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  1. Oops, I thought you had caught up to the current episodes.. If not episode 16 and 17 are subbed this weekend. You can find 1-16 on the site I told you about or the fan subbers site.
  2. That is why no matter what I can't give Pink any sympathy. She set out to intentionally trap a man to be the father of her baby and who does she get but Tawan the (suppose only) grandson in the house where Wut lives. IF that is not a slap in the man's face and just scuzzy I do not know what it. Like you , I think she is very selfish and spoiled. She ruins someone else life and ( if Tawan really had a woman he cared about romantically and wanted to marry) love for her own selfish need to have a father for that baby she is carrying. All to have a man that is seen to be socially acceptable from a good family worrying about what people will think and say. She gave no consideration if Tawan had someone he loved or wanted to marry it was all about her. That is why whenever she starts running her mouth wanting him to care about her or even show her a bit of consideration let alone acting like a jealous wife (as if he led her on and it was a love match)I love Tawan giving it back to her reminding her of the truth of how they ended up married and it had nothing to do with his own free will let alone liking her! Her great grandmother has been shown saying and said (in episode 4 and 5 to Fak Fah and Neung) that background does not matter when the person is truly genuine. Pink should have thought better about her actions but she is so use to being spoiled by her father and uncle and running around like the rich brat she is worried about how people see her that things will blow up in her face for what she has done. My guess is when it does Tawan will be instrumental in helping Wut and her be together which is what she should have just done in the first place! Asked for the man's help to be with the father of her baby since he lives in Tawan's house. I think Tawan will eventually figure out who is the real father just as Hathai will as well. Both seem very suspicious of Pink and Wut. I agree that all Jariya and Pin had to do is suck up to Pink but they have no idea how much Neung loves his niece nor her father. So she told them right given what Neung thinks he knows about Fak Fah and Tawan , he will never divorce Fak Fah if it means she will be available for the suppose relationship with Tawan ruining his Nieces life. Its one of the reasons I can't wait for Pink to find out the truth that they are not lovers but siblings. Just like Neung needs to be reminded that there is someone in Tawan's life who cared enough about him to stop a lie from happening just like he was trying to make sure his niece got the man she claimed to love. Its going to shake him to find out that what Fak Fah and Tawan said was true and Pink lied. I too feel that its only a matter of time before Pa tells what he heard and Pin and Jariya realize the truth and used it against Wut, Pink and Hathai. This family is so delusional. They want acceptance and want to feel like they are important but yet they are stealing from the company and dare to try to hide the fact and get mad when they are caught and called out for it. It was ridiculous how Aipwat acted in the office to accounting. When he has embezzled millions of dollars. Jao Sua have had him locked up a long time ago but he continues to let the crooks stay there but treats his real daughter and second grandson like crap. I have to wonder if they will used the policeman friend of Neungs to setup a way to catch them for good. We saw Pin come in again to distract Jao Sua and dare to tell him about a Hong Kong shareholder and investor who may want to invest. All I can say is bad idea since that person is suppose to be tied to the family/company that his grand daughter in law is from. Why on earth would you want to do that in case something goes wrong but he is just as bad as Jariya and her family all of them want to be seen and heard and associated with a good family like the Parkaypetch's. It was also interesting to see what Jao Sua told Jariya about nothing they do he does not know about and if he wanted them dead basically he could do it. This is why I have to wonder if he is tied to how Pink's mother died or even to his own daughter, her husband and Fak Fah's father's death. I too am enjoying the fact Neung can see through them but the sad fact is he just does not truly understand how dangerous and crazy these women are. But mostly I love the fact that Pin and Jariya have no idea who they are messing with in that family. Both Paat and Neung are still holding on to guilt and trauma over how Pink's mother died. Also I have to wonder if Paat knows how or was part of how Tawan's parents died and Fak Fah's as well let alone even know that the woman was killed. We keep seeing Fak Fah have a flashback but I wonder if he was really at fault. In episode 17 we see Ongat tell Neung that Pin was calling and calling trying to find out where he was with Nu'Dao that someone has even hacked Nu'Dao's account to get information on where she is. That shows that those people are truly dangerous and are willing to go to long lengths to harm her again. Especially given how they pushed her down the stairs, dropped a large vase down to hurt Pink and hired someone to run over Fak Fah. Jariya is not as smart as she thinks she is and her continued actions to harm people that Neung seems to be interested in or who oppose her and her hateful daughter will only result in her being captured and taken to jail. You can tell they are the type of deluded people who will never see that they are the ones at fault or that everything that has happened to them is a result of their own evil ways and not others. Its not Tawan's for coming back to his grandfather, its not Hathai or Wut's for being blood to the man as well and its not Fak Fah or Nu'Dao's for being married to and working with Neung and its not Pink's for coming in and being able to let them have it either. Its because they are greedy, grasping people who are not satisfied with their place and want more. They are jealous, envious, self centered, and crazy. The do not appreciate what they have and want more. Tawan has already told them there are rumors that they are looking for the culprit and may know who it is. Jariya nor Pin thought about what was said because they are too arrogant they wont be caught but I too believe they will make a huge blunder and get caught in the act or whoever they hire will. I have a feeling that Jariya is at the center of everything that happen in the past due to her greed and her family's jealous tendencies. This should be picking up this week as we only have two weeks and 3 days left on this drama starting with this week coming up. I am angry that Fak Fah lied about her brother dying it was foolish and she could have just said he is away working or something not dead. Neung did not seem to buy it but then he should have waited to talk to Nu' Dao in the car on the way back without Fak Fah there. Perhaps he still will and Nu'Dao will tell him about Tawan living with his rich grandfather and what his name is along with the issues with his parents being killed and their father. I have to say that Dr. Wayu is too cute.. he is so put upon caught up in Fak Fah's plot. He was too funny in Episode 16 and 17 I can truly see when they were kids Fak Fah must have gotten him in so much trouble.
  3. @Table122000 I expect Neung is trying to protect Fak Fah but like you I think it would be better suited to tell her who is trying to hurt her and who tried to hurt Nu'Dao. It is for sure they will try again because Neung has set the trap for it to happen. I do not know why he used Nu'Dao as bait when he should have just continued to show as much love and devotion for Fak Fah to draw them out. I was already a bit angry at him for using Nu'Dao in the first place when he already had Fak Fah there was no reason to bring in her sister to hold over her head. The same with Fak Fah the pregnancy is a bust and they pretended a miscarriage on the edge of her being hurt. Fak Fah should have told Neung the truth that she only did it to protect her brother just like he was protecting his niece. She should have confided that she found that picture of Neung's mother as well and asked for his help. Both of them are keeping things from one another. Fak Fah because she does not trust him and suspects him or his family of killing Tawan's parents and her father. The last couple of episodes (16 and 17) have shed a bit of light on how Paat felt. His first love was Tawan's mother I bet but she did not love him or had a lover already when they tried to marry them off and she ran off on him before the wedding. He ends up marrying Pink's mother but never loved her the way he should have and he has guilt for that considering the conversation we see in the flash back so her dying by a bullet only added to his guilt. Neung is trying to protect Fak Fah and now her sister from the people he knows are behind the attacks on her, Nu'Dao and Pink his motives are pure but his actions are going to only incite those crazy people to again try to harm Nu'Dao and perhaps Fak Fah because there is no doubt if it looks like Nu'Dao will be hurt then she will jump in to try to save her. Neung could not understand why someone would hurt another for jealousy but he himself have said that Pin and Jariya are crazy for rich people. Pin wants to be seen as pretty, desirable and a good catch and her mother wants to be seen as important and treated as such. Since they already know that Jariya is the one who hurt Nu'Dao, suspect it was her who tried to harm Pink and hired someone to hurt Fak Fah it stands to reason that getting them upset about Neung with a new woman would only cause them to want to hurt Nu'Dao again. In the episode at the beach where Pink and Wut met outside before Pa caught them we see in the flashback Wut has in episode 17 he knows that baby is his and he asks Pink why did she say it was Nuk's/Tawan's? He was ready to take responsibility and what she says is she did not know if her rich society would be able to accept him and she did not have the courage. Come on!!! I do not understand why she was involved with Wut she had to know his background when they were dating. So dating him and sleeping with him was ok but not telling them man the truth that she was pregnant wasn't? If Pink had taken the chance she would have gotten a surprise in who Wut is related to. Wut would have gained the acceptance and acknowledgement he and his mother deserved because Jao Sua wanting that connection to Pink's family would have gave it even if under duress. As it stands now like you Jariya and Pin will end up finding out what Pa saw and heard and they will not hesitate to tell Jao Jua the truth in order to have Pink kicked out. The bad thing is all she needed to do was tell the truth in the first place but she will be made to look bad because of her lie disappointing her father and uncle who believed her only to find out she lied because she was scared her rich society would not accept the man she loved.
  4. Credit Ch3Thailand's YouTube Channel. Episodes 8-17 raw above. I have to say the more I see Jao Sua it confirms my earlier view of him. He is like a petulant child wanting all of Tawan's love, respect and affection and he can't get it. He fails to see it is because of his attitude and behavior. If the child Fak Fah pretended to have was real it would have been his great grandchild and he would have denied it just like he does his own daughter (Hathai) by the maid and his grandson (Wut). I think Tawan told him right if he continues to be unreasonable in his attitude towards people (outside of Jariya and her little band of thieves , he should kick them out) or has no compassion for others he will never be happy. The Police along with Paat and Neung both suspect and pretty much know it's Jariya and Pin who are behind what happen to Pink and Fak Fah as the police officer friend told Neung crimes such as these are born out of jealousy, envy and perhaps some greed. Episode 16 was short but episode 17 seems to shed more light on what is going on or what they found out.
  5. Seemed to be a good episode today. I can't wait to see the subs on this weekends episodes. YJN , all I can do is shake my head at this woman and the CEO is no better. It kills me that he dares to want to put KS over his own sons. But it kills me more that evil SIL dared to say she was going to back YJN. This woman goes from one ship to another. I am glad that her husband asked if she was not only crazy but told her if she does prepare for divorce. YJN's plan seems to have failed in telling about the past relationship with KS and HD. At the very least not get her the outcome she hoped to see. Wow, this woman still seems not only still be obsessed with HJ but also with her own son, a man she rejected time and time again. Not to mention crazy about HD and her presence around both men. I have to agree that the CEO and YJN are a match made in heaven. This is exactly why KS should have given that letter to the rightful owner. But I do love him going at it with the CEO at the end of the episode. I wonder if the CEO's affections for YJN are waning given how much mess of hers keeps showing back up to cause not only issues but makes him look bad. She was definitely a bad choice for him and he really should not have forced her to be with him. I hope that KS remembers he owes his mother nothing but blood is thicker than water so we will see.
  6. @tinatrix236 I mentioned that scene before. I suspect that what Jao Sua thinks his daughter and her husband did to him will turn out to be a lie born out of Jariya's mouth or out of his on social status bigotry or bias. I keep getting the impression he looked down on the man his daughter loved and that is prolly why he tried to get her with a rich family but it did not work. What I do not understand is how he can think to not know who the people were and ok his grandson marrying the daughter of that family. Unless it turns out that it was not Pink's father in that picture with Tawan's mother but another brother or relative to that family. I am going to have to go back and see if I can catch a glimpse of who is in that picture for sure again. I keep thinking it is Paat and I can almost for sure think that Fak Fah thought it was too. All I see from Jao Sua is an elitist attitude that has cost him very important things in life. I agree with you about Jariya she is a thug and she does have a lot of bad people on speed dial. My guess it will all come back to her later which makes me think either her family was not well off or she came from con artist or connivers who were gold diggers. Either way finding out that Aipwat was not the legit son of Jao Sua or that he changed his mind about giving the inheritance as truly set off her killer instincts. They have kissed up to the man for years and are seen as not important or family really which really makes her mad but then its what she gets for trying to marry rich. Now she trying to do the same with her awful daughter Pin, but I suspect they have no idea who they are dealing with in Pink's family. Remember the guns in Neung's night stand? He had three (born out of what happen to his sister in law I bet.) of them. Even Paat had guns or magazines about guns. Looking at Paat face when he realize someone tried to hurt Pink and hurt his brothers wife you can tell something did not sit right with him. Jariya is so arrogant and assured she is able to get away with anything but all of her mess will come back to her. They have already done damage with their embezzling of money also the false confession and firing of that employee. It will all show that old man that he should have had better control and checking behind them or listened to Wut and Tawan. As for Hathai I think its a matter of his being her blood. She thinks she is serving her father and thanking him for giving her life but really its very foolish of her. She will not get the appreciation she deserves from this man until he has stroked out and Wut and Tawan have got the company back on it's feet and its proven the only honest ones around him were those three. Yes if you look at the MV at the beginning of the thread there seems to be a scene where Neung is sitting with Pin being cozy or they have caused trouble for Fak Fah or Pink. But then there is one where Fak Fah seems to have an injured arm and she is running after Neung's car and Pin is in it with him and she falls in the street outside the hospital crying with her IV pole. But it also seems that Fak Fah will leave and Neung will go after her I think. My guess is either he will be very angry with her and think she lied to him or finds out the truth about what she was up to and who Tawan really is to her or Pin has lied on her framing her for something or outing what they were up to or he does it because he can't have her learn that he is trying to trap Jariya and Pin.
  7. @tinatrix236 Welcome!! I was waiting on you to make the rounds here.. Pin is the way she is because of her crazy mother and her snobbish and hateful grandfather. Have you noticed whenever Jao Sua starts in on them for their gambling or disappearing Pin snuggles up to him to distract him? Jariya is just as deluded that her daughter is a catch. Pin may not have done the deeds to hurt people but she is just as guilty because she was in on the plot to do it. Also how bratty is she? She is hateful and obsessed over someone she knows is married. But then even before Fak Fah and Neung married she was creepily trying to snag him. I am not sure if they think this is ok because they are not really blood related to Tawan or not but its just foul to go after the uncle of the woman who has married the cousin. I have not seen anyone in Pin's family really do anything at that company except steal from it and frame some poor employee for it by making her sign a false confession. What gets me is Jao Sua fusses that they went over his head in firing the woman but he does not investigate in detail if what they said was truth. What I have to think is the marriage of Neung and Fak Fah has not been announced to the public. It is the only way Pin is getting away with clinging on to Neung and you can tell he does not like it nor does Ongat his bodyguard. Its beyond scuzzy. I am very sure that when Paat Pink's dad sees this she will not be approving of that behavior. My guess is Pin wants to be seen with Neung to raise her status and be seen as his girlfriend. Did you see she went as far as to even dare to tell Nu'Dao to stay away from her boyfriend. What I find funny is does Pin not know the connection of Nu'Dao to Fak Fah? Because it would have been a good time to spill that Fak Fah was married to Neung and say something about her loosing that man cause she miscarried. Only thing I can think is no she does not know of the connection. It was foolish of them to harm Nu'Dao because she had lunch with Neung and was the presenter he was going around the party with. (Not to mention jealousy over how pretty she is.) The villans always seem to go to far and should have chilled out after the 1st two times they tried to hurt Pink and ran down Fak Fah. I too had wished they looked behind the curtain/couch but Jariya still got caught as the camera's the police put in confirmed for them who did it. You are on the same page as me. It is more and more becoming clear that Jariya may be behind the deaths of Tawan's parents and Fak Fah and Nu'Dao's dad. I keep feeling that if it turns out to be true then its because she wanted to eliminate anyone who could come in and push her family out of inheriting. Remember what has been said so far. Aipwat thought when he was adopted as Jao Sua's son he would inherit. Only when Tawan came back Jao Sua changed it to give it all to Tawan. My guess is Jariya and her band of crooks and thieves will be out of there at the end and the ones to inherit will be Wut and Tawan or Tawan will let Wut have it as payment to his aunt and cousin for the treatment they endured in that house. Like you Wut is very smart its too bad that his grandfather is going to learn a horrible lesson about his bias and snobbish attitude. He will prolly stroke out if it turns out our suspicions are true about who is behind the deaths of his daughter and her husband. I think he is under the wrong impression and I bet it is a lie born from Jariya. Tawan is the way he is because he was raised by Fak Fah's parents, then her mother alone and later Fak Fah. Its also why he is able to go toe to toe with his grandfather and get away with it. The only reason Tawan continues to stay in that house is to honor that promise he made to the old man to do so and not disappoint Fak Fah. He is not happy there and does not want to stay there but he stays because he knows it was the last wish of his adopted mother (Fak Fah's mom). His grandfather also knows that if he even dares to push Tawan the wrong way he will walk and the old man does not want that to happen but his nasty personality will end up alone in that house I hope with everyone who truly cared about him leaving. Pink is learning a hard lesson for her lie. She is not getting what she thought she would in lying on Tawan. I can't understand why she thought the man would give her love and support when she lied and forced him to marry her. If he truly had a woman before Pink did this who was pregnant she left a woman with out her man and a baby without a father. ( I am seeing this more and more in these Thai Drama's girls end up pregnant not knowing or unable to be with the real father of the baby and feel its ok to steal another woman's man and tell her to leave him alone all because they feel it is necessary to find a father for their child and never thinking about whose life they are ruining in doing it. ) I love how Tawan dishes it back to her and calls her out for her lying and trying to get a father for her baby. He keeps jabbing she does not know who the baby daddy is having slept with some random man LMAO.. It will be so much worse for her later when the truth comes out and my guess is something again will happen to her and Wut will not be able to control his reaction and the cat will be out the bag. As for Jariya knowing no only Pa knows and has not told as Wut told him if he did tell about the past relationship or the baby he would squeal about their stealing. As for Hathai I think she is truly foolish to live in a house with her father and have him treat her and her son that way. Its selfish all because she wants to be close to her father. A father who does not seem to care about her or his blood grandson. Just wait when the truth comes out about who's baby Pink is carrying then the old man will want to claim Wut and I hope he tells him to jump off a cliff. (above in the spoiler gives you the background on what happen to have Hathai treated that way. ) I think that Jao Sua is foolish to think he is such a catch that someone was trying to trap him. Even if the servant was that has nothing to do with his daughter or his grandson. My biggest question now is how deep is Jariya's crimes.. Did she have anything to do with the death of Pink's mother? Maybe lying to Jao Sua that Paat was behind the death of Tawan's mother causing the old man to kill his wife? Also in the Music Video's above there are scenes we have not seen yet. And I think there is coming up a point where Neung breaks up with Fak Fah to pretend to date Pin. But I do not think he tells her what he is doing or Pin and Jariya frame Fak Fah for something which makes Neung break up with her and treat her badly or they out the truth about the marriage and family connections. Either way there are scenes of Fak Fah crying after Neung that I am really dreading to see.
  8. So in the last few episodes we have kisses with all the paired up couples. I loved our leads kiss. I have to wonder why has he moved in with her or across the hall with her? What is his motivation for doing that? Is it for the kiss or is it for business to help her learn or is it for both?
  9. That is my thought as well. They have the proper accompaniment to the scene. I think they have a awesome cast. Especially in Ongat and Paan. Those two add lighter moments to the story for me. I really like the chemistry between Neung and Fak Fah but the times we have Paan squealing over the OTP being together is funny or the small knowing smile from Ongat when he witnesses some skin-ship or a cute argument between them is awesome. A lot of Neung's reactions to Fak Fah are because he likes her. I think he fell for her the first moment he saw her walking into that wedding. He is really jealous over Tawan and I can't wait until he finds out the true relationship between Fak Fah and Tawan. He has the perfect way to do so in meeting Nu'Dao I wonder if he will use it to find out information about Fak Fah? I do have to wonder was Paat ever a mobster. Neung mentioned something to Fake Fah earlier on about Paat being mixed up in something earlier I thought. It is what made Fak Fah faint and have the vision of the car being shot up. Another thing I like is that Paat and Neung are not stupid men. It is not taking almost the entire drama for them to realize who is doing the bad things and at the very least have camera's to catch them. It brings up a lot of questions about why someone killed Paat's wife in the last flash backs. I am waiting to see the subs on episode 16 to find out. It also makes me think that by the end of the drama Jariya will be in jail or die. I can see Aipwat going to jail or killed for his embezzling and gambling and I hope his son Pa is in jail as well. I really want to see Pin go to jail too. Every time I see this character she seems truly deluded to me. One thing I can't seem to get warm to is Pink's character. I am not sure if it is her snobbish and bratty attitude or if its her lie on Tawan to give her baby a father. But her continued sniping about Tawan and Fak Fah is irritation when she stole a man (technically) in order to have a dad for her baby. Even though we know it is a fake relationship and Fak Fah and Tawan are siblings not lovers. But her knowing that Tawan is not the real father of her child it just makes me angry that she dares to be mad at someone she stole technically from someone else. But yet she is hugging the real baby father's and wanting to be close to him living in that house. It will be interesting when she finds out as well who Fak Fah truly is and I can't stand her nastiness to Nu'Dao either. I think her one saving grace is she totally serves it back to Jariya and Pin whenever they choose to run their mouths that is her one saving grace for me. But she needs to be careful around those women because they are truly evil. Now , I am going to put the true reason why Jao Sua treats Hathai and Wut the way he does under the spoiler. And trust it is a spoiler so read at your own risk. If you have watched past episode 9 then you will find out who she is anyway but this is a more detailed explanation and quite frankly it makes me want to slap Jao Sua even more then I already do. It also confirms again how Tawan came to live with Fak Fah and Nu'Dao growing up as siblings and the background of Aipwat, Pin and Pa's no good gambling father. credit Neko^^MeowMeow
  10. @stroppyse thanks for the continued preview translations. @euraka thanks for the video as well. You both are appreciated along with @0ly40 who is providing video cuts as well. I am still lurking in the thread and I and enjoying everyone's post. My view is SJ and the rest will sacrifice JW and DJ, two innocent people to keep their dirt covered. Unfortunately for them no matter how many hardships either of them endure they will still always stand back up and continue on their way. It may take a min and they may need a little help to do it but they will get back up again which will infuriate those that tried to harm them in the first place. I feel as a duty to her daughter and her father in law DJ will never let go until she finds out that truth and clears MG. I hope that they do not try to frame JW in some way. Someone mentioned about SJ going to the dark side. My view is SJ has always had mental issues (look at the cutting she did on her wrist) part of it is her mothers fault. (well a lot of it is) Another part is MG's for enabling her too. SJ will indeed do bad things in order to preserve herself per her mother's evil whispering. It will not be until the end that she will learn what she did to innocent people and got MG killed and labeled a criminal for. I fully expect her to either have to be committed by the end of this drama or she will die either by her own hands or by someone's obsessed behavior towards her. I expect her to be a bitter woman because her love is dead. Finding out later her mom killed him will send her to the cliff and over mentally. We can almost see that when JW falls down and starts over SJ will end up seeing him again or meeting him again. Of course he will be a changed man then and be involved with DJ (which will further make her deluded mind think something was going on when it was back then and SJ will hate it but then again you can't expect anyone to care after the way she tossed him to the wolves to keep her mess quiet or the fact she had a child with DJ's hubby and an emotional affair with him too. ( I wonder if they were sleeping together on their over night meetings. I hope not.) But rest assured SJ will hate that DJ and JW found love again with each other.
  11. That is very true if we had the characters acting logically then we would have no drama to tell. As for Hathai and Wut I will not tell you the real reason she is not leaving as it will be coming up soon. Or that your theory of why she stays will be proven unfounded. The truth is much more evil and hateful (in my view) along with sadder then what we knew prior to episode 10 or 11. All I can say is given her treatment she really should have just packed and left taking her son with her but she stays for her own reason even if the person does not even give her the respect she deserves. Are you watching the sub episodes? If not I would be happy to give you the link to the awesome person who is doing the fan sub for the show. New episodes show up around 9am US time on Ch3's youtube site of course they are the raw versions in parts. Note: If anyone would like me to continue to post the raw video's in the thread let me know.
  12. Welcome @Table122000, great to have you in the thread. Yes, I found it a lot funnier than I expected as well which is a pleasant surprise. I hope as the story goes further (and the plot gets a bit darker) that we do not loose the funny moments from the cast. Yes, I thought/think it is Pink's father in that photo also we keep seeing a flashback scene from Fak Fah of perhaps Tawan/Nuk's parents in a green VW bug being shot up one night. The first time you see its Pink's father standing up on a hill with some gunmen as they look down towards the street and are firing. But I have to wonder did he really try to harm Nuk's parents perhaps because his mom ran off or refused to go through with the wedding? From what I see they can call someone husband or wife just because they are engaged or sleep with them or date them for a bit of time. If it is Pink's dad then I have to think he liked Nuk's mom but she already was in love with his father and her father (Jao Sua (his grandfather) tried to force that union just like he did with Nuk because of the family's wealth, reputation and royalty. Only Nuk's mom must have run off after the engagement/wedding and he lost face and was angry and jealous. I feel bad for Neung. What will he do if his brother Paat really did hurt Tawan/Nuk's parents and Fak Fah's dad? What will he say to find out that Pink did lie just like Tawan and Fak Fah said? I think he is a good man and we can see he loves his niece but he seems so blinded that she could have done something wrong in order to get a father for her child. Also why is it ok for her to claim another woman's man even when he had a "suppose" baby on the way? If this was real Pink stole a man and took a father from a child for her own and Neung helped her by claiming a child not of his own. He put himself in the same position that Tawan is in only willingly. Pink should have told Tawan the truth of who the father was I think . Tawan and Fak Fah would have helped her be with Wut. One thing I can't seem to understand is if Tawan/Nuk knows why his grandfather and the rest treat Wut and his mother that way. I feel like he does not know that Wut is or that Hathai is a possible relative. But then again perhaps he does. I know that the wicked quartet does because that witch Jariya and Pin both have mentioned her being an Aunt.(but then again it is a sign of respect to call and elder "Aunt" especially a servant in the household for many years.) I would love it if Wut and his mother Hathai leave that house, as they do not need to stay and be abused by those people or Gramps. Pink is still staying in that house to be close to Wut and his mother but I am angry because she is denying that woman her grandchild because of her lie. If she could not claim Wut in front of everyone she never should have had a relationship with him or slept with him. Pink wants someone to shower her with love and affection and she forgets that she lied to marry Tawan. No one should give her what she craves because of a marriage certificate. She should have been with the baby's dad and grandmother to get the love and affection she wants. Jariya is totally crazy and obsessed not to mention greedy. I think all of that is from finding out that Aipwat is not the blood son of the Grandfather but a distant relative who he adopted. She was trying to marry rich and instead got a dud(who is a gambler) and is angry about it. As the drama progresses and I see more of Jariya personality and? flashbacks I keep asking myself did she kill Nuk's parents to get them out the way so they would not inherit Did she lie on them and that is why Gramps did not show up right away to get him? I guess we will have to see.. The drama is up to 14 eps subbed so far but I can see there will be a bumpy road ahead soon because some scenes in the Music Video's above show we will get our melo bit with that hateful Pin right in the middle going after Neung.
  13. Episode 7 Part 1 Raw: Credit Ch3Thailand's YouTube Channel. Pink moves into that horror house but she thinks she is slick. She is only wanting to stay in this house because of the baby's real father Wut. I still think she should have just claimed the real father instead of lying on Tawan. Those witches in that house will find out eventually who that baby belongs to. Fak Fah is searching the house for more clues when she should just asks Neung to help her find out that answer. What gets me is gramps allows that hateful family to talk to his servants that way. He is just as bad. I do not understand why he treats Wut and his mother Hathai so badly but its coming up why soon.
  14. Episode 6 Part 1 raw: Credit Ch3Thailand's YouTube Channel. Episode 6 gave us a flash back of what happen when they lost their parent and Fak Fah was taking care of them . It also shows what happen when gramps showed up one day demanding that Tawan come home to live with him. We see exactly how Fak Fah was treated and how she let gramps have it back. The sad part is the wicked crew was still running their mouths even back then. This is brought on because Tawan and Pink are moving to Tawan's house. We see the lukewarm reception for Neung and of course Fak Fah. These people are so rude. Pin still thinks she has a chance to be with Neung and wants to get Fak Fah out the way. Its beyond creepy to me that her mother and her think this is acceptable. Pin taking Fak Fah outside to use the servants bathroom and daring to run her mouth to her. I had wished Neung would hear more of the conversation. Another thing I do not approve of is Fak Fah not just telling Neung the truth. That she is a sister to Tawan nothing more and about their family and his grandfathers family. She has tried to warn him about Pink living in that house but no one listened to her as Neung thinks its jealousy for her lover. He should have listened to her later when things start to happen.
  15. Episode 5 Part 1 raw: Credit Ch3Thailand's YouTube Channel. Grandmother recognized what a diamond Fak Fah is and told Neung not to let her go at the end of the year. How funny is it that Tawan keeps arming Fak Fah to deter Neung's suppose advances lol... First is Pepper Spray and then its a Tazer. Looks like the hateful family is throwing a tantrum because gramps said that Pink will not only be moving to their house but be given a high position in the company. Pin and Pa are mad because neither of them have positions but the new grand daughter in law does. Tawan goes ahead to tell his grandfather that Pink already has a position in her fathers Diamond company and that her father may not want her to leave ti to come work for their company. (how delusional is gramps anyway to think Pink would want to leave her position in her fathers company to work in his?)