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  1. SH's brother does not still love KS. Every time they are together it is because she has did or said something foul. You can tell the love for her is gone and the only reason he is still with her is due to TW. I think SH was feeling his brother out as well but his brother is still worrying about TW. KS is her own worst enemy and she is just defiant. KS has caused all these issues with the sub contractor but she is not the one standing up to take responsibility and then she drags ex step bro back in to do more dirty where somewhere. I am hoping that he has passed out as well due to the stress of what happened with the company and the sub contractor. I suspect a heart attack perhaps and hope its not he has passed away.
  2. The greatest revenge against fake dad is to learn he was played big time by the person he looked down on. He took in Fake Se Na cause she showed up only to have it turn out she is not even his real daughter. Se Na has indeed been recording everything Fake dad tells her to do so she can later take him down while she tries to sit pretty. I would have been happy for her if she had stuck to her revenge without involving innocent people. Her actions have made good people do bad things and she still refuses to admit or fix it. That is why I see her as using the revenge as an excuse now but Se Na really wants the riches and power to forget where she came from I think. The problem with that is it means nothing if she stepped on, hurt and tricked people to get where she is now. Perhaps fake dad will really feel something at the end to learn his real daughter was killed. But given his personality I doubt it. He will only be mad that he was tricked at his own game. AS for Se Na when will she get that she was very fortunate to meet two men who (wasted) love(d) her and were good to her? She tossed away one then set out to destroy him and now the second seems to think all she needs to do is admit and pay for the crimes he knows about and all will be good. Father in law thinks there should be no divorce given she is from a rich family. Both dad and bro will be quick to remove her once they learn she is a complete fraud and the full extent of her crimes. Will Se Na end up in jail and reformed? Or will it be a case of her removed completely and big bro and his kiddo end up alone or with a new love interest. I have to agree that at the end KY and JH will be back together. KY will be hurt for a bit but she will get how JH turned out to be this way. You can't think that this man can just come back and be family after what Se Na has done and its for sure that SeNa needs to pay for her crimes. IF SeNa was going to do right then she never would have tried to keep him marrying KY. or destroyed his family and broke up his marriage to KY. KY and JH have a journey to go on without one another. We already know that KY is strong now that hard earned strength will come in handy going forward.
  3. Sorry for the double post... Here is the written preview for Episode 100: "경신(우희진) 때문에 하청업체 사장이 자살하면서 에이원에 최악의 위기가 찾아온다. 한편 에이원의 위기를 수습하려던 신 회장(박근형)은 분노한 유족들의 공격을 받게 되는데..." Translation per google: "The worst crisis comes to Ayeon because the subcontractor president suicides because of heejin (Woo Hee Jin). In the meantime, President Shin (Park Geun-hye), who was trying to tackle Ayeon's crisis, is being attacked by angry bereaved families." My interpretation: From what I get a sub contractor commits suicide due to KS who dropped the partnership. Elder Shin who is trying to face the trouble that KS created goes to the funeral but he is attacked by the angry and bereaved family or by families at the funeral. So its just what I suspected. KS's actions in getting rid of sub contractor and treating them badly ended up with one of the sub contractors committing suicide after his business was ruined due to KS. The Elder Shin tries to tackle the issue but he instead is attacked and blamed since it was his company that stopped the partnership. This again shows that what her husband told her about her plan to drop the sub contractors who stood by them for so many years was right. Her plan was wrong and it has now caused problems for the company. Her ideas are out dated and dangerous in the big picture. KS intentionally ruined that man and now the man has died due to her actions. I just hope that when its really time to get rid of KS they have been keeping tabs on her actions and have recorded them all.
  4. The Elder Shin knows that the person who died was kicked away due to KS's actions of removing their partners who stuck with them. It is prolly someone that went bankrupt after KS did what she did. Unfortunately he did not go back and fix the issue so he is being blamed for the man ending up dying prolly due to too much stress and bad luck after KS removed them from the partnership. Given his health issues he does not need that stress it should be KS standing up in front of those people but we know KS wont take responsibility for her actions that harmed peoples livelihoods and lives. AS the Chairman he is the one who is the face of the company to accept the blame even if he never wanted the person to be removed. The stress of this mess KS created is going to have the man having a heart attack that is for sure. I feel like if that happens and JY's mom hears it was KS who started that mess its for sure that she will tell the husband and MIL. The TW defense is gone once that happens. JY's mom knows the witch is evil and MIL thinks she is too. Once MOM in law hears from JY's mom (who she respects) the ugly truth then KS is toast. KS has to get kicked out by at least episode 105 so that we can see her try to frame and blame the Chairman (or her husband) for the embezzling and paper company she created. Its her payback for finally getting kicked out. Its coming because we saw her husband talking to the college junior about how hard was it for her when she divorced. We can tell he really wants KS gone from his life and the only thing holding him is TW. Once he finds out that KS continued to do bad things to mess with SH and the project along with the fact that Jenny is her bio daughter and he knows all that Jenny went through due to her bio mom there will be no more hesitation to get the divorce degree in play. TW wont help KS then and its too late to plead with her husband. Its sad because this man keeps asking how KS became like this when in fact she was always this way he was just fooled by her sweet and innocent act.
  5. That is what I hope happens. With learning that KS was still up to no good after begging her not to say anything I hope JY's mom realizes they have been played and goes right for the in laws or the husband. Its time someone stop buying her act and dishes it out to KS.
  6. MY assumption is the same HH does not love Emily but he did marry her for a reason. Unfortunately he had to realize his actions would hurt KY if she found out. That is one of the reasons he cried he has not only found out he has a son but now he will not be able to see or be with his son given what he has done in the name of revenge. Its sad because he now becomes the bad guy while Se Na is still able to keep her place in that family. MY feeling is no one can understand HH's shoes until they have to walk in them and given what Se Na did to him and his family he deserves the right to make her pay since she will not do it on her own. I do not dislike him for it but I wished KY did not have to find out about him being married again. That pain and the feeling of betrayal is not what she needs to deal with after being alone and raising her son for 6 years waiting on the man she loves the most to come back. I know that his marriage has to be platonic (i am not sure if it isn't if KY can get back with him again. ) if it is then I see KY and HH back together in the end. I felt that Emily liked HH before she lost her memories back when they were in the states with Se Na and her look when she realized he was married told me the same thing. Emily accepted it and liked KY because she could see the love between the two. But now without her memories she prolly is able to let her real feelings show for him. I think once her memory comes back she may try to hold on for a min but she will realize HH was never meant to be with her and let him go to be with KY and his son. She will know HH was only with her for revenge. It will be a painful ride for KY, HH , HK and JB simply because these people love one another but they will have to pay due to the actions of Se Na. KY and JH belong together and although HK is a good match as well he is not the right match for KY, JB is the right match for him. HE loves JB and JB loves him. JB lied she was married to stop their relationship and I wonder how long before he learns this fact. Either way I am good with HK and KY being a bit closer even if their hearts still hold another person in it. JB and JH need to both see the people they love with someone else to realize that their path of revenge lost them something precious. Also Jealousy is a good motivator to fix what they broke.
  7. I laughed at SH trying to hide from his wife what was going on but he kept resisting, inquiring and going to see his sick father this was bound to raise a red flag with his wife. I said to another soompi member in the chat for this drama he should give it up his wife will find out what is going on and JY did.. lmao when she called his name I knew she was fed up with his evasive behavior. HE had to spill the truth to her. Yes, KS keeps using that child but I think the get out of trouble card is used up now for her. I got the feeling too that SH was thinking of how to fix KS without causing more damage to his family. So far he keeps finding out that KS is behind a lot of trouble and he may get a clue that she is also behind his current troubles as well. I just wish he would look at that spy in his office and realize KS planted her.
  8. Here is the written for tonight's episode 99: "Yoon-Jin (Woo Hee-jin) who suspected between Hyun Joon (Park Jun-hyuk) and Eugene (Yeon Mi-ju) finally visits and warns Yujin. On the other hand, there is a danger to the health of Shin (Park, Geun-hyeong), but the goal of Sanghyuk and his emotions is getting deeper and deeper." per google translate. From episode 99
  9. Let's hope this is not what he felt was the only way to gain his revenge. I do not want to see KY find out that he may have married someone else even if it was only in name only. I truly hope that by the end of this drama KY and JH are back together but there are going to be many ups and downs for them given his need for revenge and Se Na not willing to paying for what she has done and doing more evil to make the situation only worse. I feel bad for JB and HK too. They love one another but can not be together due to Se Na as well. Se Na is keeping two couples from being together and I need her to get it and get out of that family. I think once HK finds out that Se Na is not his real sister he may go a different route. Right now he is kind of torn between family and knowing Se Na has caused so much pain to JH and KY. With so many episodes left its going to be an roller coaster ride.
  10. JH realized after hearing that Se Na was also at the hospital that day she could have pushed KY down those stairs. Although KY's mom glossed over that and did not mention it I think he still suspected. Now I too think that JH confided in her mom that he perhaps got remarried again or is about to do so. But I think that its a marriage in name only for him. But the fact her mom is telling her in the preview to stop waiting for JH proves that whatever he told her means KY should not hold on to his coming back to her. I still hope that its just him telling her that he can not stop his path of revenge and not that he truly has married someone else. But we can see that both JH and KY love one another still and even though he has gone this route for revenge that woman is still in his heart. I applaud her for telling him she will not allow her son to know his father if he is doing bad things in the name of revenge. I think this should be her stance. I am not saying give up his revenge but there is a consequence for going that far. I unfortunately understand JH too as the only way to beat Se Na and the rest is to get on their level.You can not play nice with those people. Unfortunately their level is ugly. I too can't stand that everyone in KY's family thinks he needs to just give up his revenge. Se Na destroyed his family and deserves to pay. The fact KY's dad says there should be no divorce is wrong. Would he really say that if he heard the entire truth of what Se Na did. Se Na dares to tell her husband she was just trying to protect her family , but from whom? JH would have lived his life happily with KY never telling the past. He was not messing with her until she started trying to steal from his in laws and his family and messing in his life. If she had not done bad things to him it would not come to this. Big Bro knows this but he is still thinking on the level of his own daughter and not about his sister. If it was just a matter of Se Na paying for her crimes and being sorry then good but we can all see that Se Na is not taking responsibility for what she has done or intends to. KY's family will not get it until they learn that Se Na is not the real one. Only then will they want to get rid if her daughter or not. And for the type of character Se Na is I do not know if she will make it to jail. Perhaps in the end she will learn from her mistakes after paying fro them and be able to do better but I doubt it. It amazes me that this witch thought he should not seek revenge to this extent after she ruined his family, his life and stole their land? Is she completely nuts? Se Na will go to the end with this and someone else may end up hurt.
  11. Everything points to her marriage is over. The man can't stand to talk to her and sleeps in another room. He comes home late after having drank and when he does talk to her she continues to not heed his words. The fact that he is very non verbal and gives short answers when she asks about the college junior should show he is pretty much done with her and its only because of TW that she is still around. KS is pushing her husband away and the only one to blame is herself. What she did with SH should be very close to this. The man is fed up with KS and everything she does is pointing still to her own evil heart and her greed. Her husband knows that KS is not a nice person and she continues to not listen to him tell her to not do things that could hurt his family. KS still thinks that TW will save her and her husband will never divorce her. But as we see she is the one who is destroying her marriage. Her husband is very filial and KS does not like that and he knows it. He is also very protective of his brother and he knows that KS is trying to push his brother away for the family assets. The more she goes on about him and the college junior the more she hurts herself. Nothing she had done has shown her husband that he should still love and protect her. KS keeps thinking he would never get rid of her but its coming close to him doing just that. All her husband needs is a very good reason and we have a few of them. a. the fact she just pushed everything on his father for what she thought up and put in to place. b. the attempted sabotage of the launch of the latest project. c. the spy in the office that sent out 3 mil instead of the 300 thou.trying to hurt SH's company and that project yet again. d. Jenny being her bio daughter that she not only lied on but tried to harm that caused JY to be hurt and put her baby in jeopardy e. that KS portrayed herself as so naive and innocent when he met her in college but in fact she had a child and abandoned it to marry well. Once her husband finds out what she has been up to lately and her past that includes Jenny she is done for. I am really wanting this out before we even find out about the paper company but I am not sure we will get that. I kind of wonder if the chairman will fall ill or die due to the shock of KY trying to frame him for that paper company and the embezzling to get back at them for wanting to divorce her and kick her out. All of this happening after her past with Jenny and her latest bad deeds coming out . KS is vindictive and nasty and she feels no remorse so learning that this time TW can't save her and her husband intends to truly divorce her her threat could be the crimes she committed pushed on her father in law and husband. One thing for sure is if the Elder Shin takes ill or dies because of KS SH will go after her. KS has always been afraid of SH and his business acumen and her actions will end up having SH having to step in to fix the mess she tried to put his father and brother in. This is why I wonder if the Elder Shin was able to find something to get rid of KS if he needed. He knew how she was after she threatened him before. I hope he has something in place to deal with her if she tries to become difficult and puts that company and his family at risk. One other theory is when KS comes home her in laws let her have it for telling SH that it was all the Father in law when she thought up that mess. KS still pushes blame on them instead of taking responsibility. In the course of the argument KS is her same non regretful state she says something out of that nasty evil mouth of hers that upsets her father in law so much that he has a heart attack and given her personality she could very well leave him on the floor then to help him thinking with him gone she will be able to get everything especially if he threatened her and she fired back at him shocking him too much.
  12. JH is being a bit to fast in thinking that he can take care of this revenge and get his family back. Given Se Na's character and her fake dad and the uncle they will not take this sitting down. Especially someone they looked down on as trash managed to not only beat them down but almost ruin them. I'ts ok for them to steal from JH and step on him as they thought he was trash but when he comes back with money and has taken over a spot in the company by ruining them enough to gain control they will only end up doing something worse the next time around. JH really should have used a proxy before coming out himself. It was safer and it allowed him to do more damage. From the preview it looks like Se Na has been removed from her position and JH is taking over that office. But at the end you see her sneaking around outside of somewhere over hearing something and you can see her face as she vows to pay him back (at least its my interpretation) for what he has done to her. Se Na totally forgets what she did to the man after a five year relationship, what she did to the man once he found love again with KY and what she did to his family. It always amazes me that they are able to do so much evil to people and expect them not to retaliate against them. That is a proven point when they thought to send the thugs to beat up JH but HK got caught instead. His father is mad that his son was beat up but never thought that JH is someones precious son as well. I think its going to come to them kidnapping the child or KY as well trying to use it against JH too.. I hope I am wrong because I do not want anyone else to get hurt because of Se Na and her fake dad and uncle.
  13. That is exactly what big bro told KS and she did indeed says there is TW so she is not going anywhere basically. But like we all know she has used TW for far too long to get out of trouble and I do not think this time will do it for her. She came up with everything but pushed in on her father in law in order to ruin the relationship to make SH be at odds again to get rid of him. This is going to backfire on her big time. KS can't even see her days are numbered. Big Bro knows that it was all her idea and that KS is really trying to break up his family by telling SH it was all the father. HE can't stand her anymore and you can see how very telling it was that he was out again with his college junior and she even asked him how was it he and SH were not fighting over the assets and he told her that SH was a good person and that his father planned on breaking off the distribution side and giving it to SH while he continued to run the main group. She asked him what his wife think of that because she was very ambitious (translation: What will your wife do about that as she seems very greedy!) big bro responded that he does not understand why KS has become so greedy. (This is a red flag that this man is able to talk about his wife in that manner to this woman!KS has ruined the love that man once had for her.)After making that statement big bro's face looked very disturbed because he knows that KS will keep it up to destroy the peace and push out SH. Its sad because as he was walking with the woman (Who we can all tell really likes Big Bro now and did in college as well) who asked him how he met his wife he told her how naive and prideful KS was back then and how beautiful and how she seemed to be the only woman who did not throw herself at him due to his background. (LIES! The poor sap, he just never knew he was targeted by KS due to his background!) It's going to hit him hard to find out about Jenny and given KS's personality when KS finally gets that TW won't save her she will show her true colors like she did to SH and say basically the same thing she did to her husband only with a little more venom. This man is going to be really hurt because he was truly blinded by KS. Then the worst thing could happen did and that is KS doing what she did above and hurting his family once more. The man can see she is not sorry and did it on purpose. The only problem I have with him is he should have called his parents to warn them of what KS did. KS will smirk thinking her plan worked but I do not see it lasting too long. SH may not want to listen that it was KS yet but he eventually will and then KS will be up the creek. KS thinks she can get JY and SH away so no one will find out about her past and keep them away from inheriting but what she did will only speed up her trash coming out. I agree that there is a huge chance that SH's father may end up dying. Its a bit foreshadowing with him laying in bed in the last episode thinking about how he lived his life and how much he let greed rule him. He felt sorry for how he treated JY as well and she ended up being his daughter in law and having another one of his grandchildren. He feels like he is possibly being punished for his sins and vowed to do good from now on. What I like most is he finally acknowledged his wife's work that helped him get to where he was. He told her he gave her a building and was putting all of the assets that were making money in her name in case something happened to him. He said half of all he has is hers since she helped him. Finally this man realized he did not get where he was alone and was sorry for what he did to JY and SH. Then just as he vowed to be a better person KS does this. The family was in harmony after a long time and she just ruined it with her greed. I loved JY's mom as well and she is exactly what is needed against KS. KS has used that child way too much and because JY and SH are too close to the problem they did not want to disturb the family, his parents, his brother or that child. But JY's mom is thinking of SH and JY and her grandchild which is what she should do. KS has been a bane of JY's existence since she met her. Yet she continues to not learn from her mistakes and instead goes to do more evil. JY's mom owes her nothing and does not like her so all she needs to do is go and tell the in laws what KS is really about. This is exactly what KS needs someone to not fall her for her mess or be swayed by TW. KS is trying to mess with her daughter and grandchild now and that is not going to fly. I keep thinking that the min that SH finds out that KS is behind his troubles again that is when he will realize and listen to his brother and mother. I just hope the Chairman does not die or not before SH has a chance to reconcile with him. If he does die first then SH will really be upset that KS messed up his last possible days with his father due to her evil ways. Nothing will hold him back for going for KS. Right now SH is too angry and hurt to listen. Lets hope JY is able to talk to him and he cools down and thinks rationally. I can't wait for her to learn that the Chairman changed things and gave a lot to his wife. KS had a thought that she would end up with something through TW but in the end she will end up with nothing. Everyone hates Jenny's bio mom now and when they learn is KS she can forget being able to stay in that family anymore. I wonder what the cliff hanger will be in tonight's /Friday mornings episode.
  14. I too wondered if there will be some type of revelation in the next episode as to why we did not get a preview. But I also know that SBS also has a tendency to stop previews when they get close to or over 100 episodes leaving you wanting to know what will happen next as the drama gets closer and closer to ending. I hope what we get is something good as a cliff hanger for tonight without having to wait for the end of the weeks episode. Hopefully something trips up KS in tonight's episode that lets her feel the heat that she is about to be busted. I agree once SH catches that woman and realizes its KS behind the trouble there is nothing to stop him from busting her. Or if JY's mom finds out that KS is causing trouble for SH's company there is nothing to stop that woman regardless of what JY says to blow up KS. The biggest problem with KS is she continues to use Tony as her shield and continues to do ugly things. KS does not stop given how many chances she has been given to stand still, sit down and stop her destruction. The greed in her heart won't let her listen to a word her husband has said to her and its going to destroy her marriage. Imagine her husbands face to learn she was behind the troubles for that project. How can he look at SH and that woman again knowing it was his wife who caused so much trouble and tried to ruin that project? Nothing she can say will fix it. The man told her to stop and you know that KS will only say she did it so SH will not inherit which will totally blow up her husband when he told her to let go of that greed. The embarrassment he will feel KS wont care because she does not like that woman and she wants to ruin SH anyway. Only it will backfire on her. Tony will not be able to save her because then he learns that Jenny is her bio daughter and all she did to her it wont matter if Tony will not have his mom because she will be out the door with a quickness and divorced especially if her MIL finds out.
  15. Good to see you back @sava2sava. Se Na did try to kill Emily but she failed. Emily was able to find out that Se Na is a fake and that the real Se Na is dead. Emily tried to blackmail Se Na for money to help her father who was ill but Se Na tried to kill her. JH (HH) took her away to get her treatment in the states. My guess is when Se Na is about to go down hard Emily will show back up looking fabulous and out that Se Na is a fraud from top to bottom. Imagine Se Na's face then when she realizes that the woman she thought she killed is in fact still alive and able to out who she really is. I liked Emily's character and hated that she needed to go that route to get money for her fathers health. The worst thing Emily did was not tell someone like JH or even HK who Se Na really was as an insurance policy. I hope when she shows up again she manages to have proof. Of course someone will do a DNA test again I bet if they get wind that Se Na is a fake. KY's brother is in for a huge blow. I agree he wont leave her now because of his daughter. He will only do it when he learns she is a fake and is not the real Se Na. Once he realizes that she is a orphan who stole someone else identity then he will be ready to divorce her on top of everything else she has done. It wont happen unless she dies or goes to jail then she will have to sign off on a divorce with him. He will have no way to plead for her and by that time after learning how she targeted him and then used him he will be ready to get rid of her. The one I want to see is his father. What will he do when he learns that the daughter in law he was so proud of is not from a rich family? He can already see that Se Na is not a good person from what he told his son in the last couple of episodes but its different when you have to face how you were totally fooled and contributed to her hurting others and yourself. @UnniSarah It is a very smart move for JH to block all roads to them getting domestic investors. That way they have no other way but to go to foreign investors to get capital. That also opens them up to a possible take over as well. The foreign investor can give demands in order to get their money and I think this is what may happen with what JH has into play. He may require stock or control in some way and given their desperate situation they will agree thinking they will be able to recoup their losses and then gain control again only that is not what will end up happening. My guess is they will be going along like no problems working with the investor and then at the right moment they will be hit by what they actually signed away for that money. By the time the dust settles the person they will see as a life line will be in place to take everything from them. They set out to destroy and steal from others and they will have the same thing happen to them.