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  1. @burgl You're welcome. I know right? Not to mention how both fanclub presidents are cheering her on even more these days... which has me hoping that we might see them together after all during SS7... or somewhere with cherry blossoms. Please let it be so.
  2. Our girl's letter to her 30 year-old self, featured in ELLE China's 30th anniversary edition: cr. 晓雪 Weibo Hi, Liu Wen: Nice meeting you through this letter! I am very happy to meet the 30 year-old you, the past 30 years has been spectacular. There are fresh flowers, praises, people who love you, people who help you, people who like you; all your hard work has reaped the best rewards. Everything has been so wonderful. However, 30 years old is not merely an increase in age, nor is it the peak of one's life. In life, you will discover that you will always need to be dedicated. When you were a child, you needed to grow up healthily under the protection of your parents; as a juvenile, you needed to study hard under the nurture of your teachers; as a youth, you found the career you loved through your friends. As you embark on version 3.0, likewise, you need to protect, nurture and cherish your journey - that is your responsibility! At the age of 30, you can take the time to look back and reflect on everything. The mountains of the past have become flat terrains, all destinations have become starting points. You need to step out with all your responsibility in mind. Those who had realised your dreams with you, are still by your side; and you are no longer a child, a little girl. Your world is their world, and your happiness must be shared with everyone. In future, you must take even more time to look after those who love you; likewise you also need even more time to love them, and this world! You can continue the career you love the most and display your beauty in front of the lens, but you must remember to express loud and clearly to those behind the lens - I appreciate you all, I love you all! You can also continue to travel the world, to each and every corner that you have never been to, but please remember to bring happiness and help to those places. 30 years old, is life's version 3.0. There is no need for design or deliberate planning; just embark from your heart, bringing with you a heart that is grateful, a heart that is happy, a heart that is kind, and set forth! This is just the beginning. Let us meet again in 10 years' time! Your inner Strong Little Liu 2017.11.13 Inflight from Bangkok to Beijing
  3. She's flying again... where off to this time, Miss Liu?
  4. @CamelKnight You're absolutely brilliant! I find that changing it to the last page brings me to the last page, rather than the actual page on which the comment resides. However, changing 13 to 25 certainly works... and saves me the need of a wordy description on any future would-be links e.g. "The 12th post on page 25 which begins 'Here is a very rough, poor translation...'" Thank you so much!
  5. @CamelKnight Ah.. I think for the embedded posts, you need to click on "liddi replied to a topic" instead of the thread name to bring you back to the infamous page 13. Come to think of it, is there a design to this magic and madness... with its insistence on going to page 13? Pfft! I did guess from the date range that this probably had to do with the forum migration. Either way, am I right in assuming that this is an issue that has no resolution in sight? If so, I will just have to tread gingerly when it comes to linking to old posts In any case, thank you for showing me there is magic everywhere, even on Soompi
  6. @Tooey They're in Tokyo during that time? Gosh! That puts a new spin on things... who knows... there might be sightings of them sneaking away to see the cherry blossoms in bloom while in Japan. Please let it be so!
  7. I have a question about post URLs. Browsing back on old posts, I noticed a strange behaviour in URLs for posts from Apr 29, 2015 to early May 20, 2015 e.g. Here is a post on page 25 of the thread, with URL https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/346454-wgm-chinese-version-we-are-in-love-bf-choi-siwon-suju-and-gf-liu-wen-victoria-secret-model/?page=13&tab=comments#comment-18903637 When I post the URL, it appears to embed correctly: However, if I were to click on it, it brings me to the wrong page (in this case, page 13). Similarly, if I were to enter the same URL as a link in a post e.g. here: it brings me to page 13, instead of page 25. The same thing happens when I paste the URL in the web browser. May I know what is causing this and if it will be fixed in future? Thank you.
  8. @Tooey The caption was done with Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, so presumably she is referring to revisiting Japan when the cherry blossoms bloom. 待到樱花季,我再来看 When the season of cherry blossoms is here, I will return to see the flowers As such, I can't see how this is related to the SuJu Super 7 show in Shanghai. However, I can see a sense of nostalgia as cherry blossoms will always be associated with their first date in Yeouido in 4 Apr 2015. And let's not forget the captioned photo is the very same one that both Keenie and Mr Chae liked on IG. What is the schedule of the SuJu show? Will they be in Korea in April? Dare I hope that there will be sightings of our girl in the audience during one of their shows? I did notice that Mr. Chae is also in the Kyoto region these past few days. Can I be delulu and imagine that he hand-delivered gifts from a certain Mr. Choi to a lovely lady who is reminiscing about cherry blossoms? On a more sombre note, it is a good thing to see Siwon's gradual exposure on the media once more, though it frustrates me that the powers that be felt he had to be effectively punished and isolated in that way. Regardless, I pray that this experience will add a new layer of maturity and strength in him, and serve him well in his life, goals and passion. Good to see her relaxed and contented
  9. Autumn colours will always bring a sense of nostalgia, particularly its association with our couple...