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  1. JS is very selfish. This is why I said if she truly felt remorse she would have face them all instead of leaving a note making her children worry about her. All of this is for her to try and get sympathy. What would she really do if everyone told her to jump? Now her own actions have caused CW to be hurt yet again. Forgiveness is something that is earned and JS has not worked long or hard enough or shown remorse for what she did to get it. Its a shame that it has to possibly happen this way for her to get it. Her own actions caused so much pain and anguish yet the only way for her to see it is to have someone get hurt or die . The people ultimately paying for her evil actions are her children and grand daughter.
  2. CW's dad already questioned his judgment in regards to JS after learning she is the one to abandon his daughter. He did not consider just how deep her evil went until the police said she was a suspect in the DNA switch. Its one thing to learn that she did the ugly deed in the first place but its quite another to realize that JS was working to stop his daughter from coming home. The anger, the remorse and the guilt he feels to CW, his former mother in law and for himself was just too much on top of not really having fully processed the first shock of JS being the culprit in CW's disappearance and abandonment then he learns the rest. As for why they never considered her as the perpetrator is because JS acted very well as the concerned step mom. She ran around like she was truly looking for CW when she went missing and they only saw her acting like she was as distraught as they were It never occurred to them that the person was next to them who harmed CW because they only saw as a good wife , mother and daughter figure who was as broken up as they were. Reality has shown them that JS is evil and selfish and had no remorse for what she did. Look at Halmoni's reaction when she learns the truth and CW stands up to yell at JS. Halmoni stepped back in horror with her hand at her mouth (which is how I knew she would react). Here she just gave the woman the ring and the papers to adopt her as her own daughter and learns she had evil in her house the entire time. JS stood by and saw her suffering , saw her husband suffering and never said a word. They were fooled for so many years never knowing they had a white eyed wolf in their mist. CW's dad and Halmoni trusted JS so much that they never could think she would do something so evil to a child let alone them. Now that the police has told him I am sure everything that JS said and did and her body language will come back to CW's dad. He will also get why JY apologized to him that night and came home so very drunk. I said in a post a few pages back that they will see a different side to all of JS's reactions and comments once the truth comes out. Her words and actions take on a different context with them knowing she was the culprit. It will scare them to realize that the person they most wanted to find and punish was beside them all the time. There is no remorse in JS at the moment but perhaps her husbands close call will bring home to her just what she did. Her child or children became more important then his daughter and the pain the man dealt with for 33 years over CW being missing. JS needs a wake up call to show her that her crocodile tears and leaving the way she did does not make up for what she has done to CW, her husband and Halmoni or even her children. Her selfish , greedy actions have hurt a lot of people and they are going to have to deal with the revelation of her betrayal to them.
  3. I am hoping that CW's dad does not die. I did not like the fact the man was having a heart attack alone in his office. I hope someone found him quickly and sent him to the hospital. It would be a shame for him to die there will already be enough guilty feelings because of him having a stroke or heart attack from CW and JY let alone YY. His having health issues can set off Halmoni again to have to have medical care. Lets all hope the writer is not trying to kill him off. If a life needs to be taken then JS owes a life to CW and her family for what she did to her. IF she had any type of remorse she should have turned herself into the police to pay for her crimes without causing the family and her children anymore problems.
  4. What is the most shameful to not only YY but also her husband is she abandoned his daughter and went against his wishes to not have another child and tried to have a child to replace the one she threw away. Imagine how YY feels to learn that her father may not have wanted another child but her mom used her as a replacement for the one she tossed away. JS keeps forgetting that there is no blood tie between her husband and Halmoni, JY and her husband and only a thin line between CW and YY on the father's side. JS has sent both her children into turmoil with her greedy grasping actions and I still say the way she left the house was selfish. She refuses and plays thick skinned only to leave like a thief in the night leaving only notes after her son makes a comparison to her own grandchild and CW. If she truly felt sorry she would have waited for her husband to come home and Halmoni to say good bye and have JY pick her up, but she ran off leaving notes to worry others. Yes, I believe the paper work was for the adoption of her becoming Halmoni's daughter along with the ring Halmoni gave her that CW helped her decide. I want to hope she gave it back but I am sure she would have because Halmoni could easily have it dissolved and get that ring back even if the police needed to be involved so I do not think JS was foolish to leave with those things given she now knows the police are on to her about the DNA swap and the note. WH did wrong and he knows it. Its why he was quick to say sorry to CW. It was not as innocent as they made out. I remember the scene where they were in the hotel and he had his shirt on backwards trying to sneak out and she teased him about it and talked about CW who was older. Given the pictures that the husband provided he could easily cast doubt on their relationship for the simple fact to get her for daring to divorce him even if he is an abuser. His brother tired to warn him but he failed to listen. Those pictures can help CW gain her divorce as well as the paper trail from the doctor on the vasectomy. CW's father in law is going to blow up when he learns what they hid and he was doing behind CW's back. He is already ashamed of his family and knows how CW has suffered and now that he is so close to CW's father he is not going to be able to stand it and will not only agree to this divorce but also let his wife have it as well. WH is a very immature and selfish man a true product of his mother. Unfortunately CW became his baby sitter and care giver for 8 years. He never fully understood how good he had it but also how he treated his wife. If he had he never would have done her this way and never would have allowed her to be the bread winner in that relationship. He only thought of himself and we never saw him try to look at how things could be for CW with all the changes and shocks that have come into her life recently. He was too happy to run the streets with that woman and never once offered support or comfort to CW. His behavior was childish and self centered. He wanted CW to cater to him but never tried to be there for her. To truly be able to consider another person you have to be self aware and WH is not. This has always been my take. JY would never have stayed in the family anyway and was quick to tell them that it was a mistake to come into that family given what JS did to CW. He feels a lot of shame to all of them but mostly CW and its because he is aware of her life prior to coming into that house and the things she is going through now because of her no good husband. I expected him to step away from everything and release all he gained while being in that house. I expect him to also say he wanted to come off the registry. Its going to be hard for CW's dad with that because he does not blame JY and we can see Halmoni does not either. I would have liked to see this before anyone realizes he likes CW but I think after the tempers cool down and everyone is more stable health wise they may have to make an argument for his reasons and that is because he is in love with CW. I can see the elders protesting at first over the relationship but I can see them also thinking it through as well. They love JY and he is family even without it on paper and the possibility of grandchildren and a happy family life. I think Halmoni and CW's dad are also seriously mad at JS because her actions have affected JY and he is having to deal with having her for mom making him leave the house and the company. I am sure they can understand fast that she got rid of CW and tried to replace it with her own blood. Its chilling that they spent 33 years next to her and never knew the evil things she did or plotted.
  5. I feel nothing for JS at all. She truly never saw the harm she did to CY until her son blasted her about her abandoning CY at a younger age then her own grand daughter. The woman is nothing but an opportunist. Instead of her son outing everything JS should have did the right thing but she only thought of herself from start to finish and even the way she left was wrong as she will end up worrying her children with her disappearance. So very self centered and selfish. One thing I enjoyed was to see everyone realizing that JY and YY are not the bad guys. I did not want to see overly violent and nasty scenes to JY and YY because JY had the courage to be the messenger of bad news. I was proud of Halmoni and CY's dad for both saying that JS has hurt JY with her actions basically showing that they know this man had nothing to do with it nor knew what she did but instead is the one trying to make things right and take responsibility. I hope he does move back in with his daughter but if he doesn't I think a bit of time away from the house may do him and YY good as now they carry a lot of guilt for what their mother did. The truth needed to come out so everyone can start to heal now and gain forgiveness. I do not want JS still married to CY's dad but I do think at some point people need to make peace with it after she has been made to pay or truly realize what she did. It's the only way CY and JY can truly be together. That does not mean that CY is buddy buddy with JS but at least she has moved on and lives her life well not thinking of the pain JS caused. Lets all hope the writer is heading in a direction to give JY and CY a love line together. As for WH it really does not matter if he did nothing with JMH or if he truly did something with her. The fact is he lied to his wife about his where about numerous times and then his mom tried to cover for him as well. The betrayal is while CY is going through things with her family he never cared to reach out to her who was his wife yet he was fine to get in the middle of JMH's issues. What he is getting is what he deserves given his brother warned him about this as her husband could use that to paint her in a bad light causing her to loose her lawsuit and divorce. There is no doubt her husband is a nasty violent person and she should have known better as well but I think both of them have feelings for one another on some level. WH is still very immature and does not see how he betrayed his wife. The fact he is saying sorry to her shows on some level he knew he did her wrong. His running after her in my opinion is not because he truly got he screwed up but mostly because he got caught. WH is aware that CY was the best thing he had and he never took care of her and has now lost her by his actions. His words about having a child or even feeling bad for her or himself whenever she came up not pregnant were insulting considering how his mom treated her over not being pregnant. He made a life changing choice on his own after he married her without talking to her all based on him not wanting to have kids and yet he stood by and watched his mom treat her bad blaming her as having the problem when it was him all along. I for one can't wait for his mom and brother to find out what he did there. They can fully forget it after that. They will have no way to protest. I look forward to what her father in law will say as he loves CY so much and will be so angry at how WH treated her and what he was up to and what he did with the snipping. I think EJ and the accountant are a better pair as well and I hope that this is where that is going with them ending up together. I see her concern for SJ as more friendship now that she is out on her own away from him living her life and interacting with someone who seems to care and know what she is experiencing. I never like how she went about being pregnant and hiding it springing it on him but she did not deserve to be treated as she did. Thank goodness for CY and her father in law.
  6. Exactly, JS never once prolly saw CY as her child instead she saw her as a road block to her own son or daughter. Maybe she did not intentionally go in with this thought (just as a way to play devil's advocate) and only turned this way when she saw her son being mistreated by Halmoni. But again a key point here is CY's dad is not related to Halmoni anymore so they really had no place in that house and the only tie to that home and Halmoni was CY. But CY's dad took JY as his son as soon as her married the woman and moved her in and in the 33 years that CY was missing he thought of JY as his son. A big difference between JS and CY's father. One saw a child as a road block and never thought to perhaps be a real mom to her while the other never once saw JS as not his son. Its very telling and I am sure its another nail in JS's coffin when her husband finds out what she did to his daughter. While her son lived the good life his daughter was cast away by her. CW did right to thank JS. If JS had not abandoned her perhaps her resentment would have grown towards CY and she would have mistreated her more and more. At least her abandoning her enabled her to end up with the adopted mom she has who never once did not see CW as her child. Even her brother and sister all saw CW as their "Noona" and "Oni". Its a big difference between the two families. One of the key points to mention here is a. CW is her only blood relative and last connection to her daughter and b. guilt for thinking she is the one who lost CW so many years ago. The woman has been in anguish for years over CW. But there is something that always angers me in the K-drama's whenever there is a situation of a possible birth secret we find a few people who are so nasty and disrespectful to the person. Halmoni was a mess to CW too and she truly in my book has not said sorry to her. CW brushed it off because Halmoni is an elder and family but there was no real reason for her to act that way towards CW. JS's reasons were because she wanted to make sure that CW could not come home and wanted to run her away but Halmoni only had her uppity personality and snobbish behavior along with JS's lies to turn her attitude towards CW nasty. You always should be careful how you treat other peoples children as they may turn out to be related. If JS was a true parent she would have thought what if it was someone else who had the thoughts she did and JY was taken and abandoned. How would she deal with the loss of JY? JS never thought of it she only thought of herself and her son. JS did not care one bit that her husband would be upset over his daughter being gone. It was cruel and nasty. Forget about Halmoni given she was mean to JY but her husband was not mean to her child but she scared and abandoned his child. As you said Halmoni held the purse strings she so held it in, sucked it up and endured in hopes of a big payoff only everything will be blown up with JY's revelations.
  7. JS wanted to wash away her past of growing up without a father and make sure her son did not endure that either. Only her actions totally caused another child to loose her roots. This is where others are going to be horrified. Its ok to want to gain roots for your son and legitimacy even if its not a blood relationship but she tried to destroy another persons roots and replace them. CW's father is going to be so upset as he took JY in as his own son and look what JS did to his daughter. JY has always carried guilt I think of living well while CW was out there somewhere or possibly dead. To learn its his mom who did it and I am sure he is smart enough to realize she did it for him there was no way he could continue to hide that secret. His knowing that the one person he cared about and who helped him adjust as a child in a new environment also knew and is suffering from the knowledge is hiding it for everyone's sake except JS would not sit well for him. JY has seen how her life was in the past and now so his guilt is a lot. YY may not have any guilt because she was not born when CW went missing but I can see her having some now when she learns the truth. I loved the fact that YY was so happy to have a sister only to be ashamed to look at CW when the truth comes out. So the fall out is doing to be one or both of them may end up leaving the company and house if nothing else to give back to CW. This is a good possibility. The man will feel guilt and shame to his daughter and Halmoni. JS was the woman he brought into the family. The suffering that Halmoni and even himself suffered is all due to JS who stood beside them for 33 years like she knew nothing and cared about CW let along looked for her. I would not be surprised if he decided to leave the house and company at all. His belief in his own judgment will take a hit. His daughter was harmed under his watch. It will not sit well with him at all. I can see him giving up everything even though he worked hard for years in that company. I think this is why it will be real easy for YY and JY to walk away from everything. They have no blood ties to Halmoni. They lived well, were well educated and had the benefit of working in the company using the name of the family to live well all really because of the dad and JS false face wanting to be the daughter of Halmoni. But Halmoni has already said that CW is her only blood relative so everything would have gone to her and anything that the dad, JY , YY or even JS got were at Halmoni's desecration. Halmoni would have taken care of everyone but the moment she mentioned changing her will JS started to panic an was trying to run CW away. I have said in an earlier post that what Halmoni did to JY was not right. He was an innocent child but at the same time if JS worried so much about how he was treated then she being in Halmoni's home should have kept him dealing with Halmoni so much. The situation was new and weird on all accounts and CW's father should have dealt with it another way then moving them in. He would have had money to buy a home or flat for them. I think it was not a one time event with Halmoni either and only with CW around did JY deal with it. But once she went missing I think Halmoni either lashed out more or was just so upset over CW being gone that she did not think of JY anymore. My main guess is when CW went missing JY who missed her too became a help to Halmoni and the relationship changed. I still think that even with CW there she would have thawed her Halmoni to adjust and accept JY into the family. It was just gong to take time. I am not justifying Halmoni's actions I am just saying there were other ways to go about trying to thaw her out eventually had JS and the dad thought more on it.
  8. I think JS did not want CY and JY together because of what she did to her. Her biggest fear was CY remembering the past and realizing it was her who abandoned her. You can tell she did not like CY at all and I think its a lot to do with her being the blood heir for Halmoni and well loved. JS wanted JY to be received well into that family and it did not start like that. Its why when JY credits CY as being the person who helped him adjust to that new environment JS tells him that is not true or not to say that. JS could tell that her son liked CY a bit more than siblings and that was a fear for her. JY would have to remove himself from the registry in order to be with CY and I am sure he would do it but then all of her work for the last 33 years would be in vain. That is why I think JY and CY being together anyway and JY asking to be removed from the registry is the perfect punishment for her. She did all of that and did not get what she wanted in the end. Her son ends up without a father on paper and they did not get anything from the family. Now I know that CY's father and Halmoni after they calm down and CY talks to them will realize that JY nor YY are at fault. They will still have their jobs and I do not think they will tell the company that they are not part of the family either unless the scandal breaks of what JS did. In the end if CY and JS are able to be together he will still benefit as her husband but that was never his goal. This is something that I mentioned before. CW was really fortunate that JS decided to abandoned her in a area with a lot of Ahjumma's as well as leaving a note in her purse to "raise her well" it could have been much worse and JS could have decided to abandon her in a remote area or kill her out right or CW found the wrong type of people who did something worse to her. Instead she managed to have the milk lady find her and she ended up with a good family and raised well. She may have had to work a lot and ended up with a horrible mother in law, brother in law and lazy hubby but her early years were for the most part happy after her abandonment. I think this is also true. In her mind she wanted a father for her son and she felt possibly that CW would not allow her son to have that as long as she was around. She wanted her son to have that close relationship with the father and Halmoni so she got rid of her. She never thought that the man could be shared. I am sure as a child CY may have felt those negative emotions as well and that is why "Eomma" was never used by her. Even though JS acted nice kids can tell certain things instinctively. JS never tried to see it from Halmoni's perspective. How would this woman feel to have a new woman and child step into a spot her own daughter had to leave early vacant. One instance of Halmoni telling JY not to touch stuff in the house and she decided to abandon CY. If she did not like it so much she should have never stalked CY's dad and intentionally married him nor stayed in Halmoni's house. She could have tried to convince her hubby to live independently but CY would have stayed with her Halmoni. Not sure if he would have done it since his daughter was the only tie left of his late wife but she did not have to do what she did. What JS wanted was for her son to be fully accepted like he was born into the family and for him to get his hands on the riches that he truly did not have any right to. Whatever JY would have gotten now would have been given because Halmoni loved him and saw how good he was but JS's actions are going to loose that for him and YY.
  9. I think CW's father will have a lot of anger and resentment as will Halmoni. Basically JS was beside them the entire time knowing how they suffered for CY's disappearance and she pretended she knew nothing while acting like she cared and was trying to find her. He will see it as having brought in this woman who in turned harmed his daughter allowing him to miss out on 33 years of her life. Not to mention the shame of having to face Halmoni who will also place blame on him as well. Its his wife and she harmed the last blood relative. There is also the shame to his former wife CY's mom for allowing this woman to come in and hurt their daughter after her death. It will be very hard for him to forgive her. JS does not deserve to be forgiven and she should be made to pay for her crimes, but JY and YY are innocent and have nothing to do with what JS did. They should not be punished for what JS did to CY even though she will say it was for JY it was truly for herself and this is an argument I expect someone to bring up. JY was already accepted as a son of CW's dad so there was no reason for her to do something like this. Halmoni would have eventually warmed up to the boy especially with CY's help so there was no reason for her to abandon CY so her argument there is going to be blown up. And It's for sure that JS will throw this in Halmoni's face wait and see. They will not be able to look at her after she dares to say that Halmoni was mean to JY and she saw it as a way for JY to be accepted. I do not think that JS fully understands what she did. She tried to cut off the roots of Halmoni's and her husbands blood family and replace it with herself and her son. Its just fortunate that she has good children it could be worse and they be just like JS. When this comes out it could cause problems perhaps with YY and CW's adopted brothers relationship I think. He loves his Noona and may reconsider the relationship with YY because of JS's actions. If this does happen then I can see YY so angry at her mom all over again for what she has done. JY needs to come off the registry anyway in order for CW and him to even be together. I think that it will be both JY and YY who will suggest it. Neither of them are greedy and they may be the ones to suggest this solution. Its the perfect revenge for JS who was coveting something that should not belong to her. If she had just stayed in her lane she would have ended up with her children inheriting as part of the family along with CW but her actions will cause her to loose all she tried to gain for the last 33 years. Her additional punishment should be to see JY and CW be together and YY and CW's adopted brother be together. The two things she did not want to happen will. That's because JS never wanted CW to come back. She hoped to have her gone for good so her way would be clear for her children and herself. It's why she tried so hard to keep CW away when she saw those clothes and realized the possibility of CW being CY. Then when they mentioned that CW being around could return her memory she really started to panic and tried to have CW sent away abroad to study to keep her from remembering and exposing the truth. JS never felt sorry for what she did to CY and she never will. Even though JS has been in that family for 33 years and seen the pain and anguish her husband and Halmoni had about CY she never felt bad for what she did. If she truly had felt remorse she would have never have tried to keep CW from coming back. Fate and karma fixed JS and made sure that it was her who in the end enabled CW to come back home. All her plotting and planning ended up with her putting the picture in Halmoni's room and allowing CW to see it having them realize it was the missing CY. Now all her words and actions in the past will be remembered by Halmoni and her husband once JS exposes what she did. Her excuses then will turn into sinister motives once they realize the clues were in front of them all along they chose not to believe someone so close could do that and they will feel like they had a two faced evil person beside them for all those years. Even if she tries to say she took care of them to make up for it who would want to accept an excuse like that. They would have rather had CY back then accept her fake , planned kindness. I think in the end JS will be made to realize how she hurt her own children by her greedy actions. IF she is smart she will accept whatever punishment for tampering with the DNA and anything else she did since she can't be prosecuted for the abandoning anymore due to the statue of limitations. I think divorce and going to jail or leaving are in her future. If there is a time jump we may see JY or CW going away and building that dream home they both talked about and then reuniting.
  10. MY take on the situation after the bomb drops is CW will be the bridge to have JY and YY not suffer so much because of JS's actions. CW will not want JY especially to be mistreated because of his mom nor have her half sister suffer either from the wrath of Halmoni. There was no reason for JS to do what she did and if she is really a mother she will face up to what she did and divorce and go away. But we could see CW after she deals with her own personal troubles give JS a break because she does not want her father to loose his wife and her half sister to loose her mom. I am still hoping for a romance arc with JY and CW but I am not sure how that will go if everyone is saying its only 80 episodes instead of 100.
  11. I can't see JY going back to the ex. I also think that Halmoni will want JY and YY out of the will or family based on what JS did. IF that happens I can see JY not upset as he feels so guilty for what CW went through because of his mom. For him it was never about profit anyway. But if the ex finds out that JY will not only inherit nothing but is on the outs with Halmoni she may just drop her lawsuit and cut her losses as she has nothing to gain now and no chance of getting any money or support out of the family as JY is out of favor. Her goal was to get support to help her family save her company in hopes her dad will get well but without that she gains nothing from continuing to try to get the child and pull in JY. I do not see her really caring for JY or the child they are both tools for her to try to get what she needs from them. JY is going to blow up JS's lies. I am sure JY realized that CW could not have possibly said she would bury the truth and if she did it would only be for everyone else and not JS. He has realized that the only way to make up for what was done to CW is to come clean and take whatever punishment that Halmoni and step dad sat down. The shame is Halmoni may forget for a moment that JY has been a big help to her in helping her find CW and bring her home and YY has nothing to do with this situation at all. JY is doing this as well to stop Halmoni from adopting JS as her daughter as he knows his mom does not deserve it. JS over played her hand once again and is going to be very shocked when she realizes that the police now have the note and are investigating. JS is well aware of what will happen when her husband finds out and that is prolly why she is trying to warn YY. Unfortunately she can't protect her children. Just like CW became a victim because of JS's greed for her children her own children will suffer from her actions. CW was an innocent child who was abandoned and now her two innocent children will have to deal with the anger and shame that is coming their way due to JS's actions.
  12. Everyone can see what Lazy hubby is doing is cheating. He may not have done the deed yet but emotionally he has left his marriage and is invested in this so called "Friend". He is the only one who is unaware that he is hurting his wife by his actions. His brother has warned him and his mother and although they are doing it for the wrong reasons they are trying to stop a huge problem. JY has warned him twice and he still does not get it. If it was really on the up and up he would never lie to CW about where he has been he would tell her. He is insensitive and disrespectful to CW. You can tell he does not love her because he would have taken better care of CW for the last 8 years instead of her taking care of his immature behind. I am just waiting for him to totally loose it and yell at CW outing his own mess. Completely showing her he no longer loves her. I hope its soon. I am sick of seeing him. I can see her father in law not knowing what to do and how to face CW's dad when this blows up. Edit: The way I see it Lazy hubby is a spoiled little boy. The min that CW started on the path to find her own family he started to pull away. Once she found her family and no longer was running herself ragged over him he started to pull away. Her staying at their house instead of being around to be used by him and abused by his mother made him stop all pretense. What he wanted was her to cater to him again to take care of him and baby him. Instead what he got was her family standing up to protect her. He could no longer treat her the way he did before. When she had that make over and went on stage he could see the CW her used for 8 years was no longer around anymore. Given her Halmoni dictating certain things and JY standing around watching him and warning him he could no longer use her like he once did. This is why pressure from his mom and brother are going to make what he is doing come to light. He will be insensitive and hateful to CW when it happens I bet before he realizes what he did. By that time he will realize he no longer loves her and is in love with that woman. This will hurt CW although I feel like deep down she can see her marriage is no longer what it once was.
  13. JS is a mess and JY saw it. Unfortunately for her she has a sweet and loving son who is very smart and managed to put all the clues together and realized what she did in half a day. JS was not sorry it was just as CW said she was more worried about CW coming back and exposing who abandoned her and JS also realized it as well later. Lies upon lies from this woman's mouth. One min its she just wanted a father for her son. Next at her mothers grave she wanted roots for herself and her son. Then she tells JS she did it because JS was being mistreated by Halmoni and felt they would never be able to take root in that family if CY was still there. Come on lets just say what it was JS wanted her child and/or children to be the only ones in that family favored by Halmoni who had the money strings. So much so she tried to cut the roots off of Halmoni's family. Its sad because the same way it took time for Halmoni to warm up to JY after CW was gone she would have eventually did the same thing if CY was still in the family. There is no way Halmoni would have continued to be mean with CY still there. JS never thought of how it would be for Halmoni to have her son in law marry again and to a woman with a child when her own daughter is gone. She took a few incidents and decided to do something so evil. JS only thought of her child and herself never about CW or that family. We can just call it what it was greed. JS was willing to abandon that child for her own personal motives.She claimed that she was worried and tried to go back and find her? Looked for her over the years? If she really felt remorse she never would have acted on that desire in the first place! Did she really think her son would be ok with that? How could he look CW, Halmoni and step dad in the face knowing what his mom did? CW was the first one to truly welcome him into that family and his mom abandoned her and changed her life! There is no way he could endure that. He was so ashamed when he learned that CW knew the truth as well. So I am not surprised that he realized his mom would not do the right thing. I am also not surprised by how sad he was to learn that CW knows who did it as well. It explained a lot to him in that moment as to why CW was so strange and went back to her in laws. For JY knowing that CW is prolly pulling away due to his mother after his step father and Halmoni just found her is not acceptable so I can see why this man would never hide the truth and in the preview we see him on his knees saying sorry and telling that it was his mother. Especially now that Halmoni has said she was going to adopt his mom as her daughter. His mom does not deserve that right after what she did and he had to stop that from happening. JS made her own bed now she needs to lie in it and accept the repercussions. JY knew that once he learned his step dad has involved the police with the note things are going to get ugly. He is trying to help his mom but she is being stubborn so he will take on the responsibility to tell the truth. What's sad is he will end up a target because JS will not do the right thing. She pulled her children into her mess. JS in the preview is telling YY some explosive things are about to happen in the family. She is prolly warning her to step back and do not get involved. Its foolish for her to even think that YY wont be implicated in some way. Both her children will be tainted by what she did. The question i have is once they learn the truth and realize that CW remembered as well will they follow through and send JS to jail opening up a scandal that will hurt the company and the reputation or will JS be forced to leave and divorce? CW wanted her to tell the truth and leave and not effect JY and YY but JS did not do that. In my opinion this is a good time for the truth to come out. There is no way JY and CW can be together later possibly until this is out and everyone has had time to process it. Also for CW to be able to convince her Halmoni and father that JY and YY are not responsible and should not be treated badly because of it. I can also see her possibly telling her father that although the woman did it she was dedicated to the family for 33 years. Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Lazy hubby is gearing up to blow up very soon. Every one keeps talking about CW's bio family and you can tell he wants no part of it. He is going to be the one to tell the truth very soon or CW will see him and he will have no choice but to do it. As it stands now he is a selfish little twit and does not care about CW anyway so I hope they clear this relationship up fast. The whole time CW needed him he was out all night with his so called friend! This woman is a mess as well telling his mom she won't stop being friends with him. She could care less about his wife even if its just friendly. I think its more than that and both wont see it until CW catches them and learns this is who he has been with only then will the twerp admit he likes someone else and has been running around with her. His brother has warned him about the woman's divorce case it would serve them right if she lost that case because of her careless actions with lazy boy. It just shows that they are both of the same mindset and age group.
  14. Once JY learns what his mom did he wont stand still. IF CW decides to distance herself he will realize it was once again his mom who hurt CW and drove her away. For JY staying in that family due to what his mom did will not fly. No matter what his mom tries JY will decide to fix the issue and that will mean going off the registry and giving up everything he gained for the years that CW was missing. Its going to hurt even more for him because he will feel like he took CW's place. CW was the first person to make him feel like he belonged when he came there and she made him happy and his mom is the reason she went missing and then drove her away again if CW decides to back away. JS's children are not blood of that family and have no ties to Halmoni. JY is not CW's fathers son and YY is only a half sister. CW owes JS nothing. JS thought nothing of separating CW from her father and grandmother. How afraid a child would be to be so suddenly pulled away from the only family she knew while her son lived well and then her daughter. CW's dad will not be able to deal with what she did. The woman is living on thin ice and she does not really understand. There is no doubt that her adopted family will stand by her. They all seem to love her a lot and are so supportive. I can see them being very angry if they realize why CW may have backed away from the family and that JS is the reason that CW was abandoned in the first place. I can see adopted mom telling Halmoni , dad or even JY in her rage and concern for CW. JS is doing nothing more then making her crime so much worse. The min that CW came back she should have been divorcing her husband. Instead she continued to try and hide what she did.