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  1. I wonder if a twist this time is OG, SM/SJ and MW and other gods and deities band together to stop the world ending but also teach heaven a lesson over their own selfishness in playing with lives? It would be interesting to see that because I think that the Heavens have had far to long to play with peoples lives. I am not saying that those that do wrong should not get some form of punishment even those who are immortal and are powerful but I feel that at some point even heaven needs to take a step back because with great power comes arrogance and detachment to remember that their way may not be the only way to fix a problem or that those that do wrong do not have to suffer for eternity for that wrong if they have at some point learned their lesson and changed for the good. That is why I say I would love to see MW , OG , SJ and the rest not only stop the end of the world but also be able to deal with heaven and be with the ones they love at the end. Should be interesting to see where the Hong Sisters are going with this story.
  2. I get the feeling that DB is on the track to blame his family for how his bio family ended up. You can already see the resentment and jealousy but now with this information instead of talking to his adopted parents he will make his own conclusions and do something to hurt them all. Just like finding out about JH and IY's previous relationship will ruin what little family feeling he has for JH as his younger brother. He is very insecure, needy and jealous of JH. Learning about his past is going to make him want to take everything away from JH even more as he likes IY and will not be able to deal with her having known JH before. Given that DB can tell that IY is just not that into him he will realize that JH and IY still love one another and this will only add fire to his resentment and jealousy. I have a feeling that JH by going to IY's house is going to learn of what happened to her family and the person who is responsible. I wish he had not gone to her house without telling her he has learned the truth about who she really is and has family alive but perhaps its a blessing in that he will hear exactly what happened and who was responsible and learn it was YR. My guess is in the long run there will not be a wedding. We may end up seeing sides drawn with YR and DB on one side against JH and IY. I say this because I already know of DB's jealousy but I am starting to again see YR's jealousy of IY. Her trying to find out about JH and IY's talking and her wanting to get under her skin with her snide comments show me that YR's previous help and sorriness at what she did to IY's family was only a token and her jealousy is going to show up again. I keep feeling like she is going to be very mad if she realizes that JH still loves IY or if JH breaks things off because of his feelings for IY. Although I do not see her loving JH I do see her having a problem with loosing out to IY. Also given that she loves DB I can see them joining together to take that company. Let's hope my thought is wrong.
  3. I thought they would at least give us a small time jump to show how everyone has adjusted to her death. But they abruptly killed her off and then ended the drama with her death. The drama was promising until they started to cut the episodes (this was a good idea) but then started to rush the story line. I can only think this was due in part to trying to finish before the Olympics started. It was not as bad as it could have been. It would have been better with a little bit more closure for everyone after her death.
  4. Episode 69 was broadcasted as I looked at the clips last night. I just do not see it on any of the sites today. The clips from the episode are on youtube and JH accidentally sees IY with SJ and then hears him call her Noona as she crosses the street and tell her something relating to their mother. So JH now knows that her mother is still alive. In the preview you can see he has asked for someone to investigate her and he is told she has a mother, a bother and who her father was. The one person that JH had been asking about but no one told him that the man was dead. I can only assume that the guy told him that her brother just woke up after being in a coma for a time as well. So the big question is what will JH do with learning the truth about IY's father? That he has died? His mother had to know and kept it from him. And Why did she? Will he confront her and finally have her confess about what happen to him and the theft of his idea? About how it could be related to SJ and his being hurt? Was JH there the day IY's father died? Honestly IY is starting to irritate me with the way she is handling things. I think she truly needs to come clean with JH on why she came into that family and she needs to leave that house and stop continuing to act like she wants to be with DB. YR is giving me the feeling that she is going to stop being so helpful to IY. I am not sure if its her jealousy over DB who she really likes, her jealousy of JH who she likes but is not in love with and just does not like that IY is the woman in his heart or she just feels that she has spent enough time being sorry for how she ruined IY's family. But I am starting to not trust her and I also do not like that she is going along with this plan of DB's to get rid of the bio son of the company so he can have it. I liked that BS and HM told DB the truth but honestly given his personality instead of being grateful that he was raised and thought of as a son of that family and is except for blood he is totally going to take the company away from his adopted parents and brother because of his insecure feelings.
  5. BS is a half sister to SR and JS (same dad different mom) and I like her too as she is not endorsing HY even now. But I find fault in her at what she did in the last episode all to get back at HY. All she did was cause problems for YE who has nothing to do with them anymore. Although BS did not see the issue with this because she has not experienced HY's crazy psychotic jealousy over YE yet she still should not have done that. @Pam_Van Fossen I have no idea what she would use the video for except to send it to YE. Why she would think YE would care or want to see that is, because she thinks YE is trying to get JS back. This is her paranoia since she stole that man from YE. What JS or HY do not get is when YE has said she is done and has moved on she really means it. JS is no longer someone YE wants to deal with or regrets letting go of finally. HY still in some way thinks that she got a better deal even after knowing who HJ is and being told by YE that she thanks her for taking the idiot JS off her hands. HY knows that JS is a fool but she can't stand that YE will have a good life free of that family. This is also why HY continues to mess with YE cause she can't have YE living well after letting go of everything but also because YE does not back down from her and lets her have it. HY wants people to respect her but she has done nothing and continues to do nothing to earn respect. And you are right it will only make her look crazy if she post it online unless she alters the video to make JS look bad instead of a victim of an vicious assault. I can only think as I mentioned above its for YE to see. A dig that JS is getting it for eating her food or something nutty. If that video does go to YE she will only shake her head at the craziness and wonder why she would even want to see it. Just like in the preview the words of YE to HY after HY called to accuse her of trying to seduce about keeping her husband close before she looses him to YE again (basically away from YE) will set off HY again until she goes to harass her at her gimbap site being spiteful, petty and crazy. Again YE no longer wants that fool JS she is just needling HY. (Why would she when she has HJ by her side??) All this will do is ensure that YE goes for the job at TMO. Which again is due to HY and her interference in YE's life with her crazy. As @awsparkle said anytime they try to get in the way of YE , YE will end up blessed with another road to take that will benefit her. So again HY's continued harassment will ensure that YE ends up going to work at HJ's company and make a name and career for herself with her products. Now let me go back to a thought I had from my previous post above this one.. I can only see a problem for YE when she learns who HJ is when she realizes she has fallen for him. I don't think she will stop being his friend but she may have a min to adjust her thinking to being with him given his family and his status. HJ is going to have to scale that wall to make her understand that the money is nothing over the person he really is. I also think this is what her mother is learning now too. Just because SM and HJ are rich they are just two people who have the same wants, needs and warm personalities as someone who is not as well off. This is going to help her mother later endorse that relationship and give YE advice too I think.
  6. So a few things for me after the last episode. SM and YE's mom are so cute together and that friendship is growing. I love how she takes care of SM and the fact that HJ said they look like good friends and SM asking her would she like to be her friend. These two are going to be good friends and MS will be out in the cold for not only NOT appreciating the friendship she had with SM but also for trying to take advantage of that friendship and being a hateful shrew to her. (MS will not only have lost a great DIL but a true friend and its going to be a painful lesson to her later.) ***So HY paid a professional to make that lotion sample that SR has turned in. She has also coached the twit with submitting her faked diploma and documents to HR for a job in HJ's company. HY is an idiot and I am going to say why. HJ is not like your average man. He is not a fool and since she has no idea of the history or his aversion to SR in any romantic sense she is going to fail with what they are trying to do. I see this coming back to bite them big although I think HY would be gone and SR will be on the hook for what she tried to do with HY's help. Any and all scenes of YE and HJ I am happy to see. I think HJ has already accepted that he could be in love with YE he just knows that YE is not there yet. I think one of the biggest motivators in his telling her about the first time he met her outside of her collapsing in the rain at the park and at SE's wedding along with his having a job and to understand why later if she finds out things about him that timing is the reason why he did not fully tell her everything is because he knows that eventually she will find out and that he is in love with her and will not want to lose her due to the deception or withholding things from her. All of his reactions to YE last night show that HJ likes YE. I especially love the fact that YE confided in him about the job with TMO although she did not fully say the company or that she makes beauty products. Had she done so HJ would have known quickly who YE was to DH and would have definitely told her to take that job. Fate is having a little fun with HJ and YE here. It will be a huge surprise to both when YE takes that job wait and see. HJ is telling YE correctly that she can not let that family influence her to give up something she is not only good at but also likes to do and miss the opportunity to go for a job she is suited for. I love how he always encourages her to follow her dreams and be strong and courageous and not to be scared to step back out there. I also like the fact that YE has noticed how much mature HJ is as she jokingly says she always feels like she is talking to an elder when she is with him. I think this is a huge clue that YE will be reminded later that although HJ is 3 years younger than her he is far more mature and wise then anyone she has known before and even age does not take away that he is on the same level as her in a lot of ways (although I see HJ even more mature then YE but that is because she was trapped in that marriage for 7 years.). Even later when he said he had a job he almost got to tell her the truth but YE jumped the gun and hugged him not letting him fully get out who he really is of course HJ got distracted with a warm , soft , huggable YE who he likes all over him. (I see you HJ... enjoyed it didn't you?) The poor guys mind short circuited for a moment and it was cute to see his surprise and awkwardness and how they both realized and played it off. (YE, That man felt good in your arms didn't he? You are going to fall so hard and I can't wait to see it!) both of them are just so cute and I love once again HJ telling YE not to let what other people say or think influence her. Lastly, HJ forgoing his sleep to get up at the crack of dawn to go support YE and her new gimbap side biz. That man has it so bad but he is also a very good friend to do this with YE. I love his trying to make one and it falling apart. It was especially cute that she was teaching the puppy how to make them and you saw his face as her hands were over his. LMAO () he watched her (lol, this guy is gone.. I bet his stomach dropped and he had butterflies..) Its so cute these two together. The support that YE and HJ give one another is so refreshing to see. It was only marred by JS showing up with his greedy self. Who cares what YE does she is not tied to him anymore. No one would associate her with him. JS is so delusional especially when he is divorced from YE for cheating. LOL at his acting like he is all that and giving them money when he knew he wanted that gimbap because he is a. greedy and b. misses her food. The fact that she said no to selling him one but he dropped the money in the cooler and took two (then ran like the rat he is) showed he really wanted to taste her food. What I hate about him is that he still continues to associate YE with only her cooking and that is not all she was in that house. When I saw this scene what I said is this idiot will pay for this but not only that he will bring trouble to YE. Let me just jump for joy once again that HJ gave SR the get out speech as well as pointing out that she should not like him since he has a girlfriend. (LOL, not yet HJ but your hoping and waiting on YE is cute..Already thinking of her in those terms huh? She will be just give it a bit more time.. I see you HJ..) LMAO at his enjoying YE's homemade lunch box that she made him as a thank you for coming to help her. That is right HJ you keep eating your future wife's food. You will get a lot of that later. HJ saying that he hopes SR does not get a job at TMO is unfortunately going to be the opposite at least for a while. SR will end up with a job based on the lies she used to secure a space there since he wont go and tell them not to hire her. SR will come in and try to not only be all over him trying to stake claim but she is going to cause issues for YE once she realizes that HJ likes her. Of course in the end she will most likely be in huge trouble because she will do something to get busted for. SR will eventually see a side of HJ she never thought to see and when she does she will want to run. It will be brought home to her savagely I expect that she will never get him because he does not like her and never will. Being nice to her will be over. And as soon as he got to the office he was gorging himself on her food mumbling about how good it is and how he missed it only for his younger sister BS to come in and also taste it recognizing it. What makes me so angry about this entire family is they benefited from all of YE's care for years and although BS and TP recognized and appreciated her they all still do not get that they bring trouble to YE whenever they come in contact. BS's asking if he was seeing YE was stupid as why would YE see JS after what he did to her? For enjoying that gimbap he got a gimbap beating for his trouble. Serves him right as he deserved it for being such a azz to YE and for sneaking to enjoy her food. He should have known what would happen if he got caught. BS should have at least warned him.. lmao but oh well I can see why she did not. I like BS and I can't wait for her to start her own romance with II-Sam but at the same time she really made me angry in the last episode. She should not have mentioned YE's gimbap to HY nor talked about how much JS loved it or missed it. All she did was bring trouble to YE who is not dealing with JS. HY is an irrational shrew and she knows that HJ is around YE but YE is going to end up having to deal with HY once again over something stupid. BS only did this to get back at HY for talking about how she got her that job at JS's company and BS should be grateful since JS does not like having her there. Another thing I am going to point out again is that HY only shows up to see II-Sam when she needs him to do something. She totally uses this man and I wonder at what point will he stop that. I guess when he learns of what she did in ruining BS side of the family and in stealing everything from JS and his side. BS did not realize that II-Sam may know HY and when she does find out she is going to not only be hurt but very angry. This could be when he gets his wake up call as well relating to HY. The preview shows that HY is getting a bit back of what she did to YE (I said this would happen). Although YE is not having anything to do with JS HY is paranoid that he is going back to see his ex wife and that everyone still misses all the things that YE did for them. HY is completely in denial that she broke up that marriage and that YE was a good wife. Its beyond crazy that she gets so angry at the fact that those people miss the things that YE did for them. HY refuses to do any of those things or even try to be a wife and DIL to those people but she gets angry at the mention of YE and things she use to do that they still like. YE does not want JS back she is just giving HY back what HY gave to her when she was married to JS. Unfortunately all this does is set off HY. HY really should leave YE alone. Nothing she has done is good and if she wanted to cause a huge scene then she will end up the looser as YE was once married to JS for 7 years where HY has only been with him for a month or two (or six) and had a relationship with him for 2 years while he was married to YE. She is the reason they divorce so the homewrecker would not be YE but HY. HY messing with YE once again is going to make HJ angry. Now let me talk about how ironic it is that MS has given her stamp to HY. HY is going to use that stamp to take the house and use it for a loan or something but before that as the preview shows MS wants to suggest that HY and JS move out since she can't take HY's violent behavior but what does HY say to that , that they should stay and if anyone should leave it should be MS. Of course JS will side with HY. This is a huge blow to MS who before had JS support against his wife YE. But then again its what MS gets for being foolish enough to give her stamp to HY. It is a parallel payback to when YE told her no to any additional money to send to SR and MS stole YE's stamp and bank book and emptied out YE's savings account then had a nerve to want to toss the book and stamp after she did it and then get angry at YE for being mad that MS stole her money. Its going to be another dose of why she lost a good daughter in law for one like HY. Crying and being sorry to YE now does not change her fate or the fate of her side of that family. MS allowed the devil in the door and she will pay for all she did to YE as punishment. I find it so funny that JS is so attentive and protective of HY when he was never that way to YE who did everything for him. His taste of punishment is going to hurt badly and I hope he withers in agony from it. MS, SR and JS all need to be shown that they are nothing and those thoughts that they were so much better than anyone were just an delusion. JS also is a fool to have given HY all the stocks in that company. HE never did anything like that for YE and she was the one who broke her back almost helping him to have all he did. I can't wait for him to learn that HY has taken out loans and he has lost not only that company , the building but also his home. I look forward to the red tag crew to come in on them. I have a feeling when this happens they will want to run to YE for help but YE can't give them anything. I just do not want them to try to come to MB's house to lay up. Or go to SM's to try to get a room. Its going to hit them hard to see YE's mom there and be turned away. I want to see them have to go live with TP and his other woman. I think its a fitting punishment for the woman for stealing a married man. I am not even going to talk about SE cause I am not interested in her story line at the moment. I see her as a whiner and it irritates me..
  7. Exactly... She envisioned this one woman as her future daughter in law and what she will get is just what she needs. A woman who she has run into a few times and been extremely rude not only to GY but also her mother. The woman is going to bust a gut at finding out JS is in love with GY instead of some rich girl who she thought would bring her status up. GY's cousin already told her that she would end up putting her life on the line to split up the woman that JS would love. that she would fight tooth and nail to get them to part and never accept the woman. JS's mom could not understand why that was if he was going to be with the announcer. Of course she jumped to her own conclusions after seeing the woman with similar gloves that JS had in his room. She assumed he gave them to the woman never thinking that the store would have more than one pair they sold. It was her own greed that made her think he was with the announcer and she is going to get her bubble popped when she learns the truth. It will only get worse when she learns that GY is TP's daughter. Remember in SR's mind TP is the bad guy and seduced and ruined NR's marriage. Its going to be some huge blows when she has the truth thrown in her face of what NR really did to ruin GY's family. SR will not be able to cover things up because JS had found out the truth as an outsider all he needs it to put faces with the names. I can see SR loosing JS over her attitude and her nastiness but then its what the woman deserves. @awsparkle I would love for Halmoni to tell SR exactly why she does not like her and that it has nothing to do with her background and everything to do with her knowing she was a gold digger trying to come up. I hope we will get to see lots of scenes where Halmoni is siding with GY when SR is being a rude witch and see Halmoni show GY affection over her own DIL who has played the victim card for far too long in what happen with JS's father.
  8. Not really... The Seo household and family fell apart at the revelation that JA was not the missing daughter but JS was. They have endured a lot for that lie that Mom told. The two women (JS and JA) have suffered a bit from that bit of misdirection and out right lie. (JA more than JS in my opinion.) The Choi's family and household only had to deal with the dictator gramps really as he continued to try to reign over them all with his word and will. With MH following him as well. What we see (in my opinion) is as the Seo's slowly start building their family again the Choi family is slowly breaking apart. DK has flown the nest wanting to make it on his own (with a few hiccups from gramps), JS has left the nest wanting to continue to live as a Seo and be happy in the life she had then the one they wanted to force on her and SH will eventually realize as well that being the good daughter is not all that and we slowly see her falling for JH although I don't really see that going anywhere but we will see. So as the Seo's come back together after this ordeal its the Choi's turn now to fracture and start again. With Js resigning and his giving his blessing to JS and Hyuk we should see a real shake up now that DK has turned gramps down once again. There were so many ways that Gramps could have benefited from DK's going out on his own but the man is so stuck with wanting everyone under what he created that he can't see that. I am sure with this heart attack he will try to milk it but I am hoping he also wakes up to his own behavior and how it has broken up his family due to his selfish and stubborn behavior. Perhaps this will be where MH gets her wake up too with the loss of two of her children and her husband currently and her father having a heart attack. Maybe the man will finally turn to her as his daughter. What I would not like to see is DK feeling guilty at turning this man down for that position he tried to push on him. I also do not want to see Js guilty for resigning as well. This has been a long time in coming and that old man needs a huge lesson for how he has dangled power, money and family in front of his family. How he did not appreciate the people he had in his family. While one family is showing how a true family weathers storms.. the other is breaking apart because they do not have a good foundation. Or the foundation they had has cracks (MH and Gramps). Perhaps his having a heart attack will be what finally makes this family become a real family and not one based on who they are.
  9. YR is a wild card to me. I feel like she will be a bit jealous before she sees this as an opportunity to have DB the way she wants. I do not mind her knowing that IY and JH were in love before I just do not want her trying to hurt IY with that knowledge. Sure she has helped IY in the past to try to make up for what she did to her and her family but this I feel will be a bit different. Given that YR does not really love JH this should be the perfect opportunity to change the plan and get what she wants DB. I still have hope that somehow YR will come to her senses and realize that what she is doing needs to stop and even help DB by foiling his plans and telling IY and JH what DB is trying to do. I think that is the only way I can see any type of friendship with YR later between IY and JH as well. I agree this drama is hard to predict and I can't understand DB's reasoning for what he is doing. Is it jealousy along with the thought that these people owe him something due to his father? Or is it his blindness because of his own screw ups he feels that he is not treated like a real son? I can't see DB truly getting it until the only father he has known has completely forgotten him, falls ill and is bedridden or dies then and only then will he realize what he did to BS and the family that saw him as one of their own. He seems angry that BS has not been considering him after the huge blunder of his a few years ago and now that he knows he is not their son he is even more angry or determined to get back at them for what he sees as his being pushed aside for their real son after all the work he thinks he has done. I guess the last 55 episodes should be interesting.
  10. LOL, Yes YR do so. Remove IY from DB's side so you can be there and then JH and IY can be together again...
  11. DB and IY's relationship was doomed from the start. Not only due to her lies to find out what happen to her father and brother and who stole his idea but because DB has a hand in whatever may have happened to her father possibly but definitely in what happen to her brother. Then there is the fact that IY still loves JH. I am hoping we are not going to see a wedding with YR and JH either as JH does not love her. I fear he is pushed to the brink with his fathers illness but I hope it does not come to that. DB is turning out to be a selfish character to me. He caused a problem before that almost harmed the business but he can't understand why his adopted father is hesitant to give the reigns to him or promote him. But he does things that will ensure that he will most like end up taking the company but will also end up loosing it as well. Its a huge betrayal to the people who have raised him as their own and the brother who looked up to him and loved him. He is blinded by his jealousy of JH when he should be very grateful he managed to grow up in a good family instead of left to an orphanage when his father went to jail or died. I can see him at the end crying when he learns of his adopted fathers illness and realizes all he did was for selfish reasons and he was always loved by his father and HM. I can only image JH's response when he learns of YR's true motives and who put her up to it.
  12. I think the best scene for me was JS and GY in the car and they promising to not let go of one another. It was especially direct on the fact he asked her to take his hand. So many times they say "hold on to me" or "take my hand and not let that hand go" and they end up doing just that letting go of that hand when the pressure gets too much. Given what the profile says about these two I can really see them holding each others hand no matter how much they go through (and it will be a lot given their families) even when they are hiding they are still together. I will be very disappointed if the writers has them let go of one another when times get tough. Please tell me GY's cousin is not about to confess his feelings or that she is not blood related to anyone in that house? I get the feeling he is upset at seeing GY with a boyfriend and not for reasons that relate to worrying about her being hurt. Great Job today ES in shutting GB down. For far too long she has thought her body and face where all that and used them. Finally someone took her to tasks over her behavior and her displaying her favors. Unfortunately for her instead of taking what he said positively (even though he blasted her in front of others) she quit because she was embarrassed. Sure she should wear her work out clothing at the gym but all of that bending over and trying to display her body intentionally was foolish. ES has shown her on many occasions that he is not swayed by that. ES is the one to show GB what she has allowed to happen to herself because of her issues with what her father did. I do not see them in a relationship but at east I hope he wakes her up to her own vanity and selfishness.
  13. I am satisfied with the ending and even happy with JS's character. So in the end this was not a bust and I can watch this again if I ever get the urge. This was an ok drama after all is said and done in my opinion (considering there are some that made you regret the hours you put in watching it.. ) It was great chatting with you all about this drama hope to see you in the next daily drama thread.
  14. Thanks @awsparkle.. I have missed most of the week and have yet to look at the subbed episodes I missed but oh well I guess we miss DH confessing to YE what she did and YE having to find out about HJ possibly tonight and have to wait until Sunday/Monday to see what happens with DH's confession. I Have to see based on what I have read in the thread I can't muster up any sympathy for DH since she is the one that made the choice to do this without realizing the consequences or that what she did was not only fraud but theft. I am still very angry at her character and now she will have to go to YE after disregarding what YE said and tell the truth when she should have done this in the beginning before spending that prize money. Or did it for YE only and not herself. YE would have shared that prize money with DH if it meant that something good came out of good intentions I believe. YE is not about the money. But I can see YE disappointed and upset at DH at what she has done. Now YE has to fix this issue and in turn learn the truth about HJ as well. This will not figure into HY's plans cause she has no idea about their relationship except that YE calls him Jobless and prolly does not know who he really is.
  15. HY thinks any man can be had. Since she knows that SR likes HJ she thinks that SR has a chance with him. HY has no idea that HJ does not like SR and will not fall for her tricks. This situation will not only blow up in SR's face and make her have to be humiliated and hurt once again but it will blow up in HY's too. HY thinks that she will hurt YE by doing this but YE is no where near thinking of any feelings for HJ yet. They only thing this could do is make YE think that because of the age difference and social class difference HJ should be with someone closer to his age or status. YE may feel even a bit sad but will not want to face why she feels that way yet. So this hurts no one but SR in the long run. SR is the one who has been after HJ. His mother has told her no, told MS no, told the second wife no. HY has no idea of any of that. SR is too much of an idiot to realize that HY is using her. All she thinks of is her trying to get close to and get HJ like she has been trying to do for years. Listening to HY just because she got her brother away from his wife is not a good thing to do. This will only make HJ have to be a bit more firm and even mean to her to stop it and for him to have to tell her once again that he will never see her as a woman. Then it becomes HJ's fault that she is hurt and rejected once again and YE's fault when she realizes that HJ loves YE. The best part about HY, SR and even HJ's ex coming back to stir the pot is that it will make YE and HJ confront how they feel for one another. HJ will end up facing up to the fact that he does love YE while she works for him and eventually YE will have to face as well that friendship has turned to love for her as well. HY and SR and even the ex (and even JS with his crazy jealousy) will have harassed or put down YE until HJ will end up confessing or claiming YE as his woman perhaps. They will all do us a favor to make the OTP face up to what has grown between them out of friendship. HY's nutty act is only serving to harm herself and those around her but is only a slight irritation to HJ and YE. Both of them will find away around whatever is thrown at them and both are very determined when need be.