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  1. Well, whenever Mr. Choi departs New York, it is almost a certainty a certain Miss Liu is still there, from her IG post
  2. mun+won posted this video of our couple on Weibo played to "Past Love" from You Who Came from the Stars OST, which just makes me tear up - their interactions, the looks, the touches. Gosh... I miss them... https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/G7Crg9fru?fid=1034:c0864fff0f2e27751d134c39a8a29189
  3. @badukstone Just to see your hands up in the air as you swing side by side Pingjing and Lin Xi's love theme 爱意 Feelings of Love, sans the haunting female voice...
  4. @Ana Paula Lima The 30-episode English-subbed international version can be viewed on iflix, which is available in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Maldives, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan and Cambodia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Other international versions I know of are from: GTV (C-subbed with original Korean audio) TVB (C-subbed and dubbed in Cantonese) @gerrytan8063 I had a look at the Saimdang DVD / Blu-ray sets and to my utter consternation, it would appear that apart from Japan which offers the full 30 episodes, the SBS version is being marketed everywhere else, including Taiwan. Why?!
  5. @Ana Paula Lima Sure you may do so - do excuse any mistakes or mis-translations that might be in there. Please note though that my translations are not comprehensive - they are mostly just of segments that are different from, or add on to (in terms of description, thoughts, explanations etc) the drama itself. Also, while the prologue in Vol 1 is a complete translation, the first 3 chapters were just overall summaries. The breakdown of the chapters covered so far: Vol 1 Prologue - complete Chapter 1-3 - overall summaries Chapters 4-16 - complete Vol 2: Chapters 17-29 - complete Chapter 30 - in progress Epilogue - not started Author's Notes - not started If possible, do try to watch the international version (with 30 episodes) which is far better. The author herself mentions in the Author's Notes her shock, frustration and regrets that the original 30 episode drama which was a painstaking 3 year labour of love, was reedited into 28 episodes, losing a lot of the continuity and emotions that were in her original work. Through the writing of the novel, she sought to forget the bitter regrets of that experience. It is truly fortunate that the original drama is available in its entirety through the international version, and we also have the novel as a companion read to the universe that she wove so beautifully.
  6. @jongski It is interesting that you bring up the theme song by BTS. It is a nice track, but I was a little surprised by the choice of its modern vibe compared to the original OST, which has a vintage quality as befitting the era of the cold cases they were investigating. Nonetheless, I will stay my preconceived notions until the actual drama airs. Please let subs be readily available!
  7. @jongski I think it's a mixed bag... but definitely Kim Hye Soo is older than her counterpart. Here's a breakdown of ages based on the characters of the two versions that I can find (took an educated guess regarding who played Kim Gye Chul and Jung Han Gi in the remake), and highlighted which actor is older. Out of the 9 roles known so far, 5 of the J-actors are older than their counterparts. Lee Jae Han: Jo Jin Woong - Mar 3, 1976 Kitamura Kazuki - Jul 17, 1969 Cha Soo Hyun: Kim Hye Soo - Sep 5, 1970 Miciko Kichise - Feb 17, 1975 Park Hae Young: Lee Je Hoon - Jul 4, 1984 Sakaguchi Kentaro - Jul 11, 1991 Kim Bum Joo: Jang Hyun Sung - Jul 17, 1970 Watabe Atsuro - May 5, 1968 Ahn Chi Soo: Jung Hae Kyun - Aug 16, 1968 Komoto Masahiro - Jun 26, 1965 Park Sun Woo: Kang Chan Hee - Jan 17, 2000 Kamio Fuju - Jan 21, 1999 Forensic expert Oh Yeon Seo: Jung Han Bi - Feb 22, 1986 Aono Kaede - Nov 21, 1992 Kim Gye Chul: Kim Won Hae - Apr 6, 1969 Ikeda Tetsuhiro - Oct 31, 1970 Jung Hun Gi: Lee Yoo Joon - ?? Kimura Yuichi - Feb 9, 1963
  8. [Drama 2016] Signal 시그널

    With the impending J-remake broadcast, Signal withdrawals come flooding back all over again, and it was such a boon to revisit its official Signal DVD page on cafe.daum.net and watch BTS excerpts of PD Kim, scriptwriter KEH, and the entire cast, including guest actors being featured in an impromptu discussion about their drama. Not for the first time, I rue the fact that I do not understand Korean and as such could not grasp the gist of what they were saying. Nonetheless, by virtue of just seeing them together in such an informal setting, makes me ridiculously happy. Season 2 please, writer-nim, PD-nim.... http://cdn.videofarm.daum.net/vod/v40daKTEuJjECRjtRSYKKdE/mp4_720P_2M_T1/movie.mp4?px-time=1521476237&px-hash=c223ce98f5314cca1ce92568f8c49aff&px-bps=2667690&px-bufahead=10 http://cdn.videofarm.daum.net/vod/v7309YR7BLG7YgSBKqvx7RG/mp4_720P_2M_T1/movie.mp4?px-time=1521476237&px-hash=c133a676e2e17a6b11dd8cc90b9cdf4f&px-bps=2750223&px-bufahead=10
  9. @badukstone Actually NiF2 figurines are available from HobbyMax - perhaps you can check them out And yes, definitely more recognition and love for this drama - it certainly deserves it.
  10. Nirvana in Fire 2 also won Weekday Drama of the Year award at the 2018 Drama Excellence Ceremony! Congratulations! @badukstone I have not heard of any photobooks, but I think the novel comes with 4 postcard photos of the leads. If you do find anything, please do share about it here! @LyraYoo shared this photo on Twitter of the autographed postcards from South Korea's Chinese channel ZHTV 中华TV, which has me truly envious of whoever is lucky enough to own one of those!
  11. @badukstone Aww... why did you keep it short? Don't think there's a word limit for each post in Soompi... is there? But seriously, loved everything you said. which describes a lot of how I feel as well. Post-drama withdrawals are extremely real, and nothing that I have watched after NiF2 has managed to live up to the standard it has set, and I find myself going back to it again and again, unable to move on. When we think about it, NiF2 is a drama that is woefully lacking: - No jealous 2nd leads scheming to tear the OTP apart - No vicious sibling rivalry - No tyrannical parents[-in-laws] - No doormat heroine and arrogant hero - No devastating birth secrets - No "Everyone loves me" syndrome, be it for the hero or heroine - No cardboard villains - No mopey heroes - No convoluted, unnatural relationships - No noble idiocy - No blatant favouritism Every single character, be it the protagonists or antagonists, have backstories that are very well fleshed out, however brief that, while not necessarily justifies, but at least explains why they embarked on the path they did. There is no lopsided emphasis - instead we are privy to character evolutions, both for the main and supporting cast, which accord to us a more well-rounded view of the entire plot, and a far better appreciation, if not empathy of the journey that each character has taken. This drama highlights and celebrates the ideals of every relationship - parent and child, husband and wife, siblings, mentor and student, friends and comrades - all are given their rightful place, reminding us again what a healthy relationship is, in this day and age where the perverted is often given far more prominence. Contrary to the norm, we see 2 generations of sage kings, and one young king who is slowly but surely learning to also rule with wisdom through all that he has seen in the early years of his reign. It is such a novelty, when more often than not, kings are portrayed as paranoid, brutal and self-serving, without regard for the loyalty of his subjects. All this and more have left such a gaping hole in me that when the closing credits rolled, I could not, and still cannot move on from this universe and its unforgettable characters who have seared my heart indelibly.
  12. @badukstone You're most welcome - I am glad you enjoyed it, and I derive just as much joy doing so @hyuki4ever kindly incorporated the translations into the videos of Pingjing's documentary, and Changlin Manor Daily #63 here - do check them out! @zenya22 Yes! Looking at the gap between NiF1 and NiF2, I'm guessing roughly a 3 year wait? No matter... I will gladly wait however long it takes, as long as it materialises in the end!
  13. @zenya22 For me, the rewatch is so much more painful, particularly the happier moments, exactly because we realise in hindsight, how precious those moments are, and how soon they would be lost, both to us and the characters who are left bereft. Now, I am dragging my feet going into the last 20 episodes, because I am so not ready to say goodbye to Xiao Tingsheng again, and the ensuing pain that comes in the second half of the drama. Hence, throwing myself into BTSes which put me in a far cheerful frame of mind, seeing the warm interactions among the cast and crew. I really hope that the drama will be given the accolades and awards it so deserves. Even not, I know the place it has carved inside my heart, and I believe so many other fans', which will never be displaced. I fully agree with the ending - for me it is fitting, both for the context as well as for Pingjing. I particularly love how we are reminded that the spirit of Changlin does not depend on just one family, but it is a brotherhood united by a common goal of patriotism and valour, one that bodes well for the future of Great Liang with such men dedicated to defending her from her enemies. Let us make a date to meet again at the drama thread for the third installment! Please let it be a reality!
  14. @shiliufan You're too kind. I think it is not that difficult to be positive because there are so many little little hints here and there that keep my hopes going. And even if it doesn't work out, I have been introduced to two of the most down to earth, hardworking celebrities that win my respect with their attitude, character and accomplishments. Although the thread is a lot quieter now, it is always awesome to see old and new fans post every now and again... reaffirming that the love for WonWen is still very much alive