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  1. Hmm feeling so empty right now. I don't know what to do other than rewatch this drama. I am just not feeling the pull of any other drama I don't know. It's going to be hard to find something that can replace the hole this couple has left in my viewing heart.
  2. Lol funny I always thought people were jumping the gun and blaming the mom but they never actually showed her beating him up. People just assumed she did.
  3. God he is such a puppy I had to stare way from the screen I couldn't even look straight at him when bong soon was explaining the theme of her game and the heroine and the prince living happily ever after and Secretary saying if they would marry so freaking cute.
  4. Lol today is the last episode but it's the first time get to see it live and see the opening sequence it's so cute and funny I love it.
  5. Ture I don't think I have seen her in any of the photos which I find sad as I loved loved loved the friendship/sisterhood between bs and gs it rang so true and poignant. I believe they are friends in real life so I can see where that closeness would translate to the screen.
  6. Agreed. that totally turned me off to the character. I don't even think it's ever okay to make a pass at an ex boyfriends friend, especially if they are friends with so many years of history, practically brothers for all intents and purposes. That's a big no in my book.
  7. Honesty the best form of marketing. I never understood why dramas want to keep people guessing and in the dark about a possible happy ending. I also don't get why some shows go with not so happy endings. A show could have been soso for must of its run but if you end on a good note people tend to forget the lows of it. if on ther other hand you end it on a sad note people tend to remember all the negative aspects of it. It's remembrance by association. Most of the time no mater how bad the show if the ending was satisfying the fualts of the show tend to fall by the wayside. So if you are going to give people a happy and enjoyable ending anounce it for god sake so people can tune in. Most of the time if the preview shows me daubtful happy ending I tend to not watch till I have read somewhere that the ending was good I don't watch.
  8. @Nouran Gamih Only if the writer never wants to write ever again. That would be writers suicide at this point. I have not seen one person say they have second lead syndrome in this drama. Which means the general public id pretty happy with the otp as a couple. If the writer does anything to mess with the otps happy ending the public will not be happy and that means they will most probably not be inclined to watch any of their future work which brings me to the fact that no one would want to hire them again cause Likelyhood of it being a ratings success would be low. And honestly that's all these production companies care about having a ratings hit.
  9. I wonder what bs said that has AMH that stund in the new Still with gd and him griping each others jackets.
  10. Hmm not sure you run to a guys house in the middle of the night just to say I miss you. Bs maybe naive and innocent in most ways but hmm I think she knows about the birds and bees at this point. I think she is following moms advice. The one when grandma came to town. AMH is the one give him everything you have been saving. Bs finally figured it out that he is the one and she is ready to give everything.
  11. I feel like I don't want to get too excited but I really hope that they really do have a wedding and a baby girl to pass down the strength. just imagining amh running around trying to train his little mini BS and BS just looking on with a smile on her face would be awesome.
  12. From my very limited understanding from watching kdramas for about 7years I think he asked if she was not hurt and when she said no he said that's a relieve. But again I could be wrong.
  13. I think next episode will finally show bong soon realize that she and min min are a team that she needs to learn to rely and trust her partner and not try to protect him by pushing him away but to lean and support each other equally. Because they are definitely stronger together than tgru are apart.
  14. I think it would be awesome if BS regained her strength in order to save MH. Like the need to save the one she loves gives her, her strength back and she gets to kick creepy kidnapper into oblivion. I can't wait for Bs to kick his behind into nonexistence. Never hated a villan more.
  15. Omgod when mh talks to bs laying down on the couch and says that he doesn't think he is in her heart how can a man look so vulnerable. gees this man is something else. His voice, his eyes you just want hug him and take away his pain. Best male lead character in the history of male lead characters. And not sure it could have happened without phs the casting director struck gold.