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  1. Hakyeon's tweet of the wrap party... including a photo with his hyung and fellow Red Cry conspirator And this one's for you @mrsj3n
  2. @mushforbrains @ktcjdrama Korea's 25-year statute of limitations for 1st degree murder was removed in 2015. However, this does not apply to 2nd degree murder, manslaughter and death from accidents. More here. Since little CSK was killed 30 years ago, this exceeds the 25-year statute of limitations that is still in place for manslaughter and accidents. Hence the stepmother cannot be prosecuted for her death.
  3. Love the footage from the wrap party, once again highlighting the fact that there is so much warmth and camaraderie among the cast and crew despite such a dark, heartbreaking premise. Missing them desperately. Real life is calling with a vengeance... so will be a little late to put down my thoughts. Anyway, some more from the wrap party from our little girl in the green dress...
  4. I guess the signs indicate we will have only one hour left, in which case I really hope it will be one hour well spent. Still no news of the release of the instrumental soundtrack... really hope they will make it available...
  5. @thistle I agree. I can't see any way the drama can tie up all the loose ends. Based on Kim Sun Ah's message to the director, I believe there will be unanswered questions (at least sufficient to justify a sequel), but at least please give us closure with regards to the main arcs in this season. More than anything, I am afraid of plotholes in the finale, reminiscent of the writer's previous work. And yes, I concur with everyone that for CWK to totally give in to her dark side would defeat the message that the drama should be trying to deliver - that one does not have to be dictated by the past, that one can choose to rise above it, and find hope even in the bleakest of situations. I think at the critical moment, CWK's guardian angel will appear once more... and save her from losing herself completely to the hell that threatens to engulf her once more. One more hour! Do you think we will get an extended episode, as is the norm in other dramas I've seen?
  6. Wow... intense preview! Does the red symbolise CWK's acceptance of Red Cry's ideology? From the looks of it, she is trying hard to find little CSK's body, and perhaps demanding her stepmother reveals the whereabouts and receive her judgment. As for YTJ, his cold, flippant attitude during the interrogation when questioned in conjunction with LEH pretending to be Red Cry in his place, could either be his mask to the outside world, or his true colours on how he views LEH Is it Wednesday already? However it ends, please let it maintain its standard of excellence. Definitely going to miss this drama when it ends...
  7. @mushforbrains The sneakers with the cracked CCTV piece JSY found in LEH's room are Director Song's shoes (note the way the shoes are laced). This makes sense since these are the only shoes the police ever found prior to discovering the bloodied shoes in the director's home.
  8. @thistle I agree. Red Cry, while driven by a worthy cause, is ultimately flawed in its very execution. While extremities taken may appear necessary particularly with so much red tape that hinders rather than aids, its choice to take the law into its own hands, pronouncing itself judge, jury and executioner, and making those who are rescued potentially complicit in that choice subverts the very good that comes out of it. Can decent people pushed to the brink, like Sora and Siwan's mothers, and even LEH, ever truly recover from the guilt of their decisions and actions, despite knowing it was one made in desperation? I cannot believe it possible unless they never had a moral compass to begin with. Was rewatching the end of Ep3, and my heart ached immeasurably to see how LEH tensed up in fearful anticipation when CWK strode towards him in anger, and his shocked gasps as he reeled from her slap. Knowing now what we do about his history of abuse, it pained me all the more, since his body language indicated that despite knowing what was coming, he could no more avoid nor prevent it from happening, and merely accepted it as his due
  9. @0timelost The one who calmed Hana was also wearing bloodied latex gloves. So, assuming we were to go by different gloves being worn by different people, the torture, carving and subduing of Hana were done by one person (with latex gloves), while the other (grey gloves) was only responsible for incapacitating GSH and preparing him for torture. As to who did what... based on what we already have seen of the grey gloves being similar to LEH's work gloves, and also the ones worn by the person who drugged ASW before burning the charcoal briquette, it would mean LEH attacked GSH first, and YTJ did the rest. Wow... I forgot about YTJ being in the same orphanage for several months with his brother before being adopted to the US. In which case, it is definitely possible that he first suffered the old director's abuse, and only managed to get away from it due to his adoption. That would explain his utter hatred for abusers, and the driving purpose behind the establishment of Red Cry. Still... the final killing of the director was at LEH's hands, not his. Could it be because all that fury and hatred had been channelled into his crusade which provided him with cathartic release, while LEH needed to hand out that judgment himself?
  10. It makes me inordinately happy to see Keenie still cheering her on even now...
  11. @0timelost @larus You raise an interesting point, and it is possible that apart from abandonment, YTJ himself could have suffered abuse as well. His adoptive father's post mentioned the following: "At first John did not try to tell what happened to him when he was in Korea. It was not for his poor English. There was something worse that we could not even expect." and "After we noticed what had happened to John, we tried our best to cure him that he can get over those bad memories in Korea." It could well be that his trauma went far past just abandonment alone, but perhaps even physical and emotional abuse, which pushed him over the edge to ultimately assume the persona of Red Cry.
  12. @kumakumo Thank you for your fascinating analysis, which makes for a very compelling argument for LEH not doing any killings. Definitely interested to hear your theories about the different meaning of the poems. Some thoughts about the points you raised... From what I remember, LEH first saw Hana and her mother via CCTV footage inside the center, then later found them rummaging through dumpsters. Hence, my impression was always that they were already living in the center before he first found them. I did have questions about why he seemed surprised that the one who died in the storage room was a woman. Nonetheless, if he was the one who tenderly placed Hana in the compound of Dreamland Orphanage, there was no way he could not have known the one who died was Hana's mother, so it could have been just a ploy to throw suspicion off himself. As such, I can only conclude that either YTJ killed Hana's mother and tasked him with placing her in safe hands, or LEH did the deed himself. From the footage, the one with bloodied shoes and latex gloves appeared to be the same person who tortured GSH and subdued Hana, before continuing on the grisly carving of the poem in GSH's back. My only doubt comes from the one who attacked GSH first, since he was seen wearing grey gloves. Was this indicative of another person's presence, or yet another production error? I beg to differ about the shoes left behind for KJH along with the incriminating CCTV footage. These are definitely Director Song's shoes, which were wrongly returned to LEH after he was exonerated - the pattern of which can be seen clearer below, and makes sense that it would be free of blood. It is noteworthy that the leaked press release, indeed any of the crime scenes, never overtly spoke of child abuse or left traces of any child that was rescued. Could this be Red Cry's MO all along - to save the children without drawing attention to the children themselves, merely quietly providing a better environment free from their abusers. Perhaps this was due to the mindset that highlighting the child as abused, is merely to reinforce the trauma that they had gone through without the opportunity to move on. Just my 2 cents. One hour left... wonder if there will be enough time to answer all the questions we have convincingly, on top of CWK's own arc? Please let it be so.
  13. As expected, KJH is mourning LEH's death as much as everyone on this thread...