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  1. Hey y'all! Miss you guys so much. And miss spazzing about uri baby on the recent happenings! I truly enjoyed her in the last drama. She really has a knack for carrying out rom-com roles such as Five Enough and 30 but 17. And she is really looking gorgeous in her recent pictorials too! In the meantime, let me leave you guys with this cutesy scene! Definitely one of my faves And I'll be back... not that soon! But yeah, I'll be back *promise*
  2. Ahhh... filming session in progress Translation: #Vagabond shoot today (unsure what's the other hashtag... mian) first set
  3. I am seriously curious about this IG post which I happened to chance upon. Hopefully, it is about the Special Making DVD with English subtitles!! *** YAY! The Special Making DVD is really happening you guys PS: I seriously wanna see the SB-NS3 BTS upclose!
  4. Synopsis: Ep1 Love at first sight. That's what it is for Woo Jin when he sees Seo Ri for the first time. He finally gets his chance to speak with her, but he chickens out. As a result, he ends up having a misunderstanding that changes his whole life. Seo Ri is a 17-year-old violin prodigy set to go to Germany. That is, until she gets into a serious accident and ends up in a coma.
  5. Ahhh... how I miss this pretty lil sight Looking so radiant in pink! And yes, I gotta agree with you folks. Her new costar does look a wee bit like GKP. Hehe I am all psyched to watch this now. As long as she is on my screen, I am all for it!
  6. You mean... you mean... NSIII knows how to purse his lips when kissing?? Ok, noona approves!!
  7. The new OST which will be released today. And how cute is this; all three Nam Shin-deul are together in one scene?
  8. Hey guys, I finally caught up on all six 30-min episodes on Viu and I FREAKING LOVING IT! Worth the wait and the cast is definitely superb. Very intriguing characters, I must say. Plot is interesting and yes, I really can't wait to see the development between NS III and SB >> NS and SB. And it does not help that I kept on thinking about GSY's character in Circle where she played an alien, thinking that she was human. That is why this would be interesting how NS III will be the more likeable character as he becomes more "human" as time passes by. And Oh Yeah, I am liking the bromance too. PS. SKJ really is a cutie pie and I love his eyes. GSY's too!
  9. Hello guys! Am finally back... and what did I miss? Loving her photoshoot pics. Thanks to all for updating this thread every now and then
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