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  1. @stroppyse I agree with your post. TJ is crazy, selfish, and greedy but he is not a psychopath what he is of course is in denial. Denial over his responsibility in how things went down with his son and how he is the one ultimately responsible for that boys death. He could have notified whoever he was meeting that his son was ill and he needed to go to the hospital and do a transfusion. If the business he was dealing with did not understand that then it should not have been someone they would want to do business with. But like you mentioned TJ's own greed and his need to grab a hold of something that will take the company higher after all the work he put in got him. The cost was his son's life and he has not once really taken responsibility for his making that bad decision. MS may be an evil B**** and she is cold and callous in her treatment of him and in how she talked him about his son's death and the part she played in pushing TJ but he is the one who went to that meeting instead of the hospital. TJ will not get away unscratched. His revenge would have been perfect if he had not involved innocents like MA, JM , NG (his real Nephew) and their families. The moment he pulled in those people and they became a casualty of his plotting is the min his revenge has now gone from being justified on some level at paying MS back for her greed and selfishness to his having to loose everything for what he has done. Like you, I believe everything TJ did was for his own agenda. Cleaning up behind MS and DH was for him because he needed to keep those two in his sight until he is ready to blow them up. He may not have meant for JM to die but he also prodded them to keep that boy instead of letting him stay with his mother as his brother agreed to. His running around making comments about his own lost son sickens me as he is just like DH in the regard that he is responsible but has not admitted it. DH was never a favorite character of mine right from the beginning so I could care less about him and can't wait to see him go down hard. He is so fake and self centered and you can see over and over how he never really cared about MA or JM. His biggest lesson will be all he did it all and it will be for nothing. As he finds out when TJ is ready he is not the rich son he thought. That TJ played him and used him as a tool. But the biggest will be the rejection he will get from MS, The Chairman and the sister when everyone finds out he is not the real missing son. The biggest blow is in finding out that NG is and he knows that NG loves MA and she likes NG as well. That forever love he talked about in class with MA he threw away and NG has it with MA. DH's giving YH hateful looks on the sly blaming her in secret is a coward move on his part. He is pushing all the blame on her when he is the one who brought YH into his son's life. He is the one that used JM as bait to get YH to marry him. He can act like she is at fault because she got that drug all he wants but JM was in his care just as hers and he did not protect his son. MA has been told correctly by NG and the Gramps.. her death would effect no one as they would be happy she is gone as she is a reminder of what they did to her and JM and could cause trouble. Her revenge should be for herself after what they did to her but mostly for her son who ended up loosing his life due to the selfishness and greed of others. Her vow to JM at his memorial was fitting. NO matter if she dies she will pay them back and make them cry blood tears. (GO FOR IT MA) this is a journey she has to take in order to be free and feel like she has done well for JM. Right now she has a lot of guilt and blames herself when she is not at fault those people are because JM was in their care and they kidnapped him and refused to give him back. The Chairman will go down when its found out exactly what his brother was up too. That his brother brought in a fake and knew where his real son was and who he was the whole time but kept him from him. That was a hateful move and I can't say if he did it because he knew what happen to the boy or because his calling the boy pulled him in the street and he was hit. But his brother will not understand an act so evil as that. He trusted TJ over his wife and has always said that he would give that company or half of it to TJ for working hard and the loss of his son who he also considered as his own son. TJ lost sight of that and his actions to take that company and hurt MS have blinded him to the fact that his own brother will be a casualty as well to his twisted revenge. I have no sympathy for the Chairman because he has shown not only how weak he is but also he has betrayed MA time and time again and knows his family is no good. I look forward to his getting that hard blow to know NG is really his son but wants nothing to do with them choosing his adopted family and MA over them. MA now has to use her brain and turn those people against one another play them like they tried to play her. I loved her getting YH back at the end. It was a smart move on MA's part.. she dropped hints and gave MS enough clues to make her realize and to hurt her more. It was saying see you got rid of your first DIL (and kept her gone) tried to steal her son who ultimately was hurt and has died after they kidnapped him so MS will not get anymore grandchildren to replace him as long as you have YH as your daughter in law.. I loved her doing that. MS sitting at that table remembering JM saying he wanted to live with his mom and she did not allow it and now the boy is dead. YH as like the rest have not begun to pay for their crimes against MA, JM and NG. It was too funny for MS to say she did not care who YH's father was (I guess she forgot the reason she is not in jail for her dirty books and slush fund is because of YH's father.) she was tricked and wanted YH gone. I wonder how much time will it take for her to get that everyone with the exception of her daughter knew about YH not being able to have children but her. I loved her telling YH to get out! YH is now about to get the same treatment MA got only worse. Before MS was an allie but with this truth coming out she will feel tricked. Just wait until she finds out JM was ill and fell due to the powder YH had. YH should not have listened to her mother and should have done that divorce.. But in the end her family as well as her will pay for the things they were party too.. I look forward to it. I liked that MA did not stay mad at NG for not telling her about YH not being able to have children.. It was not his place really to tell her that about YH as it was something very personal although he could have hinted that it was why she was so attached to a child who had a mother.
  2. I agree I think Dr. Han knows on some level Seol Hwa needs to know her mother but he also knows that opening that can of worms will blow up a lot of peoples lives and cause undo stress on Seol Hwa. Even though she likes the woman NS has been evil to her in the past. Then there is the fact that she found out she was her daughter but said nothing. Of course there is no black or white answer to this and Dr. Han and Papa G will talk to her about what the truth could do. There is her half brother Ji- Sang who needs to be taken into consideration as well as Seol Hwa's heart issues. It was never his place to tell even though at first he wanted to. Papa G and NS are the ones who ultimately have to come out with that secret. But as we know Madam Sa is on the trail so the one who will tell it will be her. She has no class our decorum and does not care who she hurts by running her mouth. The Min she knows she will either try to blackmail NS or go to her and be nasty daring to look down on her more than she already does for it. Her actions will blow up MH's. I too think it is one reason he is rushing that wedding trying to get ahead of any problems that could harm Seol Hwa. And with the knowledge he is the real Joon Sang he will want to get ahead of any opposition. Dr, Han is gathering all the clues and he is real close to verifying what his mind is already telling him that he is the real Yoon Joon Sang. Dr. Han will prolly take a min to first digest the truth. That Faker is living his life and knows that Dr. Han is the real Joon Sang but is trying to keep that life that does not belong to him. Then he will get angry.. and the cat and mouse game starts. Dr. Han will weigh is it worth telling the truth if it causes issues for all around him? Knowing who his family is and that his mother did not abandon him may be enough for him at the moment. He is close with his father even if JR does not know its his real son. The same with Madam Eun. But something is going to happen to make the truth come out but I do not think it will come from Dr. Han. He may warn Faker that he now knows the truth to torment him but I can't see him walking up to say he is the real JS.. First JR and Madam Eun will not believe him and will think he is just saying that because he is looking for his parents. It will have to be others that out that secret and Madam Eun and JR find out. I expect him to talk it over with Papa G (he may not say who all the players are or names) and tell Papa G who his mother is which will prompt Papa G to surprise him with the knowledge he knew his mom and grew up with her and was a brother to her. Finding out about her death will hit Papa G hard. Finding out who he is suppose to be will make him realize NS is involved. I see Papa G showing that picture to Dr. Han as it will be the only one he has of her. Hurry up and marry them writer..
  3. So far I have not seen the sub version up yet. I have a question.. Dr. Han's adopted parents are assumed still alive in the states correct? So even if the Yoon's want to resolve his adoption will they not have to get his adopted parents to agree? No fraud was committed because No one was around to verify who the boy was and Dr. Han himself had memory loss and had never meet his grandmother and father. IF they are dead I still can't see Dr. Han wanting to change his name. I think Dr. Han will stay a Han as it keeps things nice and tidy and uncomplicated so that Dr. Han and Seol Hwa can be together and if NS has the chance to keep her marriage (fat chance of that.. once the truth comes out) no one can complain (although the Yoon's will want to do just that as they will want him to be a Yoon.) But Dr. Han may not want that name anymore as he has been a Han for a long time now and has no need to take back his old name but I guess we will see what he chooses to do in light of his connection to the Yoon's. I do wish they would hurry up and make him remember his mother. I feel that his poor mom needs to be remembered by her son and have his surrogate father find out what happen to his orphanage sister. (Am I the only one waiting to see Papa G blow a gasket when he finds out that NS lied to him about JJ and what she did?)
  4. I like you feel that they need to get them married fast. The reason being is the truth of who faker is NOT is coming up. Along with the flip side of who Dr. Han really is. Now it is not a large leap to realizing MH may have known contrary to her saying she did not or that her mother did not know. (remember Madam Sa was at the house bad mouthing Dr. Han and Seol Hwa all of a sudden once again.) Especially if they realize that faker must have married her to keep something quiet. (not sure why they do not see that now, because faker does not act like he is happy to be in the same room with her let alone married to her.) Of course that just means that they will think the truth of who he is could be why instead of the birth secret of Seol Hwa. You couple that with Fakers awaken competitiveness and MH's trying to butter up Madam Eun in favor of Faker.. then you have the recipe that she knew who he was not as well and chose to keep it quiet. Of course they wont get rid of her easy as MH has a spiteful side and will not hesitate to go to the press with the Yoon's dirty laundry. In the mist of the Yoon's wanting her quietly gone along with Faker to make sure there is not a scandal. For spite as she has lost that golden goose she thought she had could very well try to stop that wedding by busting in to tell everyone that Seol Hwa is the daughter of NS or tell the Yoon's who Seol Hwa is related to after the revelation that Dr. Han is the real JS to stop the wedding. (all MH really needs to do is tell her mother who will do the dirty work for her by running to the Yoon's , the Geum's , Dr. Han and Seol Hwa.) MH can't stand to be embarrassed or made to face her ugly personality and behavior. Also she will not be able to stand the fact that Seol Hwa who she dislikes is marrying the real Yoon Heir and she got the fake. As well as still angry that she failed to bag Dr. Han when she had her chance and still blaming him for not remembering her as well as not wanting to remember her later and labeling her the conniving liar that she really is. Dr. Han sees through her like she is glass. MH has delusions that she is better than Seol Hwa and Dr. Han (only she knows she is not now with the revelation of who Dr. Han is really related to.) and she totally thinks her mothers profession was good as long as it brought in a wealthy lifestyle. Its going to take all of her mothers crimes to wake this woman up to the truth that had it not been for her mother she may have really been married to Dr. Han and benefited from his finding out about his bio family. But her mother ruined everything for her. They will really be scared for that fact to come out because Dr. Han does not play and neither will the Yoon's or Geum's at what Madam Sa did in hitting Dr. Han and injuring him and not coming forward even though it was an accident it will be seen as deliberate because she did not come forward. MH will have to leave the country to get away from the shame, the anger and the embarrassment as her mother's other dirt will surface as well. The wake up call is going to be when they all realize that Dr. Han already knew who he was and who Seol Hwa was related to and still loves and wants to marry her as they share no blood and if he runs true to form he may not even speak up right away on who he is because it messes up his relationship with Seol Hwa. They will be shocked that he choose to stay a Han instead of taking on the Yoon name and coming on the register. Unfortunately with people like MH and Madam Sa in the know who can't understand family without blood ties or recognize good, honest people if they slapped them multiple times in the face and screamed it will not care how shocked Seol Hwa could be at the revelation of who her mother is because for them its all about spite and hurting people they fell ruined things for them. @angelwingssf said: " - Would be nice to see a wedding before the explosion. MH is busy trying to make sure Faker is not found out. She is super stressed with her life right now and her mom telling her to get a divorce. " MH is only stressed out because she has her hands in something she should not be in. Also her greed is keeping her stressed along with her jealousy and anger that her plan to beat out Seol Hwa, thumb her nose at Dr. Han and his constant rejection of her and take from the Yoon's has backfired on her. Her running around trying to keep the truth coming out is really only helping to bring it out. For once Madam Sa is telling her right she should divorce him and step back but MH is stubborn and spiteful she does not listen and this is why she will get burned from the fall out. Instead of working she wants a pay out and to be seen as more than she is because her self esteem is low at Dr. Han's rejection and Fakers as well. MH can't see that her personality is what makes her so ugly to the men she latched on to past and present. @lclarakl MH is crazy. Her mother telling her she owes her for raising her and constantly going on about who she had to do anything to take care of her family warped her. She thought she found someone to latch onto in Dr. Han and almost had him in her clutches but fate stepped in and gave the man amnesia and MH being so very self centered (and showing us it was never really love for Dr. Han.) left the man with his troubles instead of staying with him. Later the witch comes back to try to disrupt his life and happiness mad he was never that happy with her. Only her lies catch her as he remembers and calls her out on it telling her he never wants to remember her and will never want to be with her again. Angering her that instead of being regretful in her lies she blames him for forgetting her and not wanting her back after she walked away. Finding out that because of her mother she lost Dr. Han is going to tip her over. SO if she does not go to a mental ward she will leave Korea in disgrace I think. Right now other than forcing faker to marry her with blackmail she has not really did anything but be her hateful, evil self plotting to take what does not belong to her. NO real crimes and given how she is she would threaten them to expose it to the media so I doubt she goes to jail, but her mother may end up in jail with MK and DN waiting for her with tofu when she gets out. Madam Sa did some real crimes, the hit and run of Dr. Han, the Dumpling store set up that she denied. Breaking and entering into the Geum's to get DNA and her money lending business. So because she relied on Mr. Kim so much she prolly has no clue about anything and her accounts are prolly a mess and there could be a slush fund or something in place. Mr. Kim I do not think is done with her yet. His going to jail and her putting it all on him is going to come back to her. He will expose her for something as he has all her dirt.
  5. Unfortunately for me I could not find a good stream to watch live today.. I looked at the clips and Faker is still no match for Dr. Han.. I am about to watch the raw and all I can think is Faker never should have gone down this path. He should have just left if he could not admit he was not the real JS. I am not surprised that KPD decided to get up out of his hospital bed and run after a major liver transplant surgery. He like his son are both weak links and given how smart and kind Dr. Han is he knew it would be only a matter of time before Dr. Han got the truth from him. But I am very angry at him. I knew he would do this as payment to his son for how he treated him. But he fails to remember in letting his son stay in a life that does not belong to him he has robbed the true JS of his birthright and blood connections. This is exactly why Faker will not get to just quietly continue living that life. The truth will come out. Then Faker will have to deal with the anger, pain and shock from the Yoon's when the truth comes out and his decision to hold on to something not for him when he found out the real JS was alive and was Dr. Han. No way will he be able to cover up he did not know given how competitive he was with Dr. Han. The Yoon's will realize this is why he was so distracted and bothered. (Still can't understand why NS has not got it yet.. They have totally dumbed her down.) From the clips Dr. Han has put Faker on notice and just about told him he possibly knows who he really is and will expose it since Faker keeps denying it. He caught both KPD and Faker trying to meet one another. So I have to wonder if it is just Dr. Han thinking that Faker is living the life of the real JS when he is really KPD's son. Or has he got as far as to realize he could be the real JS? I keep thinking its the first. I do not think he will realize who he is until some memory or information about JJ matches the memory he has of her. Only then will he get it. Now will we get our wedding fast? I really Hope the writer gets them married and not just lets Seol Hwa try on wedding gowns. We need them married ASAP before the real bomb goes off on who Dr. Han really is. If they marry I wonder if the Yoon's will attend? Prolly Not.. But an invite may be extended simply to give NS a chance to see her daughter marry while CJ stands in her rightful place (and seat) as Mother of the bride considering CJ did all the heavy lifting in raising Seol Hwa she gets that seat for being her mom even with out blood. (Very Bittersweet for NS.. but then she does not get the title when she gave her up and denied her after finding out who she was again.) It also could be extended as a courtesy to Madam Eun who likes Dr. Han so much and helped with the store for the dumpling shop and for JR who has been so supportive of Dr. Han. It would be just like the writer to do this so that they see him marry before they find out who he really is. (reminds me of New Tales of Gisaeng) instead of having them moan about how they missed seeing their blood marry later all due to the lies of others. Either way get to it Writer and tie Dr. Han to Seol Hwa before the Yoon's have a chance to try to block it when the truth of who Dr. Han comes out..
  6. I think the most important thing for Dr. Han will be finding out that his mother did not abandon him but died in that fire after she got him to safety. Sure he will be happy to find out that he does have a father and a grandmother as well as a half brother but his thought that his mother abandoned him is very important to him. Also for him he does not need the trappings of wealth or the name because he is secure in himself. I too think that Faker was warning NS that she better hope he is never exposed or gets to keep that place as her daughter would suffer. OF course NS has no clue what he is talking about because she has no idea that Dr. Han is the real JS. It's going to be very funny how she reacts to that news. Will she still want to get Keep JJ's son from coming home (you bet she will.. )? Simply because to allow him to find his family exposes the fake. Also it ruins Seol Hwa's chance once again. OF course in the end Dr. Han will not care about that and the Yoon's will find out the hard way about trying to dictate to him. It all boils down to NS being at fault. She has ruined a lot of people with her greed and lies. She stated this mess and her daughter will be caught up in it as will Dr. Han and Papa G. I want to see her face when she realizes how much of a evil monster MH is and knows all her secrets.
  7. @jayakris Thanks for giving a bit more clarification.. The sad thing is MH does not feel an ounce of remorse for keeping Dr. Han from his family. I know that this is due to him wanting to leave her at the alter to go and talk to the man who claimed to be his father. For her since he wanted to run to KPD then he should keep him as his father!. Of course another part of it is due to the fact she married the fake while finding out Dr. Han is the real deal. As KPD warned MH no secret stays hidden forever. And it has been proven very true if not for his kidney issues the DNA test would never have come up again and KPD would have just tried to run away with Dr. Han wondering what was going on frantic to find the man he thought was his father. But fate stepped in as MH did not fore see a new DNA test would need to be done or that it would lead Dr. Han finding out the truth and going to verify the first and realize that the one he had that MH left is for the real son of KPD altogether. Today shows that Dr. Han realizes if there is another test done using DNA from KPD that is a match to the man that means that MH has to know who the person is perhaps and it leads to her having switch those test and trying to hide who the real person is. It really should not be hard for Dr. Han to narrow down who it could be. The greatest suspect should be Faker given that he caught KPD even calling Faker the son's name. I hope that the writer does not make Dr. Han go stupid again and not see the clues right in front of his face. MH's presence in his office and on his desk with the DNA results in her hands, Fakers reactions to KPD, KPD calling Faker SW, KPD saying he is not the father to Dr. Han along with his nervous and shifty behavior. Not to mention Faker showing up at the hospital after the operation. All those things point to who the real SW is which will be very shocking to Dr. Han given how Faker has been acting at the company recently. But also how faker dared to not show one ounce of care at the man's serious health issues no matter the past relationship but also daring to push KPD on him and use him at the company to hurt him. My guess Dr. Han will either know or have his suspicions and he will put the pieces together and possibly not say anything but will get mad enough at what Faker tried to want to fight for that Presidency until Faker realizes and says sorry to him. I knew Dr. Han would not be far to realize MH's part in things. Every time you see her around she just screams suspicious and evil. Given how she lied to him and tried to trick him before it was not a big jump. My favorite scene today as well was Seol Hwa's quiet support of Dr. Han that his hand is well enough to perform the surgery. I think this will be exactly what Dr. Han needed to get back into practicing again. I think he was scared to see if his hand would hold up. The road block has been removed. MH i figured would get to the point of wanting to know how much stock Faker has. Because she will want to do a hostile take over or push faker into doing it when things are about to be blown up and the truth found out he is not the real JS. IF faker goes this route then he truly has lost his mind. But I have a feeling just when MH thinks she has it made and they will win Faker will turn the tables on her as he has regained his mind and realizes he has done wrong. Perhaps Dr. Han will confront him and tell him he forgives him for living his life understanding. Or to continue to live that life he has his own. Either way I think faker in the end will stick it to MH who will go down in blazing glory for her part in things.
  8. Quick recap: Video credit MBCdrama youtube channel. Great Episode.. Dr. Han's brain is back to working on who could be KPD's real son and why the lies and he performs surgery.. Note: recap is only my impression of the scenes.. It is not a true translation... I can't wait for the trans for this episode though..
  9. @sk0317 and @lclarakl I agree with your posts. The Yoon's will never buy any type of lie or fabrication on why NS brought in a child she did not first verify was their blood or assumed it would be ok to bring in a child that lived next door to JJ and JS instead of telling them the truth that she assumed the real JS was dead like his mother. There was no reason for SW to live as JS if she was trying to give an orphan a helping hand. Her bringing him to that house presenting him as the long lost grandson speaks of deceit. NS could have said I am not sure but he was around the same age and in the area at the time of the fire. But I do not believe she did that. The way Faker was presented was as she had seen the real JS and this was him. That either she was a friend of JS's or lived close to her to know the boy. That contradicts any other scenario that she could come up with as to why they have a fake in their mist. The Yoon's are not stupid and once it is found out that Faker is not JS but in fact SW the neighbors kid and KPD's son they will realize they have been duped for over 25+ years. That it all started with NS coming to them and then bringing them a child they failed to verify with a picture or something in the area to see if he was the right child. (Of course given that SW stayed with JJ as well he could have been mistaken for the real JS but there would have been at least someone who would have recognized SW and said no he is the neighbors child that JJ took in when his father was in trouble.) The sense of betrayal at NS's lies will be great. Also just as you mentioned above about NS's comments about JS and how they do not know what he is capable of and her cold resentment and harshness will all make sense. I guess they never thought her behavior and words towards faker were due to him not being the real son of JJ. I still think NS would have been the same way to the real JS because she is a greedy , conniving person who wanted only her son to inherit. It would be an interesting scenario if NS was gravely injured and her heart ends up in her daughter. It would clean up all the back drama over her having a daughter that she gave away and remove any road blocks that the Yoon's dare to have over Dr. Han and Seol Hwa's relationship due to NS being JR's wife. Given that Seol Hwa is having a twinges again I look to a huge shock hitting her system. Not sure if it will be her own birth secret , Dr. Han's or the objection from the elders once the truth of who her mother is will do it but I think it would be a good price to pay for NS for what she has done not only to the Yoon's , JJ, and the real JS, but also to her own daughter and Papa Geum who raised her daughter but she lied to about JJ's whereabouts. I think it would be less painful for Ji-Sang if his mother perished and her heart ended up in his half sister than her being banished or going to jail. I too can see SW going to the states in the end starting over. There will be a lot of shame for him over what he did once he wakes up and goes back to the guilt he felt for years at deceiving those people. He will not be able to look Dr. Han or Seol Hwa in the face after the truth comes out. Plus it will take a bit of time for anyone to consider forgiving him for keeping that secret and then plotting to keep Dr. Han from finding his family. Like the both of you I can understand Faker's resentment and anger at his father, but at the same time as mentioned by many in this thread faker has had years to move past it. I agree I think he has a lot of resentment at living a life not his own and not being able to enjoy that warmth and love given to him and at Dr. Han for coming back realizing he is the real JS. He has had the love and comfort of Madam Eun for years. He should be very thankful for that and as some have mentioned in this thread give back the kindness and love he received even if they were unaware he was not who he was suppose to be. The first step to making peace and letting go of the hurtful past is to forgive his father even if his heart is not ready yet. That is more for him then for his father at this point. His father will have to continue to deal with what he did to his own son even if he has changed and realizes his mistakes. Those types of things leave deep wounds as we see. I too want to hope that faker wakes up and does the right thing. Because as it stands now he is on the path to be tainted with the same evil brush as NS, MH, and Madam Sa. He will not be able to truly explain why he did what he did in keeping the truth when he realized who Dr. Han was. JR will quickly get why faker changed so much and was so confrontational to Dr. Han and it was because he was JR's real son and faker knew it feeling threatened and scared of exposure. What excuses does faker give then? The same ones he told his father? That he tried hard to be the real JS to not go back to the life he had prior to coming there? He lived on egg shells due to living a lie? That he did not want to give up that love and family he found based on lies? What can he say in the face of JR yelling about how his lies kept his real son from coming home and living the life that Dr. Han led and had to endure? Will he make the mistake of saying his trials in his youth were much more important than the ones Dr. Han endured? Or will he speak of his fear of loosing the family he grew to care about and feared once they found their blood they would want to get rid of him the impostor who lied to them for years? Whatever it will be it will make sense to JR why he never felt a connection to faker. Or why he could not understand him at all. But it will hurt him that they had someone in their house all those years who was a fake. Who they gave love, care, support and made sure had everything money could buy while his real son was out in the world. Imagine the enormity of realizing a fake was in their mist. He could get a pass before as we stated because NS cooked up this plot and brought him in. But after he grew of age he had the chance to come clean which would explain to them why he was so distant through the years. His sudden desire to do his job in the company is nothing but a red flag for JR when the truth comes out. I am not sure where NS's brain went or why she can't see that MH is not that sweet woman she thought of. MH even challenged her in front of Madam Eun about her being in support of Dr. Han. At what point does she need to get that Faker's changes are stemming from his marriage to MH and that MH is dangerous? I guess when she realizes or is told that Dr. Han is the real JS and that her promoting her daughter (yes, MH knows that fact too, NS along with the fact that NS put a fake in the family) to be with him could be problematic. Also I am sorry but I just can't stand NS asking after Seol Hwa. She is a mass of contradictions. If she wanted to know about her daughters life then she should not have chosen to keep it a secret. I think anytime she asks she should receive the same response from Papa G that Dr. Han gave her. Not to worry about Seol Hwa or inquire after her. That she is well taken care of and is not her concern. @sk0317 and @lclarakl The eyes under the surgery garb are Dr. Han. In the preview we see a scene with Dr. Han on the phone and a we hear a voice over saying that KPD has lost consciousness. Then we hear Fakers voice as he may have come to the hospital or was seeking Dr. Han only to be told that Dr.Han's "father" was in surgery. Then we see Dr. Han sitting outside the OR waiting for news. My guess is that scene is prolly after he has rechecked the DNA results and confronted KPD on his lie. We see Seol Hwa standing over KPD in his hospital room with a voice over for him to wake up to tell Dr. Han why he lied to him. MH has a great fall coming her way. Her delusions of being wronged and thinking she has a right to plot and steal what she has no right too will only cause her own family to be exposed for their crimes. Her finding out what her mother did to Dr. Han and to her will be the only way for her to wake up and realize the path she took and the people she hated and felt made her look like a fool were really herself and her mother. It is not just the two of you that black table cloth dress they had MH in was awful. I am not sure where they got it. The dress looked 5 times too big. Not sure what they were thinking or why she would need to wear something like that as her "At Home" clothing. But the stylist failed on that wardrobe choice. I also agree that Seol Hwa given how Faker is acting towards Dr. Han at work should not be giving such detailed information about KPD to the man. Fakers being too concerned should raise red flags but I guess it will not for her until he is exposed as KPD's real son.
  10. So what I get from episode 101 due to a twist of fate (really got to love fate!) KPD needs an emergency operation for his kidney's Dr. Han being the compassionate and great son he is decides to test to see if he is a match to donate part of his kidney much to the concern of his 2nd adoptive parents the Geum's. His doctor friend tries to handle the situation delicately by asking are you sure you are his son/he is your father? Which in turn makes Dr. Han wonder why he is asking such a thing. Dr. Han looks at the genetic test results and he is not a match because he is not the man's son shocking him. Que to the preview.. Dr. Han being the smart cookie he is (and the thrill of finding roots has worn off ) with what he has just found out goes to the DNA testing company he sent in his samples to perhaps verify if what he saw at the hospital is true.(He could have just gone to the hospital testing lab that they did the test at to see if he was a match to his father for the operation.) The preview shows him asking a tech if those are his results which of course will match what was done at the hospital contradicting the ones he received at his desk. We see Dr. Han confronting KPD asking him Who are you? and WHY!!!!! did he lie to him? We know that Dr. Han has a big problem with people lying to him due to his memory loss so he has a right to be very angry. I am sure the reason why Dr. Han brushed aside MH's in his office on his desk (rumbling through his personal sealed envelope) looking at his test results, KPD with Faker calling him Shin Woo, and KPD's outburst in his hospital room saying he is not his son (or he is not his father) because he was concerned for the man's well being as KPD is in pretty bad shape and he would never think the man would lie to him about the father/son connection or that the test results may have been switched and that there are others trying to keep him from finding out the truth. But with this revelation (thank goodness for FATE!!) he now has to go back and re-examine everything he knows and his memories from his childhood to get at the truth. I am not sure if KPD will do the right thing before he dies (I hope he tells Dr. Han the truth that faker is living in his place) but we just do not know. KPD has a lot of guilt towards Shin Woo unfortunately an innocent person has lost out on all the love and support that faker took because of his abusive background. Some asked about why he did not leave when he got of age (My question as well) and he told KPD this, after the way he was abused by KPD why would he not accept the love, support and warmth of those people even if he was living a lie after all he went through. That is the very reason he did not leave when he got of age. He tried hard to be Yoon Jung Sang and lived on Egg shells. He may have lived on egg shells but he enjoyed the feeling of family even when he knows it was not his own and based on a lie. I guess it is ok to deceive those people because even though the love he received was given thinking he was another it was still more than he started out with. Now saying this I think this is the same thing when he was young and JS (dr. han) called him out as a child at wanting to have his mother when JJ was kind enough to tell him he could come over whenever he wanted. I think if Shin Woo could have he would have tried to do all he could to be able to stay close to JJ and have her as his mother. It would be in his nature after his home life to want to grasp something warm and loving but I can also see him trying to push out her son as well. Just like now when he knows how Dr. Han's life was without his roots he thinks the life he led in the real JS's place was worse and the abuse he suffered from with KPD makes up for stealing another persons place and does not want to give it up. But as usual blood will tell. Now that Dr. Han will realize he is not related. Who will he start to look at? The conversation he saw in the parking garage and the name KPD called faker should hit his brain soon. Just like MH at his desk should as well. Will he just assume faker is KPD's son and living a lie as someone else or will he get that faker is KPD's son living Dr. Han's real life? Perhaps KPD will do the right thing and tell him about JJ when she lived next door to him and tell him that she is his mother giving him a name which he will hopefully mention to Papa Geum and then we finally get the connections come. I hope so because KPD can never seek forgiveness for the things he did if he leaves Dr. Han without confessing what he knows. He should not even dare to try to ask him to let Faker continue living that man's real life either. But I like the thought that Dr. Han will figure out and verify what he knows. Once that happens I see him holding back that he knows the truth as well. Especially giving them issues with NS being Seol Hwa's bio mother and what that will do if it is found out by the Yoon's. I can see him spending time with JR at the office longing to tell him he is his real son and Madam Eun at the house but not doing so given what he knows about fakers past and to not hurt them and cause Madam Eun to collapse from the shock. But faker and MH are going to do something that will end up with the truth coming out. Since MH cares nothing about roots (well she did when she thought Dr. han was a nobody, but doesn't now because she is not part of his windfall finding his rich family.) or blood given how she talked to KPD in his hospital room she will do something to convince Faker to go a little farther in his trouble making with that foundation and company until things blow up.
  11. I too think that JM could be badly hurt (laying in a coma) or die. If he dies there is nothing any one of them can say to MA anymore to make her give them a ounce of nice. MA 2.0 will have arrived completely.(driven by revenge just like TJ only MA will never bring in an innocent to the extent that TJ did.) MA tried to be the better person even when they did not give her the same but then she was a fool because none of them gave her mercy, none of them thought of her when they kicked her out,divorced her, had her erased, faked her death and then tried to kidnap, kill and lock her up many times while she had amnesia. They had no consideration for her family or brother who mourned her so her being foolish to let YH see that boy one more time is her own fault if YH tries to run with him. The little bit she has given back to them pales in comparison to what will happen if something happens to her son. YH needs to go to jail if she manages to get away with the boy and take him out of the county. If she manages to avoid that then locked up in that mental institution she planned for MA for the rest of her life. Her father can't help her with a kidnapping charge which would blow up everything and start to expose a whole lot of things they wanted to hide. I hate to say this but MA needs no ties to DH which he can use later. It will be a shame if the boy dies but at the same time DH needs to learn something about what he did and allowed to happen to his son.. The dream JM had is about to come true and like you I think it will be MA running to him as well. Could we get a replay of what happen to NG. Remember NG was in the street and TJ called to him and NH ran to save him both being badly injured by the car and TJ ran away. Could we have a repeat of JM trying to get away from YH and in the street and MA calls out and he is hit by a car either dying or hit and injured placing him in a coma.(Will NG witness this and have flashback as well of who he really is.) The Chairman will surely collapse from this if JM dies or is severely injured due to YH's and the rest actions and TJ will try to take advantage of the situation. Like you it will prompt NG to come into that company to help MA take them down.
  12. MS's jealousy was all because when DH first came back he did not run to her. He continued to listen to MA and stand by her. MS could not stand the fact that MA had more pull with DH and JM then she did. It was all jealousy. The woman hated that no matter what she did at first DH chose MA over her. MS is all about control and attention. She lost her son and wanted him to come back and have it only her beside him but there was MA , his wife who he has known since a child and who had taken care of him, supported him and got him to where he was today. DH even told MS that if not for MA he would not be able to be where he is. MS hated that. DH stood with MA over MS many times when MS was a witch to her giving MA a hard time which only made it worse. MA had to tell him side with your mother a bit. MS looks down on everyone and for her a orphan who in her eyes is low class stood between her son and her after years of searching for him. Her jealousy could not stand it. The min that DH forsake MA and chose his mother over doing the right thing was the min that MS's eyes lit up and she hurriedly found a way to get them apart. Trust when MS finds out that DH is not her son everything that she did for him will become his crime. DH is not very smart he has not gathered anything to protect himself because he truly believed he would always have that family, money and power to protect him. He will never think that MS would turn on him but finding out he is not the son when he has always wanted a family (and a rich one at that), and has tasted that lifestyle only to have it snatched away is going to devastate him. He learned nothing living with MS from how they did MA. Also all evidence will point to him and he will get a rude awakening when MS is nasty to him and wants him gone so she can try to be with her real son. The same way he betrayed and pushed MA away will be what is done to him when MS learns that DH is not her son but NG is. Karma is coming for both DH and MS. DH will be cast away the same way he did MA and MH. MS will learn that her bio son wants nothing to do with her and hates her guts after the things he heard, experienced and saw them do to him, his adopted family and MA. DH will have the delusional thought he can come back to MA but it will not happen. MA could play him to say confess to everything and I will see. But DH forgets that the things he allowed to happen and participated in to hurt and get rid of MA can never bring him back to the family he tossed aside. It will be a bitter lesson for him. He should have stayed with the family he had. I hope this writer does not plan some foolishness as to put them back together because of JM. I also hope we do not have a foolish open ending for MA and NG. DH should have been made to sign new divorce papers and his rights for JM before MA did anything else. MA is not thinking clearly and given how many times they tried to kidnap and hurt her she should be very weary with these people and remove her tie to DH as soon as possible. But they will most likely keep her tied to DH which means NG and MA can't be together unless DH dies or goes to jail signing the divorce papers.
  13. The Chairman dying or going down and being incapacitated due to a stroke or Heart attach has always been something I could see for him since he first showed up. His health issues screamed too many shocks to his reality will be detrimental to his health. TJ has had a long range plan of revenge for MS since his son died. Her crass comments to him about his son have driven him nuts especially when he sees that her telling him to go to the company when he should have made the right choice to go to his son instead ended up with his son dying. TJ has a lot of guilt built in over his bad choice. MS's ugly comments to him about not blaming them for that did not help the situation as she has not shown one bit of sympathy for the loss of his son. Of course that is all because she wants her son and their family to get all of the company. TJ fiddled with the DNA report when he found out that MS went to do one of her own. He put DH in that spot as he saw him a. as the rat he is and b. to hype up MS. Once has led them down the path to completely destroy themselves with no way to get out of it then he will tell her and DH the truth. DH is not her son and her real son she has been nasty to, been preevy to his being hurt, has tried to hit him and looked down on him. The greatest revenge for TJ is not only does he get control of the company but he shows DH just how low he is and MS is made to fall as well for her part in his son's death. DH has no idea that TJ has used him as a patsy he completely has bought he is the son. Unfortunately he should have listened to MA and left that family he choose to go dark and embrace the power and money forsaking and betraying his family MA, JM and MH. When he finds out he is not the son and TJ played him he will loose his mind and he will try to run back to the family he tossed aside and will find out he can't. MS will toss DH aside so fast at finding out he is not her son. All crimes will be pushed on him. He will not be able to handle it. He gave up everything for MS and she will toss him aside later. What really bites is the man who is the real son he looked down on, talked down to, hurt his hand and is in love with his ex wife MA. In the flash backs we see TJ left the real nephew in the street hurt with NH. He knows that NG is his real Nephew. He smirks every time MS is unable to recognize him and says it in the hallways of the company sometimes. That MS has learned nothing in 30 years or changed and can not even recognize her own son. his greatest revenge on her is to point out that fact. Imagine MS finding this out and realizes how much of her ugly side she has shown to her real son. Her son hates her and has made that clear to her. NG finding out she is his mother will change nothing for him as the mother he embraces is the one who took him in and took care of him and the sister that got hurt saving his life. That is what will knock MS to her knees. To learn her real son has son her true self and he wants no part of her. Perfect Revenge right on the heels of TJ thinking he has taken that company. The best thing now is for NG to go into that company to work and start showing DH up as the incompetent boob he really is. The thief he tries to hide. DH thinks he is so very smart but actually NG is smarter. TJ, MS and DH will not end up with that company. Someone will end up in jail, dead or locked up in a mental institution. Or maybe all will kick the bucket who knows. One thing for sure is the revenge could have been perfect given MS ugly personality if TJ had not included innocent people like MA, JM, NG (his real nephew) and his adopted family or even MA's family in his plots. The things he did to hurt people did not justify pulling them into his revenge. He could take down MS and DH with out that part. TJ will not escape free he will end up having to pay for some of his choices in this mess. The Min. YH made the choice to not do the ad with MA and not sign the divorce papers (really was no need for them as the divorce was fake and they are not really married.) and stay with those people to keep JM since she can't have any children and keep that marriage as payment to her family she signed her own trip to a mental ward with a nice bed with pretty straps and a magic IV. Her family will pay the price for dealing with these people when they all should have stepped back and let MS go to jail for her crooked books. YH never thought of MA who was nice to her and considered her a friend how she would feel to find out that the people she knew would do her in this manner. All YH cared about was being a mother to a boy that did not want her and wanted his bio mom. I agree YH is a loose canon she is use to getting her own way because of her father and money so she is going to do something crazy that will end up blowing things up for MS. Also MS thinks TJ will take care of her later she has another thing coming. TJ will make sure MS is able to go down for everything. Her taking the blame was foolish just like the preview showing the Chairman asking her for a divorce as well. She never thought he would but he will. I too hope before he dies or gets ill he has managed to put stocks in MA's name to protect her and that company. He told his family they were insane after finding out what they did to MA. He has to realize it will only get worse as they do not know how to stop. Especially MS who still tells DH to not let MA have her son. Things are going to get ugly and the company is going to start being the backdrop.
  14. @sk0317 it would serve Madam Eun Right if she goes ahead and shows her support for fakers underhanded business practices born out of jealousy and spitefulness. Madam Eun was the one who always said she liked Dr. Han and felt a connection to him from the very beginning. She is also the one who wanted him to stop by and see her more and more. Does she think Dr. Han will willingly do this when her "suppose" grandson is causing him issues at work? She wanted to give him a pouch as well will she even continue making it since she is so torn about faker? All of this is leading to Madam Eun feeling completely like a fool and shocked into unconsciousness (and will need a doctor with a magic drip at her bedside) when she finds out that Dr. Han is her real Grandson and faker is well "A Fake". She supported the imposter over her real grandson she felt a connection too. That is irony for her. When she realizes why Faker did the things he did to Dr. Han what will she say then? Was it ok to do those things when she will then know who Dr. Han really is to her. Frankly I would love for her to say something not very nice to Dr. Han. It will only hurt her later when she wants to run to him to claim him but he has had a taste of her ugly words to him in support of Faker when she could not even recognize her own blood. Its also one more thing for him to realize he never will want to change his name and come on their family register due to her behavior past and present. Dr. Han has to realize that what KPD is saying is not born out of delusion from his illness but that the man knows that Dr. Han is not his son. Perhaps his words in that hospital room will finally penetrate to Dr. Han that this man is not that ill to not be of sound mind to tell him they are not related. Let me just say I am happy NS told MH to tell her mother not to continue coming to the house to bad mouth others. Of course we realize NS is doing this because Madam Sa is telling tales on Seol Hwa and Dr. Han being Seol Hwa is her daughter but its only a matter of time before MH tells her mother to completely butt out of that situation before she causes everything to blow up (not that she will, she will do something that will out she and MH knows wait and see I hope.) and stop trying to get money to restart her money lending business again. And what I really want to see is MH tell her mother to not come to that house or company at all anymore. The hurt for Madam Sa should be big but then she deserves it after the way she looked down on others and the bad things she did and said.
  15. @sk0317 I am glad he is asking Dr. Han about his memories again about his mother. It should lead him to realize who Dr. Han is. He had a shock I agree but instead of jumping away /shying away from Dr. Han he should be thinking about the implication that his own son had to have recognized him and chose to a. ignore him b. switch out the DNA test to push him on someone else c. used that fake DNA test to hurt Dr. Han at work and is now denying he is his son all to not associate with him. Hopefully in the preview whatever he says in that Hospital room has Dr. Han and the Geum's realizing he is not that man's son. I hope the fact Dr. Han heard him call Faker by his real name prompts the "Little Grey Cells" to start working hard again. Dr. Han is already suspicious of why Faker is acting the way he is hear this should really make him realize he needs to verify DNA again based on what he hears KPD call faker. I agree with @nrlfan4ever everything that Faker has it was given to him by the Yoon's with the exception of whatever he made on his own with his cooking blog and his show and position before being forced into the company. He should have walked away either coming clean or just making a break. He benefited not only in loving care and education but he was able to live well with out the abuse. Where is all that guilt he had before at deceiving them? He tossed the guilt away at the knowledge that the real JS is alive and well and near them and looking for his family? Or did he toss it away because its Dr. Han? Today seeing Madam Eun hold his hand and his lapping up her affection made me so mad. All of what he received from them was based on a lie. Based on the misconception he is the real JS when he is not. Faker will never know if the love he received was genuine because it was given while he lived the life of someone else. When the Yoon's find out the truth they are within their right to want him gone, want to know how and why this happen and how come he did not tell them the truth and to be very angry. It is not like he lost is memories like Dr. Han as I said before. As a child he can't be held for what happen because it can be understood he would want to get away from the poverty and abuse he suffered and he could only do this if an adult was involved. As an adult he is responsible for his own actions once he graduated from college. He still fails to get that in living another life the real JS had to live hard. Had to endure while he lived well in his place. The real JS had to think his mother abandoned him when she in fact died saving fakers life. The Yoon's real blood was still out in the world alone (even though he was adopted) with no roots while he laid in his bed and had family even if he did keep a distance from them. He dares to be angry, greedy and Jealous???!!! To want to covet and keep what is not his but was handed to him??? Mostly he dares to be angry at the real JS for coming back and for being his rival in love and at work now. The hardest thing is the guilt that the Yoon's had towards JJ that they thought they made up for a bit of in the last 30 years is washed away at the knowledge they raised a fake. That will be the hardest to take. They have not made anything up to JJ after her death and her reason for visiting Madam Eun in her sleep will be revealed. Along with the knowledge that the real JS is either dead or out there somewhere. I have a feeling they will try to say he is dead first..(hope I am wrong on this..) Only Dr. Han's memories will come back to bust that lie that MH, Faker and NS could make. Fakers actions are only going to show JR and the rest when the truth comes out that he knew who Dr. Han really was and was trying to make him look bad to run him off so they would not find out. I don't blame JR for being angry at the things Faker is doing. Its not very professional or business like for him to disapprove a plan his father the CEO already approved of and the money was allotted for. Faker is messing around with business that was running smoothly with no problems until he decided to start being a a**hole again it is not making him look good to keep interfering and causing issues with Dr. Han. If JR has found out about his secret "Luncheon" it only shows JR how dirty Faker has become and that his actions point to something else instead of what he keeps claiming the problem he has with Dr. Han. Faker listening to MH and following her plan is only going to make him loose out completely when the truth comes out. He can't say he did not know because his actions say he did. His behavior says he did realize who Dr. Han was and was trying to get rid of him so they would not know. I wanted Faker to be able to have that family love he craved under his own ID. To understand that family does not have to be about blood. But Now I just want him to leave once he is busted. He can't seem to see past his fear that Dr. Han would never have had him kicked out as they were friends as children and he has lived with those people for years. It looks like KPD is on the edge. Faker needs to make peace with this man and put away his abusive past before this man dies or he will forever be haunted by what the man did to him when he was a young boy. I have to wonder what has Dr. Han said about his condition. Does he need something only a blood relative can give or is it he is on his last leg and about to die? Will KPD reveal the truth to Dr. Han before he dies? Not sure why NS is hanging around the house more but I wish she would also start using her brain concerning the viper in her house and the change of attitude and behavior for faker. One viper should be able to recognize another but of course NS never saw that in MH.