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  1. Thanks for this topic.
  2. There is no way that the evil witch will get to keep that child to hold on to that man. She will be able to milk it for a time, but she will loose that baby. She walked away from one child and killed another. To allow her to keep that child and live in wedded bliss in her own head will not happen. SN's ex does now know from the pictures what his evil wife did. Unfortunately for him his nightmare is going up another notch with the possibility of the witch being pregnant. His greatest blows are coming as well eventually.. his father in law killed his father and framed him. He is married to the man's real daughter and his ex wife is the real golden goose he should have held on to but will never have again due to his own actions taking away the one thing that could have got him back with his wife, his daughter. With no ties to SN now when the truth comes out about everything the evil father and daughter has done his life will be over with the help of his hateful and greedy mother. Madam CEO better be careful of the things she does.. for no other reason than hurting herself later when she finally finds out that SN is her daughter. And that the crazy adopted witch killed her granddaughter.
  3. @baduy Thanks for the final recap.. Well I certainly expected things to go as it did. I am disappointed over SI not having a love interesting and TS dying, but not very surprised. I find her achieving her dream for college and playing second fiddle to Granny as her right hand woman a bit uninspiring. Step mom and dad pretty much got away with what they did earlier on. I guess they figured loosing their son for years and his being framed and going to jail was enough punishment for his treating his 1st wife the way he did and his daughters as if they were nothing. Not to mention the adultery, the stealing from SI and mental abuse he inflicted on her. I still find Step mom as very selfish and she got to have it all in the end.. both her sons back, kept her marriage and got SI to call her mom. In my opinion she is not released from having a relationship with another woman's husband even if the woman just let it go. Even making up with her first born son's Halmoni. Oh well.. I guess the point was for SI to get what she wanted the most and that was to go to school, and have her fathers late apology on how he treated her. (I had to wonder many times what her true dream was (or at the very least remember what it was.) and for a while we lost sight that she wanted to go to college. It certainly was a long road to get to that point.) I was not surprised about SY because she was mental and a product of her fathers brow beating over being the best early on. JW I was glad to see admitted his fault and took his punishment. JM, well there was no other way but death for him because he was just as nuts as his daughter but also he just refused to see he did anything wrong. Are all TV Novel's along the same lines? Do they all center in earlier years? It was fun chatting with each of you about this drama.. but I have to say I am glad its over.. LOL.. I hope to cross paths again with you in another thread. Thanks to everyone who provided video, recaps and interesting chat..
  4. My understanding from earlier episodes the time line is.. If someone remembers differently let me know.. As for MG's dad well he and MG had a few words about his sneaking off and even staying out all night. I am not sure if MG ever admitted he was seeing SJ but I think even if he did not his father suspected it because he saw her at the hospital or lurking around. Either way he should have tried harder to either get MG to stop seeing her (which I doubt he could do.) or after his death told his DIL the truth about that relationship MG and SJ had in the past and about seeing each other then. I think he did it to uphold his sons good memory and not to hurt DJ but its going to happen anyway when the truth comes out who SJ's lover was. You bring up some interesting points and I wonder which if any applies to SJ's mom. For sure there is something underlying about her animosity towards MG and his family. I think the reason she hates DJ is because DJ has stopped letting them push her around and JW, because he was able to still get back up after they ruined his life and catch them in their mess after what they did to him. Whatever it is she has done I have a feeling eventually it will catch up with her. Someone or something will expose her.
  5. SJ is indeed to blame along with her mother. Her mother should not have ruined that family nor killed that man to keep him from SJ. I honestly do not see why she did it. MG's family may not have been that rich but he came from a good family. For some reason her mother went too far and like you I feel like she has done something in the past that will come back to get her causing all the mess she did to MG and his family to surface. I have to wonder is SJ really her husbands child? Does SJ's mother come from money or did she "Come Up" from a poor childhood? What are the lies she told in the past that caused her to not want SJ and MG together? Or was it just her elitist attitude? The woman has completely made her daughter a crazy person and for what? She still can't control SJ. Its funny to me how she tells Minion to find out about YW and she will let him be with SJ in the house.. HELLO!!! The man is already living in the house with SJ and she could not do anything about it. The only thing now is she will either loose her daughter to death or jail as she will be in jail as well for her crimes and killing MG. SH's mental anguish is going to come from the mother who gave birth to him and his evil grandmother. Both women do not know how to let well enough alone. SJ at no point has thought of her son's welfare. Its all about making sure JW can't have the boy winning over her and DJ can't be near the boy because he is the son of DJ's husband the woman who got to marry MG when SJ could not have a happy ending. The boy will go through a crises and it will be DJ and JW that will have to see him through it. It is beyond me why SJ thinks it was ok for her to run around with another woman's husband and then kill her unborn child and damage the man's urn and ashes for spite. Setting up the man's wife over a fake affair and still continuing to be nasty to the woman. DJ did nothing to SJ but had the misfortune to fall in love and marry MG. Loving that man with everything while he still carried a torch for another woman in his heart. Both JW and DJ are going to be thrown by the revelation of the real relationship between SJ and MG and I feel that MG's father should have told DJ about that past relationship before the marriage. I can see him coming to her after the bomb goes off to say sorry to her. I feel like he has used her as well and did not truly take care of his daughter in law. @stroppyse thanks for the recap.. You Rock!!
  6. As I mentioned before DJ will not let go of her rose colored view of MG until she finds out that SJ and MG use to date but that they had an affair. Only then will she realize the husband that she loved so much and did so much for betrayed her in the worst way. At that time she will then remember what she saw before her marriage and how SJ and MG pretended 8 years later to not know one another but acted strange in front of her and JW. Finding out that SH is MG's child will also bring back when he stayed out all night that time and the times afterward when they had married and already had their daughter. But it will shed light on why SJ has been acting the way she was about SH and her daughter spending time together and being friends. I do not think YW told her that it was MG who was SJ's lover either, but it will come out and as I said a couple of times before its going to come out in the worst possible way. I think that we are heading straight for it to come out the min that SJ tries to use the fact that JW is not SH's father to stop herself from paying for what she did in the scandal frame. Once it comes out that MG was who she was carrying on with and SH is his son then that opens the doorway for DJ's FIL to step in to take action to try to get custody and join the fight. Especially given the fact that MG is now dead and the child is a direct link to his bloodline. Even with DJ shocked and upset at learning the extent of her husbands infidelity I can still see her trying to help keep SH with them and JW instead of having to go back to a mother like SJ. She will do all she can to have that boy be with the father who loves him even though he is not his blood. Its the best of both worlds. SH keeps the only dad he knows and MG's father gets to be in his grandson's life. (frankly MG does not even need to be mentioned as the boys father or have SH moved to his registry after what he did!) I see from the end I think YW has confirmed the truth as well that SH is MG's child. I wonder how she will play this card. She has to realize fully now that SJ's behavior towards DJ is based on jealousy (a whole lot of crazy) and her need to have something that is part of MG. It is also precisely why SJ needs to loose that boy because I can't see her really loving this child doing the things she has been doing not thinking of his well being. Unfortunately I see the child suffering a bit not knowing who he is (identity crises) because of SJ and her mess. It will be up to DJ , JW and his grandfather to help with that along with his new found knowledge his friend is really his half sister. on a side note.... I spent two days not being able to log in.. Thanks to everyone for the videos, the trans and the convo..
  7. At only episode 44 there is no way that SN will be exposed as being the killer yet. My guess is it puts enough doubt that SH steps back from rushing into a relationship with her although SN (snake) and her mother along with his family will still try to push the marriage. At most I am fine right now with there being brought to light the truth about SN's and JH's relationship. It is enough to cast doubt for SH that SN has been lying to him about how close a friend she was to JH. I think the best part is his telling SN that JH knew how she felt about him and chose to ignore it. Although DN did not come out and tell him what she heard and her true suspicions she gave him enough to go and seek out the friend on his own to find out the real truth on that suppose friendship that SN keeps saying she had with JH. I hated she did not tell it but I understand why she did not. The only way for anyone to truly believe it would be to hear it and find out the truth themselves. The threat she gave to the friend should have been enough for the woman to realize for sure that SN killed JH. At least DN went there and realizes the possibility. Hopefully even with out the evidence to prove it right now she gets that they framed her. SN was going around telling people that JH's mother was a concubine?? Wow?? How utterly interesting when she has been trying to be a replacement daughter to the woman after JH's death. It will be really funny when SN finds out that the woman is DN's birth mother. Its going to drive crazy even more nuts, especially when she realizes that SH is in love with DN (JH's sister) so utterly funny that the woman still could not get the man no matter how hard she tried. SH is an idiot to think he owes SN anything. He should have no guilt over SN liking him first or at all when he did not make her like him. SN chose to like him and he is not responsible for that especially if he never knew or responded to it. It fascinates me that people try to make others responsible for their feelings when there is freedom of choice. I have to wonder if he is there at her door because he is really upset and his instincts (and his heart) brought him there or because he on some level has listened to crazy SN and thinks she is trying to break them up for spite. Let's all hope it is because of his heart.
  8. @sava2sava I think it may come to that in the end. When JW finds out that it was SY who lead his son away and got him killed I think in his anger he will spill all even if he is implicated. It's one way to assure that SY goes down for it,but also her father goes down for his crimes as well. It will be his payment to SI for dumping her, framing her and blaming her for the death of that child when she was not at fault. For doing things to hurt the people she cared for in his jealousy. He knows his time with SI is done for and I can see him regretting his part in things once he realizes what SY did in her crazed jealousy, but also angry at how things turned out due to his bad decisions and relationship with SY. Mostly I want to see him tell that crazy witch he never liked her and was only with her due to her being rich that he loved SI even though he did her wrong. That is the one thing that would send SY completely over the mental cliff, because she has been jealous of SI and she did want what SI had. It's sad because SY had everything. Money, a loving father and the ability to go far in life. But she let her own insecurities and her bad deeds and guilt drive her crazy not to mention her jealousy to make her do some foul and evil things that resulted in two people being hurt one of them dying. Let's just hope that at the last min SY does not end up saying she is pregnant by JW. I do not want her getting out of paying for her crimes due to being pregnant and I do not want SI raising JW's off spring by another woman either. Can I dare hope that SW and SI will finally get together by the end of this week?
  9. Its beyond me why SI and SW took this long to question why the child wondered off when he never did that before. Or why the neighbor is just coming forward to mention that he was led away. It will be interesting to see how much will SY do now trying to stop the truth from coming out. I want to see her in jail but I think something may happen to her because she is just that crazy. I really want to see JW behind bars with his evil father in law. Both men have a lot to pay for and JW more than JM, because JW chose to move to the dark side throwing away the good in his life where JM was always an evil person and greedy person. I have not looked at the episode with subs but I am waiting on when SY finally just shows her crazy to SI and outs how jealous she has been of her for so long starting with SI always being first in class when younger. Showing SI that SY was never a friend to her. @baduythanks for the continued preview trans and others who are providing clips and preview vids along with continuing to chat about this drama.
  10. Exactly @sava2sava that attitude is what got them in trouble in the first place and they still continue to not learn from their mistakes and think that money will solve the issues. SJ's mother by now should know JW and DJ. JW because he was her son in law and one of the purposes of removing him from SJ was because the man was not stupid and would not bow down and let things go. He would not do wrong or cover up wrong. And DJ after all she and her daughter have done to this woman and made her suffer for no other reason than to cover up her crime. So for her to even dare to show up at the house in the preview thinking that she can throw money at his family and DJ's family to stop SJ for being in trouble this time was foolish and it just shows that because she does not learn from her mistakes or changes her tactics eventually she will have to pay for her crimes. This woman will get the biggest blow at the end and loose her family and everything. SJ is totally ruined by her mother and will pay a harsh price in the end. I can see it coming there is no way this woman is redeemable or will be able to live a life where she regrets the things she has done. I say again if death does not get her to join MG then being locked up in a mental institution with no idea of her surroundings is in her future. Today's episode just showcased again how arrogant and stupid SJ is but that she still has not learned like her mother from her past mistakes. She still thinks her family name, her money will allow her to be above the law and get away with her crimes. She has no respect for anyone and these things are her downfall. There is no reason for her to continue to mess with JW and DJ except for they are the two people who have bested her and called her out on her mess. SJ hates that. Couple that with the fact that DJ was MG's wife and had a child with him well she can't stand it. Neither of these people are bowing down to SJ and continue to fight her and it drives her crazy. She wants them both to go somewhere and be beat down so she can feel superior and DJ nor JW are going to do it anymore. They are the product of all that SJ has done to them. I do doubt that SJ will be going to jail and even if she does it will only be for a year or two. My guess she will have to give up something in order to get out of this new brand of trouble and that will prolly be this law suit to get the child back. Which will only further fuel her delusions of grander of her self and her money and make her want to hurt JW and DJ even more. Couple that with the bad advice and leadership from her mother and the blind devotion of her minion well its a huge recipe for disaster for her. I enjoyed her getting caught in the trap today, because for some strange and wrong reason SJ fashions herself as being smarter than JW (a prosecutor at one time) based on her money and family name. And I have to question why was SJ not outed more over her failed frame of adultery between JW and DJ or exposed in the media with the video of her breaking that urn and pushing DJ to cause her to miscarry? The amount of stink she kicked up over DJ and JW she should have been given even more for lying and hurting someone not to mention disrespecting someones ashes! Given her station and the company she should have been plastered all over the papers and internet for longer than a min. Was it because they needed further information, because it seems that DJ and JW mentioned it when they came into the room at the end? Either way her messing with the brakes on that car was a stupid move and I do hope that JW and DJ were coming in on that as well, but I doubt they will make it stick on SJ as Minion is always ready to throw himself on the knife for her. Am I the only one chuckling at minion living in that house with SJ sleeping in her bed and eating at the table with no ring? How stupid can this man be? Dude, get a ring on your finger and a marriage license, because in the end without it you will be done for. (smdh) at stupidity on his part. (He is providing all of the love, care, support ,understanding,enabling of her crazy and taking all the chances for SJ) I love the moments between DJ and JW today and his confession.. They are such a cute couple, but things are going to get rocky not just because of SJ and her crazy will not leave them alone, but because the truth will come out whose son that boy really is. It needs to for DJ to let her husband go fully and realize his feet were clay and not gold. But they need to pass this hurdle in order to fully embrace their feelings for one another. I want to say I hope that the missing daughter is DJ and not her sister. Her sister is already a smart woman and I love the torment she is giving to SJ and her chess moves to make SJ seem like the crazy, incompetent persons she is. But she is a strong woman who does not need to find a rich family. DJ is the one who has endured so much and should be finding a rich family and father. She is the one who has given so much for others that she needs to find out she is the missing kid. Also she needs to be able to have something to fight SJ with later and being found to be from a rich family will really make SJ hate her even more. So I do hope it turns out that it is DJ and not her sister. I do wonder if the sister thought out her plan fully? What will happen later when her husband finds out? I know she loves him. But she put aside that love to get revenge on SJ, his sister. That man is going to be hurt by this when it comes out and I feel she will get caught at it eventually. I see a lot of pain for her later. My guess is they may part at some point, but their love hopefully will bring them back together once SJ is gone from the picture and all the crimes are exposed. Thanks for to @stroppyse for continuing to provide preview trans, and recaps. @euraka for the video clips and @0ly40 for video clips as well.. And to everyone for continuing to stop in to chat about this drama even with out subs so far.
  11. There are in my opinion two main culprits to HJ's mothers death (now three possibly). The first is the CEO who married her and used her love for him to move up from his station. Then did not make an effort to try to love her but instead ran around on her with other women and dared to tell her she should have done more to make her father like him when his father in law wanted to leave the company to HJ. He was selfish in marrying her when he did not love her all for ambition and greed but he was evil in the way he talked to her and dared to flaunt his love for YJN (and any other woman he was seeing) back then in her face. I keep thinking that he hired someone to sneak around that villa to frighten that woman to death. In the flash backs we have seen we see she knew about his obsession over YJN and even knew he was prolly somewhere trying to see her. We hear someone and catch a flash of someone in black sneaking around trying to scare that poor woman and when she calls the CEO he tells her to endure it. So I have to wonder if his plan was to drive her crazy and frighten her to death. The next is her mother in law, the CEO's mother was just as bad in wanting to move up endorsing her son and heaping on more disrespect and mistreatment on a woman who we have heard was kind and nice. All so that her son can have something that did not belong to him. Her misconception that her son would ever give up what he got his hands on is part of why things are the way they are. She was evil to their mother and whatever her last words to her were at that villa prolly contributed to her death as well. Her tears at realizing her wrong are too late now as her daughter in law suffered at her hands and the hands of her son until her death. Without subs I do not know but it seems HS went to see his mother. Perhaps she was trying to talk him out of marrying because his grandmother and father said so. Marrying someone he did not love all because of the elders. Perhaps her experience with his father made her try to talk some sense into him about a loveless marriage. Instead wanting him to marry the woman he loved. But HS did not listen if that was what she talked to him about and was angry she brought it up in the first place. The youngest daughter in law (a new suspect) has heard possibly that her future MIL is not happy with a marriage between HS and her and so she goes there to also torment that poor woman. Says some hateful and awful things to her preying on her already weak mental state. This causing the woman to take her own life. Even if no one physically pushed her off the cliff the things those people said to her prolly drove her to it. HS's Wife was the one who told HJ that the CEO was there that day the bigger question is what was she doing there? As for YJN and KS its a sad situation they are in but I see 95% of it as their own making. YJN did not have to move into that house when it was offered. She could have stayed at a hotel. She had spent years dodging the CEO she should have continued to do so, but her addiction to younger men who loathed her got to her and she fixated on HJ who never liked her or wanted her. She left herself open to the CEO's crazy obsession over her. Setting off the man's jealousy over HJ being the better man once again. Instead of leaving that house she stayed and stirred up even more trouble then brought in her son. Now look what has happened to her all because she was being vindictive and petty. She had the opportunity to start over once she was kicked out but she could not do it. Her own brand of crazy has put her in this situation to possibly loose her life. KS should have done the right thing with that letter entrusted to him. It was never his place to look into what could have happened to HJ's mother. His lies have caused this situation. Now we have another situation with the CCTV video. He should have given the letter to HJ first even if he gave a copy to someone else. He should be giving a copy of the CCTV video to HJ as well. He made a choice for his own mother a mother that abandoned him over the woman who looked after him as her own. His choices have contributed to the situation they are in now. He was shown time and time again that the CEO is a evil and crazy man. He and YJN both thought they could handle this man but his insanity is not something they can deal with. I am not sure who it is that has taken both YJN and now KS but I can say that whoever it is may end up causing something really awful to happen. If one of them does not end up loosing their life I would be completely surprised. I would have liked both YJN and KS to be able to just leave and start over but I do not know if they are able to do that after all that will happen. One thing is for certain the truth needs to come out for no other reason then to give HJ and HS closure to be able to move on with their lives. The CEO needs to be made to give up what he stole and pay for the things he caused by his greed, jealousy and obsession.
  12. @euraka JW is indeed falling for DJ. (It's about darn time.) The problem now is finding out who the father is to that boy. It's going to hurt DJ badly to find that out and I can see JW trying hard when he realizes the truth not to let her know. Both of them will end up finding out that truth the wrong way and I expect that the boy will over hear it as well. The sad part is JW, DJ nor that Child are to blame for what has happened. It is all on SJ and MG/MK the mess that is left behind and still going on. Their selfishness will hurt not only the three I mentioned but DJ's daughter as well. Of course after finding out about another sibling who is her friend the child may be happy and the boy too. The road is still bumpy for our two leads because SJ is not going to rest until she tries to do something else to get her son back and her mother either. Both women do not know when to stop and will go too far. Someone else will get hurt before its all over with. Also they have so much dirt they can't just let DJ and JW alone to live their life. Given how Jealous and envious SJ is of DJ there is no way she will allow JW or DJ to be happy together with her son and DJ's daughter as a family unit. Its going to take a bit before they can finally be together and I think that DJ still has to acknowledge her own feelings for JW that are there. I can't see that happening until both DJ and JW find out who SJ's lover was and the man she loved. Once that truth comes out it will free them both to be able to a. acknowledge to themselves that something is there and b. hopefully tell one another or at least show it a bit more in their interactions. Given how nice they both are I doubt they will do anything except give each other long looks and pretend that the feelings are not there. It will be SJ who creates situations that will pull DJ and JW together as she already has done. Once the truth comes out about SJ and MK/MG's relationship and DJ gets over the hurt and shock of what her husband was really up to and why he truly never loved her fully or at all the way she deserved (and I think on some level DJ knew that the whole time even when he decided to marry her.). Finding out the truth will make both of them see the past a bit clearer. I expect we will see both DJ and JW remember the meetings with MG and SJ and some of the things they saw in the past that they thought nothing of then but now has a clearer meaning.
  13. This is only round one and they have not won the battle. SJ and her family are crazy,selfish along with being greedy. A bad combination altogether. I did love how DJ walking into court wiping the smirk off SJ's face. She truly thought she had stopped DJ from coming into the court room. They honestly thought that DJ could do nothing (although if that was true they never would have tried to stop her from coming to court in the first place.) to them (too much money and power at their fingertips.) and it did not end the way they thought. I loved that DJ seemed to tell how they fabricated the scandal and she had the black box audio and who do we hear on it but perhaps the minion and SJ's mother. The daggers JW's mom was sending to SJ's mother were awesome. All I can see as SJ's face cracked in court was this woman will surely end up killing herself or a complete basket case locked up somewhere when she finds out that her mother killed the man she was obsessed with and loved. I need SJ to be made to see that the love she had for MK/MG was not a healthy love and in fact caused his death due to her mother the person behind the crazy in SJ. From the previews..JW is picking the boy up to live with him.. (good thing that house is full of toxic people!) the words about the child not looking like him seem to bother JW a bit. But he already knew the child was not his son. I think the worry and shock is going to be who's son he really is. Of course after the initial shock and a bit of anger (not directed towards the child I hope) the boy will be loved even more.Looks like DJ's sister and SJ are starting to battle it out and what is DJ's sister looking for in that office? Did she find a picture of MG/MK in that book or file?
  14. The scene where SJ pushed her was in last weeks episode I believe when SJ got into the elevator and plastered on the walls was the flyer looking for DJ. SJ had a melt down and she had a flash back. In the flash back we see SJ and DJ I think get into it at the memorial for MK (or some other place because DJ was an idiot to continue meeting SJ.) and at some point SJ and DJ are physical in the fight and SJ pushes DJ and DJ hits the top of a chair or counter in the stomach. I think this is where JW may have found her later on the floor and rushed her to the hospital and was told she miscarried by the doctor. I do remember a scene of him at the hospital with her and he looked grim by whatever the Dr. Told him.. Not too long after that DJ disappeared after SJ revealed how she tricked her into admitting an affair by that document she signed I think. Then we have the year time jump of where no one knew where DJ was and JW lost her in testifying with him to save him. The very sad thing is SJ is such a crazy selfish person. She ruined two lives with lies and then still continues to act like she was wronged. I am just waiting until JW and DJ find out the truth of who the other man was. Its sad to see DJ's sister choose her own happiness over helping her sister but it is human nature to want to do so. What will she do when she finds out for sure that the other man she was chasing SJ about a year ago happened to be her former brother in law. What will she do when she realizes that the child is MK's as well. How far is she willing to go to be with the man she loves? Is her love and career that important to her? What happens when her boyfriend or hubby finds out about her real family situation and who she is married to. She can best believe that she will get kicked out when they find out the truth. They hate DJ because she will not back down. But also SJ hates her for having what she never could. MK free and clear. It will be interesting if the theory of that family stealing the wealth of MK's family launched their fortune. I hope they are able to loose it all and it returns to the rightful owner at the end. Minion will eventually realize he will never be able to fully have SJ's heart. The woman is crazy , selfish and too caught up with MK in her heart. The fact she had his ashes removed should have been a red flag for him. Even in death the man cant rest and his wife and family have him fully. I agree he knows too much of their dirt to ever let go fully. But I think his love will turn obsessed as well. Its going to be funny to see SJ possibly see someone just as nuts as her or more (outside of her evil mom). He does not want to see that SJ is just using him to take the rap for her but later on I think he will get his eye opener. I can't stand MK's father he is a useless man especially since he knew or suspected his son was seeing SJ again before his death. It is a disrespectful to his daughter in law not to prepare her for that possible truth. The way I see it DJ and JW will find out the worst possible way who the other man was. And MK's father will not be able to hide that past relationship before DJ's marriage to MK and the sneaking around he suspected. It will be on his face. Its a shame because of all the loyalty and respect she gave him as her father in law and an elder. I want ties cut to the man but I doubt it will be fully cut since that boy is his grandson and half brother to DJ's daughter. I guess he will end up gaining JW as a son at the end. @stroppyse thanks for continuing to provide the preview trans and summary of the current episodes when you have the time and interest to do so.. @euraka thanks for continuing to post video. @0ly40 thanks also for providing video..
  15. The Chairman is getting everything he deserves and needs to get more. After the way he treated his wife and I suspect drove her to her death there is no sympathy for him. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone warned him about YJN including YJN herself ,but he had to have her. He ruined her career and forced her to marry him and now he has a hellion on his hands and it's what he gets. (Karma is a B**CH and always paid back in kind.) What he is getting and has to put up from her is what he should get as punishment and he still has ten more episodes to get more. The only problem is everyone else in the house has to deal with YJN as well. (a large side effect). I am interested in if HJ will be able to get to what his mother left for him to see or will someone try to get to it first or try to take it? It is sad that HJ is not even able to read his mothers last words to him something that was suppose to be private but has been first withheld then read and lied about being lost and now is in the hands of his father who he hates. KS is now proven to be a liar since the letter has surfaced hidden and found by YJN who uses it as a safe card to not be kicked out. I too suspect that the trump card she thinks she is holding will not save her in the end. I think she will be truly surprised at the final outcome and I think she will be completely crazy when things do not go her way. I do strongly suspect that even if the Chairman is forced to give his stocks to KS as a payment to his benefactor (HJ's mother) as payment to HJ for keeping that letter which he said he lost, as a payment to HD so he is not seen as a bad person he will end up giving those stocks back to the rightful owners HJ and his brother HS.When he does YJN will loose it for sure. I want to know what their mother has hidden and will we get to see how she was treated? Or will it be original documents to give everything to her sons? One thing I hope to see is the Chairman stroked out having to be cared for from the shock and force out just like he did his father in law!