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  1. I have to say I have always thought that there was more to DH then met the eye. I loved the things he said to SW and I have not even looked at the subbed episode yet. So I now wonder. Could DH be the Chairman Wang that HJ is trying to meet? YR said he is very reclusive and no one knows if he is young or old. So just for kicks I got to thinking could DH be who HJ wants to meet the elusive Chairman Wang?
  2. The More I see if JS , MS and HJ (second wife (SW) since her name has the same initials as HJ our leading guy) the more I want to slap the three of them. MS is only making a nuisance of herself staying at SM's. IS she really helping at all or getting under foot? And for what reason just to make up for how she treated YE in the past? Come on the better way to make up for her bad behavior is to take her useless son and daughter and whip them into shape. MS needs to do the same to herself. MS herself said she had a place to go but thought to lay up there at SM's was the better decision? Simply as a way to make up for how ugly she was in the past? Given that JS is still stalking YE she should be finding up her children and moving some place with them in tow to deal with them and the mess they have made of their own lives. How do you justify your son stalking DJ's daughter because JS misses her?!!! HER SON CHEATED ON YE AND THEN MISTREATED HER UNTIL the divorce and then did so after the darn divorce! That shows that MS does not see what they did as even wrong now after all this time. There is no possible way she could because if she did she would be ashamed to show her face to DJ and SM when she knows that HJ is dating YE. I can see her making that stupid statement before learning that HJ had proposed to YE and they are engaged since she was gone when HJ did it. But even not knowing that fact she knows that HJ and YE are a couple and is disrespectful to SM who is HJ's mom and has given her approval to the couple and to DJ who is YE's mom to make up excuses as to why her son is still stalking YE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for his trying to cling on to YE. But MS dares to worry if her children are be punished by the heavens? Will continue to be punished by the heavens for what she did? IS this woman nuts? Her kids are two adults who did bad things all on their own. Yes, they are products of MS and SW but they made their own choices which brought them to where they are now. The fact that JS and SR after loosing everything are still walking around like they are all that and are victims shows that they have learned nothing from their experiences. SR got it from DH then she learned she has been blacklisted from working in companies so she can't even start at the very bottom cleaning toilets. She will end up back at Step Mom's working again but this time with a lot less attitude and arrogance considering she has no marketable skills. JS especially because he does not love YE he just wants her back to fix his life like we have all said. I will say this again , I do not think that JS ever truly loved YE in the beginning. YE was a sweet woman who he was able to bring in seeing how filial she was and hard working to help him move up in the world and take care of his family. Before the divorce he only saw her for her housekeeping and cooking skills and not as a intelligent woman in he own right. YE gave up a lot and had her pride stepped on marrying JS and he did nothing to return the blessings. Now that all is gone he wants to come back to her and get her to help him. I do not blame HJ for calling him a Jerk. He was a jerk back then and he is even more of a jerk now. He can't even see how insulting he is to YE with this behavior because he has no genuine feelings of love for YE he just needs her to get him back on top. He is an opportunist of the highest order. I am glad that the doc told him that HY was not a gold digger as she had more money then him before she took everything from him and that building his company was in HY use to own it. JS responses just showed again what type of jerk he is. This is precisely why HY took everything. Daring to say if she was so rich why did she need to take his money instead of giving me hers! WTH... Why would anyone give you money you big fat jerk?!!! A woman did not marry you to give to you!!! UGHHHHH!!! HY found out JS's character did not match what she saw when she first met him and YE at the elevator. I always suspected and think I said this at the beginning of the drama that HY craved love and a family. Unfortunately for her she ran into a man that valued no one especially the hard working wife he put on his back, back then. HY saw that sweet moment and wanted him and that for herself except what she got was totally different in reality. Doc certainly knows what HY wanted well. Its how he managed to prey on her as a teen. The pervert! Such a slime ball! JS scoffed when the man said she wanted love and family. JS did not want to believe simply because in his view a woman should be giving to him not there being a partnership where there is a give and take. What he fails to see since he still thinks he is god's gift to women is he had the chance for love but he is just as bad as HY. HY loved him or else she would have not stuck around so long and she would have been long gone by now. Her main goal is to get DOC and have him rot in jail. But given that he has not been caught yet I expect him to end up in that hole that HY is going to dig to bury his body. The worst thing that JS can do is try to work with doc. That man is out to hurt HY and get the money he feels she owes him. JS is a liability that man would not hesitate to get rid of. I doubt he gets much back as HY is smart with hers. Doc told him she was a very smart con woman. They do not know she has already liquidated the assets and has it in cash. Neither will be getting much back and Doc certainly will not be able to spend anything he manages to get his hands on. I have to wonder how scared is this nurse? Will she fall for the fear that Doc is trying to send to her. If she is smart she should stay well away from him until HY figures out how to trap him or get rid of him for good. One thing I hope is with the knowledge that JS is sterile and whatever secondary issue he has JS stops trying to stalk YE and wakes up and get his life together. He can not hide it because HJ knows. So it stands to reason YE will learn of it too. Now all we need is JS to learn of YE's pregnancy.
  3. I am happy my suspicions where confirmed for YE and JS. YE only needed a man who cared about her well being and a stress free environment to get what she wanted the most and worried about not having, a child. HJ is going to be over the moon when he hears and I doubt this woman will be able to touch the ground with her feet and JS get within 100 feet of her once he knows that YE is having his baby. I can't wait to see his face when she tells him. That means they have no need to wait anymore and can register that marriage asap and have the ceremony with DH and MB at the park later. HJ has been chomping at the bit to have his woman tied to him and home with him in his bed. This was the best surprise for YE. As for JS.. this is fitting because he still is not realizing his part in why his life turned out this way. He is delusional and disrespectful to everyone. HE has no thought of how awful it is he is hounding the person he betrayed and kicked out. And for what? All because he wants her to come back and fix his life working like a dog again. His mother's are the same way! I don't blame SM nor DJ for getting on MS in this episode about JS stalking YE. Until JS admits his part in things he will not be able to start over. I look forward to him hearing about YE being pregnant by HJ. Its the final slap he needs to wake up. MS dares to make excuses for her useless kids. I look forward to the mental slap she gets at learning YE is pregnant by HJ. Its what she gets for kicking out YE and I hope she learns JS is not able to father children. Its punishment for only valuing YE as someone who could give babies and when she did not produce them the way they wanted she was gotten rid of. MS will not be able to stay at SM's with YE and HJ giving the happy news about a baby and about to marry and move in. MS will not be able to stand and see SM and DJ get what she wanted the most a grand child and see YE was was the best daughter in law ever is no longer reachable. MS should have gone to the SW's house or found a place for her and her children. I am very happy that SR was made to see what she did has hurt her. SR was another one not facing up to what she did with that fake diploma. Did she pay back the money yet? SR was wondering around like she did nothing wrong while her mess was all over the net. This is what DH tried to tell her. SR still had the thought she was a princess and she has not realized yet she is trash. Today was the first time she got to experience some of what she tried to do to YE when she was at TMO. Just like her brother she is getting her wake up call. I too think HY is not there to hurt YE. HY looks calm and I think she realized that the DOC is trying to lure her out. I think she is going to YE as well to find out about JS and his health issues , get her to tell JS something or for help. I think she has finally got that YE does not want JS after YE helped her. Since HJ mentions in the voice over that he is happy JS can't have babies cause YE is having his child then I am happy YE still managed to tell the man after HY shows up at the company or hospital. Now how will she do it? Will she come into his office and hand him the ultrasound? Will she give him a pair of baby shoes in a gift bag or will she just tell him outright he is going to be a father? I can't wait. I will say this.. someone is going to get hurt or killed in this last confrontation with DOC and HY. I don't expect it to be HY although I can see her getting hurt. I think retribution is coming for doc for his many sins.
  4. Its a good thing that MS is at SM's house temporarily. That means she will be a witness to HJ's happiness and YE's shock at learning she is possibly pregnant. Its a fitting end to the life YE had with MS before. The woman who kicked her out because she thought she could not have a baby who mistreated her instead of taking care of her having to hear that the ex daughter in law who was perfect is now and forever out of reach all ties broken as she gets ready to marry and have a child with her best friends son. It should be bitter sweet for MS because she wanted a grand child above all else but she is denied it from her son as she watches her best friend receive the blessing that she wanted so badly. I am sure she will put on a face like she is happy but I expect to see her shocked pursed lips like she sucked on something sour when she is witness to the happiness of that family. Also it means she is not able to stay at that house for too long because with the news of a baby HJ is not going to wait any longer to marry YE. He will want to register and have a ceremony fast and that means MS has no place in SM's house as she is a fifth wheel. Time to go back to her own family as dysfunctional and messy as it is.
  5. My thought has always been at the end HY and JS will end up back together. If (and we all hope this comes true) JS is told he may be sterile I can see him back with HY after he too has admitted his own fault in why the company ended up in trouble and his life went down the tubes. With both of them having to start over JS can't look down on her and HY will finally have the man she was in love with want her for her true self warts and all. Only after both of them have completely taken responsibility for the actions (and crazy) and paid for it by having to either pay back or go to jail I have no problems with them being back together and adopting a child. If they are able to let go of their own arrogance and demons then being back together and giving a child a home to fulfill both their desires to be a parent in my view is good. JS wanted to be a father badly so even if its not his blood hopefully he had matured enough to be able to be a good one. HY had her ability to have children ripped away so having the opportunity to give a good home to a child when her own past was one without parents will be good. HJ has told her and anyone who asks that he just wants YE no matter if she can have kids or not. Its DJ who did nothing to help her daughter find out if she can't have kids for sure or provided information on her options if she could not that caused a problem along with MS and JS who brain washed YE into thinking she can not have children. Even though HJ has said no matter what he is not giving her up even if she can not have children YE still hesitates scared and sad of her so called ability to not have kids in my opinion. Fearful that HJ and his mom will want to get rid of her the same way JS and MS did. We know HJ would never do that but that trauma from JS and MS still lurks. HJ is the perfect guy for YE. What man puts her to bed then gives her a facial mask to keep her looking pretty.. LMAO. It looked like he would have stayed awhile to watch her sleep of not for JS stalking her. A baby is just what is needed to take care of JS. Its the final slap he needs to see reality that he has lost YE and can never get her back but also his arrogance in thinking she could not have babies instead of taking care of her when he had her has made him loose out. JS is very disrespectful to YE and HJ and he needs a slap down to get it through his thick skull that YE no longer loves him, will not be coming back to him and does not care that he is in the hospital hurt. YE should block all calls from his number and get a restraining order but I think hearing that YE is possibly pregnant will do it for him finally. It would not surprise me and I am hopeful the doctor told him not only what is wrong with him since he collapsed but shared also he is unable to father children as well. It is poetic justice for a man who valued his first wife only for what she could do for him and her ability to have kids and when he assumed she could not have any he tossed her out fast for a woman that lied and said she was having his baby. I feel like YR's crush on HJ has ran its course as well. I think she has too much going on in her life trying to live with out her family or wealth to truly think of HJ at this moment and I feel like her liking YE has also helped. YE's and HJ's attitude towards her I think has helped her let those feelings run its course. Hearing that YE's is possibly pregnant will put that to rest for good as well. I think the ex's will be done with by the end of this week (hopefully). Your wife and I think a like. YE would never think that could be the cause so I am just speculating that her fatigue has started to worry her so she went to get a check up or HJ mentioned she has been tired a lot more then usual and suggest she go. Once she is there she gets a check up and is told some happy news we all hope. The look on her face in the preview made me think its about her and not about anything she heard related to JS. @finebyme I like your thought and yes it is a valid point. A lot of these drama's show woman who are divorced, widowed, a single mother or infertile as pariah's who do not deserve to find happiness and love again when that is not true. We see them mistreated just for those reasons above even if they are the sweetest person and hardworking. If YE had truly been sterile then I would love for them to show alternatives to that with her having enough love and heart to want to adopt. We have seen she has the love of a good man who wants her despite the misconception she is unable to have kids. JW would have been a good asset for this if DJ had told YE what he said about helping to find alternatives if needed. I think if YE's character had been written to be unable to have kids then I think the writer would have expanded on the other ways for her to be a mom if she truly wanted to. Unfortunately given how Korean society is portrayed in these drama's being unable to have kids is a huge stigma and I doubt it will change anytime soon. It is sad that a persons worth is measured in their ability to father a child (men have it hard as well its just not spoke about as much ) or a woman to be able to conceive and carry one. I too wish to have a more positive message shown about this topic in the drama's and hope in the future it will be shown that way.
  6. The best thing about JS's nightmares is that he will finally deal with what happen and see the truth of how the accident happened. SR has been in denial as well when she deep down knows that had she not walked away her son and husband would not have followed her not paying attention to the traffic pattern. Once SR faces what happen and then JS faces it they will feel ashamed of how they allowed NR to push their buttons to harm someone who had nothing to do with that situation. It is a shame that his trauma is allowing him to push blame on GY when GY has nothing to do with it. Frankly even with his trauma he did not keep his promise and GY should be very hurt as JS knows her best and could dare to even pull her into something that she has nothing to do with considering what she was going through because of his aunt ten years ago. His treating her badly will come back to him as well especially if she leaves. HJA is going to be nasty to her own daughter that she was haunting for only to realize at the last min when the damage is done after she learns who NR really is. IT will not be too late but HJA will suffer from the knowledge that she did that to her daughter and all because she listened to the wrong person and did not follow through herself. It always amazes me how they get to know someone and like them only to turn around and listen to others words about the person when they had already used their own judgment to see the person was a good person. Its a character flaw that you would rather listen to another words then to go with you own initial feelings for the person. What I hope is that by the time the assistant comes to correct it GY has already left leaving HJA crying at realizing what she allowed to happen. The only way I can see anyone being able to live well after all of this is cleared up is NR has to go away either by death and she gives her kidney to GW or she donates her kidney and leaves to live elsewhere. Her actions were born out of spitefulness and just evil intentions and for what when she was the one who started it all. She claims to love JS but she has harmed him by bringing up his biggest trauma and pushing it on the one person who has nothing to do with it. The same with SR. SR has been fighting the guilt of what she caused and it was easier to push it off on TP and NR but ultimately it is her who was the catalyst. I would be very interested to see what her Mother in Law says after the truth comes out and It will as JS will remember it all because of NR.
  7. What did the doctor or someone tell YE at the end in the preview?
  8. Shaking my head at GY continuing to suffer for the sins of TP and NR. Now JS is on the band wagon because of the accident? The birth secret is not out yet? Come on they need to get it together. If JS now feels that way then GY needs to go. No one seems to want her. When will she start thinking of her own piece of mind? In the end those that did bad things to her will realise how they were all tricked or had the blame shifted to hurt her. JS needs to remember that night the accident happened fully and see this was not GY's fault but when he does GY has already left him making him realize how her betrayed his promise to GY.
  9. I have to agree I find KS childish and a mommy's boy. I feel like if SH married him she would end up suffering like YH did in her married family although his mom is not that rich. Anybody that would go to the shop the way his mom did is not someone who she needs to have an association with let alone marry into that family. I find the Team leader also a better match and I keep hoping that she will end up with him but I do not think he will get his chance. Since KS is shown on the opening credits with SH I assume that he will be the end game he just has to grow up a bit more and his mom has to be put in her place. What I look forward too is hopefully MY can receive treatment or things are fine and she can finally live a married life with HS. Also how will all those uppity nasty people deal with his family then when MY is their new step mom. Let Ex sis in law act up then and MY see it. ET and YH are so cute. I wonder how long before they admit to themselves and each other that they like one another? I really wish his brother in law would go somewhere and fall down a flight of stairs. Its no wonder ET thwarts him whenever he can. The man reeks of opportunist and I am sure ET can see that he is only trying to use him and his fathers name. I keep wondering is it jealousy? Why is he that way to his brother in law or his wife? I guess he came from a low background because he made a comment about his being treated that way because of it once. I don't see it as the reason. I see it as his greed is the reason he is treated that way. It is not YH's fault that he was tricked by his own greed. Its his own for hounding her about that job when she tried to get him to back off. The fact that he was trying to trick ET and had no intention of giving him that support money shows how nasty he is. The way he talked to him when he was caught only showed he was trying to use ET but would not follow through on his promises. It was too funny he dared to be mad at ET going in front of reporters but never doing it for him or the hospital. How insensitive is he as he knows ET had a phobia about reporters but he still tried to exploit him! Now he is mad cause it was not him that got the publicity to use for whatever deals or the hospital. Being shady and greedy is going to get this man caught up.
  10. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Jade 女管家

    Starting this drama.. it seems interesting..
  11. Episodes 1-9 are out online raw..
  12. I feel like YE was in shock as well but I like her detachment to seeing JS on the ground and then later at the hospital. I feel like its unfair that she should worry about someone she has no ties to anymore. That is a job for his family not YE. JS has been a thorn in her side since things went down for him and I can understand why she would be shocked and hesitant to help JS. For a moment she could think it was a ploy of his to get to her and then later she may not be able to adjust to seeing him like that. His life and now his health have really gone down. HJ being the man that he is would not let a fellow human being even if he does not like JS suffer. I think the responsibility is to get him to the hospital for treatment then call his family. After that HJ and YE need to walk away. They did their duty as a compassionate human being. Its now time for his family to shoulder the responsibility of JS and getting him the help he needs. MS never should have run away and left the responsibility of her children on SP and SW. JS bought this on himself with all of his self pity and heavy drinking instead of admitting fault and trying to fix the situation. He would rather wallow in self pity having a giant pity party then get up and do something constructive. He would rather harass YE to fix his problems then finally standing up and being a man and doing things himself. HE had a place to stay and family that would support him even friends if only he stopped being so delusional that people were out to get him, wanted to see him fail to take from him and that he was not responsible for what happened. No one else cheated with HY for two years, no one else ruined their marriage to be with HY and no one else married her and gave her access to everything. With JS in the hospital and the doctor stalking the halls listening in. I bet he is laying in wait to see if HY shows up there. Someone is going to get hurt. I keep thinking that the evil doc is going to die. I can see HY giving money for JS's treatment or paying for him to be treated abroad. If that happens I can see her also getting help or going to jail coming out right when JS is coming back or fully recovered. I think the sob story that IS told JS will make him take her back in the end especially if she saved his life.
  13. ES and GB may still end up together.. GY is not blood of that family. Once the tie to TP is cut then GY is free from everyone placing blame on her for what TP did. I look forward to this moment the most because TP has been a poor father to GY. HE has allowed her to shoulder the blame for the things he did and that is unfair. I wish HJA's mother was still alive because I am sure if she knew what TP did she never would have continued to let her granddaughter stay in that family. HJA needs to find out that her mother knew where the child went and watched over her before her death. It explains a lot about how TP can allow GY to be treated that way and did not show any emotion over learning what GY went through because of him. The fact that there is no blood tie to him. If he can ignore his own unborn child then you know he would never care about a child that he brought in for money. Even now he is no help to GY and continues to plot with NR to get money. Something has to get him to learn from everything he did. Will it be learning that NR was playing him as well using him so she could keep GY from finding her real mom. If nothing else TP should have just told HJA who the child was and that GY has said she does not want to meet her real mom. I think GY said that because YS is the only mom she has known but also because she may feel her bio mom gave her up or abandoned her and that is not the truth. What I am waiting on is for HJA to get a clue and dig deeper finding out about TP and NR. Once that happens and she learns that TP is not GY's father either then the birth secret is finally out. One thing I keep thinking is NR thinks HJA's past would cause a scandal but I think the one who will end up with a huge scandal is going to be NR. HJA had her child taken away by force. On some level I think her husband and 2nd daughter will handle the truth better than people will handle the news that NR is a homewrecker , who told the man's wife to abort her baby and stole the alimony and house money that was suppose to be used to save the child. That she continued to harass and torment that family 10 years later after they ran away. All those rich friends of hers will abandoned her in a min to learn her true character.
  14. I think the reasons why ES is not as effected by what NR did is because a. he is older, b. at the time NR ran away with TP ES was in the military and either was just discharged or about to be discharged when the accident happened (I remember a flashback of him coming home in his BDU's (Military Fatigues) right at the time word came about the accident I think and c. because NR raised JS like her own child when he was born due to SR having Postpartum depression. So JS was her favorite and she saw him as her son and JS saw NR as a replacement mother. This is why I think ES is not holding any guilt because he also can see his aunt as she really is where JS had to find out that the woman he loved like a mom and was so close to was actually a snake and homewrecker. This should not excuse him from trying to help JS and his sister in law deal with NR to have her gone but I think he just feels a bit more removed from the situation. As for GB she was not the one who had to take on the Sins of TP and give up her dreams and money saved as well as taking on the role of provider, father, and mother. She is a selfish witch and in her mind even though NR is ES's aunt it does not effect her and she will go after what she wants as well instead of trying to help GY. With NR not aware that ES is seeing GB she is going to open up a huge can of worms. Everyone from her family has a tie with someone in GY's adopted family. The woman is on borrowed time and given that ES knows that NR set up for JS to hear about that accident she is going to get a slap down about what she did. This has been one of the things I enjoy. Whenever NR tries to cause mess or stir trouble things backfire on her. Now her sister has told her not to talk to JS about that accident and she goes and does it anyway. NR was away for ten years and has no idea what JS suffered due to the accident he was hurt in and he watched his father die in. She has no idea that he suffered nightmares for years until GY came along. Her goal is to get JS to blame GY and get rid of her. That is not going to happen. What she will end up doing is causing JS to fully remember what caused the circumstances of this accident and part of that blame lies with her for abandoning her family causing his mother to be upset and then going off because she saw them or thought she saw them. The whole need for the trip in the first place was because SR was not dealing well with what NR did and the fact that NR was willing to cut ties with her family. SR too has blame to shoulder because without her walking away from the car in search of who she thought she saw her son and husband would not have followed her ignoring the traffic that was coming ending in the death of her husband and her youngest son seriously hurt. Now she is playing in HJA's personal biz. NR may not fully know how close the HJA and GY are and even if she does see them together her actions are going to blow up in her face. Someone or something is going to tie NR to TP. Once HJA realizes who the woman was that caused so many issues in GY's family and tormented her she will realize that NR is up to no good. I don't think she will see the full picture until she learns that GY is not YS's daughter. Only then will she start to question things and investigate why GY feels so comfortable to her. Until then I want NR to do her best because once she is exposed with her ties to TP its over for her.
  15. I think what I wish for the most besides seeing the OTP get together finally and ES having two loving parents is when the ex sister in law and ex hubby get slapped in the face for how nasty they were. Ex hubby should have protected YH better after all she did for him for 5 years. Instead he throws her to the wolves and lies on her making her the bad guy. Then he allows his sister not to give her any alimony only worrying about loosing his place to get part of his fathers estate. What he fails to understand is even if he lets his lie sit about YH not being able to have kids eventually something will blow up in his face. Either he will be forced to marry again and his NEW wife will find out about his problem of not being able to make babies and then the family and everyone else will know or YH will find a better man (already happening) and will end up pregnant again when she marries and then the question will come up if she can not have children why is she pregnant?. Then what happens to his lie? Its not YH's responsibility to continue on with his lie. She is free and has her daughter and a new life with a new husband and family soon we all hope. The truth which she wanted him to tell so no one could use it against him will prolly end up coming out in the worst possible way. But then he deserves it for how he treated her in the end. His sister definitely needs to get it and I think she will in some kind of way later. A lesson is coming to her for the way she acted towards YH and her family. I hope her side of the family looses out on the money as well. I do not know how I missed this drama as I was waiting for the Next Lee Sang Woo drama.. But thank goodness It caught my eye when I saw him in this and I decided to check this out and binged watch all sixteen episodes..