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  1. Fanclub presidents out in full force! Methinks Mr Chae is referring to more than just the ray of light cr. 天秤座小甸 Weibo cr. 执迷不悔Ming Weibo
  2. @gerrytan8063 Thank you for the links... I will try and navigate through them and see if I manage to make a purchase. I remember that scene when the seal is complete through animation. In actuality though, the only painting that has both their seals should be the one Gyeom buried. Hope the drama divulges who the fake painting belonged to. In SBS Ep27, SJY speaks of Gyeom becoming the mysterious Eastern artist in Italy who will be known throughout the generations. Historically, is there such an artist in 16th century Europe? @plainenglish Thank you for sharing us the international views, and it is great to know there is a healthy interest in the drama. At the end of the day, my love for the drama is not diminished or augmented by ratings... but rather how it appeals to me and draws me in, so I am truly glad we have this platform to share our common love for it
  3. @gerrytan8063 Thank you for helping to search for Volume 2. Truly appreciate it! And thank you for clarifying and reminding me which book had the paintings. I had my doubts about the colouring book previously because the contents did not quite look like what you shared, but that was the only one I could find, so I had to hazard a guess. Do you know the ISBN number for the book by Oh Sun Geong or where it is available for purchase? The love poem here shows both their seals, though strictly speaking, An Gyeon's Mt. Geumgang painting only had Gyeom's seal on it. Truly eager to see how the drama wraps up all the loose ends. Just one more week left in this universe...
  4. Am pleased to receive notification that Volume 1 of the novel is finally shipped out and I should be receiving it sometime next week. Can't wait to read! However, I have not seen any indication that Volume 2 has been released at all... despite earlier reports stating that it should be released end of April. @gerrytan8063 Have you seen any news about the release of the second book? I am worried that it might not materialise considering the domestic ratings. I truly hope not, but assuming that is really the case, then please let there be a proper resolution in Volume 1. Please don't leave me with a literary cliffhanger as well! As for the photos of the paintings featured in the drama that you shared, are those from this Folk Drawing Colouring Book as featured on Naver? No idea how to navigate through the website to purchase if that is the case. If not, may I know which book is it? cr. Naver Oh, guess what? I checked iflix (presumably Oh!K subtitles) and the notorious 草帽花 is translated as 石竹花 as well, so kudos to them for getting it right too Found another C-translated book on Saimdang on Popular Online, which appears to be more a historical biography of the woman herself. Am very tempted to grab it. Wonder if there are any English books available...
  5. @Farah Ayuni Thank you for your kind words regarding my wild ideas! Yes, I believe SJY's resemblance to Saimdang is key, and we will find modern-day Gyeom to be the splitting image of Rubens' Man in Korean Costume, which is SJY's only way of identifying Gyeom... so this resemblance has to be addressed as the mystery finally wraps up. Really eager to see how they do so! @gerrytan8063 Thank you for the confirmation! I stared so long at the faces and kept comparing the features as well as the voices until I just had to put in out here to see if I have gone crazy and kept seeing double where there is none What I really find so wonderful about these crossovers is how they showcase the actors' abilities to play totally different characters - righteous vs hoodlum, sly vs. paranoid, carefree vs. impetuous, strict vs terrifyingly manipulative... the list goes on. Love it! From the preview, we see that Saimdang and Gyeom's painting, identified by their two seals is finally discovered. Since that painting is the only one that Saimdang allows to survive out of all her works on Mt. Geumgang, I wonder who painted the fake Mt. Geumgang painting in the end. It is certainly not Gyeom, and I don't think it was Saimdang either. What do you think? And thank you for sharing about the actual painter of the 壽 painting! This drama is a plethora of spectacular works and is truly a visual and cerebral treat. Rewatched Ep2 and this scene just breaks my heart... knowing now how their lifelong relationship finally ends...
  6. It is funny how reluctant I was to watch SBS Ep27, to the extent of toying with the idea of only doing so next week, back to back with the finale. As expected, I could not not watch, so here I am once more This episode truly delivers on an emotional and cerebral level. Saimdang and Gyeom's parting scene is a moving one, particularly when he gives her the seal that should have been given 20 years ago. That is a defining moment which finally closes the loop with the exchange of the seals that symbolise their love for one another. His last-ditched plea to her to go with him is poignant, as is her resolute refusal, harking back to what she told him before about not leaving her children behind. I love that even then, he never demands or presses her, respecting her choices to the last. Just as heartbreaking is the sacrifice of King Jungjong's bodyguard, and the revelation of how he too, has been protecting Gyeom all these years. Here is a man torn between loyalty to his king and the boy he has loved as a son, and we now understand how he tried to mediate between the two to keep Gyeom safe even when their relationship had begun to fall apart with Gyeom's realisation of what King Jungjong had done. In the end, his love outweighed his loyalty and his choice clear, even if it meant certain death. King Jungjong is an enigma this time round. To all intents and purposes, he clearly wants Gyeom to die on his terms, not Gyeom's, hence the order to divert to Kyodong, and have him killed there. Yet, he deliberately commands his personal bodyguard to execute Gyeom, knowing as he does, the affection his bodyguard has for him. His reaction when he hears of Gyeom's missing body and his bodyguard's death speaks volumes, and his instruction not to look for the body, shows that he knows what has transpired. In that moment, I cannot help but wonder if despite his apparent callous ruthlessness towards Gyeom, deep down, he did not want him to die yet could not let his confrontation go unpunished in the eyes of the world. Hence the secret order to his bodyguard, knowing that he will let him go, perhaps even expecting that he will, despite the fact that in doing so, he himself will lose the only person who has been truly loyal to him over 40 years. If so, it is then ironic that ultimately, both he and his bodyguard chose Gyeom over the other. I, for one, am truly glad to see JMS come back, and their family reunited. The scene where three generations clung to one another in tears had me weeping as well, seeing the restoration of a son presumed dead to a grieving mother, and a father to the son who misses him desperately. Likewise, HSH's words to the unconscious SJY reiterates once more what SJY herself has said - that the man she loves more than anyone else in the world has returned - and her unconscious self finally responds to that. Kudos to the scriptwriter for giving us such a clever explanation of the mystery between Gyeom and Rubens' Man in Korean Costume as well as St. Francis Xavier, one that is plausible given the timeline! Recalling how I was previously sceptical about Gyeom meeting St. Francis Xavier, since he was supposed to be in Italy by 1542 while the latter was evangelising in Goa, I am truly satisfied by the scenario we are given. Looking at what we know so far, the lines between past and present are blurred, and it appears that two elements are at play here. The first is the time paradox in the form of a causal loop - a future event being a cause of a past event, which in turn is the cause of that future event. Take for example SJY's discovery of the John Donne poem, which she copies and realises to be her penmanship. Then in the time warp, she gives, not the original, but the copy to Saimdang, who would in turn give it to Gyeom alongside the Soojinbang Diary, to be brought to Italy, and discovered by SJY in the future. Yet, in present day, the poem remains intact. That begets the question whether which came first - the poem she discovered, or the one she copied and gave to Saimdang. Strictly speaking, both are one and the same, yet one is a copy of the other. And without her discovery and instructions to Saimdang, Gyeom would not have escaped to Italy, and left the artefacts for her to discover. However, that does not explain SJY's resemblance to Saimdang, nor the reason for her visions. Likewise, how Gyeom could have inspired Rubens' works 80 years later, and what the real identity of modern day Gyeom is. That is where I think the second element comes in. Reflecting back to Saimdang's words on Mt. Geumgang, they now take on a new meaning: The moon must be waking from its nap. The sun sees the moon sleep all day. So it resents the moon who only wakes late in the night. The moon is alone late in the dark night. It faces the darkness and shines on the world. The sun doesn't realize how hard that is. The moon is always by the sun's side, protecting it. The way I see it, the words are not so much Saimdang's thoughts on their relationship, but rather, a prophetic description of how their lives will intertwine. Saimdang is the sun who walks in the light for the world to see - known, revered for generations. Gyeom is the moon, always alone in the shadows, yet forever by her side, pledged to protecting her through the ages. My wild theory is this: Of course, I could very well be totally off the mark and the explanation could be something far simpler... but that is what I think for now until we learn otherwise. Either way, I am now far more positive going into the finale, trusting that the drama will give us a fitting conclusion to what has been an incredible drama so far. Crazy conjectures aside, I am so pleased to see at least two crossovers this time round! YWS finally manages to put his head into his books and emerge a doctor 500 years later! Hyang too has risen in the world, as a nurse in her present incarnation: I am far less certain about Prof. Min's head henchman, whom he orders to go underground. Do you think these two are one and the same?
  7. Look who's gracing Forbes Asia! c cr. 雯疯而动 Weibo Meanwhile... her shoes garnered some attention cr. 执迷不悔Ming Weibo
  8. That's strange. I just had a look and I can see that Ep27 has just been posted. Perhaps you can check again later. I am not sure how the airing schedules differ from country to country...
  9. @Anna Trespeces @peyutnduy Saimdang international version with English, Malay, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian Burmese subtitles is available on iflix up to Ep26 currently (though Eps 27 and 28 should be up soon). Iflix can be watched in the following countries: Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. Middle East: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia So if you are from these countries, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial (if you are not yet an iflix subscriber) and watch there. Note: Apparently English subs for Ep16 are not available, and I have written to iflix to ask if this can be rectified. @peyutnduy The international version is the original edit. Apart from more scenes, it also has better narration, balancing the past and present timelines far more seamlessly and revealing them in parallel. SBS is faster in pacing, but loses more in detail and has a lopsided narrative, emphasising more on the historical timeline, and rushing through the modern timeline. Hope this helps!
  10. Just noticed that Saimdang international version has come to iflix! Though only up to Ep26 so far, it looks like the English subs are from Oh!K so I am a happy camper
  11. @gerrytan8063 I agree. While some scenes are improved in the reedits, overall and narratively, the original remains far more superior. Why SBS, why?? And it irks me so much that the ratings are low and reviews are disparaging, particularly when these are based on a weaker version.
  12. Once again, I am truly grateful for the international version, as Ep28 remains strong and shows us just how well-crafted the original vision was with its nuances and subtleties, giving us a narrative that is heartfelt, poetic and far more evocative. We continue to step through familiar scenes in both timelines, all of which I love so much more in this version. Here, we are taken from Gyeom and Saimdang painting on Mt Geumgang to his surrender and her despair writing the Soojinbang Diary in the past, and SJY recognising her handwriting in the mysterious John Donne poem, ending with meeting Saimdang in the time warp, and realising that Gyeom is the subject of Rubens' Man in Korean Costume. Saimdang and Gyeom's time on Mt. Geumgang outdoes even the already beautiful edit in the SBS version. In a moving yet poignant sequence, they paint together, which juxtaposes into their younger selves with their interactions mirroring their older counterparts... and we finally see the fulfilment of a promise made 20 years ago. We are taken through a series of achingly beautiful flashbacks... introducing themselves to each other for the first time; her saying that Mt. Geumgang is the one place she must go, which he promised they would together after they marry; her gifting of the Biikjo seal, asking that he carves the other half himself and gives it to her on their wedding day; his vow after they meet once more - to be the most powerful man in Joseon for her, that she might give her all to her passion in art; to stand where she would always be able to see him, always walking alongside her even if their paths never cross again. As each familiar scene plays out, I begin to tear up as well, seeing how far they have come, the obstacles that kept them apart, and Gyeom's unwavering love for her through it all. This montage makes Gyeom's furtive carving of the Biikjo seal even more heartbreaking, us having been reminded of the promise she held him to when she gave him hers, and understanding the significance as their 3 days draw to a close. Breathtakingly, devastatingly beautiful. Likewise, the scene when Gyeom reads the letter she left behind - his agonised cry of her name thrice before bowing his head in utter grief and defeat... losing the woman he loves once more. Tears. To be honest, I watched with trepidation as the scene that raised my ire played out. However, much to my surprise, this time round, it did not rub me the wrong way, and I find the execution of SJY and Saimdang's meeting to be less heavy-handed, and thus more effective. SJY's relevation of Gyeom being Rubens' Man in Korean Costume feels more fluid with the simple omission of the scene of Gyeom sailing to Italy. I have often found SBS' approach of forcefeeding information without allowing the viewers the luxury of absorbing and interpreting the story for themselves to be counterproductive, taking away the allure of the mystery, and in some cases, even improbable, particularly with scenes that the character could not have known. In this version, the removal of that one scene makes it far more believable for me, as we see through SJY's eyes, events that she has gone through, and thus come to her conclusion. As such, I am now truly eager to see how the rest of their interactions will be shown next week. @gerrytan8063 I really should have listened to you and your faith in the international, shouldn't I, and saved myself some grief after SBS' Ep26 Last but not least... the preview, which hints to us the path Director Sun will take. Yes! One inexplicable edit that SBS made which I cannot understand - the canvas on which SJY lands after her fall. The original colour was red, but SBS changed it to blue. Why? SBS: International: As always, the additional scenes:
  13. So adorable! May their lives forever be blessed with happiness! Park Ha Sun Shares Adorable Note Showing That Ryu Soo Young Is The Perfect Husband J. Lim April 27, 2017 Actress and soon-to-be-mom Park Ha Sun revealed how husband Ryu Soo Young is being the perfect husband. The actress took to Instagram on April 27 to share a note left by her husband. On the note, Ryu Soo Young wrote, “Honey, I’m going to go work out. Call me if you think of anything you want to eat. I’ll buy whatever you want. At 11:05 a.m., your husband. I’ll be gone for about an hour.” For her caption, Park Ha Sun wrote, “Anything? Fresh white peaches, fresh plums, spotted cantaloupes, grapes, and watermelons. All the summer fruits. But you know, only watermelons are available right now.” Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young revealed on April 24 that they are expecting their first child, with Park Ha Sun due to give birth this fall. cr. Soompi
  14. Saimdang's 2CD OST available for pre-order on Yesasia! The tracks are as follows: CD-1 1. 그때 그날 우리 – 혜미 2. 연 – 김윤아 3. 너에게 간다 – 더 원 4. 언제든, 어디라도 – 린 5. 왜 그댈 – 지아 6. 단 한 번의 사랑 – 이수 7. 기억상실증 – 김범수 8. 별의 노래 – 멜로디데이 9. 아무도 모르게 – 안다 10. Half – 문형서 11. 봄이 오면 – 하울 CD-2 1. Memoir of Colors 2. Memoir of Colors_Orchestra ver 3. Our Twisted Hero 4. For The People 5. Waltz in Triste 6. Passion and Destiny 7. Theme of the Evil Man 8. Souvenirs 9. Sad Violoncello 10. Tragic Fate 11. Love Tension in Doria 12. Another Time 13. Broken Hearted 14. Constant danger 15. Intense Anxiety 16. Obscured Truth 17. 정선아리랑 @gerrytan8063 Wakakaa! That is priceless to know that MCH will be the arresting officer for Prof. Min and CEO Heo At least he gets to redeem himself in his modern incarnation, unlike Man Deuk... tsk tsk!