a bit as things start to not add up. One of SJ's biggest mistakes is in switching the DNA samples at the police. The fact that the first DNA test was falsified and samples intentionally switched now means that the Police have egg on their faces and will be determined to investigate why it happened and who did it. The lab they used is never wrong so for this to happen they will be bound and determined to find out who did it as their reputation is at stake but also they looked like bumbling fools in front of that rich family. SJ is on thin ice and I feel like her son will find out what she did first or her daughter will over hear something that makes her realize what her mom did. ON the other side I can see CW finding out about her immature husbands cheating. His mother will never get to keep the Choi's as their in laws as both her sons have ruined that for her. Immature son is for sure going to get caught with his affair with his former class mate. The same way they found out about the lawyer son she will find out that her second son did not get away from that woman and CW will find out he cheated on her. She is such a distasteful person so it serves her right. I also hope that the new mom ends up with her boss as he seems so nice to her and the baby. Its for sure that Lawyer brother needs to loose the love he had from this woman he took advantage of and loose access to the child he did not want.
  12. This is my thought as well. Due to the half sister and the care of the man our lead CW will end up forgiving the woman. If nothing else she could have dropped her off in the wild with no one around and she did not have to leave a note asking whoever found her to care for her well. The woman is well aware of what is at stake now if it is found out what she did. She is in a constant state of panic but then she should always realize that bad deeds will come to the light no matter how long it takes. Her biggest example is how she realized when she saw the clothing that CW was the missing child but she hid them and then burned them to keep the family from finding out. Yet fate still enabled CW to be recognized and remember a bit of the past. If that is not a big sign to her that her actions will come out and she should tell the truth before its found out the hard way I do not know what is. But she is not very smart and will continue to fight and do things in the dark to cover up what she did and the more she does this the more it will lead to the truth coming out and her motives. Her actions were way above wrong and she will get her punishment in how her children view her after learning what she did. Her husband and Halmoni will think back to all the clues and will want to have her arrested or thrown out. I am not sure if it was jealousy or simple greed. She told her son that she came into that house for him so I am leaning towards her wanting to come up from her life and she decided to get rid of the 1st born daughter of the family to make a way for her son. The problem with this is there is enough to go around for everyone and she did not have to get rid of the girl. She impacted a child's life for selfish reasons. CW was very fortunate to end up with a good family even though they are poor but what would have happen if she had ended up dead or with hateful or evil people like her MIL, BIL and stupid husband? Now her son and daughter will feel so ashamed and unworthy when they learn what she did. The guilt that CW could have live well if not for their mother will eat at them. This is why I see CW forgiving her in the end simply so her half sister and her brother will not feel guilt and leave the family possibly. I see brother and sister both saying they do not care about the will and asked to be removed as well. For them everything should belong to CW anyway. We could see them thinking of removal from the registry to atone as well for what their mother did.
  13. Hi @sava2sava Happy New Year to you as well and My Xmas was great hope that yours was too. Yes, there is one but its empty for now until after the holidays. We will resume chatting after the 10th of Jan. You may be talking about this drama (which had the worst ending ever in my opinion.And on my worst drama ever list. That is just my opinion. ) The Return of Hwang Geum-bok. I feel like gramps figured out pretty early what SH was really about and he stopped her from trying to get her hooks into his son by having him marry the girl he liked. SH thought she was so smart and I doubt she has thought that the old man could have known the truth. SW is going to learn that his mother has lied about everything. I think it will end up with him in a crisis over who he is as he has always been told he was part of that family and was kept from being legitimized and take the family name only to learn he is not possibly blood of that family and his mom has lied. I doubt he will stop as most times those that have associated with one identity does not know how to process having the world view they knew blown up and he will be angry that he is not really of that family and will want to continue to take everything from NJ in anger that he is not blood. The sad part is his life would have been better if he let go of his greed and was happy that he is successful but his mother is going to ruin the man from her schemes and lies. The only way to stop him will all of his crimes coming out and the truth of who he is NOT being revealed. I think a huge blow is if his real father does show up and blows his mind with the truth. SH would have never thought of what would happen if her son found out he is not blood of that family and how much it will mess his head up. On one side I hope he is half brothers with NJ and he learns about family and lets go of his greed and anger of learning about NJ and learns to share and work with NJ ,but on the other hand I feel like SH has done so much that her closet is barely closing and is going to bust out with all her dirt eventually and her son will be hurt from it and instead of him stepping back he will continue on the wrong path until he is made to let go. I think at that time JA will be there to pick up the pieces and they will end up together.
  14. Looks like @sava2sava and I are on the same page once again on potential plot lines in the future . I have not watched this drama in a while but one of the things that struck me early are I too do not think SW is really NJ's half brother. I feel like his mom is/was a gold digger and she tried to trap NJ's father. Perhaps she did really love him at first, but it was definitely her wanting to marry up. I do not know when my suspicious mind came up with this but from watching her poison her son's mind against his suppose grandfather blaming him for wanting his son to marry the woman he chose for him made me think that she was a liar and a gold digger who set her sights on the man and her plan failed. I also think she is the reason why NJ went missing from the hospital. That was even before she had the small slip in front of SW after the lawyer said who NJ really was. SW asked her if she knew that NJ's father had a son and she denied it but you could tell she did and I feel she had the child kidnapped and tried to kill it only the man she had do it could not kill an innocent child. (once again @sava2sava and I are on the same thought path.) I feel like gramps may have known all along that SW is not his grandson and that was the reason he was so cold to him and disliked his mother. It would have taken nothing for him to get a DNA test secretly given how he did the same to NJ to prove blood. MY guess is because SW was an innocent he never outed the fact he was not his son's child and let it go. There was no reason for his attitude given how they value blood ties and a son for him to treat SW with a distant air unless he knew that the man was not his blood. This is also why he searched for NJ for 30 years as well. BLOOD. He wanted to see his sons child before he left as he was the last tie to his son and DIL who died too soon. I also think she may have had a hand in killing that man and his wife but I will put that on the back burner for now. The woman should have been satisfied that at least her son worked at the company, but she not only wanted the man to acknowledge her as a DIL and give the boy the family name, but she also wanted her son to inherit everything and still does kicking out the true heir. This woman will have SW do a lot of bad things only for him to learn the truth in the end that he is not even prolly related to that family and NJ's father is not his dad his mom lied about everything with her greed and anger at the man for not wanting her or falling for her tricks. I wonder if his real father (if what I suspect is true) will show up and cause problems for his mother making her scared to death of the truth coming out? I like SJ better than JA anyway. Any time she could lie to SW that NJ was a stalker that showed me that his care of her was wasted and she was ungrateful. Sure it was foul that her mom decided to sell her and never told her where the money came from that enabled her to go to school but at the same time NJ genuinely cared about her well being and instead she hid from him and lied on him. I am not sure what she is up to now since I have not seen the latest episodes but I do know that I like SJ the more I got to know her. It will be interesting if my suspicions about SW's mother comes to pass.
  15. JH was played by the image that SN showed him back then. She played that sweet, innocent, weak woman who played to his ego of taking care of his woman. SN was all about what she could get out of JH and he never knew what hit him. It was only after his family went bankrupt that he was made to see the huge mistake he made in falling for SN. SN used him until she could get nothing else from him and then she was gone. JH was only one of many SN prolly used before and after him in my opinion. JH did not fully realize what true and real love was until GY. But SN again played in his life to ruin it. SN never loved him but she hated to see him move on and be happy with someone new especially her SIL who she saw as weak. JH dodged a huge bullet when SN left him before. The sad part is DY became a victim of this woman and no one would listen to be very weary of SN. SN may not be blood of fake dad and gangster CEO but she sure has all their worst tendencies towards theft, arrogance, and evil plots. They all hate when someone points out all their bad deeds that enabled them to steal from others to be where they are. Each of them will have to pay in some way for what they have done to others. I know SN will have to be made to face she is the cause of DY's death along with all the other things she did along the way. Fake dad will get his as well and so will gangster CEO. I think the worst for the last two is to have HK totally turn away and take all the power they depended on to do so much evil away. Each needs to go to prison for a long time as well with no ability to manage anything outside those prison walls. This drama in my opinion has always been about love going to the end no matter what hardships the couples may endure and no matter the distance or how long they are apart JH/GY and HK/JB are prime examples of this. This time around after everything is settled we should see both couples finally be able to be together after suffering so much. HK will find out why JB is pushing him away and running and I do not think it will matter to him in the long run. I want to hope that the writer will give a miracle to JB and let her end up pregnant anyway in the end.
  16. None of this would have had to come to this point if SN had not driven people to the extreme because she could not be happy. If she had stayed in her lane and left JH and GY alone after their marriage and lived her life she would have found some measure of happiness. But she refused to do that. Her own obsession with JH who she threw over and jealousy caused her to do so much to hurt him and his family and in turn her in laws. SN had it made with a father in law so stupid he thought she walked on water and a sweet innocent hubby and sister in law. But alas she could not appreciate her blessings and instead could not allow JH a measure of happiness with the love her found with GY. It was mostly because she truly did not love DY he was a tool for her to gain fake dads approval and she hated that JH was not still stuck on her either in anger or love. This is another reason why she tried to harm GY when she was pregnant with YS and did not care if she kidnapped him to take him to Emily who she knows is not mentally stable. Nothing matters but herself and that includes her daughter who she profess to love so much. If she cared about that child so much she would never have done the things she has to harm her in laws, and her husband. The child's well being would have been her consideration and made her think about what her kid would have to go through if she did bad things that could and would come to the light. But her greed, her jealousy her obsession and arrogance has pushed her to do so much evil. And she still continues to do evil. It burns her up when they counter her plans and trick her for a moment. In her mind she is the smartest (and she is compared to the people around her) and that will eventually be her downfall. I say this because rational people would think if I managed to get away with this I should lay low until the dust settles but SN knows that all her dirt to people around her has them closing in to catch her. SN can't stop now because if she does she will end up in jail. So she continues on pushing everyone to have to go to the extremes in order to put her in jail finally to make her pay for her crimes. I truly hope that either she goes to jail and someone catches her inside and teachers her a lesson she can't come back from or Chief Baek catches her outside or has someone do it and she dies. Given SN's personalty she is the type to want to do all the dirt in the dark until it is exposed then she will want to weasel out or run. If she runs I can see her either dying or getting caught once again trying to harm someone who can put her in jail. JH was a nice rich guy who fell for a gold digger who is truly evil. When she could get nothing more from him she dumped him and moved on to the next sucker. SN continued to play on his good guy genes even asking him to break up with his new love to save hers. I agree all he ever did was be a good guy and look at all the mess he got for it. Now GY finally gets the pain that JH suffered at SN's hands and she is off for revenge as well. I said this before you never understand a person until you walk a mile in their shoes and with the loss of DY and SN stealing all from them GY finally gets it. As for Emily I hope that her character dies for the simple fact she would use guilt to hang on to JH if she is hurt again. Trying to play on his pity to get him to stay with her. As for GY she is a foolish woman. She waited 6 years for a man and then tells him to go to the wife who loves him. MMM.. ok so what that Emily loves him? It was a contract marriage and just as GY disregarded his feelings over the things that SN did to him and his family 6 years ago she is disregarding his feelings now. Just because he married her in a contract marriage does not mean he should stay with her because she likes him. Yes he has a huge lesson to learn about his choices then and now but at the same time she is trying to make him stay with someone he does not love. Its unfair to him. Any woman who wants to take my child away or who wants to keep the father away from the child is not worthy of having the man's love. The same with HK.. HK has not done anything but be a good friend to GY and help in small ways since he had no real power to do anything else or the courage to go against his fake sister and dad. IF he had let them announce she was a fraud instead of protecting his mother and father then they would not be here now. For me HK knows where his heart is and I feel like its unfair of him to do this to JB. Yes, JB dropped the ball when she should have stood by GY but at the same time no one told GY to hold on for so long hoping he would deal with what he needed to and come back to her. How would he have done that without coming back to S. Korea to get at SN? JH has a lot of guilt over his own actions and he trusted his family to have told him something so huge but his mother and JB not only did not tell him about his son but did not even accept the child and take care of GY while he was gone. Now HK is twisting the knife to JB by allowing her to have to watch him be with and marry another woman. How will the scandal not be worse if they marry and then divorce and he is with JB six months to a year later? What if the contract marriage last 6 years in order for them to get their revenge? What does YS call HK? And still calling JH dad too? Then what happens after the suppose divorce? Will he turn into Uncle or will he still be dad too and JB his aunt? Or will there even be one? I am shaking my head at the crazy in this drama.. lol
  17. A big part of this is you reap what you sow. SN started it all by using JH and dumping him when his family went bankrupt. She then moved on to a new sucker DY and in the end killed him and stole everything from his family. With the rumors coming out about her business practices and her fake mask she again throws caution to the wind and drags not only her former sister in law in the mud but her fake brother too. And it backfires royally as she now has to look at her former sister in law possibly being her real sister in law all over again. If she had left GY alone and not gone so far she would have at least not had the hassle and heartburn of GY living in that house with her taunting her. SN's own actions are always her downfall. One of her biggest mistakes is in continuing to think that people will let go of her when she does something that really hurts them. Her actions with GY impacted her family and YS who SN gave no thought to. SN created a dangerous situation for a child that is suppose to be her nephew. Its no wonder that her own daughter does not like her very much. For someone who grew up with nothing and assumed another identity to live with her marriage to DY and the care her father in law gave her should have made her very thankful after her past to have a family and people who truly liked her. Instead it drove her to do more and more evil and ugly things and dismissing that love and care as nothing important. Now SN really has to contend with GY after all she has done and its her own fault for starting this mess. The more she does in these last 3 to 4 weeks will all come down to her taking a hard fall. I see a couple more weeks of her mess (unless this ends at episode 98) with her trying to make a run for it when she is finally busted and the police is looking for her. SN can deny all she wants then that she did not kill DY but she will be made to face what she did and it will tear her mind apart when she does. Once JH can get Chief Baek Its all over for her as that man will out her as being the master mind of everything. @celebrianna I too am just wanting on Emily to die. Its really the only way I can think of JH and GY being free of her. I think that Emily is too far gone mentally to ever truly want to let go of JH and move on realizing the man never loved her and wishing him happiness. Its why I keep thinking she will end up truly dead messing around with SN. SN won't care if Emily dies because SN is past any type of friendship that they may have had together. Also if it means saving her own neck SN will sacrifice anyone she can not to pay for the things she has done. What I hope the most is that SN is not left crazy unable to remember who she is and what she has done. I want her either to die to pay for DY's death or to spend the rest of her life in jail forgotten by everyone. I feel like her little girl needs to be free of this woman once and for all and death or never to be seen again in jail should do it.
  18. I think at crucial times Emily and JH's mom ruined everything with the revenge with a good dose of HK. If Emily had not decided to do her own thing at the wrong moment then they could have got SN out of the company and perhaps fake dad too. If JH's mom on learning that SN was a fake did not run off to confront her then they could have dealt with her in the police and court. The two loudest people who constantly run around like chickens with their head cut off throwing tantrums (other than SN) have contributed to the issues with SN only getting bigger and SN being able to weasel out. Its way past time that both of these women get a huge slap down once and for all. JH's mom will cling to Emily unto the last moment because she thinks that Emily can help her get her hands on YS. Emily will use JH's mom to try to remove YS from GY to hurt her but this will fail and she will not get to stay with JH. I feel like the divorce will come through and JH will either keep quiet about it to Emily until the right moment or Emily will get the notice from the courts and go completely off the deep end knowing that JH really did it and is now free. In her mind that means going back to GY and YS and as hateful as she is I would not put it past her to dare to kidnap YS on her own or with SN. SN would use such a ploy to save herself by using Emily to do the dirty work and Emily will realize too late that SN never cared about her plight with JH and was only using her to save her own skin. I feel nothing for Emily because she knows in her heart that she never had a chance with JH at all. As we have all said she deluded herself for four years in the states that the marriage she had with JH was real. It was born out of her dependency and her crush from years ago. Only reality hit her when she came back to S. Korea. Even with out YS JH's heart would always belong to GY. The sad part is instead of showing how much she truly cared for JH she showed how obsessed she is with him and cares nothing for his well being. IF she can't have him then she will destroy him and everyone he cares about. Only in the end I see her either being killed or hurt seriously again because of SN and may just maybe she has a moment to truly do something selfless and save someone before she dies or is shipped off .
  19. JH's mom is a blow hard. She runs her mouth and changes her tune with the drop of a dime. She has no rights to make demands or suggestions on taking YS from GY. The min she did not acknowledge GY and YS after JH left she lost all rights. She seems to forget her own behavior after listening to Emily. Someone really should remind her that a. her not being able to see YS and have him in her life is her own doing and b. nothing has been set in stone and JH is not acknowledged on paper as YS's father. By word is not enough. Also if she had not kept YS's existence from JH for 6 years because she wanted to use her son as a tool for revenge none of this would be where it was today. JH would never allow anyone to try to take YS from GY. This is what Emily is trying for. She has failed in this threat to GY so she is trying to get his mom to do it. It wont work as JH will not allow it. The one think I hope the most is for his mother to get a good lesson. It really is time that someone reminded her of all she has done that has come to this. On the engagement it sucks to be JH and JB. But then again part of this is due to circumstances. For a long time JB pushed HK away after what happened when they were younger. I do not think that HK ever truly fell in love with GY I think GY had the ability to make him feel good when he is with her. GY is a safe person to be with. I think there are warm feelings for him with her but not true love. HK feels a bit guilty over what SN has done to GY and her family. JB has to trust in the love she has for HK. That won't stop the bouts of Jealousy that others will try to inspire in her but as long as she keeps rational and holds on to the times she and HK Spent before this engagement she will get her man in the end. Yes it sucks to see the man you love with another woman and putting a rock on her finger when it should be JB's but then again no one has done anything about SN as she continues to ruin and impact lives. JH knows that this situation he is in is his own making. He divorced and left GY 6 years ago. He missed 6 years of his sons life and he has remarried knowing that when he came back if GY found out she would be hurt. Its not like he truly thought she would have moved on she told him her love for him was deep. So he knew the min she found out he had remarried again she would be hurt. Also Emily has been harassing her from the start. So he went this route with a fake engagement hating to see GY and HK holding hands or his putting a huge rock on her finger but this is the bed he made so he has to deal with it. His feelings of jealousy and upset over seeing GY with someone else in the public eye are all his doing. So JH is aware of his fault in everything and that he is the originator of this scam relationship. OF course there will be jealousy as he knew that HK once tried to date GY so any residue feelings from back then will resurface. But until he can clean up his own messy personal life and get rid of that woman he married he can only look on and hold it all in. I continue to count down to when SN (and Emily) will finally be gone from everyone's life.
  20. SN and Emily would have manipulated a DNA test to say HK was the father. That is why they are clamoring for a DNA test. Its a shame that they do not consider the child in all of this. Would SN think to do such an evil thing if it was turned on her and someone said her daughter was not her former husbands? Heck no. Emily wants to try anything to make JH and YS break ties as she knows that JH wants to go back to his son. If she can say GY lied and YS is not his then she thinks she would break up the bond that GY and JH have and keep JH. Only this is not what is going to happen. Her plot is only going to make JH hate her more because now she is impacting his son's life with her crazy mess. As for JH's mother after this incident she should forget seeing YS or spending time with him let alone having him acknowledge her as a grandmother. The woman is a hot mess listening to Emily who she knows wants to keep her son as her husband and would love to keep YS and GY away. It is really time for JH's mom to feel some real consequences for her actions and that is being cut off before she even got a chance to know the grandson she tossed away and did not want to know. This I agree on. HK Will never allow GY, YS or her family to suffer because of the malicious lies of SN. HK knows that YS is JH's son and he and GY never did anything inappropriate. Its sad that JH's mom would try to pass doubt after listening to Emily. JH also should trust HK enough to realize this is not true and trust GY. JH knows that GY loved her brother. She may have a bit of jealousy at how close HK and GY are and she was not a good sister in law and betrayed GY when she needed her most but I can't see her falling for this ploy and doubting either HK or GY. JH will not fall for this craziness. I do think that they need to make sure no one can get their hands on YS's DNA because they will try to say YS is HK's. But I also think that a DNA test needs to be done if only to shut up JH's mom and make her look like a fool. What Emily nor SN get is in the end it will be them who will be made to look stupid. Why? GY and JH have kept their personal life and the life of their son private. Now Emily and SN are bringing it to the forefront. HK and JH would not hesitate to stand up and vouch for GY. Emily wants to make GY into a homewrecker or two timer then she will have her husband in name only come out and say its a contract marriage and he does not love her and still loves his ex wife and did not know she had their child taking the blame for leaving his wife . years ago. What a slap in the face to Emily then! He has admitted he not only does not love you but it was a contract marriage and was suppose to end after the contract was fulfilled. Who will look like a fool then certainly not GY. SN wants to drag HK in the mud with a scandal then HJ can dig out her mess as well and expose it to the light. There is enough suspicion about her bad deeds and the death of her husband to have the public condemning her for the murder of her husband. This is what I mean by loosing out in the long run and being made to look stupid and instead of the public ridicule they hoped for HK, GY and her family it is turned on them instead. @fansdrama Emily is her own worst enemy and she can't see it. Any feelings for friendship JH may have had for her are being eroded by her behavior and her constant crazy jealous rants. Her first mistake was to trick her own mind into believe that her relationship with JH was more than a deal for revenge. Her next mistake was to try to hold on to a man she knew did not love her. And any mistakes after that geared toward GY and YS are only making sure that in the end JH will be free of her.
  21. I'm confused if he really has a disease or if its just his being a playboy and not wanting to work is the illness. If he truly is sick I wonder if it is something that was misdiagnosed. Either way currently he is not my favorite character. I was not pleased at his giving away someone else things or holding on to a suit case he knows does not belong to him. I really prefer the second lead but I have a feeling for a brief moment he may go bad based on his mother possibly and jealousy over the lead getting the girl he likes.
  22. I think the biggest issue of why they have not exposed SN and kicked her out of that house is because of all the evidence SN has against the fake dad. HK does not want his families dirty laundry out to harm the families reputation and dear old dad is only thinking about his own skin and not going down and being exposed for the things he did. After this perhaps HK will finally see that keeping the reputation of that family is not as important as getting SN out of their lives and taking her down once and for all. If not for himself then think of DY's daughter who he sees as his niece. That child deserves to be with DY's family and to not have SN as her mother. It will be interesting to see if fake dad finally stands up and does something to help HK. HK cares more about his father then fake dad cares about him. Will he do something now that SN has dragged HK in? OF course Emily will be on this bandwagon because she is threatened by GY. She will endorse this in order to try to remove GY from around JH and make her look bad. Its not going to turn out the way SN nor Emily think. The sad part is nothing Emily does will get her what she wants and that is JH. Instead she will only continue to make the man hate her more and more.(20 Episodes to go..) IT makes me sick every time I see SN getting all emotional about her daughter. DY was someone's precious child. GY is someone's precious child but SN did bad things to them. JH was someone's precious child just as JB and HK are but SN continues to do bad things to all of them. But only her suppose love for her daughter is suppose to matter. Why? Because they all hate her for all the bad things she did? Can see through her fake and evil heart? It's their right to do so just as it's the right of her daughter to dislike her after finding out about her father and her not keeping promises to let her see her grandmother and fathers family. SN can't have it both ways. She can't harm people then turn around and expect them to not want to get her back nor beat her for what her actions have done. Nor should she expect them to like her. I laughed hard when she said she loved DY. Really? She loved him enough to kidnap his sister and push him to come to deliver the evidence and then the man is killed by her minion. She loved him enough to bankrupt his family , harm his father and take the company! If that is love from SN its better the man is dead. For someone who admits she knew that DY was the only one who treated her nicely.SN killed the one person who still cared about her and wanted her to do right so he could be with her again. In my opinion SN has no concept of family, loyalty or honor. All she cares about is herself. There were many ways to get revenge on fake dad without causing so much destruction in others lives. I have said this once before this is not about revenge for SN anymore (or if ever) she wants to be rich and powerful after her homeless childhood only in the process she stepped on, betrayed and killed off people who were innocent and had nothing to do with her mess. I am just waiting on SN to finally get it once and for all. For Emily to get a clue and be gone. For HK and JB to finally be together and for JH, YS and GY to finally be a family once again.
  23. Written Preview for Episode 124 Final: "Gyeongsin (Woo Hee-jin) expresses sincere thanks to Ji-young (In-hye) for taking care of Jenny (Park Gam) and Taewoong (Kim Min-joon). Meanwhile, Gyeong Shin, Jenny and Taewoong traveled together for one night and two days, and an unexpected person joins ..." Looks like HR, JY and KS are having a meeting and KS sincerely says thanks to JY. If only KS had learned her lesson a long time ago and been friends with JY instead of trying to harm her and being jealous. I guess better late then never. I want to bet its HJ that ends up traveling with them. You can see the family dynamic that even includes Jenny as it should. The kids are certainly trying to match make it seems. Will it work or will we end up with an open ending for HJ and KS? Since 124 is suppose to be the last episode tomorrow and due to it being a holiday in the states I may not get a chance to come to the thread. I will go ahead and say thanks for hanging out with me on this ride. I hope to see you all in other threads and have a great weekend. @sava2sava Thanks for the Holiday Wishes.. the same to you. I hope all that have enjoyed this drama also have a great holiday if you are in the states or where ever you call home.
  24. Written Preview for Episode 123: "Finally, KS and TW are able to meet each other, and they are happier than ever. On the other hand, Jin-kook (cutie dr.) (Ji-chan) feels an abnormality in his or her body, and Hyerim" So KS and TW finally meet and are happy. Looks like either Cutie Dr. finds something wrong with his body or HR's. Let's hope that he is not sick or that HR is not sick and she could just be pregnant again.
  25. Written Preview Episode 122: "KS (Woo Hee-jin) who received a letter from Tae-woong (Kim Min-joon) from Jenny (Pak Garam) shed tears in the contents of the letter. Meanwhile, Eugene (Yeonmiju) makes a shocking suggestion to Hyun Joon (Park Jun-hyuk) about Taewoong's parenting style ..." Well College Junior has just lost herself a potential husband and first love by the end of this episode. Her suggesting that TW go to live with his mom is good but we know the real reason is because she realizes that TW will not like her and she does not want him interfering in the relationship between her and HJ. I was waiting on her to either suggest shipping him off to boarding school or to his mother and she will not fail me. HJ walking out on her will make her mad as we can see in the video preview. His coming back to say its over will really upset her. She was "this close" to getting HJ who she always liked but her actions killed things for herself. Of course she will not see it that way as she thinks her views on the parenting of TW is correct. She moved too fast with the help of his parents and crossed too many lines. This last suggestion will kill it completely for her. I can't see her being a good fit for this family anyway since they do not value their DIL's and only really see them as someone to fetch and carry and baby makers. MIL would be pushing her right off the bat to have a baby after the wedding. Its about time that HJ stopped thinking of himself and his feelings and started listening to others and what they are saying about TW and his emotional state. TW is the one who needs the most care now. As his father regardless of what he feels about KS he can never say she was not a good mother to the boy or a good wife to him for years.