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  1. So did he find out she is q human or not I am not quite sure based on the live recaps it's seem like he did but based on that last bit while he was drunk he is just angry she is a robot ???
  2. is anyone here good at reading hangul i keep wondering what is written on the bridge its in the preview but its also in the first episode when so ah is throwing a flower off the bridge it could just be the name of the bridge but i doubt it because it seems like they are filming it on purpose.
  3. hmm so was re-watching the first episode for clues of what's to com, and just noticed that the earth god JD is talking to the little blind girl (who i think is nakbin) telling her about the world of the gods and allowing her to see through his words, then they show so ah throwing a white flower over the bridge dressed in the red overcoat. then when they show the world of the gods it says 1 year before. which means JD and the little girl talking and the so ah throwing her self off the bridge is happening a year after habaek showed up in the human world. so hopefully this mean habaek and so ah wont be apart for too long. i really believe so ah will be let into the realm of the gods. also form the preview of ep 15 habaek is seen planting something maybe the white flower that so ah throws into the water is a flower that grew from what habaek was planting. also by the way i believe the person that rescued HY 12 years ago was so ah's father on the rooftop hy asked if so ah and him have met before because she reminded him of those words spoken to him before by her father. today we saw a picture of so ah and her father and the actor playing the dad is an actor i have seen before and that voice of over was totally his voice i can recognize it for sure. the picture with little so ah that habaek saw is with actor Jung in gi it's funny cause he is the same actor that played the detective that turned himself into shin se-kyung's character's dad in girl who sees smells. when her parents were murdered and she was in a coma he took over and had her think he was her father so she didn't have to remember the trauma of watching her parents die in front of her.
  4. Okay the cinematography on that sunset was beautiful, breathtaking really.
  5. So my question now is how hy and nakbin are related. First of i still think the little blind girl is nakbin. Now even more so since hy knew nakbin when he was a child. Also think hy met so ah father I think the voice he heard repeating the same words so ah was saying was so ah father.
  6. Lol so ah said the same thing we were thinking when he said let's stop here. Weo weo. why habeak why lol.
  7. Can't believe live stream went dead right before the start
  8. Oh so it was the live stream that cut the live stream is a troll it knew this was the scene we were waiting for and it robbed us of it.
  9. What happened how come it cut like that. That was so strange to cut it there something seems off like it cut by accident.
  10. More than jealousy I see a lot of hurt and pain in his eyes which kind of sobered me up and reminded me just how 2800 years old habaek is. His expression shows the loneliness of someone that has loved and lost and has spent many many years living with that pain. I think he is grudingly realizing that soha has sneaked into his heart. Its almost like he is bracing himself grinding his teeth with all his might to stop his heart from rushing foward and embracing that love and the pain all over again. There is a second part to that look and as much as we heard about that love habaek had he probably told himself that he would never love anyone as much as he loved his first love he must also feel conflicted and like he is betraying that love.
  11. Okay theory based on seeing today's episode and on reading some of what the primary work this series is based on I have a feeling that the blind little girl is the reincarnation of nakbin. habaek's first human love. i think that it is her blood that was left on the rock which is why it can remain I think she was probably brought through the gateway and got hurt and lost her sight. nakbin was part of the fire realm and was like half human. Although habaek originally thought she was all human. But she had been used by the Emperor who was trying to get her to do away with habaek but because she loved habaek she couldn't do it so she killed herself and cursed habaek to turn into a child and to diminish his power by day. Also I think the CEO is shin nong god of agriculture and previous emperor also brother of current emperor his afinity is towards fire. He was the most powerful god and actually granted habaek his name as the god of water he unfortunately was weakened and can nolonger go up against hunwon the current emperor. He loves both humans and God's alike which is how hunwon took over by getting some God's together and overthrowing him. So that's my theory on who is who.
  12. Oh now I really Uber hate his ex so he rejected BH that night even though he liked BH because he thought he or ( his love) wasn't enough and he would hurt BH. Of course he was coming from that witch telling him she cheated on him cause his love wasn't enough. What terrible woman hurting such a sensitive man back then now he was vulnerable and she basically poked at his vulnerability. Poor baby. I wish BH would find out what happened that night so she can understand his hesitation and so she could t give that ex a piece of her mind for hurting jw.
  13. My real concern was not the pool scene as definitely must have been a heated pool. the real issue must have been that car scene as Sung hyun took off his shirt in the middle of dead winter by the beach he must have been frozen and yet he did a really awesome job of not letting on the fact that he must of felt frozen.
  14. Oh well more waiting for ep 8 I thought someone had mentioned on instagram that oksusu app had shown ep 8 I guess that was not true.
  15. Okay so that bit about jw saying he doesn't remember when he stopped being able to sleep in a bed is pretty heart breaking. I have a feeling mom put him to bed for the last time and when he woke up she was gone. So he associates the bed with a place of abandonment. Then yoo mi also left him while he was asleep so I could see where and why that would have hurt him deeply and why he was so fixated on her and her running away from him. He felt a connection with her and she fled like the last women he felt connected and trusted the most (mom). He so starved of love and affection you just want to hug him the poor thing. And dad trying to push him into a loveless relationship is so not what this manchild needs. Bet he wants to be yoo mi's puppy right about now so she cuddle feed him and shower him with her full attention. He is so jealous of the so called puppy. lol funny how he thinks HT is the dog she is referring to while yoo mi definitely does not see HT as a man at all, (that bit at the park was very telling). Now Jw just barley touches her hands while she is holding plates and her heart can't help but go a mile a minute.