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  1. It is so very funny that KS had no idea who she solicited to be her surrogate. I remember in the early episodes she disregarded JY's talent in art when she was told she was an art teacher. Just like you I thought her looking JY up and down and seeing how beautiful she is and how well she dresses up was jealousy. In her mind how can someone she thought of as nothing clean up so well? Then we see how truly foolish and stupid KS is as she knew that JY worked at an English kindergarten so why would she not be able to speak English. Her mentioning that she spoke English was just plain stupid in my book. The same as her saying that someone like JY is incompetent because she was a surrogate. This is all KS's jealousy she can't give JY props because then she will have to realize that JY is a better fit all around then she is. One of KS's pet peeves is to not have any woman come into that house better than her. JY is a threat to her son who loves "MS. Wendy" and misses her to her status in that house if any got to really know JY and see how accomplished she is. Her mother in law is the same way. She is a woman who did not have the chance to get out there and do anything so she looked down on JY as well thinking she was nothing. I do not blame SH for being so fed up with his family. No matter what you tell them they will not get it. The reason why is they are snobs. I do applaud him on calling them out. They broke the contract first when they wanted to kill the child when they thought it was deformed. They only wanted that child when they learned he was healthy. Why would they give money to the brother and mother!! They are not the ones who did the hard work. I can see the step brother cause he set up the deal but her mother never should have been given any money. JY was shocked to hear her mom got money. But even so why are they looking down on her for taking it? Did they think that someone risking their life to protect a child was wrong? Willing to be a mom to that child even if the child had issues? What JY did is what they should have been willing to do, accept that child no matter what which is precisely SH's point but his family will not get it their arrogance and snobbish behavior is preventing them from understanding. They will get it when they end up with a big scandal from the business practices of KS and the company is in trouble not to mention they learn what KS did to JY and her husband and baby. Only then when they are brought to their knees and they are not as powerful as they think they are will what SH tried to tell them sink in. By then they will be begging him to help them. I have to agree that SH will cut ties with them once again because they refuse to get his message and he can't stand to deal with them. Everyone in that family will be hit from their actions and attitudes eventually. We are going to have so much mess going on. With the truth out now we have to deal with the ex wife hounding doc (I love it), with the family trying to hurt JY anyway they can. His mother and KS will not care that SH's company could suffer losses if JY is gone. His mother is a foolish woman who thinks she can run her sons love life. I look forward to her learning she can't. KS does not want SH to succeed anyway so she will try anything to make JY fail and SH's company too as a bonus if she can. I am waiting for the doc to tell SH that is his baby she is carrying. Its going to be a mess. Because he will have to stop his pursuit of JY for a bit due to the doc's nonsense. In 8 mos we will know for sure that its not SH's baby.. and I can't wait. Either way the Doc is on the road to big trouble and she has no clue. Once that child turns out to be one of the two samples they had she will be busted. The nurses know so she can't lie.
  2. @UnniSarah I do not expect Ka Young to run off with Jung Han. For one she values her family too much to do so without a solid understanding of the problem of why he rejected her in the first place it will not happen (although I wish they would if nothing else they can be together.) . His motives were more about protecting her from the truth about that witch Se Na who married in instead of protecting that selfish , inconsiderate Se Na who used him to get what she wants and then dumped him.. But also imagine Ka Young's upset to learn who he use to be involved with. The only way they can truly ever be with one another without drama is a. he decides to tell her the full truth and let her decide if she will still be with him no matter what. b. if the selfish witch is gone from everyone's lives. They loving one another is not an issue because we can see they truly do. It is the fact that there is a 3rd party around who will stir up trouble to keep them apart and make him look bad. Until he can a. stand up to her not caring about her threats and ignore those crocodile tears and lies about her not wanting to loose that evil daddy of hers and that sweet husband or b. be powerful enough to not care about her threats then he will be at the manipulative witches mercy until everything is out in the open and they all find a way to get rid of her and her shady , crooked fake father who she has no blood ties to.
  3. I want the ex wife to make a stink. My reason is the Doc never should have used a sample she told SH that she destroyed. It would serve her right if she is treated just like JY was about Tony by the ex wife. Although the ex does not have a right to the child since she has been divorced from SH for 5 years I still want her to give that doc a lesson in what she did. The ex wife is going to figure out that the doc lied and everyone will assume it is SH's sample. Its going to blow up because we already know that the ex is only trying to gain a tool to get back into that family. Once the duct clears later and its determined that child is not SH"s only then will she back off and experiences a lesson to in trying to get a baby to get back with SH. The damage is done though. The ex wife is made to look like a fool and the doc will loose everything because of her selfishness. Even now she really does not get what her seeking a surrogate did to JY. Until she is treated the same way that JY was she will never get it. The doc has seen nothing yet. Let the cutie doc totally ignore her and stop talking to her. When it comes out that its his child instead then what will she do. She stepped on the man's feelings for her. I am glad that JY confessed the entire situation to SH including how his family treated her. I love how he says in front of the doc "how she must of suffered and is still suffering." The way that family did JY was wrong. Nothing that family can say will change the truth because SH remembers everything they said and the doc has confirmed that KS wanted to abort at first only to want the baby when they learned that it was healthy with no issues. What his father bragged about doing is only confirmed by JY. His family definitely thinks that money means you can do and say whatever you want. This family is going to end up in ruin and the reputation that they valued so much is going to be smashed.
  4. I am totally shaking my head. Se Na will never be happy when a. she is parading around as someone she is not. b. she is manipulating and hurting others and c. she married into a nice family only to be trying to steal their company and end up ruining them. What will she do after she and her father take that company or steal away things that do not belong to them. What can she say to her husband who truly loved her? Does she really love this man? Or will she show that fake face when the family has had everything stolen from them or ruined their business and tell the man she never cared for him she only used him to get something for her father? I feel like she will truly fall for the man but what she has done will make it she will never have a peaceful life nor will she get whatever it is she truly wants. I love the half brother calling her out on everything and I feel like he and gangster sis will end up together since they were each others first love in the first place. Gangster sis did well in storming the house and having a fit and I really wished more people did that to Se Na but timed it so that her husband and in laws were there as well or recorded it and sent it to her husband and in laws. If someone had managed to tell them early what they let marry into that family perhaps they would have been able to kick her out before they suffered any damages from her actions. I feel bad for gangster bro but right now he is not right for our sweet and a bit ditzy or obtuse leading lady. He has to make the choice to stop caring about Se Na and her life even if he is doing this to protect his love. Se Na cares nothing for him! She used him to get an education and then dumped him. Although he is over her I feel he needs to realize that woman is nothing good and is up to no good. She and her father are monsters and will go down later but I really wished we had more opportunities for her to be busted sooner. I hope he makes it to Italy. I think he needs to go. But given that his sister has imparted so sisterly advice about not regretting letting go of his love and then his seeing that love with half bro (although they are only friends) will his jealous side finally start and he realizes he can't let obtuse lead go? That his love for her is already too deep to let another man have her?I guess we shall see how things flush out. Se Na does not realize (or does not care) that she is going to look really bad when the truth of her past relationship with gangster bro comes out. Not only did she date him for awhile he paid for her education then she dumped him to go after her current husband and then decided to beg him to keep quiet to protect herself all why she plotted to steal from that family. Half bro and gangster bro are only guilty of keeping the truth from coming out as to not hurt certain people but Se Na is guilty of so much more. So far I am enjoying this drama.
  5. This was always my thought that the sample is the cutie docs and not SH's. By the time she finds out or by the time she is exposed its too late to go back after what she has done. Cutie doc is going to be so mad with her because not only did she lie to him about how she got pregnant she was going to give his child to another man.
  6. With SH finding out who JY was to his brother and sister in law he now has to take what he learned from her and what his family said and realize the truth that his family are selfish people who hurt a woman who gave them the ultimate blessing. My guess is he will realize what they said and what he learned from JY does not add up. He will find out the entire truth (if JY does not tell him) and he will stand with JY. I am glad she finally told the man. If nothing else he needed closure to be able to let go. It was wrong to not tell him exactly who she was to that family and Lil Tony so the man is not tormented into why she was running hot one min giving him a chance and then cold the next totally breaking up with him. Poor SH.. the preview shows he goes to his parents house upset and possibly drunk after learning the truth from JY over her being the surrogate. His family has cost him the loss of his love. It will only get worse when he learns what KS did to JY before and his brother covered it up. Who else is looking forward to the ex wife of SH figuring out that the doc used SH's sperm that she told her she destroyed? ME!!! I do not like the ex wife and I certainly do not feel she has a right to that sperm since she is divorced from SH but I will enjoy her figuring out what the doc did and blasting her. I can see her telling KS as well. One big pet peeve of KS is not allowing anyone better than her to come into that house as a daughter in law (not sure why she is so concerned but after the mother in laws treatment she is totally crazy) so KS would have gladly used the doc to get rid of JY but she is going to totally ruin that doctor if she learns that the doc used SH's sperm without his permission. I do not like the doc and feel she is creepy but also on some level may have liked SH but knew she was "Friend Zoned" so she did not show any like for him. But she has been a poor friend telling all of his confidential business to his family without his permission and discussing his life with KS. The woman has no clue just what type of snake KS is and I can't wait for her to find out. You would think after KS accused her of doing wrong with the testing when Tony was still in JY's stomach that the woman would realize that KS is a evil and hateful woman but since it was the clinic's fault she took it even though she did mention that KS was a bit at fault as well for not accepting the child as he was even with health issues. The woman is going to end up ruined by the ex wife and KS I feel. She is also going to get a taste of what JY did from that family as well. This will end up a huge scandal and the family will pay for it as they should as punishment for how they treated JY. Imagine bragging that you kidnapped someone! As I have said before this is all because of the lies that KS told but their character and personality are not right as well or they would not have acted that way towards JY just based on KS. KS is going to be the downfall of many I believe in this drama.
  7. Thanks for the shout out @sava2sava. I have not started watching this one yet, but I have it on my list to watch.
  8. The old man has no clue he has a snake beside him. He thinks KS is just like him and she is, but to a higher degree. She has her own agenda and he is only a stepping stone that she would toss away in a min when she gets the chance. The Father in law will never understand his sons personality or ethics. If he had then he never would have been estranged from Sang Hyuk for so long and still stubborn about it. His problem with his sons is they will not do what he tells them to. He can't see what great business acumen they have or acknowledge they may know better than him because in his mind he came up from nothing and the way he did things to get where he is today is a proven formula. He does not realize that times have a. changed and you can not expect to last by doing things they way he did then and the way KS is trying to do now and b. he is the elder , the sperm donor to those two men so they should listen to what he says and follow his rules. Unfortunately for him his son's are a. grown men b. have their own thoughts and personalities, strengths and c. know that in the long run what his father and KS are doing will ultimately harm the company. Given his personality the old man will never get it until things start to crumble. My guess is he will either kick his oldest out (and not expect him to really go) or the son will decide to leave on his own (fed up with his fathers treatment and attitude). (Frankly I think the oldest son should leave.You never realize how fortunate you are until you lose something important.) Things will go well with the way KS and the father in law are running the company for a bit but then problems will start and he will want to blame KS for it but KS will never allow that. Their business practices will turn around and bite them when the people they did wrong are anticipating their fall. I think it is a good idea if his Hyung would end up working with him at SH's company for a bit. He would get an understanding of how hard his brother worked to start his company and how hard he works to continue to make it grow. The brothers have not had time to be together given their father and SH's feud. I think the man needs time away from his father and that company (and his wife). I expect at the end the brothers will band together to save the father's company and in the end SH will continue with his own company while his Hyung takes over for his father. Given the way KS is acting her husband will lose all the love he has for her except as the mother of their son. I do not expect them to stay married after the things she does to him in that company, to the company and for him to learn of not only her lies on JY but also the death of JY's husband and child that was covered up. I prefer him to have someone new at the end. So who was the girl outside the house? Will she be a sister to KS or will she turn out to be the child that was taken away from KS before?
  9. I agree with you. JY wanted to love the child no matter how he turned out. JY even tried to encourage KS to love the child even if he had some health issues.Unfortunately KS and that family were quick to want to get rid of the child if he was going to be less then perfect. Of course we know that this is mostly based on the lies KS told putting the blame on JY as the why the child would have problems when really it would have been her or her husband that would have been the culprit. This is also based on their own flawed personalities too in my opinion. JY indeed had the right thinking from the beginning but then JY has experienced the loss of one child and any child would have been precious to her no matter how they turned out. This is why they will have to learn the hard way when they find out what JY lost due to KS's actions later. I agree with you but I also see them as the type of people who have not fully understood that the only reason they have the child in the first place is because JY protected that child. As I mentioned before this is due to KS's lies and putting the blame on JY as to why the child had problems in the first place. We know KS did this because she would be blamed if there was a problem and its why she manipulated them into agreeing with an abortion to get rid of what she saw as a flaw she knew would be blamed on her. The grandfather especially is obsessed with lil Tony and I do not see that it is a good thing. He is irrational concerning that child and although we know that they will prolly not have a second child between KS and the oldest son I think he is too biased towards Tony that he is totally not seeing KS in a clear light. I say this because he once said to her that KS did good with Tony. (Like her obligation to the family is done with when she provided a grandson. Would the father in law be the same way if the child turned out to be a girl? I for some reason doubt it as boys are prized more to carry the blood line. ) In my opinon KS did nothing related to Tony except find the right surrogate. Of course KS knows how her father in law and mother in law are its another reason she is like she is. My guess is it will be cutie doctor whose sperm she used. I know for a fact he will be very angry with her when its confirmed to be his child since he told her exactly what you mentioned above. I am waiting for her to get the real life lessons that others tried to tell her. The woman has no understanding of the surrogacy issues and she can't until she has to experience the other side of it. I do not think JY would have snatch Lil Tony. I believe the voice of reason and common sense would prevail before she went that far.. I do think what she needed was closure on that chapter of her life and the peace of mind to see he was living well with that family. My biggest fault with that family is what I mentioned above their wanting to abort when they thought the child would have issues.It is of course human nature to want a perfect child but sometimes it does not happen and you have to accept and love the child no matter what. Of course as I mentioned above I understand a lot of the misunderstanding is due to KS. I think a lot of KS's issues in keeping JY away is a. she is scared of the bond Tony has with JY since she is the one who carried him for 10 mos and gave birth to him. B. she is also afraid of what JY could tell the family since KS told a few lies to make them do what she wanted. JY also said to KS when she showed up outside her house that she knows KS has been lying on her. The biggest mistakes KS are making is in constantly harassing JY and going to her family. That is a big no no and will eventually lead to JY fighting back I think. KS needs to back off but I can't see her doing it she is too afraid of JY being close to that child and family. I want to hope with her working in the company and ruining it with her business practices she is too busy to pay attention to what is going on with JY. We all know that there will be further issues when JY is found to be working in SH's company and found to be the woman he loves. The mess will start up all over again. I think the biggest thing will be SH not believing KS in the end and seeing it from the other side and realizing that KS has been lying and hurting JY and his family as well. From the Preview KS is starting her plan to take over I think or at the very least start the brothers fighting. The father is a fool to do business practices the way KS is trying to do. He is not listening to his son and even goes as far as the say he is weak basically and then bring up SH. SH has his own company why on earth would he come there. HE has said he has no interest in that company. That family will end up split once more by KS's issues and I can see the father having a heart attack when he realizes how KS has ruined that company with his help. In times of need there will be no one to help because KS is trampling on relationships with other companies and partners not caring if they harm them if they pull away.
  10. So SH got his drunken confession from JY.. LMAO, poor JY. She is hung over and had no clue all she revealed in her drunken state. Now she is embarrassed and trying to hide again. It is way too late to put that back in the bag. SH hang in there. So very glad to see SH give his ex wife the heave hoe.... this woman was trying to use that promised building as a means to stick to him. I do not see her going away because she is the type to want to try to get him back now that he has especially said not to contact him anymore their relationship is over with him providing the promised alimony. Once she learns he has a new woman in his heart she will be back to try to mess that up. I knew that SH will tell JY to come work in his company. It is the perfect solution and it will bring them both even more success. JY needs to let go of the feelings for that child right now. JY knows KS has lied on her and we can see that KS is trying to do anything and everything to keep JY away. Its time to concentrate on something else. Fate will play a hand in her seeing Lil Tony again I am sure and Karma is coming for KS sooner or later. I am glad to see that the father in laws assistant tried to talk sense into him and told him it does not look like JY intentionally approached Tony. Perhaps this will make SH's brother think as well. Its a shame that they are all so quick to jump on the bandwagon that JY is bad and trying to snatch that child. The man has truly become obsessed about his grandson. Trusting too much into what KS says is going to bring them down later. For some reason I can see KS trying to take that company later. Did that doctor inseminate herself? I knew she would end up going this route since no one will give her what she wants being she is single. My question now is whose sperm did she use? Cutie doctor's or SH's? I am betting on her mistakenly using cutie doctor's thinking it was SH's or would the kick be she thought she was using cutie doctor's and used SH's by mistake. I can see cutie doctor angry about it too later when it comes out. But I can see her in a bunch of trouble if she used SH's sperm without permission and he has a child out there. This would be her chance to walk in SY's shoes and get a huge lesson as well.
  11. I feel like what JY endures now will help her later. JY was never the bad guy here, but due to KS's lies she is made to be one and mistreated. The father in law and KS seem to be of the same mold. This type of attitude only means later they will both go down hard. KS has painted JY in a bad light and she will learn later what a huge mistake she made but it will be too late. JY in my opinion needs to stop wanting to be around kids anyway she needs to go ahead and use her artistic skills and I feel like she will end up working with SH full time. With them prolly blocking her and making her seem bad to all schools she will not be able to get a job with children. The sad part is because they are so nasty to her they forget how good she was with the children and they will deprive not only little Tony but other children. It was pure coincidence that JY ended up near Tony and had no idea who he was until she saw his grandfather (hateful man, I hate when this actor plays these types of characters I prefer him in nicer role.) she was shocked and plan to leave its too bad she did not get to do that before KS blew things up and painted her in a bad light yet again. The nastiness and evil deeds these people do to JY now will come back on them later. I can't wait to see their faces when they learn that JY lost her husband and child due to KS and that the mother in laws meddling had something to do with it. All of them later will be scared and try to hide what happen. From what I have seen (I have only been skimming the last couple of episodes . I just can't stand to see her mistreated.) SH will end up pulling her into his company to work with him and he will fall even deeper for her. I am sure she will admit she likes him too and then the next blow will come and that will be they both learn who each other really is . JY being the surrogate his family has bad mouthed and SH being the uncle of Lil Tony. That shock will cause them to step back from one another. AT that point when the family finds out they will again assume the worst and be nasty only I think SH will find out first and deal with his issues relating to that (at least I hope) before things blow up. It does not mean his family will not have a fit because they will it only means that he will dig in I hope and fight for the relationship. (He will have to fight JY as well as she will back away from him unless someone provokes her.) JY working for SH will help her move on a bit with her life and start over once again after that family tries to hurt her again. What I hope is that family is taken down a peg or two by the end of the drama. SH's father and mother both need a huge lesson in how you treat people. That old man was truly acting gangster and his wife is no better. Even when they find out that KS lied (A LOT) on JY there should be a lesson they need to learn about how they treated her and others. Without JY they would never have had that child. JY protected that son when everyone wanted to get rid of him and look how they treated her. As I mentioned above all the pain that JY goes through now will end up tempering her and make her stronger later. I am not looking for a revenge drama but I want her to be strong so that when these people interfere again (or at least try too) she has no reason to cower from them and their words have no affect on her. From the preview KS goes to harass JY's aunt. This is over kill talking about something being mentally wrong with JY. KS has no true understand of mental instability because if she did she would look in the mirror.
  12. My guess is she may realize that no one is going to bend the rules for her to have a kid given the laws in place and then she will get the idea to use Sang Hyuk's sperm only she will end up possibly with our absentminded cute doctors' baby in stead. The way the story line is going is she will end up with cutie doctor in the end in my view but she will cross the line on the sperm issue. Her mentality points to her being very set about her own ideas and not listening to reason or having a shred of caution in her views given the way things are setup there. I say this because we have had her have a conversation with cutie about her wanting to use any means to give a woman a baby. He has pointed out that she is crossing legal lines as well as moral ones. Right now she is blinded to her point of view. This is a recipe for disaster as she will do something she should not all to get what she wants. A baby. Only when she thinks she has used Sang Hyuk's sperm and it is found out that she tried to use it will she get how wrong she was. Especially if Sang Hyuk goes off on her for what she has done or his family does or if he is married to Ji Young and his wife is hurt by what doc did will she realize how single minded she was no matter what the cost or consequence. The legal issue comes in then because she used sperm without permission but also that baby could be taken away from her and given to the father as she has no legal right. She will then be in the position as Ji Young once was and is considered as a surrogate. Perhaps then she will realize what Ji Young went through by stepping in her shoes. Her way was not the right way to change views and laws. I feel like we may have a situation where at the last moment it will be found out that the child she has is not Sang Hyuk's but cuties prolly from a drunken night together if not from his sperm being switched by mistake. If that happens then she will have to deal with cutie but I feel like by that time he will be disappointed and angry with her and will not want to deal with her and she will have to work hard to get him to talk to her. I too feel like her actions will end up hurting cutie because he likes her and she is so wrapped up in her own selfishness she does not get it. Also she is a bit thick headed and won't get what she lost until he tells her off and does not want to deal with her anymore. As for why Sang Hyuk's sperm is still in the picture prolly cause a. The doc either forgot about it (and assumed it was destroyed) or was trying to be slick keeping it to use for some woman that had issues. We already see she crosses lines if she thinks she can help a patient. b. It is still around to give the skanky ex a chance to try something. (I hope this does not happen. That woman does not need to be pregnant with Sang Hyuk's kid she is toxic and he is free from her and I hope he stays that way!) I can't see Sang Hyuk having a child this way.) I feel like the only children he will have will be the old fashion way with Ji Young after marriage. (At least I hope Ji Young does not end up back in that clinic as a surrogate again this time with Sang Hyuk's baby.) That would take the story into a strange and weird road.
  13. I also believe his watching her care for Tony and the students will help when KS starts in on trying to lie on Ji Young to make her a bad person. I do not think he will be so quick to believe KS this time around after witnessing Ms. Wendy in action. This is a great thing because the lies that KS tells are not needed but are done due to panic. KS has already lied so much on Ji Young. I have a feeling that Sang Hyuk will be the one to eventually clear up the lies that KS told on Ji Young. I thought his fathers comment was fitting as well. Its a shame that his wife is still stuck up. I don't like her behavior towards KS but then KS is not a nice person either. What I would like is for the woman to also learn a hard lesson and I hope she will. Perhaps her actions with her oldest son will wake her up to what she caused by trying to send him to another woman that night starting the nightmare of Ji Young loosing her husband and child. The woman did not directly do anything but had she not tried to meddle in her sons life perhaps KS would not have done what she did. KS has to pay for that crime but it will not be until much later when she does I bet and it is exposed. KS purpose will be to keep Ji Young out the family and away from Tony but also to keep Sang Hyuk out just as you mentioned. Skank Ex wife's purpose is to try to latch on once again and benefit from Sang Hyuk's family. She will think she will be able to catch that man again and will not like that there is someone else he likes now. It will start out with her finding out he is dating or likes someone and then she will find out he seriously likes that woman and has no thought of rekindling anything with her. Then she will find out who Ji Young is. I am sure either the doctor or KS will tell her. KS will use her to blow things up. Sang Hyuk learned a huge lesson from his relationship with the actress. The woman does not see that she ruined things herself by her trashy , cheating behavior and lies to the one person who really cared about her. When the man was down and lost everything she did not even help him but moved out and left him to fend for himself. That is why after 4 years of divorce I can't even think of why she thinks she deserves to get a building when she could not keep her legs closed during the marriage. IF not for that man she would have been labeled trash a long time ago as she only survived due to Sang Hyuk helping her back then. Does Ji Young recognize Tony's grandfather or will this be a troll as well?
  14. We were trolled on the hubby recognizing Ji Young. Although he feels she is familiar he did not remember her yet. Although he did like her and her care of Lil Tony and the other children. All I thought about was do not fall for her dude... she is destined for your brother! I am definitely dreading when KS sees Ji Young. I hope that there is something that happens and they do not get to see her on parent teacher night. I saw this because the min that KS sees that Ji Young is around the child she will try to get him away from her. KS will tell lies which turn people against Ji Young and get her fired or she will try to remove Tony from that school to keep them apart. I would like for KS to find out who Ji Young is from that accident before she finds out that Ji Young and the child have been brought together by fate once again. I don't know what to say about KS and the ex meeting in the preview except to say that I can see these two teaming up if for nothing else then to keep Ji Young from coming into that family. Their motives are for totally different reasons but enemies do not have to like someone to have a common goal to keep Ji Young from Sang Hyuk and lil Tony.
  15. I figured at some point HJ would start to question things simply because of KS's behavior. Her attitude and behavior is way over the top. KS has been very fortunate so far because no one has really sat down and talked to one another. I hope that HJ says something to Ji Young because she needs to know exactly what KS said about her back then and I hope she corrects it. The lie that KS told was unnecessary and was because she did not want a flawed child. Its about time her husband starts to realize more of how she is not a good person. He already sees it by the way she has been acting towards the child and his brother but he has to hear the truth that Ji Young tried to talk KS out of doing the test again and that Ji Young tried to get KS to just love the baby anyway no matter what but KS is the one who wanted to abort and even tried to force it. HJ knows without Ji Young they would not have that child but he needs to realize just how much he owes Ji Young and they treated her awfully over that child who she worked hard to care for and was ready to accept no matter what problems he had. I have a question did the stepbrother take all the money for the surrogacy or did Ji Young get any? I know Ji Young whole purpose for doing that was because the man kept going on and on about how her mother put them into bankruptcy and had loan sharks after them losing the house so I expect he took all of that money. As I mentioned above I expect to see the trio of leeches to show up once again to disrupt Ji Youngs life and to tell her not to be with Sang Hyuk. I agree that Sang Hyuk has already fallen for Ji Young now we have to have her acknowledge the feelings she is starting to have for him.