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  1. I am going to need subtitles for this one that or just shut down our brains to watch the ending.
  2. Looks like this will have the type of ending i hate most the 1 second see you ending. Why is it that writers think to make a drama memorable the have to inject the unnecessary separation until the last possbile second. have they forgotten what it's like to watch a drama in their hurry to write one.
  3. Wait now i am confused that guy must recognize him as the crown prince so does the crown prince remember or did that guy keep quiet when he met him? What is going on i don't get it. I wish i understood what they were saying.
  4. Yup probably. but really the problem i see is the fact that any child under 13 is still up at 11:00pm. Their little selfs should be well on their way to slumberville by that time. And any kid over 13 should really have already had the birds and the bees talk with their parents. That is if the parent wants to avoid their kids having that talk with other kids and getting the wrong information. So the problem should not be psj and pmy kissing on an adult romance kroean drama. What is wrong is the parents allowing their kids to stay up way past a healthy bedtime for a child that is still growing and what they are afriad or embarrassed to talk about with their children. Both of which will harm their kids more than watching psj and pmy makeout half naked or other wise. I am sure they take their kids to the beach during the summer and there is way more naked there than in the 5 seconds shirtless Psj was on our screens ( or more depending on who has been abusing the replay button, i am not going to point any fingers you all know who you are lol).
  5. Agree with you, I'd also like to add that JH's father left both him and his sister and look how traumatized his sister is that she won't even look to date or fall in love for fear she will be left and abandoned again and how she has instilled in JH that need to not be like their father. In a way I can see that JH would like to be the total opposite of his father where his father abandoned them and was careless he wants to be there for his loved one and protect her with all he has. Leaving her in a moment when she seems volnerable has got to go against all his instincts. JA really needs to show him that she is not going to get hassled or be but in danger because she will stand up for herself. Up to now she unfortunately has been in situations where she has not put her foot down and defended herself. She nearly got raped and didn't even call her boyfriend or family let alone the cops. I can see where he would be hesitant in being a phone call away let alone a plane ride.
  6. I could see why he would get a upset. she might be feeling embarrassed by the fact that she let that scum take pictures of her in a compromising situation and she was probably trying to make herself feel better by say that lovers do that and then saying he might have done that in the past with a lover. This probably upset him because JH seems the type to be very careful and gentle in the way he treats his woman. so to him it's not okay. taking that type of picture is disrespectful I. His mind (and for her it probably was too). I feel like JA knows now after being treated with love and caring that the way she let others behave towards her before was wrong so now she feels embarrassed that she let it go one for so long. Jh has taken pictures of Ja but both pictures and drawing are sweet and more of a revering act which paints her in a sweet and beautiful light. A total contrast with GM. The problem with JA is probably related with how she is treated by her mom. Not saying that she believes that her mom does not love her but her mother treats her like JH should lower her head and take the crumbs offered by a man like GM because of his background regardless of how bad he treats her daughter. like JH is insignificant and should settle because she is not good enough for a better man. No wonder she let people step over her. Now JA has found someone who treats her with out most care and shows her how precious she is to him. she in turn understands now that she should treat herself as precious. I really can't wait for her mom to see the light of day. GM could have seriously hurt JA even killed her because of his stupid pride. He truly is the definition of cowardly. He was trying to scare JA and wanting to exert power over her by making her feel small and powerless in his car. I feel this guy needs punishment and I am not seeming it. What he did was illegal you can not hold someone against their will and JA asked him repeatedly to stop and he did not aside from that he has already tried to force himself on her being a lawyer it is even more disturbing that no one is using the law to rein this disgusting trash of a human in.
  7. I never like that type of plot all I can think is you kept a child from a fakther that would love their child. Realistically think about it Joon Hee is a loving person. How hurtful would it be for this type of man to miss his child being born his child's first steps all of his child's first would be taken from him. Nope I do not like that type of plot and I hope they won't use it for dramatic effect. I would love for them to establish a family by the end of the show that would definitely include children but not in that way.
  8. Yes of course we expect you to write when your mind is blown... we just don't expect it to be coherent lol. Seriously I have never seen this much kissing and lovey dovey/intimate scenes in one whole korean drama let alone in one episode I feel like a am peaking into a real couples intimate moments they have me watching through my fingers lol. I love it. Yup GM is such a miserable piece of trash.
  9. I wish Netflix would figure out how people in US actually follow kdramas live. It's dumb to wait to release it until it's over. People like me just find a way to watch it before they release it, cause I want to watch it live so I can enjoy the show along with the rest of the world and hear opinions on the show rather than having it feel like everyone is watching and I have to steer clear to avoid being spoiled.
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