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  1. Gee I feel like the loosing party is not going to be feeling all that bad in this bet lol. It's a win win bet. If we bet too far out and it happens sooner I think I'd be jumping for joy lol.
  2. Oh i totally don't think there will be a kiss in the hospital at all and i am fully aware of the nature of the preview to be a total tease. Especially do to the compromising position they are in. I will say, this will probably be the first time Bs will be tempted to plant one on AMH which will be a shocker to her. I can see it in the way her eyes slide down to gaze at his lips. but I fully believe something will interrupt that moment. I believe an interruption is in order so that BS can take stock of her budding feelings for AMH. I hope it's either AMH who interrupts the moment like back at the lake or her brother coming into the room. I will be fine with both I just don't want her being the one breaking the moment and I believe she won't as she has not been the one to do so in any of their moments. Thinking back it's always AMH breaking the moments. at the gym in the car and at the lake he always breaks the staring contest.
  3. I don't know about any one else here but I feel like the only right way for the first kiss to happen is for bong soon to initiate it. I mean I feel like AMH has gone through great lenths to have her feel empowered an in control of herself and that it would be a total reversal of her first crush she never took that step to change her relationship she remained passive. It would be so fulfilling to have her take that plunge. Have her realize that she has fallen for the sexy sweet tease that is mr. Puppy ceo and go all in and show him she has learned that she can take control of her life and not just wait for someone else to make the first move. I mean nothing says I love you like throwing your body between a knife and your love. It would be hard for a boss to say I just did it because you're my employee especially when said employee is your bodyguard kind of goes against the job description.
  4. I think those two quotes are taken out of context in the preview I feel like AMH voice sounds very weak at the end of his part. seems like something he would say right before loosing consciousness after getting stabbed. I think bs probably asks him that question while he is uncouncious in the hospital room, after AMH as been stabalized.
  5. Really not suprised AMH uses his body as a shield for bs it is not the first time he already did the same at the park when he didn't know if they were getting shot at by metal balls which could have been bullets for all he know. He got hurt then too.
  6. Has any one been able to translate the text preview? I tried translating it with Google but I think I need a translate for the translate. Minhyuk and kun-du who came to Bongsoon see Bongsun fighting with Baek-tak, and blow themselves to the dangerous Bongsoon. Bongsun is very sick for his self, and his heart is used for Minhyuk.
  7. Omo omo omo I thought the scene near the lake was killer but omo if anyone needs me I am the pile of goo in the corner. Yikes those eyes are killer.
  8. Actually it was guk do who mentioned it. he looked min hyuk up on his police database which min hyuk told him was a complete abuse of power.
  9. Wow AMH is so freaking dreamy like seriously don't know how bs legs didn't just turn to jello at the edge of that lake.
  10. Did any one notice that in the preview bong soon has 2 men tide up on the floor of AMH's playroom? I think she was must have woken up and rescued AMH. Also bong soon's voice says no being sad or crying by yourself. This tells me she must have found AMH in one of his weak and sad moments, in the closet maybe.
  11. Didn't mari father tell ysj that he saved his daughter by having her meet a man and marry him and them having a child . I feel like maybe we are all thinking dad is bad because he abondoned mari and mom but what if his first time travel was to the day mari died when he was running from those police man and caused the accident where his daughter supposedly dies. he might have found out later on that he killed his daughter and set out to find a way to save her. so instead of going back to the past and returning to his family he kept jumping into the future and back trying to figure out a way for things to change. It seems like he is putting his all into finding a way for ysj to change mari fate.
  12. I'll give them a pass on that one as unfortunately the production crew does not have a goblin groom to change the weather and seasons as he pleases. They are just not as lucky as ET.
  13. It is a real one that's cool. I feel like maybe that is a scene we never got to see but it looks like it could have been after the sign language I love you scene maybe he came down from the balcony so they could stare and smile at each other from a closer proximity. hopefully they will release this scene later.