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  1. Well... look who showed up on IG after such a long silence... and look who immediately piped up Such a sight for sore eyes...
  2. @plainenglish In the international version, both the English and Chinese subs did imply in those two scenes that Seok Soon was given permission by SMH to listen in and learn at Ojukheon. The subs say thus: Seok Soon (to her mother): The lord at Ojukheon said that I could come and study. He said I can come every day. Seok Soon (to Gyeom who asks if how she learnt to read): I learned at the village school for girls at Ojukheon. I had permission to listen in from afar. The SBS version omits this part of Seok Soon's explanation to Gyeom, cutting directly instead to him asking if she could write. I am glad to hear that the translations of the key poems are pretty much on point so far, understanding the limitations of trying to fit the words into a dub, rather than subs. I myself often have the same problem trying to maintain all the meaning behind what may be just 4 Chinese words into minimal English text. How is the viewer reception thus far? Are they loving it? Have there been complaints that SSH has yet to make a significant appearance after Eps1 and 2?
  3. @aranelmalta There is pandemonium on that particular IG post, as well as on Weibo, even among those who claimed to be WonWen shippers. To be honest, I can't imagine why shippers would be upset. Just looking at the IG posts... and whether by accident or design... the "controversial" post is right at the centre... I like
  4. Congratulations to Ryo Jun Yeol and Hyeri on their dating announcement! Truly marvellous news and wishing them a wonderful, blessed relationship leading to even happier news down the road. And congratulations to all EoNamRyu shippers... this is among the best news any shipper could ask for!
  5. @gerrytan8063 Perhaps it is because it is not as easy to dub the recitation of a poem. I wish I paid attention to the Malay-dubbed versions on Oh!K during such scenes... to be honest, I am curious how they would have dubbed them too. Too bad iflix only has the original audio, and no dubs.
  6. @gerrytan8063 LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth - that was exactly what I was thinking of too. Our iconic Dianthus Chinensis is the best gauge as to the reliability of the translation It's a shame that the scene during SMH's lesson when they recited Jeong Seung Mung's poem "Dianthus Chinensis" was not included in the GMA7 broadcast, else we would have found out by now. Either way, hope you'll enlighten us soon @plainenglish
  7. @plainenglish Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns regarding the translations. It is unfortunate if Saimdang's dream to go to Mt. Geumgang is omitted here. There is an upcoming scene with young Gyeom where she verbalises that wish, and he promises to be the one to take her, which should be in the next episode, so there is still hope it will be correctly translated. I did a very quick glance through the episode, and noticed some scenes in the international version which were not included here e.g. Saimdang grumbling when her father summoned her to see the painting; and also Gyeom painting the thigh of the gisaeng, just before Hoo called out for him. Can you please share if you see extra scenes that were not seen in either the SBS or international version? Still can't get enough of what we have been given. Rewatching the scene when SJY goes back to the past briefly and meets Gyeom on the street, and my heart still aches immeasurably at the utter despair and longing in his eyes, seeing once more the woman he could never forget... who proceeds to walk past him as if she never knew him.
  8. @aranelmalta I have heard the first two rumours in the past, but not the others. Whatever these rumours are, they are relegated to and treated as baseless until proven true, if ever. I for one, am really looking forward to seeing Siwon again with his discharge this week... and hopefully good news down the road soon. Can't wait! Have we seen this before? Love how he holds her close cr. WWW小魔女 Weibo And more... cr. Celine_Shaw Weibo cr. 雨烟-宝贝 Weibo
  9. @gerrytan8063 You're welcome. Progress is markedly slower, but I'm getting there. 9 more chapters left. No mention of Concubine Nam so far, which makes me wonder how MCH would escape execution, unless she makes an appearance in the next chapter. We'll see. It is quite a novelty, reading a story that I already am so well acquainted with, yet finding new gems and seeing a sometimes alternate universe. Truly would be interesting to see how she wraps up the story here. While not an exact representation of Chapter 21, the Ep18 international preview is close enough in terms of what was covered. I miss them... sigh...
  10. There are several marked differences in the next chapter compared to the drama, particularly the additional interpretation of the riddle on the painting, and the events before and after, including how Grandpa Pal Bong met his fate. We also learn of Jungjong's ulterior motive behind his instructions to Gyeom to investigate the corruption in the paper industry, and here we see how he had to weigh and discard his original plan in the face of a more urgent problem. Novel Vol 2: Part 5 Fallen Chapter 21 1. The courtyard in Saimdang's house was covered with snow. Seon, Mae Chang, Hyun Ryong and Woo were happily rolling huge snowballs to make a snowman, white mists escaping their mouths with each breath. Woo cried out in amazement and clapped his frozen hands in glee as he watched his siblings building the snowman. Just then, the sound of the gate being pushed open was heard, and YWS called out to his children as he walked in. "Look at this. It's a letter of appointment! I, your father, am finally employed by the government!" YWS declared proudly and shoved the appointment letter to the hands of his children as they swarmed to him like bees. The children looked at the letter, then at their father's face, their eyes wide open in astonishment. To be honest, even YWS himself could hardly believe that he had been appointed as a seventh rank official of the Bureau of Interpreters, nor could he figure out where this gift from heaven came from. Perhaps it was as the messenger said, he must have had very strong backing. Whatever it was, it meant that he could now be the head of the household with his head held high, without having to study for the frustrating examinations. Wasn't that perfect? "If you had been appointed earlier, the rascals in the Central District School wouldn't have been so arrogant!" Hyun Ryong flexed his fists in regret to which YWS caressed his son's head comfortingly. Walking into the room, YWS saw that the entire place was tidy and clean without a speck of dust, just like Saimdang who always seemed to be untouched by any situation. At the thought of his wife, YWS' heart warmed, and his wife's clear, unblemished skin appeared in his mind's eyes. Sitting on the warmed kang, he waited impatiently for Saimdang to return. The moment she returned from the paper mill, YWS hurriedly showed her the letter of appointment, then grasping her smooth hands, drew her into his arms. Saimdang pulled her hands away and looked at the letter, but said nothing. "It has been very hard on you supporting my studies during this time! I finally can rightfully sleep in my own bedroom. What is wrong? Are you too overcome with joy that you couldn't say anything?" How could she not be happy, now that her husband finally had a promising future? Thus YWS explained away his wife's silence. 2. Saimdang got up and walked out, leaving her sullen husband behind. At a loss, YWS stared at his wife's retreating back, feeling unbearably alone and bereft of strength. At the corridor, Saimdang stood there in a daze, embarrassment clearly written over her face. Her sense of apology and shame towards her husband warred with her guilt towards Yi Gyeom, wrecking havoc within her. She understood that everything that happened to her was not a coincidence - the deadline for the drifters' tax repayment had been extended to after the Goryeo paper competition; the presence of the royal guards, patrolling around the wasteland day and night; her husband's sudden breakthrough... all these undoubtedly were Gyeom's work. Although she had no way to prove it, of this she was absolutely certain. In the late of night, she rolled up her sleeves and upon determining that the fire of the stove was right, filled the iron pot to the brim with clean water. As the water came to a boil, she added miso and dried cabbage leaves, making her husband's favourite dried vegetable miso soup. She mixed the dried radish leaves evenly with sauce, and carefully filled summer radishes into a bowl. Her mindful preparation ensured that her husband and children wanted for nothing in terms of their meals during her absence, at the same time making some rice balls for her and Grandpa Pal Bong during their trip to Woonpyeongsa. Once that was done, she went back into the house and sewed her husband's official garment. As she worked, her mixed emotions gave way to peace, and before she knew it, it was dawn. 3. During the interrogation, Gyeom confronted MCH with the previous Ming envoy's confession to accepting bribes from him, to which the latter laughed, asking if it was wrong for him to use his own assets to the benefit of the country. "Over these past twenty years, Jangwon paper distributorship provided the paper given as tribute to Ming of which you are the owner, while your wife was the manager. These are facts. Did you think I am unaware of this?" "This is the first I have heard of it. If it is true, then show me the proof! Do you think these unsubstantiated claims can be passed off as the truth?" "The time for your self-righteous, cocky attitude is coming to an end, just wait and see! This table will be stacked up as high as a mountain with proofs!" Gyeom shot daggers at MCH, then got up and left. MCH continued to stand there arrogantly, with no sign of guilt or regret. In this clash of wills, only the one who remained unbending the longest would prevail. In addition to the three State Chancellors, there was no one in the entire court who had never accepted bribes from him, so if he went down, they would fall too. They all understood this, so if they wanted to protect themselves, they must save MCH. This was not something that Gyeom could accomplish on his own, even if he had Jungjong backing him, the king being merely a puppet after all. MCH broke into a cold laugh which reverberated within the four walls of the interrogation room. 4. However, contrary to what MCH thought, the chancellors had decided to make a clean cut from him in order to save themselves, and pushed relentlessly for his conviction and execution. Each time he thought of the humiliation of having his good-for-nothing son used as a hostage, PM Yoon was determined not to let the opportunity of punishing MCH slide. The petitions poured in from all over the country. Those who received bribes from MCH spoke up asking for his execution ostentatiously to appease the people, at the same time, destroying evidence of their corruption. There was no better solution apart from getting rid of MCH. Besides, who would believe the words of a man on death row? MCH's death was key to covering up everyone's fears and doubts. PM Yoon shot the Left and Right chancillors a cunning smile. Jungjong was silent for some time. His original intention was to use the corruption in the paper industry as an excuse to eliminate the ministers whose immense power had weakened the king's authority. No matter how long it took, continued interrogation of MCH would ultimately ensure that he coughed out all the corrupt deeds of the ministers. However, at this point in time, what was paramount was working together with the entire court to resolve the issue of the Goryeo paper. As he weighed all the options, Jungjong finally decided to support PM Yoon's bid to extricate himself from MCH. 5. It took Saimdang and Grandpa Pal Bong four days to travel from Hanyang to Woonpyeongsa. The desolate place was covered with snow, without even a footprint in sight. As Saimdang looked out into the white expanse, it was like a white sheet of paper, the snow waiting to be painted by the thick ink of memories. Her memories slowly came to life - the Goddess of Mercy Hall at Woonpyeongsa; the beautiful lattices on its windows like fresh flowers basking in the warmth of the sun; the bright smiles of the monks in the Main Hall as they went on their activities; the clear spring water of the well. In her mind, she saw her younger self climb up and drink from the well, smile radiantly at the monks and put her hands together in greeting, then run towards the sunlit Goddess of Mercy Hall and committing the spectacular sight down on paper. Her younger self then suddenly lifted her head and looked towards herself, then waved affectionately at her. What kind of hallucination was this? "Where is the road ahead of us? Everything has changed!" Grandpa Pal Bong's voice drew Saimdang back to reality, and the vivid scenes earlier all melted away. 6. Failing to find anything at the Goddess of Mercy Hall, Saimdang suggested making a sample paper using the water from Woonpyeongsa, hoping that that would be the key. Grandpa Pal Bong recalled a well in front of the Main Hall, and so they went in search of it. However, the place was now overrun with weeds and the thick snow made the search a difficult one. As the night fell, Grandpa Pal Bong and Saimdang suddenly felt a dark shadow pass by. Unable to tell whether it was an animal or a person, Saimdang could not shake off her sense of unease and turned her head towards the sound. Just then, a pair of hands shot out from behind the withered trees and grasped their shoulders. In shock, Grandpa Pal Bong fell to the ground while Saimdang screamed in fear. "Shh!" It was a hollow-cheeked old ginseng digger. He pointed a bony hand towards a particular direction. Saimdang and Grandpa Pal Bong followed his gaze and saw shadowy figures on the mountain path moving to and fro as if searching for something. A more careful look revealed that it was Hwieumdang and her men. "It's them, what should we do?" Recognising Hwieumdang, Saimdang held her hand to her mouth to stop herself from crying out. "Who are they?" Seeing Saimdang's expression, Grandpa Pal Bong asked worriedly. "They are from Jangwon Paper Store." "They have been following you all this while. Come this way!" Avoiding the other party's detection, the old man took them down a different path, Saimdang and Grandpa Pal Bong stooping low and following behind. 7. Saimdang and Grandpa Pal Bong were shocked to see the Water Moon Avalokitesvara painting in the old man's possession. Sighing, the old man finally told them all that happened. The night before the massacre, the nobles and gisaengs had a decadent feast in front of the Main Hall. The abbott hurried to the old man's house and requested that he kept the painting safe before returning quickly to the temple. By the dawn of the next morning, all the drifters and monks of Woonpyeongsa were killed. From that day on, the old man concealed the painting inside the wardrobe, and hid his existence from the world, waiting the next ten, twenty years for the owner of the painting to appear. 8. Saimdang stared at the painting with a tragic expression. As her eyes fell on the benevolent smile of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, her tears began to fall, and she recalled all the events that led to this moment, turning the pages on each one in her mind. Wiping her tears dry, she held up the painting, then realised that there was a blurred inscription at the back. 暮空二螢火 Two fireflies in the twilight sky 明月下流水 Flowing water under the bright moon 晚秋林未疎 The forest is not sparse in late autumn 人以即萬金 Man is worth ten thousand pieces of gold 來日歸白土 Return to the white soil in the days to come Her finger touched each word of the inscription as Saimdang recited them over and over. Grandpa Pal Bong who was quietly listening at the side, finally asked her for the meaning of the poem. "Two fireflies in the darkening twilight sky, Water flows under the bright moon, Despite the lateness of autumn, the trees are not sparse, Although man is worth ten thousand pieces of gold, They will still return to the white soil one day." Saimdang elaborated. "Did it mention white-coloured soil?" Grandpa Pal Bong asked in surprise. "White soil... white-coloured soil." "Yes! White-coloured soil! There is a spring at the peak of the mountain towards the south of Woonpyeongsa. The soil surrounding it is fine and powdery, especially unusual and clean." "Really?" "Yes, it's true!" "Although there is no way to confirm just based on the words 'white soil', however it surely is connected to that spring!" "In which case, let us go and take a look when day breaks! There is nothing to lose even if it is a failure." "Let's do it!" However, despite her words, Saimdang could not help but worry that they might bump into Hwieumdang's men. The discovery of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara painting might have brought them joy and their final hope of unlocking the secret of creating Goryeo paper, but her mind remained in turmoil at the thought of Hwieumdang's presence. 9. Early next morning, Saimdang and Grandpa Pal Bong walked along the dimly lit path amid the falling snow, the dense trees blocking out even a ray of sunlight. "Are you sure... this is the place?" Saimdang wiped the sweat off her brow and looked around. "This place looks extremely familiar! It is definitely nearby!" Grandpa Pal Bong nodded his head. "Wait... what is this?" "That is a stone lamp." Grandpa Pal Bong walked past the area overgrown with weeds and dead branches, towards an old weather-beaten stone lamp. "'Two fireflies in the twilight sky.' The poem speaks of two fireflies in the darkening twilight sky... two fireflies! That means there must be another stone lamp!" Upon hearing Saimdang's words, Grandpa Pal Bong rushed around in search, and lo and behold, found the second stone lamp. "It's here, my lady!" "The white soil you mentioned must be nearby!" "Yes, the soil by the spring is especially white. Let me look for it!" Grandpa Pal Bong began searching carefully and Saimdang's eyes brightened. "Here, it's here!" Grandpa Pal Bong's voice cut through the forest and Saimdang quickly ran over to a small well built from small pebbles. "It's already dry." Saimdang looked at the long-dried well in disappointment. "The white soil is definitely here!" Grandpa Pal Bong shook his head, puzzled. "'Two fireflies in the twilight sky.'... the two stone lamps are also here..." "Since I am not absolutely certain, let me find if there are other springs nearby." "Alright..." As Grandpa Pal Bong went off in search, Saimdang unrolled the painting and once again mulled over it. The actual meaning of the poem remained elusive, seemingly clear and yet not. "My lady!" Grandpa Pal Bong's piercing cry suddenly broke out, echoing throughout the mountainside. Grabbing the painting in her hand, Saimdang jumped up. Even though Grandpa Pal Bong was a man, he was already old and she should not have let him go off alone. She ran through the trees and thickets, breathing heavily with each breath, her heart racing in fear and dread. Footsteps tailed her from behind, from the sound of it, it was more than one or two people, most probably the men she saw with Hwieumdang. Saimdang ran frantically without stopping until her dress entangled at her feet and she fell, her shoes caught by the uneven tree roots. 10. She had reached a dead end. At her feet, the pebbles scattered and dropped off the steep cliff. Saimdang held the painting close and stood at the edge of the cliff, staring down in despair at the seemingly bottomless pit, with no more room for retreat. "This is the end for you!" Hwieumdang's clear voice reached Saimdang's ears and she slowly lifted her head to stare at her with chills down her spine. Behind Hwieumdang, she could see Grandpa Pal Bong in the clutches of the men, badly beaten up and bloodied. "Let him go! This has nothing to do with this old man." Besieged on all sides, Saimdang resorted to pleas. "Hand over the painting and I might consider it." From Man Deuk's intel, Hwieumdang had long guessed that the painting held the secret to Woonpyeongsa's Goryeo paper. Now seeing how Saimdang clung to it, she spoke up without hesitation. She must possess the painting, regardless of the means. Even if it meant spilling blood to do so, she must have the secret to creating Goryeo paper. In the face of her husband facing execution due to the Goryeo paper issue, Hwieumdang seemed to have lost all sense of reason. Upon a look of her eye, the man behind Grandpa Pal Bong held a sword to his neck. "I will give this to you... let him go!" Saimdang begged piteously. "My lady, you mustn't!" Grandpa Pal Bong cried out in despair. "Let him go! What could be more important than a person's life!" Saimdang interjected, urgency lining her words. "Put down the painting," Hwieumdang barked out harshly. Desperate to save Grandpa Pal Bong, Saimdang made a move towards Hwieumdang, trembling as she did so. Who would have thought that right at that moment, Grandpa Pal Bong slashed his neck against the sword, and jumped off the cliff. "No!" Saimdang's cry cut through the air. At the shocking turn of events, even Hwieumdang and her men too stopped at their tracks. Her face drained of blood, Saimdang shot Hwieumdang a murderous glare. Unperturbed, the latter and her men continued to advance, to which Saimdang slowly retreated. The painting which Grandpa Pal Bong protected with his own life, must not be allowed to fall into the hands of another, and thus, Saimdang held it even closer. "Put it down!" Hwieumdang laughed mockingly at Saimdang who had been cornered to the edge of the cliff. "No! Never!" "Do you want to die the same way as the old man?" "Now it no longer matters if I handed it over or not. You would still kill me, wouldn't you?" "If you got down on your knees and begged for your life, perhaps I would let you live... However you are digging your own grave. Since you wish to die so badly, I would end it for you. Goodbye!" The moment the words left her mouth, her men brandished their swords towards her. Resigned, Saimdang closed her eyes. Just then, a sword flashed furiously across and engaged the men in battle. It was Yi Gyeom. With precise skill, he disposed of the men. At the sound of the clashing swords, Saimdang's eyes flew open and welled up in tears to see Gyeom forcing the men to retreat. Suddenly, she felt the cold blade of a knife against her throat. 11. "You should never have smiled at me from the start! You should not have praised me for learning to read despite my difficult situation, nor given me the brush with your name on it, when you would turn around and abandon me, bloodied, in the woods, only saving that woman! Did it not matter if the daughter of a tavern owner was eaten up by wild beasts? Is that it?" Hwieumdang's voice was shrill as she recollected the painful memories. However, none of her words registered on Saimdang who was trembling uncontrollably, nor Gyeom, who was desperate to save her. 12. "Grab my hand!" Gyeom tried his best to stretch out his hand, which Saimdang held on to with all her might while trying to find her footing within the cracks of the rocks. Still, the pebbles continued to slide down, and in her effort to avoid the falling stones, Hwieumdang cried out, to which Saimdang slid down to reach out and catch her hand. Sharp jagged rocks loomed directly beneath them, and they were both running out of strength. "Saimdang! Let go of her hand!" Gyeom gritted out through his teeth. "No!" Hwieumdang cried out in terror. "I won't!" Saimdang responded resolutely, "Saimdang! If this continues, both of you will die!" Gyeom cried out desperately, Saimdang clamped down her teeth and held Hwieumdang's hand in a death grip, determined not to let go. At the very last moment, when they thought they would surely die, Gyeom gathered the last of his strength and pulled Saimdang back on to the cliff. The adrenaline rush from her determination to save Hwieumdang somehow gave herg the strength to also pull the woman up. "Are you alright?" Having caught his breath, Gyeom hugged Saimdang, to which she could only nod her head, dazed, He then walked over to Hwieumdang who was gasping for breath and delivered a sharp slap across her face. In fury, she glared back at him. Just as he was about to strike her once more, Saimdang caught hold of his hand. "You..." Saimdang called out to Hwieumdang. "Now I... I no longer owe you anything." At her words, Hwieumdang's eyes filled with tears. "Haha..." She suddenly burst into wild laughter, tears rolling down her face. Gyeom threw a glance at Hwieumdang who had taken leave of her senses. Then his arm around Saimdang, they turned and left, with her staring at their retreating figures, grief like a knife plunged into her heart.
  11. Finally a glimpse of her again looking beautiful and glowing! And her movie Midnight Runner airs at last. Can't wait to see her once more on screen...
  12. Congratulations on winning the Kdrama 2016 contest and thank you very much to the MLSHR team @meahri_1 @chi13lou @summer2017 @ktcjdrama @antoniaclamens @q4q4 @NerinaC @silentwind @Siracusa @sublimelyheureuse for a brilliant job in consistently showcasing every aspect of this drama that has captivated and still continues to captivate its fandom, even today. Well done!
  13. Can hardly believe that the wait is almost over... and Mr Choi will be discharged next week! Super Junior’s Siwon And TVXQ’s Changmin To Be Discharged From The Military Next Week J. Lim August 11, 2017 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin will be discharged from the military in one week, and many are interested to see what activities they’ll pursue once they return to the entertainment industry. Choi Siwon and Changmin both enlisted on November 19, 2015 and after completing basic training, began their military service as members of the Seoul Metropolitan Police department’s special promotional unit. As the two idols both enlisted on the same day, they will also be discharged on the same day 21 months later. Anticipation is high for the duo’s return as they return to their respective idol groups, both of which are highly popular both in Korea and overseas. Super Junior is set to return with a new album in October, so Choi Siwon will most likely be jumping straight into comeback preparations with the other members. When he is discharged, Changmin will return to TVXQ and reunite with his fellow member Yunho, who completed his military service in April. SM Entertainment has announced that they are currently planning an event for TVXQ to greet their fans. This will be the first time that the two stand on stage together since their 2015 farewell concert, and they will most likely express gratitude for their fans’ love and support throughout their military service. cr. Soompi
  14. @plainenglish Thank you for sharing GMA's broadcast of Saimdang! I had a quick look and you're right - additional scenes from the international version are there. Seeing how Ep1 ends differently from both the international and SBS versions, I did a very quick calculation... it's roughly 45 mins per episode, so looks like apart from the dub, it is also going to differ in number of episodes as well... probably making it a 40-episode drama? Either way, so good to see it broadcast once more. How are the ratings for Ep1? Hoping that it will be very well received. This is what I could find of gerrytan8063's explanation regarding the living arrangements of the primary wife and concubine... hope this is what you are looking for.