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  1. I choose the plastic bag It’s affordable, recycleable, and you don’t know what surprise you might get inside Obvious and transparent. But the best ones are always when he has his fm especially Japan. Can’t wait for their next updates. They seem to not give a care at all I’m sorry to disappoint some people who might want Coolest partner to be commited to someone else This might be the only comfort I can give you
  2. Don’t worry about sounding like a broken record as long as what you said are facts, non-nonsense , logical, and CONCRETE . I like repeating beautiful things too like shiny bling bling, Japan, flower bouquet, Cartier watches, and so on... hahaha And Don’t stop especially if your are talking about ‘Commitment’ and MITH. I forgot who , but where is one of our member who ask for concrete proofs ? She must be happy when backreading because so many concrete things appeared even though they are not what we have in submarine mode. What is shipping without theories and concrete things anyway . Luckily obvious couple is always obvious...
  3. With how little she updated last few months and it’s only the beginning of October but my Ohvely already posted 3x.... The first one was when charming friend took off to Morroco with the title: Happy Times-Lee then the 2nd one is with the shiny bling bling on her finger and the dog.He answered with ‘cuty Gwiyomi’ Lastly the latest update, can’t wait how he will answer next , LOL ;-) As her long time fan, even the way she dresses changed a lot . She really surprised me with her birthday interview saying that her personality is like a mother now. In the past she used to say that she is easy going, simple, and whatever .. now she said she is like a mother???!!! Then I remember Charming friend who keeps on rambling about wanting a happy family, wanting 3 kids on his latest interview. He is also obsess over kids and marriage on MITH. He even emphasized on wanting a stable and commited relationship that he doesn’t have in the past on ‘My Old Boy’ Last but not least what is the symbol of commitment??????? These 2 are so commited..*just kidding* merong
  4. Anyway so here is the summary of their back to back updates (pic cr to: thanks ^^) Title: Happy Times with Lee She: “Find the differences between the pictures” He: “Find the Hidden picture” She: “Tuxx” He: “Gwiyomi “ Me: “Merong~“
  5. Perfect timing ring appears.. Couple bracelet appears... couple shoes appear.. couple shirts appear.... Couple Cartier watches appear and baaam there will be a sweet new user appearance ;-) Everything about these two are fabulous and sweet as honey that they attract lots of jealous bees with stings.
  6. Welcome to all new shippers I’m sorry but I have no time to explain these 300++ pgs to you. As stated, we old trusted members have crucial information about these two which is concrete enough for a tower but def not to be shared to random nugu like you . As new shipper who is skeptical, maybe you can just sit back, enjoy, wait and see ;-) Btw I wake up this morning to her sweet update with bling bling again Ohvely is so happy with her love but Unnie please get some sleep~
  7. -French Photoshoot &French Magazine -French Shoes : ASH Shoes -French Couple watches : CARTIER Tank for Man & Woman -French Couple shirts : Balenciaga Paris -French : LOVE Bracelet —French Bracelet : Fred Force Man &Woman French... je t'aime~
  8. She is a fan of mystery solving thing haha that’s the kind of game she loves doing with her fans too so I’m not surprised Anyway since i’m an absolute unnie fangirl now I need to read that book and buy that ASH shoes Maybe I will get some enlightenment and remember my Happy Times too
  9. Mr. and Mrs Obvious are just straightforward with their actions and what they said . No need to go round and round to Planet Mars just to connect any possible tiny dots , lol ;-) while I’m on translating mood..... I will translate Ohvely Hwayugi , CITT movie and Birthday interviews bits by bits
  10. Some of LSG interviews(sorry if there are mistakes, Millions of Airens will def give better translations haha)