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  1. Oh now I really Uber hate his ex so he rejected BH that night even though he liked BH because he thought he or ( his love) wasn't enough and he would hurt BH. Of course he was coming from that witch telling him she cheated on him cause his love wasn't enough. What terrible woman hurting such a sensitive man back then now he was vulnerable and she basically poked at his vulnerability. Poor baby. I wish BH would find out what happened that night so she can understand his hesitation and so she could t give that ex a piece of her mind for hurting jw.
  2. My real concern was not the pool scene as definitely must have been a heated pool. the real issue must have been that car scene as Sung hyun took off his shirt in the middle of dead winter by the beach he must have been frozen and yet he did a really awesome job of not letting on the fact that he must of felt frozen.
  3. Oh well more waiting for ep 8 I thought someone had mentioned on instagram that oksusu app had shown ep 8 I guess that was not true.
  4. Okay so that bit about jw saying he doesn't remember when he stopped being able to sleep in a bed is pretty heart breaking. I have a feeling mom put him to bed for the last time and when he woke up she was gone. So he associates the bed with a place of abandonment. Then yoo mi also left him while he was asleep so I could see where and why that would have hurt him deeply and why he was so fixated on her and her running away from him. He felt a connection with her and she fled like the last women he felt connected and trusted the most (mom). He so starved of love and affection you just want to hug him the poor thing. And dad trying to push him into a loveless relationship is so not what this manchild needs. Bet he wants to be yoo mi's puppy right about now so she cuddle feed him and shower him with her full attention. He is so jealous of the so called puppy. lol funny how he thinks HT is the dog she is referring to while yoo mi definitely does not see HT as a man at all, (that bit at the park was very telling). Now Jw just barley touches her hands while she is holding plates and her heart can't help but go a mile a minute.
  5. Sorry to cut your post. Honestly at this point it almost seems like HT hasn't just been friendzoned he has been brother zoned.
  6. Omgod yes that last bit omo it totally was him bring to the forefront how intimately they know eachother I blushed hearing him say that outloud in the middle of a restaurant.
  7. Okay from the preview I gathered jw asks her to come to his house and he prepares a meal but dad comes and interrupts and Yoo mi ends up having to hide in the closet where she finds the jewelry box and possibly sees what's inside.
  8. Lo love the smile he tries to hide there. he is so happy she wants to stay while he eats he is truly a child in a man's body. He really seems so starved for love it makes you want to give him a hug.
  9. Thankfully she was sitting down while he was doing all that bluffing I know of a few knees that would have buckled had he done this to some of us who reside in this thread. So I would not blame yoo mi for falling flat on her rear had he done that while she was standing.
  10. Omo so many spoiler goodies I don't know how I can go to sleep now lol.
  11. Oh I see so he eat all the sandwiches so she wouldn't find out no one eat her food?
  12. @Emmawei So let me understand does he get food poisoning from the sandwiches yu mi makes or are they sandwiches brought by heri and made to look like they are made by yu mi?
  13. I am sorry but what is the DC that you keep mentioning?
  14. So wait jin wook's mother felt too constrained by the chebole life. not that she fell out of love with the father, or had some big misunderstanding, where she thought the father cheated or was slepping around and was kicked out of the house and forcefully separated from her child. she didn't like the chebole life and divorced and left her child to be raised by the life she didn't like, scared and alone. Dude I am sorry but that is a crappy mother if i ever saw one. they hava to give me something more than that to digest this info. Now I just feel even worse for jin wook. it's a wonder he has any self esteem at all. Thinking you are not reason enough for your mother who birthed you to stick around has got to sting in the worst possible way. It's not the same as thinking someone separated her from you by force but she left him willingly. Huff that's a kick to the gut. And he gave her flowers for her birthday. Geez I hope there is something that will be discovered later behind her living cause that's just too much.
  15. Lol I never thought about it lol it could totally be option 1 severe case of indigestion.