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  1. @burgl Thank you for sharing that episode of Life Bar (aired yesterday). I had a quick scan and translated some parts which I found interesting - his very close relationship with his mother whom I rarely see mentioned until now, his view of relationships with marriage in mind, and his dream to address the UN: Making his mother happy: [Siwon received many awards during his military service] S: On the enlistment day, my mother cried. You [to SDY] understand my mother, right? H: He was still working until the day before enlistment S: However, the morning after coming back from early morning prayers with the family, she didn't say much that day. The weather had turned cold, so she was very worried. She prepared breakfast for me, with some tonics. After preparing them, she said "Eat", and started to cry. I could not stand seeing this and I cried as well. That's why in the end, she did not go to the training center because she had cried too much. I heard that she laid in bed for several days. When I am away, as hyung should know, I really pour out my all into my work. When I am working elsewhere, I want to show the results of my efforts to my mother to make her happy. However, inside, what could I do? As such, I thought I could only receive awards. Those who have experienced it will know. Although people may think that awards are given as a special privilege to artists, actually it is not like that. It is actually very difficult. I am no longer young. During long distance runs, I tried so hard until I almost vomited blood. When I received the award and showed it to my mother, she was also very happy. [Making his mother happy is even more precious than any award] After that, I could receive letters in the training center. When I received my mother's letters, the ink had run [from her tears]. When I saw it, I [cried]. Then when I read it the next day, I still felt her love. It was like that for the following days. I kept reading it for about a week, Relationship: Gong Myung spoke about how he would fight to win the girl he likes, expressing how he feels SDY: But Siwon would not step aside either [Siwon's style is also to go all out!] S: I would GO unreservedly [Although it is "go all out"...] However, lately I have been thinking, even though I would still go for it unreservedly... Although I have my shortcomings, my age is slowly increasing, so the things I need to consider would also increase [Things to consider in a relationship would also slowly increase] [The age of treating love more seriously - 30+ ] Whether this is playing with fire, or something else Since this is the age where one could get married at any time This hyung [Heechul] is already 35 years old. 3 years from now, this hyung will be 38 years old When I was young, I wanted to get married at the age of 35. Without realising it, I have 3 years left So now, regardless of what kind of encounter, I will wish to observe for a longer time. That is how it seems. Therefore, although my character is to GO, but now I will take all things into consideration Dream: SDY: What is Siwon's dream? H: Our Siwon wants to deliver a speech at the United Nations [Public volunteer through UNICEF since 2010] S: Although I am relatively young, I am very grateful to have been given excellent opportunities to participate in activities internationally for almost 7 years now through UNICEF. I wish to be the first public figure and artist of our country to address the UN regarding the issues of refugees and human rights. This is a small dream that I have through the work I have done. Dongyup hyung and Seyoon hyung also have children. Going to those developing countries, I personally feel that the root of poverty is due to education. We could make do without 20K won a month, but to them, 20K won really could change their lives. As such, we must stand on the side of the children. This way, the world would become a better place. Also what saddens me a little is that on the UNICEF SNS, you would always see David Beckham or Orlando Bloom, famous Hollywood figures. These people won't come to Asia. I never thought of these people. With regards to the UN, I thought of something, and that is to let them approach me first. During the period before being acknowledged, although my crew and I could only bring a small sliver of light to the world, we would still do everything we can. One day, our efforts will definitely be recognised. [Although now no one is taking notice, let the efforts and sincerity be recognised One day, Siwon's dream will come true] In future, people would think of Siwon Choi when they mention Asia. This is it. This is what I want.
  2. Hi @ieja rashid Long time no see. Good to see you here once more. @burgl Did Siwon say that? 3 years is fine... ample time for them to make their marriage preparations after his military service As for his IG and Twitter posts... notice that these days, it is mostly to do with UNICEF, with the odd post about his drama and personal activities. This is a man who has a different set of priorities from before... and it really warms my heart to see this. Our girl is looking good in the recent Prada and ELLE China events
  3. Keenie approves She appears to be on site for Siwon's drama filming today...
  4. Paragliding at Annecy, France! This is so reminiscent of another extreme sport with her and a certain someone more than 2 years back
  5. Park Ha Sun 박하선

    Our girl going down memory lane in her recent slew of IG posts... this one of her when she was 23. Beautiful then... beautiful now. Miss her and wishing her and her little family much happiness, love and health...
  6. Glad she has time off... she always seem to be in a flurry of non-stop activity! Keenie... you tell her!
  7. @yamiex That look back makes it all the more perfect - that she knew he was there, perhaps even expecting him? And both of them in masks... And thank you so much for the follow-up fanfic - the icing on top of the cake! Can't resist... more please! Looking back Him following right behind!
  8. No I didn't catch her Instagram LIVE show. Did she say that? It's fine... my SoGong heart will still continue to hope until such time when one of them announces a relationship with someone else. And either way, I continue to love them individually, and as a couple
  9. @elsie lee You mean this one? cr. YYY D Baidu And we already know what Gongvely was wearing that night Incidentally... this thread gives some tips to post pictures... hope this helps!
  10. may I know how to upload a photo? thank you:)

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      Sure - please check out this thread in the forum, which gives several methods of posting images. Hope it helps! :) 


  11. @elsie lee Wow! I didn't even notice uri Gongely was in there! Awesome! Thank you to all the sharp-eyed fans who spotted them both in that small video. @tomoyo1010 Kyaa! Looks like we finally have SoGong in the same frame once more... cr. smileyso110427