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  1. Fanclub president continues her support cr. 哈唠依卡-- Weibo
  2. It has taken me far longer than expected to pick up where I left off, with real life making its demands. Now that I'm back, hopefully there won't be as long a gap going into the last few episodes. Ep7 provides us greater insight into the Heisei Restoration Army and Oyama's past with one of their leaders Sakamoto. Another excellent episode which truly hits a raw nerve, and drives home just how frighteningly relatable their reasons and mission are. One of the most telling dialogues between Oyama and Sakamoto, when she takes him to task about being a puppetmaster behind the scenes, rather than being bold enough to put himself out there to effect the change he so desperately wanted: Ultimately, what is disturbing is how much Sakamoto's explanation why he believed so deeply in his cause resonated with me. The closing scene is utterly chilling when you realise that: Kaji's order not to provide assistance to the team is now raising red flags among his peers, notably Tokita, who questions the fact that no protective backup was dispatched to Inui, nor was Inui warned about the attempt on his life, or asked to remain at home. Tokita's theory to Kaji's reasonings is right on the money, that it was solely to enable the team to shine or fail in the eyes of the higher-ups. His warning to Aonuma of being hurt in the crossfire and the latter's subsequent reactions indicate that perhaps Kaji's right-hand man might be wavering in his convictions and loyalty towards him. How this plays out remains to be seen. @ina111 Unfortunately I am still trailing behind you, having not watched Ep8 yet. However, your comments on the finale has me extremely hopeful that this will be yet another brilliant drama that I would be extremely sorry to see end, and eager for a sequel. Hope to catch up soon!
  3. @gerrytan8063 You're welcome! I have since managed to buy the eBook, and confirmed that what I read and transcribed previously was incomplete, and as such have added points (4) to (8) to my original post. So glad to finally be able to continue once more with the novel... and now that I have the eBook, there is no need for a month-long wait As expected, the sequences are diverging somewhat, which makes me all the more eager to find out how scriptwriter Park explains and concludes the story. Unfortunately I do not see any reproductions of the paintings used in the drama... which has me concerned that it won't be in the physical book as well... argh! Still toying with the idea of purchasing the physical book when I get home... we shall see. @plainenglish Thank you for sharing the snippets of Saimdang which will be aired on GMA! When will it be broadcast? I agree about nuances being lost in translation... so hopefully this won't be the case with Saimdang, and that it will enjoy great popularity in the Philippines too. Please do share more as and when it airs, thank you!
  4. Have finally settled and found time to play catch up. Haven't been able to find Vol 2 for purchase be it at home or in eBook form. However, did manage to read what hopefully are two full chapters of Chapters 17-18, which is such a bonus. Most of it is familiar apart from the insights into their thoughts... but there are also differences in sequences yet again, particularly Gyeom's vow, which I guess means we won't see the impetuous hugging scene in the novel in subsequent chapters. Ah well... In any case, hopefully I manage to get my hands on the complete book sometime soon. Having managed to buy the eBook last night (yay!), it is confirmed that what I had read earlier was incomplete, so I have added on the additional details. There are no impetuous, grand declarations from Gyeom after the revelation, and so far, he remains to be her secret, silent support for now. We are also privy to the enormity of Saimdang's realisation that she had carried the burden of guilt needlessly for 20 long years, one which I felt, was perhaps too glossed over in the drama. Novel Vol 2: Part 4 Secrets Chapter 17 1. This was the man whose love for Saimdang was etched indelibly within his heart. That year, she managed to save her daughter from certain death, and now, twenty years after their fated love, once again he braved the snow and stood before their door. It had been exactly twenty years, and however deep the love, that amount of time should have been long enough to erase the memories away. Yet Gyeom never once forgot Saimdang, and even now, was still grieved over her. Was it the same with Saimdang? Was she too, unable to forget this love, and was she too, still shedding tears over him? At this thought, Lady Yi felt a surge of numbness in her back. This cannot be allowed to happen again, such a sad unfortunate, doomed love cannot be permitted! 2. There is no narration of the letter that Shin Myeong Hwa wrote to Gyeom's aunt. 3. "If you won't tell me, I will have to ask His Majesty myself!" Gyeom rose to his feet. "Stand still. It's true! It all happened because they saw the poem, as did Saimdang!" At his aunt's words, Gyeom stopped in his tracks. "Out of all who saw the poem, Saimdang is the only one who survived." "What do you mean?" Gyeom sat once more before his aunt. "If you had married Saimdang, you would have not been able to escape death. Such is the cruelty of power!" "His Majesty..." Gyeom's mind was in turmoil, and he involuntarily felt a stab of fear. To whom did the power his aunt spoke of, belong? Jungjong's benevolent face vaguely emerged, then dissipated in the haziness. "Saimdang and Scholar Shin made this choice to save your life." Her eyes were filled with regret as she gazed at Gyeom who was devastated by the truth. "You knew, yet never breathed a word of it to me..." Gyeom's voice was choked. "If you had known the truth, would you have held your peace? Being hotheaded as you are, you would have barged into the palace and gone on a rampage. If that happened, would you still be alive? You must always remember never to breathe a word of it to His Majesty. That is the only way you can protect the woman you love!" At his aunt's severe warning, Yi Gyeom could not hold back his tears, letting it fall unreservedly. "You should return to your free and easy life, and forget everything! Live with the clouds as your companions and flow with the wind!" Hearing his aunt's final words, Gyeom immediately stood up and staggered out the door. Gyeom's aunt was grieved as she watched his retreating figure, and her eyes welled up in tears. The sun slowly rose on the coast of Gangneung. By the shore, Gyeom rode his horse furiously, as if to put all the pain behind him. As he pulled the reins, it was akin to tightly twisting his injured heart. The waves rolled up in bursts of white bubbles and broke on the shore, causing the frightened horse to jump, throwing Gyeom heavily on to the sand, who tumbled and rolled into the water. "Saimdang! Saimdang! How did you live through this? How could you have endured this all by yourself and survived?" Gyeom cried out in tears, beating the ground with his clenched fists. "I have wronged you! I have wronged you! It was your sacrifice that kept me alive! Now it is my turn to live for you. I must become the most powerful man in Joseon, and enable you to live without a care, become the painter of this generation, live the life you have always wanted to live!" Gritting his teeth, Gyeom stood up and made the vow with resoluteness in his eyes. 4. Finally the leader of the drifters departed, leaving Saimdang alone at the prayer site. Her mind returned to that day at Woonpyeongsa. The desolation of the dead drifters was like a candle light that could not be extinguished by the cold winter draft; the anguish in her mind had never abated. "Please have a peaceful journey to a far better place, just let me be the only one to suffer here! I am the sinner towards Woonpyeongsa..." Saimdang put her hands together in supplication and prayer. 5. All the years of accumulated pain and regrets were shattered by Grandpa Pal Bong's words. Twenty years. She had endured the guilt and anguish exactly twenty years. Saimdang's knees buckled beneath her feet and she collapsed to the ground, holding herself together with great effort. In a daze, she started walking, Grandpa Pal Bong's cries vaguely audible behind her, lost in the wind. She had no idea how long she walked, only stopping when all energy had left her body and mind. Where was this place? Oppressive darkness fell all around her, and she was unable to make out the end of the path. The icy wind blew relentlessly against her face, while pebbles at her feet fell with a clatter on the ground, startling her so much that she lost grip of the tree branches by her side and fell to the ground. The sounds of the pebbles she had kicked echoed as they dropped into the ravine - just one more step and she would have fallen in as well, finally driving home to her how close she was to death. Saimdang broke into a cold sweat, and the combination of the scare and the sorrow she had endured finally exploded from within in a loud piercing scream. The years of terror, guilt, having to give up her dreams and love, were all let out in the tears that flowed. She cried until her sapped energy stopped the pain, the cold wind dried her tears, yet she felt nothing, staring out in desolation and numbness. Where it was once pitch black, a weak streak of light now shone through, like the stirrings of dawn. The trees that had grown sparse in winter, reflected a different brilliance, the colours of which Saimdang previously could never recreate, enclosed between Hanyang and the ripples of the Han river. Saimdang cast a steady glance across to Hanyang. Countless people lived there, each with their individual lives, stumbling in the face of difficulties and standing up again, overcoming the hardships of life; alternating between tears and laughter; learning to endure and accept; love and hate intertwining; doing one's best to survive... all these are happening over and over again. Now, a thin ray of light had entered her life as well. Saimdang brushed away the dirt from her clothes, and walked towards the distant light. 6. The morning rays of winter shone on the roof of her home. Having changed into clean clothes, Saimdang opened the door and walked out into the courtyard. The dazzling sunlight shining on the snow was incomparably clear, and Saimdang drew in a deep breath. The white mist dissipated in the air - what an amazing sight. It was as if she had never breathed such fresh air, feeling utterly refreshed and cool. Although she had not slept the entire night, she was not fatigued. Actually nothing had changed. Although her memories had been turned inside out, she still had not recovered all that she had lost. However, the oppressive guilt was now completely gone, and for that alone, she felt unimaginably relieved, like a butterfly who had escaped its shackles, her heart so free that it could dance. She decided that she would continue to manufacture paper with the drifters, bringing to life both their and her unfulfilled hopes and dreams through the snow-white paper, giving them wings to fly. 7. Gyeom and MCH were in the vicinity when the drifters agreed to follow Saimdang's lead after being set free using the title to Saimdang's land and house as collateral. Both were acutely aware of the other's presence and stared daggers at each other. Returning to Biikdang, Gyeom immediately entered his room, removed the sword from the wall and stared at the sharp blade. His hatred for MCH exceeded all reasoning, and he would love nothing more than to stab him with the sword in his hand. Several days ago upon his return from his shattering visit to Bukpyeong village, he had rushed to the wasteland to see Saimdang, even if just a glimpse from afar would have sufficed. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not find her anywhere, until at last he heard news of her efforts to save the arrested drifters. Just as he was thinking how to secretly lend his assistance, she had already used all her assets to have them released, while he could do nothing except worry for her. Just then, he found out that MCH was the mastermind behind all the happenings, and his suspicions were confirmed by his discovery of MCH and the head of the Police Bureau spying on Saimdang behind the mountains. 8. As she supported MCH into the room, Hwieumdang threw a disgusted look at Gyeom's retreating back. This surely had to do with Saimdang. Sitting down under the candle light in the room, she stared fiercely at the wall as if her gaze would penetrate it. "Short-sighted and shallow?! Fine. From this moment on, I will let you know what exactly it means to be shallow." To her, Gyeom was no longer an object of love, but a source of hatred and pain, the object of her vengeance. There was only one way to repay her grudge, and that was to trap the woman he loved in an abyss from which she could never escape. Only then, would Gyeom too go through the torment of hell. Hwieumdang would be there to jeer and mock at his wretched fate the day he fell into MCH's clutches. She must see it with her own eyes, his abject self grovelling at her feet, begging her to spare him.
  5. @gerrytan8063 I am waiting for the opportunity to transcribe too! Unfortunately, Vol 2 is not yet available at Popular, so I am still drumming my fingers and wondering if it is possible to have the book shipped directly from Taiwan to Australia to arrive in time while I am still there. Sigh. Am going to try and peer at the screenshots of the writer's notes as well as the excerpts from Chapter 20 if I get the chance before I leave... will see how I go in between the madness of this next few days.
  6. @aranelmalta That is strange... so his account is only visible to those who follow him. Wonder what prompted that step and when it happened. In any case, I hope to still see his interactions with our girl on IG... Our chic, cool girl and her fanclub! cr. 哈唠依卡 Weibo And more of her looking like a vision... cr. WarmStudio Weibo
  7. Soompi chewed the response I tried to post late last night, after which I was too exhausted to start again. Anyway, fingers crossed I have better luck today First things first, Ep6 English subs are out @Mico Ricco so can't wait to hear your thoughts soon! @ina111 Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights with us - truly a joy to read! Some thoughts in response to yours. Kaji was too once driven by idealism, which nearly cost his life, hence his choice to take the morally ambiguous path, with the reasoning that the ends justify the means, ultimately developing a god-like complex, just as callous with the chess pieces he manipulates in order to achieve his own shadowy goal. As for the team falling into the same trap, call me idealistic, but from what little we have seen, this collection of mismatched oddballs have a far stronger moral compass than their superiors. Perhaps the very lessons that Kaji are putting them through, may backfire instead, reinforcing their core values while equipping them to act upon them with far greater astuteness and efficiency than they could have before. We shall see. I think Kaji's hands-off decision cuts both ways. If they succeed without any external intervention, this is mark of their credibility in the eyes of Inui and the higher-ups, resulting not only in Inui's promised backing for the team, but vindication and acknowledgment for Kaji himself for his vision in forming and training the team. If they fail, they fail on their own terms, and would bear the full consequences of their inadequacies, without implicating Kaji or anyone else. In actuality, I believe the answer to the reason Satomi's report was disregarded, was already revealed at the beginning of the episode, and in the theories he listed out at the end. The horror and outrage that stemmed from the attack brought about not only the dissolution of the Shinjitsu no Hikari cult and the arrest of its leaders, but the tightened controls over such groups and the golden opportunity for advancement for those who were responsible for seeing it happen, including Inui. All of these would not have happened if they had acted upon his report which would have only served to prevent an impending attack - the impact of which would have been a lot less dramatic and far-reaching in terms of accolades and upward mobility. For this, Satomi and countless innocent lives were sacrificed. Have watched Ep7, but it's late and my mind is too befuddled to write more. Will ramble more when I am far more lucid Meanwhile... it's the finale tonight. Sighh...
  8. Fanclub president pipes up... we agree, Mr Chae, we agree! cr. 哈唠依卡-- Weibo
  9. She is truly a vision! As always... cr. MaxLiYIED Weibo cr. 哈唠依卡-- Weibo
  10. Ep6 takes a closer look into a terrible act of terrorism in a subway 11 years ago which claimed the lives of 65 and wounded 180 - the handiwork of a cult which was ultimately disbanded after 2 of the 3 perpetrators were arrested and put on death row while the last one, Satomi vanished. With his reemergence so near to the anniversary of the attack, the team has been tasked to find and apprehend him before another act of terror could be committed. In this episode, the drama highlights a different perspective on the motivations for acts of terror, the circumstances that drive the perpetrators to justify them going down that road. This time, it is far less an emotional ride as it is a thrilling one, with a race against time while peeling off the layers of deception to understand their target and stop him before it is too late; and ultimately, raises the question about loyalty going both ways. Satomi hits the nail on the head with the scenarios he mapped out, and ultimately, his justification for his actions echoes Tamaru's warning about: Despite the censure he faced from the team for the blood that are on his hands, I believe his parting words resonated with them, particularly Inami, long after that: Kaji once again proves enigmatic, obviously knowing far more than he is letting on, and his motives for setting his team on this mission being explained as a necessary learning curve for them, one that can only be done by them facing Satomi. Again, he proves to be more a dispassionate puppetmaster, viewing the world as a training ground for his elite team, no matter the cost or collateral damage. Ultimately, I wonder if the lessons they learnt from Satomi are exactly what he intended in the first place - the deliberate breaking of rose-tinted glasses, to be replaced with a jaded perspective, where misguided sense of justice and outrage no longer hindered them? What do you think, @ina111?
  11. And fanclub presidents come out in full strength to support her love of cherry blossoms cr. 哈唠依卡-- Weibo
  12. Today is 10 Jun... 10 and 6 cr. 哈唠依卡-- Weibo
  13. Ep5 interestingly enough, does not affect me as much on an emotional level compared to the lower-rated Ep4, but perhaps that is a good thing, since there is only so much upheaval one can take in a sitting. Here we are privy to the blurred lines those undercover wrestle with - involuntarily sincere relationships formed, the guilt of having to betray them at the end of the day, and the desperate need of a beacon to keep them from falling into the lure of their alternate lives, and to guide them home. Was Chigusa Tamaru's beacon, once upon a time? We shall see. We also learn a little more about the inner demons that plague Inami, which Kaji is apparently privy to, making me wonder what exactly the relationship is between them. I am unsure what to make of Kaji right now. For the past 4 episodes, he appeared apathetic towards the team apart from viewing them as no more than tools at his disposal, disparagingly referring to them as thoroughbreds. This episode however, we see perhaps far more than he had been letting on previously - his indignance that Chief Cabinet Secretary Kamiya dared to use them to annihilate his competition and put a member of his team at risk. Was that concern driven by the need to protect the elite team that is his secret weapon in a shadowy game of chess he is playing, or Inami specifically? What is even more telling, is how despite not giving Inami an answer, asking only that he followed him, he turns around and throws Kamiya to the wolves with the same intel that he refused to use in Ep2, for which Tamaru confronted him. Was it because Kamiya crossed the line in his dealings with him, or is this to do with Inami, or rather, his answer to Inami to cement his obedience, if not loyalty? The cards Kaji are holding is intel, the currency he trades in when the situation is right, and with that knowledge comes power, one that perhaps, makes him the ultimate kingmaker behind the scenes after all. I am by no means convinced he is a benevolent puppetmaster, but now it remains to be seen whether he will one day turn against the team that he has trained, or perhaps give his team a reason to turn against him. Whatever his motivations, can I just say that I fist-pumped to see the news of Kamiya's implication in child prostitution, which is so satisfying after the buildup of frustration over the past few episodes, so yes, @Mico Ricco I am now a lot more hopeful going into Ep6
  14. Vol 2 of the C-translated novel is finally released! Yes! Not available yet where I am at, but at least it is a start. From what I have gleaned from the book preview, the next 3 parts are: 4. 秘密 Secrets 5. 墮落 Fallen 6. 光的日記 Memoirs of Light covering 20 chapters (correction: it shows excerpts from Chapter 20, and writer's notes). It doesn't show reproductions of the paintings used in the drama... hopefully these are included. Either way, can't wait to read it! cr.
  15. In Ep4, betrayal takes center stage once more, and you wonder where it all began - how one became branded a traitor, and how he got there. Who failed whom - the man towards his country, or his country towards him. "Never trust this country, you guys." - potent parting words which surely echoes what must already be reverberating within their hearts even before - the ugliness that they are forced to confront about the country that they have sworn to protect. I never expected this episode to gut me the way it did, but the final 10 mins drives the knife right in and twists it relentlessly with no way of escape, culminating in the tears that came out fast and furious the moment this scene played out. If this is the portent of things to come, my mental preparations have been lacking thus far, and I need to steel myself further for more heartbreak down the road. @ina111 Thank you for your kind words. CRISIS has not failed to disappoint in every way so far, with the right balance of edginess, humour, restraint and hard looks into the ugliness lurking beneath a veneer of civilised society. I love that every single team member is given their moment to shine, and this episode particularly belongs to our resident, mild-mannered geek Kashii, whose empathy for Arima's plight sees him losing his cool at Aonuma's threat to have them removed forcibly from Arima's side. I just realised that there are 10 episodes, with the finale airing this coming Tuesday, which means 6 more episodes to go. Is it strange to say that I am already dreading the conclusion, being totally immersed in this universe as it is?