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  1. I too believe that she will resist any new romance after her divorce thinking she is unworthy and flawed. I have a feeling though it will not be YE at the end who can not have a baby. I will bet it will end up with JS being the one with the problem. IF HY comes up pregnant then something will end up causing the child to be tested and not found to be his or they could very well loose a child (or HY faked a pregnancy). HY will definitely have JS and his mother on their toes as she will never be the door mat that YE was. She will not be cooking on demand or on a time table or cleaning. She will not take that physical abuse YE took as well. I will enjoy their torment when they get a different sort of wife the second time around. CEO will be shocked at the knowledge of her being infertile if the writer is going to make him the end game since it says in the profile descriptions he falls for YE so I feel like he will be rewarded with a child at the end by YE all because he stood fast in that love even if he was unable to have kids with her. He will have to work for it though because the odds are going to be stacked against him after the abuse she had from her ex in laws and not to mention their bad mouthing her over her in ability to bare a child. Then there is the ex girlfriend that dumped him and went to marry another man coming back thinking she can have him and SR who has been waiting for her chance and thinks now is it only to be dashed when she realizes he likes another and its her former sister in law. She and her mother will do all they can to stop that romance so SR can marry up. So many in the way and making sure that YE does not hope to gain love again with someone rich and handsome and from a good family better than JS. There is also his mother who likes SR although she hates her family even though she is friendenemies with MS. So many will cause YE to step back and not admit any feelings for CEO and even cause her to run from him also. She will be tormented by those people and treated nasty as well as them trying to harm her business and work. So far we have: YE (abused under appreciated wife) JS (Self centered, selfish, lying cheater of a husband) HY (Mistress) HJ (CEO) SM (CEO's mother) MS (JS's mother) SE (YE's sister with the piano studio and debt.) JW (Plastic surgeon with the daughter who wants the contract marriage) JH (JW's daughter who likes SE) SP (JS's father) Hye Jung (JS's fathers second wife) SR (JS's sister) BS (Half sister of JS) DH (Curly hair Rap lady with the two kids) MB (Chicken shop owner) DK (YE's mother ??) DH (HJ's friend he meets) There are a few other names but I have not put faces to them characters yet or they have not show up..
  2. Looks like the twist is JW becoming Ji Sub and living in his shoes so we will have one angry woman (MR) one scared woman (HR) one grateful woman (SR) until she realizes he is not her husband as he has had a personality change (and a large scar on his back that should look years old and not days or months) and one woman who will be very suspicious and upset (Madam Wi) over how this happened when she planed to kill off Ji Sub if JW work up.. This also blocks SR from considering IW as she will never do it if her husband is supposedly alive.. I also would hate for her to assume a life with a man who is not her husband as it could really harm her mentally to learn that is the real JW and not Ji Sub. Well since JW did survive his living as Ji Sub will save his life but also living with her family could change his personality for the good but it also hurts IW in the end. I guess we will see what the writer has in store with this plot line. Will IW become suspicious over this ver of Ji Sub?
  3. I have to agree that if HR tells him that she killed JW so he can stay as JW there is no doubt that his mind will become very twisted from his own reality. I don't feel that HR will confirm the truth or she will be told he is dead but I don't think he will be. But it is enough that Ji Sub thinks that JW is dead and once you introduce murder you have gone past the point to turn back and make things right. HR will try to do all she can to make it so he is forced to be with her in order to survive. It will only be later when he learns that he could have gone a different route if only he had made a better choice. I think learning that JW is/was his twin brother will further ruin Ji Sub later.
  4. The solution in my opinion to stop Madam Wi from killing him or his family is to tell the truth to someone and get their help to stop Madam Wi. There is protection in SR knowing who her family is and his being her husband at one time. There is protection in IW knowing the truth and they taking care of Madam Wi. His fear is real but his choices are what are making things end up going very wrong. Ji Sub is not able to handle anyone on his own he could have gotten help to deal with Madam Wi if he had only told the truth. I feel like Ji Sub has got to the point that he feels that he needs to get power to take her on. What he keeps forgetting is at what cost? IT has cost him his marriage and a child already. Now he is going to loose his mind and identity by assuming JW's life. He will not be able to come back to SR and have her open her arms to him and take him back like nothing happened. I said once before its one thing if this happened because of amnesia and he did not know his family ,but Ji Sub looked his wife in the face many times and was rude and nasty to her. It really does not matter if it started out because he was trying to protect her. SR gave him chances to come clean for her to understand. But now he is going too far down the path and he will not have the chance to redeem himself because his mind is going to get confused about who he is. I can see him at the end yelling that he is JW and not Ji Sub because he has confused his identity after all the bad things he did to obtain things that were not his to begin with. I blame Madam Wi and HR for starting him on the road of corruption, but I blame Ji Sub for not taking a stand to do the right thing even if it means he has a chance to be killed. His choices have ruined this man and he will end up with the loss of a woman he loved and his daughter. I think what I am most waiting on is when Madam Wi finds out that SR is the real daughter of the Assemblyman I can almost see her anger at HR for not telling her that. Just as she finding out that it was HR later who tried to get rid of JW to keep Ji Sub.
  5. Sorry for the double post but I had to make a point of this.. in the subs HR tells Ji Sub that if not for his (personality) being different from the real JW (meaning that JW was a horror she could not stand) and her liking Ji Sub she would have never been able to let go of IW. COME ON! That is a bold face lie. Even after realizing that the JW she has is another man whose personality is totally different then the arrogant man she knew before she was still trying to hold on to IW. Unwilling to allow him to move away from her after the way she betrayed him by denying their love. It is only when IW told her time and time again he is done with her and that he likes SR that she started to really cling to Ji Sub. Especially when she confirms that that man is SR's husband. All the more reason in her life long jealousy of SR to take her hubby she is looking for. How long before Ji Sub realizes it really is about HR having everything over SR/YR? Her family? Her man and basically her life? HR will only have a small time frame to truly enjoy the things she has stolen. Eventually the truth of who SR really is will come out. SR will get her memory back now and will check the truth and more than likely hide the fact realizing what HR did. MR and Ji Sub are working with the devil to keep her from knowing her roots. He may have started out being force and used but the min he decides to keep the truth hidden of what Madam Wi has done and keep the fact that SR is the real YR he moved over to the bad side. His choices already effected others but now they are life changing. I also suspect that there is a bit of jealousy against IW who is from a rich family and likes SR. Its a shame he did not make the better choices even if he ended up in jail. SR would have waited and stood by him. But he is now on a path of self destruction all started by the vipers around him HR and Madam Wi. What will MR do now that JW is missing or presumed dead? Will they pull his body out if he has died in a car crash and name him Ji Sub so that the real Ji Sub can step into JW's life for good? I would not put it past HR to do that so that Ji Sub can never go back home.
  6. I was talking about CEO's ex girlfriend.. she is suppose to also come back after dumping him years ago to marry another man. As for HY's ex yes I have no doubt he will be back as well to want payment for going to jail for HY and her betraying him. Everything will start the moment that YE is free from this family. Its too bad that the mother in law steals her money and the bank does not think to call her first. They tell YE when she goes in that because the MIL had her legal stamp they assumed it was ok and just closed the account giving her the money. The mother in law knew she was wrong as she mumbles to herself about how YE will be angry and she is not going to hide but if YE makes a noise about her stolen money she will just use it to kick her out once and for all. I am sorry but what this woman did was theft. I blame YE as well for leaving her stamp in with her bank book. After all this woman has done to her why on earth did she think the woman would call her first before stealing from her and two feel sorry for taking her money without permission to give to her sister in law who they just sent money to recently. Given that SR calls CEO's mom every week but barely calls her own mother I am sure she is just like her brother and does not like her mom that much because of her temper and behavior. Also she wants to be on her good side to get the woman to let her try to marry CEO. SR has no intention of giving that money back to YE. They see her as nothing but a verbal and physical punching bag and look down on her. Even in the preview we see the MIL slapping YE for coming to her about her stolen money. JS is such a useless piece of man he cares nothing for what is happening at home he is wallowing in his own self pity at his mistress telling him to be gone if he can't choose between her and his wife. I want to hope we do not have another week to endure YE with that family and not knowing this man is cheating.
  7. GYs sister needs a good kick in the pants. She had gotten away with her behavior because a. her mother ignores reality. b. left her oldest child to stop her own life to care for them all. She made GY a mother over them all. Mom will not get it until another woman comes gunning for that girl at the house and she is made to face how her own hubby was stolen by another woman. Of course mom could just be hiding her head in the sand to not deal with it but eventually she will be made to. I think GY is coming to the end of her rope with these people and their selfishness. I am not surprised that the sister took the tuition money and went abroad because the girl is selfish and self centered. She told GY to stop being her big sister? GREAT!! That means no matter what trouble this twit has for now on do not call GY. That includes needing money as well. The girl is use to throwing a fit and GY having to give up something to get it it. Well its time for all of it to stop and for GY to make a stand.
  8. I am all for a drama where the leads marry early and then fight to stay together and endure against everyone else. The lead couple will have a huge hurdle after it is found out who they are related to. I would rather they do it together then have to deal with them being separated and dealing with it apart. I can still say that the mother and sister irritate me every time I see them. Our lead female needs to be able to leave home and live on her own for a bit if she is not going to end up married early. They do not realize how they treat her and do not appreciate anything she has done. They just want her to accept her lot in life and let them continue to take and take and take. Seems her mother is going to try to see the Aunt who stole her husband. I do not understand why after ten years. She is the one that was foolish enough to be so devastated that she checked out for ten years over a man that has done nothing but left his oldest daughter with 3 kids to raise (this includes the mother). Not once has he checked in on them or sent them money. (Well I expect he can't send money since he is a looser who is spending her money and has ideas that either end up failing or being conned.) The mother is gearing up to have a scene made I am sure if she goes to that community center. On one hand I think its fine since the Aunt got away with what she did without the public humiliation to go with it. But on the other hand why continue to hold on to anger and pain over two people who where so selfish and willing to hurt their love ones and walk away from marriages. The only balm will be in her forging a relationship with the doctor who is the ex hubby of the aunt. I think what the woman needs is to be shown she is still a woman and helped to stop wasting away over a man who left her. The doctor told her she looks older than her age and that is because she has not let go of that pain from 10 years ago at her husband betrayal.
  9. It would be an interesting twist if they did turn out to be related. I want to hope not though simply because MR does realize what she is doing is wrong just like Ji Sub does but both are in a position or wanting to get back at Madam Wi in order to make her pay for what she had done to them. I do not feel they will be successful until they turn the tables on them and tell what the woman has truly been up to. Also having HR turn out to be MR's sister would be horrible for MR but I am sure MR would find irony in that and laugh at HR who would be in denial given what HR has done to her own sister YR. MR has shown that she has the capacity to love her brother and JW. I too would not like her to end up saddled with HR as her bio sister in the end. That does not mean I would not like HR to find out who her real mother is because I think that would be interesting. I would like her to be made to see that she could have enjoyed that family she was adopted into if she had not been so selfish and greedy to want to not share that family with the bio daughter. HR has some real issues I am sure from being an abandoned child from an orphanage but her actions ruined everything for her. IN the episode from today Ji Sub has asked her about the pictures and HR has finally let him know that they are indeed SR's childhood pics and she is the missing daughter YR. Ji Sub was shocked that she could do such a thing and asked why she put MR in as a replacement. HR goes on to say she knows he is Ji Sub and not JW. His expression was one of shocked horror. He wanted to know how long she knew and she told him for awhile. He asked her why she would do something like that? HR said it was because of him. IF he was the real JW she would never be able to let go of IW and marry. But because of him (meaning his personality) she liked him and wanted him. HR told him now he has to keep the secret too as to expose it will expose who he is as well. The whole scene tanked for me the min that HR turned on the tears seeming like the victim and she was protecting him. HR has told him now he has to be JW and live his life and he can't go back or should not want to go back to his old life. Sure part of what she did was because she liked him but a lot of it was because she knew she would be in real trouble to and get kicked out loosing everything not to mention her jealousy over SR. As Ji Sub talks to himself in the bathroom mirror about Madam Wi using him and now HR using him to save herself he makes a mantra to be JW over and over again. This is why I think this man's mind will end up confused and gone at the end. His trying to be JW will wreck him mentally. Later we see MR telling HR that JW moved his hand and is waking up. MR's says to her you will do what you promised correct? When the real JW wakes leave with the fake? HR's reaction is one of fear as she goes running out. MR in this instance looked crazy but also very foolish to him. I do not understand why she would trust HR would ever leave when she is seen as the legal wife to JW. Who they are banking on inheriting the company. If anything even JW could end up wanting to step back in his own shoes as he is the one who was in love with HR for years even though he had MR. It would be nothing for him to decide to be with HR and finally be rid of MR. MR is going to learn that she will end up betrayed that HR has no intention of following through on that promise she only agreed as a way to shut MR up at the time. Ji Sub has Madam Wi's room bugged and listens to her talk about JW waking and getting rid of him. Ji Sub got upset and went to the villa At the end Ji Sub went to remove the masks from JW face and JW grabs his hand. The preview shows the nurse running or taking JW away in a car after the mask was removed from his face. I wonder if she was going to get him help? I do not know if perhaps they are being perused or if she is just very anxious over his health because she swerves to avoid a truck coming at them. I am not sure if he will end up in another accident and die or he will be taken away and hidden. But from HR's face in the preview I have a feeling she did it. Madam Wi is devastated about it so I have a feeling HR did this. She is even seen consoling Madam Wi with a smirk on her face as she hugs her. Madam Wi is also later told about him being missing and that Ji Sub went to the house and I think she believes he did it. Ji Sub may have realized it was HR because he seems shocked and is seen with her holding his face and pledging for him to become JW and live his life to take over that company. He seems to not know what to do now that HR has gone that far as he is hugging her. This is what I meant by not doing the right thing still. Ji Sub is sinking into the abyss being led by HR. She is totally corrupting him to take what does not belong to him and live a life not his own all so she can keep him as she likes him and wants him away from his wife and child. I keep thinking that JW will not die. They in my opinion need him alive to prove there were two babies born that night and that Madam Wi took one and raised it as their blood but they also need to allow JW and MR to be together if they can. I still think that things will get mixed up in Ji Subs head and he will suffer mentally for what he has done and I am not sure if he will be in his right state of mind at the end or if he will end up dying. So IW and SR get text messages to come to a hotel for a meeting. SR calls the person they were suppose to meet and is told that the person had no idea about a meeting. SR tells IW and he is just as puzzled by it as well wondering who texted them both. We know someone took pictures of her and him and posted them on the company board. SR has rejected him already although he has told her he is wanting her to take her time to sort her feelings out about her husband. I think these actions and the words that HR can't resist saying to her are going to make SR stand and fight and I hope put things about Ji Sub away and give IW a chance. I really want SR to let go of her love for Ji Sub he no longer deserves it sleeping with another woman as her husband. I would love for her to marry IW not sure how much longer she will continue to cling to that marriage for a man that is legally presumed dead. Its going to be even more devastating later to find out the truth of what he did. From the preview she ends up fired carrying a box of her things or transferred to a different department running into HR an Ji Sub in the hallway. HR says something to her about her looking cheap by running after IW and we see hear a voice over of SR saying now she wants to fight. IW seems angry at Ji Sub once again for what is going on. Ji Sub now knows that SR is YR because he made the choice to protect himself and HR and not get this woman back to her family. He was a victim at first but now he is an accomplice. It will not matter that he tried to fix things in the end. He has no right to get in the middle of any relationship between IW and SR when he has married another woman and is living as her man. No way is HR not sleeping with Ji Sub sexually. So he has no right to try to stop them being together. I think that they are living with HR's parents? It seems they visit gramps home but are not living there? I hope so because I would like for SR to go ahead and stop fighting IW and say she will date him to lead to marriage. Again I want to slap Ji Sub's aunt with her mouth asking if IW is in his right mind? And that SR is not suited to be the wife of a conglomerate son. I can't wait for her to learn who SR really is. Like she is a person worthy to marry the Chairman??!!. I need them also to marry so that this woman is unable to be with gramps like she wants to. NO way she should ever be able to live as a rich man's wife. Living with them but treating SR badly still.
  10. I think his motivation is revenge against Madam Wi for lying to him and pulling him away from his family all to be a fill in for JW. Her betrayal to kill him has made him realize what a fool he has been to ever hope that woman was going to do what she said. That was his nativity at this woman's promises. If she was trying to be so nice as to hide he may have killed someone and pay off the debt he should have realized something was not right before the offer was made. He went in trying to protect his wife and children only the woman has shown him every step of the way she will harm those he cared about if he does not toe the line. Now I feel he thinks if he takes that company he will have the power to deal with her and make her pay for what she has done to him. But there is a flip side to all of that. Revenge is not the answer because he would have to stoop to her level to take her on and taint himself more and more by his actions and lies. As of now I think he has no idea that HR knows who he really is and wants to keep him. But I feel like he will realize this fact soon. If it comes from the knowledge that SR is the real YR and that HR put in a fake to PROTECT him from being exposed or if its just his eyes open up fully to her true personality of wanting that family all to herself I am not sure. But he is in bed with a nest of vipers. What will happen with the real JW waking up? It looks like Ji Sub wants to kill JW but he wakes up when Ji Sub takes off the oxygen mask in the preview. Will he end up talking to JW? Will JW even want to stay in that bed and pretend to be out of it to let Ji Sub secure everything for him and then come back? Or will he able to slip away or even want to? Will we have to deal with one of them dying in order for the rest to live well?
  11. For some reason they have gone to a one day a weekend broadcast (not sure if that was due to the strike issues or not.) So far now they only show on Sunday's two episodes back to back.
  12. Was Do Na's father a director or something? OR was it they all knew each other in some kind of way? Either way I have to agree that the Aunt's animosity at La Ra is more than just because she got the good roles and was favored and because she did not get invited to her wedding to a rich man. She is very petty with her mess concerning La Ra and I hope we are able to see La Ra say enough is enough with her. Great episodes this weekend. Glad to see that La Ra admitted to both Young Woong and Dong Woo that she is swayed by his liking her. I enjoyed his hug at the end of episode 4 today. Hye Ri is going to find out about that affair real soon. This man is either not sleeping with her or barely sleeps with her to be able to get pregnant. She has the suspicion he is straying and her mother told her if she feels that way she should check to make sure. If she is wrong then no harm no foul, but if its true then she needs to know why the man barely wants to be in the room with her and all of a sudden says no children right now with her. Its going to hit her hard not only did his mother and sister know of his long term relationship that he did not stop when he married her but the woman is going to be pregnant and that man will be happy about it when he never wanted children with her let alone really marry her if not for the money they needed from her father. The fact he bought that woman a necklace will come back to bite him and he will then go on the defensive and Hye Ri will end up with her feelings hurt and her self esteem blown up. She will be devastated that she was fooled so much over a man she thought loved her the same way. AS much as I feel bad for Hye Ri again she has done something that made me angry with her. She dares to try to push her mother to get back with her father. Not because of any legitimate reason but because she has been telling her in laws that it might happen and its all to look good not the well being of her father or mother. Why on earth should her mom get back with her father? To be what a CEO's wife again? Is that really important? Not to her mother anymore. Her father had a long term affair before he found out about her mothers other daughter. I don't blame La Ra for not saying anything because she gave Do Na to the man and his wife to raise and it was done with she drop ties as Do Na's mom back then. At least we will see these women get to know one another. I wonder if Hye Ri will end up staying with her mother and sister at Do Na's once her world blows up? Perhaps that will be when Do Na does something for her as well like she did her younger half sister with out Hye Ri knowing. I think they living there will bring them closer and I am glad that Hye Ri knows Do Na's personality since she was the one to bring it out of her and it ended in them slapping one another. (LOL still awesome for me.. ) Hye Ri's overtures were nice to Do Na of course it will take awhile but I think the fact she was fooled in marriage will end up bring Hye Ri down from her lofty thoughts that she is better perhaps.
  13. @awsparkle I think it will eventually come to GY having to step back from them. I am not sure if it will happen after she falls for lead guy or she makes a choice to just let them fend for themselves when her mother or sister insult, belittle and disrespect her once more. It is not GY's job to mother her sister or brother it should be her mother who is responsible but she checked out over a man that has not looked back at her after walking out with another woman. She harps on GY throwing up how hard she worked but its really about (in my opinion) the fact that she herself is reminded how she fell after her husband left her pregnant and her oldest stepped up and succeeded by any means to fed them and keep a roof over their head while having to give up her dream taking care of ungrateful people. He brother does not count he was a baby and is sickly. Its the mom and sister who can't stand to see how strong GY is so they try very hard like you mentioned to break her spirit. Her mother thinks its easy to go back to school when you have no one to help you take care of people and that is not right. Although I don't think her mother wanted her to go back to school anyway as who would take care of them while she wallows over the loose of a man for ten years. If so she never would have thought it was ok for her oldest to give up her future to send her sister to college. But yet she thinks good full time jobs are plentiful now? How is that possible when they will be looking for a college degree and noting all of her part time jobs she had to take to take care of them all. But I think that her knowing leads Halmoni (the chef) will open doors for her. GY will end up realizing how much she gave for them and see that no matter what nothing is ever enough for her mom. Her mother will prolly not realize what she has done to her daughter until perhaps her possible friendship or romance with the doctor who is the ex uncle of our lead guy. I think only then she will be made to see how badly she let down her daughter and push all responsibility on her as well as blame perhaps for her fathers actions.
  14. SE should be ashamed of herself even her mom is like fix that mess with the loan sharks. Her mom even mentions to YE to not help her sister citing that even as kids SE use to steal the food from off YE's plate or from YE. I honestly can not understand why SE thinks she is such a catch that she would turn down a handsome plastic surgeon when he suggest a contract marriage not believing in love. Does she think she will be able to catch a man with loan sharks on her tail, her background perhaps and her large debt? SE will end up having to eat crow and accept that offer from the guy because she has no other choice now that Hateful MOM in LAW has cleaned out YE's savings account to send that money to SR who will become a thorn in her side over our future CEO. MIL thought to say why is YE upset to give SR the money and that SR would hurry to pay her back, but with this type of family they would only guilt YE into not getting her money back because they are so called family. I can't see SR coming back to pay YE back that money her mother took from her especially if she sees any interest in CEO for YE. I hope SR has a job lined up and I am almost 99% positive it will end up being in CEO's company as his mom likes her and thinks of her like a DIL. So many problems ahead for YE AFTER she has shook off that ungrateful family of hers. With SR always in her face then CEO's ex girlfriend coming back and being selfish after the way she dumped him its for sure she will be trying to back away and ignore any feelings he may have. I do not know why I feel that there could be a birth secret or some other type of secret but I guess we will see. HY deserves whatever is coming her way for stealing someone else hubby. I am sure that ex boyfriend will be getting out of jail and looking for her since he took the rap for her. She will be scared to death to see him too. I want to bet he will threaten her with the past if she does not pay him. HY will not have anything but what she has gotten from SJ. Its going to be funny if she pays off the ex with their assets and they are left with nothing. Either way she will learn quick I think that YE's world was not roses. I think the only difference is no one will be able to boss her around to cook and clean for grown people.
  15. Wang Mo was indeed perfect for Ja Kyung. As much as I hate violence, I think he needed to connect that bat with that woman's body after all she did to Ja Kyung. She used her to support her and her child. She constantly ran up debt and took from Ja Kyung and then dared to look down on her for not having a bio family. She did not care if Ja Kyung found out the truth she was just mad that Ja Kyung was fussing at her for taking money, a restaurant and a flat from her husband. She should have kept her mouth shut. Then to add insult she recorded it and played it for her!! The woman wanted to ruin Ja Kyung's marriage in order for her to come back and be her slave again. We saw how she acted on Ja Kyung's wedding day she wanted to try to lock her in the room. I was angry to see that she was driving Ja Kyung's old car at the end when she was sneaking to get a peak at the baby. She is not listed on Ja Kyung's registry as her mother I think her adopted father and mother were so she had no reason after what she did to even dare to want to see that baby and think that her trying to care for Ja Kyung when she was ill would make up for anything she did. I would have made her sign a contract that all profit from that restaurant go into an account for Ja Kyung and she only kept the bare minimum for herself and her kid. She owes Ja Kyung so much and yet she looked at her like she was trash to be used. She and her sister mistreated that girl only to later find out who she is related to. They should not have stopped Wang Mo from hurting that woman for what she did to Ja Kyung. Since she had that flat due to him I would have broken up more things then took her to the police station. She is very lucky that he did not break her neck for what she did. I understand they stopped him for him and Ja Kyung and not for the Aunt but she should have gotten a good smack for her selfish . spiteful, jealous behavior. Because she could no longer control Ja Kyung she was angry. Because Ja Kyung did not have to stay and listen to her mess she was angry, and mostly cause Ja Kyung not only left marrying up and was living happily but because Ja Kyung could say what she wanted and then leave to go home to her warm loving family she was angry. In part this woman realized way too late how fortunate she was to have a adopted daughter like Ja Kyung. Jealousy is a sickness especially when she is confronted by the gorgeous rich bio mom that Ja Kyung had and the handsome rich father that she always wanted when she was younger and could not have.