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  1. I complained about that exact thing in my blog post this week! The epilogues are mainly rehash. Give me bloopers, instead. I'm not counting him spazzing out about the lunchbox. That was an exception ; )
  2. I admit the skeptical side of my brain wondered if her trip was planned. Then he planted himself in front of her like a gorgeous shield so she could fix her shoe or whatever and I was a goner. So swoony!
  3. Is he a walking pheremone machine? How can Sung Hoon have great chemistry with so many different ladies? Noble, My Love. Five Kids. This show. I even committed to reviewing all 12 episodes for Dramas With a Side of Kimchi. Recapping this week was so fun! I looked around, but couldn't find a lot of people covering it. If y'all see any other recaps let me know, please. I'm all for squeeing about sugar rush romances.