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  1. This couple is so sincerely sweet. When Ae Ra isn't suffocating him, of course. I luved the scene where he shielded her so she could bawl without anyone seeing. As someone who doesn't like to cry in public, I found that so swoony. The gradual progression of him with his back to her, to putting his arm around her, to full-on pulling her head down to his chest. Sigh. So good!
  2. You're right! It's so in character! I rewatched Healer because of this show and I noticed what a cuddler JCW was in that one. So different from this character. I wonder if he is more touchy feely in real life, because when he hugged the Healer heroine he would envelop her and burrow his face in her neck as if he were trying to melt into her. I know it could have just been him embodying the character, but you don't see many k drama heros hug that way. I have a sneaking suspicion they don't want their face hidden from the camera. Haha.
  3. That part was soooooo good. His laugh was so hilarious in the early episodes, but there's such a sad meaning behind it. Two souls in pain. They can sit in silence, because they both know how it feels.
  4. I agree with those who think the delivery guy suspect is a creeper. He also matches the build of the masked guy who left BH the shoes in her office. He's much thicker than CSI guy. But if he does turn out to be the murderer, I wish they wouldn't have telegraphed it so clearly. It would have been much more of a WOW moment if they made us like and sympathize with him, root for him to get off, and THEN find out he's guilty.
  5. Oops. Sorry about the quoted gifs, Chelsee. Didn't know that rule, but now I do. Thanks!
  6. Thanks to Suspicious Partner, I now have to rewatch I Remember You and Healer again. Maybe since it's the same writer in one, and leading man in the other, it will make the days pass faster until Wednesdays. So glad summer vacation starts soon. Marathoning, here I come!
  7. I agree. I think the CSI guy is a red herring, maybe an accomplice, or someone twisted ex-boyfriend's father hired. The masked guy at the beginning had a much thicker neck. It's not that I mind so much them revealing the killer this early, but I think the writer is messing with us.
  8. Did the coffee scene seem symbolic to anyone else? He keeps saying it's bitter, but always takes another sip. It's like his relationship with Eun Bong Hee. He tries to cut off the bitter relationship with her, but something keeps bringing him back for one more taste.
  9. That was HILARIOUS! I want to see BTS clips of that. There must have been some cracking up, it was just too ridiculous.
  10. Why do dramas love that 2 year time jump so much? I hate that Wook has been miserable all that time. It's even reflected in the way he dresses now with his hair hanging in his face and his tie askew.
  11. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    It does have the same feeling as that drama. They never wallowed too long. I hope the director does the same thing again.
  12. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    I know it doesn't matter much, at this point. But will they ever tell us if the hospital kiss was real?
  13. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    Since the Korean election delayed episode 8,that totally messes up their cliffhangers. Now, we get to see the resolutions on Tues, instead of a week later. Score one for the fans!
  14. Oh my word! Is that why she had those awful eyebrows in the trailer? Maybe he drew them on when she was napping. That would be hilarious.
  15. I luved in the recent episode when the martial arts guy is smashing the apple with his head and Dong Gu gives a side eye to the staff like, "You're kidding me, right?" He kept laughing Ike the whole thing was just too ridiculous.