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  1. I still have to say I felt like the hong sisters were promising us the world and instead they gave us a ... with that ending.
  2. Okay I need seungi in another drama fast so I can totally forget about this craptasticlly lazy ending. I think the worst part is that all the hard working and amazing cast was ruined by lazy uninspired writing. How can you write something with such a great premise and Richard Simmons it at the end. Open endings always show the laziness and no conviction on the part of the writers. It's the writers way of saying I don't know what the ending should be so I'll leave it up to the audiences imagination. You are getting paid to write the audience is not so do your job and don't Richard Simmons.
  3. I think what hurts the most is the potential of a great drama wasted at just the last second. What happened to the hong sisters where they drunk and depressed while writing the ending, and they wanted everyone to accompany them during their misery? Soo much Richard Simmons just happened during this last episode I have not even watched it (don't plan too either, at this point, so glad I read the recap before venturing) but my mind is blown.
  4. Well that settles it I am not watching the last 2 episodes. Hong sisters are dead to me not watching their dramas ever again. I don't need that type of stress. They managed to write my 3 most hated endings into one episode. 2 minute ending possible reencarnation tagged with open ending.
  5. How can the hong sisters mess up so royally my 2 most hated types of endings in one wow I can't even I am speechless.
  6. Oh boy 2 min and reencarnation together in one ending is too much for me.
  7. Yee why I am I not suprised the 2 minute ending that I love so much rears it's ugly head. Why do writers love it so much. I wish writers would remember what it feels like to be a viewer.
  8. if that is how they are ending it I am never watching a hong sisters drama again.
  9. Somebody needs to take these higher gods and deities out of there misery and let them have it. They truly are evil they have no compassion.
  10. I hope the hong sister don't decide they want their work to look like a work of intellect and higher learning because I hate those dramas the most. If I wanted intellect and higher learning I'd look for it in a book not a drama.
  11. I am not watching this episode until tomorrows episode finishes. I am going to stay positive and think that sadness is given in this episodes so that happiness can be given in tomorrows final episode. I think when you are given happiness in the 2nd to last episode the shoe of unhappiness will definitely drop in the last episode. So nothing but up from here guys, shin up.
  12. Ahh so I think sog's ggg can be taken off the moment he no longer wants to take it off because he is already in love. The moment he stopped trying to take it off he was in love. I thought as much since at the being he couldn't go against the ggg but showed defiance and resistance to the power of the ggg. but for while now he has not.
  13. I agree I said earlier that I would really like that twist and it would also tie in nicely with the whole umbrella as their signature objects.
  14. Hmmm you know that would be a great twist. Her Yellow umbrella would totally make sense then. I always thought it was strange that both had the umbrella as signature object.