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  1. I think it’s someone else hand lmao hope he enjoys LA ( someone just came back not too long ago and love the pink sky very much ) he needs to get a lot of sleep on the plane still figuring out why coolest partner privated her account so suddenly...
  2. No ....nooot...not.... another shiny things right...????? one person wearing it on left ring finger is more than enough already haha (Coolest partner already locked her account and her fans are really worried right now) And yeah he came seperately because of pd48 filming. If i’m not wrong he is taking the plane alone too .good that he can have a good rest and sleep on the plane
  3. Lsg is not there.. maybe busy with P48 filming.. who knows. He has crazy busy schedules, hope he doesn’t overwork himself.. edit: he already appeared
  4. Oys usually does drama once a year anyway so it’s not uncommon although we miss her so much *i’m gonna pretend to be dumb*
  5. Hope everything is fine and coolest partner is just bracing up for something because she has never locked her acc before , ever since she opened her insta It’s possible that she may be unhappy about something too .. but it’s so cute how Lee seyoung our Buja keeps leaving comment on her pics saying how amazing coolest partner is... she is such a fangirl , so sweet
  6. “Differentiate between reality and fantasy”- Dans le Caca (July,2018) FANTASY ”It’s cold give me your scarf” REALITY ”It’s cold give me your scarf” Fantasy and Reality not much different eh? Whisper softly :”even though it’s a woman scarf.. It’s f-a-s-h-i-o-n” *just kidding * merong
  7. The hottest one?? You mean like this ?? Or this one? Hugging an adorable singing Real Estate agent Merong~~~~
  8. I don’t knoooow...I don’t understand at all why did he choose real estate? It’s a fantasy right?? *pretending to be dumb*
  9. His reaction is so cute , the young trainees are always squealing when they see him too... Still remember the most epic one was when he fanboyed over Twice, even singing along to their song lol Coolest partner is just the same lmao she is known among EXO fans as the prettiest EXO -L . She can’t even help covering her face everytime EXO is mentioned. She even bought concert ticket and sat on the 2nd floor by herself... almost sobbing watching their performances she just turned into a Twice fan recently because of someone
  10. Just to remind you guys, be careful not to post in the wrong thread(just precaution in case someone throw kid tantrum again)
  11. Me looking at the pic: Coolest partner: Just kidding.. but really really hot though... Can’t wait for the drama loving all the casts and the scriptwriter is known to be really good too
  12. Aaaw aaaw Charming friend from the star poem about samjang to real estate agent on MITH and coolest partner obsession with cotton candy and monkey doll They sure stay in each other mind a lot... . oooops sorry I mean they think about the DRAMA a lot. “Differentiate between fantasy and reality ” - the epic Quote created by someone that I will use forever
  13. Yup her style has been shirts (mostly white), jeans, cap, or oversized shirt tucked in 503 style aaah summer oh summer....
  14. She only appears after her charming friend appears.. *I’m a sad my eonnie fangirl* Shiny Thing, on left ring finger being shown Pink heart shape Check, Check, Check .... and oh...her style is so simple but it still can’t hide her beauty