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  1. Wow, now SJ has found out the truth about her origins... awesome.. About time more dirty laundry came out for her mom. I have to wonder if she has done all she has to gain power because she is still angry at having been made to marry into that family. SJ's whole world is imploding one at a time. At what point does she stop or is made to stop? I suspect YW is pregnant by JY, I hope they are able to get back together. They deserve to have some happiness after this mess is over. Did I see DJ giving a baby to her Aunt in the preview? Was the Aunt Pregnant or is that YW's? I really am just waiting to see DJ and JW have some couple moments.. @stroppyse thanks for the continued recaps and preview trans.. @0ly40 thanks for the clips and preview video.
  2. @Chickpea My understanding is the patent transfer has been done along with the stocks. I remember from episode 89 when Madam Cha went to YR's to pay her respects to DN's father for his memorial she later went and talked to DN. She provided DN with her father's notebook(that Hyung stole with the meat aging process in it.) that she had been safe keeping and she requested that DN help her protect the company she then provided her with the patent transfer document legally giving her the patent for her fathers process and providing her with the stocks she set aside for her. So SH and his grandmother were able to return what was stolen to DN's adopted father. I am not sure if SN and Hyung are even aware that the employees and DN have shares now and DN has legal control of that patent or not. I want to think they do not know that this has happened as they have not once been shown to have anyone tell them about who now has stocks in the company or thought about that patent. We have seen in the past that SH was made aware of stocks changing hands by his assistant so he was aware pretty early that SN had gotten her hands on YR's stocks and he inquired about it finding out why. But SN nor Hyung have been seen doing their due diligence and that is either because they are too busy being cocky and walking around like they have won and are the true owners to care about checking thinking they have control of everything or just because she has the largest amount of stock and he is the CEO he has never thought to check on these things and no one has come forward to tell them. Either way they will be in for a huge surprise. The company does not legally own the rights to that process anymore and if it is taken away the company stands to loose a lot of money. Nor will they be able to fully gain control with out a vote from all stock holders. It should be interesting to see when they are made aware that they may not completely win control of that company. Especially if their crimes come out and the board finds out. DN has told SN that she is not the true owner of that company , but SN keeps saying she will be and talking about the stocks she has (along with going on about not letting go or giving up on getting SH.. broken record much!?) when it is true there has not been a full vote of all shareholders. It will surely surprise Hyung and SN when that does happen and I feel like they will think they have everything with that patent only to learn that the patent has been in DN's hands as the legal owner (this will really bite for Hyung since he stole it in the first place.) (and for SN since she will hate that DN has that much control.) for a while now and they did not know. Hyung was too busy stealing from the company with the suppliers and SN was too busy stalking around the company after SH and way laying DN to go on and on about her holding two men on a string and announce once again that she will not give up on getting SH.
  3. SH handled the rejection perfectly in my opinion. He has said that after dealing with SN pushing her feelings on him and trying to force him he would not do that to DN so his not showing how hurt he was and being able to smile and show DN they are still friends is perfect. Plus given that SH says he will try to show his the sincerity of the feelings he has to DN I think toning down a bit is just what is needed given that they are working on this project and now DN will find out who her birth mom is. If there is to be a romance between the two they will have opportunities for feelings or awareness of SH to show from DN. I personality think DN has no real bases to understand any feelings she may have even the ones she felt she had for JW with all she has been through, but I do feel that any feelings for SH that she may have will creep up on her before she fully understands or wants to admit she may like him.At the very least she will be trying hard to keep things strictly friendly given the fact that crazy SN is around who is obsessed with SH along with the disapproval of SH's mom and Soon Hee. Glad they caught BS and I am not even mad at the beating he got in the process. I am angry at Soon Hee and DN's friend or even JW. Their intervening will enable him to get away and alert the Hong's that he was caught by YR. I don't care how much he took care of Soon Hee, He knew she had a daughter eventually who was searching for her. He was willingly holding her captive and feeding her medicine that could greatly harm her. He has lied as a witness that put the woman's daughter in jail. he enjoyed that woman's food while her daughter spent years looking for her. It does not matter how much the friend likes him. The guy is slime. Until he confesses all he was a part of with the Hong's I have no interest in him. Well I can see BS as the next casualty of the Hong's as I can't see them being able to pay him much if anything as he will be another threat if he is able to talk. I wonder if SN or Y K will have him harmed only for him to survive and join the ranks of others out to get SN back. SN will start to worry about DN knowing who her birth mom is and the implications that it may motivate DN to really start going after the evidence to prove SN harmed JH since she will realize now JH was her half sister and the Hong's know it as well.
  4. Soon Hee should have checked with YR first before telling. It was not her secret to tell. Soon Hee should have gone to YR and told her she has no more time due to the situation related to JW. DN needed to be told so she can stop trying to run after JW, but also not feel guilty, because he choose to go to the gallery with another person. Making her feel like it was her fault when it was really in order to put distance between them so he could finally settle his feelings (he should have done that long ago in my opinion) after Soon Hee asked if he can't let those feelings go. Now DN has found out and from the looks of the preview she is not able to accept it right now (as expected) and is very upset and SH saves her from almost going into traffic JW is back by the time SH brings her home and she does not look happy or is very disappointed now knowing that JW knew as well and never said. It really was no ones secret or responsibility, but YR's to tell and although JW did right in not telling it he should have urged YR to settle her fear and tell DN herself. How will DN feel to find this out and knowing that JW knew and let her feel confused in her feelings for him? DN will be a bit hurt over his not talking to her and trying to leave. As learning that SH knew as well..this will be the second time these guys knew something that was related to her and kept it to themselves even with good intentions. I see DN's feelings for JW wrapped in gratitude and guilt not true love. JW was the person beside her for years and the only one besides her missing mom who believed in her innocence and tried to help her no matter what. If DN had really felt anything for JW she would have worn the ring he gave her and accepted his feelings even when she was searching for her mother. I do not ship either man, but I do feel that JW held on to those feelings of his without making sure of how DN was going to take things. He knew that DN did not want to meet her real mom as she says she abandoned her. So wanting anything with DN and not settling his feelings for her with the truth still hanging over their head is not good. Basing any type of relationship without DN knowing all is unfair to her and took away her free choice. I do say thank goodness it was not SN or YK who told the secret. I am glad that it was Soon Hee as she will be the one to give DN the right type of advice to think things through and urge her to get to know her bio mom since Soon Hee always wanted DN to find her. What I do like is the fact that YR walked up on SN and that man saying something foul to DN I bet and says something about them talking to her daughter that way. SN's face was priceless as she did not expect that. That just took the last hold she could never use against YR away. Even if SN tries to warp the situation on why SN abandoned her DN will not listen to her even angry at YR. The news that DN is YR's daughter will spread like wildfire. SN is playing with fire related to Hyung he is a slime and eventually that money missing that she embezzled will be coming around again. I have a feeling that SN will try to plant that on Hyung like she does with everyone else she uses and tosses away trying to get out of her crimes. SN wants to own that company and she will want Hyung gone and that will be the perfect way to do it frame him for it since he is stealing anyway with the suppliers. Hyung will never let her get away with that and he will never be like all the others she used and tossed away. He will end up blasting her.. He is a snake and SN will get bit by him for trying to betray him I feel. I am not at all surprised by Ruby. She loves that rat SK so she will want to believe that DN is a liar and its all her fault based on the lies from the Hong's. Ruby has made her choice to leave and good for her she is way too old to be living with her family and is about to be a mom so she should go live with his family and be the DIL there. Ruby should have been living with his family anyway. Her living there will give her a better chance to find something , see something or over hear something that proves what SH has said and what DN has said is true and to see her in laws in a new light. Unfortunately I can see her baby being the casualty of her love for the rat SK. Until Ruby gets a taste of what DN went through she will never realized how wrong she is to be blaming DN for her believing in and wanting to be with SK or having been used by the Hong's. If she wants her baby's father so be it, but do not blame others for him being slime! Her wake up is coming around again and this time it will be harder than before with her loosing something she has always wanted in the process.
  5. Sorry to cut your post.. I think its SN wishing for it to be true that DN likes JW. SN was the one going around telling that JW likes DN and gave her a ring. DN really never mentioned anything about it. SN will see DN taking care of JW and jump to the conclusion that DN must like JW as well. She forgets that DN is the step sister and she knows that SH knows this as he told her or she thinks by telling SH that DN must like JW to take care of him it will make SH want to turn to her. SN fails to see that even if DN is not in the picture SH will never come back to her. After all she has done to try to make him come to her even if he is kicked out after three months he will never bow down, kneel down or beg her to take him back. All she is doing is again showing the man that she is obsessed and will not let go. When she is rejected again she will plot to ruin the project. It makes me laugh whenever she says that she has put personal feelings aside for business when she has never done that. SH has told her over and over to do just that but SN runs on emotions and she reacts and does things based on those feelings of anger, pain, rejection and hurt.. YK is the root of her children turning out the way they have. SK will end up loosing that career and marriage to the rich family. He will not have the chance to be with this baby after they tossed away the first baby. SK is just as deluded and selfish just like SN and it all comes from YK. Her greed and need to be above her station has made her turn her children into, lying, stealing, murdering criminals who do not care who they hurt as long as they get what they want and by proxy she gets what she wants. YK was very jealous of YR you can tell that and she fostered that jealousy in her daughter and ruined her sons life by pushing to be more than they are. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move up but stealing from others to achieve that goal never turns out the way you want it to. Especially when you harm others and then try to cover up the crimes. The conversation YK had with SN after she was kicked out of SH's house well you can tell she is the one to feed SN's crazy and she is the one that will set her on the path to kill again and this time it will be DN as she blames DN for stealing SH when we all know that is not true. I don't think YK realizes how much damage she has done to her children until she either has one on the run and the other in jail or she looses one. SN needed the object lesson above from DN. As DN told her she has gotten away with a lot of her crimes and she still continues to do wrong, cause people to be hurt and then run and hide while denying her part in things. DN scaring the heck out of SN was a warning that she is not a. safe as she thinks she is. b. can't be harmed as SN likes to run her mouth to say (stocks will not protect you from a knife wound) and c. no one is going to stand around anymore and let her get away with causing others to be harmed by her selfish and thieving actions. If SN had not gone into that lab to spy on what they were doing for the project she never would have been caught red handed. If she had put that meat down instead of struggling with DN the glass would never have broken. If SN had not pushed DN then JW would have never ran in to help her saving her from being cut badly and ending up cut badly himself. It may have been an accident but the root cause was SN being somewhere and doing something she had not business doing. From Now on I hope that they decide to lock that door and arm it along with putting in camera's in the hall and the lab with night vision. SN is not done by a long shot. She will again try because she will hate that DN scared the mess out of her with that knife when she thought she was a big fish just because she has those stocks. SN and her family have done so much dirt that they can never go back anymore. It all started when she pushed JH. IF she had owned up to it it would have been ruled an accident. Instead they framed another person and hid it and then went ahead and killed JH to keep her from telling who really pushed her. From that point on there is no going back and they will either have to die or rot in jail for the rest of their lives.
  6. It looks like it says to me... that DN threatens to stab SN with the knife for getting JW hurt, but lets SN know perhaps that she will make SN pay for what she has done. SN goes running off to SH (to taunt him I bet) thinking that DN will never return his feelings and likes JW since she is taking care of him and tells SH he has a chance to come back to be with her since he will not have DN's heart (LMAO, totally nuts SN, not going to happen even if he never gains DN's love). DN takes care of JW after he has his hand hurt and Soon Hee is worried that DN likes JW and that JW/DN will end up broken hearted/ hurt since Soon Hee knows that they are step brother and sister (or when DN find out they are step brother and sister). BS returns to Korea and goes to see GS and YR finds out and wants him found. @awsparkle does a better job of figuring out the trans and perhaps can confirm if what I see is correct or close unless a Korean speaker/reader can confirm.. **Translation is based on my interpretation..**
  7. I had no intention of watching this drama until I saw that Lee Sang Woo was in this, but decided to stop and check out the first episode. I was surprised that it caught me in the first episode and upset at the end of episode 4 that I had to wait another week to see the next four episodes. Just as I was getting into it the episode seemed to end.. lol.. I look forward to seeing how each woman continues to interact with one another , but also how they each find that person that they may have a romance with. So far I am loving the romance between Jin Jin and Gong Ji Won. I was yelling at the screen "Talk to him Woman!" I loved the cliff hanger of his asking her why did she stay single or never dated and then we get to see the flashback of him kissing her in the elevator. I wonder what happened as we can see as teens they liked one another. How did they loose touch and why did they not date one another in school? Were they both just too shy to make a move and ended up loosing the opportunity? As noted above he did make an appearance in Episode 1 when he was at the radio station and the person next to him asked him if he likes people who look like cats or dogs. Jin Jin was listening to him on the radio since she had a crush on Anthony (LSW's character). Then again in episode 4 after the video is released from the Hong Kong show we see him sitting at home reading I think or looking over something. So his character showed up twice so far..
  8. Although I am happy that Soon Hee let SH's stuck up snobbish confused mother have it. I too see her as being portrayed as a loose cannon running around and needing to be contained. I am not sure if it is due to the meds she was on , or she is just totally fed up with the way her daughter was treated. I have a feeling there is a lot of guilt in the woman for how DN had to go to work to pay off the husbands debts (why did she not contribute more to pay that off..perhaps she did) and missed out on college or the fact that her being missing made DN worry and she ended up in jail for something she did not do and has been mistreated by people and misunderstood. At this point I just want her to even out her emotions and go back to being the calm type of mother we saw for a bit. All of this aggression and anger and running off when she has no way to really fight people yet is wasting time and irritating. The next thing she will be upset about is finding out that DN is YR's bio daughter. Soon Hee will most likely think that YR only brought them home to live with her because of this and will prolly think YR is trying to take DN away from her. Of course Soon Hee has heard about YR's other daughter and will hear again how YR does not think she deserves to have her 1st born daughter know at this moment or is scared to reveal it and how Soon Hee and her husband raised DN well and is just happy to be near DN. Either way after she gets past her shock I hope she does not start shrieking and cutting up. I suspect that Soon Hee will be the voice of reason when DN finally does find out and will be the one to tell DN to get to know her mother and not reject her for long. DN will be very angry that so many knew and no one told her , but again how does one tell a person that especially when it turns out to be the woman who hated you for the last four years? Also DN has been the one to say she did not want to meet her bio mom who abandoned her. Soon Hee should quickly remember that the only reason she was able to get back to her adopted daughter is because of YR and has been able to live a semi safe life at the moment due to YR's care and friendship. Not to mention the support and clinical care YR has got for her to help them find out what is going on with her medically. Whatever the reason is thankfulness, a need to be near her first born daughter or guilt at least YR has tried to make amends for abandoning DN and for how she treated her relating to JH's death. I agree I think Madam Cha realized that the best one to be able to help SH is DN with the stocks and the patent. He will need it since Hyung and SN will try to remove any allies he has to help him with his three month time table. SH's mom should be ashamed of herself and she has just caused SH even more issues with DN's mother. How dare she come there to talk to DN about SH and her when SH has told her that DN is not the one who is liking him too that its all one sided on his side at the moment (or perhaps its just his grandmother he told that too.) Either way she should have talked to him first before going there and I do not blame Soon Hee for letting her have it (just wish the volume and rant was low and a bit short) she has the right to let his mother have it just like she was there to warn off DN because of her background, and the fact that JW had given her a ring which is none of this woman's business. SH is not all that.. he has had one woman die, and another that he has been engaged to twice. So really what makes him so special? Looking down on DN will come back to bite her in the butt wait and see. I can see this idiot working with SN still thinking she is keeping DN and SH apart after finding out that her mother in law has asked DN to come work with SH at the company. The only thing that will fix her is finding out that DN is YR's daughter. That will get her right in the face for her snobbish behavior and ugly attitude. I hope that SH and her mother in law find out what she has done. Had she shown that type of behavior to SN perhaps none of this would be happening. Instead she embraces the crazed killer but is a witch to the framed nice person. So come on tell me did that woman let SN in the house again for her creepy a z z to be in SH's room touching his things crying? This woman never learns and I hope SH catches her in his room as well. His mother is beyond stupid and prejudice and it will all come back on her.
  9. SN had definitely gone into full on hate mode. As she told SH he rejected her sincerity so now he has to pay. I guess hearing that he never loved her the way she thought he did does that to a woman. I am not sure why she ever thought SH did love her. SH spent a lot of time grieving for JH and what he felt was gratitude for SN's friendship and being by his side as he basically told her thinking it was love when it was not. Mostly its because SN kept pushing that it was love when really it was her version of love/obsession. I guess it hurts to finally hear it point blank that he never loved her after she did so much to gain and keep his love only to hear that he never had any feelings of love for her like he once did for JH and now for DN. Her threat to hurt DN to make him feel what she is feeling is stupid, because he has already felt that pain of loosing the woman he loved when SN killed JH. SN has never seen SH angry, but I think his words to her should be taken serious if she tries to harm DN. SN's main issue is she has lost again and to none other than JH's older sister. I am not sure why she thought that taking the company from them would make him appreciate her just as saying he has 3 mos to keep his job and turn a profit or he is out the door will make him take her hand and work with her!!?? Is she NUTS!! (Yep, she is.. ) The woman killed JH and framed another person for it no way in heck would the man want to be with her. SN made a tactical error as well when speaking with Cha. When Madam Cha told her she was happy that she did not have a witch like her as her granddaughter in law and how dare she be so shameless after killing JH SN should have kept her mouth shut (but, we all know she can't.) ,but she tells the woman to "watch her mouth (watch what she says) and if she can not provide evidence to prove she did it then DN will stay the culprit" that to me is admitting fault. She just challenged another person to find evidence to prove she killed JH. SN thinks no one can find that evidence or stop her in that company now. Its going to be a huge shock when those employees stand up against her and Hyung and DN struts in. She will not see it coming but no one is going to just let SN and Hyung take that company over and not do something. I loved the flash back with Ruby and the rest as SH told them that SN is the culprit and that SK and YK were in on the frame up as well of DN. I knew that they would remember his being in the car and suspect he tampered with that black box video. Ruby is starting to see the enormity of the situation. She had her happiness, and saw DN as the bad guy, but DN had to loose her happiness all so SK could marry into a rich family. DN lost 4 years of her life and her baby because of the Hong's while Ruby ran around with SK happy as can be. SK was truly hilarious coming to Ruby talking about he wants to read to his kid and signed them up for couples therapy... Sure,That's the way to make up to your wife who you lied to . Tell the woman that you just took her families company to make her want to be with you!!!?? He is just as crazy as SN. AS if his words of taking care of something that they stole would mean anything. The lawyer jumping ship and again betraying DN. Nothing that can be done for him. If he had followed through with DN and YR he would have at least had some money and a job in the legal department of Food and Top. As it stands now listening to Hyung and SN will end up with him being ruined with nothing. (He deserves it anyway for being a slimy opportunist). Hyung and SN will not be able to follow through on the promises they made to him and by the time he realizes it he can't go back to take up YR's offer and he will still end up telling what he did and loose his license to practice being seen as not having done his best for his client. It will come as a huge surprise to a lot of people that DN is YR's daughter. Which trumps whatever Hyung and SN could promise. Not only does DN have shares in that company, the patent, and the notebook, but she is Heir to Food and Top and any other business that YR has. She will have money and power along with a good family background. (everything that SN wanted but could never get.) The lawyer guy will join the long list of people who will be popping back up to take SN down wait and see when she can not keep her promise to give him what they said they would (he is just slimy that way). I want to continue to see SN walking around the company mad because a man has never loved her when all she did was push her obsessive feelings on him. I am waiting for the preview scene of SH's mom as she finally realizes what she embraced. Too bad it took her finding out that SN was a possible murderer to get it a long with her taking the company. I guess her lies and excuses about helping SH will not longer work on his mother.. looking at SN's face she realizes she may have finally lost his mom's support. Everyone thinks at this point JH died from complications due to her fall. Its going to hurt them to realize that JH could have made it but SN killed her in the hospital room when she withheld the oxygen. They again will prolly remember SK at the hospital that night trying to get the black box video realizing he was there for SN and YK most likely. YK, YK , YK her time is truly coming up. With the revelation that she paid the housekeeper to drug Soon Hee she wont be able to run for DN or YR this time. I hope they come to her house with the police to arrest her. She needs to go to jail especially with her being at the house hounding Soon Hee about her remembering what happened in the park. There will be a race to find her hand phone of 4 years ago if they realize she recorded the video of their confession that night. I wonder if they have it like they had her wedding ring? (Why did they keep something so personal and not give it back to her!!!??) Edit (so no double post..) I think it will be eye opening for SN to have the employees turn away from her after kicking out Madam Cha and SH's father. I think it will be just what she and SK need to see that no one will embrace people who have done what they did. It will only make SN mad because for her she thinks she has power and is important. What I am waiting for is DN's next make over and her walking in that company dressed in business attire. It will make SN bite her tongue. I have a feeling that SN will be the one to tell DN about YR being her bio mom for spite. Especially if DN manages to stop whatever SN and Hyung try to do. It will be a real issue for them when they find out that not only does DN have the stocks but SH managed to get the patent back to the rightful owner and the company no longer owns it free and clear. SN could try to bargain with DN for the rights to the patent by telling her who her mother is but SN is just too spiteful for that. Hyung may try to talk down to DN but he will find out as well that when needed there is a layer of steel in DN's spin.
  10. @Chickpea I agree that Soon Hee can not pin the death of her husband on Madam Cha. I think in her emotional state she has no one else at the moment to blame the loss of her husband on. I hope that she realizes that the only thing Madam Cha is guilty of is knowing that she stole someone else hard work and that the accident is just an unfortunate event (unless Director Hyung is the person that did it and stole his finger print at the time as well. ) The woman is at least trying to make up for what she has done. Like DN told her Madam Cha knows her wrong doing unlike the Hongs who have no sense of right from wrong. I think the woman will finally see that and realize that her anger over her husbands death is misplaced as Madam Cha is not the one who killed the man. I, like you wanted to slap Ruby, I too felt her words to DN were ridiculous! Why on earth should DN not show up in the same city or place as Ruby just because Ruby was married to the Louse! DN has done nothing wrong but be a victim to the Hong family. Her words were selfish needing to blame someone for why she has found out her husband and his family deceived her and are liars. It is not DN's fault she was with a man who had a woman who was pregnant by him. It is hers for listening only to SK and her in laws instead of checking this man out. She let her pride and vanity get in the way of doing her due diligence and look what happened. The people she needs to rant and rave at are SK and his lying family not DN. I agree with @awsparkle Ruby's pride is hurt because she was not the only woman in SK's life. Knowing that she is number two in all things is what has her upset. Until she experiences what DN went through she will continue with her selfishness and self centered behavior. I hope she sticks to her plan as well to keep SK out of her life, but we will see.. hopefully the suspicion that it was really SN who killed JH will make her remember more of SK's actions during that time. SK's punishment is to not be able to have that joy of this baby after he threw away his first child with DN by helping to frame her. Since he is the weak link he will eventually be the one who will finally see the light if nothing else to be a good example for that baby if Ruby does not loose it. If the child is lost due to SN (and I think this is a real possibility) because of her craziness then he will definitely turn on SN if he is not hurt as well by her. SK still has not realized yet that he does not get to continue to live in wedded bliss after what he did to DN. His words and actions to her when she was a victim as he very well knows after taking care of his ungrateful butt for 5 years are beyond wrong. This is only the start of his Karma he has a lot more to go. I think that they are finally seeing that the only one who benefited from JH's death had to be SN. I think the photo of her with the same bracelet that DN had proves that she could have been there that night. Take that with the fact that SK got a hold of Ruby's black box video (has no one thought to check that video to see if it had been tampered with or replaced?) and with the lawyer admitting that he was convinced to believe DN did it because of that bracelet for now it is enough to place a huge bit of doubt on SN especially with her trying so hard to hide that photo. You add that to YK telling YR that she will protect her daughter after YR told her she will make sure to see SN in jail for what she did to JH but also to DN well I think there are a few people who are willing to see SN could have been the one. SN has committed a long list of crimes and most of them have been against DN and then you add in the fact that they had her mother for years well someone should wonder why. With Soon Hee again attacking SN in the preview yelling that SN killed JH its a good bet that someone will realize that she heard or saw something the night SH saw her in the Hong's neighborhood. She seems to be mumbling about her phone which is a clue that she could have recorded YK and SN that night. I do not see that it is too early to put out there that SN is the one who could have harmed JH. More people need to be made to see that SN is a very scary person and put her crimes in perspective. IT was not love or devotion but obsession and greed that SN did what she did with a lot of jealousy. SN will not be caught just yet as she will try to hide all evidence and fight to have some power so she (in her mixed up mind) can't be held accountable for her crimes. What SN fails to realize that she really does not have anything but stocks and she will have to sell those soon to pay for the loans her mother has got for her to pay people off. She will be paying in some way for the things she has done. We have plenty of time for them to find enough evidence to surely put the blame on SN for what she did to JH on that terrace and in the hospital. Of course SN will never admit fault which will be awesome as people learn more and more that she is even capable of murder. I think the hard sell will still fall on death ears for SH's mother as we can see in this episode she called SK to tell him about the baby and she let in YK to the house and even dared to say it can't happen of Ruby wanting to raise her baby alone. I honestly do not know who she thinks she is. She is not Ruby's mother or brother and her attachment to the Hong's is going to end up with her looking like a fool. I can see her helping SN until SN wins over that board and then tries to step into that Chairman seat trying to get rid of her husband and SH. Only then will she see the true personality of SN and realize that what she has been told is prolly true. Her finding out that they suspect SN about JH's death will only make her run to SN to asks her and SN will lie to her until she gets what she wants. That is the moment I am waiting for for his mother to have her eyes opened about SN in the worst possible way. Things are setting up nicely. I expect SN to win that Board and they vote for her and Director Hyung. SH and his father are moved out per the threat from Hyung but it will not last long as SN and Director Hyung have forgotten about the stocks and the patent that is being transferred to DN. I hope the transfer of the stocks and patent to DN is over fast. @awsparkle has mentioned that DN is about to get another makeover and we will see her in a business suit. That will be a huge shock to SN when the time comes. As DN said they have to stop SN and I think just when SN starts counting her chickens again the recipe leak and Director Hyung's part is going to come out in that and the patent issue. SN nor Dir Hyung will end up sworn in to the company. Director Hyung does not get that Madam Cha and YR are willing to pay for their crimes so no matter what secret he has of hers YR will not back down. Director Hyung will learn his worst possible lesson since he refuses to admit his own crimes. SN will double cross him and she will sell him up the river. We have not seen the people SN used and threw away yet and I expect them to show back up to blast them just when they think they have that company. I do expect that SN or someone on her side will blast out that DN is YR's daughter. I hope that YR at least tells Soon Hee so that she can have her help when that secret comes out. DN is going to be shocked and angry because if YK and SN tell it they will paint YR in the worst possible light for abandoning her. YK has gone out and got a high interest loan to try to pay off the IT person per SN's urging. It is going to be huge fun to see them not being able to pay that money back and the loan sharks coming after them. I hope their house is red tagged. Its going to happen when SN does not get what she is after with that company and they have no income to payback that loan because YK has lost her job along with SN and SK being booted from the company as well after the take over fails. Now that JW has realized that SN is going after the company and told SH and DN I hope they continue to make plans that trap SN and do counter measures.
  11. I have to agree with you on SH's mom. I think Madam Cha was very stricked with her so far in her married life and I bet like you mentioned above it has bred some resentment from the woman. It is too bad that she sees SN as a means to break that woman's hold on the family. That if there is really jealousy from her that she will end up having to learn a harsh lesson about her judgement. I also agree that she sees DN as someone who would only continue the control that Madam Cha has she liked the woman and would not dare to disagree with her because of her being an elder. Making her son further be filial to his grandmother. It is too bad the woman did not find her own goals and tell her husband and mother in law that she did not want to continue to stay at home taking care of everyone or make a schedule to cook meals but still have help to come in as needed. I think most of her situation is on herself because she has a son in his late twenties early thirties and no longer needs her to stay at home to cook and clean. I think her lesson is going to be that she could have spoken up if she was so unhappy and felt her life had passed her by perhaps. SN's lies to her making her think she is helping SH will come out eventually and the woman will learn that SN was never helping SH she was helping herself. I think also that she will not get it until SN is found out to be the one who harmed JH and killed her. Then and only then will she not be able to continue to listen to SN's excuses and realize how truly gullible and foolish she was when her son has told her and told her along with her husband. Her believing and outsider over her son and husband because of her resentment or jealousy of her mother in law , sister in law or her place in that family made her embrace a killer and pathological liar as her ideal daughter in law choice. I guess SN's crimes are ok as you mentioned if she is under the impression she is helping SH. When that illusion is stripped away then what will she say I wonder? I would not put it past this woman to help SN in what she does next thinking she is helping SN get SH once and for all only to be busted for helping SN do wrong again that harmed the family more. It will be a big shock to that woman that DN is YR's daughter. But then again she will just listen to SN's lies and excuses.
  12. SN does not think things through when she goes off on the spur of the moment mischief making. All SN has done so far is made it so DN will be shown as the better woman. SN killed JH to remove her from her path and be able to have SH but also to step into her shoes with YR. Well that has failed because JH's older sister (and JH's friend along with others ) is telling her she will make sure that SN can't have what she wants the most or step into JH's shoes since they realize she must have harmed JH. SN then provided a fake daughter and that was found out along with DN being found to be the real daughter and YR now believing that DN was framed by SN and her family and that SN is the most likely culprit to have hurt and kill JH. This enables DN to eventually be known as YR's daughter and heir to her money and company. Along with her being shown to come from a good family. SN has told DN about the patent forgery and enabled DN and her mother to eventually be compensated by company stock and/or money as Madam Cha has confessed her wrong doing to the press. Way to go SN! SN never looks at the bigger picture, she runs on emotions and crazy and whenever she goes off half cocked to create issues she ends up helping the other side land on their feet and take counter measures. Then when things do not go her way she pouts, has a tantrum and blames the parties she wronged in the first place for being able to side step or land on their feet from her trouble making. @sava2sava Ruby is going to learn the harsh truth from DN I bet. The min she runs up on her half cocked and runs her mouth DN owes her nothing but the full truth. That truth will be her confirming that 5 year relationship with SK when he was out having a marriage meeting and dating Ruby. If Ruby goes on to say something totally foul to DN I can see DN smacking her upside the head with the fact she was pregnant. That is the blow that Ruby needs since she has been unable to get pregnant at all. That due to their framing her she lost her baby in jail. All so SK could marry Ruby a rich families daughter. That should hit Ruby in the pride and ego.. just what she needed for treating DN like that. DN Is not the bad guy to her. Ruby even dared to brush off what her mother let go on over that patent and dared to say that life goes on and brush aside DN's fathers death and his hard work that was stolen. Wanting to just pay her off as if money will take away what has happened. If Madam Cha had not just lied to them about not knowing her father DN would not be so angry and hurt. Ruby needs a huge wake up call that her life and her families life is not more important then DN and her family and the losses they have endured due to her family and SK's family. I found it funny her lying to SH's mother that she would have not exposed with Madam Cha did when we know that is a bold face lie and she was going to do it if she could not make SH marry her. Her reasoning that she knew he liked DN and was trying to stop him liking her more was so lame. Come on. SH has never liked her but she continued to like him and try to force him to be with her not respecting his feelings. Who is SN to try to stop SH from loving someone other than her? The fact that his mother bought her mess when SN is the one who has created the issues in the first place is so funny. I look forward to the woman getting her eyes open that none of the trouble would be happening if not for SN. That SN has been lying to her from the beginning and she fell for it. Ruby will get her wake up call and feel like a fool and SH's mom should be getting one as well about SN. SN will continue to do things that will lead to her being exposed for all of her crimes. The leaked recipe is coming next I believed. The min she gets close to counting chickens again over some half planned plot and thinking she has won again she will have it snatched from her. They need to get her out of that company as she is nothing but a threat.
  13. Ruby strikes me as someone who is grateful to have a younger husband still want her. Sure she is a brat and she comes from a good family and had/has a good career in the movies or drama's but she carries an air of nativity and innocence as well as thinking she was so worldly. I do not know if she just worked so much and that is why she did not stop to get married before or if because of her family she could never find someone not after her money or connections but I get the feeling she was happy and grateful to have a younger man like SK shower her with attention and act like he liked/loved her. To have his family accept her even though she was older than him. The only problem with this is because she was blinded by his so call attention to her she was easy pickings for him and his family. The sad part is she will want to still believe that DN is the bad guy and listen to SK and his family over realizing how much they lied and tricked her. She will not want to give up her wedded bliss to face that DN was not the bad guy but SK and his family was and she was the patsy. DN was the woman he was dating and was suppose to be engaged to pregnant with his baby. The baby she has been trying to have and can't. Ruby was the other woman and I hope that JW in telling her the truth told her that they framed DN in order to get rid of her so SK could marry her. Ruby has looked down on DN and listened to the lies of SK and his family for far too long. YK is just like her daughter and did not think that in sending Ruby after DN she would end up hearing the truth. Just like SN , YK thought that DN would not tell but she never anticipated someone else would. JW owes no loyalty to Ruby and frankly SH does not either. Her nasty behavior to DN needed to be stopped and I don't feel sorry for Ruby. If she wants to forgive him then fine, but do not blame DN who withheld the truth to protect her ungrateful self along with her family. Everyone was holding the truth back in order for Ruby and her family not to be hurt by it. Per the preview Ruby goes looking for DN after confronting SK and yelling about how he could have been engaged to DN. I do not understand why he could not be engaged to her!!! DN is just as good as Ruby (better in my opinion) I can't wait until they all find out that DN is JH's sister and YR's daughter!! I am so sick of them treating DN badly because she was a butcher and did not come from a rich household or treating her like she is conniving when the one who has been conniving was SN. I hope DN lets her have it with the entire truth confirming everything for her. I am sure that SK will have tried to lie when Ruby comes back from JW telling her about SK and DN and Ruby took to her bed. But if she is any kind of woman she should not go to DN with anger because DN is not the cause of her pain. My guess after everything there is no way that DN will let Ruby run her mouth to her. She will tell her all and if SK has lied then woe on to him. He should have come clean with the truth when SH found out. Not doing so only enabled this to blow up. This is also how I can tell he does not love Ruby. If he had he would have been the one to tell her the truth (without any lies) instead of letting her find out this way. I still think that Ruby and SH's mom will not get it until SN tries to take the company or does something else hateful. From the preview the wedding is off I believe and SN looks at the wedding invitation in her room crying with a vow to get rid of everything or everyone in her way that just means that she will either try to kill again , take the company or ruin that family for denying her what she wanted. (or all three) SN is not rational when her crazy comes on fully. Once she loose that chance again SN will not hesitate to show those two women exactly who they have been putting up on a pedestal and worshiping as the best thing for their household. It will be the shock that they needed, because both women continued to believe in SN and her lies running to her whenever they heard something instead of trusting their family and believing in what they are told by them. They have been told of SN's numerous crimes and her families participation as well and yet they still continue to believe SN is innocent and her lies. Well SN is going to show them that what they heard was all truth and the things she does can not be seen as cute and she does not deserve pity for liking SH so much. Her behavior is scary and instead of backing her obsession for SH they should have been looking out for SH. The list of people who will eventually out all of their crimes keeps growing. The IT person who helped destroy the hard drive showed back up in the last episode. It seems that SK promised that his wife would get out of a lawsuit if he helped him destroy the photo of SN with the bracelet on. Well I guess his wife is having trouble and the lawyer that SK referred him to is hiding from him. The man told SK if he does not fix the lawsuit he will expose what they asked him to do. So the list is growing.. Directory Hyung - He knows of the recipe leak and was a part of it along with his forging a fake patent and stealing that meat aging process from DN's dad. And of SN's plans to try to take over the company. (does he know about the embezzled funds as well?) HR - she was part of all of SN's crimes against DN The son of the noodle Shop owner - he participated in the Noodle recipe leak as well as saying DN stole the secret ingredient from his father. MS - The fake daughter that SN tried to use. BS - Who lied on DN in court as the culprit who hurt JH and took care of and helped to keep Soon Hee drugged up and held captive. SK's Lawyer friend - who knew that it was SK and his family that changed his mind to believe DN was guilty and now knows that she is not and was framed by SK and his family. He just needs some type of proof in order for them to reopen the case and he not get in trouble for not doing his duty as DN's lawyer. IT guy - since SK seems to be going back on what he promised to do for his wife that picture of SN with the bracelet on she claimed to have lost or never had will enable them to prove it was them who framed DN and was the one that harmed JH in the first place. Exposing that SK and SN asked him to destroy that photo on the computer. Soon Hee - who needs her memory back to tell that she heard them say they framed DN as well as recorded it with her phone to say they killed JH as well and SN pushed her off the terrace. I keep thinking that someone or video from the hospital will resurface. I think anyone that saw SN that night at the hospital will eventually put it together that it was SN who caused JH to die as she was the last one in the room. All of the people along with Team DN will end up exposing the crimes of SN and her family. YR and Madam Cha are willing to pay for their crimes even take down SN and her family with them. Not to mention SN trying to coerce Director Hyung into taking over the company and being CEO. We know that Sn will never let someone else be CEO and luckily slimy Director Hyung said he would need to think about it instead of just agreeing. In the preview we see Director Hyung at YR's and her telling him SN double crossed or betraying him by telling that she is the one who told DN (and anyone else she could) about what he did in stealing that meat aging process.
  14. SN's next step is going to be to take the company once the Chairwoman holds a press conference to confess her sin and steps down. SN will use the confusion of that to take the company. SN will know that the Chairwoman confessing takes the blackmail out of her hands once again in trying to get SH to marry her. Also she and her family will be angry about the possibility of SK being kicked out after his past with DN is found out. I can see SN succeeding since she has the stocks and has been smoozing the board members. I can not see her having control of the company for long , because A. she is just too crazy and I do not see her having the right skills to lead a company. B. her main focus will be in hurting SH, DN and anyone else that let her not accomplish her goal of forcing SH to marry her. Her mindset is if she can't have SH after all she did to try to get him then no one can. Hopefully it is also when Ruby and SH's mom finally gets the light bulb turned on in their head that SN is not the perfect DIL/SIL that they think she is. The next thing to get her is going to be the recipe leak. If she manages to take the company and does not follow through on her promise to Director Hung he will end up making sure that she is caught for that. SN is always using people then tossing them away, but with that guy she needs to be careful because he is slimy. Once the leak is made public she will be ousted out of the company and no amount of stocks will stop that. That will further fuel her craziness to get back at DN and I can see her outing that YR is her bio mom for spite. Eventually the embezzling will come back to her and a need to sell those stocks as well enabling SH, YR or even JW to buy them back. Once SN looses that company then we will see her completely loose it. Especially with the pressure on for them to be finding out she caused JH to fall and eventually killed her in the hospital. The sad part is she and her family were given many opportunities to correct their wrongs and regret the things they did but SN was too consumed with how she felt she was treated wrong by people who came from good families and were rich. One of the things I want to see is SN, SK and YK get it for being so daring and shameless. I look forward to YK loosing her children since she thought it was ok to harm others children to save her own. I keep wishing someone would slap YK good whenever she starts opening her mouth to others as if she has done nothing wrong. I do not feel sorry for the Chairwoman, because she knew what she did was wrong or it would not have eaten at her for years if what she did was not something bad. She could have made up for what she did to save her company in the early days by changing over that patent to the rightful owner and giving DN and her mother compensation or setting up a lease to use the idea paying them as well as turning over that man's notebook. Her lies to DN in the last episode is what hurt DN the most. It also allowed SN's lie about her being in on it to cause the scene at the end of the last episode. I do think that SH will be able to talk to DN and let her know that his grandmother was not in on what happen. But the anger and hurt will be there for a bit for DN and Soon Hee. By telling DN the lie she did she wanted to make sure that SH and DN could not be together or at the very least make it very hard for them. It was already a given with JH and SH so SN telling that lie only tacked on more. OF course DN is not stupid and knows that SN to say what she did only meant she was trying to cause problems and she prolly will realize its what she tried to use to make SH marry her. SN is very vindictive and the fact that the Chairwoman is willing to do the press conference took away their power to control the situation and force SH to marry her. Like I said above that marriage she was pushing is going to be canceled and SK is going to end up out as well. Her nasty vindictive and petty solution is to try to hurt SH and his family by lying that the woman was a part of the theft from the beginning trying to ruin the friendship and trust DN had with those people. It is exactly why SN and her family will end up with nothing and no one at the end. They have no respect for family or care for anyone if it does not help them accomplish their goals.
  15. I see it coming to Ji Sub taking money to take JW's place. That woman is not going to want to be kicked out, but also she does not want her step son to inherit or take JW's place in the company. I hope JW wakes up and I see real problems for JS from his choices. How much of his personality will change in stepping into JW's shoes? Will he get caught up in living the life of a rich man from a good family? I don't know what to think when SR realizes what he did. Let alone that he married evil girl who sent her to jail on a lie along with possibly sleeping with her. It does not matter that he was living another man's life when he did it. He will have slept with another woman when he knows he had a wife and kid. I want to see the step brother end up with SR in the end. Especially when she regains her memory of who she is and tells what evil adopted sister did. One thing is for sure she does not deserves to be with the man's who's career she ruined. I wish she would stop being in his face. I thought it was funny she asked him if he was not going to console her? Why on earth would he do that? He told her correctly that everyone else is suffering the same amount as her (no she is not suffering) when we know she is not family and could really careless if he lives or dies. I too hope her adopted mom does not get caught. I really want her to expose the face of this woman who got rid of her daughter and turned her idiot hubby against his wife. I see that man in a lot of trouble for the things he did for this girl. I also see him about to pass out to realize he met his missing daughter but thought bad of her based on what this girl said and that his wife was telling the truth about this girl the whole time.