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  1. It feels almost like déjà vu, finding myself rewatching both Korean and Japanese versions of Signal at a similar pace, reminiscent of myself 11 months ago - episode by episode, case by case. Without fail, all the feels come flooding back, affirming yet again that the quality of the production stands the test of time, and the many rewatches that I have put it through. Am now at Ep8 with the Shin Da Hye case, and putting the J-version on hold for now since this and the Hongwon-dong serial murder case were not adapted in the J-remake. As I follow the Shin Da Hye case, I ache once more for LJH, whose tenacity would not let him stop investigating Han Se Kyu effectively alone even when PHY himself had decided to put a stop to the transmissions, effectively terminating their partnership. The silver lining in this bleak timeframe is seeing CSH being brought into the fold, being tasked as it were, to find out who the woman at the pawnshop was. While just at the halfway mark, I am already unwilling to have to leave this universe once more. While on the topic of remakes, latest news of the C-remake indicate that the 3 leads have already been cast, and are now in the midst of filming. Fingers crossed this production will do the original justice even as it puts its own spin on the narrative...
  2. @shiliufan It is always good to know sooner than later. In any case, it was always just a hope on our parts anyway, and we won't know whether it was all in our imaginations, or they really tried but didn't work out after 4 years. I still believe it was real, but perhaps their goals and hopes at this juncture are no longer the same. Whatever it may be, they have done nothing so far to deserve any censure or blame... and as a fan of them individually and as a couple, I will always wish them nothing but the best. @jennifer0402 Whether they have decided to keep their relationship under wraps for now, or they have truly parted ways, remains to be seen. Whatever the case may be, until such a day comes where I am no longer able to support them with a clear conscience due to their character or decisions, I will continue to cheer them on, individually if not as a couple.
  3. @shiliufan It's a bittersweet journey for me personally and while I wish the outcome to be otherwise, I will always remember with great fondness the beautiful memories they have given us over the past 4 years. May they be blessed and happy always.
  4. @shiliufan That is disappointing indeed. May I know what his 2nd account is? Is it private or public? I don't know when it happened, but she no longer follows him on Weibo as well, though for now he still follows her. Still, Keenie and Mr. Chae remain her faithful followers for now, Keenie especially who continue to cheer her every post. Either way, I will always wish them both happiness in every aspect of their lives, if not together, then with whomever they are meant to be. They deserve this and more.
  5. My deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the youngest staff member of Kingdom who passed away in a car accident on Mar 13, 2019 while driving one of the props cars to the filming site in Pyeongchang. Really pray that the safety and well-being of the cast and crew will always be paramount in this and every production...
  6. New stills from Season 2! The 2nd picture looks like it's from Frozen Valley... perhaps taking place immediately after where we left Seo Bi and Cho Beom-pal during the S1 finale: cr. Korea Herald
  7. That is the kind of everlasting love we all dream of having in our lives, Mr Choi... Do you see yourself at the airport with a bouquet of flowers, waiting to welcome our girl home too? Dare we hope?
  8. Breathtaking! As for the ring on her ring finger... is there happy news on the horizon, or just another accessory for her photoshoot? Waiting for her next IG post... Meanwhile, Mr Choi puts his Photoshop skills to good use - using his hilarious alter ego TEN from "She Is Pretty", coincidentally on the same day as her Grazia China 10th Anniversary post, the magazine of which now costs $10
  9. Joo Ji Hoon... if you've watched Kim Eun Hee's dramas, you should have already known by now that no one, not even the lead characters, are safe. That being said... Yi Chang, please stay safe and survive to see Season 3! Joo Ji Hoon On His Reaction “Kingdom” Season 2 Script, Says No One Is Safe CELEB Feb 15, 2019 by R. Jun Joo Ji Hoon, currently starring in MBC’s newly premiered drama “The Item,” teased fans about what’s to come in the second season of “Kingdom,” which premiered its first season on Netflix late January to rave reviews. Asked to give his own rating to the Korean historical zombie series, Joo Ji Hoon said, “I want to give it 10 out of 5 stars. I’m satisfied.” “It’s hard to tell how what the response is really like, but, even if it’s just words, it feels good hearing international reviews compare it to other successful works and say that it surpassed existing ‘K-zombie’ flicks,” said Joo Ji Hoon. “It doesn’t matter if it really surpassed [other works] or not. As someone who was a part of the project, it’s incredible that people feel that way to begin with.” “Kingdom” is different from other zombie shows in that there are no incredibly gory or horrifying scenes. “The horror comes from emotions. When [a zombie] is about to overrun a child, the scene cuts. It’s a mental horror,” said Joo Ji Hoon, explaining that director Kim Sung Hoon didn’t want to show overly horrifying scenes. “If you watch, [the zombies] are pitiful. A mom tries to save her child, but becomes a pitiful creature that ends up [taking the life] of her [other] child. They’re hungry when they’re alive, and they’re hungry when they’re dead. It’s a zombie drama that tells the story of people’s hunger.” Talking about the director’s approach to “Kingdom,” the actor said, “A camera is just a machine, but it’s amazing how the direction reflects how the director sees the situation. I think you can tell that the director doesn’t see the monsters as monsters. It was like that on set, and it was like that on screen.” As soon as he wraps filming for MBC’s “The Item,” Joo Ji Hoon will resume filming for “Kingdom” season two. The actor recalled seeing the season two script for the first time. “I was in a plane to Singapore reading the script with Ryu Seung Ryong, and I was so surprised I shouted, ‘What? Really?'” He added, “There are no guarantees that my character is going to live to the end. In season one of ‘Game of Thrones,’ the main character dies.” cr. Soompi
  10. Season 2 filming as begun and the new director Park In Jae identified. Cast of Netflix's 'Kingdom' begins filming for season 2! The cast and crew of Netflix original K-drama 'Kingdom' have started filming for season 2! The 'Kingdom 2' cast attended their first script reading back on February 8, also holding a rites ceremony to wish for success throughout the duration of filming. Officially, filming began on February 12 with the main cast including Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong, and more, as well as new characters played by Park Byung Eun, Kim Tae Hoon, and more. Beginning with episode 2 of season 2, 'Kingdom' will be directed by director Park In Jae, while original director Kim Sung Hoon will lend a helping hand for episode 1. cr. allkpop Joo Ji Hoon gushes about S2 in a recent interview, even saying that he had asked the PD about the possibility of S3 so that he can realign his schedule for the filming The photoshoot of the adorable three
  11. Interviews with the cast of Kingdom! Really awesome to see the chemistry between them S2 please come quickly! This one is from Netflix Indonesia, so is subbed in Indonesian, I love the witty, funny answers the cast gave, so hopefully an English-subbed version will be available soon:
  12. @sushilicious I can't imagine filming without Joo Ji Hoon, since he is the lead in the drama. Perhaps there is an agreement with both production companies to allow him to juggle his time between the two dramas. Hope he does not wear himself out... both dramas appear to be very physically challenging... Was reading the interview of the 3 leads, and it occurred to me that Bae Doona and Ryu Seung Ryeong did not have any scenes together in S1. No wonder he asked if she was speaking "English" during her first sageuk speech attempt I'm guessing they should cross paths in S2, now that Cho Hak Ju is also in Sangju.
  13. @sushilicious Ahhh! If Ep1 is directed by PD Kim Sunghoon, could it be from the original 8 episodes that were filmed but had to be cut down to 6 for Season 1? Or is this a new script that has not yet been filmed? Is there any indication who will be taking over the helm for S2? Fingers crossed it will be just as awesome as S1!
  14. @sushilicious Ahhhh! What I won't give to have a sneak peek inside ! Interesting though that Episode 1 has its own copy, while Eps 2-6 are grouped together. Perhaps the scenarios in the last 5 episodes are already established from S1 and Ep1 of S2.
  15. Another interview with Kim Eun Hee... I had a good laugh at Joo Jihoon's question since I had the exact same thought when I saw scene after scene of him perpetually running away from the zombies [Interview] "Kingdom" Writer Kim Eun-hee-I Shares Behind-the-scenes Insights Save 2019/02/08 | 187 views | Permalink | Source Writer Kim Eun-hee-I of the Netflix original "Kingdom" told a behind-the-scene story in a recent interview. "Kingdom", which was released in 190 countries to 1.25 billion users, is a mystery thriller about a prince named Lee Chang (Joo Ji-hoon) who is framed as a traitor, but he discovers the truth about the people who have been starved to the extent of becoming monsters. Writer Kim Eun-hee-I says she never directed her actors as a writer and says she thinks it's the director's job to direct them. She may however, explain a certain part of the script if they don't understand, but doing anymore than that would only confuse the actors. Apparently, she doesn't run into Joo Ji-hoon and Bae Doona that much while they're filming, but when they did, Bae Doona said she was physically too cold and Joo Ji-hoon asked why he was always running. Kim Eun-hee-I said, "When I wrote the script, I did realize that real nobles don't walk, run, or swim. Ryu Seung-ryong didn't suffer as much as the others because he's mostly indoors so he didn't have any complaint for me". About Bae Doona, she said she was 'cute' and she showed her a recording of her acting. "She added something that was not in the script, but she did it well". cr. Hancinema.net
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